Thursday, November 30, 2023

Republicans hate Women 1: Revenge Porn Nick Sauer of Illinois

Former Illinois State Rep Nick Sauer - REPUBLICAN was sentenced to 90 days in jail and 2 years probation.  Clearly... Sauer is a "political prisoner" as his only crime was subjecting his girlfriend to a vicious campaign of "Revenge Porn"... Err make that two girlfriends!  Sauer used his ex-girlfriends nude photos to catfish men which is totally not gay or gross in anyway whatsoever and in a further illustration of the Republican axiom that Every Accusation Is A Confession (EAIAC) Sauer was on the Illinois State Sexual Harassment Task Force in 2018.

Republican men, hate women, with a passion.  A small number because they are closeted homosexuals, Nick Fuentes and Steven Crowder, for instance, some for religious reasons as women need to be subservient to men, but all Republicans are a full-blown Fascists so keeping the women down is a prime necessity.  

The Finger! The Epitome of Republican Maleness
A great deal of conservative women, who loathe the shitty treatment they receive from men, nonetheless support Republican policies, actions, mistreatment, and legal shackles.

Perhaps... They feel if their situation, being married to odious slime like Speaker Mike Johnson, Max 'Woman Beater' Miller, Matt 'Child Fvcker' Walsh, Michael 'Trans Curious' Knowles, or whomever is to be their lot, then other women need to be as unhappy, as constrained, and as abused as themselves. Call it the inversion of the Rising Tide theory;  The Self-Inflicted Hole in the Ship sinks All doctrine.

It's really shocking the utter contempt Republican men have for the women whom nonetheless vote for them.  Just blatant disregard, disrespect and a pathological hatred bordering on murder.

I mean I know white women expect their money and skin tone to save them from the upcoming Republican Fascist Distopia.  And their adherence to the rightwing agenda to afford them a special privileged niche position but when push comes to shove (and spousal abuse is a Republican value remember) conservative women will be subjected to Texas transvaginal ultrasound roadside checkpoints just like all the other sluts.

The Nazi Mom's for Lebensraum Florida chapter founders Christian and Bridget Zeigler were sexually involved with some woman and Christian Zeigler apparently believed raping her was his right as a Republican leader.
Christian Ziegler, Florida’s GOP chairman and husband of Sarasota County School Board member and Moms of Liberty co-founder Bridget Ziegler, is under criminal investigation after a woman filed a complaint with the Sarasota Police Department alleging the longtime Republican official had raped her, according to a heavily redacted police report obtained by the Florida Trident

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Can't Stop Thinking about the Roman Empire...

"You ever hear of Masada? For two years 900 jews held their own against 15,000 Romans.  They choose death over enslavement.  The Romans? Where are they now?

"You're looking at them asshole..."  - The Sopranos (1999)

So, this TikTok phenomenon of Ask Your Man how often he Thinks about the Roman Empire is super irritating...

Now, I know in Internet time I'm very late to this "issue".  But, the Roman Empire isn't going anywhere...

I guess part of this is the feeling I want to have that I was into Rome before it was cool (kind of like the phenomenon of liking a band before they were big) but, of course that's not in anyway reality.

The Roman Empire has been forefront in the minds of Europeans since Odoacer was named Rex of Italiae in 476.  And of course, Charlemagne thought of nothing but the Romena Empire before and after his coronation as Emperor in 800.  William Shakespeare (if you believe Shaxkspere wrote Shakespear) wrote 4 plays about "The Roman Empire", 

And Edward Gibbon's 6 volume Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire is as old as the United States.

There have also been famous novels turned into films or series, such as Quo Vadis by Polish Nobel Laureate Henryk Sienkiewicz and Robert Graves' I, Claudius and Claudius the God.

And then there is The Film Industry, in Hollywood and abroad, which has been making films and TV series about Rome and the Roman Empire for over 100 years.  Certainly many of them are biblical in nature, Ben-Hur or The Robe starring Vic Mature come to mind.  Of course, modern revamped interest in Rome writ large probably stems from the Russell Crowe/Ridley Scott film Gladiator in 2000.

New Speaker Mike Johnson can't stop thinking about all the Gay Sex those virile muscular Roman sword swishing gladiators were engaged in.  But, it seems that the current fascination with "Rome" per se is this toxic masculinity nonsense associated with this Hard Times paradigm.

And this whole stupid Hard Times meme featuring a silhouetted faux hoplite is nothing more than a dumbed-down bastardization of the Polybius cycle of government.  and reminds me of all the stupid incels and men going their own way posting I Studied the Blade memes and We Hunted the Mammoth rhetoric.

I guess Chuck Palahniuk was 20 years too early with Fight Club...

Car Culture was a Mistake Part 3: Everyone drives like a maniac

You say the laws are getting harder to obey And the rules 
are being broken every-day You got the picture, 
and now your time has come 
Anarchy is open season 
for everyone
Mutiny on the World, Armored Saint (1984) 

Besides crime sprees and DUIs there are all those other traffic violations, drivers commit daily. 

Now some of this is the media sensationalism, which always always always will run with Crime is Out of Control and remember Crime is synonymous with cities and cities is synonymous with BLACKS! so these news stories on speeding and bad driving never get around to the reporting anything other than white people have Vibes that blacks are maniacs.  

So, for instance the recent story of a rich, white, super entitled toxic white man driving his Bentley at 100+mph towards the Rainbow Bridge POE is immediately recast by rightwing propagandists as a Terrorist attack by Hamas with Iranian passports because the the immediate lies told by conservatives are never really debunked but, become a sort of residual reminder about crime/the border/terrorism being bad under Democrats!

And as a matter of course, certain people get, fawning media pieces, which highlight their humanity and their struggles instead of being neatly slotted into the category of career criminal;

THIS IS NOT the sort of life Rebecca Grossman was supposed to be living.  The 58-year-old former flight attendant turned socialite was meant to be spending her middle years enjoying the bounties of upper-class privilege. Married to one of L.A.’s most successful plastic surgeons—Peter H. Grossman, founder of the Grossman Burn Foundation and whose father founded the Grossman Burn Center, which took in actress Anne Heche after a high-speed crash in Mar Vista in August and where Jay Leno was treated in November following a garage gas fire—she had everything a real housewife of Hidden Hills could possibly want: A $7.6 million nine-bedroom ranch house in a gated community right next door to a movie star (well, Lori Loughlin), a thriving family (two teenage kids and an adopted daughter—a young burn victim Grossman and her husband adopted from Afghanistan in 2002 so that she could be treated at Peter’s hospital—two horses, five dogs, and a 100-pound turtle), a wardrobe that would have Lisa Vanderpump biting her knuckles with envy, and an expensive—and, as it would turn out, fatefully fast—Mercedes coupe.  

The above story ends with media-crowned "socialite" Rebecca Grossman playing a "frisky game of cat and mouse" at 80+ mph, while driving drunk, obliterating two children while they walked in a crosswalk.  Being safely ensconced in a 5000 lb guided missile grants people the feeling of invulnerability.  There are many other factors at play here.  Everyone is habitually late for whatever appointment, job, meeting, yoga session, they have.  Everyone routinely uses their phone while driving.  Everyone underestimates the amount of traffic they will run into in the Chicago-land.

I don't believe in the red-light cameras and automated speed monitor tickets, it's just a back door tax on working class people.  Also we've seen how unscrupulous companies bribe susceptible politicians and then manipulate their systems in order to make violations happen.  Millions of dollars in fraudulent fines... 

And the Rules of the Road? Don’t make me laugh the vast majority of drivers treat the "Rules of the Road" as a loose guideline to be adhered to only when absolutely necessary (i.e. when they see a squad car).  No one ever drives the speed limit.  Ever.  School zones?  Fuck them kids.  Residential streets?  Whatever I'm Late!  Main thoroughfares, well 9 miles over isn’t really speeding!  Highways!  Highway to Hell at 100 miles per hour!

Police have themselves to blame only partly for this as 1) there are just way too many vehicles to stop and most departments are handling such a large volume of other calls (whether they should be or not) and 2) most drivers don't give a fuck.

Now, when most drivers see a squad car whether it be State, County, or Local they still slam on those brakes and observe the rules of the road I do think defensive driving and deference to Police while driving is a thing of the past because of the way Police departments have exhausted the good will with their unlawful and evil actions.  Once that capital is burned through, as it has been, it takes a lot of time to reaccumulate it and requires an extraordinary effort from Police.

Saturday, November 25, 2023

Republicans hate America 12: Short Man Syndrome and Violence

Trump is more Pig Napoleon
"I still remember Napoleon.  He was a General.  He was a Beast too, but a true General.  Diabolical...  Unscrupulous...  Intelligent... Being his adversary taught me everything I know.  You see my dear Prince, experience is paramount."  - 

Friedrich Graf von Wrangel, from the Danish series (1864)

Looking forward to the latest Napoleon biopic, this one by acclaimed director Ridley Scott a well-known Francophile, and starring Joaquin Phoenix.  The "Napoleon Complex" was always referenced vis-a-vis the short man syndrome.  I suppose it was residual British propaganda and hatred for the little Corsican leaking into American discourse, in order to downplay and minimize Napoleon's military career and out-sized influence on the 19th century.

Because Napoleon Bonaparte was an average sized man, the influence he exerted on Europe and the Americans which lasted throughout the century, caused his detractors and enemies to be in awe of him.

Trump is physically not a small man.  He's well over 6 feet tall and well over 3 bills in weight.  His domination of the American political landscape is now in its' 8th year and he'll be the Republican nominee in 2024.  Trump's accomplishments are to have gotten away with being a business failure many times over held aloft by his criminal connections with the Mob early on and then Russian gangsters in the 1990s.  The depictions of Trump as some He-Man superhero and the bizarre cult of people who make such images represents one of the scary realities of his influence, Trump isn't anything special but he makes his cult fell special, he let's them be their worst selves, he encourages their worst desires, and they love and see in him what they want themselves to be.  Trump plays this up when he artfully declares They are not after me, they're after you...

The GOP Fash project, what they desire of themselves, upon him.  What the Corporate Media, purposefully, continues to ignore is Trump Supporters don't love him despite his vile vulgar crudeness but, because of it.

"We’re Christians, and we can look past that. It doesn’t bother me,” 59 year old Lori Carpenter said of Trump’s insults and crudeness. Her relative, 71-year-old Marsha Crouthamel, agreed. 
Carpenter added, “Joe’s gotta go, and the ho shouldn’t have been there in the first place.” The “ho” was Harris, she clarified, before offering another nickname for Harris that was even more vulgar.

No one wants to admit it the stark truth for a variety of reasons mainly because it would result in the terrible acknowledgement that the Left has been right FOR FIFTY FVCKING YEARS, the Corporate Media Horserace Coverage of Politics brought us here, their non-stop fawning fact-free coverage of Trump in 2015 and 2016 and their dismissal of Democratic warnings of Republican malfeasance and perfidy were prescient.  And they want him back.  Biden's low-key leadership is boring and his behind the scenes diplomacy doesn't send a tingle up the legs the way Trump's impromptu you never know what he'll say today.  The real frightening conclusion of Trump's last 8 years is like Napoleon, everyone is in Awe of Trump and the Media want him back in power because they love what he meant for them.  

But, amongst the rest of the Republican traitors, who view crudeness, phony strength, and fake toughness above actual ability and empathy, small man syndrome is real, as they are unable to emulate his Trump's Influence.

Somehow the section on Little Boots Ron DeShrimpus  got excised, obviously the fact that DeShrimpus is at best 5’8 and a half inches tall and needs to wear lifts in his faux cowboy boots is a symptom of short man syndrome but is dangerous to We, the People because he’s going to take out his rage at being small on Us.  The good news for  Little Boots Ron is while the more you see of him the less you like, there is that much to him.

James Comer, who's leading the Hunter Biden Dick Pic circus is a man as tall as his face is wide, and happens to be "guilty" of the same family loan/payback he claims is a dastardly impeachable crime by President Biden.

In Pilates, it's called the "short box"...
MarkWayne Mullin, is a faux tough guy who loves to play the "Do you wanna go?!?!?"  game with the Teamsters Leader Sean O'Brien.  MarkWayneMullinWayne claims to be a Biter and he'll bite someone anywhere and was especially incensed when Sean O'Brien shared a picture of WayneWayneMarkWayneMullinWayne standing on a box to appear taller behind a podium. WayneWayneWayneWayneWayne then had to be reminded by Bernie Sanders he's supposedly a United States Senator as well as a phony self-made businessman.

Clay Higgins, who is such a Dirty Cop, he's been stripped of his Badge twice claimed the FBI hired "Ghost Buses", because the truth that Republican multi-millionaires Ginni Thomas (no relation to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas) and Charlie Kirk boasted of hiring and filling hundreds of buses and planes with well-to-do Insurrectionists for January 6th can't be true; like say the Burberry encrusted man-children Christian Kulas and Mark Kulas Jr of Illinois Kulas Maids was totally a set-up or Iced Earth Guitarist Jon Schaffer  

George Santos has a baby, is it his baby? Well, who knows!  Is he really "George Santos"?  Well who knows, but Republicans sure loved to vote for him and would do so again.

Republican Tommy PotatoBrain continues to keep the top military promotions open so when Republicans throw their next Coup Attempt the military will be up for grabs!  Republicans saw that the military was not going to flow to their side during the Jan6th Coup Attempt and by decapitating multiple high level commands they are at least giving themselves a fighting chance to have a few military units join their side when Trump loses in 2024.

Meanwhile, Mike Johnson watches porn with his son, has no bank account, and stands athwart the Wall of Separation of Church and State shouting Halt!  Oh and all those freedoms and liberties you people think you have?  Well, Mike Johnson has some Good News for you!  All those bad laws (like birth control and interracial marriage) will be gone when Republicans take control of the Federal Government again;
“There’s been some really bad law made. They’ve made a mess of our jurisprudence in this country for the last several decades. And maybe some of that needs to be cleaned up.”

But, despite all their worst efforts and declarations none of the Little Napoleons, the pint-sized Putins in the Republican Party can engender the vitriolic fervor Trump arouses in his Cult,

Judge Arthur Engoron and his law clerk Allison Greenfield have been inundated with death threats and antisemitic attacks after Donald Trump targeted the judge and his assistant on social media. 
According to testimony given by Greenfield to Charles Hollon, a court officer-captain in the Department of Public Safety, the clerk “has been receiving approximately 20-30 calls per day to her personal cell phone and approximately 30-50 messages per day on combined sites of social media, Linkedln and two (2) personal email addresses.” 

Trump's first disastrous administration gave him experience.  The 2024 Election is going to come down to a budding Fascist Dictator showing signs of mental derangement from syphilis and vowing to round-up and eliminate millions of people and Joe Biden who is old and does boring statecraft.  The Corporate Media and 75 millions Americans are going to do everything they can legal and illegal to make sure Trump steals back into the White House and destroys the United States of America.

Friday, November 24, 2023

Republicans hate America 11 : Wishing and praying and hoping for a Terrorist attack on the Rainbow Bridge POE

Republicans hate you.  With a fervor with a passion normally reserved for jilted lovers.  Republicans hate you so much they will lie about anything and everything.  Republicans are literally insane, mad with the lust for power, and insatiable in the quest to harm America.

Because Republicans fundamentally want to change the country and they can't do that honestly and they can't do that with accurate descriptions of their policies and that can't do that with reporting facts; they can only accomplish their desire to turn the Nation into a simulacrum of Freedom & Liberty by lying.

So it begins...  They began with the false somber tone Republicans always adopt; their worst fears are turning true, confirmation of a vehicle packed with explosives, Iranian passports located outside the vehicle, the border is being invaded by Hamas terrorists, and then morphed those somber "facts" into a sweeping condemnation of the President Biden and the Democratic Party and anyone who would show sympathy for migrants.  Because don't you know the Border is a Disaster! 

Because Republicans win by creating and then exploiting Fear & Anger.  They must keep their ill-informed drones in a state of perpetual terror, afraid of the hordes ready to rob, rape, and murder them but, for the policies of the Republican Party.  But, for draconian rule of Republican Fascism.

The reality of what happened at the Rainbow Bridge POE is immaterial.  That it was another illustration of the toxic car culture of America; a rich Upstate New York man drives his quarter-million dollar Bentley 100+ mph to get over the border into Canada to attend a KISS concert and in so doing also kills his unfortunate wife in the process doesn't matter because thousands of Republicans (including elected Senators and other officials) tweeted out the BORDER TERRORISM BIDEN FAULT story which becomes part of the subjective reality of the rightwing collective unconscious.

One thing is certain though Republicans are correct we are at war... with them...  Republicans are engaged in a low intensity Civil War against Us punctuated by spectacular violence from their AR15 armed domestic terrorists and buttressed my the bureaucratic violence they conduct when republicans gain enough political power.  Fascism is here and it's planning on making the 2024 elections the last ones in American History.

Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Republicans hate America 10: Assault on Free Speech and the Nation of Laws

Faced with a never ending parade of news reports on the "legalized" bribery of Republican Supreme Court Justices, the Court has adopted a tepid Code of Ethics.  The most despicable aspect is rightwing Billionaires who seek to destroy the Nation and replace it with a simulacrum of a Democracy modeled on the electors and feudal government of the Holy Roman Empire know they don't need an explicit Quid Pro Quo with their SCOTUS pawns but simply give them gifts, trips, and millions in benefits with the unspoken understanding the Supremacist Court will rule in favor of Plutocracy and NeoFeudalism every time.

We've been dealing with disingenuous Republicans and Corporate Media efforts to rationalize and justify bad faith Republican propaganda for decades, that I don't believe there's any point in complaining about it in an attempt to change "journalists" minds anymore.  Journalism consists of very few prepositions but, amongst them are both sides are the same, both sides want what is best for the Nation writ large, both sides may disagree on policy but, Republican disagreement is from a sincere standpoint.  Any large scale journalists who may disagree with this find themselves in the oft repeated quote from Upton Sinclair, "It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it."

At this point the right has been stewing inside their own agitprop and farting and regurgitating each other's farts for so long that they've succeeded in alerting basic tenets of the American Democratic Republic going all the way back to John Adams dictum we are "a government of laws, and not of men." 

Because we aren't a Nation of Laws anymore, from SCOTUS on down, Republicans have made a mockery of law & order.  The Law is a human endeavor and a social construct, by conservative thinking has always gravitated towards the bullshit philosophical belief of Eternal Truths and immutable laws set down by a higher power (God, the Founding Fathers, biology, etc...) and the liberal ideology of a living constitution or changing times are thus a sacrilegious affront to eternal truth.

When you couple this with the religious fervor which justifies any crime under service to a "Higher power" well under this rubric there can be no violation of the Constitutional protections, legal rights, settled law, norms, principles because the righteous are right in the eyes of the lord.

So, Elon Musk has filed a lawsuit against Media Matters of America, for MediaMatters accurate reporting on his platform "X", former known as Twitter.  I hope everyone realizes Musk uses that X as a thinly-veiled Swastika stand-in.  Musk's lawsuit is of course, without merit but, in Republican America the only merit which matters is if the thing in question helps advance the Rightwing agenda of Oppression, Intolerance, and Adulation of the Rich.  Everything else is superfluous and immaterial.  

Stephen Miller let it be known there are numerous conservative Attorneys' General who would like to criminally prosecute a leftwing media group who commits the unpardonable sin of accurately reporting what Republicans say and do.

Because this is already the year Republicans have their sights set on using the awesome power of Government to stifle speech they don't like.  In Florida, State Senator Jason Broduer proposed a Blogger Registration Law (SB1316) which requiring "bloggers" to register with the state if they wrote about elected officials, failure to register would result in a fine per day per post.

In August, a small Kansas Police department lead by Chief Gideon Cody raided a newspaper.  It seems it was Cody was probably involved in a relationship with the local bar owner who made allegations agains the newspaper owner but, when it comes constitutional protections its' dependent on who you know. 

Certainly, marginalized individuals and groups know what Republicans legislatures, judges, and governors can do to them.  In Murfreesboro, Tennessee an "indecent behavior" ban is a weasel-worded ordinance allowing Police Officers to enforce the State and Local laws outlawing LGBTQ+ persons existence. 

And if you are one of those people clinging to the concept of Law & Order, or the checks and balances will save us, or Trump can't pardon himself, or believe your status as a person not normally targeted by rightwing anger then you are fundamentally misunderstanding the nature of the Modern Republican Party.  It's pure Fascism and therefore the Law is what they say it is and your rights are nothing they need to respect.

Tuesday, November 21, 2023

The political Revolving Door (County, Wisconsin) seems to have let Nazis in

As goes Door County Wisconsin so goes the Nation...

The Washington Post has another article on Door County. This makes sense because Door County is one of those things White People Like.

Anyway in the article about the swingin' nature of Door County (the previous one on this exact same topic was in June) has voted the last 6 elections for the Presidential winner.  But, like most Americans this 2024 election fells like a slog and they are just tired of politics.

Well... Voting for Republicans has consequences
While the people who live on the "Quiet" Side or the Party Side of the Peninsula tend to be more liberal south of Sturgeon Bay is farmland.  And like most of the large expanses of Wisconsin farmland its' peoples have been infected with the rabid reactionary virus of Republican fascism.

Now, much of the electoral defeats in Wisconsin have come down to rightwing ratfvcking of elections and obscene gerrymandering providing Republicans with statewide victories even when they lose the over all vote totals overwhelmingly.  Wisconsin voters have continuously pushed back against Republicans, which has just made Republicans turn to more outrageous non-democratic means of holding onto political power.

Since April, Robin Vos, who considers Wisconsin a solid Republican state when you simply exclude the voters of Milwaukee and Madison, has been engaged in the time-honored rightwing tradition of looking for post hoc justifications for his pre-planned Impeachment of Justice Protasiewicz because voters made the wrong choice and Justice Protasiewicz is going to undo the outrageous gerrymandered district drawn by Vos, Fitzgerald, Scott Walker and all the other anti-democratic goons ruining Wisconsin.

And with so many anti-democratic forces working in the state, it's not surprising a group of Neo-Nazis "The Blood Tribe" would feel free to march in Madison, (yes I know it's Dane County not Door).

As to The Washington Post article which relates the weary tales of various retired people, tavern owners, and small business people who long for a time when politics wasn't so fractious, divisive, partisan, and all-encompassing. I can only imagine these people blissfully ignored everything Republicans did to divide the Nation after George W. Bush's spectacular failure on 09/11/2001 (You're either with us or with the terrorists), never heard Republicans shout "You Lie" at President Barack Obama, never had Faux News on in the background of their favorite Supper Club, and are unaware Traitor Trump proclaims he will use the Government to lock up numerous people into Concentration Camps.

"Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn't mean politics won't take an interest in you."

Monday, November 20, 2023

Republicans hate America 9: Release thousands of hours of video of the Insurrection, proving January 6th was an Inside Job by Republicans

III Percent Fedsurrection, BOOM!
Senator Mike Lee of Utah, whose ancestor was a vile genocidal traitor, who yearns to put 9 year old children into coal mines, and has planned for 15 years to steal your Social Security released a gotcha video *proving* the Feds pulled off the January 6th attempted Coup d'etat.

In response to the Colorado Judge's ruling stating Traitor Trump was absolutely responsible for the Insurrection and attempted Autogolpe, leading to the invasion of the Capitol building by hordes of MAGA festooned criminals and rebels, Speaker Mike Johnson and the Republicans have tried to deflect by releasing roughly 40,000 hours of video captured on that fateful day when Republicans declared an End to the Democratic Republic. 

Because that is what happened that day;  Republicans failed in their effort to topple the duly elected President and Vice President of the Untied States; Joe Biden and Kamala Harris but they succeeded in delaying the process, invited domestic terrorists into Washington DC, and today still cling to the utter despicable lie that Trump somehow won the Election but it was Stolen.

What Trump, the Republicans in Congress, Steven Miller, Steve Bannon, and the other conspirators who orchestrated that criminal conspiracy against the United States hoped would happen was more violence.  They planned for a BLM counter-protest, which would absorb the regional police response, they held the other response forces at bay, they denied requests by Governors to send in National Guard units, they hoped the rapidly overwhelmed Capitol Police might begin shooting, they expected some members of the Police to fall in with the Insurrectionists, they expected Trump's Secret Service detail to have Mike Pence in their custody, they expected the official Electoral College ballots to go missing, they thought the proceedings would be "temporarily" halted.  If that day were bloodier and even more chaotic then Trump and his cadre of criminals would have invoked Marital Law and he would have stayed in power, the back-up plan would also have the Congress and Pence declare they don't know who won the election thus leaving it in limbo and Traitor Trump in power.

The Treasonous scum who aided and abetted that attempted Autogolpe are still in the Halls of Congress today and still trying to undermine President Biden, and the United States Government.

Clay Higgins, best known for his thin arms and crimes as a Police Officer, told Republican FBI director Christopher Wray he had the evidence and "Ghost Buses full of FBI agents and informants dressed as Trump supporters" did Jan6th.

Major Traitor Greene demanded new Speaker the Fascist Fundamentalist Mike Johnson conduct a New Jan6th Investigation, which will result in "ACCOUNTABILITY for ALL the lies, deceit, and lives ruined".  Greene doesn't care how many times her evil lies are shown to be evil lies because her audience isn't the American people; it's the MAGA criminals, and her goal isn't finding the Truth; her goal is to destroy the United States and enshrine Fascism.

Bigger than Mandela
Never forget conservatives hold the two diametrically opposed viewpoints about Jan6th in their head simultaneously;  the Rioters on Jan6th were all Antifa and Feds dressed to look like Trump supporters to discredit their lawful assembly and righteous #StoptheSteal, and everyone arrested, prosecuted, and incarcerated for actions on Jan6th is a political prisoner greater than those listed in The Rock.  

Why else would a rightwing provocateur Charlie Kirk delete his proud admission of sending "80+ buses full of patriots to DC to fight for this President."  Why else would Republicans ignore the communications between Supreme Court spouse Ginni Thomas and Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows in December 2020 and January 2021?

Every time Republicans attempt to flog the specter of Jan6th they prove it was an Inside Job, orchestrated by Traitor Trump and the Republican Party.  Republicans will never face the truth about that day because it lays bare their entire hateful, viscous, evil political ideology and undercuts every lie they tell themselves, the media, and their supporters.  Republicans are Traitors who hate America and seek to destroy the United States and replace it with a Neo-Confederate Slave State held aloft by the twin pillars of White Supremacy and Christian Fascist Fundamentalism.


It should be noted that Trump wanted to lead the March on the Capitol and even though he was informed by the Secret Service multiple persons were armed, Trump stated matter-of-factly, 'They're not here to hurt me.' 

Sunday, November 19, 2023

(No) Ceasefire in Gaza

A pound of that same merchant's flesh is thine: 
The court awards it, and the law doth give it. - The Merchant of Venice, Act 4, Scene 1

A fragile 5 day ceasefire in Gaza appears imminent .  This comes as welcome news.  According to The WaPo reporting the deal;

A detailed, six-page set of written terms would require all parties to the conflict to freeze combat operations for at least five days while an initial 50 or more hostages are released in smaller batches every 24 hours. It was not immediately clear how many of the 239 people believed to be in captivity in Gaza would be released under the deal. Overhead surveillance would monitor movement on the ground to police the pause.

The stop in fighting is also intended to allow a significant increase in the amount of humanitarian assistance, including fuel, to enter the besieged enclave from Egypt.

I am grateful for the efforts of President Biden and Secretary’s Blinken and Lloyd Austin and all the administration officials working on to contain this situation.  It matters having competent and trusted people running the US State Department.

The Israeli forces at the behest of their Extremist government have exacted 10 times the pound of flesh taken by the Hamas fighters on 10/07.  Netanyahu, of course, claimed the IDF killed “thousands and thousands” of Hamas terrorists.  He could hardly have claimed otherwise because that would have been a blatant admission of his failures and reckless policy positions.

I don’t agree with the conventional wisdom that Hamas goal was to draw the surrounding Arab nation and wider Islamic world into conflict with Israel.  That’s an out-of-date idea from 60 years ago.  The disproportionate and frankly criminal Israeli response to the brutal attack 50 days ago has harmed Israel internationally in a way not seen for decades.  This is the end of Netanyahu’s political cater and has turned a large focus on the vile Settler violence in the West Bank.

Of course, the bloodthirsty extremists on both sides will not be placated but that lends more credence and urgency for the Israeli people to work with the Palestinian Authority and other moderate groups to reach a longer lasting 1 state solution in the region.

Friday, November 17, 2023

Israeli Fascists and American Christian Zionists agree No Ceasefire, Kill the Palestinians from the River to the Sea, "All of Them"

Look You! This totally real book was found in a
Palestinian child's room just after being bombed
"Israel is the shining city on the hill. Israel said — God says of Israel, “Israel is my first-born son.  Jerusalem is the city of God. Jerusalem is the shoreline of eternity. Jerusalem is the eternal capital of Israel, today and forever."- John Hagee leads the Pro-War Rally in DC as he and others yearn to see the blood of 2.2 million Palestinians shed in Gaza.

Hagee is infamous for creating the Hate Group CUFI (Christians United for Israel) which, as fitting rightwing beliefs, actually stands for the opposite of everything it says it defends.  Hagee, is a Fascist Fundamentalist, who succors Israel because in his belief system, Israel will herald the Apocalypse causing Jesus to return at which point all the Jews (save a select few) will die (as well as the Muslims, Atheists, Hindus, Shintoists, and others) in Holy Fire so God can reign for a 1000 years on Earth.  Hagee who has infamously given sermons about God sending "A Hunter" (i.e. Hitler) to punish the Jews for not returning to Israel as they are Biblically commanded too wants this War to continue and escalate because it will eventually lead to the Destruction of the World and the Rapture...

Perhaps, as more speak out and protests become more frequent first, understand Police are not your allies. When Republicans take power back they will task Police forces with violently attacking protestors, beating immigrants, and rounding-up homeless people and the Police by and large will comply with those orders.  The Constitutionality of the Arrests or detentions will be ignored or justified under the guise "Officer Safety" or the declaration that the protest itself is unlawful and thus everyone at it is subject to arrest.  Just as the Capitol Police did in violently breaking up the Peaceful protest at the DNC this week.  As an anecdotal aside I've seen and personally spoken to people in the town I work with who have declared the flying of a Palestinian Flag to be an Act of Terrorism and worry that their precious little children will be targeted by Hamas.  Unfortunately, the group have decided to "report" the flying of the flag and other "suspicious" activity to the Police and expect a Police response.

Secondly, one of the misattributed quotes which has become a bedrock principle of rightwing belief is the statement, "If you want to know who rules you, look who you are not allowed to criticize"...  Blah blah blah blah blah.  Republicans are the king of hypocritically complaining about that which they themselves are guilty of;  Also known as the acronym EAIAC, (Every Accusation is a Confession) because right now as we sit here, protests against the on-going Atrocities and War Crimes in Gaza are met with Police Violence, arrests, and immediate condemnation and cries of Anti-Semitism especially from Republicans who see the Israeli Terror in Gaza as their ticket back into political power.

Certainly, Sean Hannity and Faux News see the upside and the potential political gain to be made from declaring anyone who supports the Palestinian cause or even a Ceasefire as a Pro-Terrorist, Pro-Hamas as the Post 9/11 playbooks were taken off the shelves to be used once again.  Any protest, statement, Twitter note is back to the good old GWoT days of being on the side of the Terrorists.  In shades of Zell Miller, Fox has been promoting and hosting Democratic Congressman Brad Sherman of California, who claimed the recent protest was more violent than January 6th and declared everyone who supports a Ceasefire is Pro-Hamas.

So now, the Democratic Party and erstwhile Liberals (Amy Schumer) have let their bloodlust and 100% support for brutal killings of Gazan's burst forth without regard for "consequences" because since the horrific 10/07 Hamas assault on Israeli citizens, bloodthirsty supporters of Israel have felt absolutely free to demand the death and displacement of everyone in Gaza.

Piers Morgan has decided the the Atrocities in Gaza are his ticket back to relevance as he adopts a Jerry Springer style format.  Piers has brought Egyptian comedian Bassem Youssef twice to explain the brutality of Israel dating back decades using his rye humour and biting sarcasm while Piers plays the Just Asking Questions (Jaqoff) disinterested outside observer.  

But, Morgan also invited the bloodthirsty madman Shmuley Boteach on to "debate" against Cenk Uyger, Boteach adopted all the shut down trolling techniques rightwing fascists have employed for decades in such formats and instantly identified his insatiable lust for the murder of Palestinians and declared every critique a "blood libel".  Boteach of course, is a murderous psychopath, a literal genocidal Nazi, and you could argue his vileness is atypical and then you learn a murderous cabinet minister Amichai Eliyahu openly advocated for the Nuking of Gaza and declares there are no civilians in Gaza.  Or when Israeli Knesset member Ariel Kallner demands a Second Nakba;

“Right now, one goal: Nakba! A Nakba that will overshadow the Nakba of 48. Nakba in Gaza and Nakba to anyone who dares to join! their Nakba, because like then in 1948, the alternative is clear,” the Likud Party member wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter.

Hey you! Ogle my Tits
while you kill Palestinians
"All of Them"
The calls to ethnically cleanse Gaza are so open from Israeli butchers that Netanyahu has had to chide and tell them to stop talking so openly and so publicly about murdering or displacing every person in Gaza while Netanyahu boasts of killing thousands of "Terrorists".  The propaganda campaign of the Israeli government is aimed at keeping the US and Europe on board with their massive campaign of revenge and murder.

The open calls for Ethnic Cleansing and Genocide aren't just coming from blood-thirsty Israeli Madmen but, from Americans.  In Florida, Tits Ahoy Representative Michelle Salzman cold-bloodedly shouted "All of Them", when a Democratic State Rep asked a rhetorical question about how many dead Palestinians would be enough...

I, myself am on the side of the oppressed people and right now the Brutal Reality is Palestinians and Israelis are oppressed and captive to the Evil Extremists of Hamas, the Netanyahu and Likud Party, and murderous Jewish Settlers in the West Bank, and the groups in the US and Europe who for whatever reason to seek peace and instead don't mind how many people die in the "Holy Lands".

Sadly, here in the States the Left and the Democratic Party are tearing themselves apart and I can only hope that this isn't going on a year from now because while syphilis deranged mentally incompetent Trump doesn't have the mental acumen to take advantage of this, his vile handlers and the parasitic Republican Party do, and they are going to use the murderous anti-Muslim bloodlust just like they used their murderous anti-Muslim jingoistic Warmongering in 2002 and 2004 to win political power.

Insane Fascist Traitor Trump killed Roe v. Wade, in 2025 Insane Fascist Traitor Trump will kill You

Mao Tse Trump
Of course, Traitor Chickenhawk Trump would choose Veterans Day to unleash his latest and most bald-faced Fascist screed.  Trump's on a Nationwide tour spouting shit and declaring in no uncertain terms his next administration will End the United States of America.

Former President Donald J. Trump, on a day set aside to celebrate those who have defended the United States in uniform, promised to honor veterans in part by assailing what he portrayed as America’s greatest foe: the political left.

Using incendiary and dehumanizing language to refer to his opponents, Mr. Trump vowed to “root out” what he called “the radical left thugs that live like vermin within the confines of our country.”

“The threat from outside forces is far less sinister, dangerous and grave than the threat from within,” Mr. Trump said Saturday in a nearly two-hour Veterans Day address in Claremont, N.H.

The Corporate Media does not want to call this what it is; 
Part of this failure to call Trump out as a Nazi is fear-based.  But, most of this is the absolute truism that Corporate Media are playing their ascribed role, which is to denigrate Liberals sounding the alarm and to make Republicans seem safe to the "Normies", Oh you silly libs are being silly.  Of course, Trump and the Republicans don't mean to round up people into camps.  We'll be fine!

Just like they did with Abortion or with the Paul Ryan Granny starving budgets, Corporate Media refuse to cover Republicans as they are or what Republicans actually propose.  Even after the end of Roe, even now as Trump barnstorms America bragging about destroying Roe and making Abortions illegal for most women, the Corporate Media doesn't frame Trump as the man who ran on and successfully put women back into the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant;  because the Corporate Media loves Trump.  They fvckng loooooooooove him.

And the Corporate Media hate being scolded by those snooty liberals!  The media will never, ever acknowledge that the Left have been right about Republicans for 50 years, they will never admit they hamstrung Hillary Clinton because she was a shrill scold, they will never admit their coverage of politics as a horserace brought us to this moment, and they will never, ever admit that Trump and the current Republican Party represent an existential threat to the American Nation, the American Dream, and the American People.

The media have their 4 stories and they won't change them now.  They are not going to save us from Trump's candidacy and will do everything they can to kowtow, bow and scrape, and soften his and the Republicans malfeasance and perfidy to make them paltable to the "Normies".

Republicans already have their vile murderous states-sponsored 2025 Terrorist Plan in place to hit the ground running which includes;
  • Elimination of governmental workers not beholden to Trump/MAGA
  • Immediate Weaponization of the Department of Justice, arrest and persecution of political enemies
  • Empowerment of ICE, and escalating brutalization of immigrants 
  • The rounding-up of homeless persons into camps! (Privately run Publicly funded of course)
  • Enshrinement of Christian Zionism and Fascist Fundamentalism into Federal Law.
And it's not like any investigative journalist had to go deep undercover into PNAC or the NRA or the III Percenters to uncover this "scoop";  Republicans are brazenly open about their plans and are busy recruiting the middle management they will need to oversee the Paramilitary Foot-soldiers who will be tasked with some of the odious duties, like beating homeless people and immigrants, until such time as Tommy Tubberville and Joint Chief of Staff Mike Flynn can fill all those blocked military postings with the right kind of jack booted soldier.

Fascism is here.  Trump and the Republicans are coming to kill you.  Period.  That's the stark reality facing us in 2025.

Thursday, November 16, 2023

The Fascists Next Door: UK Import Suella Braverman

 UK politics have been a mess for years.  Tony Blair's remora like attraction to The W(orst POTUS) Ever has led to a line of increasingly more buffoonish Governments, which most Americans know little about because of the infatuation with the Royal Family.

Of course, besides being buffoons the hard-rightwing Prime Ministers have also flirted with fascism, as we enter an era where the Grandparents and Great-grandparents of conservatives are no longer around to explain Nazis were the bad guys. 

The Israeli campaign of ethnic cleansing in Gaza has served as another catalyst to excite bloodthirsty fascists in the US, UK, and Europe as crackdowns on Pro-Palestinian protests are spearheaded by powerful conservatives.

But, in the UK former Home Secretary Suella Braverman flipped to the next page in the well-worn fascist playbook and used a protest as a vehicle to incite a mob of Neo-Nazis and did this on Armistice Day in England.  Violent Rightwing Paramilities have been, a key component of the Rise of Fascism throughout history. 

This was far from her first Fash adjacent outrage from Braverman who had been "sacked" by 50-Day PM Liz Truss before PM Rishi Sunk brought her back and now "sacked" her again.  Braverman may be gone (for now) but, her ilk are always waiting to stela back into office and stand up concentration camps and state-sponsored death squads.

Sadly, if a US equivalent of Suella Braverman had done this in the US she would probably have gotten away with it as we have seen the architects and agitators of the Republican January 6th Coup have largely gone unpunished and many still have their position and power in the US Government. 

Fascism is here, there, everywhere these days.  Liberal political theory and Democracy are once again under assault from religious conservatives and money-focused conservatives across Europe, the UK and America, who hate freedom and liberty and seek to install Authortarian governments (with themselves in charge of course).

Unfortunately, besides the Israeli atrocities and slaughter of civilians have opened up an unexpected avenue of attack for Republicans in the US and Tories over in England to dust off their anti-Islam playbooks, rejoice and revel in the deaths of Muslims, and seek to brand anyone opposed to Israe's indiscriminate military actions an Anti-Semite.  It's about the only thing which still Unites the Right, and it might be just what Trump and Republicans need to steal back into office here.

Monday, November 6, 2023

Car Culture was a Mistake 2: The Deadly Dreadnought Era

EV Hummer
 When speaking of pedestrian and cyclist fatalities one of the reasons contributing to the yearly rise in deaths is the size, weight and reduced sight lines of the modern era truck-class.  When coupled with the aggressiveness and inattentiveness of drivers you have a deadly combination.

Everyone knows that as the 19th century drew to a close and Naval commanders, National leaders, and war theorists around the world had absorbed and adopted the Alfred Thayer Mahan doctrine of the National strength and sea power required a concentration of power in the waters around the Nation, and this meant the construction of massive Capital ships.

Thus, began the Naval arms race of larger, faster, more powerful, more heavily armed, more heavily armored, capital ships culminating in the infamous HMS Dreadnought in 1906.  Dreadnought famously made all earlier battleships obsolete and pushed other Nations to catch up and expand their Navies.  But, such was the lag time of design and construction that any large capital ship launched was already obsolete compared to the next ship under construction.

Trucks, have supplanted cars in the imagination of, especially rightwing men, as the nebulous concept of Freedom and America.  Trucks of course are marketed to appeal to toxic masculinity, Rolling Coal being one of the most odious and obnoxious displays but, owning Truck = Masculinity is as deliberate andOnce St. Louis resident Bob Chandler modified his 1974 Ford F250 into the legendary BigFoot, the Truck arms race was on.

In accordance with the increase in size of trucks, sport utility vehicles often built on the same chassis have thus grow as well.  And it wasn't just the grotesque Monster Trucks which grew all facets of Trucks have increased.  This can clearly be seen in the front face of the current era of GM vehicles.  The noses on the current Chevrolet Silverado, Cadillac Escalade, GMC Yukon Denali are huge; 5 feet tall, broad and imposing.  The EV Hummer pictured above weighs 10,000lbs and has 0 to 60 speed of 3 seconds.


One of the obvious reasons, people have gravitated towards larger vehicles is safety.  Not overall safety mind you, but their own personal safety.  As I've noted cars y their very nature and design pit you against the multitude, you the beleaguered fighter pilot avoiding all the enemies around you.  Hence you want a bigger, taller vehicle to gain an advantage.  Modern construction techniques and advances in seatbelts and the wide-spread adoption of their use have made the occupants much safer in accidents.  Airbags help as well but, they seem to have had the paradoxical effect of making drivers more bold and less defensive knowing they have the shield deployment at their disposal.

But, while these roadway Dreadnoughts help keep drivers safer they've become killers for those around them in smaller cars, on bike, or on foot.

Though their designs have changed considerably over the past two decades, late-model SUVs still appear to be more likely to kill pedestrians than cars, a new study from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found. 
Thanks to advances in safety, the number of people killed in motor vehicle crashes in the U.S. has fallen from more than 50,000 in 1980 to 36,560 in 2018. Over the past decade, however, the number of pedestrians killed on American roads has ticked steadily upward. 
In the Michigan crashes, SUVs caused more serious injuries than cars when impacts occurred at greater than 19 miles per hour. At speeds of 20-39 mph, 3 out of 10 crashes with SUVs (30 percent) resulted in a pedestrian fatality, compared with 5 out of 22 for cars (23 percent). At 40 mph and higher, all three crashes with SUVs killed the pedestrian (100 percent), compared with 7 out of 13 crashes involving cars (54 percent). Below 20 miles per hour there was little difference between the outcomes, with pedestrians struck by either vehicle type tending to sustain minor injuries. 

I posted the chart of the Governor's Highway Safety Administration (GHSA) Pedestrian fatalities for the past 12 years showing a steady and deadly rise in pedestrian fatalities  The report also notes;

GHSA previously issued a report finding that 3,434 pedestrians were killed on U.S. roadways in the first half of 2022, based on preliminary data reported by State Highway Safety Offices. A second report analyzing state-reported data for all of 2022 found that roadways continue to be incredibly deadly for pedestrians. There were 2.37 pedestrian deaths per billion vehicle miles traveled (VMT) in 2022, up yet again and continuing a troubling trend of elevated rates that began in 2020.

Trucks and SUVs are killers for people walking around but, even worse have been the tragic (and often) negligent deaths caused by the driver backing up over someone; many times their own young children.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration as part of the Department of Transportation has been analyzing and warning about Backover accidents for decades and noted in a 2006 report, 

A 1997 Research Note claimed “an annual average of 475 backover fatalities (85 on-road and 390 off-road) for 1992 and 1993.”  

Nowadays, every SUV is outfitted with a back-up camera and most cars have proximity warnings and oncoming perpendicular warning devices.  But, pedestrians and cyclists continue to get hit, injured, and killed.  And the roadway Dreadnought arms race is going to continue, perhaps culminating in the Simpsons parody vehicle the Canyonero

Land Rover has done this very commercial...
Can you name the truck with four wheel drive,
Smells like a steak and seats thirty-five..
Canyonero! Canyonero!
12 yards long, 2 lanes wide,
65 tons of American Pride!
*- The Federal Highway commission has ruled the Canyonero unsafe for highway or city driving.

Sunday, November 5, 2023

Car Culture was a Mistake Part 0: Driver, Less Cars

Well, I had planned on writing a series of posts on the state of automobiles in America but, this being the internet shit bird vultures lie in wait to insult you and hide behind pseudonyms.  Sure it's infuriating but, this the information/social media age...  anyway back to this post.

In a post Labor Day vacation to the National Parks in Montana and Wyoming, I took a drive up the Going-to-the-Sun Road in Glacier National Park.  In 1932 the roadway was first laid out with it's low-grade, tight switchbacks, and stone arch abutments leading tourists to Logan's Pass.  Of course, one of the problems is you are trusting people who may or may not have driving skills for a narrow roadway with a deep nearly guard rail free drop.

America's so-called "love affair" with automobiles is, right now, an unassailable state of affairs, this may change in the future but, it will be a slow process.  For the foreseeable future, including the transition to all electric in this decade, everyone will still cling to the idea of having their own hermetically sealed pod to travel from point to point.  

I say so-called because "America's love affair with the automobile" was a carefully crafted plot.  Freedom,  Independence, The Open Road, were all sold to Americans as the key to their Life, Liberty, and pursuit of Happiness.  However, counter-culture icon Jack Kerouac's fame came from his work On the Road, the semi-factual philosophical treatise of Robert Pirsig, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, and the oeuvre of The Boss, including his first magnum opus Born to Run, the original Back to the Future featured an iconic/idosyncratic car as it's not-so-subtle vehicle (pun intended) to let the American people get back to their nostalgic past again, all of these came about after a long-string of decision points in American history ensured cars and the network of roadways necessary for cars to function were the dominant form of travel.

Much of this was a deliberate choice by America as white flight from cities into suburbs and now exurban environments was pushed as the American Dream of being a member of the landed gentry; your own small feudal estate with workers to mow your lawn and half your property being a "carriage house" to store your fleet of vehicles.

The worst problem with automobiles in America; Drivers.  Drivers are terrible; rushed, inattentive, dangerous, overconfident, reckless, drunk, and prone to fits of rage.  The atomization and enclosed cockpit leads to a fighter pilot mentality directly contributing to aggressive driving; that a term like Road Rage is well-known and documented by thousands of hours of Youtube videos, and page hit after page hit and hundreds of accidents daily; including pedestrian and cyclist fatalities.

Cyclists being hit by cars and drivers in Chicago is so pervasive the Illinois crash report forms have a special yes/no box called "Dooring".  WBEZ had a long story on the 1600 car/cyclist crashes (a warted of which were hit-and-runs) and the inadequacy of Chicago's painted bike lanes which means bicyclists often take their health and safety into the hands of people who often don't have those hands on the wheel.

Pedestrian fatalities have risen, both in real numbers and as an increased percentage of total car related
deaths every year since 2010.  There are numerous contributing factors but, Drivers are the prime problem.  And... only in a Nation wedded to cars would the solution be to keep the car and take the driver out.  Which means everyone is rushing head-long to make Driver, Less Cars the new normal.

Thursday, November 2, 2023

Car Culture was a Mistake Part 1: Cars facilitate crime

See the U-S-A! In your Chev-ro-let! 

Cars allow you a freedom to go almost anywhere you'd want to in the Western Hemisphere.  That freedom of movement is a double-edged sword as criminals use cars to facilitate their sprees and expand the scope and range of their targets.

Dillinger Alleyway 
This should have been obvious since the rampages of the notorious Texass duo of Bonnie & Clyde and the roguish 20th century "Robin Hood" John Dillinger and the less scrupulous Lester "Baby Face Nelson" Gillis, both of whom died in gunfights in Illinois, after being declared Public Enemy #1.  Stolen vehicles and car chases figured prominently for each and everyone of the famous outlaws.  100 years later not much has changed.  

Thieves and criminal gangs (mainly comprised of juveniles) leave Chicago and descend upon the suburbs to steal any that are unlocked.  Everyone uses the vernacular "Break-into" when describing these thefts but, 95% of the time the vehicle is unlocked and the ones which are stolen have the keys left inside.  The pattern is as predictable as it is infuriating.  The gang of thieves drive down a side-street and check every car parked on the street or driveway.  If the car is locked they move on, if it's open they try the push-button starter to see if the keys were left inside, if the keys aren't inside, they root around and may take a wallet or cash.  But, their goal is to steal a car whose registration checks from a suburban address (to allay suspicion) in which they conduct further crimes and then often dump after crashing it.

There are several other issues; one is the so-called "Kia Boys", who learned to exploit an unforgivable loop-hole in the manufacture of Hyundais and Kias in which a simple USB could be used to start the cars.  The car makers settled a $200 million class action lawsuit in May this year.

From the Wild West to Bootlegging,
Dodge has always been synonymous with Crime
Unlike, the "Kia Boys", joyriding antics the thieves who steal cars under the MOPAR umbrella; Jeeps, Chryslers, Dodges, often use them in the commission of higher level felonies.  MOPAR appears to be susceptible to cloning or hacking of their on-board computers/electronic keys.

Chicago police say that five-to-six suspects used a pair of vehicles to smash through the front door of a River North business early Tuesday during a smash-and-grab burglary.
According to authorities, the theft occurred in the 700 block of North Franklin just before 6 a.m. Tuesday.

The suspects used two vehicles, a pickup truck and a white sedan, to break through the front of the building. The suspects then entered the business, stole an unspecified amount of merchandise, and fled the scene in the pickup truck.
Police say the white sedan was left at the scene.

Of course, much of this non-stop rash of stolen cars could be mitigated by people locking their cars and the smash-and-grab of purses from front seats stopped by simply not leaving your purse in the driver compartment of the vehicle, but that would be victim-blaming.  Instead we let the worse demagogues engage in contemptible racist demonization of those people and engaging truly dangerous authoritarian undermining of Constitutional protections in the name of Safety and Law&Order

A wave of progressive prosecutors have won office across the country. Now, Republican-controlled state legislatures and governors are trying to curtail their power, or strip them of it altogether.

It must never be forgotten that Republicans full-heartedly believe in a Two-Tier Justice system and the unequal application of laws, which is why they are so mad that justice is blind and being applied to Traitor Trump and the Jan6th criminals for instance, instead of "rightly" being used to harass an punish minorities.