Thursday, February 8, 2024

Pigfvckers Darren Bailey, Sean Hannity, and Curtis Silwa endorse violence against immigrants (Faux News and Guardian Angels attack innocent man on air)

Bailey's Farm 1172 Miles from Eagle's Pass  
That pigfvcker Darren Bailey is back at it again.  Now, even though the "Bailey Family Farm" is located just south of Effingham, Illinois nearer to the border with Kentucky than anywhere close to Mexico, Pigfvcker Bailey decided he needed to travel to Eagle's Pass, Texas.  As you may have guessed his press conference afterwards was an endorsement of voting for Pigfvcker Darren Bailey,

“Friends, it’s time to vote for a secure border. It’s time to vote for a safe America.  It’s time to vote for me.”

As with Jim Oberweis, there's something about these wanna-be Landed Gentry who believe they are the Patrician Class and political office is owed to them as their birthright.  Darren Bailey absolutely believes he is owed Illinois office and the deference from the American people.  Bailey also repeated lies about "illegal" immigration and fentanyl and was accompanied by Illinois Freedom Caucus State Rep. Blaine Wilhour another downstate Illinois farmer.  Wilhour spoke about the need to stand up to Governor J.B. Pritzker, an end to sanctuary cities, and the help for Illinois residents instead of migrants.  

Hilariously, the real problems at the border are the various factions of Reactionaries turning on one another at Eagle's Pass as they learn Faux News and rightwing liars, lied to them again.

One of the most bad faith tacks rightwingers take when talking about money for Migrants is too bemoan that money could be going to homeless veterans.  It's the most disingenuous bait-and-switches Republicans use, similar to how they try to distract from every mass shooting and sensible gun control law by talking about Mental Health, which is another thing Republicans will never fund.

Republicans have no intention of helping homeless veterans, Republicans routinely piss on Veterans.  While Chickenhawk coward Sean Hannity was broadcasting an attack on President Biden and giving a bullshit monologue claiming Eric Adams and New York City liberals should be giving homeless veterans a $106,000 debit card they are giving migrants, his bad faith broadcast was interrupted by Curtis Silwa proclaiming, "our guys have just taken down one of these migrants."  Because "they've taken over.  They're taking over."

Sean Hannity has always loved domestic violence
“The Guardian Angels spotted him, stopped him, he resisted, and let’s just say we gave him a little pain compliance,” Sliwa said. “His mother, back in Venezuela felt the vibrations. He is sucking concrete. The cops scraped him off the asphalt. He’s on his way to jail.”

FUCK YEAH!  Pain Compliance!  His momma felt the vibrations!  BOOM!  Suck Concrete!  Nice admission to the crime of battery and unlawful restraint but, Republicans are already comfortable with the idea of rounding-up people and shipping them off to camps.  If you resist well, rightwing paramilitary terrorists will make sure you "suck a little concrete" before your train ride to a concentration camp.

Well, guess what?  It turns out the man is a New Yorker from the Bronx and not a "dastardly" immigrant and was merely speaking Spanish and Silwa invented a story about him "shoplifting" to justify the assault & battery his Red Beret Paramilitary terrorists visited upon him. (Crooks & Liars).

I am completely unsurprised the "Guardian Angels" saw a brown person, accosted him, and threw him onto the street.  Look, don't kid yourself, Fascism is already here.  Faux News labeled this video "Guardian Angels stop Migrant Attack in NYC"...  Republicans will call their violent mistreatment of migrants and "suspected" migrants as enhanced Internal Border Patrol and beef up and super charge the Homeland Security Apparatus and then use it as all Authoritarians do; to cow and control the populace at home.  Of course, the circle of enemies will expand from migrants, to those who aid migrants, to LGBTQ+ persons, to women who get abortions, to anyone suspected of being associated with an abortion, to anyone teaching children wrong American history, to anything Republicans can come up to send people to the massive concentration camps Republicans have already planned to create Day 1 in 2025.

This is how The Law works in a rightwing dictatorship, you are guilty on sight and if you resist then you get roughed up (or killed) before being taken away.  Just ask any black person you might know about the presumption of innocence.

I'm not telling you to take to the street and fight the foaming at the mouth angry white people but, have you thought of what you'd do watching a gaggle of fat white fuckers throwing around and beating some Person of Color or a young person who they claim is a "biological male"?  Be brave if you can, but be prepared.

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