Monday, November 30, 2009

Murdered Officers

And all for no reason
Just one piece of lead
~ I Hung My Head, Sting
Ronald Owens, Greg Richards, Mark Renninger and Tina Griswold were murdered for being Cops. They were fathers and husbands and a wife and mother. Read the short bios at the Officer Down Memorial Page.

The Lakewood Washington attack is an extreme incident but when coupled by the thousands of hostile and highly charged emotional interactions Police Officers have with people, everyday on the job, Officers (being people as well) often times naturally build a bunker mentality in which the only ones they feel they can trust are each other.

Not the Public, not the Courts, not their local City Officials, and not far removed elected politicians...

However, it feels tawdry and offends me to expound on Mike Huckabee's decision to commute the 35 year prison sentence and release the prime suspect, Maurice Clemmons, in this case. I won't use fellow Officers deaths to score cheap political points.

Of course, the ignorant loathsome odious Republican Coward Mike Huckabee can't take any responsibility and blames the Courts:
Should he [Maurice Clemmons] be found to be responsible for this horrible tragedy, it will be the result of a series of failures in the criminal justice system...
And, Bill O'Reilly assures Huckabee "It's Not Your Fault". IOKIYAR.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

We did not have a terrorist attack on our country during President Bush's term...

What is the point? Dana Perino mouthing Dick Cheney, "We did not have a terrorist attack on our country during President Bush's term..."

Is rational discourse even possible with such blatant evil liars? "Simply stated, there is no doubt that Saddam Hussein now has weapons of mass destruction."

The rabid ignorant Conservatives and their evil Republican overlords just lie. Lie, lie, lie, lie and lie some more. Doesn't matter. They are so blinded with hatred of Liberals they will believe their own liars no matter what and so warped by the evil Republican ideology that lying and allowing innocent people to die is their political platform.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Victory in Iraq Day, One Year Later

Disgusting Warmongers, REMFpublican apologists and Chicken Hawk Cowards last year declared 11/22/08 to be Victory in Iraq Day:
We won. The Iraq War is over.

I declare November 22, 2008 to be "Victory in Iraq Day." (Hereafter known as "VI Day.") ~ Zomblog, Zombietime
This craven maneuver was an attempt to salvage the legacy of Bush and Cheney. Giving them One Win (Iraq) and Two Losses (Bin Laden 9/11) and One Tie (Afghanistan) in Republican War Accounting and ignoring the Bush/Cheney Legacy of Hundreds of Thousands of Deaths.

However, focusing just on Iraq since VI- Day 161 Americans have been killed and 688 wounded. But I'm certain Zombtime has consoled each and every grieving mother of the dead and the fathers of the maimed and wounded by telling them they can sleep better knowing that President Bush "technically" Won in Iraq on 11/22/08 and their child isn't a Casualty of War.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Tyrant at Home, The Weakling Abroad

Oh, you were a vampire
and now I am nothing at all
~ Bloodletting (The Vampire Song), Concrete Blonde
How is it that Obama the next Islamo-Hitler ready to cosign Super Patriots Racist Limbaugh, She Who Shall Not Be Named 1 and 2, Sean Hannity, every Fox News contributer, all hand gun owners and the rest of the Real Americans to the gulag while governing with the Iron Fist of ACORN Tyranny in the States while at the same time is the weakest bowingest wimpiest Terrorist Emoldeningest Weakling when dealing with every foreign nation?

Obama has to be the wimpiest Tyrant in history! Simultaneously able to subvert and steal The 2008 Presidential Election via ACORN, yet embracing weakness and also caving into the Terrorists by not immediately ramping up the War in Afghanistan.

The Pro Human Palin and Suffering Republican Party of Chicken Hawk Cowards and their Conservative Teabaging Birtherite Base are ridiculously Brilliant being able to mesh these two diametrically opposed positons into their mushy brains.

But, by continuing the out and out zealous fanatical rhetoric they are forcing moderates and true conservatives to make a choice and while Democrats may lose seats in Congress in 2010, the ghoulish amalgamation of evil anti-human notions which comprise the Anti-Obama Movement are ensuring his re-election in 2012 and hopefully will further push the modern Republican Party towards it's grave, where it shall languish never again to plague the American landscape...

Unfortunately, the Republican Party is comprised of Zombies, Ghouls and Vampires and like the undead they won't stay buried but will rise again to infect and kill Americans (literally threatening murder and revolution) with their perverted profit over people ideology.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ayn Rand Objectively Wrong

There are certain books which supposedly need to be read early on in life in order to appreciate them. Mostly this is due to the mind of the reader being immature enough to be warped by the unhelpful, improper or evil message of the book or thought process.
"Give me a child for his first seven years and I will give you the man" ~ Jesuit Maxim.
Of course, when the Jesuits were allowed to brainwash and indoctrinate the boy early on he'd retain their warped teachings all his life.

So I never got around to Ayn Rand's two works until my mid-twenties. And having trudged through the long hard slog of Atlas Shrugged the most pertinent fact about the book, to me, was which character I most readily identified with.

I know I am not a Ragnar Danneskjöld super engineer able of crafting a Super Stealth Ship, or have the chess mastery of Francisco d'Anconia to undercut and play a 20 year deep Global Game of Intrigue, or possess the Hank Reardon intellect to invent an entirely new alloy, or the comic book super powers of John Galt himself so I identified with Dagny Taggart's loyal assistant, Eddie Willers.

Eddie represents the common man in Rand's book and philosophical worldview. And it clearly shows that Rand views the mass of humanity as dogs, hard-working enduring and loyal creatures but not possessing many other positive traits and with the ability to be turned to good or evil by how they are treated. Dagny Taggart was obviously Ayn Rand herself.

And how does Dagny (Rand) treat her loyal assistant, the common man, as the "evil" society crumbles? She leaves him to fucking die on the train tracks! Because that is what Objectivism holds the mass of humanity is nothing and the few brilliant beautiful people are everything. And even amongst the select few there exist a pecking order. Amongst the elect there are some even more Objectively Superior and those people need to be allowed special privileges.

A majority of the reason Rand wrote Atlas Shrugged was because of her desire to justify her sexual mores. I don't care, fuck whomever you want to fuck, but for Rand to rationally indulge in her sexual proclivities she had to wrap it in the aura of her Philosophical Magisterium as part and parcel of the Whole Objectivist Truth. In the novel, Hank Reardon and Dagny become lovers because they seek refuge from the "evil" society in each other's arms; having not fled to Galt's Gulch. Well, when Dagny's plane crashes, Reardon flys around trying to spot the wreckage. But after The Strike and upon being reunited with Dagny the two happily parts ways as if nothing ever happened between them because Dagnay has moved on to ride Galt's mega-phallus???

In her writings Rand often berates altruism and several philosophers (most noticeably Immanuel Kant) as evil and teaching an anti-human thought system. Because it undercuts and destroys the Individual, who is everything. Well, it is Rand's Objectivism which is truly anti-human. Objectivism goes: Reason is the highest, the individual is everything, reality exists A is A, yet Rand doesn't respect and in fact hates most common individuals. No Individual, even Randian Super Heroes, exists or succeeds ex nihlo.

I believe myself to be fairly intelligent and not given to evil but not having the spark of Randian superiority so to Rand I'm common. And that's when Rand's Objectivism shows it's true anti-human streak. The commons are nothing but potential parasites and therefore unreasonable, not grounded in reality, irredeemable and not worth saving. The Common Man is nobody special to Rand.
I'm Nobody. Nobody Special. Not like you.
Everybody is Special. Everybody. Everybody is a Hero, a Lover, a Fool, a Villain. Everybody. ~ Evey and V, V for Vendetta, Alan Moore and David Lloyd.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sarah Palin Champion Republican Victim

Sarah Palin has begun her 2012 push. She's done several interviews in support of her Going Rogue book. The book itself is a mash-up of lies, ignorance and false piety, just the stuff that Republicans and their teabagging birtherite consitutents lap up.

But, Sarah is upset because she was Palinized. Sarah'a a victim, just like all the other Republicans out there. Particularly galling to Sarah is the Sexist Newsweek cover of her which, ummm, exposes her (and her use of the American Flag as a hot body sweat rag)...

Palin has always used her sexuality to advance herself. And when called on it, cries Victim! The Abu Gharib fall "guy", former US Army Brigadier General Janis L. Karpinski sums up Sarah Palin succinctly:
There is something almost sinister in Palin's attempts to seduce the voting public. She has a "come hither" look all of the time, and dares anyone, men or women, but especially men, to approach her or challenge her....

She uses her sexuality, and men's vulnerability, to intimidate them and expose their weaknesses...

She encourages men and women to be drawn first to the sexuality and beauty of a woman before making a decision about her credibility, intelligence and leadership.

Using Sex to win votes is nothing new for Republicans they scare their voters with the horrors of gay sex and castigate Democrats for infidelity (whilst hypocritically engaging in both gay sex and rampant infidelity themselves).

But, nobody cries Victim more often than the Republican Party. From Fox News, Racist Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, and every single Republican white male christian, nobody claims victim status more often and more ironically than Republicans.

The ironic hillariousness occurs because no one else claims to be the biggest baddest toughest meanest Sumbitches on the planet than Republicans. How does one reconcile the these two states of being a Victim but also being Tough?

Well, there are three groups of people who exhibit this tough bravado vicitm-hood whining: Bullies, Chicken Hawks and Punk Ass Bitches. And appropriately enough these are the people who make-up and support the Republican Party: Bullies, Chicken Hawks and Punk Ass Bitches.

That's it every single Republican or teabagger or "conservative" you meet these days is either: a Bully, a Chicken Hawk or a Punk Ass Bitch.

The comments I get from Righties highlight and support my theory. Most fall into bullying insults or punk ass bitch threats which everyone knows they won't follow through on because it's the nature of the cowardly profit over people ideology the Republican Party has foisted onto these unfortunates...

Monday, November 16, 2009

Obama Don't Bow Down

President Obama don't bow down to the Republican Chicken Hawk Warmongers who want to continue to suck the life's blood of the American people by having you expand the war in Afghanistan. Be brave and strong enough to stand up to the MIC and not allow American lives and money to be expended futilely in Afghanistan.

President B. Hussein Obama your decision is easy, pull us out of the Wars and be remembered as the one of the Greatest American Presidents ever... You, like I, took an Oath to Defend the American Constitution not the Afghanistan or Iraqi ones!

Listen to General Powell, take your time don't let the Chicken Hawk Warmongers like Mitt Romney goad or bully you into sending hundreds of thousands of Americans (as long as they aren't any of Romney's 5 sons) into a war with no purpose to defend a CIA backed corrupt regime for ambiguously defined National Interests. (Surprise! The brother of Hamid Karzai, the Mayor of Kabul, Ahmed Wali Karzai is a CIA paid operative, despite also being a Opium Kingpin and possibly funding the Taliban and international Terrorism. The CIA also backed Ahmed Chalabi who played the CIA and Bush/Cheney like fools, getting them to remove Saddam for him, and then double-crossed the US by giving classified Intel to the Iranians)

Getting and Letting (Getting In, Getting Bin Laden, Getting Out, Letting the "Afghans" figure out the rest) was a better choice in the beginning but the Bush/Cheney Regime had no intention of starting a war and finishing it because Perpetual War is the prime way the REMFpublicans make money! For instance Condi Rice and Stephen Hadley are starting a consulting firm, a nice cover to receive their payoffs for using their offices to push War onto America.

President Obama, I know it will be difficult, the MIC has made Trillions on the Wars of Bush and Cheney and if you think the Fox News led outrageous attacks by the Punk Ass Bitch REMFpublicans and their Teabagging Birtherite followers has been bad over the last 2 years the open calls for your Assassination (Pray for Obama psalm 109:8) and Overthrow will be unending from the Extremist Right.

And even though The Equalizer passed away his line as Harry Harbord Morant in Breaker Morant is more apropos: There is an epitaph I'd like: Matthew 10:36. Well, Peter... this is what comes of 'empire building.'

Armchair Generalist: Afghanistan Corruption - Out of Control

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veterans Day

Most of them, met an early grave years before i was born
All of them left brothers and sisters and mothers behind
~ Your Time Has Come, Audioslave
Having worked on The Birthday here's an Ooh-Rah to my fellow Devil Dogs (belatedly) and salutations to my god damn Veteran brethren out there.

On Veterans Day it's time to remember the most salient fact in America, the Republican Party hates Veterans, spends their blood like nickels and wants them to die.

It's part of the Republican Party Trick and Treat Campaign; Trick the American people by claiming to support the Troops with empty words while they are busy undercutting, underfunding and stabbing Veterans in the back every opportunity they can and then Treating themselves to the money and prestige of being the War Party.

Senator Tom Coburn, Punk Ass Bitch Republican using his "rights" as a US Senator has blocked passage of a bill providing care for Veterans. A typical Republican showing his hatred for Veterans and his desire to have them die.

Republicans have fought to keep Veterans from gaining benefits when they return home because Republicans see money from the government as their money better spent on enriching Punk Ass Bitch Republican families and cronies, Republicans want Veterans destitute homeless and depressed because Republicans want Veterans to kill themselves to save money.

Disgustingly, Republicans were against the expanded GI Bill in 2008 because surviving Veterans might get a few extra thousand dollars each for school and training instead of that money being siphoned off to the coffers of Punk Ass Bitch Republican Warmongers like Eric Prince.

Then as Veterans returned from repeated deployments and faced the Bush neglected medical care at Walter Reed and reduced dwell time at home, many succumbed to depression and committed suicide, Right Wingers didn't care but instead spent all the years of the Bush Administration defending Bush and attacking Liberals while paying lip service to praise for Veterans who languished because the Republicans and their Teabagging Birtherite Minions don't care about living Veterans and use the dead to further advance Republican ambitions of Profit over People.

From Politics Plus: Happy Veterans Day and Thank You
With that in mind, I considered the ongoing GOP claim that Democrats do not support our troops, but Republicans do. I visited Project Vote Smart to learn what our veterans have to say about just who it is that has their backs. The Disabled American Veterans gave 200 national politicians a 100% perfect rating. All 200 are Democrats. They gave 32 national politicians a rating of 50% or less. All 32 are Republicans. The Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America gave 85 national politicians an A+, A or A- rating. All 85 are Democrats. They gave 49 national politicians a D, D- or F rating. All 49 are Republicans. It seems that Republicans call it supporting the troops whenever they vote for a measure to funnel billions into the pockets of war profiteers, but when it calls to actually taking care of our vets, they almost invariably complain about the costs and oppose it. So I encourage you all to do remove Republicans from office.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The DC Sniper and a Question of Terrorism

Riding on the winds of death
Raining from the sky
Suffocating final breath
The misery sublime

Shock and Awe
Eradicate eliminate exterminate at will
Shock and Awe
Rapid execution termination orchestration of the dead
~ Shock 'n' Awe, Onslaught

Despite his execution, the murderous DC Sniper John Allen Muhammad clearly was a figment of the imagination and did not exist. I know this because for years the Chicken Hawk Pimp Dick Cheney bragged unequivocally He kept America Safe from Terrorism Every Single Day He Was in Power after that whole 9/11 failure (shhhhh Amerithrax Attacks). Cheney the Pimp was backed by his ever lying prostitute/daughter Liz Cheney and the Fox News TV SpecFor Commandos.

Punk Ass Bitch Republicans backed Cheney and his man Bush despite of and in support of their repeated failures home and abroad. And the Iraq War was framed by the Extremist Right as the War on Terror and all attacks on American forces in Iraq were terrorist acts and all the combatants were terrorists.

It's only Terrorism when they do it, It's Shocking Glorious Freedom when we do it.

9/11 was a horrible Act of Terrorism. So what was Shock and Awe? For that matter what was the Fire Bombing of Dresden? Clearly the target of such overwhelming attacks is to kill and cow the civilian population into surrender, despite stated goals expressed by US Government officials.

Mushy Chicken Hawk Know-Nothing Jonah Goldberg declared he doesn't believe the Fort Hood Incident to be Terrorism. According to him Terrorism is: by conventional definition, an attack on civilians intended to strike fear in the non-military population in order to advance a political or ideological agenda.

Well, a true definition of Terrorism is War. War is Terrorism.

But! But... the problem is the individual soldier isn't a Terrorist however, collectively We as a Society allow unscrupulous men to use them in Terrorist actions.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fort Hood and the Costs of War

The Horrible Incident at Fort Hood, in which at least 13 service members died and 29* were wounded is unquestionably a Terrorist Attack. And the perpetrator, Nidal Malik Hasan, appears to be a Sleeper Agent.
If one suicide bomber can kill 100 enemy soldiers because they were caught off guard that would be considered a strategic victory.
That comment and his extremist posts lauding muslim suicide bombers now seem to be advance warning of a plan to conduct an attack from within on Americans for the faith. An acquaintance, Colonel Terry Lee alleges Hasan stated, "Muslims should stand up and fight the aggressor and that we should not be in the war in the first place." And that Hasan said he was "happy" when a US soldier was killed in an attack on a military recruitment centre in Arkansas in June.

How does this incident factor into the current American wars? Well, strategically as far back as the Punic Wars Generals have realized the most effective way to undercut deployed troops is to stage attacks back on their homes instead of on the actual deployed army. This had the effect of dividing their attention and undercutting their morale.

Scipio Africanus engaged in such slash and burn tactics forcing the Carthaginians to recall Hannibal from the Italian Peninsula and into direct combat with his Scipio, leading to the Roman Victory over Hannibal at Zama.

Sherman's March to the Sea and the devastation it wrought pulled the Confederate forces from the fight up north not only through the material destruction and interruption of the South logistics but through the psychological impact on the Southern soldiers.

Now, we have this... tragedy. American soldiers unsafe on base in CONUS and unsafe with a Doctor who was, ostensibly charged with, helping them cope and adjust.

Another cost of war... Another calculation Chicken Hawk Punk Ass Bitch Warmongering Neo-Conservatives merely put down in the "it's worth it" side of the cost/benefit analysis warfare ledger... This one, single attack is a terrorists' best weapon as it will shake and disrupt US society profoundly. Although I'm certain Sean Hannity and Liz Cheney are delighted as they will no doubt try and use this to blame Obama somehow...

As for Hasan, after his trial and conviction, his execution by firing squad or hanging needs to be done the same day.

I am struck by two incidents which are to me somewhat comparable. First the infamous Columbine Massacre. One theory purports Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold committed the slaughter in retaliation for the alleged rampant bullying they were subjected to in school and there are allegations Hasan was subjected to slurs and harassment for being a muslim post 9/11.

The second was recounted by Howard Zinn in A People's History of The United States,
A twenty-year old New York City Chinese-American named Sam Choy enlisted at seventeen in the army, was sent to Vietnam, was made a cook, and found himself the target of abuse by fellow GIs, who called him "Chink" and "gook" (the term for Vietnamese) and said he looked like the enemy. One day he took a rifle and fired warning shots at his tormenters. "By this time I was near the perimeter of the base and was thinking of joining the Viet Cong; at least they would trust me." ~ pg. 495-496.

However, in no way do these comparisons justify or mollify the murderous actions of Hasan.