Monday, May 31, 2010

The Free Market Does Everything Better

Economies that combined all these institutional innovations - banks, bond markets, stock markets, insurance and property owing democracy - performed better over the long run than those that did not, because financial intermediation generally permits a more efficient allocation of resources than, say, feudalism or central planning. ~ Niall Ferguson, The Ascent of Money, pg. 341.
So is the cry of the Right... Until Corporate Negligence kicks the teeth in of their brain dead Duped and Battered Voters. At that time Punk Ass Bitch Republicans turn right around and declare Government can't fix this mess! Being a Republican means never having to worry about being a Rank Lying Hypocrite. Republicans job once they've connived their way into office is to deregulate, underfund and render useless all Government programs designed to aid the poor and middle class in America. Republicans love to stab Americans in the back and then blame the victims of their murderous violence.

It's almost comical that Drew Carey would be telling the Cleveland City Council that government jobs should be privatized while America suffers under the worst disaster caused by Companies freed of evil Government interference under Republican Direction. It's obvious Carey is looking to address real problems facing Cleveland and deal with them. But, his perspective is from that who has lived a privileged life for 20 years now, from someone who can afford to hire a nutritionist, personal chef, trainers to help him lose weight and turn his life around.

While conservatives are quick and vocal to point out the problems caused by totalitarian government control they blissfully ignore the devastation caused by Corporate monstrosities. The Failure of Conservatism is the blissful unwillingness to recognize that those who wield government power for evil are from the same class that enslave humanity under the auspices of Capitalism. It has not been Capitalism but Democracy and smidgen of political power in the hands of the still oppressed, still being worked to death "Lower" Classes, which has enabled and driven the Greatest Flowering of Freedom and Innovation since the Ancient Greeks invented the concepts of Science, Philosophy and Democracy.

The Ancient Greeks recognized much about Human Nature. For instance, Human beings are selfish creatures. However there is nothing wrong with selfishness, it is a necessary and acceptable emotion. But those who make up the Kleptocratic Class and control America under the name Capitalism and in other nations under the same ideology with a different name aren't just normal selfish human beings but sociopaths who see humanity as they're servants. Republicans are the guard dogs and gate keepers for these Plutocratic Sociopaths. And the Conservatives who vote for the Republicans and against themselves have been enslaved via several strategies.

The triumph of liberalism is that we Liberals recognize other human beings.

And it has been Liberals using Democracy to elevate and alleviate the plight of the poor and create the Middle Class, which after WWII blossomed and created the Modern America everyone in the world wishes to emulate and the American People look fondly back upon. But, the Plutocratic Capitalists hated the Rise of the Middle Class and despise Democracy and desire a return to Feudalism. And since the creation of their marionette Ronald Reagan these "Capitalists" have fought hard to destroy America and Democracy and for a return to the times when they could cosign the Middle Class to the status of cogs in the wheels of Industry and War.

War Records

Ohhh. Great Warrior. War's not make one great. ~ Yoda, The Empire Strikes Back
Except in the minds of warmongers. And because Americans venerate Mars and spit on christ it makes sense to augment ones war record.

This issue most assuredly crosses party lines. But, as Mark Kirk is in Illinois, where I live and vote, and Kirk is running for President Obama's Senate Seat that's where I'll concentrate.

Mark Kirk is currently a Reserve Officer in Naval Intel. Apparently, feeling he had to buttress his accomplishments, as he runs for The US Senate, Kirk claimed to have won the Navy's Intel Officer of the Year award. He didn't and this wasn't simply a matter of wearing the wrong unit citation but an intentional misrepresentation.

But, it won't matter because the Republican Party only cares about winning. And they may believe there's an added bonus to winning Obama's seat, a kind of added victory or momentum changer. So I guarantee the RNC, Fox News and Seditious Right Wing Blogs will continue to back Mark Kirk. He's a Republican and it's okay to be a lying slime bucket as long as you advance the Republican ideals of Rape, Theft and Murder.

Republicans and Conservatives choose Power over Principle and Elections over Ethics. IOKIYAR. That is why Republicans feel no shame in lying; Their Battered Voters choose political power over morality and pride and will vote in Liars and Cowards without compunction.

Well, well, well... Mark Kirk has made a second career of lying about his military service. Kirk has allowed his Congressional profile and media appearances to leave Americans the impression he fought in Iraq, he didn't, and that he isn't a sniveling REMF (Rear Echelon Mother Fucker), he is. Kirk is a coward and a lying punk ass bitch a perfect fit in the Republican Party.

The Atlantic’s Marc Ambinder wrote that “Lying about it [military service], even exaggerating about it, is therefore instantly disqualifying.” But... It’s OK -- If You’re A Republican. [Media Matters]

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Liz It Up

That Evil Asshole Liz Cheney The Torturers' Daughter is at it again. Even with no job experience other than riding Dick into a Government Job, Fascist Fox News continually puts Liz on the air to lie and incite Sedition.

Liz had to lay low for a couple months when the Al Qaeda 7 Attack Ad she and Chicken Hawk Bill Kristol crafted backfired and got them flak from Iran-Contra Traitor Ted Olson (widowed husband of the ardent anti-Clinton Barbara Olson who was killed on 9/11), BJ Prosecutor Kenneth Star and 9 Bush Administration Legal Experts. But, it doesn't matter. Liz Cheney is part of the Team crafting a Conservative Narrative.

Liz's role is to Attack to foment discontent by lying about everything every time she is invited on air. Republicans and conservatives realized years ago that by making outrageous accusations against Liberals, even when those accusations were shown to be 100% false, which they most often were, the accusation itself carried political power. And that is how the idea came to create an Alternate Conservative Reality.

In this alternate reality Conservatives and Republicans are Heroes and not the liars, criminals, thieves, self hating homophobes, chicken hawks and murderers they in fact actually are. The alternate reality is a short hand in which 'Ditto Heads' can ignore history and believe fantasy.

Of course, Republicans and conservatives are not content with merely living in their own Oxycontin addled fantasy realm, they must drag down the rest of America as well. So conservatives take the long approach of doctoring textbooks to prove Newt Gingrich and Phyliss Schlafly birthed America after slaying the dinosaurs who had eaten the all the Indians and were trying to stop Adam and Eve from bringing the Constitution to Jesus in Washington DC which was built by happy young Africans only too willing to Come to America!

I'm posting this from Driftglass:

only Fox News would have the huevos to task Liz Cheney with leading the charge with statements like this:

"I think there are some things that clearly rise to the level of needing independent investigation."
And this:

"There is not an impeccable record of integrity there on the part of the former president."
And this:

"Clearly, you need somebody to come in and take a look at exactly what happened."
And this:

"There is a lot here that just smells funny."
And this:

"I want to know what the president knew."
And this:

"This is very reminiscent of the campaign finance scandals back in the mid-'90s when they were selling the Lincoln bedroom."
And this:

"I think the American people have a right to know here."
And this:

"Were any laws broken? Was an offer made?"

Yes, that's Liz-Spawn-of-Dick Cheney -- the degenerate daughter of the depraved, unrepentant and conspicuously uninvestigated, unindicted traitor and war criminal of a Vice President -- who is calling for independent investigators.

Liz-Spawn-of-Dick Cheney -- whose entire professional life is nothing but the poison fruit of her Daddy's bloody, treasonous career -- who insists that this all "smells funny".

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Watergate Jr: Guilty

Add another 4 "Heroes" to the Conservative Dishonor Roll which features but isn't limited to Cowardly Chicken Hawks Dick Cheney and Karl Rove, and Felons I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby and G. Gordon Liddy.

Andrew Breitbart's man-boy servant James O'Keefe, and his fellow 3 Conservative Terrorists, Joseph Basel, Stan Dai and Robert Flanagan are convicted criminals from their bungled wiretapping affair. Now, will Fascist Fox News and Right Wing Bloggers treat them to derision? The answer is of course not; It's Okay If Your A Republican!

Conservatives only complain about criminals who are minorities, and these guys aren't black and poor so Sean Hannity won't be able to understand how they were convicted.

Here's some background on the Convicted Criminals:

James O'Keefe graduated from Rutgers in 2006, and for some reason didn't join the Marine Corps and serve in Iraq during the Surge. Understandably, as a Conservative he is a natural coward and chicken hawk... Additionally and unsurprisingly James O'Keefe is a Racist. O'Keefe attended and was involved in a White Supremacist Forum held on August 30, 2006 in Arlington, VA.

Conservative Terrorist Stan Dai has to overcompensate for a having a 'teeny' problem by writing MY PENIS IS ANGRY!!!!!!!

Robert Flanagan is the son of William Flanagan, the acting U.S. Attorney for the western district of Louisiana. So all you little people can rest assured there was no fancy lawyer tricks and countless days of Government paid legal hours used to lessen his charges.

Conservatism is Terrorism.

Disaffected and it Feels So Good: Conservatives are Hypocrites (Watergate Jr)

Disaffected and it Feels So Good: Watergate Jr: Breitbart is running scared

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Crafting a Conservative Narrative

All you need are Lies.

The Republican Party has spent much energy successfully crafting an alternate reality in which their Right Wing Toxic Media Scum and Battered Voters can wallow. In this alternate reality Republicans are Heroes instead of cheap disgusting fascist corporate lackeys who hate America and wish to destroy Democracy and instill a Hegemonic One Party Republican Rule. The End Goal of Republican Government is the murdering of all non-Americans, the assignment of the Poor to perpetual slavery and the working of Americans to death in Corporate Bondage. Republicans have largely succeeded in these goals in the Coal and Oil Industry which claims the lives of thousands of Americans who work for slave wages.

However, the majority of Americans have not accepted the Republican Fascist Lies and on a nationwide scale are steadily voting for Liberals and good respectful governance. Occasionally their are setbacks, Michele Bachmann and Steve King can eke out victories in their heavily gerrymandered districts in which conservative bigots take a baseball bat to their heads and groins and convince themselves they aren't voting for the criminally insane.

In this Sideways Conservative Universe, Sarah Palin is smart and not as mentally deficient as her son Trig, Conservative Cowards Ronald Reagan, Karl Rove, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and every speaker at the CPAC convention are War Heroes and not fucking disgraceful Chicken Hawk Cowards:
A quick look at the list of CPAC Speakers:
Dick Armey - most inappropriately named congressman ever, voted Aye for the 2002 Authorization of Force, voted Nay on the Oath of Enlistment.

John Ashcroft - 6 Vietnam Deferments, that even surpasses Dick Cheney!

Michele Bachmann - She has made the citizens armed and dangerous and has taken a blood oath against America's Greatest Enemy, The President...

Glenn Beck - Beck is the Generalissimo of the 9/12 Army and is currently at war with the Marxists, who infest his mind. Never served in the American Army.

John Bolton - "I confess I had no desire to die in a Southeast Asian rice paddy" He was glad Liberals died over in Vietnam because it increased his chances of congressing with women.

Andrew Breitbart - Ring leader of a botched Conservative Domestic Terrorist incident led by racist James O'Keefe. Oh he never served.

Robert Davi - I know what you're going to say, he's an Actor and played a Vietnam Vet and FBI Agent in the Greatest Movie Evar, Die Hard.

Tucker Carlson - Bow Ties and floppy hair are persona non grata in the military.

Liz Cheney - shouldn't she be anti-war? It's the whole reason she even exists as Liz managed to keep her father out of Vietnam.

Ann Coulter - no comment.

Jim DeMint - he's a Republican of course he didn't serve.

Newt Gingrich - Three Divorces = Three Purple Hearts in Conservative Wisdom.

Tim Pawlenty - a typical Republican Kleptocrat, Pawlenty has been in Government since 1988, 22 years without a real job. Hey Tim! The Government doesn't create jobs!

Mike Pence - even though nothing was going on in the late 1970's when he turned 18, still declined to serve.

Tom Price - Damn it, he's a Doctor not a Soldier!

Mitt Romney - I hear that during the Vietnam war the french peppered Mormon missionaries with baguettes daily. It was hairy. His 5 Sons inherited his Cowardice and never served either.

Marco Rubio - could've served in the Gulf War, choose to go into politics as soon as he was done with law school. Isn't the lack of military service and being a DC Lawyer what the Right claims is wrong with Democrats?

Rick Santorum - must have been adopted because his Father worked as a Doctor in the VA hospital system in the 70's, tough work with so many wounded vets. Rick didn't inherit any of his father's desire to be close to the military.

Erick Erickson - puffy faced racist Birther, was so angry that 130 Macon Georgia Police Officers wanted to unionize, Erickson stated: I’m thinking I’ll have the City Attorney draft me legislation to dissolve the police department and contract with the Sheriff to provide public safety services. So like all conservatives Erickson not only hates the Military but Police Officers as well.

Jason Mattera, Racist - Quite Infamous amongst Generation Chicken Hawk, the Young Conservatives who are convinced America is involved in World War IV yet have no intention of risking their pasty asses. Operation Yellow Elephant has deatiled posts concerning Mattera's legendary cowardice and despicable behavior. Mattera is quiet a loathsome man and a typical conservative a coward who has railed for years that Radical Islam is the biggest threat to America and this generation's struggle but has spent the last 7 years on College Campuses "fighting" liberal professors and struggling to sculpt his eyebrows just right.
Chicken Hawks one and all.
Of course, there's a simple explanation for Republican Cowardice. When Liberals undertake more dangerous assignments and hazardous duty while Republicans seek deferments and avoid serving overseas Republicans know they have a better chance of conniving women to have sex with them. Republicans are only able to have heterosexual sex when the woman has been duped and Republicans only get homosexual sex when they pay for it, which is often.

Democrats unfortunately think Republicans are serious when they wave flags and champion war, but the only reasons cowards like Karl Rove, Saxby Chambliss, Dick Cheney and Jason Mattera root for war is because they can't get women when held in competition with Liberals, so they hope Liberals will go to war and die.

But, ultimately the sad realization is the Alternate Reality Spun by Hannity, Coulter, Malkin, Limbaugh, Fox News is real to conservatives. Conservatives cling to their shackles and won't fight this insanity, won't struggle to free their minds and loosen their bonds but instead will aid the Republican Party in enslaving the rest of America who strives to live a life of Freedom and Liberty in accordance with the Founding of the Nation.

A Life which the Republican Party seeks to Destroy.

Softball Bats aren't Phallic?

The Toxic Commentators decided a picture of Elena Kagan in batting stance means she's gay. The Right Wing Slime Merchants also threw in something about her hair cut, clothing choices and the way she crosses her legs. Very nuanced.

So, to the majority of Americans these allegations are ludicrous but to punk ass bitch actively ignorant conservatives "teh gay" is terrible. And the Fascist Fox News narrative is to wave their arms and scream 'Gaaaaaay!' as loud as possible.

First off, conservatives are so stupid they can't even correlate their homophobic slurs with a proper picture. Kagan standing with a long stiff wooden bat in her hands does not evoke gay, for that they would need a photo of Kagan slamming her fist into a slightly open mitt or something.

Secondly, this juvenile homophobic cooties talk is pathetic. At least the anti-woman Bay Buchanan had the courage to claim Kagan is dumb. This allegation can at least be tested. Of course, Bay is wrong but then she's a Buchanan and as such her Fascist Nazi Loving Roots are evident every time she sprekenzie.

And the Right's view on Homosexuality also highlights the conservative ideological disconnect and cognitive dissonance as conservatives claim they love liberty and champion freedom but waste no time using the power of Government to curtail personal freedoms for Gay people. Why? Because conservatives Hate Freedom and Democracy and love Tyranny and Aristocracy.

Freedom OF not FROM Religion

jesus christ protect me from your christians...
The christians in this nation do not believe in Freedom. They love to parse words and highlight, in ALL CAPS, it's Freedom OF Religion not Freedom FROM Religion.

What they really mean though is you have freedom to be christian, however only if your a white christian. The christian Bigots in this country are the Vanguard of the Punk Ass Bitch Republicans. The Right's Religious Bigots are the first to limit people's rights, the first to trample on the Constitution, the first to use the power of Government to restrict and oppress Americans.

And as America changes they are the first to cry I Want My Country Back!!!

Take a drive into the city (Chicago that is) other than on the Ike, Kennedy or Edens (along Roosevelt Ave for instance) and as you go you'll see a church or congregation on every corner. From the smallest meanest run down bible thumpers to the huge mega structures.

Christianity was long ago stolen from it's roots as a communal peaceful doctrine for the poor and subverted to the will of the powerful and the blood thirsty, christ long ago succumbed to Mars. For centuries it's been used to keep the poor from rising up and throwing off the chains of their oppressors and too coat the immorality of the powerful under a patina of righteousness.

That's exactly why the Republicans love christianity, it allows them revel in their debauchery, steal and murder without compunction while knowing as long as they hold aloft the cross and kill minorities the poor white christian males will succor and defend them.

North Carolina Politicians Seek to Unseat Councilman Because He's an Atheist

Man Made Disasters and Climate Change

The dramatic photos of the Man Made destruction of the Aral Sea and the reckless Corporate Negligence directly causing the never ending oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico should definitively end the debate about Climate Change. I write should knowing that the it won't because the Soulless Republican Party in defense of their Plutocratic Corporate Masters will fight to defend the Rights of BP, Haliburton and TransOcean to make billions even while the Seas die and Battered Republican Voters will accept whatever narrative Dick Armeys' Freedom Works, Fascist Fox News and the Texas School Boards tell them.

BP has a long history of ignoring and out right flaunting of regulations. In the Chicago land Area, BP's Whiting Refinery used the Bush Regime's lack of vigor or outright blind eye to dump massive amounts of benzene, mercury and other toxic and cancer causing chemicals into Lake Michigan.

Now after BP undertook a drilling operation, in which they had no remedies to fight or even prevent an accident if something went wrong, we learn multiple warning signs and problems began to occur a full 24 hours before the deadly explosion and never ending oil leak.

But, Sarah Palin and Sean Hannity have been dutifully repeating Non American Rupert Murdoch's fascist lies that Obama is somehow to blame. But, that's to be expected Hannity and Palin will do anything for money. Of course, Republicans love the Gulf Catastrophe because Republicans love BP and BP loves to kill their workers. Therefore, Republicans love to kill American Workers.

Disaffected and it Feels So Good: Global Warming is Baloney!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fascist Fox Selective Editing

"The Statue of Liberty is Kaput" - that's disconcerting. ~ Tom Hanks, Saving Private Ryan
America's Enemies over at Fox Propaganda spare no lie in attempting to undermine President Obama. And that's not even hyperbole! Der Fox F├╝hrer Rupert Murdoch is Not American and his current wife, Wendi Deng, is a member of the Chinese Communist Party Intelligence. So it's fitting Fox resorts to editing out video which doesn't conform to their Fascist Narrative.

Conservatives hates America and Democracy.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Ayn Rand Paul

Even though his name is not dervied from the Anti-Human Ayn Rand, Paul has certainly imbided and assimilated her evil views. Rand's worldview treat the vast majority of humanity as vermin. Ayn Rand celebrated the beautiful people. To Rand humanity, the common man, was nothing but potential parasites and therefore unreasonable, not grounded in her reality, irredeemable and not worth saving. The Common Man is nobody special.

But, besides anti-human Objectivism, Rand Paul also believes in Corporatist Supremacy. A large enough Corporation, BP for instance, can do whatever it pleases (Fuck the Planet!) and it's Un-American to dare criticize them.

Rand Paul had barely won the Republican nomination for Senator in Kentucky* than he was out proudly trumpeting his support for the Kleptocracy, shielding BP and enunciating his firm belief that minorities need to be returned to slavery.

Poor Poor Business, Rand Paul will rise as your Defender!

Paul's beliefs will allow Business the Right to Destroy whole swaths of the Earth and keep the majority of Americans in their place working themselves to death to make more profits for the Plutocrats he so admires.

*- Rand Paul's primary win also highlights the Battered Republican Voter Syndrome as it shows conservatives love of Aristocracy and Hereditary Rule and hatred of Meritocracy and the Founding Fathers.

Friday, May 21, 2010

The Party of The Absurd

Only you can set you free ~ Cult of Personality, Living Colour
It's been a rough few weeks since I last posted. In that time America has witnessed how Collective Insanity can destroy a political party as the Republicans have careened from the mere absurd into depths of pure malevolence.

The Republicans have shown themselves to be comprised of Violently Stupid, Actively Ignorant Racist Self Hating Homosexual Chicken Hawk Homophobes who are only to happy to work to defend the Plutocracy while oppressing and killing the rest of the World.

Republicans love to call their Treason, Patriotism and their Intolerant Religious Bigotry, Freedom as they feed their more and more insular and self deluded cultists their daily pablum of Insanity.

What the Republicans have been doing for decades is setting up a self-contained Narrative in which their Insane can Believe.

The Republicans lie with abandon because no matter what Glenn Beck, Sarah Plain, Racist Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and all the Toxic Commentators say is true becomes true to the Violently Stupid Conservative Troglodytes.

And it's not going to stop...

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

No One Cares

Black water keeps rollin' on past just the same ~ The Doobie Brothers, Black Water
President Obama has been forced to deal with rampant active Corporate Negligence and Disinterest which caused a major, perhaps The Major ecological disaster in American History. And whom does he have to thank? Most of the fault lies with soulless Corporate "Persons", BP, Transocean and Halliburton who are more concerned with their profits than the Death and Destruction they visit upon the world. But, Republican 'The Free Market does everything better than Government' Punk Ass Bitches share a sizable portion, although Republicans always blame god for their fuck ups.

But, listen up Barack some time very soon you need to end the Occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Whole Lie of Neo-Conism is the Fight'em There so we don't Fight'em Here. Besides the fact that no NeoCon has ever "Fought", ever humped a pack, shit in a hole in the sand, ducked mortars in a Hot Zone or ever even served in the military this "reason" is constantly undercut by the continued Terrorist attacks here in America. And it doesn't matter how "well" you prosecute their wars Barack because unless you are willing to keep troops Over There in perpetuity, they will declare you weak or a Terrorist yourself. In fact #6 on the New Conservative Heresy test declares Unending Wars are a necessary condition of Dogmatic Faith. The NeoCons demand this from their Teabagged and Battered Republican Voters because they know Unceasing Death=Unending Profits for them.

The reason the US Military is in embroiled overseas is to protect our Empire for Business. Those selfsame Corporate Persons more interested in their bank accounts than the entire Gulf of Mexico also don't care about VBIEDs, PTSD, suicides or the thousand little deaths and regrets suffered by those fortunate enough not to spill their heart's blood in the desert.
NeoCon Frank Gaffney: "It is regrettable that they had to die, but I believe they did have to die."
The US Military has more often than not been used for Imperial Colonization and the enrichment of the Plutonomy.

This how Corporate Plutonomy views the Military. This is why Plutocrats seek to get Republicans in Office. Republicans dutifully send the Military hither and fro and then convince their troglodyte followers that any hint of pulling back from Empire is unmanly, ungodly and unamerican and the Democrats are cowed by vocal warmongers and continue the Wars for Chicken Hawk Cowards, Thieves and Scoundrels.

Disaffected and it Feels So Good: Feels like Suicide
War is a Force that Gives Us Meaning ~ Talk by Chris Hedges hosted by The Real News Network
Disposable Soldiers ~ Joshua Kors, The Nation

Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Day

I don't wanna kill you, I wanna help you. ~ Samuel L. Jackson, Pulp Fiction
We should all remember the American Workers who have been murdered in the past by Plutocratic businessmen. This year has been especially horrid for workers in historically dangerous fields because Republicans worked diligently to undercut safety regulations and obstruct violation enforcement which would hamper business.

Yet, despite blatant and brazen theft and murder by The Free Market, Republicans and Conservatives continue to claim Corporations have your best interest at heart. They do not. Any single American worker or consumer has always been nothing more than an actuarial inconvenience to business designs. Temporary ephemeral fleeting nuisances to be robbed, injured or killed by their unsafe products, working conditions or complicated Wall Street financial scams but, nonetheless just one person and therefore nearly powerless. Americans learned this after the Civil War and organized into Unions to battle this power and money which viewed people as cogs in the machines of Industry and War.

But, no victories are ever permanent. Corporate Power responded by crafting the Republican Party, a soulless undying monster to wrest control of government and work to provide legal cover for Corporate Theft and Murder.

What we've learned over and over is that Businesses can not be counted on to work safely or responsibly and when Republicans are in office those businesses will further undercut safety and create more and more elaborate theft schemes because they know Republicans won't prosecute them even when "Free Markets" collapse, Americans die and Ecology's are devastated.

But, the most terrible and pitiable thing is the Republicans know that even with the power they wield for Death and Destruction they would be unable to further the schemes of their Socialist Kleptocratic Overlords without an enforcement arm.

Historically, this has been accomplished through the use of Police, the creation of a middle management class and racism. By creating a class of gatekeepers and watchdogs, slightly elevated above the majority of workers, Republicans know this group of guards will work to keep the systems of control in place and ensure the Plutocratic Rulers of America expand their vast stores of wealth they have accumulated through wage slavery and murder.

But, even this system has flaws and the Gatekeepers become disillusioned by the rampant corruption of the Conservative Elites and the anti-human arrogance and rancid milk of Republican kindness which would let the poor starve because to Republicans "the poor are like stray animals".

But, when Americans revolt against Republican evil, the Right responds with Terrorism, Bigotry and War to keep the people divided and powerless.

Republicans are the Overseers of the American Gulag, but unlike their brothers the Soviet Commissars, Republicans cloak their Evil in a patina of Righteousness. The Right knows villains who twirl their moustaches are easy to identify and seek to cover their abject evil behind god, guns and the flag.

But, the saddest part is to see those abused and brainwashed Americans who have partaken and been consumed by the bitter brew of Republican Deception seek to abuse and enslave their fellow Americans.

The Republicans know that none will fight so hard as the mentally enslaved themselves. None will fight harder to to retain their chains of mental bondage than Conservatives.