Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Your choices in the Michigan Primary is: Uncommitted or Genocide Joe

The Majority Report Youtube comment analysis

It’s so tedious but, the Brogressive Left have found their reason not to vote for Joe Biden in 2024.  Israeli atrocities will be the wedge Republicans and Russia use to steal the 2024 election.

The Majority Report posted a video last night about 9pm Central Time, about President Biden's appearance on the Seth Meyers show and in the next two hours over 700+ bots descended upon it to smear President Biden as "Genocide Joe" or call him a War Criminal, as well as claiming Biden's brain is mush.  The bots also had to declare Ukrainian funding a crime because rightwing talking point, that money should be used here to help the homeless!

At least... I am hoping the comments were from bots because if they are from actual real human leftists in the United States, well we're in trouble.

The America Left is a quirky bunch but, despite their protestations Left America have never been an ally of the Democratic Party in advancing the progressive cause or implementing social democracy.  Never.  Instead the minuscule America left has consistently aligned with Republicans in attacking Democrats, especially Democratic Presidents Biden and Obama and candidates like Amy Klobuchar, Pete Buttigeg, Hillary Clinton.  Why? Who knows, but what is known is Leftists find some reason to vote against Democrats every time.

And I’m not talking about the Reactionary pretenders who garner a left following only to Stan outright fascists, Joe Rogan, Glenn Greenwald, Matt Taibbi, Bari Weiss, Tim Poole, Liz & Matt Bruenig and so many others who easily dupe the Brogressives into adopting rightwing talking points and horseshoe themselves into supporting Trump.
We didn't support you before
And we won't support you again

Jill fucking Stein, who adoringly broke bread with criminals and thugs, Mike Flynn and Vladimir Putin, had the gall to claim Americans should vote against President Biden.  Stein is still basking in the glow of defeating Hillary Clinton in 2016 and then duping $7,000,000 out of the American Left to investigate the election.  She’s technically running again…

Back in 2020 the Rose Twitter decided by April to performatively declare they would not vote for Biden and since then Bidens record hasn’t budged them from their anti Democratic Party stance. 

It’s disappointing that Biden ending the drone strike program was met with silence from the antiwar left.  Even worse when Joe pulled the US out of Afghanistan causing the Corporate Media throw a tantrum Biden received scant support from the Left.  

Biden's continuing student loan forgiveness has not been met with rounds of applause from the Left but snide dismissal and petty complaints of it not being good enough.

Now is this because the American left is tiny, ineffective and detached from reality?  Or is it that so many Russian trolls, bots and rightwingers pretending to be leftists on-line in order to sow dissent, set the narrative?

So, in response to the brutal IDF bombing and terror campaign in Gaza, the comfortable cosplay Revolutionaries here sought to send "Genocide Joe" a message by getting Michigan to vote for Uncommitted instead of him.

DEARBORN, Mich. -- Leaders of Listen to Michigan, one of the groups behind the push to cast "uncommitted" votes in the state's Democratic primary to protest President Joe Biden's stance on the Israel-Hamas war, said on Wednesday that they felt victorious after their movement garnered more than 100,000 ballots.

"We organized and ... Michigan voters last night sent a clear message to President Biden that he needs to call for an immediate, permanent cease-fire and he needs to stop funding the Israeli military's war crimes. Our message has been clear," said Abbas Alawieh, the group's political strategist and spokesperson.

Listen to Michigan launched three weeks ago and organizers said on Wednesday that their "diverse" supporters went beyond Arab and Muslim Americans and those who disagree with Biden's views on Israel. It includes voters upset over student loans, rent and health care, they said.

The group also told reporters on Wednesday that they believe their movement is spreading across the country. They said advocates from Minnesota and Washington state have reached out, seeking support for similar efforts in their states.  Listen to Michigan plans on accepting, they said.

Alexa Garcia is one of the 20 Washington state volunteers who flew to Michigan over the weekend. Garcia spoke with ABC News at a polling location in Dearborn on Tuesday and said she was already weary of what she claimed were the Biden administration's broken promises.

The war in Gaza convinced her that Biden did not deserve her vote, she said.

"There's a lot of things that had me hesitant to vote for [Biden] again this November, but definitely this has sealed it. If he doesn't change his ways, I won't vote for him," she said.

I'm not going to call anyone in the American-Arab community dumb or short-sighted for trying to undercut Biden because Trump is a pudding-brained fascist wannabe.  Or insult Representative Rashida Tlaib, since as a Palestinian, the IDF, Likud fanatics, and Settler fascists in the West Bank actions direct harm her people.

But, claiming Biden has broken promises on healthcare and student loans are just outright lies.

Again I’m telling you if we are to avoid the Republican Dictatorship we’re going to have to do it ourselves. The guard rails which barely restrained Trump during his 1st term were knocked down fully on Jan6th.  And the Left in America, is so fucking angry that Trump is such an over-the-top buffoon now, because let's be real, the American Left voted for Trump in 2016 and 2020.  

I don’t ascribe to Doomerism but it would be so depressingly fitting that the illegal terrorist actions of the Israel government and war crimes of the IDF will provide just the right amount of voter suppression to allow the Fascist Republicans to "win" the Presidency the 3rd time in 25 years while getting fewer overall votes.

Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Trump and the Republican Party are Vladimir Putin and the American people are Alexander Navalny

The overarching question is:  Are Republicans unwitting dupes for Putin (i.e. Useful Idiots) or are they willing accomplices?  

As their propaganda techniques have gotten grosser (in both meanings of 'less fine' and 'grotesque or disgusting') Republicans have hit upon the method of incorporating whatever phrase or topic is trending and tying it into their propaganda campaign.  So, after Republican ally Vladimir Putin assassinated Alexander Navalny, Republicans seized upon Navalny fleeting internet supremacy to declare Joe Biden is Navalnying them!

“It is a form of Navalny...” Traitor Trump told Laura Axis Sally Ingraham, as he aped the current rightwing zeitgeist

"It's a form of Navalny"...  Well, I trust the Corporate Media to sanitize Trump's barely cogent gibberish as they always do, instead of pointing out how rapidly Trump is descending into babbling senility.  Of course, what Pudding-brain Trump was complaining about was being found liable and guilty in multiple court cases.

Earlier this month, Tucker Carlson went to a store for the first time since he was humiliated in a Montana fishing store several years ago.   This grocery store was in Moscow, Russia.

“It’s not every day you get to tell someone they are the worst person in the world and really mean it! What an asshole!” - Dan Bailey told Fvcker Carlson back in 2021.

Breadfan Open up your Mind Open up your Purse
Seriously... Carlson looks like he pooped his pants
Happily by 2024, Tucker no longer has his Primetime Faux News show but still decided he can best help advance the Republican agenda of oppression, intolerance, and adulation of the rich by fellating Dictators worldwide. 

Just before being astounded by Russia's large array of bread, Tucker's embarrassing "interview" of violent madman Vladimir Putin when coupled with jello-brained Trump's sweaty declaration once he's President again he'll let Russia do whatever they hell they want, Putin assassinated his political prisoner.

Of course, Tucker Carlson has no problem with Putin's Authoritarianism and violence directed at home and abroad because he absolutely supports Putin's actions in Russia and Ukraine and fervently hopes Trump or some other Republican leader can emulate them back in the United States...

“Every leader kills people. Some kill more than others. Leadership requires killing people.”

The Republican Party hates you.  The Republican Party hates America.  And if you raise your voice or profile in opposition to them, the Republican Party will assassinate you.

Trump's Lawyers stated this in open court.  Stephen Miller, Mike Flynn and Republican groups have a plan in place to round-up and eliminate millions of people in 21st Century Concentration Camps.

In case, you think this hyperbole there is too much direct evidence that Republicans, including but not merely those around Donald Traitor Trump, have sought and cultivated contacts with the Russian Government outside the scope of their official duties.  These contacts have provided money and information (often disinformation) to their Republican allies too use in order to attack Democratic officials up to and including President Biden.

Stop believing this can't happen here.  Certainly, you may hope for the best.  Work to see Trump and as many Republicans you can defeated in the election but, even if Republican defeats turn out to be the results of the 2024 elections don't relax.  Take a moment of rest but, get ready because Republican led domestic terrorism and violence is coming.  I'm not sure what the scope will be, but Republican controlled states will absolutely direct state-sanctioned violence at you (as they are already doing).  As always they will use the guise of law and Legalism to give them cover for their murderous intentions but, their intentions are clear,

"Welcome to the end of democracy. We are here to overthrow it completely... We didn’t get all the way there on Jan. 6, but we will endeavor to get rid of it.” - Jack Proboscis, CPAC Michigan 02/22/24.

destroying the Democratic Republic and replacing it with a simulacrum of free and just society, rooted in the twin terrorist pillars of White Power and Fanatic Fundamentalism.  With these two swords Republicans have already cut a giant swath of destruction and oppression through the Law and intend to do no less than replace the entire legal code with their brand of zealous Christian Fascism.

But, when Trump loses again and facing prison and the loss of all his ill-gotten gains Watch for him to call for terrorism and for Republicans give their paramilitary terror groups the tacit or explicit go-ahead to engage in campaign broad scale low level insurgency in order to overwhelm local law enforcement and even fracture federal law enforcement organizations in the Department of Justice.

Trump's not going to flee the country no matter how much we might wish it.  He's here and he's going to keep the pressure building.

Monday, February 26, 2024

The Corporate Media is ALL IN on getting Trump back into the White House

I've wondered why outside alternative media President Joe Biden gets no credit for both his progressive achievements and his statecraft on the world stage?  And, in reality, most leftist media decided years ago they hate Joe Biden and nothing he does will alter that conclusion.

But, disregarding his economic success, his establishment of the Untied States as a world leader, his pro-union successes, and his real effort to accomplish long sought progressive goals isn't enough, nope the Corporate Media has smeared Joe Biden relentlessly.

When a President is elected it's not just the Office of President and Vice President you are voting for, but the cabinet and numerous officials throughout the federal government.  It's no longer 2000, the internet should make all of this available but, the Corporate Media has decided they want Trump back in office and therefore they will do everything they can to help depress Democratic turnout, make liberals upset, and advance the rightwing agenda.  Remember it's not about stealing the election outright but, to make the margins close enough to swing a state or two and allow Republicans to steal another couple States by voting suppression. 

Impeach Brian Boru and CĂș Chulainn

This isn't just claims that Joe Biden is old and feeble and uses notes in meetings (NOTES!), a nothing slander which Jello-brained Trump was more than willing to use in his nightly fascist speeches.  And this isn't the Corporate Media dutifully amplifying Russia propaganda that Faux News and other rightwing media pump into the US. 

No, this is the coordinated effort to ignore and diminish the reality that Trump's brain is rapidly liquifying and changing him from a sundowning racist rightwing grandpa into a rabid ranting reactionary lunatic.  Trump's brain is nothing more than an Orange is the New Black pudding in his head who can't keep a train of thought while speaking, can't make a coherent sentence without referencing his previous grievances, and is vowing to exact revenge upon millions of Americans.

Bring back Irish Slavery - Faux News Chyron

But, don't worry Jonathan Turley is here to inform America that Joe Biden's ancestors are Irish and you can't trust the Irish!

This kind of "Inherited Criminality" is the entire crux of the Rightwing Migrant Crisis propaganda.  Immigrants are criminals and they pass their criminality down to their ancestors who also always Vote Democrat!  I didn't think Irish hoodlum slander would be trotted out as a reason to vote for Trump, but the rabid rightwing base will accept anything "race science" based as a reason to vote against Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

This might not be as troubling if these pieces of rightwing agitprop were confined to the finite right but, whatever conservative media reports the Mainstream Media decides to pick up and uncritically helps spread it.  We, the People are in a lot of trouble because Media pundits and Legacy Press are not going to accurately report anything about the two candidates for President.

This isn't some situation where the Corporate Media can wishcast upon Trump the idea he'll be a moderate, albeit buffoonish aggrandizing self-promoter.  Trump is a racist, a traitor, and an increasingly senile wannabe Fascist Dictator, who yearns to get his hands upon the Federal Government to steal Trillions while using the Police and Military and federal agencies to punish anyone who's ever made fun of him.  And 70,000,000+ million Americans yearn to give him that power.  And Trump isn't the most frightening part it's the outright Nazis like Stephen Miller and Mike Flynn who will get their bloody hands onto the apparatus of government and use it to round-up and liquidate millions of people.

Friday, February 23, 2024

Florida Surgeon General tells parents Measles is a Liberal Psyop

 The latest craze amongst right wingers is that everything is a "Liberal Psyop".  From Covid and the Vaccine to Taylor Swift and the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl, everything is an illegitimate Democrat Deep State plot. 

I wrote before the "Psyop" claim only makes sense if you are versed in rightwing lexicon.  Calling everything a Democrat or Liberal Psyop is a way for rightwingers to claim everything they don't like is fraudulent.

And remember by declaring something illegitimate or fraudulent is the first step in allowing Reactionaries the right to do what they want to do;  And what Republicans want to do is round-up and murder millions of people.

But, in Florida there are a lot of elderly Boomers, those people grew up with and have either direct knowledge or learned from their parents about diseases and vaccination efforts.  The Boomers were the direct beneficiaries of Jonas Salk vaccine against Polio.  Boomers lived through the complete eradication of Small Pox.  Boomers have benefited from untold scientific advances and an era of prosperity never before experienced by a single generation.

And those greedy fucks are throwing it all away.

Now, I know Boomers were unprepared for the onslaught of 50 years of Reactionary propaganda and now live in a world of fear and foggy dementia aided by that brainwashing.  But, what the fuck is wrong with people in Florida?

Stolen Valor DeSantis has Zero Charisma.  None.  And he exhibits his utter lack of charm, grace, intelligence, strength, integrity everytime this shrimpy dishonorable troll saunters on stage.  And his hand-picked psychotic Surgeon General Joseph Loony Ladapo?  Even Worse.

“The reason why there is a measles outbreak in Florida schools is because too many parents have not had their children protected by the safe and effective measles vaccine,” said John P. Moore, a professor of microbiology and immunology at Weill Cornell Medical College. “And why is that? It’s because anti-vaccine sentiment in Florida comes from the top of the public health food-chain: Joseph Ladapo.”

As a Measles outbreak spread through Broward County, Florida instead of adhering to the long established medical understanding of a 21 day quarantine period, Ladapo left the decision to stay at home to the parents.  Loony Ladapo even acknowledged a 3 week period is normally recommended because,

"This is the period of time that the virus can be transmitted."

But, the Modern Republican Party has worked very hard to destroy the concept of expertise and scientific consensus, so if a Parent with an unvaccinated child wants to send their child (NOT THE PROPERTY OF THE GOVERNMENT LIBTARD) that's their right and their choice. PARENT'S RIGHTS!!!

Just throw out a millennia of research and study and decades of successfully MMR vaccines here in the United States.  Republicans listen to The Joe Rogan Experience and he tells it like it is!

While the Corporate Media likes to BothSides the Anti-Vaccine movements here and worldwide, it's been a long time since an enclave of granola crunching hippes in the Pacific Northwest have been the majority of Unvaccinated proponents, and ultra-conservative religious groups like the Amish and Hasidic Jews routinely get religious exemptions and mass outbreaks.  No today the Anti-Vaxx movement is overwhelmingly made up of Reactionary Villains, bad faith actors, and liars.  And no amount of debunking or actual evidence can dissuade them from their beliefs.  When RFK Jr, goes on some rightwing propaganda show and alludes to Vaccine Injuries he's relying on the bullshit 1998 Lancet "Study" which claimed Autism came from MMR vaccines.  When Jello-brain Trump tries to tout his success with the mRNA Covid Vaccine he is shouted down and booed (this is the only time he faces boos and Trump hates it which is why he doesn't reference His Vaccine miracle).

The more success the rightwing Anti-Vaxx movement has the more outbreaks and harm they will cause to their communities.  But, you've got to understand Rightwingers treat disease the way they treat gun violence, it's not going to happen to them and when an incident happens well it's the fault of the Democrats, blacks, and illegals.

So, we continue in this relationship with rightwingers and Republicans who hate Us, who do everything in their power to harm society, do everything they can to make life worse, and do everything they can to make America a Fascist Theocracy where they imagine they will be putting the boot on our necks.

Thursday, February 22, 2024

From embryo to the grave, Republicans declare women their slaves

Super Sane Florida
Embryo Defense Force
In Vitro Fertilization is responsible for millions of American families.  With one ignorant and bigoted law Alabama Republicans declare their Christian God has spoken and the Corporate Media could not wait to hear what Trump supporters and psychotic anti-abortion lunatics have to say, as they continue their proscribed role of softening Republican perfidy and oppression.

“Each person, from the tiniest embryo to an elder nearing the end of his life, has incalculable value that deserves and is guaranteed legal protection,” Lila Rose, president and founder of Live Action said in a statement.

The story of this wrongful death lawsuit smells entirely fabricated, the person purposefully went into the clinic and opened a subzero cryogenic freezer, grabbed and "dropped" the test tubes containing fertilized ovum just happened to get in there and wasn't an employee but a "client/patient", but the aggrieved parents of the fertilized cells filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the clinic?  Bullshit.  I absolutely bet these people planned this.  And before you dismiss this as QAnon style conspiracy theory, remember the women who brought the gay website creator lawsuit which made it to the Unjust Supremacist Court hadn't be forced to make any gay websites.  The Republican Party has a long history of lying for Jesus in order to force their religious edicts into secular law.

And as proof this In Vitro Alabama Chief Justice is a bible thumping believer in the Seven Mountains Mandate which means god has empowered him to impose Christian Fascism on the rest of America and the world.  Republicans absolutely believe they have the power and the right to impose their burgeoning Theocracy onto the American people.  And before you go thinking Nikki Haley is a Sikh and a women so she doesn't hold these same beliefs, 

“Embryos, to me, are babies.  I mean, I had artificial insemination. That's how I had my son.”

Someone should ask Nikki Haley how many fertilized embryos Babies she destroyed in pursuit of her fertility treatments.

We now sit on the precipice of the end of the United States as a secular Democratic Republic.  It's absolutely up to white women if they want to further along their subjugation and shackle themselves as living incubators unable to move about the country freely and unable to make medical decisions for themselves.

How long until this fertilized embryos are fully human persons ruling leads to the argument that the ovum have a Right-to-Implantation due to their inherent Right-to-Life?  Again with everything we are dealing with, such a scenario will be dismissed as too fantastical by our bought and deceitful Corporate Media, then when the legislation is in discussion, the media will sagely assure people 'Don't worry this is unlikely to pass and anyway Republicans would never take that step because <insert reasons here>', until poof it's enacted into Law in Republican states and Republicans nationwide concoct a case to go before the Supreme Sinister Six and voila it's Law.

Again the Republican method of governance is simple and brutal;  1) they pass all the evil oppressive shit they can, then 2) they and their rightwing media allies demonize the shit out of Democrats and spread sensationalist racist and bigoted propaganda, [2A) the Corporate Media dutifully picks up the rightwing stories since it's news], 3) they rely on their White voters to carry them to power.

Republicans learned long ago they don't pay a price for the inhuman and inhumane laws they enact.  But, the hope, which is fortunately supported by several elections, is the destruction of Roe by the Unjust Supreme Court has cost Republicans and will mean their defeat in 2024.

So, I hope you are helping to defeat every Republican you can in the 2024 elections, because by 2025, if they're in power, Republicans will be rounding-up thousands of people.

Friday, February 16, 2024

Car Culture was a Mistake 8: You shouldn't outsource the EV industry to one South African bigoted maniac (who is probably a Cylon)

I Cylon Musk hereby Shadowban Taibbi!
Elon Musk is no Henry Ford.  Well, except for the depressive narcissism and loving embrace of Nazi Culture.  But, placing the entire EV car industry in his hands was a mistake which is paying massive negative dividends to America and the world at large.

Musk recently lost a decision in the Delaware Chancery Court, in which the Tesla Board attempted to award Musk a $55,000,000,000 (that's 55 BILLION) dollar CEO compensation package.

There is no amount of work, Elon Musk or anyone else could have done, to be worth $55 Billion in compensation.  The Gold Standard for contributions to the human race has to be Jonas Salk and his creation of the Polio Vaccine (which if done today, would get Salk death threats from conservatives and attacks from Reactionary Joe Rogan who would cut a promo promising to guillotine choke Jonas Salk).  And famously Salk declined to patent his literal life-saving Vaccine.  Elon Musk is no Jonas Salk he's not even a real boy.  Elon Musk is a Cylon.

Remember that Boards have a fiduciary duty to raise the value of the stock and company to the shareholders.  It's not a private business like the Chicago Bears who can pursue any bad coaching or terrible player development decisions they deem fit.

Musk is furious because he's got no Real Assets, only the false valuation of Tesla which Wall Street has for inexplicable reasons counted as more valuable than all other car companies combined.  On paper and computer servers that is, in the real world Teslas are rapidly aging and becoming an Albatros of a vehicle.

For instance, it turns out you can not drive a Cybertruck anywhere.  Now, I don't mean all those hilarious videos of Cybertrucks failing to navigate a mound of dirt or being unable to carry anything in their truck bed bigger than a bread basket.  No, I mean if the Cybertruck's exterior touches anything found outside it will corrode and destroy its "stainless steel".

“To prevent damage to the exterior, immediately remove corrosive substances (such as grease, oil, bird droppings, tree resin, dead insects, tar spots, road salt, industrial fallout, etc.). Do not wait until Cybertruck is due for a complete wash. If necessary use denatured alcohol to remove tar spots and stubborn grease stains, then immediately wash the area with water and a mild, non-detergent soap to remove the alcohol. Do not wash in direct sunlight,” “Some cleaners and car shampoos contain chemicals that can cause damage or discoloration,” and even “Do not use hot water.”

Anyway since we as a culture have decided to treat paper billionaires as though they really have assets and Musk then translated this into a purchase of Twitter despite not actually having the $44 Billion cash on hand to make the purchase, he needs the Tesla Board to give him real money swindled from the fantasy valuation of Tesla.

When you combine this with the on-going Scam of Crypto Currency, it seems exceedingly likely we are headed for a major crash, as Wall Street and other financial institutions continue to inflict the Ponzi scheme of Capital on humanity.

Of course, coupled with this were several high profile stories the Corporate Media dutifully reported as major issues for the EV Industry at the behest of the panicked pushback for the Petroleum Industry.

During, Chicago's bitter negative degree period in mid-January Teslas were abandoned at charging stations across the City.

Some Tesla drivers learned the hard way about how cold weather affects battery life.  Teslas lined up early Monday morning at a charging station at The Evergreen Marketplace, at 9200 S. Western Ave. in Evergreen Park. Some Tesla batteries died in Chicago's sub-zero temperatures, leaving the cars askew and immobile in the parking lot.  Drivers said some charging stations weren't working, and those working took much longer than usual to charge.

This just in:  Cold weather affects battery life!  

Meanwhile, on-line doofuses were giddy at the announcement Hertz to abandon their entire EV fleet and replace them with gas-powered vehicles.  The slightest investigation revealed, however, Hertz decision was not because of EV unreliability but, because Tesla's are losing their value steeply and the cost to repair Tesla's damaged by car renters was rising exponentially.

If you've read this far and are coming to the conclusion that Hertz's "EV problem" is, in reality, a "Tesla value and repair costs problem," you're not alone. It's difficult to draw conclusions about EV suitability for the rental car market when so many cost factors conspired against Hertz's mostly Tesla fleet.

In October, Hertz indicated that future EV acquisitions would benefit from lower purchase price and lessons learned from its Tesla fleet. Given Scherr's comments, we'd assume that it would strongly consider parts and labor costs in its calculus—and unless it comes to some deal with Tesla holding those costs down, that points to the company acquiring EVs from different automakers.

EVs are only 11% of Hertz's total fleet, so the 20,000 EVs the company is going to sell off by the end of 2025 represent 4.4% of the entire fleet. This does not seem like a permanent retreat from the EV business for Hertz, but rather a reallocation of a small portion of its overall assets in an attempt to hold costs down. 

Tesla and Elon Musk made Electric Vehicles cool again as the Big Automakers abandoned the technology.  That's the story, Wall Street, the Corporate Media, Musk Fanbois, and Cylon Musk himself sold.  It's been worth a lot of money.  Has it any value?  Maybe some, not $55 Billion, but then Cylon Musk has always been a weird, self-promoting, bigoted narcissist who loves Racism and the power he wields.

The nonsense attacks on Joe Biden's age are also Racist Whitelash against Kamala Harris

The Corporate Media  is fully invested in making jello-brained Trump President again.  To that end they will do everything in their Power to highlight President Biden's Age.  

They also expect anyone defending him to couch all praise or list of accomplishments with the sad acknowledgement that President Biden is old (but never Traitor Trump).

Listening to NPR yesterday they had a story on Vice President Harris traveling to the Munich Security Conference and how Trump declaration that Russia should attack NATO and Republicans in the Federal Government will sabotage the Nation and alliances in every way and anyway possible is a BIG PROBLEM... 

for President Biden.  (Reminiscent of the Media declaring everything happening in 2008 was Good News for John McCain)

NPR White House correspondent Asma Khalid:  But the reality is, it is going to be difficult for Harris to stand up and say, have faith in the U.S. when even a Democratic president, we are seeing, cannot guarantee additional money for Ukraine because of partisan fights in Congress. The former German ambassador, Ischinger, flatly told me that Europeans are increasingly thinking about a plan B - how to defend themselves if there is indeed a future in which they cannot depend on the U.S. 
And because of the politics at home as we head into an election amidst growing questions about Biden's age, Harris really does have no room for error.

NPR even got a reference to Biden's Age in their story!  Trump's cheap mobster threats are Bad News for Biden and Harris!  Everything must be framed as a problem for President Biden, as the Corporate Media does everything they can to keep Trump as a viable candidate for President even as his brain melts out his asshole of a mouth.

Michael Tomasky in the The New Republic illustrates how the Corporate Media continually covers for Trump's rapid on-set Dementia;

And: What about Donald Trump’s brain? For God’s sakes, he confused E. Jean Carroll with his ex-wife! He makes verbal gaffes all. The. Time. Just last Friday, in a speech before an NRA crowd, he made several. He slurred “subsidies” as “subsies.” He groused that it gets covered if he “said one word a little bit mispronunciation.” He confused Biden with Barack Obama (again). He said the Democrats were going to rename Pennsylvania (?!?). 
He also said: “Nice Saturday afternoon. I could tell you, if I weren’t doing this, where I would have been, I would have been in a very nice location.” 
It was Friday.  
Can you imagine if Biden had done that? The Times covered the NRA speech, as did the Post. Neither piece made any mention of these malapropisms.

But, one of the glaring subtexts about the non-stop pundits screeching Joe Biden is Old is the next in line in the Presidential Succession is Kamala Harris.  And conservatives want no part of that...

Harris, of course, invokes funny feelings for Republicans who call her Ho but, are sexually attracted to her in that way all rightwingers view women; as a conquest, arm candy, trophy to display their virility towards other men whose approval and desire they care about much much more.

But, the Corporate Media is led around and follows the narrative set by Rightwing media, again in the The New Republic piece by Michael Tomasky;

So this is where we are. We have one media whose goal is still largely to educate, explore, and explain. And we have another media whose goal is to elect members of a certain political party. The first media will sometimes pursue stories at odds with the priorities of the second media—Donald Trump’s indictments, for example. But it will at other times pursue stories that fit perfectly into the second media’s agenda—Joe Biden’s age.

However, the second media will never, ever, ever pursue stories that might coincide with the first media’s priorities. And this imbalance—the mainstream media will sometimes do the bidding of the right-wing media, but the opposite will never happen—is the precise reason why the right-wing media has become the agenda-setting media in the United States.

Nikki Haley is a disreputable scumbag but, perhaps her most shocking display of perfidy is her willingness to slag Vice President Harris to make all the white bigots, her party is comprised of, happy.  Haley wants all the angry racist white men know that she's a cool girl...  Rightwing Media is still angry President Obama won both his elections and the Racist Whitelash we are still feeling today is being transferred over to Kamala Harris.

Of course, the Corporate Media is more than willing to air Haley's attacks even though she has no chance of winning the Republican nomination because the Media desperately wants a Republican women to be the 1st President.  They yearned for this when Sarah Palin nominated.  So, I expect they are hoping/expecting Trump will nominate a women, even someone as stupid, weird, and vapid as Kristi Noem or as vile and dishonest as Sarah Suckabee Sanders expecting that Trump is going to keel over and one of those little fascist cupcakes will become the 1st Female President.

Thursday, February 15, 2024

Chicago's migrant buses and the Governments inability to respond to a crisis Part 7: Privatization

What is he wanted for, Sheriff?
That would be of a private nature...
A private nature? That's a public office you hold, isn't it, Sheriff? - Legends of the Fall (1994)

Housing built decades ago by the US Government
Monterey, California still occupied (2017)

So, after decades of Republicans slicing the Government sausage, Chicago, Cook and the collar counties, the State of Illinois, and the federal government don't have a reservoir of construction workers or a civilian corps of engineers to send to areas which require a quick building program of housing and infrastructure.  So, the City of Chicago has to hand out contracts to private industry.

After the debacle of the Brighton Park migrant base camp last December, I wondered how much money the City of Chicago has handed out to private construction firms to do things FDR and the Works Progress Administration determined 90 years should be done by Government directly paying people to work,

Turns out it's at least $138,000,000.  And the cost to the State of Illinois is probably Half-a-Billion.

City officials paid at least $138 million in 2023 to house, feed and care for the men, women and children sent to Chicago from the southern border, according to data published by Mayor Brandon Johnson’s administration.

Of the $138 million spent by city officials to care for the migrants in 2023, more than $59 million came directly from Chicago taxpayers, according to city data.

The rest came from the state and federal governments via grants that totaled $78.8 million, according to city data.

The city paid three private firms $127 million to care for the migrants, essentially outsourcing the day-to-day responsibility for managing the humanitarian crisis that defined Mayor Brandon Johnson’s first six months in office.

By mid-November, the state spent $478 million to care for the migrants, state officials said. The bulk of those funds are not tracked by city officials, or included in the city’s database.

Since August 2022, 636 buses have arrived in Chicago, carrying nearly 29,500 people, on buses sent by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to damage President Joe Biden’s chances for reelection and divide Democratic voters.

There are more than 14,700 migrants in 27 city shelters, with approximately 400 people waiting at police stations, O’Hare International Airport and on warming buses at the city’s designated bus “landing zone,” according to city data. The crisis has exposed deep divisions between Chicago’s Black and Latino communities and shredded the city’s social safety net.

Now, White Boomers are screaming their bigoted lead-tainted heads off about "The Migrant Crisis" and the associated costs.  But, there is no way the City of Chicago or residents or the migrants so callously sent here have received $200 Million dollars worth goods and services and it once again highlights how the Myth of Business can do it better and Government can't do anything right is grounded in the non-stop lies and propaganda of the Ronnie Raygun administration through the modern MAGA version.

And of course, white people are violently angry about the thought of the United States Government or local governments helping people.  It's the height of Entitlement because Boomers grew up in an America which was built up by government in response to the rapacious 19th century Robber Barons claiming Private Property superseded all other rights and in the face of the 1929 Republican Great Depression and refusal of Corporations to help ameliorate the crushing poverty caused by Capitalism.

The fact that FDR and the Government succeeded with Socialist programs in the 1930's has incensed Republicans for decades, the same way that LBJ's Great Society programs successes have infuriated Republicans since the 1960s.

Republicans hate America and hate you.  They have no interest in running a functional responsive government, Republicans want a Government which oppresses hundreds of millions and is owned and operated as an arm of the Rich and Powerful.

These migrant buses and planes sent to Illinois are not a cheap political stunt although they are a tawdry scheme to undermine President Biden.  What they are is a cold-blooded exploitation of poor and oppressed people, and that exactly is what the Republican Party offers their base of bigoted boomers and the world, the evil guarantee that Republicans will treat human beings as chattel and dispose of them by transportation.   The Death Camps Republicans have planned for 2025 are going to be churning though millions of people.

Of course, another glaring reason the City of Chicago doesn't have the money to pay people directly to help house, clothe, or fed migrants treated like garbage by Republicans is the non-stop expenditure the City incurs due to Police misconduct, brutality, abuse, and crimes.  Chicago paid out $198,000,000 in 2019, 2020, and 2021 for Chicago Police misconduct.

Shall Not be Infringed 13: There are Two Things America Loves - Football and Mass Shootings

And I'm not so sure about Football...

There was a mass shooting as the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl victory parade ended.  The result 2 killed, 20 confirmed injured (half of the children), perhaps two or three suspects have been detained.  I guess with thousands present it could have been far worse.

Now we begin the kabuki dance, which accompanies these events,  conservatives will slag Liberal Democrat Kansas City and point out it's full of BLACKS (Kansas City has a rich history and connection to African Americans in sports),  Republicans will offer up their hollow thoughts and prayers, Gun Nuts will blame gun free zones, and despite the American people overwhelmingly wanting gun control and restrictions on firearms the Government will be unable to act.

Now, this is not a BothSides issue, I'm not blaming those Clowns in Congress.  The Republicans party is owned by the Firearms Manufacturing Industry and the Supreme Court is run by 6 unjust mullahs who put their warped minds above the health and welfare of the American people and believe their divinely inspired wisdom is above any human made laws.

Of course, this will not move Republicans towards any type of gun control or any efforts to limit gun violence in America.  Jello-Brained Trump, still upset over Tayler Swift and Travis Kelce spurning his advances, proudly proclaimed, 

"Nobody took care of our Second Amendment [more than me], during that four-year period, nothing happened with our Second Amendment," Treasonous Trump who fundamentally broke The Law and violated his oath to office as President declared he'll fully "uphold our great Second Amendment". 

Even well before Trump decided to destroy the United States of America, because President Obama made fun of him, Gun Violence has served Republican interests as a source of political power and money for Republican officials.

And MAGA culture (such as it is) cares nothing about the deaths from gun violence, because rightwingers don't care about society or anyone other than themselves.  All conservative caterwauling about protecting the children is utter tripe and pure performative bullshit.

Conservatives know they won't be victims to gun violence because; they have their guns with them at all times and they don't go into libtard-controlled, ANTIFA/BLM destroyed, smoking hellhole cities.  Conservatives live the pure fantasy life of a gun wielding movie character, the actual reality and actuarial statistics about gun deaths and violence are no more real to them than President Biden and VP K. Harris election victory in 2020.

Rightwingers are the Righteous and the Chosen ones; the Real Americans.  And why shouldn't they believe it?  The Corporate Media does everything it can to seek them out and elevate their false beliefs, Politicians (especially Republicans but, many Clinton Era Democratic ones) cater to their whims and delusions, and mainstream culture has always made a concerted effort to glorify their ideology (hence the rightwing outrage when Hollyweird is ramming that gay agenda down their throats).


In response to the shooting, tough talkin' Republican bigots (running for Governor) took to Cylon Musk's Nazi social media and declared THUGS and told those liberal gun grabbers the MO GOP will ensure children have guns to shoot other children whenever they want in Missouri.  Also one good guy with a gun could have stopped this shooting meaning the 1000 Police Officers at the Parade are according to Republican Bill Eigl not Good Guys...

Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Toby Keith I Hate this Bar in Rosemont (Keith & Trump tried to take credit for Taylor Swift's success)

 Toby Keith died from stomach cancer and I never celebrate anyone's death.

I found myself at the Zanies in Rosemont and passed by the Toby Keith restaurant only to realize it had closed years ago.  There was a massive construction program a decade or so ago in Rosemont resulting in the construction of a open air mall, an independent baseball stadium for the "Chicago Dogs", an ice rink, massive Fashion Outlet Mall, and more restaurants than a gaggle of convention goes can count.  But, what it does not have anymore is Toby Keith's I Love This Bar eatery.

Now Rosemont is a waaaaaay sketchy Town.  If you don't know anything about it, try and steer clear because for decades it's been run as a personal fiefdom of the Donald E. Stephens and since his death his family.  Of course, Stephens was connected to organized crime, with Sopranos style hidden bars, and a Police Force which is extra corrupt even by corrupt Police Standards.

So, Toby Keith's sketchy I love this Guitar shaped bar was a perfect fit in Rosemont,

Country star Toby Keith is down on his restaurant luck. He's seen the closures of eight locations of his chain across the U.S., and Rosemont could join them, as Toby Keith's I Love This Bar reportedly faces eviction. Rosemont is suing the restaurant's operator, Boomtown Entertainment, for nearly $700,000 in back taxes and alleges that Boomtown owes the city (also the restaurant's landlord) rent from June and July, according to the Daily Herald.

But, Keith's oeuvre was never my tastes, especially not his jingoistic bombast "Courtesy Of The Red, White And Blue (The Angry American)”, which came out as I was in the United States Marine Corps and just prior to my 3 overseas deployments.

Of course, the best story about that song revolves around the legendary incident at Willie Nelson's 70th birthday party in 2003. 

In case you had forgotten, 

Keith came out of the theater’s basement to wish Nelson a happy birthday. He then saw Kristofferson and quipped, “None of that lefty shit out there tonight, Kris” – a reference to Kristofferson’s left-leaning political views.

“What the fuck did you just say to me?” Kristofferson replied. “You ever worn your country’s uniform?” 

“You heard the question, you just don’t like the answer,” Kristofferson continued. “Have you ever served your country? The answer is, no, you have not. Have you ever killed another man? Huh? Have you ever taken another man’s life and then cashed the check your country gave you for doing it? No, you have not. So shut the fuck up!”

The Ever Evolving Ballad of Marine Todd
It's funny reading this now, this story first reported in about 2009 if my quick internet research is correct, sounds very much like a mirror of the now decades old Marine Todd Professor Meme or the Navy Seal Copypasta.  Of course, the massive difference is these are named individuals at a specific event and it's entirely keeping with Kris Kristofferson's toughness that he'd say this to Tubby Toby.

But, Toby Keith's passed away now and I suppose this should be the end of it...  Except when it comes to music Republicans have a real, real, real bad habit of taking credit for other peoples' work and for appropriating culture because Conservatives ideology does not lend it self to creativity and rightwingers are nasty, unimaginative, vicious, spiteful creatures. 

So, as I said I didn't follow any of Keith bullshit career but, the mid-2000 country music scene apparently wanted credit him with starting Swift's career and jello-brained Trump is entering his Charly Manson phase and, just as he is taking credit for the booming Stock Market, he decided to take credit for Taylor Swift's success.
“I signed and was responsible for the Music Modernization Act for Taylor Swift and all other Musical Artists. Joe Biden didn’t do anything for Taylor, and never will. There’s no way she could endorse Crooked Joe Biden, the worst and most corrupt President in the History of our Country, and be disloyal to the man who made her so much money. Besides that, I like her boyfriend, Travis, even though he may be a Liberal, and probably can’t stand me!”
Of course, don't expect thousands of Media Op-Ed's questioning Trump sanity as he threatens NATO for failing to pay him protection money, claims to have invented Taylor Swift's music, compares his looks to Elvis, can't tell one women from another, and claims the Stock Market lives and dies at his whim.  Naaah, the Corporate Media is busy taking the political hit job Hur Report and running with it, in order to do what the Corporate Media always does, undercut Democratic Presidents and make treasonous Republican madmen just palatable enough for voters.

Sunday, February 11, 2024

Trump and the Republican Party encourages Russia to Attack the United States and NATO

 Whether it's Republicans attacking Joe Biden's memory or Republicans encouraging Putin to attack NATO, Bothsides have a problem with Attacks on Democracy.

The Corporate Media got a big laugh when Traitor Trump, declared during a debate with HRC, "No puppet.  No puppet." when HRC pointed out Trump loves Vladimir Putin and was beholden to him because of the money the Putin funneled into Manhattan and into Trump's failed real estate "empire".

Hahahaha!  Then Trump went out and conspired with the FSB, GRU and other Russian intelligence services to defraud the United States of America in 2016.  But, once again the Corporate Media decided to cover Trumps claims of "No Collusion!" even in the face of the Untied States Senate led by Republicans report that Yes Trump did collude with Russia.

Since, then by their actions it's obvious the Republican Party is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Russian Government and Vladimir Putin.

It's no coincidence that following in the footsteps of Tucker Carlson's "interview"of Putin, Trump took to the Stage in South Carolina to tell one of his bullshit phony Sir Stories,

In this latest iteration, Trump begins this "Sir Story",

“One of the presidents of a big country stood up and said, ‘Well, sir, if we don’t pay, and we’re attacked by Russia, will you protect us?’” Trump said, adding “I said, ‘You didn’t pay, you’re delinquent?’” 
“No, I would not protect you. In fact, I would encourage them to do whatever the hell they want. You got to pay. You got to pay your bills.”

Trump encouraged a raging warmongering dictator to invade US Allies.  Is this enough to get the Corporate Media to call for him to stop running for President?  I think you know the answer.

I know Trump lies all the time, but he's telling the Truth about where his allegiances lie, they lie entirely with his own self-interests.  Putin and the Russian Mob floated hundreds of millions of dollars to Trump when he was at his lowest bankrupt point in the 1990's.  Now, the rest of the Republican Party is helping Putin out of the sheer joy of being treasonous and allying with the enemies of the United States because the enemies of Democracy are the Allies of the GOP.

But, for Trump always remember anyone who doesn't kick some money to Trump is his enemy, that's what the "bill" Trump is referring too.  Trump expected NATO countries to kick a little money into Trump Inc. they way China and Russia and other Nations did when Trump was President.

Last year, Tommy Tuberville took a break from holding up thousands of military promotions to blame NATO and Ukraine for the Russian Invasion of Feb 2022, 
“First of all, you have got to look back at what caused this conflict.  What caused this conflict is the United States expanding NATO from all the way from inner central Europe all the way almost now to Ukraine. They have pushed Ukraine into being in NATO. President Putin said that is not going to happen.  We are not going to allow the United States basically to be on our border. That is the reason he is fighting this war.”

Who do you think this "We" is, that Tuberville referenced?  I read a lot of articles where people express shock at how the Republicans went from being against Russia to embracing Russia, but, those people seem to forget the passage of time and the recognition of like-minded Authoritarians.  The GOP of Ronnie Raygun attacking the Evil Empire is long gone, the Modern MAGA GOP fully recognizes Dictators and Fascist Governments are their natural allies.  Conservatives understand they have more in common with the brutal governments of Putin's Russia or Orban's Hungary than with the United States of America especially when the Democratic Party has representation in the Federal Government.

Trump openly admits his admiration of Dictators and his firm intent to be a Dictator.  But, the Corporate Media is fully invested in softening treasonous Republican declarations, continues to play off Trump's fascist ideations as jokes, "take him seriously, not literally" remember?

But, then Trump has never been shy about his love affairs with brutal dictators

During his interview with Maria Bartiromo over at Faux News, Trump couldn't hide his admiration of President Xi of China (It should also always be pointed out China paid Trump money during his Presidency, which probably explains why Trump love Xi)

"I like President Xi a lot... he was a very good friend of mine.  Sure...  No no no I got along with him great.  I'm not sure he loved what I was doing, yeah but I was getting along with him.  Look, the market almost crashed when I won Iowaand New Hampshire the market went down tremendously..." 

Of course, Republicans and the MAGA horde overwhelmingly want Trump to in fact be a Dictator

because they yearn to put journalists who question them, migrants trying to come here, women who get abortions, black people who get "out of line", and LGBTQ persons who have the temerity to exist, into death camps.

Friday, February 9, 2024

The Crisis of Masculinity 2 (Experiencing Joe Rogan's non-stop lies, rightwing agitprop and reactionary bullshit)

“I do remember one thing he said to me. Joe Rogan was being so fucking mean to me one day—and mostly we were all friends, but Joe could be a weirdo—and I was sort of upset about it, so I was just sitting over in the corner. And Phil came over and put his arm around me, and he said, ‘You know, I just want to tell you you’re loved.’ Isn’t that really nice? I know you expected me to tell some wacky story about Phil, but he was like that, too. He just put his arm around me and said that. He was so sweet. He was a really nice man.” - Maura Tierney speaking about Phil Hartman and Joe Rogan on her time on NewsRadio.

"Kids are extremely malleable.  They are extremely easy to manipulate.  They are extremely easy to influence." - Joe Rogan describes his business model to Aaron Rodgers. 

I don't watch Joe Rogan or listen to his Experience podcast.  Unfortunately, the Youtube algorithm, which forcibly promotes Reactionary liars, forces him into my recommendations all the time.  So, I am exposed to his bullshit on a regular basis which has in turn forced me to listen to critique of his lies from other channels.

Joe Rogan was always an asshole, but now he's a full-blown reactionary liar who uncritically regurgitates every rightwing lie which comes across his punch-drunk, encephalitic, drug-addled brain.  Rogan continues to produce these bon mottes of rightwing outrage that his young male audience listens to and absorbs on the basis of his journalistic intergrity and authority 

"So that, that's a real thing..." Joe Rogan intoned: about a big beard man getting into an argument with a black women in Chicago about using the women's bathroom as his disgusting slobby guest loudly masticated a cough drop.

World, bro. You ever see this video? There's this lady in Chicago and this guy is trying to use the women's room and she's going in there with her daughter. And this guy has a full beard, just a full beard. And she's yelling at him. She's like, you are whole, you are a whole man. And he is like, I am a woman. And they're like big deep breath. Like deep voice, big husky guy with a fucking beard. It's like, it's like, what the fuck man? Like what the fuck is this really is this, is this being kind? Is that what this is? Is this being open-minded and compassionate? Or is this opening the door to fucking psychopath? This is it. Yeah. Click this. Look at this.

Once his off-screen producer pointed out this was some "satire" sketch, Joe Rogan turned from an aggrieved angry white man to a befuddled rube, "Oh that women's a great actor!"

Cat Litter Lie:

While speaking with avowed fascist Tulsi Gabbard, Joe Rogan helped catapult the Cat Litter in elementary schools rightwing lie, by telling a 'My Friend Story', who had personally seen the cat litter for children who identified as cats and dogs.  

My friend, his wife is a school teacher. She works at a school that had to install a litter box in the girl’s room because there is a girl who is a furry who identifies as an animal, and her mother badgered the school until they agreed to put a litter box in one of the stalls. So this girl goes into the litter room, or to the girl’s room, and urinates or whatever. I don’t know if she poops in it, that’s gross...You’ve conned the school into putting this fucking litter box in a girl’s room, which is bananas. 

Oddly, that Republican lie was just before the 2022 election.  Funny how Tough guy Rogan attacks the vulnerable Trans youth community.  Even when he had to admit he made this shit up and spread a readily available Republican lie he couched his walk back in oh a wacky mother had lied to him.  He didn't lie, you see... he was lied to.

I fed into that and I should probably clarify a little bit. I have a friend, and my friend’s wife is a schoolteacher, and she told him that there was [sic] discussions in the school that a mother wanted to put a litter box in one of the bathrooms. He told me this and I talked about it on here, and then people were saying ‘That’s not true, that’s an internet rumor.’ So I contacted him again, and I said ‘Tell me exactly what she said. Contact her and find out.’ She no longer works for that school, she works for another school. She contacted the other school, she didn’t get a response.

No Food for You! This is too good not to be true, Lie:

Seemingly mocking the Australian officials by speaking in a slow, dopey voice, Rogan continued: “They were saying, ‘Whoa, you could grow your own food. And what else? The disease was from your food. It infects the population, kills us off. Oh, we can’t have that.’”

Rogan said he didn’t know what the justification was for the law but he was “pretty sure” it had to do with agricultural contamination.

“You could justify it if you were a real piece of shit, you could say most pandemics come from agriculture … fucking creeps man, these fucking creeps, they got a good grip on people during the pandemic,” he lamented.

“That’s how you motherfucking smoke out an anti-vaxxer, you can’t even go to the grocery store any more and you can’t grow your own food.”

His producer, Jamie Vernon, then Googled the topic, which threw a spanner in the works of Rogan’s rant. “Nothing’s coming up,” he said. “The closest I can find is New Zealand.”

“Hold on,” Rogan replied, whipping out his own phone, to no avail. “It’s got to be a real thing … it seems too good to not be … damn it, it better not be fake.

Revolutionary Airports Lie: 

“Did you hear what he said yesterday, or a couple days ago?” Rogan asked his guest, MMA fighter Bo Nickal, in an exchange first flagged by Mediaite. “He’s talking about the Revolutionary War. He’s like, ‘One of the reasons why we lost the Revolutionary War ... was that they didn’t have enough airports. If you were you at any other job, and you were talking like that, they’d go, ‘Hey, you’re done,’” Rogan added.

When it was pointed out to Rogan, Jello-brained syphilitic Trump had made these comments, oh well never mind.  

“Oh, OK,” Rogan said. “So Trump fucked up.”  “You can tell he, like, messed up his words,” Nickal said. “But that’s the thing about media these days, it’s like, you gotta look into it.” 

And... ya just can't trust that MEDIA!

Non-Stop Covid Lies: 

In 2022, BBC fact-checked Rogan's COVID, Vaccine, Ivermectin, Hydroxochloriquine lies.  But, Rogan has lied for going on 3 years about Covid and Vaccines and it's really not worth going through each and every episode in which Rogan lies.  Even when guests point out Joe Rogan was wrong about his wild rightwing lies about "myocarditis" he simply goes back to it and continues to lie.  In fact, in January Rogan brought a Canadian semi-comedian Tony Hinchcliffe on to claim Canada's life expectancy has gone down due to the "forced" vaccinations by Justin Trudeau.

Rogan and Rodgers had a horrible falsehood-filled conversation ranging over Trans persons, Vaccines, and Banana Republics.  Additionally, Rodgers lied again about his attempted smear-job of Jimmy Kimmel and it also led to Rogan claiming Rodgers had been proved right about his Anti-Vaxx nonsense.  Rogan also claimed a Fucking New York Times opinion piece proved Jordan Peterson was right about Trans people.  And this all made me realize where we are these days.  Rogan & Rodgers are Reactionaries who are simply going to proclaim themselves right and dare anyone to question them.  That's really how Fascist have always operated, declare themselves in charge and eliminate anyone who challenges them.

Rogan has lied so often, and with such shameless abandon it would be nice, if people slotted Joe Rogan into the same category once occupied by Racist Limpballs because he's advancing the same tired ideology of rightwing oppression, bigotry, and slavery.  But, like always, the youth must learn the lessons the past generations learned all over again.  I'm actually sure Rogan would love to call himself a "harmless little fuzzball" and not a well-paid member of the Media, with the number #1 podcast on Spotify 3 years running.

There has been much made about the crisis facing young men in America, as women increasingly take over college, jobs which require brute muscle fade, and the trades no long provide the long-term stability and income needed to raise a family to make the American dream.

As young men flounder, Republicans have increasingly placed the blame on Wokeism (which they can not define) and culture.  Rogan presents himself as a bad ass, martial artist, comedian, and a bon vivant of edgy things like kettlebells and ketamine.  But, Rogan lies so often and so willfully the young men who listen to him are getting purposefully misinformed and it's showing.  Rogan isn't alone in advancing Edge Lord Fascism but, as the #1 Spotify Show 4 years running he's clearly punching above his weight.