Sunday, February 28, 2010

Trent Franksly Uppity Arrogance

Arrogance and Ignorance go hand in hand ~ Metallica, Holier Than Thou
So, in a week which saw Republican Jim Bunning tell poor people to fuck off and die and Republican Steve King embraced Domestic Terrorist Joe Stack, Republican Trent Franks choose to top off Black History Month by declaring, "far more of the African American community is being devastated by the policies of today than were being devastated by the policies of slavery."

Now, is it that these 3 are indicative of the 21st Republican Party or are these 3 racist flabby, pasty white, old, out-of-touch millionaires merely disconnected from society?

Well, it's one in the same. The Republican Party has thrown all in on the Racist Class Warfare because they feel no compunction at having the indelible watermark of Kleptocratic Dominance stamped upon them.

As to Franks and abortion, during a discussion I had with my friends Queen of the Harpies and Ran, Queenie mentioned that prior to modern techniques for safe abortions, people compensated for pregnancies with child abandonment (foundlings) and infanticide, often through exposure. Think of the gang of pickpockets in Oliver Twist and Rome's mythical founders Romulus and Remus.

Today Americans, who don't read, view child abandonment as a terrible crime because they aren't used to shortages of food and the threat of slow starvation for an entire family and automatically assume their 2+ children will prosper and grow to adulthood. But throughout most recorded history children who couldn't be cared for mostly due to a paucity of resources were often abandoned.

But, such historical context is impossible for an uppity ignorant Republican like Trent Franks. Franks views himself as a member of the Master Class, better than the lowly middle class and poor and far more advanced than those in the black community for whom he is so contemptuous. So, from his perch as a rich slave holder Franks knows what's best for his children.

I nearly forgot my own personal views. Abortion should be as Bill Clinton phrased it "safe, legal and rare". There can be no debate when the life of the mother is in danger or when the child is untenable but no woman should feel constrained by the legal system. But, abortion wouldn't be as big an issue if the Republicans weren't bipolar about sex education. They want less (or no) abortions yet they don't want realistic sex education taught to teenagers. It's almost as if the Republicans had two minds but that's impossible since Republicans and their followers have no minds let alone hearts...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

MTV Gen X No More

MTV long ago ended being Music Television but now MTV has decided to further screw a Generation which knows it's screwed already.
MTV Networks president Van Toffler reiterated the network's devotion to millennials. "We're pushing Generation X out," Toffler said. "We're slaves to our different audiences, for MTV that's millennials, who are vastly different than Generation X; they're definitely less cynical."
Gen Xers made MTV watching Headbanger's Ball, Yo MTV Raps! and all the angst riddled Smashing Pumpkins, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Melvins and Alice in Chains videos.

However, Generation X , as a group is outnumbered by the gracelessly aging Boomers and the petulant Millennials. We're the Prince Charles of America. Always waiting and soon to be pushed aside for the next in line or is that too cynical?

Never forget the Boomers had to have the Big Block 454 107 octane gas guzzlers for crusin' the strip in their youth and then had to have the 5-Ton Mega-sized SUVs in their dotage. Now they have to have daily injections of botox in their faces and collagen in their asses which have spiked medical costs.

So, We Xers are going to face the full wrath of the Health Care Crisis and the Gasoline Crisis. Because the Millennials are going to out vote us and send us to Government Health Care 'Death Panels', fortunately they'll be sending us in three wheeled electric vehicles so maybe we'll be able to escape.

RINO Virus

That Dick Cheney is still alive is the BEST evidence that a Public Option needs to be available to the American People. Without access to Government supplied Health Care Dick Cheney would've been dead years ago.

Cheney is, of course, a fake Republican. The RINO Virus which plagues America today. He decries socialism but has spent 40 years of his life working for Government because he can't hold a real job. He's slandered Obama everyday since Cheney sulked out of office, yet asked for and received extended Secret Service protection from Obama. Dick is such an ardent socialist that one of his first actions as Vice President was to give Government job to his daughter Liz, so she could stop walking the street.

Another fake Republican, a particularly virulent strain of the RINO Virus, who is harming America is carried by Our Lady of Iquitarod Queen Mooseilini Sarah Palin. Palin, the multi-millionaire spent the majority of 2008 and 2009 attacking Government Health Care provisions has no problem with her grandson Tripp receiving Government sponsored Health Care.

Fortunately, The RINO Virus can have helpful premutations. Scott Brown won as a Republican but apparently has a real independent streak to him and won't simply vote the way the Redupelican Party demands. Brown voted to allow a vote on the 15 Billion Dollar "Jobs Bill", which passed the Senate 70-28.

Brown has now earned the Wrath of the Tea Baggers. But, what did the jobs bill contain? The major provision is a tax credit for small businesses which hire and retain new workers.

Conservative values are such that blatant lying is prized. And the only the only trait required for a Leadership Role is: Loyalty. If a member of the Right is loyal, they can reach high office despite gross incompetence and criminal negligence.

Or perhaps as Monica Goodling illustrates because of those traits:

This is why the Right loves Palin she's grossly incompetent, actively ignorant and violently stupid yet she is loyal. Palin will go out everyday and engage in the Slash-and-Burn politics of Conservatism decrying the Government yet she has like all Republicans used the Government to steal millions for herself while ensuring her owners can steal Trillions. Just like they did with her Big Daddy Dick Cheney.

Friday, February 19, 2010


Vernon Hunter, Vietnam Veteran is the real hero and tragic victim of Stack the murderer. Although Champion Chicken Hawk and Republican Coward Steve King apparently empathizes with Stack and wants to "implode" IRS offices.

If the name of the Austin Terrorist had been Bill Ayers and not A. Joseph Stack III and his screed was penned under the auspices of the Weather Underground, Fox News would declare a state of emergency and demand President Obama be Impeached.

But, because Stack had anti-government feelings, which are all the rage amongst Conservatives now, since they don't control government, then what he did was understandable and possibly justified to Senator Scott Brown and CPAC speaker Jeb Babbin. Although they and the Right Blogs want to ascribe his actions to Liberals.

The flip floping of the Republicans and Conservatives is enough to make one dizzy. Protests when Bush in office = Treason; Protests when Obama in office = Highest form of Patriotism.

The Anti-War Protestors = Worst Traitors in American History; Tea Party Racist Bigots and their calls for Revolution = The New American Patriots!

Stack flies plane into US building; Terrorism? It's what Conservatives do! It's what Liberals do!

Well, Stack murdered a worker in the office building he flew his plane into, that's not justifiable, murder is not justifiable.

That Stack committed a terrible crime which claimed the life of another human being is the worst aspect of this incident that there are people out there who would justify this or try and use this to win political debates is a terrible testimony to the state of the Nation and the political divide today.

However, that we try to assign Stack's actions to the left or right is also a sad commentary on ourselves.

Currently the Left is ascendant and the Right is out of power. Therefore, in order to regain power, the US Political Right is engaged in anti-government rhetoric and is the Party of Dissent. This was not always the case and historically has rarely been the case since the Right has always aligned itself with money, power, entrenched morality and the oppressors. During the Bush years the Left was out of power and the Left led the anti-government protests and the denouncement of politicians, however that tone began to change in 2006 and especially in 2008 when Obama won. In 2008, the Right's partisans began denouncing entrenched politicians, became anti-government and embraced Dissent as the Highest form of Patriotism when just a few years earlier those same bloggers spent every day of the Bush administration declaring those protesting the Government to be traitors and aiding America's Enemies.

The situation today, is such, that whenever one party is out of power they declare the other party to be somehow illegitimate and the rulers do not possess the Mandate from the Founding Fathers, (hence the current Tea Party and Revolutionary Era rigmarole embraced by the Right) and that only Our Side are the true inheritors of the Founders Vision and the Keepers of the Holy Spirit of Independence and America.

Of course, this does not absolve or endorse the standard Republican tactics of Racism, Red-Baiting and Fear mongering used to to sow distrust and undermine the government run by Obama and the Democrats. The Reich Wing has quickly and shamelessly fallen back upon them with little fear it will cost them votes or interfere with their attempts to regain power.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

CPAC = Chicken Hawks United and Domestic Terrorist Sympathizers

The funniest thing about watching CPAC is the cavalcade of speakers all have the same look. Soft, Pasty and doughy. It's as if the Pillsbury Dough Boy has been adopted as the symbol for CPAC. [Watch clips of the speakers from Media Matters.]

Of course, Dough Boy is a misnomer for this group. Of the speakers nary a one had the chops to do military service. Yet, all of them Beat their chests and pound the lectern We must defend America! We of course, means someone else.

Look at the list of Speakers:
Dick Armey - most inappropriately named congressman ever, voted Aye for the 2002 Authorization of Force, voted Nay on the Oath of Enlistment.

John Ashcroft - 6 Vietnam Deferments, that even surpasses Dick Cheney!

Michele Bachmann - She has made the citizens armed and dangerous and has taken a blood oath against America's Greatest Enemy, The President...

Glenn Beck - Beck is the Generalissimo of the 9/12 Army and is currently at war with the Marxists, who infest his mind.

John Bolton - "I confess I had no desire to die in a Southeast Asian rice paddy" He was glad Liberals died over in Vietnam because it increased his chances with women.

Andrew Breitbart - currently deeply embroiled in a Domestic Terrorism case because he ordered his young male ward James O'Keefe to commit Watergate Jr. Oh he never served.

Robert Davi - I know what you're going to say, he's an Actor and played a Vietnam Vet and FBI Agent in the Greatest Movie Evar, Die Hard.

Tucker Carlson - Bow Ties and floppy hair are persona non grata in the military.

Liz Cheney - shouldn't she be anti-war? It's the whole reason she even exists as Liz managed to keep her father out of Vietnam.

Ann Coulter - no comment.

Jim DeMint - he's a Republican of course he didn't serve.

Newt Gingrich - Three Divorces = Three Purple Hearts in Conservative Wisdom.

Tim Pawlenty - a typical Republican Kleptocrat, Pawlenty has been in Government since 1988, 22 years without a real job.

Mike Pence - even though nothing was going on in the late 1970's when he turned 18, still declined to serve.

Tom Price - Damn it Grung_e_Gene he's a Doctor not a Soldier!

Mitt Romney - I hear that during the Vietnam war the french peppered Mormon missionaries with baguettes daily. It was hairy.

Marco Rubio - could've served in the Gulf War, choose to go into politics as soon as he was done with law school. Isn't the lack of service and being another lawyer just what the Right claims is wrong with Democrats?

Rick Santorum - must have been adopted because his Father worked as a Doctor in the VA hospital system in the 70's, tough work with so many wounded vets. Rick didn't inherit any of his father's desire to be close to the military.

Erick Erickson - puffy faced racist Birther, was so angry that 130 Macon Georgia Police Officers wanted to unionize., Erickson stated: I’m thinking I’ll have the City Attorney draft me legislation to dissolve the police department and contract with the Sheriff to provide public safety services.

Jason Mattera, Racist - Quite Infamous amongst Generation Chicken Hawk, the Young Conservatives who are convinced America is involved in World War IV yet have no intention of risking their pasty asses. Operation Yellow Elephant has detailed posts concerning Mattera's legendary cowardice and despicable behavior. Mattera is quiet a loathsome man and a typical conservative a coward who has railed for years that Radical Islam is the biggest threat to America and this generation's struggle but has spent the last 7 years on College Campuses "fighting" liberal professors and struggling to sculpt his eyebrows just right.
Chicken Hawks one and all. Conservatives are a fucking disgrace.

And lest anyone think the Conservative ire directed against President Obama has anything to do with fiscal responsibility or protecting America, Monumental Failures Bush and Cheney were apparently cheered loudly by CPAC members.

Conservatives don't want to change anything, except who controls of the Apparatus of Government from which to control the American people and enrich themselves. Conservatives are arousing the anger of the Tea Baggers, whom they wish to merely use to regain control and then quickly clamp down and diffuse. The problem is the calls for violence and revolution the conservatives are hoping to use to ride to election victories are having consequences.

Did the Extremist Right's call for Revolution result in an individual flying a plane into an IRS building? Well new Republican Senator Scott Brown identifies and sympathizes with the Domestic Terrorist. But, it's only doe-mess-tick terrorism when Sarah Palin says it is...

At CPAC Human Events editor Jed Babbin Jokes About Grover Norquist: I'm Glad He Didn't Fly That Plane Into An IRS Building[Talking Points Memo]

5/9ths of SCOTUS got it Wrong

80% of Americans don't like the decision of 5 Extremist Corporatist Redupelican Judges who dutifully voted the way their Plutocratic Controllers wanted them to in the Citizens United Decision v. FEC.

Of course, what's to like when inhuman ever-living corporations chaired by super wealthy Bankers, the Military-Industrial Complex, the Corporate Kleptocrats can exert so much control over Us they get 5 Judges to bequeath them the power to use the Money they purloin from the US to craft the political Chains that Bind Us?

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

As shown on Countdown with Keith Olbermann; Lobbyists have already crafted memorandums advising their Clients to not directly fund their political toadies but to set up 3rd Party fronts to hide their involvement in choosing our government. Here's the language from K&L Gates:
How will corporations likely take advantage of their opportunity to make independent political expenditures?

Just because a corporation may make an independent direct advocacy expenditure doesn't mean that it should. Since the entity or entities financing independent expenditures must be disclosed, a corporation leading the way against a particular candidate risks alienating a significant block of its potential customer or shareholder base. Moreover, upon the first major corporate-funded public communications airing, media coverage is likely to focus on the corporation's involvement in the campaign rather than the content of any advocacy.

Therefore, most corporations will probably proceed cautiously. If such independent expenditures are made, groups of corporations within an industry may form coalitions or use existing trade associations to support candidates favorable to policy positions that affect the group as a whole. While corporations that contribute to these expenditures might still be disclosed, this indirect approach can provide sufficient cover such that no single contributing entity receives the bulk of public scrutiny.

Corporations could further lower their profile in such cases by not making contributions specific to a particular expenditure by that third-party corporation. Such independent expenditures can also take the form of advertisements in "under-the radar" sources, such as ideologically-based talk radio, web-based ads or phone banks. Since state and local laws preventing corporate political expenditures will also likely be repealed as a result of Citizens United, small corporations may also become involved in state and local races through regional media.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Vote Them All Out?

Government is not the solution to our problem; Government is the problem. ~ Ronald Reagan
The Federal Government is broken. It's the legacy of Grover Norquist and the Reaganites. They wanted to defund, deregulate and destroy the Government so that the Moneyed Kleptocrats, the Plutocratic Tyrants could exert total control over the nation.

Well, it worked. Deregulation of the housing market allowed the rampant bank speculation which lead to the multiple bubbles of the Reagan, Bush 41 and W43 years; which precipitated the Republican controlled bailouts of the Savings & Loans and Mega-Banks. It's not that Government is the answer but it's not the problem. Government's role since the Founding of America has been to curb the voracious appetites of Moneyed Power.

The Founders knew history and were versed in the classics. The knew the cycles of Government laid down by Polybius, they knew the underlying reasons the Roman Republic ended, they knew the how the Aristocratic classes controlled and destroyed the Byzantine Empire, they knew the fragmentation of nations and the devastation of Religious Wars caused by the establishment of the one true faith.

They warned us to be ever vigilant, to guard against letting the Kleptocrats take over, to staying out of Foreign Entanglements, that War is a Racket. They laid the groundwork to guide us and help us, but like any system, those invested in corrupting and subverting the system work ceaselessly to undermine it and through the years they have succeeded. Our Founders and their Sons named them, The Bankers, the Capitalists, the Military-Industrial-Complex, but despite the warnings of those who have seen the naked aggression of the Moneyed Tyrants, the Kleptocrats are Ascendant.

They craft the Legislation, the choose how the that Legislation should be interpreted, they tell us how we can dissent and when they don't like it they craft false dissent. They give the orders to the President, to the Congress regardless of Party Affiliation. Because they are the Party; the Party of Property, the Party of Power, the Party of Money. They are the United States, We are their Thralls.

Center Right Front and Center

Coming of Age in the Plague of Reagan and Bush
Watching Capitalism gun down Democracy ~ Your Next Bold Move, Ani DiFranco
Democrats have won the Presidential Election Popular Vote in 1992, 1996, 2000 and 2008. The only reason Bush managed to win in 2004 was because Redupelicans used Bush's Abject Failure of SEPTEMBER 11! Shouting it every time they could and frightening the evangelicals by making scary noises about Marriage and threatening them with catching TEH GAY.

As the election power of Screaming September 11 fades the Republicans fall back to the classic move of blaming their failures on the Democrats. Liz Cheney is the latest Republican, joining Dana Perino, Mary Matalin, Rudy Guiliani in claiming they weren't responsible for the failure of 9/11. [When is it no longer Bush's Fault?]

However, it's only a part of the Grand Strategy of the Republican Party. Republicans and Conservatives are engaged in a generations long struggle to create a set of facts which they can reference and continue the duping of their followers. From this set of facts, Redupelicans can continue to get Americans to vote against their interests.

It's a brilliant strategy. The constant repetition of the Center Right Republican truth, the false piety, the Talk Radio invective, the Fox News blather, the mass produced propaganda books (Liberals are Fascists! Liberals are Godless!) have allowed Republicans to steal the wealth of America and funnel Trillions of Dollars to their Corporate Controllers for over a 100 years.

However, the Right's greatest recent success has been in taking over the Texas State Board of Education which exert extreme influence over the information which goes into Nation-wide K to 12 Textbooks. With their school board power the Right has succeeded in reducing the age of the earth, highlighting the strengths of Creationism, glorifying Newt Gingrich for freeing the slaves, praising Phyllis Schlafly for saving American Women from the Perils of Learning and correcting the record of racist Republican Bigots who loved Martin Luther King Junior so much they wanted him to die to truly appreciate him.

Conservapedia, perhaps unsurprisingly started by Phyliss Schlafly's son and while widely panned and recognized as a joke has still garnered the support of the extremists on the right for their de-liberalization of the bible project; stating Liberal bias has become the single biggest distortion in modern Bible translations. While this is absurd it's not what current people or Theologians believe but whether or not the Conservatives can brow-beat their children and future ones into accepting the Conservative Bible.

Both parties are made up of people who view themselves at the top of the American Social Stratification ladder; Especially when they reach the level of the Federal Government. And like all rich powerful self-important people they don't believe the regular laws apply to them, however, the Right shields and defends their members when they transgress because they view the exercise of political power as the highest good, when the Republicans are doing the exercising.

That way when the Bush unleashes the Smokin' Gun Mushroom Cloud lie and Dick Cheney simply states, there is no doubt that Saddam Hussein now has weapons of mass destruction, the Right is more than willing to believe those lies or if unable then to accept the Noble Lie Theory.

Unlike the bigots who suddenly emerged for fiscal responsibility when a black man became President, but looked the other way when Republicans stole Trillions, I will hold the Republican Party responsible for their lies.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Republicans are Soviet Style Commies

I have surmised that Cmdr La Forge was conditioned by Redupelicans, a process referred to historically, and somewhat inaccurately, as brainwashing. ~ Data explains the Republican Party Platform, from Star Trek: TNG
The Right is engaged in a disengenious word disassocaition ploy. After Nixon sent the Republican Party into disarray by engaging in the typical behavior of a conservative, i.e. Crime, The Republicans decided to demonize the word Liberal and change the thinking about America by claiming America isn't a Democracy but a Constitutional Republic. You can also find any number of Political shows where Republican politicians childishly undermine Democracy by referring to The Democrat[sic] Party.

By equating Liberal and Democrat with everything evil and America with Republic(an), they hope to condition or brainwash the young post boomer generations into believing the Republican Party is America. And it's working somewhat as the Republican backed, owned and operated Tea Bag Parties had duped and deluded fools proclaiming Democrat=Nazi. Here's video of David (who lies and claims to be a Marine Corps Vet but is merely a Republican Agent Provocateur) bellowing the National Socialist Party is Leftist and Nancy Pelosi should look to the sleeve of her own arm to find a swastika.

The Republicans and their Corporate Masters have realized now, unlike 100 years ago when they could install pro-business politicians and merely employ the police, the Pinkertons and the military to kill Progressives and destroy Populist programs, they have to be more subtle and need to subvert and co-opt the Populist rhetoric and create faux populist quislings to undermine needed reforms to Health Care Insurance and Bank regulation.

So, the Republicans have undertaken a multi part strategy of: Appeals to Ignorance, False Righteousness and Racism to catch 10% of the American people and fool them into believing Republicans are moral regular guys with beat-up work trucks instead of the elitist ivy league, pate eating, immoral pederasts that all Republicans are; then the Republicans trot out a few thousand of these duped racist ignorant rabble for Fox News to cover and work to indenture themselves.

Of course, ignorant and outright liars who pen Conservative blogs stomp their feet and throw tantrums 'Wah! Waaaah! You evil Liberals call the Republicans names as well!!! Waaaaah!' Alinsky! Eleventy-Billion attended the Tea Rally March! and most lefties are stunned that an anonymous blogger would be equated the same power as Racist Limbaugh or Government Welfare Queen Michele Bachmann.

The lastest attacks have been by Glenn Beck who has told his millions of brain dead listeners that Barack Obama is a "white"-hating Muslim Socialist who employs Communists and wants to literally slaughter Americans after putting them into concentration camps.

But, trying to reason with the mentally disturbed and frothingly unbalanced cyber bullies is waste of time and a futile endeavor. So, every leftist should realize that when a Republican touts himself as a defender of the Republic, the Republic he truely identifies with and seek to embody is: The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Republicans are Soviet Style Commies who want to kill their fellow citizens, control the apparatus of production through government power and subjugate the world.

Republicans are Soviets. It's right their in their name...

But here's Video Evidence that Republicans are Marxists:

Friday, February 12, 2010

Bill Nye the Science Guy

Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Science Rules...

Bill Nye had an appearance on Rachel Maddow's show wherein he corrected the Redupelicans, who don't understand the difference between climate and weather. Nye correctly labels Beck, Hannity, and all of Fox as unpatriotic.

Here's what Bill penned himself about the issue over at his blog:
Here is my concern: a handful of apparently influential politically conservative figures in the media were drawing attention to the recent snows in Washington, D.C. A few asserted that the storm was evidence that human-made climate change is a myth. Not only is that claim not reasonable, to my ear, the claim that they really don’t know better is not reasonable. To be sure, it is possible that some of these people really did or do believe that a snowstorm in February proves something about climate. But, much more reasonable to me is that they are doing their best to mislead their audiences.

Since the stakes are so very high for every human that will live into this century, I encourage those people to cut it out.
Nye is a reasonable educated man, exactly the type of person Fox News hates. Of course, the punk ass bitch conservatives would believe Sean Hannity and Fox News over Bill Nye because Hannity and Fox tell them what they want to hear... And Hannity and the Redupelican Party tell their vegetative zombiesque followers what their corporate controllers want them to hear...

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Shoes or Underwear? It Don't Matter Republicans Will Lie

This shit is Bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S! ~ Gwen Stefani, Hollaback Girl
The Redupelican Party platform is to lie. And when those lies are demonstrably shown to be false, lie more.

It's a prerequisite of being part of the Republican Party, other prereqs include being a Chicken Hawk, a Bully, a Bigot and a Punk Ass Bitch. Seriously, College Republicans have an enrollment form which requires their prospective members provide bona fides. For example Conservative Darling and male ward of Andrew Breitbart, Domestic Terrorist James O'Keefe had to do hours of fieldwork with Stormfront and other White Supremacist Groups in order to have the conservative imprimatur to start a Conservative Bigot Publication at Rutgers. Of course, it may be simpler and O'Keefe like most Conservatives is just a Racist Bigot who likes to attend White Supremacist Meetings.

However, while racist terrorist James O'Keefe is the smooth chested "friend" of Andrew Breitbart, The Redupelican Party long ago implemented a plan to titillate their unthinking conservative base with female fluffers, like Dana Perino and Monica Crowley.

That way when President Barack Obama implements the same procedures that the Bush/Cheney Junta used to prosecute Terrorists the Fluffer Perino and Crowley can lie and engorge the racist conservative ire.

So, Monica Crowley claims the US did not have military tribunals in place before 9/11, that's why the Shoebomber and the Underwear bomber are different. It doesn't matter that every member of the US Military learns in basic training the UCMJ was adopted in 1950 by President Truman and the US Congress. It doesn't matter to Crowley that Andrew Jackson used a military tribunal to try British Spies in the War of 1812. No, what's important is to have Crowley lick her lips and breathlessly mouth Obama is a Terrorist, as a sort of subliminal programming for the vegetative conservitve rabble.

Dana Perino is another typical Republican woman. A pretty package and a tight mouth from which only the narrow lies of the Redupelican Party are allowed to pass. Dana Perino lies the Shoebomber and the Underwear bomber are "apples and oranges" and she is Bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S! I'm surprised Fox News didn't give her a Banana to eat while she lied about President Obama.

Of course, the Reduplican Party isn't all about T&A, sometimes they need to hold aloft a scion, a model Conservative male for their base to relate too. So in steps doughy, flabby jowled, wide waisted Newt Gingrich to convince the aging pasty rich white guys Obama is a secret Muslim in love with Terrorists when Gingrich lies and states: 'Oh, the shoe bomber was an American Citizen that's why he got a civilian trial and not a military one'. Just like Newt that lie is a big fat oozy steamer.

However, Redupelicans being natural and cultivated liars and their duped conservatives can't ever admit when their lies have been exposed and tell the truth. No, they just lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie and lie more...

Sadly, I wish the Underwear bomber would be tried in a military court and sentenced for a war crime, deliberate targeting of civilians, and executed instead of his trial in the civilian court system. But, then I also wish the Redupelicans would stop Lying. And we all know that neither of those wishes will come true.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Teabaggers to be Subverted into the System; Resistance is Futile

We are the Republicans, you will be Assimilated. ~ The RepublicBorg Party

Like the Borg, the Republican Party has become a soulless automaton whose only purpose is to absorb more and more Americans and increase their power and control. Now, there is a revived spirit of anti-government rhetoric which the Republicans have set their laser eye beams upon.

The Tea Party is generally grounded in good ideas but the group(s) have been subverted from within and are now being assimilated from without, as the Resplendent RepublicBorg Queen Palin told them.

The Tea Party principle of less government spending is something I can support; halt the 750 Billion plus annually doled out to the Military and the Merchants of Death, stop the subsidizes to the Agri-Business Giants and the Oil Conglomerates, end the no-bid government contracts to Halliburton, and the Mercenaries at Xe (Blackwater), DynCorp, Triple Canopy, stop the Bank Bailouts. Fiscal Responsibility is something I can certainly agree with; the ending of Government's Role as Corporate Welfare Provider and Partner, the ceasing of the US policy of Subsidizing Losses and Privatizing Profits, all worthy goals. Government should be designed to help it's citizens not be controlled and used as a weapon of Oppression the way the Republicans (and Democrats) have usurped her.

But, the Republicans are Hypocrites. They only remember to wear their fiscal responsibility diapers when the Democrats are in office. When they control the Levers of Power Republicans shit upon Americans and Steal as much money as they can and often times Kill Americans just to watch them die.

But, even if a more responsible government was the goal of the Teabaggers, that's not what I or the rest of America saw. Immediately, the images and message coming from the Tea Party was 'Where is Obama's Birth certificate?' and vile racist attempts to undermine Obama by using round about and sometimes explicit bigoted imagery and language as a way to de-legitimize him.

Now I tend to believe agent provocateurs from the Republican Party infiltrated set the fire and worked to subvert the Tea Party from within as high profile Republicans have worked to assimilate the Tea Party from without. But, the end result will be absorption of the Teabaggers into the amorphous Karl Rove-esque blob like body of the Republican Party, which prides itself on being made up of Racists, Punks, Bullies, Chicken Hawks, Thieves and Murderers.

And no matter the Republican running, even Mark Kirk a decorated Naval Intelligence Officer who is hated and reviled by conservatives because he actually served in the military and deployed overseas, I can not bring myself to vote for a Party which has fooled me and the American people.

As a famous Republican Statesman stated, "Fool me once shame on... shame on you. Fool me, you can't get fooled again."

A Tea Bagger Warner Todd Huston, inadvertently told the truth about The Tea Party, "So, there you have it, America. Tea Party protesters just 'hate the government,' they are racists, they are all white folks, they are angry, and they associate with secretive white supremacist groups that want to over throw the U.S. government."

Ron Paul tells Rachel Maddow Tea Party infiltrated by NeoCons [Raw Story]
Jonathan Kay of Newsweek: Tea Party movement now dominated by conspiracists 'dangerously detached from reality' [Crooks and Liars]

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Palin's Charisma

What is my Charisma?
Is it my body or my brain?
~ Charisma, KISS

Sarah Palin is the next Reagan, though Reagan himself would probably disagree. Palin had the bigoted Teabagging birthers in a frothy lather over her speech.

Palin, despite being such a friggin' medically diagnosed mentally deficient person fumbled to name her favorite Founding Father before haphazardly stating all of them, is a force in the Extremist Right because after Nixon, the Republican Party decided it was time to drop the chicanery of intellect and go for looks and Sex Appeal. So the Republicans ran an actor and won, which reinforced their premise that all Republicans need to do is run attractive candidates in the hopes the deluded fools who vote Republican will continue to equate better looking with better human. So we have Scott Brown, Palin and Fox News with Andrea Tantaros and the cavalcade of blondes leading the Republican charge since they learned that by having good looking women they can make people think Conservatism is Correct instead of the evil anti-human feudal kleptocratic pathology that it is...

But, Palin had a job to do. To inform the Tea Party their place is tucked neatly underneath her right boob ready to vote straight Republican in all elections. Racist Limbaugh also instructed the Tea Party not to get any ideas and just mainline Republicanism.

And both Palin and Limbaugh are correct, Teabaggitry is Republicanism is Birtherism is Racism. The Baggers just more forcefully exhibit their bigotry and racism instead of hiding it as the elite Republicans do behind their multi-million dollar villas.

John Boehner, House Minority Leader:
There really is no difference between what Republicans believe in and what the tea party activists believe in.
Michael Steele, RNC Chairman:
It’s important for our party to appreciate and understand that so we can move toward it, and embrace it.
Mark Skoda, Tea Party Leader:
This movement is beginning to mature … not as a third party but a force to be reckoned with in the traditional party structure.
Newt Gingrich, Former GOP House Speaker:
If the Republican Party offers a positive alternative in a way that Tea Party activists and independents join them, the tide could turn.
The vampiric Republicans are steadily moving to capture the Tea Party fervor and using it to quicken themselves once again.

But the Republicans do have a problem. More Americans have become aware the core principles of the Republican Party are to steal Americans money and gleefully kill people. And even if they send out the pretty faced Marsha Blackburn or crazy eyes Michele Bachmann to call for the destruction of Medicare and Social Security all that will do is reinforce the beliefs of the middle aged white males who comprise the only supporters of the Republicans. But, the Republicans are convinced that by 2012 even if Palin's bloom is long gone and her attractive older woman status has faded after several years of jetting around the country in a dash for cash, The Southern Strategy will still win them the White House. And most likely, Palin is merely going to dangle herself in front of the bigots, punks and bullies to arouse them and transfer their adoration onto the Republican candidate of 2012.

Amd it won't matter to the violently stupid, actively ignorant bigoted Conservatives because while they believe President Obama is a Kenyan (or Indonesian) Muslim Socialist who should be Impeached they have no idea what she believes but love what they see...

Friday, February 5, 2010

Paul Krugman steals from my Blog!

Darn that Paul Krugman he took an idea of mine and crafted a column for which he was paid 2.6 million dollars by ACORN.

The Senate becomes a Polish Joke:
And now Senator Richard Shelby has placed a hold on — are you seated — all, all, Obama administration nominees, until he gets some pork for Alabama.

What’s going on? The Senate has rules based on the idea that it was a chamber of gentlemen who would find ways to work together. But now, 41 Senators belong to a party that has no interest in a working government, no desire to work with the majority in good faith.

There’s a precedent for all this. In effect, we’ve now become 17th-century Poland.
Well, here's what I wrote last year, Turning the US Congress in the Sejm, referencing The Golden Freedom:
The Golden Freedom, which the magnates defended with every bit of chicanery and power they commanded, was the freedom of the few to oppress the many... ~ James A. Michener's, Poland
In the novel Poland, Michener describes how the "incredible liberum veto, by which one man in a Seym (parliament) of hundreds could negate and prorogue the entire work of the Seym by merely crying 'I oppose!' was a major cause of Poland's disapperance from the map of Europe".

This isn't even symbolic of the "debate" over Healthcare Reform today. Because, the Republicans are moving towards a Liberum Veto of their own, they call it "Bipartisanship", by declaring 51 votes in the Senate is unacceptable, the filibuster 60 is not enough and the total should be 75-80 to pass Healthcare Reform.

Why? They Object! Not that they object to Government run health care, that's what every member in Congress enjoys, a lifetime of tax payer funded care by the best physicians and hospitals in the Nation. No they object because much like in Michener's novel a group is using them to block reform. Because that reform will diminish the huge profits made off of denying care to Un-Real Americans.
Richard Shelby who has used American Money to court and invite Foreign Run Corporations into the United States and has set himself up as a Medieval Polish Aristocrat Objects! He's got a clenched fist full of foreign money jammed up his ass for whom he will hurt the United States and the American People. But, it doesn't matter to the entitled Republicans, the lives and welfare of the American People fall short to their Prime Goal: Mission Accomplishment; that Mission being the enrichment of themselves, their cronies and the Corporate Masters whom they dutifully serve.

Odd and Sod

So, several stories have caught my eye but I've been too busy to fully flesh them out. So enjoy or deride these bon mots:

The biblical quotes on the rifle scopes. Everyone in the military knows the Killers for Christ have been working to subvert and dominate the US military for decades. The most recent news that made it to Americans ears highlights the intolerant Inquisitors who prowl the Air Force intimidate and enforce fundamentalism on Americans. Why do these xhristian zealots subvert the military? Probably for something "silly" like pushing the US into the Middle East, say Iraq, for the purpose of destabilizing the region and causing a general war which will encompass Israel and signal the end times when a xhristian Zealot or muslim Wacko tries to detonate a nuke.

The Who Remnants are playing* the Super Bowl Halftime Show. While I adore The Who's music it's been 40 years since their albums dominated the music scene. It's time for new blood and 21st century musicians. It's not as if, Y.A Tittle and George Blanda are the quarterbacks...

Republicans hate Americans and every Corporation or Industry that doesn't work hand-in-hand with them. When President Obama saved American jobs and the US Automotive Industry, Republicans were outraged because Auto workers vote The Democratic Party since all Americans know Republicans would kill them for joy or work them to death if Conservatives had their druthers. Then when Toyotas started killing Americans Republicans created a Conspiracy Theory that President Obama was unfairly targeting Toyota despite the massive Toyota defects and automotive failures. If Republicans can't control you they want you dead.

Chicken Hawk Bigot Tom Tancredo goes out of his way to show Conservatism=Birtherism=Racism, by demanding "Literacy Tests" in order to vote, because after all if all of Them were as learned as Tancredo they would Support Tancredo for President! And here's Tancredo running away from Markos Moulitsas. Which makes sense since Tancredo ran away from military service when Vietnam could have used him.

Michele Bachmann is a despicable person who actively tries to incite the conservative rabble to violence. Her latest lie-a-thon includes this loaded language:
Dear Fellow Conservative,
Will you let Barack Obama KILL conservatism?
The only thing 'killing' conservatism is the Truth as more Americans became aware of the vast fraud that is conservatism which the Republicans have been perpetrating on the country.

And because of the ilk like Tancredo, Bachmann, Palin et al self identifying Republicans believe Barack Obama is a Kenyan Socialist who should be Impeached...

Disaffected and it Feels So Good: Toyota Republicans favorite Cars
Dump Michele Bachmann: Reeds Campaign Uses Michele Bachmann's ACU Fundraising Letter Against Bachmann

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Watergate Jr: Breitbart is running scared

Andrew Breitbart is a quivering mass of frightened chicken hawk flesh right now. His young male ward, the Domestic Terrorist James O'Keefe, is about to bring him down into a criminal conspiracy.

Breitbart as a punk ass bitch conservative immediately went on the attack (Eric Holder! ACORN! DoJ Conspiracy! Media Conviction! Underwear!) in an attempt to enlist the aid of other immoral anti-human conservatives and to rouse his rabid actively ignorant rabble, when his plan to interfere with the communications system of a sitting US Senator and member of Homeland Security went awry.

However, when asked about the specific charges pending against the 4 Conservative Domestic Terrorists Breitbart states "I"m not here to get into the details..." Of course not! Because your young male ward and cowardly conservative accomplices are guilty and O'Keefe is going to bring you down.

As a cop I know criminals and Andrew Breitbart has Piece of Shit Criminal written all over his face. When a criminal case has no chance of touching a p.o.s. criminal they relax and don't even think about the case.

But, when a criminal is guilty as O'Keefe, Flanagan, Dai, Basel and Breitbart are in Watergate Jr, they shout and rave and throw up as many distractions and obfuscation as possible in order to divert attention from themselves and their guilt.

Maybe I should start calling the violently stupid conservative's who support these Criminals "O'Kweefers" to highlight their connection to such conservative strains of thought as Birtherism.

As a shock to no one, Domestic Terrorist James O'Keefe is a Racist. O'Keefe attended and was involved in a White Supremacist Forum held on August 30, 2006 in Arlington, VA.

You see to hypocrite conservatives legal rules apply only to Henry Louis Gates, ACORN and the Black Panthers not to lilly white chicken hawks.

Links (Read them)

Playing the Blame Game in the SOTU Address: Who did it? [Progressive Eruptions]
"To understand the State of the Union, we must look not only at where we are and where we’re going but where we’ve been. The situation at this time last year was truly ominous."
Palin: Let's Merge The Tea Party And GOP [Talking Points Memo]
"You Betcha! They need to merge," Palin said. "Definitely, they need to merge."
A tiny sliver of reality about presidents and debt [Open Left]
It's not just that Republicans are "fiscally irresponsible." It's that they're constantly using Keyensian-style deficit spending to drive the economy, all the while claiming that what's driving the economy is the "free market forces" they've "unleashed."
Why Aren't Conservatives Funny? The Teabuggers. [Gawker]
Maybe it's because absurdity and hypocrisy — staples of political humor — are far more prevalent on the right. If a family-values conservative gets caught with a wide-stance in an airport bathroom stall, or claims to be "hiking the Appalachian trail" when he's in fact schtupping the Argentinian woman, that is amusing.
A Bullet in the Heart is Worth Two in the Bush [Ranger Against War]
The US Marine Corps has contracted 800,000 ACOG's at $660 Million USD ($825 per unit in 800,000 lots) for the USMC. Not such a good deal when the catalog lists them at $792-$836 for lots of one, depending on the mounting system.
The Psychology of Power: Absolutely Power corrupts, but it corrupts only those who think they deserve it [The Economist]
These results, then, suggest that the powerful do indeed behave hypocritically, condemning the transgressions of others more than they condemn their own. Which comes as no great surprise, although it is always nice to have everyday observation confirmed by systematic analysis. But another everyday observation is that powerful people who have been caught out often show little sign of contrition. It is not just that they abuse the system; they also seem to feel entitled to abuse it.
O'Keefe/Breitbart: Felony Arrest, Manipulation of U.S. Senator's Phone Not What It Seems [Brad Blog]
But just imagine the years of outrage and endless repetition of the charges from the Rightwing media and their acolytes --- folks like Crazy Andy --- that would accompany four operatives allied with the Democratic Party, perpetrating a scheme to dress up as phony telephone company employees in order to access and manipulate the phone system in the office of a sitting Republican U.S. Senator.
Medieval Minds and the Plutocratic Plague [Glenn W. Smith at FireDogLake]
It takes more than a willingness to lie to convince Americans that health care reform is a communist plot or that Obama is an illegal alien. It takes contemporary political media more welcoming of artifice than truth. And, it takes money. No one disputes that right wing spending over the last 40 years has warped our political opinion environment. Their think tanks, television networks, publishers, hate-radio hosts and front groups dominate the message environment. But our reaction too often reminds me of Medieval Europeans’ reaction to the Plague.
Medical journal 'Lancet' retracts study linking vaccines to Autism [Too Bad the Damage has been done and the Anti-Vaxers are Resurgent]
The journal published the controversial paper by Andrew Wakefield and colleagues in 1998. That, in turn, prompted many British parents to abandon the vaccine, leading to a resurgence of measles.