Saturday, April 27, 2024

Republicans hate America 26: What Kristi Noem did to that dog is

 what Republicans are doing to America.

Are you an American?  Well, if you are Republicans hate your guts.  Republicans hate the Nation.  Republicans hate the United States.  Republicans hate America because of everything it is and can be.  Republicans absolutely want to round-up millions of Americans, drag us to "gravel pits" and liquidate us.

There's no amount of adjectives, adverbs, or superlatives I can use to describe Kristi Noem and her actions.  The most accurate description I saw on social media was, "emotionally unstable and easily triggered Republican executes innocent animal and not being satiated decides to kill another immediately afterwards."  Noem's bloodlust was so unsatisfied she also killed 3 horses, too apparently.  Noem is everything Republican men want in a women; addicted to shoddy plastic surgery, grotesque, dumb, violent, and willing to do whatever is necessary to advance the Republican agenda of White Power and Patriarchy. 

Now, in reality, besides loudly signaling to dementia addled pants-pooping Traitor Trump her hatred of dogs Noem was telling America she has no hesitation to kill.  Noem's claim is she has no problem killing her own puppy so she won't hesitate to order Police to kill campus protestors, Border Patrol to machine gun migrants, and invoke the Insurrection Act to summarily execute "BLM" and "Antifa", and don't forget Noem and Republicans will declare anyone against them "Antifa".

I hope you're doing everything you can to defeat Trump and the Fascist MAGA threat because once they gain control of the Federal Government death trains to concentration camps will be there first order of business.  How many Americans will willingly act as Trump's Gestapo as he comes for migrants first, the Trans people next, then women, then everyone not MAGA is debatable but, the Republican bureaucrats in the Federal Government are waiting to issue the orders for mass extermination of millions of human beings.