Monday, March 5, 2012

Sandra Fluke will be destroyed by the Totalitarian Right

“We refuse to pick between a quality education and our health.” - Champion of Liberty, Sandra Fluke
If you've ever wanted to see what the Totalitarian conservative War Machine does to it's targeted victims take a speculative stroll through a few Right-Wing Blogs; Jammie Wearing Fool, Pat Dollard, Glenn Beck's The Blaze, Free Republic, The Other McCain concerning Sandra Fluke.

It's chilling. The vitriol. The hatred. It's how people convince themselves to do something about political opponents.

The low-grade insults are merely the initial attacks what is fascinating are how the Conspiracy Theories spring forth from the minds of Right-Wingers.

Already the Right-Wing Noise Machine begins: Comments and bloggers allege she is a lesbian, she is a plant by President Obama or the White House specifically dispatched to Georgetown to create a birth control controversy, alleging that the Healthcare Coverage change is a mandate to abort children.

It‘s worth noting the massive number of women’s issues groups Fluke was involved in, even while in college. Because every Totalitarian Right-Winger knows any woman involved in woman's groups is a Feminazi. Q.E.D.

That’s right. It seems Fluke intentionally chose to go to Georgetown so she could agitate and sway them to cover contraceptives Dun dun dun! How dare she try and sway an institution! She should just have shown up at Georgetown wearing Revolutionary garb and holding a Tea Party sign declaring "I came unarmed this time..."

This broad went to the school strictly to challenge its insurance’s contraceptive policy, not even as a real student…and all magically timed to coincide with Obama’s big contraceptive push… Except, of course, she's been a student at Georgetown since 2009.

This is followed by Faux News and their incestuous amplification of fact-free conspiracies as Eric Boiling stated, "Fluke seems like a plant." However, Right-Wingers need little convincing. For they already have their pre-conceived notions. Birth Control is immoral hold some aspirin between your knees or we will denounce you as a slut.

This is the Republican/Right-Wing/Conservative position: Any woman who uses contraception, covered by an insurer, is a slut in the eyes of every Right-Winger.

So, even though Racist Limpballs backed down don't expect Totalitarian Right-Wingers to stop the insults, the Assault on Women and the plan to turn women into oppressed second-class citizens in America.


Sarge said...

The more they piss women off the more votes the Democrats get. This damned thing with social issues is poltical suicide and "big tent" Republicans are getting scared. They want this thing to go away -
But it won't...


Grung_e_Gene said...

You're right Sarge, the elected elitiest Republican bureaucrats want this to go away, but their roused mouth-foaming minions do not.

And thus the Republican Party is going to be chewed up because they no longer have a hold of the tails of the right-wing monsters they've created.

Vote out every Republican!

the yellow fringe said...

I would like to see the attacks on this women, or any women, stop. But while some call "At ease Christian Soldiers", they will not comply, and for good reason, they are out of control with angst over the prospect of having to enter into minority rule, and that makes some of'm puke a little seeing lesbians and Mexicans everywhere. Like the whites of South Africa, the Alewites (SP?) of Syria, and what ever damn tribe Libya's dirt napping former dictator was they will rarely again be able to boast a majority on any issue; a rich white minority ruling an ever poorer and multi-cultural majority has got to be an uncomfortable suit to wriggle into, but wriggle into it they will and busy themselves writing laws to perpetuate their power and the corporate control of their owners. I think the countries best chance is that they continue to blather hate for the half of our nation with vaginas, and fill in with racist jokes and rich guy pratfalls, this should help the nation see that Rush and the job creators got nothing, when you take away just say no and the hate.

Grung_e_Gene said...

A the yellow fringe,

R. Limpballs is just the biggest of the Totalitarian Right-Wingers who profit off of attacking and oppressing women.

Everybody Loves Raymond star Patricia Heaton's twitter feed, now since deleted contains the same sort of viscous screeds the Patriarchy demands from women whose role it is to keep other women down and oppressed.

Never stop pointing out the Totalitarian Conservative Oppressers in this nation.

O’Hollern said...

A bit off topic, but are you in Punta Arenas, Gene?