Saturday, March 31, 2012

Congressman Joe Walsh what do you think of wounded Veterans?

"Ehhhh... Now let's move on." - Joe Walsh, Tea Party Republican

Congressman Joe Walsh is gearing up for the 2012 elections. He's going to face Tammy Duckworth for the Illinois 8th District. "What else has she done? Female, wounded veteran … ehhh,” he continued.

This is standard for conservatives. Once they are facing a Democrat with military service, they smear them or discount their service.

In the 1990's, Walsh a failed actor, proclaimed himself a fiscal conservative and social liberal, who supported Clinton's "Safe, Legal, and Rare" abortion plan.

In 2010, as Walsh was running for Congress for the third time, he pulled his thumb out of his ass, stuck it in the wind and declared himself a Tea Partier. Walsh's declaration was good enough for ignorant duped right-wingers who snuck Walsh into Congress. Since, his election Right-Wingers happily stand behind Joe Walsh because he insults President Obama.

Since, his election Walsh has been a shameless despicable conservative. He has done nothing. He's missed major votes in the U.S. House. Walsh is a deadbeat dad who owes more than $117,000 in missed child support payments. Walsh seems to have run for Congress to get some sweet, sweet Government welfare and healthcare insurance.

He has offered up nothing to help the Illinois constituents he claims to represent and has turned a eye towards making in-roads into the Alternate Conservative Reality and the Right-Wing culture of lies and slanders.

Congressman Joe Walsh is a shameless Tea Party Republican. He's the worst Representative in the US. Yes, worse than Michele Bachmann or Steve King.

And this isn't the first time Walsh has pissed on veterans. Walsh was recorded belching forth a red-faced tirade at Melissa Rakestraw, a USPS worker who lives in his district, when she dared to explain to Walsh that Wall Street and the Banks had crashed the economy. Walsh declared he was "sick of hearing that crap!" and "Don't blame the banks!"

Rakestraw also informed Walsh that his blind obedience to the Right-Wing agenda of destroying the Post Office would result in Veterans losing their jobs with the USPS and Walsh told her, "I don't care about the loss of public sector jobs."

But, none of this matters to Right-Wingers. They are going to Stand with Joe Walsh and support him simply because he "talks tough" and claims to be a Tea Party fighter. Tammy Duckworth correctly summed up Joe Walsh, "He’s not there to serve his constituents. He’s there to be the voice of the tea party.”

Time to go Joe and be true to your right-wing values and don't collect your Government welfare for work you didn't do...

Friday, March 30, 2012

Clothes Make the Man and No Harm No Foul / Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman

A Roman Maxim and An American Maxim

Geraldo Rivera offered up the 'If the hoodie fits, you must convict' verdict that by wearing a hoodie Trayvon Martin was guilty or looked guilty enough and thus George Zimmerman was absolutely within the law to murder him.

Thomas Sowell offered up support for Rivera in his column over at the despicable NRO. There is no point in dressing like a hoodlum when you are not a hoodlum, even though that has become a fashion for some minority youths... Sure thing Thomas, just like all these scary men who shop at this Thug store.

But, Daddy Zimmerman offered up a ludicrous fairy tale account of what happened that night,
“At that point, he was punched in the nose, his nose was broken and he was knocked to the concrete. Trayvon Martin got on top of him and just started beating him. In the face. In his nose, hitting his head on the concrete. After nearly a minute of being beaten, George was trying to get his head off the concrete, trying to move with Trayvon on him, in the grass. In doing so, his firearm was shown. Trayvon Martin said something to the effect of, ‘You’re going to die now,’ or ‘You’re going to die tonight’ or something to that effect . .”
Except video surveillance of the Sanford PD car port and lock-up was released and after getting his nose broken and having his head bounced off the concrete for "nearly a minute" Zimmerman, apparently, has no visible injuries or blood stains.

But, really all the evidence in the world isn't going to convince Right-Wingers. If Martin had shot Zimmerman their reaction might have been different. They would be calling for an arrest for murder.

But, instead what has been most important to conservatives in this case are the shockingly lengths they got to smear and slander Martin, to find post hoc and hearsay evidence which proves he was a bad kid, like pictures of a tattoo or his school suspension records, and the out-right lies and false information (crafted by the white supremacists at Stormfront) they are willing to uncritically resend and fervently believe it because it fits their pre-conceived narrative.
Update: Gawker has an story of White Supremacist Hackers Klanklannon claimed to have hacked Trayvon Martin's email, twitter and facebook accounts and posted them. Gawker states Klanklannon made clear their intention was to smear Trayvon and probably knew Erick Erickson or Dana Loesch would repeat their bigoted smear job on National Media, "Today / pol / Tomorrow CNN."
Sadly, besides their efforts to defame the dead, conservatives have no other concerns about the dead young man or the too vague/too subjective Stand Your Ground Law, which contributed to his murder at the hands of George Zimmerman, but have focused their ire and hatred towards, as every right-wing bigot puts it, the professional race-baiters, which to them includes the President of the United States.

That's whom conservatives are really mad at in this case. It's a realization that for conservatives everything always and forever will be about Race. And now anything they think they can use to harm Barack Obama they are going to use.

Stonekettle Station: Trayvon Martin: License to Kill

We are respectable negroes: Smearing Trayvon Martin: The True Lie that Black Men Commit More Crime than Whites

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mitt Romney tells Jay Leno If you were Wealthy, you'd be Healthy [updated]

Via Crooks and Liars here is video of Mitt Romney recalling "one of the most humorous" things he could remember was when his Elitist father fired American auto workers.

Oh, Mitt! Like Father, Like Son!

With the recent revelation that Mitt Romney's garage will have an elevator for his cars, The Vulture swooped down to make an appearance on the Jay Leno Tonight Show (Leno famously loves and collects cars.)

But, it wouldn't be a Mitt Romney appearance with out the Out-of-Touch Quarter Billionaire taking a chance to reveal just how disconnected he is from 99.9% of Americans.

Vulture Mitt has the smooth misunderstanding of Health Insurance that comes from being born a child of privilege and riches never having to worry if he or his family members got sick, injured, had their job outsourced by Bain Capital, lost their coverage or had their foot run over by one of the many illegals mowing Mitt Romney's palatial estate.
“It seems to me like children and people with preexisting conditions should be covered,” Leno noted.

“People with preexisting conditions — as long as they’ve been insured before, they’re going to continue to have insurance,” Romney explained.

“Suppose they were never insured?” Leno asked.

“Well, if they’re 45 years old, and they show up, and they say, I want insurance, because I’ve got a heart disease, it’s like, `Hey guys, we can’t play the game like that. You’ve got to get insurance when you’re well, and if you get ill, then you’re going to be covered,’” Romney replied.

“I know guys that work in the auto industry and they’re just not covered because they work in brake dust,” Leno pressed. “And then they get to be 30, 35, and were never able to get insurance before. Now they have it. That seems like a good thing.”
It is a good thing. Which is why Mitt and the Republican Party can't stand it. Republicans do not want the government doing "good things" because then people we see that government can in fact be a positive force. But, not to Mitt. If you don't have heath insurance and want it now? Too bad we Rich people play "a game" with your life.

Additionally, Paul Ryan re-released his Path to Penury, which guarantees to take 4 Trillion from the poor, sick and old and give it to the 1%.

The Republican Party is wholly invested in returning the United States to the Gilded Age and the Obscene Wealth concentration in the hands of the 1%.

Because, to conservatives the rise of individualism and the emancipation of minorities, women, homosexuals and all those oppressed by the Right-Wingers represents the Destruction of America.

What Obamacare actually represents, flawed as it is, is potential liberation from control by the 1%, the ability to have reasonably affordable care without being bankrupted or being denied coverage because you had a pre-existing heart condition and don't have the illicit war profiteer wealth to buy a new one like Dick Cheney.

Alternate Brain: You'll get health insurance ...

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sears Executives abandoning the Company laden with stolen Illinois Taxpayer dollars

Sears executives are fleeing from the company one after another.
Sears Holdings Corp's Chief Marketing Officer Monica Woo left the struggling chain earlier this year after just five months, dealing yet another blow to the retailer as it tries to turnaround its business.

John Goodman, a seasoned retail executive who was executive vice president of the apparel and home unit, left earlier this year. Dev Mukherjee, president of the home appliances business at Sears, left the Hoffman Estates-based chain in March. Reporting by Dhanya Skariachan (Reuters)
In December, Governor Quinn gave Sears Holding Corp a special tax dispensation after the company threatened to move out of their Hoffman Estates, Illinois Corporate Headquarters and close numerous Illinois stores.

Sears used their leverage over Quinn to secure tax credits worth $15 million a year for 10 years, which it can use against withheld employee income taxes. The deal also extended a special taxing district, reducing the company's local property tax bill for another 15 years.

The reason a Corporation gets special tax district in a state is so they can funnel their profits to the Corporate HQ and report the income in that special district thus paying a lower rate from other states on the profits.

There was an obvious quid pro quo in place that Sears would spare Illinois stores, but last month Sears Holding announced it was closing five stores in Illinois.
The Illinois stores — two Sears locations and three Kmarts — join a list of up to 120 underperforming stores that Sears said in December would be shut. No Illinois stores were on the first list, but Sears didn't rule out later additions.
I don't know if Monica Woo, John Goodman, or Dev Mukherjee received a Golden Parachute special executive compensation severance packages for their bang-up work running Sears into the ground but, I do know the average Sears/K-Mart worker got a Corporate Golden Shower when they were terminated.

But, I wouldn't be shocked to find out those 3 received millions for helping with the special tax dodge and the Corporate "restructuring". Because this is how modern American Capitalism and Corporate business works. A company gets the state to absorb it's deficits and losses, cuts jobs and closes stores, off-shores manufacturing jobs and hires illegals with false social security numbers all to increase the bottom line and compensation for those at the very top.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Right-Wing bigots smear campaign against Trayvon Martin, won't even let the dead rest

One hallmark of Modern Conservatives is their fervent desire to defame the dead because the dead can no longer speak to defend themselves.

But, Right-Wingers have gone beyond their usual efforts with Trayvon Martin and are shitting all across the blog-o-sphere because they need to prove that Martin was one of those types because in their minds it will justify his murder.

The application of Deadly Force can only be justified by circumstances one knows prior to incident. Knowledge gained post hoc can not be used to justify the killing. Even though conservative super sleuths uncovered Trayvon Martin was on at least a five day suspension. That knowledge was not known to Zimmerman nor could it justify his murder.

But, Right-Wingers are ignorant wretches so that doesn't matter to them. They are in a desperate hunt to find evidence that proves Martin was a gang-banger.

Thump and Whip pointed out Conservative race-blogger Dan Riehl unraveling before your eyes. I ventured over there and the level of hatred and evil is very real. Conservatives really believe Zimmerman was justified in murdering Martin.
As a member of the neighborhood watch, Zimmerman was doing exactly what he was suppose to do. He was licensed to carry a pistol, and was properly trained in its use. While these types of altercations are unfortunate, they do happen. There is more to this story than the media is reporting.
Trayvon Martin, committed no crime. Zimmerman had no authority to confront him, attempt to question him and chase him down as was admitted on the 911 call.

But, pointing this out to right-wingers only earns you violent threats as I received from one Koozbane:
Look, you may need authority to walk down a street in your own neighborhood, but we grown ups in the USA are allowed out at night to walk wherever we like, follow whomever we like, and ask questions to whomever we choose.

Unarmed attackers should remain unarmed until they back off or have the contents of the weapon emptied into their flailing carcasses.

To put it plainly so even a dim leftist can understand: Attack a person with a gun and you're going to die.
So, I'm walking down a street and Mr. Koozbane feels free to follow me, confront me, question me and when I run away, chase me and then shoot me.

Almost every post over at Dan Riehl's site deals with slandering Martin to exonerate Zimmerman of the murder.

Riehl linked a facebook account of a Trayvon Martin. The account includes a photo a young black man which proved, to conservatives, Martin was a gang-banger. When multiple people pointed out it wasn't the same Trayvon, Riehl countered, It doesn't appear to be the same Trayvon Martin. But I'm still not sure. It's still linked.

Conservatism is fake Performance Art. It's all designed to provide cover for the Alternate Conservative Reality. But, in so doing they've unleashed their barely contained sub-surface bigotry.

The facebook photo linked by Riehl made it over to Moonbattery and to numerous other right-wing blogs.
Some say this is a different Trayvon Martin who just happens to look similar. As with everything else with this case, we’ll have to wait for the smoke to clear before we know for sure.
Oh, it may not be the same young black kid? Oh well, it's close enough for us. Guilty until Proven Innocent in Right-Wing eyes.

Ace of Spades, showed us what all Liberals know about conservative bloggers, they don't know anything about Law. Ace, gets his dander in a ruff and blames the media;
Oh, the Media decided We Have To Have a National Discussion about this story.

I appreciate the media dubbing Zimmerman "a white Hispanic." Like the Israelis, he's now an honorary member of the Oppressive White Majority.
First, remember it always and forever is about Race with Right-Wingers. Every time.

But, here in Illinois every standard arrest and contact report form has a category for race of the contact (suspect, victim, witness) and one of the racial categories is... White Hispanic. Ace doesn't know this because like all Right-Wing bloggers his goals aren't to report facts but, to attack his objects of hatred (the media, young black men) and cause ignorant conservatives to swallow his garbage and create a wholly fabricated false memory of the incident.

It, of course, gets worse than just trying to work your duped mouth-breathing sychophants into a lather by purposefully misunderstanding a category on an arrest sheet. Right-Wing Domestic Terrorists are making clear their intentions. Not only was Zimmerman right in confronting and killing an innocent man without authority, provocation or probable cause, any of them are justified as well. They don't need anything other than that piece at their side to gun you down.

Charles Johnson over at Little Green Footballs points out the sickening bigotry Dan Riehl is engaged in and earns his twitter wrath.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Corporate Slavery starts with your Facebook Password

Corporate Dominance of Americans is increasingly becoming a reality.

Republicans claim to loathe the government. The only part of the Government Republicans hate are those laws and governmental bodies which help the poor, protect the weak and empower the 99% against the Plutocracy. Anything which serves to aid or protect individuals is hateful to Right-Wingers. But, what Republicans do love is unbridled Corporate Hegemony and Corporations unrestrained by anything which hampers their acquisition of Power and Money.

Thus, while we have protections from the Government, Americans increasingly have no protections from the oppression by Corpoate Neo-Feudalism and their servile Republican lapdogs across the Nation.

There is no point discussing this with some Right-Wingers who have so swallowed the lies of the Republican Party as to not see the chains of Wage Slavery and Corporate Bondage fastened around their necks.
Employers asking for your Facebook password as a pre-requisite for employment?

Employers asking women for what possible reason they want birth control pills?

Churches or Business owners being able to deny you health care because they have a moral objection to how you use it?
Think about this. You, as an American, could tell any individual, police officer, or right-wing bureaucrat to go Transvaginal Ultrasound themselves if they asked this information of you. Yet, Republicans and Right-Wing crypto-fascists are not only happy to let Corporations violate your basic rights but are actively passing laws to empower Corporate Behemoths to oppress and control you. Republicans in Arizona have already made it legal for an employer to ask women about their sex lives and to deny them access to birth control.

When Rand Paul or Ron Paul state they wouldn't have voted for the Civil Rights Act or dance around it's repeal, it is because of the constraints it puts upon businesses. A private business can discriminate, can violate your rights and can have total control over you because it's not government.

When Newt Gingrich or Republican Senator Mike Lee of Utah say child labor laws are unconstitutional it's because they feel that Coprorations should have No Restraints put upon their Ravenous predation of the American people including your children.

When the Republican-led House, bolstered by vast number of Democrats, votes to pass a Orwellian-named "Jobs Act", which would further eliminate safeguards, roll back transparency and deregulate the gambling Wall Street interests who crashed the economy a mere 5 years ago they feel no compunction, let alone guilt at their actions, because Corporate/Banking/Wall Street power has so throughly corrupted the US Government all ill-gotten profits are privatized while all losses are subsidized.

Already Corporations pay less in taxes than the average middle class American. Already Corporations, like Boeing, steal Hundreds of Millions of dollars but get away with it under the euphemism of fraud. Already Corporations, like BP, routinely violate pollution standards by willful malfesance or gross negligence. Already Corporations, like Massey Energy, kill their workers by knowingly placing them in unsafe conditions but get away with fines instead of jail time.

What this amounts to is Unequal Protection. The whole Lard Ass Republican Party and most members of the Democratic Party are greasing the slippery slope of Corporate Neo-Feudalist Wage Slavery.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Illinois State Rep Joseph M. Lyons is super-mad his Rape Wand Bill isn't being fast tracked

Joe Lyons who proposed Illinois HB 4085 is demanding 5 Illinois Representatives withdraw their amendments and co-sponsor his Rape Wand Bill.

The Bill made it through the Illinois Agricultural Committee 11-2, but since then it has been saddled with 5 Amendments. Joe Lyons addressed the Illinois House and said of the amendments, “That’s what you call, ladies and gentlemen, a hostile amendment to kill a bill.” Lyons asked the lawmakers to withdraw their amendments and simply debate the bill in the full House.

Lyons' bill is euphemistically called the UltraSound Opportunity Act, which gives Doctors the glorius "Opportunity" to shove a transvaginal probe all up inside the dirty, dirty, ladyparts of sluts, errr abortion seekers.

Lyons, is a Democrat but he's also a devout Catholic, having attended DePaul University for his Bachleror's and Master's Degrees. However, the co-sponsors of his bill included 13 Republicans and only 4 Democrats and of the 19 only 3 are women.

This just goes beyond disgusting. Republicans joined by these zealous Democratic religious fanatics are imposing the power of Government onto Americans. Sadly, it appears the Doctors are going to have to bear the burden of resisting unjust laws because if there's one truism of conservatives it's that they love the power of Big Government when that power is used to oppress people and violate Americans' civil rights.

Fortunately, there very well may be a resistance by Physicans into being made the Tools of Right-Wing Oppressors. From the blog Whatever by John Scalzi comes this guest post by an Anonymous Doctor;
Fellow physicians, once again we are being used as tools to screw people over. This time, it’s the politicians who want to use us to implement their morally reprehensible legislation. They want to use our ultrasound machines to invade women’s bodies, and they want our hands to be at the controls. Coerced and invaded women, you have a problem with that? Blame us evil doctors. We are such deliciously silent scapegoats.

It is our responsibility, as always, to protect our patients from things that would harm them. Therefore, as physicians, it is our duty to refuse to perform a medical procedure that is not medically indicated. Any medical procedure. Whatever the pseudo-justification.
It’s time for a little old-fashioned civil disobedience.
This brave Doctor may be willing to do what the pseudo-Oathkeepers only claimed to aspire to, which is resist an unjust law which seeks to humiliate, shame, degrade, punish and reduce women to the status of second-class citizens devoid even of the basic right to control their own bodies.

Illinois Representatives think Women are Farm Animals [Disaffected and it Feels So Good]

Trayvon Martin's Murder in Florida, Business the American Way

Can't You Feel It Coming? Empire!
Can't You Hear it Coming?
Black Man trapped Again - Empire, Queensr├┐che
The murder of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman, besides being a fucking murder, is a clear cut case of Tennessee versus Garner (SCOTUS 1985). A case well known to all Police Officers. But, for those unaware, if a person is running away you can not just gun them down. Specifically, when a law enforcement officer is pursuing a fleeing suspect, he or she may use deadly force only to prevent escape if the officer has probable cause to believe that the suspect poses a significant threat of death or serious physical injury to the officer or others.

Before deciding to murder of Trayvon Martin, Zimmerman has apparently gleamed enough from Cop Dramas to lie and claim self-defense but, the 911 tapes clearly show it was a case of premeditated murder by Zimmerman of "fucking coons". Zimmerman's full 911 call includes that tidbit @ 2:21 of the tape.
George Zimmerman - "He's got his hand in his waistband and... he's black."

Dispatcher- "Are you following him?"

George Zimmerman - "Yeah."

Dispatcher - "Okay we don't need you to do that."
But, Zimmerman wasn't going to follow that order because according to him these "fucking coons", "these assholes always get away".

Trayvon's final scream before Zimmerman murdered him is The Eternal Testament to Governor Jeb Bush and the NRA Gun-Nuts who empowered crazy wannabe vigilantes to go around murdering people. Think Progress has more deatils about the wannabe crime fighter Zimmerman. Trayvon Martin's murder shows the Florida Stand Your Ground is prima facia Unconstitutional just like everything connected to the Bush Legacy.

As Jill over at Brilliant at Breakfast stated,
do not let any mention of Jeb Bush go by ever again without a photograph or mention of Trayvon Martin attached to it. Because this country, when it forgets (as it will) what Jeb Bush's brother did to this country, it must never be allowed to forget just who it was that made it legal to kill people because of the invented "threat" of their race. I want the face of Trayvon Martin to haunt Jeb Bush's dreams for the rest of his life.
Jeb Bush, the NRA, and Right-Wing Gun Nuts are responsible for the death of Trayvon Martin because as always conservatives build these grand edifices of supposed rights and liberties which are supported by a foundation of shit and lies and end up, when actually applied in the Real World, getting people killed.

Florida Governor Rick Scott appointed a Task Force to investigate the Trayvon Martin Murder.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

George W(orst President Ever) Bush kept us out of a Great Depression

in the same way he kept us safe during 9/11...

It's the first mention of Bush's name during the entire Republican Primary and Vulture Capitalist Mitt Romney made it,
"I keep hearing the president say he's responsible for keeping the country out of a Great Depression. No, no, no, that was President George W. Bush."
Thanks to Green Eagle for altering me to Romney's Declaration.

Now, I think I understand what Romney meant, but in order to understand Mitt you have to see the world through his gold-rimmed monocle. Because to Mitt and his Upper Echelon 1% brethren there hasn't been a Depression let alone a Recession. Romney and the Plutocratic Thieves made out extraordinarily well during Bush's Presidency. It's just that the 99% suffered under Bush and Cheney.

Under Bush and Cheney the top 0.1% got a tax cut of $520,000, 450 times what the middle income taxpayer received. The bottom 20% only got 1% of the tax cut. The tax cuts were sold as a way to bring in middle class jobs and rising middle class wages.

Koch Industries and the Exxon-Mobile funded Heritage Foundation rabidly cheered and promoted the Bush Tax Cuts. The Heritage Foundation's 2001 report proclaimed if the Bush tax cut legislation were to pass, it would:
1) Effectively pay off the federal debt;
2) Reduce the federal surplus by $1.4 trillion;
3) Substantially increase family income;
4) Save the entire Social Security surplus;
5) Increase personal savings;
6) Create more job opportunities.
Everyone of those claims was a deliberate lie to sell the tax cuts to the middle class as a job creator and deficit reducer. None of these claims occurred. But, what did occur was a massive transfer of wealth to the Ultra-Wealthy, which were the true goals of the Bush Tax Cuts and part of the Republican plan all along.

Steal Billions and funnel it to the 1%. George Bush and Dick Cheney ran the United States as if hundreds of millions of Americans didn't exist. Bush couldn't give a shit if your job got sent overseas or if an illegal immigrant got it as long as his 1% buddies got millions of stolen taxpayer dollars. Bush couldn't give a shit if thousands die in New Orleans because of Hurricane Katrina. Bush couldn't give a shit is thousands of Americans and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis die in his Bullshit War in Iraq, "Bring'em on!"

All Bush cared to do was to perpetuate and accelerate the massive redistribution of Wealth, begun by Reagan, upwards to the 1%, while grinding the working class and middle class into Wage Slavery and bondage under the tyrannical control of Plutocratic elites, or as Bush himself put it, "Some call you the Elites - I call you my base."

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Jason Mattera ambushes Bono (of U2) Breitbart is Here

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
Welcome to the Conservative Alternate Reality! Furthering Breitbart's Legacy;
Jason Mattera has been referred to as “DC’s Bad Boy Reporter,” and criticized in some quarters for his tactics. However, few have disputed his ability to get embarrassing excerpts out of those he interviews. This series of videos certainly does nothing to dispel that perception.

U2 singer Bono is known for his antipoverty activism, which includes calls on most world governments to spend more on foreign aid. Yet when it comes to the finances of Bono’s own company, he’s apparently a bit more of a Scrooge. Moreover, he’s loath to admit it, as an interview with author Jason Mattera caught on tape showed.
Except as has been pointed out by the bigs (Little Green Footballs, Balloon Juice and Media Matters) it isn't Bono, it's an impersonator named Pavel Sfera of

But, Mattera went onto Sean Hannity's Radio Show to tout his interview and his new book. Hannity, of course, eagerly provided Mattera a platform and even when it became obvious this was another case of conservatives reporting fake news he found it "hilarious." "I looked at it -- it looked pretty real to me," Sean Hannity.

That is the point. Right-Wingers don't need facts or evidence. They already have their conclusions. Here's a selection of the comments at The Blaze:
SNDRMAN Posted on March 21, 2012 at 12:57am
liberalism at it’s finest, the 1% crying the blues spend someone elses money but not mine. ask john F kerry,polsi,the kennedys,reed,need i go on and on? never really like this self righteous problem maybe he can get soros to help him out or maybe give him some more money.liberals are really a different kind of people maybe called hypocrites……..

SNOOOP1E Posted on March 20, 2012 at 11:58pm
A very revealing look inside the mind of a Liberal. First he denies any knowledge at all, then when it’s clear that he has knowledge he denies any involvement and tries to play the victim, then when it is finally very clear that he has no way out and he can’t hide the truth he talks about love and peace.

DAMN_YANKEE Posted on March 20, 2012 at 11:11pm
socialism doesn’t apply to socialists… don’t you all know that?

DETROIT PAPERBOY Posted on March 20, 2012 at 9:52pm
It’s always about other peoples money with these libturds…..not their own !!!

SHOWMESTATEGUY Posted on March 20, 2012 at 9:24pm
He’s a liberal!!!! Democrat or whatever other party we could name. Liberals want YOU to DO what they want. What they want, and say, does not equal what they want for themselves. You see, liberals consider themselves special. All a liberal has to do is talk the talk, then they feel they have completed their civic duty.
It's beyond projection. Right-Wingers have been so conditioned by years of propaganda they now don't need anything beyond performance pieces which confirm there brain-washing. And that's what James O'Keefe and Jason Mattera and the whole generation of Chicken Hawk Conservatives are providing.

However, I have to take back an earlier insult I lobbed at Mattera. While he's still a cowardly chicken hawk, I thought he was also a standard Right-Wing Racist when he promoted his last Wingnut Welfare Book called Obama Zombies or Will Smith Zombies because as he said in this video he's got a tough time telling them apart.

Jason Mattera, just seems unable to recognize human faces and unable to recognize human emotions... What a sad world it is for the conservative Breitbart wannabe...

Capitalism Wills It! [Disaffected and It Feels So Good]
There are no depths the Wealthy will not stoop to in order to continue their Classacre of America. Andrew Breitbart blantantly lies and proclaims Democratic New Jersey Senator Frank Lautenberg says we have to 'Eliminate the Rich' when in the video the word can clearly be heard as "waste". It's already viral amongst the Conservative blog echo chamber...

My Illinois Voting "Fraud"

I voted in the Illinois Primary, yesterday. As it is an open Primary, I choose a Republican ballot and cast my vote for Sick Rantorum.

When Rush Limpballs invented Operation: Chaos in 2008, unlike most liberals I didn't have any problems with his idea, it's simply good politics. Now, Limpballs hypothesis was flawed and his plan failed as Obama emerged stronger from the Democratic Primary and desicively crushed the McCain/Palin ticket.

However, Santorum's continued involvement in the 2012 Republican Primary is highlighting the massive flaws around Out-of-Touch Vulture Capitalist Mitt Romney. Romney doesn't know what to do. I'm certain Romney was assured that when he stepped aside in 2008 he'd be the nominee the next go around. Romney has been handed everything in his sheltered life it must be infuriating to Mitt that he hasn't been handed the nomination as is his birthright.

As for Sick Rantorum personally, if he was on fire, I would not piss on him, no matter how much he begged for it, to put him out. However, I would repeatedly hit him with a wet 2x4 to put out the fire. Remember I would do it to save Santorum.

But, getting back to my voting fraud. I moved recently to a different Chicago-area County however, I still "own" my home in a previous near-by county, as I still pay the mortgage, water, gas, trash and electric bill for my house. However, I get my mail at a different address and usually sleep at my new address.

When I went to the voting place, near my house I was listed as an inactive voter. Fortunately, I still have my bills which I showed to the election judges.

So... Did I commit voter fraud?

Of course, not. First, I'm not registered anywhere else, did not vote anywhere else and satisified the request for documentation. Second, I am a white male homeowner. Republicans count on winning the votes of myself and rich, white, male business owners. Poor people, minorities, students and women are known to vote overwhelmingly against Republicans. Hence, the Republican party has been involved in a decades long drive of Voter Suppression and Disenfranchisement.

Republicans and most Right-Wingers don't believe in Democracy. Matthew Vadum at The American Thinker clearly summed up the Conservative View of Democracy, in his article, Registering the Poor to Vote is Un-American.
Registering them [the Poor] to vote is like handing out burglary tools to criminals. It is profoundly antisocial and un-American...
What they want is an Oligarchical system with a Strong Leader, basically Corporate Neo-Feudalism, in which the 500 or so elected DC bureaucrats use the coercive power of Government to crush Domestic Dissent, keep down the economic and political power of the Working and Middle Class, while opening up Foreign Lands for Exploitation.

Anything else the Government gets involved with the Plutocratic Right-Wing elite constantly claim is Unconstitutional.

But, how to convince the white working class and middle class peoples that Voting needs to be strictly curtailed and suppressed is a problem. So conservatives have hit upon the brilliant strategy of proclaiming an epidemic of Voter Fraud in the Nation.

This is, of course, a shameless out-right lie, but Conservatives have never let the truth or the lack of evidence get in the way of their Agenda. For instance, from Mike Tipping at, a Blog on Maine, we have the lies of Maine GOP Chairman Charlie Webster, who has been spinning tales of massive voter fraud since the 2010 elections.
Defending the passage of Voter Suppression Law LD1376, Webster declared "Buses. They bring them in in buses," said Webster. "Job Corps people -- they move 'em around to wherever they have a tough seat and they want to win an election." Webster's next move was to call a press conference and send out a release in which he announced (in all-caps) "TODAY I WILL BE HAND DELIVERING THE NAMES OF 206 INDIVIDUALS THAT MAY HAVE COMMITTED VOTER FRAUD HERE IN MAINE."

Instead what he presented were the names of 206 students in the University of Maine System that were paying out-of-state tuition and had registered to vote in Maine, something that's 100% legal.
This is all part of the Right-Wing game. Republicans can no longer win elections fairly in the US, they have to resort to Voter Suppression.

As Tipping summed up,
People like Webster engage in this kind of fear-based, fact-less sensationalism because it works and will continue to do so as long as it continues to work. The media should be our bulwark against this practice, not its enabler.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

R. Limbaugh can't get it Up anymore

Mitt Romney's Cave-Troll
Flush Rush. Limbaugh is having problems getting his advertising back up. So Limpballs has pivoted to a new phase, proclaiming the Liberal Drive-by Media doesn't understand how advertising works and declaring his listenership is still at an all-time high.

Before laughing at the bloated turd, what is disgustingly obvious is R. Limpballs clearly gets off on insulting women and then having everyone talk about him insulting women. It's apparently the only way he can feel manly.

He's scum and he's been an impotent bag of smushed fat for decades.

His commentary, since his attacks on Sandra Fluke, clearly show he hates strong women and that he is unburdened by conscience, as he's attacked and lied about children, traumatized soldiers, and epilepsy suffers throughout his career.

But, Limpballs has a special hatred for individualism and strong women. Limbaugh's world is one which seeks to abuse, browbeat, diminsh and subjugate strong independent women. Limpballs doesn't want individuals he wants "ditto heads".

And everytime Limpballs would use his broadcast empire to lob some vile insult at a child he got satisfaction upon hearing his "ditto heads" and right-wing bloggers rush to his defense.

Degrading women and those weaker than he and having his asshole listeners defend him provided Limpballs the only thrill powerful enough to excite his desiccated "man-hood". Limpy is no longer quickened by oxycontin or by rubbing himself on 10-year old Dominican Boys.

Of course, the key important revelation in all of this, is that R. Limbaugh is owned and paid for by Mitt Romney,
Of course, by now most everyone is aware that Bain Capital - where Romney made hundreds of millions of dollars and from which he still receives millions - is co-owner of the company, Clear Channel, that pays Limbaugh his reported salary of $400 million dollars over eight years. Limbaugh even acknowledged this on his program, according to the conservative website "Daily Caller":

"I guess it's time for some full disclosure here," Limbaugh said Tuesday. "Bain Capital is one of - how do I phrase this? My former syndication partner was Clear Channel Communications. Clear Channel Communications was taken over, bought out by Bain Capital and another private equity firm."

In the same article, "The Daily Caller" also noted that "Limbaugh disclosed his ties to Bain before defending Romney against the attacks coming from former House Speaker Newt Gingrich."

The website "Celebrity Networth" writes that "Rush broadcasts his show from a $26 million ocean front home in West Palm Beach, which has 7 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms and an elevator. He also owns a penthouse condo on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan."  The site estimates Limbaugh's net worth at $300 million.

Quite the cozy 1 percent relationship between Romney and Limbaugh, isn't it?

Quotations from "Game Change" can be found on page 284 of the hardcover edition.
The unthinking nature of his ditto heads, as they Stand with Rush, means he's going to keep his listeners. But, we have a chance to make the Westboro Baptist Hate Church the only type who would advertise on his vile show. And when Bain Capital sees that no money is flowing into their Vulture coffers as they shell out $50 million to Limpy... He's vulnerable, "my friends"...

Maybe, just maybe we can squash this giant noisome turd. And while it's disgusting to be coated in his shit we need to keep the pressure on. Ask your local radio stations why they carry this bloated parasite. Tell the Pentagon to stop supporting this welfare queen on our Government owned AFRTS. Continue to send tweets, emails, and on-line petitions to any company which affiliates with Limbaugh. We can Flush Rush and maybe Limpballs will have the courtesy to go full Breitbart on us.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Rick Santorum obviously didn't learn anything in school

How is Sick Rantorum going to face down the Barack Obama supported Porn Kingpins in his Crusade against Ladyparts, let alone Al Qaeda, if 3 Hersey High School students in Illinois asking questions make his election chairman cry, “We threw him into the lion’s den — all three questions were negative,” Al Salvi said afterward.

What dastardly questions did those High Schoolers spring upon poor, poor Rick? Here they are:
Question 1 - “You recently commented on how you don’t believe everyone should go to college,” Becky Pauwels, 17, told Santorum. “Yet countries such as Germany and Japan, whose governments offer college to any motivated student, experience high rates of socio-economic mobility, which, by your own admission and all academic studies, is lagging in the United States." Since President Barack Obama proposes expanded access to college and training programs, how do his proposals differ from Obama’s, she asked.

Ricks Answer - "I didn’t say people shouldn’t go to college." Quotes and recording devices are part of Satan's plan to defeat Republicans!

Question 2 - “Your main competitor, Mitt Romney, donated 16.3 percent of his income to charity and you donated only 1.7 percent of your $923,000 salary to charity,” Vucicevic said. “Your explanation was that you have to provide for seven children, one of which has special needs. … How do you expect middle-class Americans who are in similar situations to pay for it? Isn’t your situation the exact reason why we need a universal health care system like most other nations have?” The auditorium erupted in applause at the question.

Rick's Answer - "No." If you were wealthy you'd be healthy...

Question 3 - Hannah Johnstone asked if Santorum’s economic policies weren’t “just giving the upper 1 percent more of the advantages they had under George Bush’s lower tax rates and deregulatory policies which is very similar to what you are proposing?”

Rick's Answer - 'Obama's Regulation is ruining the economy.' Nice Rick! Deregulation, privatization, lower taxes on the Rich spoken just like a servile genuflecting ball-gagged gimp of the 1%.
And in an explanation in his War on All things Woman, Sick Rantorum relayed, "I graduated from Carmel, which was an all-boys school."

Old Sick Rantorum hates higher education because even though he got 3 advanced degrees he's still a dunce.

Convicted Criminal James O'Keefe's accomplice breaking ranks?

Convicted Criminal James O'Keefe is the quintessential Right-Wing reporter of the Alternate Conservative Reality. O'Keefe is unencumbered by facts, truth, morality and legality in his pursuit to create "news" which can assuage and dupe the self-conditioning battered conservative voter.

Nothing O'Keefe has ever produced has shown illegal activities. All they have highlighted is James O'Keefe's squirmy, sleazy, sexually perverted, potential rapist nature. Even his furtive ACORN allegations ended with no arrests let alone convictions. However, James O'Keefe has been convicted of crimes.

And that leads us to Part I: My Time as an Accomplice to Convicted Criminal James O’keefe by Nadia Naffe.
I thought I could put the weekend of October 2nd, 2011 behind me. But it seems to keep popping up every time I look over my shoulder. The public is looking to me to connect the dots about what actually happened that evening which led me to file a criminal harassment complaint against James O’keefe in court.
It'll be interesting to follow her allegations and the Right-Wing reaction which will be to slander and smear the young lady for breaking orthodoxy, a little can be found here at the Mediaite story.

The sad truth is James O'Keefe is a mentally repressed conservative Bigot. All of his "Stings" have targeted programs or institutions which help the oppressed and minorities. But, even before he launched his Right-Wing Oppression Project, O'Keefe's views and those conservatives with whom he associated were easy to determine when convicted criminal James O'Keefe attended and was involved in a White Supremacist Forum held on August 30, 2006 in Arlington, VA.

From the article,
A DC area photographer snapped a photo of O'Keefe as he maintained a literature table near the panelists. At the time both [O'Keefe] and Marcus Epstein were Leadership Institute employees. Epstein, who eventually served as executive director for Bay Buchanan's the American Cause and for Tom Tancredo's Team America PAC, would be arrested almost a year later for drunkenly attacking an African American woman in the Georgetown area of Washington, calling her a racial slur and also fighting with her husband before getting stopped by an off duty secret service agent witnessing the attack. O'Keefe, who was still being listed at the time of the forum on the RU Centurion masthead as "Editor at Large" would eventually be fired from the Leadership Institute after he called a Planned Parenthood office pretending to be a donor who only wanted his donation going to aborting black babies, because in his words, "the less black kids out there the better." It was a ruse to catch Planned Parenthood staffers in an embarrassing situation, which it did, but it also embarrassed his employers at the Leadership Institute as well, and they let him go. Still, David Fenner, Vice President of Programs at the Leadership Institute said, "We don't say what our employees should do on their own time."
I wonder if this applies to women in his organization nowadays seeing as R. Limpballs and the Republicans in Arizona specifically want to see and know about women's sexual activities.

Watergate Jr: Breitbart is running scared [Disaffected and it Feels So Good]
Lies, Lies, and Videotape: The continued slander from Dana Loesch and Andrew Breitbart [Disaffected and it Feels So Good]

Friday, March 16, 2012

Republican War on Women enters the States Rights Lie Back and Enjoy It Phase

Just Close Your Eyes and
Think of Pennsylvania
"Just relax and enjoy it," - Texass Republican Clayton Williams
The Oppressive Totalitarian Right-Wing Crypto-Fascist War on Women gets worse everyday. We are now moving into the phase were the Right-Wingers will drill down into every level of society and government to advance their agenda of control and subjugation of sex and women.

Pennsylvania Republican Governor Tom Corbett echoed Clayton Williams when asked about a mandatory Bob McDonnell Memorial Rape Wand Law he requested be passed for all Keystone State Sluts, "I don’t know how you make anybody watch. You just have to close your eyes."

Defeating the Roy Blunt Amendment didn't end the issue as multiple Republican controlled states moved to advance bills in their State Legislatures accomplishing the same goal.

Arizona, that seething cauldron of bigotry and evil, rushed forward a bill allowing Business owners to interrogate Women about their Sex lives.
Arizona House Bill 2625, authored by Majority Whip Debbie Lesko, R-Glendale, would permit employers to ask their employees for proof of medical prescription if they seek contraceptives for non-reproductive purposes, such as hormone control or acne treatment.
Lesko had the gall to claim,
“I believe we live in America. We don’t live in the  Soviet Union. So, government should not be telling the organizations or mom and pop employers to do something against their moral beliefs.”
First, Represenative Lesko, go Transvaginal Ultrasound Yourself! Second, anytime a Crypto-Fascist Republican uses a phrase like "I believe we live in America..." they are about to pass an incredibly destructive law designed to aid the 1% in their goal of destroying and oppressing millions of Americans. Lastly, despicable Arizona Republicans just empowered your boss to interrogate you on your off-hours activities to make sure you aren't doing something they find objectionable, like having sexy sex.

Besides Arizona, according to Talking Points Memo, New Hampshire, Idaho and Georgia have taken up bills to expand exemptions for contraception coverage. Ohio, Missouri, New Hampshire, Idaho and Wyoming lawmakers are moving symbolic resolutions condemning the administration’s contraception coverage rule.

Remember how Right-Wingers "claimed" the denial of Birth Control was based on Religious Liberty?

Too bad for conservatives that Darrell Issa and the Republicans are so stupid they named their SLUT Hunting committee the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing on the contraception mandate instead of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing on religious freedom. Oops...

Well, either it was a case of self-delusion or conservatives are shameless liars. Right-Wingers want to tell you what you can and can not do. Because they get off on controlling you.

From Carolyn Jones at the Texas Observer, comes the story of a woman forced to endure additional agony because a bunch of Right-Wing misoygnistic bureaucrats know that Rape Wands, a 24-hour waiting period and Doctors telling women lies about the after-effects of abortions will shame, degrade, humiliate and stop women from getting abortions.
Halfway through my pregnancy, I learned that my baby was ill. Profoundly so. My doctor gave us the news kindly, but still, my husband and I weren’t prepared. Just a few minutes earlier, we’d been smiling giddily at fellow expectant parents as we waited for the doctor to see us. In a sonography room smelling faintly of lemongrass, I’d just had gel rubbed on my stomach, just seen blots on the screen become tiny hands. For a brief, exultant moment, we’d seen our son—a brother for our 2-year-old girl.

Instead, before I’d even known I was pregnant, a molecular flaw had determined that our son’s brain, spine and legs wouldn’t develop correctly. If he were to make it to term—something our doctor couldn’t guarantee—he’d need a lifetime of medical care. From the moment he was born, my doctor told us, our son would suffer greatly.
This entire Right-Wing Assault on Women is a kick to the Uterus. And they aren't going to stop.

Especially not when you have Faux News willing to stoop so low as to claim all any American woman needs is a simple $9-a-day Birth Control from Wal-Mart lie. Which every Right-Wing blog and full of shit conservative picks up and repeats ad nauseum on every site and news story they can.

Why is it a lie? Conservatives always talk in giant sweeping generalities because when their inhuman policies are applied to actual American people in real world situations they fall apart. Hardly any woman at all can simply use the cheap junk grade pharmaceutical crap that Wal-Mart or Target peddles. This isn't like picking up some generic aspirin. But, why the fuck do conservatives who are supposed to be about choice in the marketplace demanding women only get access to one type of birth control, anyway?

Because this entire issue is one of control and oppression. Because Conservative thought builds these grand edifices on a foundation of shit and lies. When you actually apply Right-Wing theories to human situations they crumble and people get hurt. But, Republicans don't care because they don't represent 99% of the American People. Republicans represent 1% and that 1% only cares about oppressing the 99% to make Money.

It's just gross what the Right-Wing is doing.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Incessant Whining of the Rich - Don't Blame Yourself Edition

"Guess what? I've made a lot of money." - Mitt Romney
You can't be a Rich Person in America without a False Sense of Entitlement and a conscience unladen by blame.

The Wall Street Hedge Fund Managers and Bank Executives knew they were "pulling a fast one" but, instead of stopping their negligent gambling all involved thought, 'Just let me pull off one more rigged hand, let me swindle one more million before the bottom falls out. Let the other guy get stuck with the bill. Let the little people clean up the mess.'

And that's what happened.

Remember the size of the mess the Deregulating Republicans and their Wall Street Masters left us with,
Add up guarantees and lending limits, and the Fed had committed $7.77 trillion as of March 2009 to rescuing the financial system, more than half the value of everything produced in the U.S. that year. It dwarfed the Treasury Department’s better-known $700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program, or TARP.
After crashing the economy, the one thing no Wall Street Executive would do was take blame.

Well, Greg Smith, a former Goldman Sachs mid-level executive, revealed the inner-workings and attitude of the Criminal and Evil Bankers,
Today is my last day at Goldman Sachs. After almost 12 years at the firm — first as a summer intern while at Stanford, then in New York for 10 years, and now in London — I believe I have worked here long enough to understand the trajectory of its culture, its people and its identity. And I can honestly say that the environment now is as toxic and destructive as I have ever seen it.

To put the problem in the simplest terms, the interests of the client continue to be sidelined in the way the firm operates and thinks about making money…It makes me ill how callously people talk about ripping their clients off. Over the last 12 months I have seen five different managing directors refer to their own clients as “muppets,” sometimes over internal e-mail….These days, the most common question I get from junior analysts about derivatives is, “How much money did we make off the client?”
Wall Street is already figuring out how to smear Smith for pulling back the curtain. Conservatives are rapidly ignoring any news of this revelation because it's coming from the Lame Stream Media and doesn't fit the bullshit narrative they absorbed from Republican propagandists.

Wall Street and their Republican dogs tried the Reagan tactic of "Blame the Government". Too bad fuckers, it didn't work this time. People know the Right-Wing push to deregulate Wall Street and the Republican hands-off approach to financial crime was what allowed Wall Street to accomplish the biggest theft from Hundreds of Millions of Americans. There's a club. You're aren't in it.

I'll never understand how Reagan got away with his whole government sucks rhetoric when he was president of that government.

However, this isn't the case of just one bad division or even one bad firm (Goldman Sachs) butis the pervasive culture of the entire Modern Banking/Wall Street Industry
JPMorgan Chase & Co. took procedural shortcuts and used faulty account records in suing tens of thousands of delinquent credit card borrowers for at least two years, current and former employees say.

The process flaws sparked a regulatory probe by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency and forced the bank to stop suing delinquent borrowers altogether last year.

The bank's errors could call into question the legitimacy of billions of dollars in outstanding claims against debtors and of legal judgments Chase has already won, current and former Chase employees say.
It's disgusting the malfeasance, chicanery and outright fraud Banks got away with during the Republican Deregulating Era.

Bankers are to blame? Who us??? But, you can bet conservatives are still swallowing the Big Lie that Poor people, Fannie & Freddie and Barney Frank are responsible for the Republican Wall Street Recession. Even though private sector loans were responsible,
During those same explosive three years [2004-2006], private investment banks — not Fannie and Freddie — dominated the mortgage loans that were packaged and sold into the secondary mortgage market. In 2005 and 2006, the private sector securitized almost two thirds of all U.S. mortgages, supplanting Fannie and Freddie, according to a number of specialty publications that track this data.
But, being a Rich Plutocratic Job creator means never blaming yourself.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Incessant Whining of the Rich - It's Only Class Warfare When We Fight Back Edition

“I’ve got a lot of good friends, the owner of the Miami Dolphins and the New York Jets, both owners are friends of mine,” Everyman Mitt Romney.
It's unclear which is worse Mitt Romney's intent on pretending to be a Regular Middle Class American or his obtuse speeches which highlight just how out-of-touch he is with 299 Million Americans.

Blue Collar Comedy Creator Jeff Foxworthy chimed in with his support of Everyman Mitt Romney and his anger at President Obama,
"Obama's just divided people, into the 1% and the 99%. But it's these people, the successful people, who've given other people a great life. And if you've ever been around Romney, you know he's not entitled. He carries his own suitcase."
I suppose I could make a "You might be a..." joke here but, that's Jeff's "comedy routine".

Let's note that Jeff Foxworthy has about $116,000,000 in assets. So, he's a solid member of the 1%. Now, mind you he isn't "worth" anything, but voting for Out-of-Touch Mitt is good business sense, since Vulture Mitt has promised to raise taxes on the poor while lowering them on the Rich.

But, did you notice how Foxworthy has it exactly backwards? He, like Vulture Mitt, hasn't given anything but shit to people. Hardworking people have given them everything.

But, Rich Assholes are going to be Rich Assholes. As always the Class Warfare cries emerge when Poor people tell the filthy falsely entitled Rich the free ride on the backs of the Taxpayer are over.

Kenneth Griffin, self-described as "a Reagan Republican", gave an interview to Melissa Harris for the Chicago Tribune wherein he cried about how awful Billionaires have it in this Nation and how the evil Government should stay out of Wall Street's business.
"I spend way too much of my time thinking about politics these days because government is way too involved in financial markets these days," he said.
Griffin loved the Reagan and George W(orst President Ever) Bush Presidencies where Republicans allowed financial thieves to engage in legerdemain and gambling with the knowledge that if the bubble ever burst the Republicans would get the Taxpayers to cover their losses. Ironically, in the interview, Griffin was asked why he resists a Casino in downtown Chicago,
Q. There's some people who will see a lot of irony in that given the speculation that takes place in the financial industry.

A. I think there's a huge difference. Gambling is entertainment. We have great destinations for that, like Las Vegas. Just not in Chicago. Financial markets, what one often refers to as speculation, is really the force by which we move capital to the best and highest use.
In the 2012 election cycle, Griffin (alone or in tandem with his wife Anne) has given $150,000 to Restore Our Future, the super PAC supporting Mitt Romney; more than $560,000 to the Republican Governors Association; and $300,000 to American Crossroads, founded by Republican strategists Ed Gillespie and Karl Rove.
Q. So do you or don't you think the public should know if you're giving this money?

A. This is a very sad moment in my lifetime. This is the first time class warfare has really been embraced as a political tool. Because we are looking at an administration that has embraced class warfare as being politically expedient, I do worry about the publicity that comes with being willing to both with my dollars and, more importantly, with my voice to stand for what I believe in.
Oh No, My Lordship Griffin do not be angry with me. Please Your Grace just let me sit down and let you gamble with billions because you are the best and highest. My lowly self and 299 Million other Americans shall bail you out if your Market guesses and Credit Default Swaps should happen to tank!

The Malignant Falsely Entitled Rich in this country are beyond galling. They've completely divorced themselves from the Rest of the Country, do naught but destroy and fatten themselves on the economic carnage they create and yet continue to claim some special status.

Celebrity Chef Mario Batali agreed to pay out $5.25 million to his former employees to settle a class-action lawsuit. According to the article,
Batali and the other owners of the eateries unlawfully skimmed four to five percent of the staff's wine or alcoholic beverage sales from the tip pool, taking an unlawful "tip credit," paying staff members less than the minimum wage, and failing to provide "spread-of-hours" pay -- that is, extra pay when a double shift extends over a certain number of hours in the day.

The lawsuit encompasses staff members who worked at the restaurants from July 22, 2004 to February 14, 2012 -- a group that numbers approximately 1,100.
Restaurant critic Jonathan Gold said this won't damage Batali's image in the industry because he's such a gifted chef. If Batali had been stealing from investors he'd be joining Bernie Madoff in prison but, in America stealing from the Poor and Working Class is called Capitalism.

Bildungblog: Donald Trump Jr. Elephant's A$$hole

Monday, March 12, 2012

Republicans think 99% of Humanity is Disposable

The fight over abortion, contraception, Medicare, Social Security, Wealth Inequality can all be summed up easily:
To the Republican Party the 99% are nothing more than interchangeable parts to be used in the gears of Industry and War and to be disposed of when broken by those Monsters.
You, Mister or Miss Average American, are nothing but a fresh body to be plugged into the system. When you can't do the job anymore you are not worth anything to the Republican Party and Plutocratic Lords they serve.

This is why they don't want you educated. This is why they want women trapped in the cycle of childbirth. This is why the are constantly trying to eliminate Medicare. This is why they are always trying to take away Voting Rights. This is why the undercut and destroy Labor Unions. This is why the constantly want to steal Social Security.

The whole goal is to get as many people into the Capitalist system, train them just enough to haul trash, input data, pull a trigger or sweep and mop a floor. But, when you can't do those things anymore or can't give birth to another generation...

The Republican Party sees all humanity as nothing more than a giant pool of labor. To be used and abused when young and healthy and cast aside when old, sick or broken.

Here are just some of the evidence:
Senator Mike Lee of Utah ran in 2010 on repealing Child Labor Laws. Former Speaker of the House Newt Gringrich echoed his sentiments by declaring, "Child labor laws are truly stupid" and a plan to "get rid of unionized janitors and pay local students to take care of the school."
Education has always been a bane to Republicans because once people, especially women, are educated they overwhelming reject conservatism and Right-Wing thinking.

Lost amongst the odious Racist Limpballs repeated sexual harassment and misogynistic assaults on Sandra Fluke was he continued on other women and vented his anger on "Overeducated single white females". Educated women scare and infuriate Limbaugh because they can see through his shallow pleas to to the Patriarchy and Oppression.

Rick Santorum thought he was scoring points with conservative voters when he smugly stated,
"President Obama once said he wants everybody in America to go to college. What a snob.”
But, that was merely a play to anti-Elitism. His real fear are educated Americans. On President Obama’s efforts to boost college attendance, Santorum warned his supporters about higher education,
“because they're indoctrination mills, absolutely … The indoctrination that is going on at the university level is a harm to our country.”
Of course, attacking education as away to further the Oppression of Women hasn't been confined to merely Limpballs 20 year defamation of educated women as "Feminazis". Republicans are using the power of Government to pass laws to restrict and shame any woman who dares buck the power of the Right-Wing Patriarchy.

Multiple Republican controlled state Legislatures, have decided and passed degrading State-Sponsored Trasnvaginal Ultrasound Laws, or to be more accurate State-Enforced Slut-Shaming Rape Wand Laws. The Key Leader of this has been Virginia and Republican Governor Bob McDonnell but such "Laws" have spread to multiple states.

But, not to just limit themselves to "Ultrasound Opportunity Acts" Republicans have begun an assault on contraception and the sexual behavior of all Americans as well.

The Republican Totalitarian Assault on America doesn't just target children and women but is also focused on rolling back hard won gains for all American workers. Republicans take aim at dismantling Unions because Unions give Americans a fighting shot at earning a good, living wage with benefits instead of being held at the whims of the 1% and their cut-throat Capitalism.

The soon to be recalled Governor of Wisconsin Scott Walker never mentioned Unions prior to being elected but after winning struck right at Unions (while sparring others in an attempt to divide and conquer) while sneaking State funds and State-controlled utilities to the Koch Brothers who are bankrolling him.

Several other Republican Governors Mitch Daniels of Indiana, Paul LePage of Maine, John Kasich of Ohio and Rick Snyder of Michigan joined the Crusade and created budgets which placed the burden of Government onto the backs of working and middle class Americans while stripping Unions of Rights all in an effort to reduce the standard of living for Americans and make them wage slaves to Corporate Monsters.

Besides gutting and dismantling Unions, Republicans work to reduce the standard of living of 99% of Americans by their constant restructuring of the Tax Code. Republicans tinkering isn't designed to make it easier or more comprehensible for the 99% but, to make it byzantine and laden with special tax cheats for the 1%.

The elimination of Security and Exchange Tax and deregulation of Wall Street lead to the George W(orst President Ever) Bush Recession, but the dropping of the Capital Gains/Deferred Compensation tax rate to 15% allowed the Richest Americans to accelerate their control over the Wealth of the Nation. So much so, that in 2010 93 percent of income gains went to the top 1 percent.

But, even though Mitt Romney, Nominee of the 1%, paid a tax rate of 13.9% on his income of $21.6 Million dollars, Illinois Congressman Joe Walsh and Newt Gingrich (again) think that rate is too high. They both want Capital Gains taxes to be ZERO and for Mitt and all the Vulture Capitalist to take home all the money they make on firing Americans and closing American factories.

Additonally, the entire deabte over Obama Healthcare Insurance Reform centered around Republicans opposition to letting Americans enjoy a modicum of decent healthcare in their old age. Congressman Paul Ryan when he's not out being wined and dined by Billionaire Hedge Fund Vultures, created a program he calls New Medicare, the goal of which is the destruction of Medicare and it's replacement by a system of capped and limited payouts for medical coverage.

Even though Social Security, as it is currently structured, will be able to pay out until 2037 and is not causing the deficits, Republicans have been claiming for 70 years it's on the verge of bankruptcy. Their dire predictions, like those of Armageddon is at Hand Preachers, all fail but that doesn't stop them from repeating them at every opportunity.

Back in 2010, Tennessee Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn ominously declared, "My colleagues celebrate this day as being like the day when Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid were passed. They forget that today those programs are insolvent and will likely crush our children under their debt"

Texas Governor Rick Perry, who never met a bribe he didn't like, declared Social Security is "a Ponzi scheme".

The only scheme going on involving Social Security is the Republican Plan to steal those funds and funnel them into Wall Street, where the 1% can apply the Free Market to them and they'll vanish into the Plutocrats off-shore bank accounts.

I could go on like this and highlight Indiana Congressman Rick Morris violently stupid, arrogantly uninformed, insulting attack on the Girl Scouts of America when he wrote a memo to his friends in the 112th Congress,
"I did a small amount of web-based research, and what I found is disturbing. The Girl Scouts of America and their worldwide partner, World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS), have entered into a close strategic affiliation with Planned Parenthood. You will not find evidence of this on the GSA/WAGGGS website—in fact, the websites of these two organizations explicitly deny funding Planned Parenthood."
This is your Republican Party America. You may think these are just crazies infecting the Party but, it isn't it's part of their goal of reducing the American People to the Status of third-world Wage Slaves, while the Republicans act as the Guard Dogs and Protectors of the 1%.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

The South Side Irish Parade Returns to Beverly (#OccupySouthSideParade)

CBS Chicago reports:
Thousands of people have gathered to watch floats, marching bands and dancers in Chicago’s South Side Irish Parade. The parade is back after a two-year hiatus that was forced by drunken brawls at the 2009 march. Parade organizers say they’ve beefed up security in an effort to create what they’re calling a family-friendly parade.
The Parade began in 1979 but increasingly it was nothing more than an excuse for young assholes to show up, get drunk and fight.

“I want the South Side Irish Parade that I grew up with back. I don’t want what we’ve had the last few years,” 19th Ward Chicago Alderman Matt O’Shea, who voted to kill the parade in 2009 said last month when faced with Chicago City Hall's decision to grant a permit to hold the Parade.

Laura Bisiules, a bartender at nearby Wrongs Tap (10014 S. Western Ave.) stated one the problems plaguing the Parade in recent years,"I think the underage drinking was what was really getting out of hand." The 2009 South Side Irish Parade led to 54 arrests.

Now let's get to it. Does anyone recall right-wing bloggers gnashing their teeth over the despicable behavior of the Parade goers? Anyone remember Andrew Breitbart showing up to scream at the Parade? Does anyone remember Conservative think tanks sending in agent provocateurs to agitate and write stories about the goings on?

Of course not. And here's the reason. No minorities present, no focus on the real causes of the recession and deficit, no #Occupiers, no 99% present complaining about the exceedingly unfair distribution of Wealth in this Nation. And why? Because the Republican Party is wholly owned by the 1% and their Right-Wing attack dogs will do whatever is in their power to undercut, divide, and keep We, the People fractured in service to their Plutocratic Masters.

Wham! Bam! Thank you Ma'am!

"Women should stay home and make babies. Preferably, manchild." - Chiun, Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins

I don't give a damn 'bout my bad reputation
You're living in the past
It's a new generation - Joan Jett, Bad Reputation
Conservatives will never be truthful when it comes to advancing their agenda. Since the 2010 elections, their attempts at denigrating women have reached new depths. The Republican assault on women, their repeated Rape Wand Laws, their hang-ups about sex and contraception, and hatred for LGBTQ all stem from ignorance and lies.

Results from a recent study show Sex Education delays sexual activity in young adults.
The study, conducted by researchers from the reproductive health research organization The Guttmacher Institute, used data from the 2006 to 2008 National Survey of Family Growth

The results showed, however, that two-thirds of young women and 55 percent of young men received some sort of instruction on birth control and abstinence before their first sexual experience.
Already Right-Wingers know they can dismiss and attack the study because it doesn't conform to their pre-conceived notions or the opinions given to them by their oppressors. What it shows, is no matter what the consequences Right-Wingers are going to use all the power they can to exert their control over Americans.

Instead of dropping the contraception issue Right-Wingers are lying because once the truth seeps into their minds they're going to crumble. Once you lie that this is about "religious liberty" or not wanting their tax dollars going to pay for people to have sex the lies can not stop.

Conservatives aren't paying for other people to have sex. As much as they may want to and as much as they want to watch. But, Limpballs repeated derogatory insults and attacks on Sandra Fluke and paragon of sexual morality Bill O'Reilly's happy leap into the affair along with Faux News, while multiple right-wing blog sites and their conservative drones repeat the vile insults and lies shows the depths of depravity the Right will strive towards in their never-ending quest to exert power and control over others.

And it's not even because of the rank hypocrisy of having two well known sexual deviants leading the charge or really even when any Right-Winger is caught with his pants down that's a conservative hang-up. It's the lying for power.

Because what is driving this Sexual Crusade is Control. Control of Sex. Power over individuals. Oppression. They've gone to far to turn back now. The Assaults must continue. Control must be exerted.

SmartyPants has an observation from a New York Time article:
As we hear the shrillness of the political chattering class ramp up, its important that we keep in mind that there are women all over this country - Democrat, Republican and Independent - who are not going to put up with this crap. The misogyny is sounding pretty loud right now. But come November - the women of this country will speak!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Derek Bell and President Obama and... Kerry Wood

This Derek Bell/President Barack Obama connection gets worse every day. Over at Lawyers, Guns and Money I learned more about Derek Bell, with whom I only had a passing familiarity. But, there was one incident which still brings Derek Bell's name to our minds here in Chicago. This is further Video the Obama Liberal Machine did not want you to see:

This from 1998. Derek Bell striking out on purpose so Kerry Wood, A CHICAGO CUB-STYLE GANGSTER OBAMA CRONY could etch his name into the MLB record books.

This Barack Obama what a blight. It's bad enough he's brought his Kenyan, Anti-Colonial, Marxist, Socialism to the White House but to sully and influence the National Pastime? Why was this not vetted in 2008? This game is still talked about in Chicago today! Obviously, the Obama Chicago Media is keeping these revelations under wraps!

The fine conservatives at Moonbattery are really angry about Derrick Bell. But, as you can tell from this comment:
Forget Radical, he is a treasonous Communist- There isn’t even a word yet for what he is.

Nonetheless, the darkies, Libs, Media, academics, illiterati, crony capitalists, welfare cheats, Illegal Democrats, Radicals, Communists, anarchists, “environmentalists,” black nationalists, La Raza, Upper Eastside Jews, Hollywood and anyone else that would spit on the Constitution and regards anyone who works for their possessions with utter disdain and outright hatred – LOVE HIM.
This has nothing to do with Racism! Unless you're talking about Barack's reverse racism!

Obama corrupts America's Pastime (The Perfect Game) [Disaffected and it Feels So Good]

Friday, March 9, 2012

The Emerald Ash Borer & Socialism Strike Suburban Chicago

"Is it bad that I'm ordering a Flight of White Wines when going to see Race by David Mamet?" - Grung_e_Gene
You were warned! Right-Wing Radio, Faux News, but it's too late. You've let the Chicago-Style Obama Gangster Socialism infest the Suburbs! White Flight No Longer can protect you.

Of course, I'm talking about the unacceptable plans of Arlington Heights, Illinois and Schaumburg, Illinois to battle the Emerald Ash Borer Beetle.

From the Daily Herald reporting:
Schaumburg is embarking on a 10-year, $9 million program to replace thousands of its ash trees with a variety of species immune to the ravages of the emerald ash borer.

During this first year of the 10-year plan, the village expects to spend $1.5 million, which includes $470,000 to remove 1,863 damaged trees. The village also will begin treating with a powerful insecticide 524 “high value” ash trees that are 20 inches or more in diameter. This needs to be done only every other year, but this year's cost alone is $128,000.
Arlington Heights would need to borrow roughly $11.5 million to combat the emerald ash borer infestation — expected to peak in 2015 killing roughly 5,000 trees, village officials said Monday.

The village board's committee of the whole Monday night gave its blessing to a funding plan that would involve issuing roughly $11.5 million in general obligation bonds in 2013 for the removal and replacement of the village's 13,000 ash trees.
So... It has come to this. I didn't import the Emerald Ash Borer into America! It's not attacking my trees! Why on earth should I pay for the removal and upkeep of my neighbor's infested trees?

We are living in an era when a solid block of conservatives have so deeply conditioned themselves they view any amount of government spending as evil and routinely speak of being "raped" by taxes. But, the Emerald Ash Borer beetle infestation is a prime instance of Government being needed. As in to ensure Domestic Tranquility and Promote the General Welfare.

It would do little good if you treated and protected your Ash trees if your neighbor decided not to and his infestation spread to your trees.

Could you sue him? Sure, but how would you prove the beetles migrated from your neighbors house and not from some other close by infested area? Capture a bunch of bugs and do a DNA mapping trace to prove they came from his strain?

Republicans have been constructing a very odd narrative wherein the Government can do nothing correctly. Now, often when Republicans take office they sabotage and undermine government but, this isn't due to incompetence but to a specific agenda of targeted destruction aimed at dissolving the effectiveness of Government.

Now, really what's going on here is the 1% are setting up Green Zones in America. The 1% who wholly owns and operates the Republican Party on a Federal, State, and Municipal level doesn't have the same worries as hundreds of millions of Americans or those residents of Schaumburg and Arlington Heights.

The only thing that concerns them is getting the Republicans to eliminate as many taxes, regulations, worker rights, the social safety net, and curbs on pollution as possible so they can steal and off-shore as much money as quickly as possible.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Republicans Plan to Turn America into a Slave State

Think Progress reports Republican scum-bucket John Shimkus of Illinois proposed that Multi-National Oil companies drilling costs be paid for by US Taxpayers in the case the company does not find oil. So, when BP gets a lease to drill, baby drill and they fail, the costs of their Failure should be paid for by Poor and Middle Class.
"Just because you have a lease, it doesn’t mean there’s oil underneath there. You have to look for it. It takes capital expense … I’m tired, I’m really tired of this attack on drilling. Now multiply that to a multinational corporation and it’s the same thing. If they go deepwater drilling and they don’t hit, should they not write that off as a business expense? Sure they should." - Republican Congressman Shimkus
John Shimkus also made a ham-handed attempt at Orwellian language by talking about "my little mom and pop drillers" in an effort to appeal to downstate Illinois conservatives. Because either he or they believe most petroleum comes from the local farmers oil well down the road?

Republicans are evil slime. Oil companies are getting Billions of free taxpayer welfare while at the same time they and the oil speculators are jacking prices up and making obscene profits.

But, the reason this additional Corporate welfare burden would be paid for Middle class and Poor is because Giant Corporations don't pay taxes in the US.
A comprehensive new study that profiles 280 of America’s most profitable companies finds that 78 of them paid no federal income tax in at least one of the last three years. Thirty companies enjoyed a negative income tax rate over the three year period, despite combined pre-tax profits of $160 billion.

“These 280 corporations received a total of nearly $223 billion in tax subsidies,” said Robert McIntyre, Director at Citizens for Tax Justice and the report’s lead author.  “This is wasted money that could have gone to protect Medicare, create jobs and cut the deficit.”
This really points to the bigger Republican Plan. The Republican Crony Capitalists, Vultures and Dutiful Lapdogs of the Plutocracy have been chipping away year after year at the Tax code in order to set up a system of legalized theft by the 1%.

The Right-Wing plan has always been to create a tax system wherein the entire burden of government falls upon the Middle Class. This accomplishes three goals:
1) Giant Corporations are protected by a legal system which subsidizes their losses and violently protects their profits,
2) The meager pittance of Medicaid, SSI, unemployment thrown to the poor comes entirely from the middle class,
3) Facing the entire burden of a Nation-State and Massive Overseas Empire The Middle Class is ground down into poverty and penury.
The current Republican Recession which is impoverishing so many Americans is the result of 4 main factors:
1) Investment Firms and Banks making Risky Loans and Investments,
2) American Companies not investing in creating jobs in America,
3) The Economic Policies under former President Bush, including tax cuts for the wealthiest families,
4) Military and DoD expenditures during the GWoT.
But, Shimkus' plan would go further towards the real goal of the Republican Party which is the the destruction of American Democracy and the creation of a Neo-Feudalist Slave State the Rich Plutocracy has always wanted.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Time to reclaim the name! I stand with Rush!

The Canadian Prog-Rock Supergroup RUSH!

The members of Rush through their attorney at The Anthem Entertainment Group have issued a cease and desist order to Racist Limpballs so that he never taints their music by having it associated with his misogynistic shit show ever again.

Thanks to the Bob Cesca Awesome Blog! Go! From the Order:
According to media reports, Rush Limbaugh, Premiere Radio Networks and The Rush Limbaugh Show have been using Rush's recorded music as part of what is essentially a political broadcast.

The use of Rush's music in this way is an infringement of Rush's copyrights and trademarks. The public performance of Rush's music is not licensed for political purposes and any such use is in breach of public performance licenses and constitutes copyright infringement. There are civil and criminal remedies for copyright infringement, including statutory damages and fines.

In addition, the use of Rush's music in this manner implies an endorsement of the views expressed and products advertised on the show, and is in breach of not only copyright and trademark rights, but also, of section 51 of the New York Civil Rights Law (excerpt attached).

Accordingly, we hereby demand that you immediately stop all use of Rush's music and confirm that you will do so.
This follows a well worn path trod by Right-Wingers.

Conservatives are mental midgets and constantly resort to thievery of intellectual property to cover their deficiencies. It happens over and over and over. A Conservative ass-clown appropriates the intellectual property of an artist without permission and then ignores the just demands of that artist to stop stealing. It just goes to show how the conservative claims to staunchly support property rights is a bunch of right-wing bullshit.

Michele Bachmann continually swiped Tom Petty's American Girl apparently just by the title not actually from listening to the content of the song.

Just this week, Newtradamus Gingrich demanded a Federal Judge toss out a lawsuit against him from Frank Sullivan the writer of Eye of the Tiger. If the Judge refuses to make the decision Gingrich wants, he has vowed to send the U.S. Capital Police to arrest him.

But, King Thief Ronnie Raygun famously stole from both John Cougar Mellencamp and Bruce Springsteen.

I can understand why conservatives consistently steal the music of Liberal musicians for their theme songs. When was the last time Ted Nugent produced anything musically significant? Republicans are petty thieves and Vultures, creatures unable to craft anything of value on their own and existing only by stealing.