Monday, July 8, 2024

Will Democrats fall for the banana in the tailpipe and replace Joe Biden? The New York Times sure hopes so!

 Of all the foibles the Democratic Party falls victim too none is as pernicious as believing what other people say is their best course of action.

Yet again, the New York Times is trying to stick a banana in
America's Presidential Tailpipe 
The Republican Party, Corporate Media, well-fed comfortably ensconced punditry, and Gaza deranged Bernie Brogressives all agree Genocide Joe Biden should go.  That would be the President who defeated Trump in 2020.

Rightwing scum sucking “reporters” smell blood in the water and are pouncing with false stories of In-flight medical crisis on Air Force 1 and anonymous White House officials confirming Joe Biden is going to resign immediately, and the odious claims by Peter Baker and the New York Fucking Times Joe Biden has Parkinson's (reminiscent of when rightwing liars proclaimed Hillary Clinton had one foot in the grave 8 years ago) all designed to suppress the vote, to muddy the waters, to fling enough shit and flood the zone so that Donald John Traitor Trump can steal back into the White House and do to America what he's done to women and little girls his entire life.  Rape Us.

Why exactly is the New York Times not covering the revelation that Donal Trump is a child fucking rapist?  Why exactly is the Corporate Media pushing the Joe Biden resign story over everything?  Because they want him gone.  Because they are all in on putting Trump back into the White House.  The courtiers at the New York Times and the propagandists at Faux News all believe they are in a class hierarchy above Joe Biden.  They see in Donald Trump a vulgar cosplay member of the phony aristocracy and enjoy his "showmanship".  It's exactly the same playbook as Clinton Cash and Clinton Emails the New York Times ceaselessly pushed in the final weeks running up to the 2016 elections.

And I (and others) can already see how the Media will be more than willing to undermine and destroy Kamala Harris (using the twin prongs of racism and misogyny against her).

Well, Fuck everyone who is clamoring for Joe Biden to drop out because you are willingly helping Republicans bring down this Nation.  That goes for you too Jon Stewart, who only was too fucking willing to slag on President Obama and too fucking eager to both sides everything, well fuck off to your comfortable chalet and easy living'

We, the People want Joe Biden to be President.  The pliant Media and their Rich Owners do not.

The Republicans are openly promising to round you up, place you into trucks and train cars, and process you in "the Staging Grounds" and you're busy slandering President Biden?

“We’re going to come after you, whether it’s criminally or civilly. We’ll figure that out. But yeah, we’re putting you all on notice.” 

Kash Patel announces he and other Project 2025 Terrorists will murder journalists, even those who are debasing themselves to help Trump get back into the White House.  If you find yourself pushing the narrative that Joe Biden should step down, congratulations you're signing your own and millions of other human beings death warrants.

Vote for Joe Biden as though your life depends upon it because it does, for when the Republicans come to arrest you and process you at "the Staging Grounds" the NewYork fucking Times will be glad to report on it.

Sunday, July 7, 2024

Republicans hate and want to kill you - Trumpian Governance - Project 2025 - and the Republican Destruction of the United States of America

In many regards the Republican Party has already accomplished their goal of destroying the United States of America.  Conservatives no longer adhere to the Founding Principles of the Nation and instead simply assert their beliefs over the Rule of Law.  And the Supremacist Court simply amended the Constitution in their role as untouchable College of Cardinals.

Republicans hate America.  Republicans hate You. And Republicans are coming to Kill You.

“So I always keep this fake Hollywood money in my car. So when a homeless person asks for money, then I give them like a fake $5 bill. So I feel good about myself. They feel good. And then when they go to use it, they get arrested. So I’m actually like helping clean up the community, you know, getting them off the street.” - McEntee said in the video posted May 2024 by The Right Stuff, a dating site for rightwingers of which McEntee is a co-founder. 

Do you remember what the initial call to the Police was for George Floyd? Passing a fake $20... Republican humor is to kill people.  John McEntee joined the Heritage Foundation Project 2025 last year.  Dismiss this if you will but, while the vicious Corporate Media spends every single minute of every single day trying to knife Joe Biden (and Kamala Harris), Republicans are openly declaring they will simply murder you,

"Some liberal somewhere is gonna say that sounds awful. Too bad. Get mad at me if you want to. Some folks need killing. It's time for somebody to say it. It's not a matter of vengeance. It's not a matter of being mean or spiteful. It's a matter of necessity." - Republican Lt Governor of North Carolina Mark Robinson.

Parker also hates the uppity Kamala Harris
Will the non-stop Corporate Media attacks be enough, as they were in 2000 and 2016, where Al Gore was eviscerated for "sighing" and the 25 year Media Whispering Campaign about HRC declared she was one foot in the grave, so vote Trump besides whatever happens we'll be fine!

Republicans see this election as the culmination, the golden opportunity to implement their murderous designs on the Nation.  Republicans have undermined Law & Order, National unity, societal cohesion, faith in elections in order to adopt a ruthless NeoConfederate slave state founded on the unequal application of law, sham elections, white power, and brutal male patriarchy. Bigotry, hatred and fear are the weapons they use to weld white men and women to their side.  And Republicans believe terror and resignation will keep the rest of society in check.

Most male election forecasters, and older comfortable white women like Kathleen Parker assume they'll be safe from the predations of the rapacious Republican Terror Squads.  After all Parker won't need an abortion anytime soon.  So, it remains to be seen if white women will vote Trump a 3rd time.  Trump in his low animal cunning seems to recognize Abortion and Project 2025 are at least a bit off-putting to his white women voters so he's tried to distance himself from both (while following the traditional Republican pattern of taking credit for everything.  The 3 step process Republicans traditionally use is:

  • Take all the Credit 
  • Pass all the Blame
  • Yell, Whine, and Complain
Trump has added the following during his 3 ridiculous runs for Office:
  • Promise Everything 
  • Deliver Nothing
  • Proclaim Greatness

I'm still waiting for the Media to discuss the Epstein Files revelation that Traitor Trump abused and raped children. Especially since Trump has already been found criminally liable for raping E. Jean Carroll.  But, the facts, evidence and court findings about Rapist Donald Trump are "olds" and the Corporate Media is in the business of "News"... 

And since the Corporate Media fucking loves his "showmanship" and more importantly the Rich love his deregulation and tax cuts and want him back in Office, they are busy helping to catapult Republican propaganda, as they have done ceaselessly for over 40 years.  We are in the fight for our very lives, you have to vote, but be prepared because even if Republicans lose again they are going to continue using the awesome power of the Government to immiserate your life and make living impossible.  Because Republicans hate and want to kill you.

    Friday, July 5, 2024

    King of the Pedophiles, Best Friend of Jeffrey Epstein Donald J. Trump rapist child fucker and choice for President of the New York Times

    Children Fuckers

    The only person Trump has spent more time in bed with than children is Vlad Putin.

    The 2008 Epstein documents were unsealed and Donald Trump is named over and over and over as a child fucking pedophile.

    And you know who isn’t covering this at all?  The Corporate Fucking Media.  Do a google search and you find no Media stories from July about Epstein documents.  None whatsoever.

    Can’t anger King Trump after all.  Instead on the 4th of July, the New York Fvcking Times featured prominently an Op-Ed by Matthew Walther, a seditionist Catholic child raping traitor who advised people not to Vote, while falsely claiming he doesn't vote.

    Except of course he does.  Instead what Hitler-esque rightwing grifter Matthew Walther wants is for you not to vote.  Walther, a prudish anti-Human catholic fascist equates Voting to the Civic Duty of rounding up slaves.  Walther is against voting because he knows when Americans don't vote Republicans win.  And Republicans hate America and want a Trumpian Dictatorship.

    The Media is in full-court press mode to oust President Joe Biden to bring about the Fascist Trump Regime.

    Karma police, arrest this grifter
    His Hitler hairdo is making me ill

    Corporate Media leaders loathe Joe Biden and yearn to force him out.  So, of course they won't cover the revelation of Trump's child sex escapades.  The same way the fact he was found liable in a Court of Law for Rape is no longer covered by the Media, or his findings of guilt and culpability are no longer covered by the Media.  Because the Corporate Media wants Trump to be President.  But, we don't have to accept the Corporate Media crap.  They want Fascist Trump Lite Dictatorship and Project 2025 Agenda because of the STORIES it will generate but, we still have to chance to vote against him.  Don't expect these revelations of Trump the child molester to sway a single Republican or change the minds of any conservative.  Conservatives love Trump for him granting them the ability to be their absolute worse selves.  And if he's a pedophile well they don't care they same way they don't care about any Republican being a chickenhawk, being a stolen valor coward, being a criminal. 

    IOKIYAR covers all sins and absolves all crimes.

    Organize and vote against all Republicans at every level.  President Biden isn't stepping aside, despite the efforts of the Corporate Media, Donald J Child Fucker Trump, the Red-Brown Alliance of American Leftists, so vote for him in 2024 as well.  Remember his progressive accomplishments, you're also voting for his cabinet, and understand you're probably also voting to replace Treasonous Criminal Clarence Thomas and maybe Sammy Di Puzzi Alito as well.

    Thursday, July 4, 2024

    The Republican Project 2025: Destroy the United States

    Happy 4th of July to everyone, including the haters and the losers! - Traitor Trump

    I take very little solace in having been right about the Republican Plan to destroy the United States of America and replace it with a NeoConfederate fundamentalist apartheid state.

    It was famously reported that conservatives when shown the Paul Ryan budget did not believe it could be true since it was so heartless and literally was a granny-starving set of policies.  It just couldn't be true.  Conservatives don't believe a 2nd Trump administration will harm them, famously conservatives only complaint of the first Trump term was he "wasn't hurting the people he should be hurting".  It's grimly ironic that Republican policies have been killing conservatives (especially white rural men) and they cling more tightly than ever to their Republican malefactors.  But, it's wrong-headed to believe conservatives have been duped by their Republican representatives.  Conservatives of all stripes want this.

    The Rich want no taxes, no regulations, and no constraints from the Federal government for their rapacious accumulation of wealth and power.  White men and women want to be able to spit on a N-word, piss on a homeless person, smack a Queer, threaten to murder any journalist who says something mean about Traitor Trump, and order an immigrant around like a slave.  The proliferation of so-called "Karen Videos" demonstrates what conservatives want America to be. And Fundamental Fascists want the power to act as the Taliban or Iranian Morality Police.

    Conservatives believe America is a rigid hierarchy and must be returned to that status.  That's what MAGA means a Nation built upon the twin towers of White Power and Evangelical Tyranny.

    "Are these the Nazis, Walter?
    No, Donnie these [people] are cowards..."
    Republicans hate America.  Republicans hate you.  Republicans are coming for it all;  the separation of Church and State, No-Fault divorce, birth control, Education, freedom of association, rights to privacy.  All of these things and more will be gone in the Republican MAGA Nation;  you will do as they say, you will think as they command, you will acquiesce, you will be silent, you will be deferential and if you do not, then Republicans have paramilitary domestic terrorists and, soon, the Apparatus of Law Enforcement and the Awesome Power of the State to eliminate you.

    The cries of Weaponization of the Department of Justice and the Two-Tiered system are ardent declarations of exactly how Republicans plan to enforce their steady transformation of the United States of America into a Theocratic White Power simulacrum of a Democratic Republic.  And those who do not go along with the destruction of the United States will be murdered,

    And so I come full circle on this response and just want to encourage you with some substance that we are in the process of the second American Revolution, which will remain bloodless if the left allows it to be.- Kevin Roberts, President of the Heritage Foundation.

    Wednesday, July 3, 2024

    Joe Biden's Legacy, handing the mantle to Kamala Harris, and the Future of the Nation

     If anyone (in the upper levels of Government) knows heartbreak and the unfairness of life it's Joe Biden.  Much of his political career has been built upon the his personal tragedies and tribulations.

    President Joe Biden can look back on 4 years of success and having saved the Nation in 2020.  From defeating Trump in the election, to battling Covid, withdrawing from Afghanistan, the Infrastructure bill, student debt reduction, the price of Insulin, the re-rise of Labor and Unions, a diverse Executive Branch, the re-establishment of NATO and allies across the World to present a combined front against the Rebirth of Authoritarianism.  But, no matter how great any one person is Time wins in the end.  Even all-time greats, usually hailed with the pointedly misapplied label of "Immortals" in sports eventually have to retire.  Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, Wayne Gretzky...

    Look Republicans lie about everything.  We can't stop them.  We can be livid that the Corporate Media doesn't hold them to account but, that's because the Corporate Media serves the same Plutocratic Masters the Republicans do.  The Rich and their Media mouthpieces want another Trump Presidency because of what he offers them.  It's an unfair system which elevates a piece of shit Traitor and lifelong criminal like Trump to prominence.  But, the rightwing attacks on Joe Biden about his age, just received a massive piece of corroborating evidence, during the debate.  We ignore the way Joe came off to everyday Americans at our and our Nation's peril.

    Joe Biden was right to ignore Social Media trolls in 2020 and he's been right to hold the Corporate Media in contempt for how they cover politics as mouthpieces for Corporate Interests and the Rich.  But, the Corporate Media wants to claim a skin and will not stop writing the Doddering Old Joe Biden stories.  If we don't interrupt that narrative, if the Biden Team can't counteract it before the Convention, pants-shitting vile Traitor Trump won't have to do anything to coast to victory.

    There's no point in looking back and saying, 'Oh Joe should have announced he was a one-term President' at some point.  It didn't happen.  We have to look forward as the Democratic Convention is set to arrive in Chicago in a few weeks.

    Kamala Harris has to be the Democratic nominee for President in 2024.  For the Good of the Nation Joe Biden has to recognize, that no matter how utterly unfair the situation is, he must step aside and pass the torch to Kamala Harris.

    And yes I know the Corporate Media will slag the fuck out of Harris, and on-line bigots (Left and Right) will smear her with just abhorrent racist and misogynist slanders.  But, Harris has to be able to deal with it.  Kamala has to pick a good candidate for Vice-President and We, the People have to elect them.

    If we don't then rightwing State-Sanctioned Violence is coming.  Not immediately.  Stephen Miller spoke of the "Staging Grounds" as euphemism for modern day concentration camps.  But, Trump will have Joe and Hunter Biden arrested and imprisioned awaiting trial.  Warrants will be issued for Hillary Clinton, a bunch of false documents about President Obama will be circulated because the Rightwing Media will know these won't unduly alarm most Americans who will shrug and say well if they did crimes then arrest them.  FBI agents who dared testify against Trump and his criminal cabal will be forced to retire and those who dared to show open contempt for Trump will be arrested, and again Americans will shrug and say well we know there's corruption in law enforcement.  And the fascist temperature will ratchet up another notch as "Illegals" will be arrested en masse, and Vice Raids will be conducted for Gay Bars and Transpeople whom any good Faux News listener knows are grooming children.  Chaya Raichik will head the new Task Force to deprogram LGBTQ.  

    I could go on but, what's important is staving off this potential Fascist Future which the Heritage Foundation calls the Second American Revolution, but it going to take the bold decision to move on past Joe Biden, a man who has served his country and suffered numerous personal tragedies and unfair setbacks.  It's time for Kamala Harris to step up and for the Democratic Party to unite.

    Tuesday, July 2, 2024

    The Supremacist Court rules when Trump does it, it is not illegal

    I wrote before that Traitor Trump broke The Law in a fundamental way.  Well, the Sinister Six of the Supremacist Court just declared any "Official Act" of Traitor Trump axiomatically confers Immunity.  And what is an "Official Act"?  Why anything we say it is, up to and including overthrowing the United States Government.

    The Trump Immunity ruling was just one of multiple decisions from these 6 Feudal Overlords completely making a mockery of the heralded Rule of Law...

    A Nation of Laws, not Men... nonsense.

    The Majesty of the Law... pure sophistry.

    "The Law" is whatever Republicans say it is anyone hoping guardrails and Institutions will protect us as they barely fucking did during Trump's first reign is fooling themselves.  The 6 Injustices have taken power in this Nation and their goal like all Republicans is to Rule or Ruin.  If they can't have control of all levers of power well they will make those levers unusable, inaccessible, or unenforceable. 

    Most people don't pay attention to the Supreme Court at all and this won't get the Corporate Media headlines (like wall-to-wall coverage of BIDEN DROP OUT got) because Corporate Media serves Corporate Interests.

    The reality is most people will be unaffected (at first) so they won’t do anything in response to what is coming.  Eventually, people might recognize things suck for them as companies simply violate clean air and water regulations or clear cut National Parks but, that's when the Rightwing Media Machine will kick into high gear and blame the Immigrants and Transgenders for American's woes.  Those few individuals who do feel that resistance is called for will face the full fury of the Federal law enforcement apparatus without all of Trumps special privileges.

    John Roberts has laid the foundation for an American military dictatorship.  Trump, or more accurately his cabal of vile acolytes have a plan to institute the monstrous regime.  I still have hope that the ground-level Police Officer, National Guardsman, or Army Reservist will balk at orders to round-up and execute millions of people but, that is a slender thread to rest the Soul of the Nation upon.  Most people due to personal fear, lassitude, or animosity will go along with what's ordered because hey Trump's President therefore what he (or more precisely Stephen Miller) is ordering is perfectly legal and didn't the Supreme Court rule Official Acts confer immunity?

    Understand the playbook is the same as it always is for Fascists.  They'll target the weakest or the most maligned and powerless segments of society;  undocumented (Hispanic) immigrants and the members of the LGBTQ+ community.  But, it never stops there and already the rules and "laws" are in place to enslave women.  Republican controlled States are already enforcing Christianity and melding Church and State.  Even your 1st Amendment rights are contingent on the Surpemacist Court's give-and-take shell game.

    Right now, all isn't lost.  But, even if Joe Biden pulls off a win in 2024 we are balanced on the knife's edge of America becoming a full-fledged Fascist Ethnostate.  Don't give in to despair.  I acknowledge your feelings and fears and share them.  But, we can stave off defeat in November 2024.  And then fight day-to-day to keep a winning streak going.  

    Fascists win we you give up and give in.  Don't!

    Sunday, June 30, 2024

    It’s not time to Despair it’s time to Rally around Joe not toss him aside

     Traitor Trump is taking victory laps in his fascist rallies since the Debate.

    I admit the night of the debate was deflating but, I realized as my co-workers texted memes at me these were people who were going to vote Trump no matter what and of course the rightwing media was going to denigrate, besmirch, and slander no matter what.  

    More distressing were the erstwhile liberals, leftist I told ya so, and media pundits who shit themselves and then shit all over President Biden demanding he withdraw.

    Well... FUCK THEM!  Traitor Trump needs to withdraw and won't.  There is a pathology of defeatism which has been part and parcel of the Democratic Party since Ronnie Raygun There You Go Agained them into a defensive crouch.

    I'm with Will Stancil, who posted on X-Twitter, history is going to view the video of President Biden being the only person standing up to Trump's torrent of bullshit and lies a lot differently than we did that night.

    Trump is an outright fascist, a rapist, a bigot, and a thief.  And Joe Biden has the courage to stand up against him.  I'm not going to let Trump steal the White House and fuck over millions of Americans because a bunch of people keep pointing out Joe Biden is old.

    The first fucking question in that abomination of a "Debate" should have been 'Who won the 2020 election?'  But, instead it allowed the Traitor to spew lies about abortion, about Roe v. Wade, about immigration, about social security, about everything, and we're going to sit here and declare oh well, Joe's old we therefore have to allow the consummate conman and Traitor back into the White House.

    Look Republicans love lies and hate America but that doesn't mean we need to allow them to regain power because we're depressed or worried about Joe's age.  Depressing and suppressing the vote has been the tactic of Republicans for decades.  It's time to decide what you believe in and what you're willing to do.  Because even if Trump's cabal of criminal confederates can't pull off their Project 2025 scheme, they have no intention of allowing American Democracy to exist anymore.

    Stop fighting a rear-guard action, take the offensive,  Joe Biden's Presidency has a record of substantial progressive accomplishments (which is why Traitor Trump has tried to take credit for everything he didn't do) from withdrawing from Afghanistan to the price of Insulin, student debt relief to infrastructure but, the Corporate Media hates him because he distrusts and dislikes them, so they've decided to undermine Biden at every opportunity and just dismiss Trump's wild lies, categorical criminalist, and continued bullshit of blaming Nancy Pelosi for Trump's attempted Coup and overthrow of the United States Government.

    Republican lies and perfidy didn't begin with Trump and they won't end when Donald dies shitting himself on his gold plated toilet.  Fortunately, a lot of stalwart and successful Democratic officials have rallied to Joe Biden's side, as befits defending a Good Man against a fucking disgusting lying criminal.

    President's Obama and Clinton both issued good statements.  DNC Chariman Jamie Harrison pointed out that President Biden has always had our backs so we should have his.  And the Philadelphia Inquirer finally stood up and said Trump needs to withdraw, so stop calling for President Biden to withdraw when a wholly unfit for office Fascist Traitor is proclaiming his goal of Ending the American Experiment and ushering in the transformation of the Nation into a NeoConfederate White Supremacist Evangelical hellhole.

    As, the Philadelphia Inquirer editorial states, Biden on his worst day remains lightyears better than Trump on his best.  The least you can do is vote to stop Trump and his Fascist design for America, do more if you can, and be brave because Republicans have their eyes on the Big Prize, the Ultimate Prize they lost in 1865; the destruction of the United States of America and the creation of a Nation built upon christian hatred and white power.  The pain, sorrow, and hell Republicans yearn to visit upon millions of people and are already doing in States they control should let you know the stakes.

    Thursday, June 27, 2024

    Debate Night Disaster

    This was just absolutely too excruciating to watch.  A complete and utter disaster.  President Biden appeared frail, misspoke repeatedly, and seemed confused.  In short, He looked old.

    Expecting a frail old man to combat Traitor Trump's torrent of lies in a debate was foolish and downright stupid.  Trump's spewed bullshit throughout but, he did so Very Strongly...

    The Corporate Media is going to love this; Confident Strong Trump v. Doddering Old Joe...  MAGA is already celebrating.  Perhaps it's too much to hope it's too early a celebration and Joe can pull it out in November but, I doubt it.

    So, what is really at stake?  The Very Nation itself...  President Biden doesn't look up to the task.  I know, I know...  This won't change committed peoples votes and the old leftist blog-o-sphere Dailykos, Lawyers, Guns and Money, Ballon-Juice are drawing out the debate defeat of President Obama in 2012 or Ronnie Raygun's senile performance in 1984 as incumbent President's who pulled out victory. But, anyone relying on the electoral power of the Incumbency is fighting a 20th century war in the Era of Social Media Agitprop and Rising White Power.

    The calls for President Biden to withdraw as the 2024 Democratic nominee are going to be deafening.  And, unfortunately, I think Joe Biden should step down...  The fate of American Freedom and Democracy should not be upon the shoulders of a rapidly aging Joe Biden.  Just as Biden shouldn't have been expected to combat Trump's non-stop firehose of falsehoods, expecting him to stave off Fascism is missing the point.  We, the People should have stopped Trump and we haven't.  Trump has been lying relentlessly for years especially about the 2020 election but, also about his years in office and more importantly about his attempt to Overthrow the United States Government on January 6th.  No one in the Corporate Media dares to call him on it, it's left to comedians.  Elected officials have failed to punish his Autogolpe.  And Republicans, of course, have encouraged and been emboldened to push the boundaries of American society to the breaking point.   

    Trump plans to institute a murderous Fascist Regime and Steve Bannon, Steven Miller, Faux News, Mike Flynn and millions more Americans are all in on it.  Republicans are already transforming the United States into a NeoConfederate Nation built upon Christian Fascism and White Supremacy.

    I thought 2016 was going to be the last gasp of White Power but, it turns out far more white people are totally invested in hurting people than I cared to believe. 

    This 2024 election is going to demonstrate just how shitty white people in America are:  I'm not sanguine about the probable results.  I believe a large segment of white men (and women) are absolutely willing to sacrifice everyone who is not them because they think they'll outlast the Fascist Pogroms or that the Fascists will never have cause to go after them.  Certainly, some people (women mainly) realize a white woman here or there is going to unfairly suffer under The Rightwing Evangelical lash but, as a whole white women will be protected, as long as they toe-the-line and support Patriarchy, Christian Nationalism, Xenophobia, Racism, and ruthless violence against The Other.

    A lot of people are going to suffer under Trump's Regime.

    Saturday, April 27, 2024

    Republicans hate America 26: What Kristi Noem did to that dog is

     what Republicans are doing to America.

    Are you an American?  Well, if you are Republicans hate your guts.  Republicans hate the Nation.  Republicans hate the United States.  Republicans hate America because of everything it is and can be.  Republicans absolutely want to round-up millions of Americans, drag us to "gravel pits" and liquidate us.

    There's no amount of adjectives, adverbs, or superlatives I can use to describe Kristi Noem and her actions.  The most accurate description I saw on social media was, "emotionally unstable and easily triggered Republican executes innocent animal and not being satiated decides to kill another immediately afterwards."  Noem's bloodlust was so unsatisfied she also killed 3 horses, too apparently.  Noem is everything Republican men want in a women; addicted to shoddy plastic surgery, grotesque, dumb, violent, and willing to do whatever is necessary to advance the Republican agenda of White Power and Patriarchy. 

    Now, in reality, besides loudly signaling to dementia addled pants-pooping Traitor Trump her hatred of dogs Noem was telling America she has no hesitation to kill.  Noem's claim is she has no problem killing her own puppy so she won't hesitate to order Police to kill campus protestors, Border Patrol to machine gun migrants, and invoke the Insurrection Act to summarily execute "BLM" and "Antifa", and don't forget Noem and Republicans will declare anyone against them "Antifa".

    I hope you're doing everything you can to defeat Trump and the Fascist MAGA threat because once they gain control of the Federal Government death trains to concentration camps will be there first order of business.  How many Americans will willingly act as Trump's Gestapo as he comes for migrants first, the Trans people next, then women, then everyone not MAGA is debatable but, the Republican bureaucrats in the Federal Government are waiting to issue the orders for mass extermination of millions of human beings.

    Tuesday, March 26, 2024

    Revenge of the Thin Blue Line 43: Defund the Shop Lifting crime lords

    Earlier this month, a couple of criminal "masterminds", Michelle and Kenneth Mack were arrested and indicted at their posh Spanish-style California mansion, charged with running a retail theft and resale operation.

    According to the complaint, Mack is accused of paying airfare, hotel, and rental car costs for a network of women to travel nationwide, where they would go out and steal goods and then send them back to Michelle Mack’s home. She would then sell the stolen goods at a discount via Amazon Marketplace. 

    Bonta said the group, known as the “California Girls,” operated in a dozen states nationwide and targeted stores including LensCrafters, Sephora, Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, Prada, Bath & Body Works, Victoria’s Secret, Sunglass Hut, and over 231 Ulta Beauty stores, NBC San Diego reported. 

    Inside Mack's 4,500 square-foot Spanish-style mansion, authorities discovered a "mini store" with beauty products, sunglasses, and designer bags. Also found were hundreds of postmarked envelopes containing stolen products ready to be shipped to unsuspecting customers at a fraction of their retail price. 

    The crime ring operated in stores up and down the California coast and in states such as Washington, Oregon, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, Illinois, Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Ohio. Mack chose the stores to be targeted and directed what merchandise was to be taken. The women would clear out entire shelves of merchandise into Louis Vitton bags before making off with the merchandise, investigators allege. 

    Mack made “millions” through her nationwide shoplifting scheme.

    Americans, like most people, have a problem with scale.  It's been pointed out that humans have a hard time grasping the very, very large (the Cosmos) and the very, very small (sub-atomic), which is completely understandable because for millions of years humans and our ancestors dealt with things of our relative size and scope.

    So, when it comes to "crime", rightwing propagandists know people grasp and are frightened of the immediate crime they hear about and witness.  So seeing some shop-lifters doing a smash-and-grab of high end products, Americans consider those people to be the criminals, they keep hearing about on rightwing news.  I've pointed this out before when it comes to the catalytic car thieves and how the anger and vitriol is only directed at the thieves cutting out the converters overnight and not the ringleader or end user who is paying the thieves and massively benefiting from the crimes.  Like the Mack couple in San Diego.

    A few days ago, I had to deal with several Venezuelan migrants who absconded with two shopping carts full of food.  Now... unlike the organized theft rings masterminded by respectable criminals these migrants were quickly spotted and identified.  The groceries they stole were obviously for their consumption and not to be turned around like the beauty product theft ring.  Fortunately, the manager at the well-known grocery store just wanted them to pay for the perishable foodstuffs and send them on their way.  While walking in, a pair of white men, loudly muttered "Really??? Really???" while angrily shaking their heads.  

    Now, these men appeared to be low-wage workers, please note I did not say "low class", and I'm sure their anger was because of how they've followed the rules, don't steal or commit other crimes (maybe) and see those people doing these crimes and "getting away with it".

    One of the key weapons the right has used to make everything LOL NOTHING MATTERS HAR-HAR is to remove all distinctions and graduations in criminal incidents.  Either the incident is a crime or it is not to their binary thinking.  This crime is no different than that crime, therefore they can justify all manner of brutality to immigrants (committing the "crime" of entering the country illegally) and the summary extrajudicial killings of black people throughout the country (i.e. you should have just complied with orders).  Of course, there are special carve-outs.  Donald Traitor Trump's plan to defraud the entire Nation and American people is justified.  The rioting insurrectionists invading and shitting in the Capitol on Jan 6th were "invited" in by Police Officers, Kyle Rittenhouse had every right to walk around with an AR-15 picking fights and yearning to shoot people, etc...

    But, this is reserved for a certain class of people.  Always remember to rightwingers, white people who adhere to the Reactionary Agenda are afforded all manner of Due Process and often additional special rights above and beyond that while, minorities or those who've transgressed against the principles of MAGA are a priori guilty and deserve whatever happens to them.

    There is a Two-Tiered Justice system in the United States, and there always has been.  Trump broke "The Law" in a fundamental way and showed that it should not apply to him or his most ardent cult members.  And the unequal application of "The Law" is perhaps the first and foremost component of a Fascist Takeover.

    Monday, March 25, 2024

    Measles, Migrants, and MAGA infections

    Every now and then Republicans and rightwingers inadvertently admit that they do not believe the bullshit they spout;  this is evident when it comes to vaccines and germ theory.

    While the Faith Healer General Joseph Lapado was telling parents it's okay to send your kids to school with measles and it's okay to send your unvaccinated kids into a cloud of miasma because Measles is a Woke Plot other Republicans across the country while decrying unvaccinated migrants being allowed into the country.

    Just 9 years ago stalwart Reactionary outlets like National Review decried the growing AntiVaxx community;

    The anti-vaccine movement has led to an increase in preventable infectious diseases, such as measles. Now, an infected person at Disneyland apparently caused nine children to get sick–and eight had not been vaccinated.  This is reckless and irresponsible.

    The ardent right-winger who wrote this would be pilloried these days because nowadays every good conservative believes vaccines are poison and a plot to alter your DNA.  

    Back in 2000 the MMR vaccine was so effective that Measles was considered eradicated in the United States.  Then came Andrew Wakefield's absolute bullshit lies about MMR as the leading to the cause of Autism and white people decided there was enough Herd Immunity around that they wouldn't "poison the blood" of their precious white child.  After all they never heard of anyone suffering from measles!

    And so being 3 generations removed from the trauma of losing an infant, toddler, or young child to a curable disease, Parents have set their children up to suffer from diseases long since thought eradicated or at least conquered.  I can't imagine what the grandparents of these people would think knowing their descendants are wantonly and willfully ignoring what seemed like medical miracles to people years ago.

    So, Chicago is now at the beginning of a Measles outbreak and the most affected are very young children.  Of course, in Chicago many unvaccinated children come from poor households or homeless families without easy access to health care for children.

    School registration should go hand in hand with facilitating access to immunizations, said Dr. Olusimbo Ige, Chicago Department of Public Health commissioner. “We want people to be enrolled in school and we want to give them the opportunity to settle in while also simultaneously assessing their vaccination needs and then connecting them to meet those needs,” Ige said as the agency fielded questions on social media Wednesday.

    Now contrast that with Traitor Trump's ignorant declaration at his Richmond Virginia Bloodbath Rally,

    Rightwing Zombie Terrorists Attack America

    “I will not give one penny to any school that has a vaccine mandate or a mask mandate."

    Bloodbath, indeed
    . As always do not expect Republicans to be of any help in addressing vaccination because Anti-Vaxx is now a solid plank in the edifice of Fascism that Republicans are erecting. Measles is a Million times more infectious than Covid and leads to long-term illnesses but, the MAGA infection has completely consumed the Right and turned them into rampaging zombies. ➡

    Of course, the rightwing response to these Measles outbreaks in Florida, Chicago, and elsewhere will be to demonize Migrants (I won't dignify the despicable rightwing term "Illegal Immigrants") because rampant racism remains the first and foremost plank of Republican ideology.  Trump and his gaggle of ghouls have already promised to round-up and "deport" millions of Migrants by militarizing local police departments and building concentration camps.

    I can not express strongly enough how destructive this outright NAZI program will be for everyone; communities, police raids, police officers humanity, the illness and deaths of those captured and held.  If implemented this would destroy the United States both metaphorically and fundamentally.  But, don't expect any intellectual honesty from conservatives who claimed everything President Obama or Biden has done is the real Fascism whilst they plan to steal the 2024 Presidential Election by whatever means possible and murder millions of people.

    Saturday, March 23, 2024

    ISIS determined to attack in Moscow. Vlad Putin: Alright You’ve covered your ass


    At least 133 people were killed and another 100+ were injured during the Moscow Terrorist Attack on the Crocus City Hall.  11 people have been apparently arrested thus far, Vladimir Putin ham-handedly tried to claim 4 of those captured were heading towards Ukraine.  But, ISIS-K has claimed responsibility. 

    Well, in an incredible break from standard spy chicanery it appears that President Biden directed the State Department to warn Russia of the imminent terrorist attack.  Yet, again these Dictators like Putin or Benjamin Netanyahu or George W. Bush in 2001 choose to ignore warnings because they aren't serious people, they are play-actors whose churlish criminality and over-sized egos make them believe their own propaganda.  The problem is their disastrous hubris leads to many deaths.

    Do you remember how online Leftists told Twitter Russia would never attack Ukraine and the anti-anti-Trump cohort chortled at old lying Imperialist Joe Biden was lying?  It was Horseshoe theory of politics and the re-emergence of the pampered Phony Leftists who spend all their time attacking Democratic politicians and Presidents, as the Real Imperialists while somehow never blaming Putin and earnestly assuring their followers while they don't personally support Trump... 

    Putin has spent the last 2 years laser-focused on eradicating Ukrainian identity, except for his brief encouragement of the Hamas Terror attack on October 7th, that he's left Russians vulnerable to this, especially from groups who have suffered under decades of Soviet repression and then brutality from Putin and the early Russian Federation minor wars.

    But, none of this will be presented to the American people tomorrow.  You won't hear about the Biden State Department breaking every instinct of the ingrained culture of secrecy to tell our ardent enemy watch out for a Terrorist Attack.  No instead tomorrow morning the political news shows will only have treasonous Republicans on to talk up their Russian fueled campaign of lies to Impeach President Biden and I guarantee they will blame President Biden for the ISIS-K terror attack on Russia.

    Perhaps you remember how Trump claimed (repeatedly lied) he completely destroyed 100% of ISIS?  But, don't expect the FSB owned and operated Respublikanskaya Partiya to do anything other than declare Joe Biden's weakness invited this attack and repeat the same playbook they've used for decades now.  Traitor Trump, of course, will praise Putin's strength and fantasize about how much torture and pain will be inflicted on those captured terrorists and wish we could do that to Democrats and migrants here in the US.

    And while the Republicans have the luxury of living in the fantasy world even as it thins their ranks in the House of Representatives,  in the real world I assume Putin will use this attack to expand his War on Ukraine.  Just last week Putin issued warnings to the U.S. and NATO that Russia is ready for Nuclear War and direct confrontation with the West.

    Monday, March 18, 2024

    Elon Musk and Stonetoss Two Nazis One Twitter (Hans Kristian Graebener)

    The “It” in question is the N Word…
     So, it turns out well-known Nazi cartoonist Stonetoss is named Hans Kristian Graebener of Spring, Texas.

    But, you can't write this on Twitter (X) or even reference Hans Kristian Graebener because Elon Musk defends his fellow Fascists with suspensions and permanent bans on "his" platform.  Here's a Blusky thread from "Alejandra Calaballo".

    And this is a 4 year old Reddit thread which provides a list of evidence of Hans K. Graebener's Neo-Nazi ideology.

    Anyone who claimed Musk was a champion of Free Speech or wanted to make Twitter into a bastion of the exchange of ideas was willfully deluding themselves or a paid bad actor like Matt Taibbi and Bari Weiss.

    Elon Musk is the child of apartheid and far from distancing himself from that evil ideology of his childhood he's self-radicalized and embraced the Naked Singularity of Pure Nazism.

    For a while the Left (broadly) was relying on Corporations to take measures to tamp down rightwing calls for violence, murder, and terrorism.  This is always a fool's gambit.  Corporations are people, my friend, but people who have a distinct taste for Fascism.  And the progressive social democracy favored by a large number of Americans is unpalatable to Corporations who see regulations and restrictions on their ability to make profit as an uncrossable line. 

    Musk's self-own in purchasing Twitter has paid off with him being able to weaponize it and make it a platform for White Supremacists.

    So, just like epic dumbass Chaya Raichik (Libs of Tik Tok), Hans Kristian Graebener (Stone Toss) wanted on-line anonymity to produce wildly racist, anti-semitic, and violent fascist content.  So, the revelation of his real name Hans Kristian Graebener of Spring, Texas) has been met with the standard disingenuous rightwing outrage of Doxxing!!! 

    The problem for on-line Nazis has always been as their voice and presence increased on any venue or platform, Normies, Liberals, and Antifa abandon those platforms.  Thus, Nazis only have themselves to talk too.  Or Bots.  By taking over Twitter Musk ensured Nazis would be able to plague Normies, Liberals, and Antifa without fear of reprisal and with the backing of the Platform's Owner. 

    On the one hand, Nazis being afraid to show themselves for fear of reprisal is a good sign for a society but, Republicans have fully embraced the threat of political violence and it's actual usage as a tool to win political power.

    Meanwhile, while in the midst of permabaning anyone on Twitter (X) who mentions Hans Kristian Graebener Musk has taken to being a Heckler gainsaying  random people about Trump's "Bloodbath" threats to the Nation.

    I've said before but you've got to understand the X Elon Musk loves is a thinly veiled stand-in for the Nazi Swastika.  Musk hasn't become more fascist as he's grown richer he's just getting more and more brazen about expressing it.

    I’ll note the Supreme Court is hearing a 1st Amendment case today testing whether people have the unfettered right to spread lies, misinformation and foreign propaganda across any and all social media platforms.  It’s unsurprising the people and states who brought the case are Reactionary fascists wishing to spread Covid & Vaccine lies, and traffic in Hunter Biden laptop bullshit.  Nazis always seek to use liberal Nations openness against them to bring down that Nation.  

    Republicans hate America and see their opportunities to replace Us with a Fascist Theocracy built upon White Power and right wing hatred, intolerance, and oppression.

    Sunday, March 17, 2024

    The Staging Grounds IV: It's going to be a Bloodbath

    “Andrew Jackson as president was treated the absolute worst and I heard Abraham Lincoln was second but he was in this thing called the Civil War, so you can understand that.  But I said there’s no I don’t care Andrew Jackson or anybody else. Nobody is treat… when you think of the fake things. Nobody has been treated like Trump in terms of badly.” Delusional Paranoid Dementia Donald

        During his glitchy incoherent rants, demented fascist Trump has taken to making the most ludicrous declarations of his Presidency.  Everything was the greatest of all time.  Everything was the best it ever was.  Everything was perfect.  He did the most for whatever group he's speaking too.  And everything immediately went to hell because you stole the Presidency from him.  It's the final culmination of rightwing propaganda.  It's the Ultimate expression of the Gish Gallop.  But, it's not like the Corporate Media cares to fact check, correct, or call Trump what he actually is because the Legacy Media take their cues and stories from the rightwing media and frame everything through the lens of Republican bullshit.

    The Corporate Media coverage of Trump has been shamelessly inadequate for years now and it won't get better anytime soon.

    I can not imagine the media BREAKING NEWS shit storm if Vice President Kamala Harris declined to endorse the President the way Mike Pence declined to endorse Trump.

    It would be a monumental story of unimaginable magnitude!  Not only would signal the end of Joe Biden's career but it would be no less than a harbinger of the end of the Democratic Party.  It would be lead News Story until such time as a new candidate for President managed to emerge, whom the Corporate Media would waste no time in declaring dead on arrival as they publish 'Oh well wait till next year' news stories and circulate DEMOCRATS IN DISARRAY, as the Media celebrates the coming Republican trifecta control of every single branch of the Federal Government. 

    And yet... Trump and Pence is not even a two-day blurb.  

    No one is coming to save us.  The media's job is to help Trump and that they will do it with every bit of chicanery, sagacious false concern, and amplification of Republican ratfucking necessary.

    It was noted that in the week following the Hur Hatchet Report, the Washington Post and New York Times ran 70+ news stories on Joe Biden's Age, as every media outlet ran articles based on the one sentence Hur released.  So-called savvy pundits were plotting a brokered convention and a swapping out of candidates.

    The pampered and petulant Uncommitted "protest" votes gains outsized attentional at every opportunity.

    RFK Jr is still receiving coverage despite the fact his prime choice for running mate, Aaron Rodgers, is such a MAGA meatball he adheres to as many rightwing conspiracy theories as the number of times he's beaten the Chicago Bears. 

    Trump is all in on the Fear & Anger stimulus response.  

    "Now if I don’t get elected, it’s going to be a bloodbath for the whole — that’s gonna be the least of it," he added. "It’s going to be a bloodbath for the country."

    So, after Trump invoked the words "bloodbath" 
    the Corporate Media rushed to clean up Trump's fascist drivel as they always do.  And Trump's team rushed to make sure the story wasn't "the Bloodbath" but, instead was understood in the proper context, 

    “Biden’s policies will create an economic bloodbath for the auto industry and auto workers.”

    It's the old Karl Rove playbook of attacking your opponent's strength as a weakness.  But, remember this tactic only works if the compliant Corporate Media uncritically plays along.

    “If you’re listening, President Xi — and you and I are friends — but he understands the way I deal." as always Trump wants to have it both ways and the media lets him get away with it, he's great friends with President Xi even though he's super hard on Xi and kept China in their place with the Art of the Deal.

    Trump then claimed he'll protect Social Security and Medicare (a scant week after he admitted he'll cut "entitlements") and if he loses the election you're not going to get another one.  IMAX doesn't have a screen big enough to capture the Projection.

    You could claim "Bloodbath" is just a new variation of the American Carnage speech Trump has given before but, at this point there is no reason anyone should give Traitor Trump the benefit of the doubt about the intentions of the Republicans should they get back into the White House in 2025.  Trump absolutely means violence.

    When people say this election is the most important in our lifetimes, cynical pundits like to roll their eyes and dismiss peoples' concerns.  But, those people know they won't be at risk or will even benefit from the Vile Republican 2025 Agenda.  Ben S Shapiro, one day after proclaiming Americans should never be able to retire and should be worked to death, declared he crawl over broken glass to vote for Trump. 

    Trump told his crowd that immigrants aren't people,

    “I don’t know if you call them people,” he said at a rally near Dayton, Ohio. “In some cases they’re not people, in my opinion. But I’m not allowed to say that because the radical left says that’s a terrible thing to say.”

    It's quite clear what Trump and his gaggle of bloodthirsty lieutenants want if he steals back into the White House.  Most likely, they would come for migrants and Trans persons first.  It's questionable whether the American people would allow that but, the thing with Fascist Pogroms is once they are started they gain a momentum all their own.  

    It's up to you to vote, to encourage others, to canvas, call or help out in every way conceivable.  The Republican Party sees a singular opportunity coalescing in 2024; a chance to forcibly install a Fascist Fundamentalist Theocracy, eliminate millions, and gut American Democracy for generations.

    No one is coming to save Us.  No 14th Amendment trick will make Trump not the Republican candidate.  No Judge wants to convict Trump prior to the Election.  The Corporate Media will not accurately contextual the threat facing Us.  It's up to us to save ourselves and our very lives because if this iteration of the Republican Party gets into Power they will be coming for them.


    As if to make my point about Corporate Media obsequious deference and nefarious allegiance to Trump Queen Bigot and pampered rich white lady Kathleen Parker has a story out about how someone should drop out of this race for the sake of the Nation;  KAMALA HARRIS!

    Saturday, March 16, 2024

    The Staging Grounds III: Rightwing violence emanating from Kansas and North Carolina and Tucker Carlson too

    Remember the OUTRAGE at Kathy Griffin for her bloody “decapitated” Trump Mask?  The calls for her immediate arrest, the death threats towards her, the Secret Service investigation?  The Cancel Culture???

    Republican outrage, you see, is a one-way street.

    Republicans not only don't punish other Republicans for issuing death threats and engaging in political violence, Republicans  reward each other.

    So, that leads to the case of Michele Morrow in North Carolina.  There is nothing more Republican than running for an Office you don't believe in.

    Morrow home-schooled her children yet is running to be the Superintendent of the North Carolina school system.  This is the classic case of Republicans picking a Governmental institution they wish to dismantle and running to be in charge of it.  Once in charge Republicans undermine, sabotage, and work to make Government not work.  Then Republicans tell their brain-washed followers 'Government Doesn't Work' and run on that platform.  It's a cycle of shit regurgitation.  

    But, Michele "One L" Morrow running to destroy public schools in North Carolina fits with the long Republican tradition of hatred for public schools and the Department of Education because having such institutions undermines their brain-washing efforts.

    Now, besides repeatedly calling for the execution of various Democratic office-holders Morrow descended with other Insurrectionists on the Capitol on Jan6th.  Once again we see the on-going and concerted effort to turn traitors into heroes and the ardent desire Republicans have to make Jan6th Independence Day 2.

    Over in Kansas, last Friday, Republicans threw a $300-a-seat Premier fundraiser that included the beating of a martial arts dummy with a Biden mask and Let's Go Brandon t-shirt.

    No you are Republicans
    You Are This
    I am utterly unsurprised that Chickenhawk coward, child-raping, domestic terrorist Ted Nugent was one of the other attractions at this event.  His entire aging rock star milieu is threatening to murder Democratic candidates and President. 

    Since, videos of the violent event circulated, Republicans have backtracked and acted like this isn't what their party represents.  Of course, political violence is exactly what the Republican Party represents and encourages.

    From Sarah Palin encouraging people to take aim and shot Democratic Congressmembers, to the Malheur bird sanctuary insurrection, to Charlottesville, to Jan 6th itself;  the Republican Party is invested in using violence to wrest political power.

    Morrow and each and every one of those traitors who invaded the Capitol, broke through and ran around looking for Nancy Pelosi, AOC, and Mike Pence should have been gunned down on the steps.  We should have seen 2000 body bags, but instead after Traitor Trump sent them to Congress to overthrow the Government they were allowed to exit the building unimpeded, arms raised in triumph.

    Demented Fascist Trump has promised to pardon the over 1000 conservative criminals who've been tried and convicted.  Which leads us to the 2024 elections and the one fact you must keep in the back of your mind as you go about your regular business and life for the next 8 months... 

    In 2025, Republicans are going to call for the violent overthrow of the United States Government... again.  

    Because Trump is going to lose that election.  Even the massive voter suppression, disenfranchisement and other dirty tricks Republicans always pull won't be enough to get this election close enough for Republicans or the Supremacist Court to steal.  RFK Jr won't be able to pull a Ralph Nader 2000 Florida effect.  That's why that odious slime bucket Tucker Carlson is already calling the 2024 election fraudulent.  Fortunately or unfortunately for us, Carlson is too much of elitist chickenhawk coward, a tough-talking dilettante, to actually do anything other than sit on his ass talking.

    As an aside, I am constantly insulted and bewildered why the vaunted white working class puts stock into these doughy, wide-waisted rightwing propagandists who don't do any real work but, just sit on the expansive behinds talking shit.  Is it an unconscious dream to emulate their success and wealth from not working?  Is it an unspoken desire to have someone tell them what to do?

    But, more importantly does Tucker Carlson have enough pull to convince a rightwing terrorist or two to launch attacks on President Biden or Vice President Harris?  Maybe.  And that is the big question for Election Day and in the aftermath of Trump's next defeat.  Have Republicans trained up enough paramilitary domestic terrorists to cause real danger to America?  This time, at least, we won't have the erstwhile President encouraging terrorists to attack, placing co-conspirators in key military units, or stopping National Guard and Police from responding to the violence.

    I do think there is going to be Election Day violence.  Will Michele Morrow declare herself a Freebooter Captain and stand-up a paramilitary group?  Will the Kansas Republicans declare themselves free to attack the Real President Biden instead of an effigy?  Will Derrick Van Orden convince enough of his fellow mean drunks to descend on Madison, Wisconsin to beat up election judges and college students voting in Wisconsin?

    Will Arizona Republicans launch a sneak attack on the ballot polling places? 

    I don't know but I do know that rightwing domestic terrorists have already begun killing Americans and have the backing of major elected Republicans as well as King Traitor Trump and see 2024 as a confluence of events, influence, and political backing from the Treasonous Republican Party to effect an overthrow of the United States.

    I'm afraid they are going to take their shot. 

    Friday, March 15, 2024

    The Staging Grounds II: Fascist Kristi Noem and Leftist Jason Isbell have something in common

    They both decided to get their teeth fixed.

    For years, Isbell had crooked teeth. When one commenter said they liked his former teeth, Isbell explained why he had the work done.  “I had bone loss, severe infection and neuralgia, and without the repairs I wasn’t gonna be singing much longer,” he wrote. “Like I don’t know if I mentioned this in any songs or interviews or whatnot, but I’m a recovering alcoholic from Alabama. It should really make sense to everyone.”

    Now, the overwhelming majority of adults with teeth problem stem from childhood poverty and the inability to afford braces and other fixes in their youth which would alleviate the need to fix them in adulthood.

    But, for some reason because American medical care cleaved dental care away from healthcare coverage we are stuck with this byzantine multi-layered system.

    In case you unaware of Jason Isbell, he's "a recovering alcoholic" whose music often touches, sometimes quite deeply and quite personally on addiction issues, as well as relationships and his natural far left Progressive beliefs.  Isbell is famous for zingers on Twitter.  For instance, skewering Oklahoma Faux Tough Guy MarkWayne Mullin.

    While, Isbell's dental procedure was done for medical reasons Noem got her teeth done in a pathetic transparent attempt to appeal to Donald Trump.  She wants to be the Vice President, and while schtuping Corey Lewandowski I'm sure discussions on how best to appeal to leering Trumps rapey libido.  

    But, even though Noem has always been considered "Hawt" by Republican male gaze standard she's done a lot of surgery to her face (cheeks, nose, lips, now teeth) and pulled several stunts to burnish her rightwing bonafides; like opening up the Sturgis

    It's Evolution, Baby!
    Motorcycle Rally during the early peaks of Covid prior to vaccinations.  And sending the South Dakota National Guard to the Texas Border (perhaps this is the training for Desensitization and Dehumanization Republicans know they have to inculcate in the Army National Guard to handle liquidating migrants in "The Staging Grounds")

    PIERRE, S.D. – Today, Governor Kristi Noem announced that she will deploy South Dakota National Guard troops to the southern border later this spring. This will be the fifth time that the South Dakota National Guard has deployed to the southern border to assist in border security efforts during the Noem Administration. 


    “The border is a warzone, so we’re sending soldiers,” said Governor Noem. “These soldiers’ primary mission will be construction of a wall to stem the flow of illegal immigrants, drug cartels, and human trafficking into the United States of America.” - February 20, 2024

    It's a "war zone" Noem said but, not according to conservatives who've travelled to the border themselves instead of listening to lying press releases from Republican governors...

    I would prefer they all hang together but, I will
    accept if they all are hanged apart...

    "It's not what I expected. But then again, I don't know what I expected. I can tell you it's not as bad as what I thought. So that's kind of eye-opening in itself, too."
    Noem is also pretty sure she can get away with petty abuses of power which Trump himself is famous for, such as using her office to get her daughter preferential treatment as she progressed through a real estate appraiser licensing program administered by the state, or doing paid advertisements for her recent orthodontic operations and for a specialty foot store (ed: I just realized Noem is selling foot impressions to MAGA men.)

    Of course, Noem won't face any consequences for her abuse of power,  Republicans are never held accountable, and rightwing media has been working to make her a star for many years now because Republicans know when you're a Star they let you do it...