Monday, October 30, 2023

Republicans Hate America 8: UAW, the Belvidere Illinois Assembly plant and revived Union Strength

In Union there is strength and Labor is prior to and independent of Capital.  - Abraham Lincoln or Karl Marx?

Republicans are furious they believed they had functionally killed Unions reducing them to a shell of their former selves via their Right-to-Work (For Less) Legislation and big Court rulings.

Here in Illinois for example, in the 2018 Janus Ruling, Republicans thought they had severed the roots of Union member solidarity and ushered in the slow withering of Unions.  It was only a matter of time before every worker would "choose" to not pay Union dues and Unions would slowly die.

TraitorTrump was a fan of the Janus Ruling as he's famous for not paying people who do work for him.

But, then the President Biden had to go and walk the picket line with the striking UAW members, and the stunned Corporate Media quickly tried to ham-handedly proclaim Actually BothSides love Union workers.

Well, the striking UAW has just won 3 successive victories for their members over the automakers, Ford, GM, and Stellantis.
Mr. Belvidere, site of the new Dodge Dakota
I drive past the Belvidere plant just south of Rockford occasionally and recall when the demonstration vehicles were removed from their little display hills in front.  Well now it's going to be a powerhouse for EV in Illinois;

“Eight months ago, Stellantis idled Belvidere Assembly Plant, putting 1,200 of our members on the street. From the strength of our strike, we are bringing back those jobs and more,” stated UAW Vice President Rich Boyer. “Stellantis is reopening the plant, and the company will also be adding over a thousand jobs at a new battery plant in Belvidere.”

According to the UAW, the new product at the plant will be a new mid-sized pickup truck. While many believed it would be a variant of the Brazilian-built compact Ram Rampage pickup, our sources have indicated that it could be a true successor to the popular Dodge Dakota.

UAW President Shawn Fain indicated that the new pickup would offer electrified and internal combustion engine (ICE) power. “We are bringing both combustion vehicle and battery jobs to Belvidere,” said Fain.

Shawn Fain is the type of Union leader we haven't seen in a while.  Every time he's been interviewed he stays on message and doesn't allow Corporate Media to interject their pro-plutocrat talking points into his interviews or get him to concede to their anti-Union stance. 

And this deal besides again showing President Biden's solidarity with Labor also highlights Governor J.B. Prtizker's continued leadership and investment in the people and state of Illinois,
With the announcement that United Auto Workers and Stellantis have reached a tentative agreement that’s good for workers and good for the state of Illinois, auto workers can get back on the job with higher wages, expanded benefits, and new and valuable opportunities in a growing industry.  
For over two years, I have been laser-focused on working toward a permanent solution in Belvidere that retains and grows good-paying jobs, while supporting economic development in the surrounding region. Since the plant was idled in February, we’ve provided support to furloughed auto workers, while concurrently leading a collaborative effort with local officials and legislators to craft aggressive incentives that position Illinois at the forefront of the EV manufacturing industry. Thanks to that collaboration and the passage of the Climate and Equitable Jobs Act and the Reimagining Energy and Vehicles Act, we are on the verge of significantly advancing that effort. 
I’ve been in constant contact with auto workers, Stellantis executives, UAW representatives, and the White House as the bargaining has unfolded, and I am delighted we are now on the verge of getting this done. I look forward to finalizing the state’s economic package and not only reopening the shuttered assembly plant in Belvidere to manufacture electric vehicles, but also co-locating a new battery production facility. This will be thousands of jobs, billions in investment, and a huge win for Illinois.
Once more Governor J.B. is everything the Corporate Media has tried to force us to believe Shrimpy Boots DeSantis is but, DeSantis is a Republican he hates America, his every policy has been to impoverish, harm, and kill people, while feeding his hateful degenerate base a steady diet of lies, bigotry, hatred, and racism.

The choice is clear; the Democratic Party and Leadership is for the American people and for a better standard of living while the Republican Party hates America; viscerally, intractability

Saturday, October 28, 2023

The Last Details of Mike Pence

Does this Rainbow make me look Gay?

“We're all put to the test... but it never comes in the form or at the point we would prefer, does it?”

I can not think of anyone other than Mike Pence who thought Mike Pence should be President.  So, it comes as no surprise that Mike Pence dropped out of the race.

Everyone recalls Pence playacting a tough guy stare across the DMZ with North Korea while wearing his leather jacket.  But, I think the time Pence sheepishly removed a water bottle in front of him because Trump moved his is the epitome of Mike's entire political career.

Pence benefited from the American tradition of elevating any white man above and beyond his ability, skills, or keen.  And make no mistake Pence was no hero when he was put to the test on Jan6th.  Pence yearned to find someone anyone (Why even Dan Quayle would suffice!) to tell him you can do this, you can overthrow the United States government and remain in power and it's nice and legal (or legal-ish as "George" "Santos" would say).  Instead after not using legerdemain to conduct an Autogolpe, Pence has spent the last 2+ years trying to ridiculously navigate the space between approving the Jan6th rioters calling for his hanging and wooing the Trumpublican mob despite their utter abject hatred for him for failing to deliver the goods.

Part of Mike Pence's appeal to voters was his claim he and Trump would have reneged on the deal to withdraw US Troops from Afghanistan and kept forces in the country.  How that would have worked with the Taliban back in political power is anyone's guess but, when you're concocting fantasy scenarios in your head like RINO Mike Pence well there you go.  Of course, part of Pence's Afghanistan bullshit is to reinforce the nonsense about the 2021 withdrawal being a calamitous calamity of such proportion heretofore never seen in the history of the US and world and to downplay the Trump administration's culpability.

Additionally, Pence cosponsored the AUMF for George W(orst Ever) Bush's invasion of Iraq so it's unsurprising he was still in favor of staying in America's longest war just like Liz Cheney, whom some blind liberals actually believed was on the side of the Democrats instead of being the viper who wants to return the Republican Party to the snobbish bigotry and concealed hatred of the Other.

Anyway good bye forever to Mike Pence we now only have to deal with his devious brother in Indiana.

Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Shall Not Be Infringed 11: Chicago violence moves to Lewiston, Maine because these things don't happen in a Small Town

Luna-tic & “Santos” with AR-15 pins 
Understand quite clearly that Republicans will do nothing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about these mass shootings because 1) the random terrorism is the point and 2) Republicans plan to unleash their gun-toting white men to overthrow President Biden when he wins in 2024.

It won't take more than a few seconds of searching to find some gun humping fanatic screaming CHICAGO! CHICAGO!  CHICAGO! and the shooter is a Liberal In response to the latest bearded middle aged, white man, zealous consumer of right wing social media, armed with a super tricked out AR-15 shooting 100 people, with 16 confirmed dead already;
At least 16 people have been killed in shootings in Lewiston, Maine, a law enforcement official said, based on initial information gathered by first responders at three locations. Dozens more were injured, said the person, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. Authorities were trying to locate Robert Card, 40, a “person of interest” who they said should be regarded as armed and dangerous. The death toll, which could rise, is the largest from a mass shooting this year.  
The Central Maine Medical Center in Lewiston says it is responding to a "mass casualty, mass shooter event," and is coordinating with area hospitals to take in patients. The hospital has not shared specifics on the numbers of casualties. 
Lewiston police say the target of the manhunt is connected to shootings at least two locations — including Schemengees Bar and Grille, and Sparetime Recreation, a bowling alley...
This details of this shooting in Maine are almost irrelevant...  Except of course, to the dead, and to their loved ones, and to the hundreds of people traumatized by this and to the thousands of people every year dealing with physical pain and to the hundreds of thousands of people dealing with the psychological aftermath, and to the entire Nation which lives in a constant state of doom and PTSD.

But, as long as one party is fanatically devoted to the political power and money they get from the NRA and Firearms Manufacturing Industry;  This will not stop.  Let's look at the this years NRA report on the organizations efforts to undermine Law&Order in Maine

The NRA article mentions how thanks to their lobbying the Maine Senate "killed" this bill and "Killed" that bill.

In fact, almost every article under the Legal & Legislation topic on the NRA site uses gun violence language to celebrate their defeating the laws Americans overwhelmingly want passed.
Reportedly, after the 2019 El Paso Mass Shooting Trump asked, “What are we going to do about assault rifles?”  “Not a damn thing,” Mick Mulvaney, Acting chief of staff, replied.

The Tree of Liberty has received its' daily refreshment of blood, Robert Card is still at large.  His status in the Pantheon of Second Amendment Heroes is assured and will inspire future rightwing domestic terror attacks.

And joy, our new Speaker of the House, the inexperienced but, eager Fascist Fundamentalist Mike Johnson voted against Biden's gun law and co-authored the oh so cleverly named PROTECT 2nd Amendment act, a Federal Law to allow tenants to carry their guns anywhere in common areas of rental property and not be denied renting because of the guns!  Because that's the problem with housing shortage...

Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Republicans hate America 7: Turn off that Speaker; Shut Down the Government!

"BALLS": The Heckler's Veto is in the Constitution
As the House Republicans continue to embarrass themselves, endanger America, and empower the worst enemies of the Nation with their perfidious incompetence, active ignorance, and outright hostility let us not deny what's happening here; Republicans hate America and want the Nation to fail, so they can replace the current iteration of the United States with a simulacrum, a Feudal Slave State held aloft by the Republican pillars of fundamentalist oppression, white supremacy, and rightwing domestic terrorism.

The stories emerging this morning, today, and tonight highlight how far into nihilistic buffoonery the Republicans party has descended.

However, in reality the dysfunction in the House accomplishes a prime goal of the shutting down the operation of the Government.  Republicans consistently do this (sometimes spectacularly e.g. January 6th) because Republicans hate America.

Republicans don't want a working Government and don't want America to be a functioning Nation.  Therefore, Republicans no longer have a governing ideology, or policy goals, and exist in a state of perpetual agitation, petulantly lashing out and nursing their hatred, anger and bigotry.  There is only one animating principle the modern Republicans can coalesce around which are Tax Cuts for the Rich and Tax Increases for the Poor and Middle Class.  My taxes went up, because of the Tax Plan the Trump/Republican Government from 2017 concocted.  It wasn't an oversight or a freakish confluence of factors but, a specific policy goal; one of the few things the Republicans can agree on.

The goal of all Republican governments is to shift the burden of the Nation onto the backs of the working and middle class until it becomes so onerous they are broken by it and everyone in the country is reduced to Penury and Corporate Peonage.  The Republican Party also knows the more they aid the obscene wealthy in hiding their ill-gotten lucre the more money will trickle into their campaign coffers.

Certainly, groups like The Federalist Society or the Heritage Foundation have some other goals in mind;  installing judges who roll back the Progressive Era and the political gains of the everyday Americans, and rolling back regulations on businesses or the Inflation Reduction Act or Obamacare.

But, this generation was raised on the bitter milk of Rush Limpballs and the non-stop lies of Faux News.   So, each tepid white Republican lines up in turn to be ritually humiliated and get fewer and fewer (or less and less) votes from their erstwhile party members.  These public humilations might be humorous if the world wasn't engulfed in flames in Ukraine and Palestine and if Americans weren't going to face numerous problems and set up by the rapacious Corporate vultures who look to fill in the void left by Republicans self-nullification.

Foxx: The OG MTG
The Republican Treason Caucus held their press conference to declare Mike Johnson of Louisiana is their next choice; which makes sense since he's a Fascist fundamentalist, the type I've been warning you about.  Anyway when Johnson was asked about his not inconsequential efforts to overturn American democracy and install Traitor Trump through bureaucratic legerdemain, the OG Major Traitor Greene, Virginia FoXXX reminded everyone of what a nasty bitter person she is by screaming "SHUT UP! SHUT UP!", much to the amusement of her male Republican colleagues.

40 years ago Ronald Reagan personally murdered Marines

Notice no US Grant, Lincoln would
cut these traitors in half with his Axe,
Teddy would stomp Trump
And Ike would have them Shot
Ronald Reagan claimed for years he had fought in combat against the Nazis and told people, including Israel's Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir and famous Nazi Hunter Simon Wiesenthal, he had liberated Death Camps.  None of that was true as Ronnie Raygun and his All-Time Co-Champion Chickenhawk coward John Wayne specifically dodged serving overseas during World War II.

The joy of being a conservative is having No Memory.  So as we continue the kabuki dance of Republicans blaming all their failures on Democratic Administrations let us take a solemn moment to remember the day when Ronnie Raygun the biggest coward, most evil prick to ever sit in the White House, abandoned the Untied States Marine Corps.

No, this isn't a post about how Chicken Hawk Coward and Stolen Valor Liar Reagan claimed to have liberated Concentration Camps in Germany even though he never really served during World War 2.  Or how he let Ollie North take the blame for Raygun’s illegal Iran-Contra criminal conspiracy.  No, it's about how Ronnie Raygun was so addled and so out of touch that he specifically put Marines in harm's way and ordered them not to be able to defend themselves.

Today is the 40th Anniversary of the Beirut Marine Corps Baracks bombing.  There were Two separate truck bomb Terrorist Attacks in Beirut in 1983.  On April 18, 1983 the Beirut Embassy Car Bombing killed 17 Embassy personnel (and 46 Lebanese) and the follow on Truck Bombing attack 6 months later on October 23, 1983 at the US Barracks in Beirut killed 241 Marines, Soldiers and Sailors. The most despicable thing is the attacks followed the same tactics because the Terrorists knew the Embassy Marine Guards were barred by Ronald Reagan from having ammo at their posts.

The Marine Gate Guards were barred from having ammo at their posts.  It makes it extra ironic that Mitt R-Money claimed the US Military was out of bullets during his dishonorable run at President Barack Obama in 2012.  And of course, Traitor Trump often claimed the military didn't have bullets cause President BaBlack OBlackma stole them for his Chicago gangbangers to use. 

I know proximity makes one believe Trump is the worst President in United States history but, Reagan still probably has the best claim on being the worst.  Followed closely by that other draft dodging warmongering villain George W(orst POTUS) Bush.

Make no mistake, Trump is right now the gravest threat to the United States, because his second administration will be vicious, evil, and end American Democracy but, we have a chance to defeat him though he stands a 50/50 shot of eeking out an Electoral College "Victory"

"Macron, nice guy, he’s for France – I’m for us.  You know, you spell us right? You spell us U-S. I just picked that up. Has anyone ever thought of that? A couple of days [ago) I’m reading and it said us. And I said, you know, if you think about it, us equals U-S.  Now if we say something genius, they’ll never say it, you know, we get 25, 30, 40, 50, 80,000, 100,000 people to the speeches. They’ve never said Trump’s a great speaker.  I’ve never heard it… I said to my people, do you think they’ll ever acknowledge it?  I must be doing okay. Except I’m a very handsome person. So I guess a lot of you want… They want to sit look like a beauty pageant. It’s amazing.”

It truly is Amazing...  Remember sometimes there's No Justice, Just Us.  Because the U-S Trump is referring too are his willing cadre of nascent Fascist who yearn to round up millions of Americans and liquidate Us in camps.

Us and Them.  2024 is going to make the distinction very clear.

Thursday, October 19, 2023

The Israel Hamas "War" what a stupid thing and the Impossible double standard facing Democratic Presidents

Everyone has heard about the Faux News Grandpa Joseph Czuba, attacking a Palestinian mother and her 6 year old.  Apparently, according to his arrest report Czuba was a voracious consumer of rightwing propaganda and heard all about the "Muslim Day of Rage" relentlessly promoted by conservative liars. 

What a stupid thing...

All the rightwing liars who lied about 9/11, and the Global War on Terror, are back along with a new generation of rightwing liars and lying again...  In truth they never left.  I recall the conservative media pysop that a Thirty Thousand Strong Army of Hardened Antifa Soldiers were going to descend upon Gettysburg and attack "The Patriots" assembled there for the 4th of July re-enactment in 2020.  As if the Republicans who represent and venerate the Confederacy are the Heroes of Gettysburg.  The god awful Cook County Sheriff's Office disseminated a multi-department wide warning about the supposed Antifa operation and hundreds of Conservative Militias assembled to repulse the attack.

Of course, it goes back even further.  While the Ronnie Raygun administration was conducting their illegal arms trade to equip terrorists abroad (The Iran-Contra Affair) Ronnie and his brutal Secretary of State George P. Schultz fear-mongered that Sandanista's would invade Texas if we didn't support the rightwing death squads, ignore the result of elections, and quash the Marxists.

And, of course, conservatives continue to lie about who incited, who attended, and who was responsible for the Jan6th Coup Attempt (100% Republicans).

Now, I like President Biden.  I thought no matter what his Presidency shaped up to be, the mere fact he defeated Traitor Trump constituted a successful time in Office.  But, much to my surprise Joe Biden has been as progressive as any President in American history besides those who go by three initials.

That's why I can not imagine the fvcking ballistic fallout if a Democratic President denigrated Prime Minister Netanyahu and praised Hezbollah in the wake of the Hamas militant butchery the way Traitor Trump did.  I can not imagine the apocalyptic fury which would have descended on Biden; we're talking 24/7 Corporate Media coverage of the comments with demands the 25th Amendment to be invoked, hell the House Republicans might have been able to overcome their inherent dysfunction to elect a Speaker of the House for the sole purpose of calling for Immediate Impeachment.

Congresswoman Rashiba Tlaib has been widely denounced across the Nation for her correct analysis of the Israel/Palestine situation.  It highlights this incredible double-standard which afflicts the Corporate Media and the political climate in the United States (which of course impacts the response and coverage of the Russia invasion of Ukraine and the unconscionable Israeli retribution in Gaza).  Understand the warmongers are rapacious and never satisfied.  Certainly, the rightwing across the globe are irritated by Ukraine's defiance of Russia but, the War pornographers always salivate over the collateral damage inflicted in the Middle East.

So, is President Biden doing the right thing in the response to the violence in Palestine/Israel?  I don't know.  But, he has earned my trust with the policies he's enacted thus far.  He's earned my trust with the people he has surrounded himself in the Executive Cabinet.  He's earned my trust in handling the psychotic criminal Congress he's dealing with.  He's earned my trust with the way he's allowed Trump to flail and vent and incriminate himself further and further. 

Joe Biden ends the Drone program and the phony leftists (Glenn Greenwald et al) who screamed DroneZ were the worst war crime in recorded human history were silent then and continue to remain silent today.

Joe Biden pulled the US out of Afghanistan after 20 fucking years and not only did he not get any credit from anyone, the Corporate Media proclaimed this the worst military decision in United States history.  House Republicans were set upon hearings over this worst military failure to proclaim Afghanistan was all Joe Biden's fault but, they decided to punch each other in the dicks to shut down the Government instead.

Joe Biden works to cancel as much student debt as possible, which the Supremacist Court fights over and over to stop, and Biden catches flak from left for not doing it the right way and the right for doing it all.  Then he goes around the blocks erected by Sammy di Puzzi Alito and Clarence For Sale Thomas and still received little to no credit.

Joe Biden takes on Big Pharma price gouging of old people and nobody in the Corporate Media says anything because one of the last big advertisers on old people news are Pharmaceutical commercials.

The Supremacist Court guts the Clean Water Act protection for marshlands and waterways by claiming the Originalist reading of the Constitution Navigable Waters means Corporations are free to piss and dump whatever they want and the Corporate Media proclaims Biden's EPA cuts protection for waterways.

Meanwhile, Trump praises Hezbollah (confusing them with Hamas) because Trump is raging idiot while Biden declares support for Israel's 9/11 and collective shrug.  

Traitor Trump blubbers utter drivel these days, not that his sentence structure was ever coherent during his Presidency, but his babbling is chock full of farcical nonsense, grievances against President Barack Obama, praise for dictators, confusion over what Bush was President, attacks on witnesses and prosecutors and his usual collection of general gibberish.  It used to be Republican malapropisms were massaged by the Corporate Media who cleaned-up and sanitized the shit flowing from Republicans mouths.  It was thought as long as the Republican wasn't a diaper shitting madman he could be successfully carried along but, with Trump the Corporate Media couldn't make any of it make sense so the they decided they no longer cared and instead of trying to make Republican Clowns into Statesmen, they would enjoy the Circus.

It's an unfair system, the Media wants Trump back in office and they will continue to hold Joe Biden to an impossible standard while holding Trump and any Republican to no standards at all.

Republicans Hate America 6: Gym Jordan doesn't have a Jacket or the Votes to be Speaker of the House

Jordan Knew all about
the Sexual Absue
We take break from the on-going atrocity in Gaza to bring you the continuing saga of the Republicans can't Govern, mainly because they hate America but, also because Republicans believe Governmental dysfunction, gridlock, and failure serves their overall goal of destroying the United States and turning the country into a NeoConfederate Nation of oppression and inequality.

John Kaisch the Former Republican Governor and Congressman was brought onto the "liberal" MSNBC yesterday to give his views on the 1st vote for Speaker today, in which Gym Jordan received 200 votes. And just like clockwork, Jaisch blamed the Demmycrats!

Since Kaisch was in Congress, it sure would be nice if someone could ask him to name one (ONE!) Republican who voted for Nancy Pelosi for Speaker.  He can't because it has never happened.  And a minority party has never supported fully,  partially, or even singularly for the Speaker of the Party in control of the House.  Ever.  In the history of the United States Congress.

Yet, the savvy take and Corporate Media talking points continues to be blame the House Dysfunction on the Demmycrats! 
"And we can't seem to come to an agreement on a leader. It's a real problem. I mean at the end of the week here with all of this chaos among Republicans but much graver circumstances around the world, I actually have my eye on Democrats. How long are Democrats going to stand by in the world of identity politics and zero-sum politics, and not be part of any solution?" - CNN David Gregory
"We"... and Gregory has his "eye on Democrats".  How long will the Democrats cause this!  It's always time for BothSides and even so I Blame the Demmycrats!  David Gregory was of course a big lover of George W. Bush's Global War on Terror fiascoes and couldn't help but dance and rap with Karl Rove during the height of the Iraq War.  Gregory also asks if the regular folk, the common clay of the west, are "wondering whether Washington has the ability to do their job".  It's always "Washington" writ large when Republicans are miserable failures, it's always Look at those Clowns in Congress!  Those Clowns sure are Clowns!  

The Corporate Media will justify, rationalize, whatbaout, both sides, and do everything in their power to defend and support the Republican Party.  It's their raison d'être  To make the Republican Party perfidy palatable and to obscure the truth of the Republican agenda of oppression, hatred, bigotry, intolerance, and adulation of the rich.

What's absolutely hilarious are the same Republicans who laughed and joked, enjoyed Paul Pelosi injuries and made snide remarks about how GAAAAY Paul Pelosi is and his GAAAAY tryst became violent ha-ha-ha-ha GAAAY!  Are now, facing death threats from conservatives for not supporting Gym Jordan 
Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks of Iowa said in a statement that she has “received credible death threats and a barrage of threatening calls” after flipping her speaker vote from Jordan on Tuesday to House Appropriations Chairwoman Kay Granger on Wednesday. New York Rep. Nick LaLota, meanwhile, shared in a social media post a message he received that told him to “go f**k yourself and die.” 
Rep. Steve Womack of Arkansas said his office has been flooded with calls and there’s been “lots of profanity,” but “no real substantive threats,” while Nebraska Rep. Don Bacon’s wife received menacing text messages.
Ha-ha-ha! Fuck you!  FUCK ALL YOU FUCKING REPUBLICANS!  Right now the twerp Speaker Pro Tempore Pat McWeenie has scheduled a 3rd vote for Jordan but, it seems the Republicans are coalescing around the idea of giving the Speaker Pro Tempore a raft of expanded powers.  This seems to be an extra-constitutional powers because Republicans are at the same time an unserious group whose evil actions have serious consequences for Americans.

The key understanding which can never be uttered is: Republicans hate America.  They have no interest in Government doing anything.  Republicans hold office to engage in lurid shit- flinging and ratfvcking.
Meanwhile, Hakeem Jeffries continues to get every vote by the Democratic members of the House.

Tuesday, October 17, 2023

The al-Ahli Baptist Hospital Massacre* & Israeli War Crimes continue

"When you dehumanize, it allows you to kill
your enemy and no longer feel guilty about it,"
- Dr. James Forsher 2003 
The American and Israeli thirst for blood won't be sated, satiated, or satisfied anytime soon.  The Xitter chatter was that President Biden and Secretary Blinken are pushing for the IDF and the Fascist bloodthirsty Netanyahu Likud government to at least pause after this first week plus of indiscriminate bombings.

Whether or not President Biden was going to be able to accomplish this is now moot because his just announced diplomatic trip was cancelled due to the massacre at the Gaza Hospital.

A Glorious military success...
Errr, no it wasn't Us!

Was the Hospital blown up by an Israeli airstrike?  It seems Israeli forces were celebrating their successful air strike to kill a number of terrorists... until the images began coming out and the scope of death and destruction became evident.  Right now the number of deaths stands at 500. 

Al-Jazerra claims their digital video analysis conclusively shows the Israeli air strike.  The response from the Israeli government has been less than accurate and I think it's probable the Israeli Air Force blew up the Hospital and now is using the fog of war, deliberate misinformation, and the bigotry to conceal their culpability and deny responsibility. 

Drats! You caught us!
Well, we'll just try again...
Sadly, the IDF might very well be able to rely on the various members of the American populace and elected Republicans to continue to push the total lie about the IDF being the "most moral military" whilst simultaneously gleefully pushing for Israel to commit full-scale Genocide.  The key of course, is many warmongers have declared Hamas is responsible for everything that happens so even if the IDF made the strike, well those people are dead because of Hamas anyway.  

As far as I'm concerned, Israel can bounce the rubble in Gaza.

Even though the IDF will always claim it was a rocket from "Islamic Jihad" or whomever, and many who blindly support Israel will never believe any claim from Hamas or the UN or any agency.  While, the god's eye truth of this doesn't matter in terms of the carnage from this attack, the upcoming short term loss of life, and the future growth of Extremists on both sides, ultimately the Israeli government bears the responsibility because they decided to launch military operations into an urban environment. 

Monday, October 16, 2023

Never Again for ME... "But" Israeli War Crimes for Thee. The Second Nakba

"Burn them all," he said "Burn them in their homes. Burn them in their beds.  Burn them all."  

Unfortunately we don't have a Jamie Lannister to save the Gaza people from the fury of the IDF and the Israeli Government...

“It is an entire nation out there that is responsible,” Israeli President Isaac Herzog said at a press conference on Friday. “It is not true this rhetoric about civilians not being aware, not involved. It’s absolutely not true. They could have risen up. They could have fought against that evil regime which took over Gaza in a coup d’etat.”

The entire nation is responsible...

The fear and terror the Israelis suffered last weekend has in one week already led to a total abandonment of humanity, a rush to collectively punish people already oppressed by the Israeli Government and Hamas, and sadly War Crimes.  The blood lust and mindless rush to inflict overwhelming violence shows no sign of abating and the Ground War is now slowly and methodically being prepared.  Look, unlike in a real War the IDF can take it's time because it's build-up doesn't put it any danger of being attacked by an actual army.  The continuing rocket attacks are a tactical nuisance but, convey no operational impediment.  So, then what is the strategy for the Israeli Government and it's military?  Because...

Meanwhile, IDF forces blew up a convoy of innocent civilians, who were evacuating per Israeli Likud instructions on a roadway.  The IDF denies it was their missile strike but, the BBC claims they have verified it was the IDF and not a Hamas bomb.

Meanwhile, illegal settlement in the West Bank and violence against Palestinians not in Gaza increases.

Meanwhile Israel has ordered 1 million Gazan's leave the North and instructed the Palestinians to relocate themselves into refugee camps in the Sinai desert and live in tents...

Meanwhile, anger over the killing of children in Israel apparently resulted in a 6 year old being stabbed to death for the crime of being Muslim.  Did this 71 year old Polish man became an angry Faux News Grandpa when he decided to choke and stab a Palestinian woman who fled the West Bank a decade ago and then kill her US born son?  

If you are against Israeli War Crimes be prepared to face violence here.  Republican Council Member Inna Vernikov, decided to openly display her handgun and call protestors Terrorists.

While, American Jewish people have apparently been shocked, saddened, upset, and outraged at the response by college students and various other inconsequential people, President Biden and Secretary's Anthony Blinken and Lloyd Austin have given the full-support of the United States to Israel.  With that support as well as vocal support from very angry Billionaires the IDF is planning a so-called full-scale combined "Air, Sea, and Land" assault on the people of Gaza.

So...  I ask when can we tell Israel to stop?  Because it absolutely appears the military operation in Gaza has the strategic goal to kill or displace every Palestinian.  But, to ask the question is to find yourself the target of a coordinated on-line social media campaign which labels anyone pleading for Israel to show some restraint an anti-semite at best, but more likely, a Jew-Hating Nazi full-throated defender of Hamas and the brutality of the attacks who wants every Jew to be slaughtered.

The very simple explanation for this is such accusations place the person on the defensive so their next response has to be 'Obviously I condemn and denounce Hamas' and thereby shut down any rational discourse on the response of IDF and the Israeli government.  Israeli supporters then proclaim they don't support Netanyahu but, put the onus back on those requesting restraint by making the entire response an open-ended campaign in which the Palestinian suffering and ethnic cleansing is a fait accompli.

Displacement and the replacement of everyone in Gaza with Israelis along with mass destruction of the "infrastructure" seems to be the military operation here.  Collective Punishment for 2 Million people, Never Again began in 1948 and 75 years later it's happening again...

Thursday, October 12, 2023

The 40 Beheaded Babies will be the Rallying Cry for the Genocide of Gaza

Israel's 9/11

That's a terrible analogy and one we shouldn't ignore because the horrific assault by Hamas Militants on October 7th is not going to be met by targeted retaliation but by an open-ended War against every Palestinian and multiple Muslim nations while the people invoking the Terrorist attacks of 9/11 are following the invocation with blood-thirsty calls to eradicate every Muslim.  "Flatten Gaza"...

Also, Republicans are getting real mad they can't proclaim Biden is Responsible because he didn't say the MAGIC WORDS of 

🎩Radical Islamic Terrorism🎩

the cry Faux News and the Republican Party led against President Barack HUSSEIN Obama!  Barack HUSSEIN Obama! Barack HUSSEIN Obama!

Israel has bombed Syrian locations.  Israel has bombed the border between Egypt and Gaza.  The IDF itself reports it has dropped 6000 in 6 days.  I mean how many more do they get to drop?  10,000?  50,000? 2,200,000 one bomb for everyone in Gaza?  Is the Israeli response unlimited? Yep, because 40 Beheaded Babies.

I'm afraid the retaliation and violence won't have any defined end other than, "Defeat the Terrorists".  The Global War on Terror returns for another open-ended run.  The US is already shipping 250lb "precision" bombs and JDAM conversion kits to upgrade older munitions into so-called smart bombs.

Any time anyone states perhaps the aerial bombardments obliterating entire city blocks should stop, on-line trolls and blood-thirsty keyboard killers will declare you are in league with Hamas and support beheading babies.  There is a large contingent which apparently believes Israel gets to drown Gaza in blood and Israel also gets to decide when enough blood has been shed.

And now Israel has ordered over 1 Million people to move out of North Gaza inside the next 24 hours.  The UN response correctly points out this is an impossible demand and declared it will cause an unspeakable humanitarian crisis.  To which Israel says too bad.

"Now, instead of standing by Israel, whose citizens were slaughtered by Hamas terrorists... it preaches to Israel.  It is better for the UN to focus now on returning the hostages, condemning Hamas, and supporting Israel's right to defend itself,” Gilad Erdan, Israel's ambassador to the UN.

How is this acceptable? Because 40 Beheaded Babies.  How can anyone expect the people to grab enough food, water, medicine, clothing in 24 hours?  Because 40 Beheaded Babies.  What happens to the people who don't leave?  Who cares because 40 Beheaded Babies.  Israel's Right-to-Defend Itself and the 40 Beheaded Babies is going to be an all-time Trump card to commit open-ended Genocide against the Palestinian people.

The absolute Righteousness of the Israeli cause will justify everything that follows.

Steppenwolf presents: Sanctuary City

 Sanctuary City is the latest play put on Steppenwolf's main stage production, while also being part of their young adult series.

The play by Martyna Majok and directed by Steph Paul (a first generation Haitian American) deals with a pair of Dreamers in that early part of the 21st century as their lives are complicated by the events of September 11.  

The striking aspect of the first act was the return to the concept of Steppenwolf as an experimental theater in this regard both the stage design and presentation.

In the first act, the blue rectangle stage has no adornments and no materials at all.  The first act was frenetic as the two young main characters are left to illustrate their high school relationship via body placement, lighting choices, and movement.  I didn't know how they would keep up such a bouncing energetic pace but, the second act added a love seat, end table, and two-person kitchen table and a third character.  Obviously, at odds with the furniture being made for two.

Thinking about it, I realized the first act represented childhood, a set without bounds, even if the characters face terrible lives.  Now neither character states which country they immigrated from as children with their mother's The male character "B" would seem to be from the Caribbean and the female character "G" would seem to be Mexican.  G faces physical abuse from her mother's boyfriend and B's mother leaves the States having overstayed her Visa by 9 years, leaving him to try and work and get good grades in school, even though scholarships and college are denied to him by his immigration status.

The second act clearly represents the more grounded and limitations imposed by adulthood.  There's even a moment when G hides a birthday cake in the fridge for B (whom she is more or less feeding with her leftovers from work) and he becomes crestfallen as we realize he's 18 now and an adult.

Perhaps more importantly, are the unspoken two choices the characters face;  each character is put to the test of choosing Love or Home.  Even the off-screen mother characters make the choice.  B's mother returning to her Home country and G's mother choosing Love, by leaving her abusive boyfriend only to fall in with another man (who may or may not be abusive) as G bluntly states, 'She can't keep a dick out of that woman'. 

This is another aspect the playwright and actors get absolutely correct, the blunt and often brutal language which doesn't feel like stilted dialogue written for a play.

There is a very dualistic aspect to this play, which is absolutely complicated by the introduction of Henry into the adult second act.  G and B come up with a perhaps childish plan to get fake married int he first act.  And we find out in the second act, G has become frightened of the plan as she nears graduation from "Boston".  But, during the planning phase for the past 3.5 years the two have practiced their answers to questions of how, where, and why they became romantically involved.

But, G has found out B has a partner Henry and she's returned home to confront the situation.  By that action G, tells B she has chosen him and Love even if it's a sham marriage and B is gay.  She tells him she's choosing love even if it isn't romantic love.  This is illustrated quite brilliantly when G answers the question of 'When did your relationship turn romantic',  B stumbles over the answer but G gives a moving description of having claimed into his bedroom to escape another beating and recalls laying in bed with him and feeling his breathe on the back of her neck.  Just excellent.

B, however, has been living with Henry for a couple of years, which she hasn't told G about and B and Henry have had fights over this.  Around Thanksgiving it appears one of the fights turned physical as Henry defensively asserts 'couples fight' and he stole B's shoes to keep him from leaving, but B did leave and called G and that's when she says she's never heard him make sounds like that.  I'm betting that Henry has been physically abusive and B not having the coping skills from childhood could not handle it the way G had done throughout High School.

Again G came down and choose love for B.  And now we come to the tragedy of B, he wants Love but he also wants Home and he feels the situation is criminally unfair that he is being forced to choose.  Home is the United States and Love is Henry, but he can't accept the love represented by G.  So, B comes up with a last second plan for Henry to move with him but Henry balks and obviously chooses Home (i.e. the United States) over Love and tells B the choice has to be his and leaves the stage saying while it's unfair he didn't set up the parameters.

And G leaves so B remains with neither Home nor Love.

Drunken Van Orden strikes again as he drunkenly lashes out at briefing on Israel/Palestine situation

Drunk Again

Notorious raging abusive alcoholic Derrick Van Orden is a disgrace to the United States House of Representatives, and considering this gaggle of traitors, goons, grifters, and bigots that is quite an achievement.

Drunken Van Orden seems to believe his buffoonish tours of duty as a US Navy Seal qualify him as an expert on the burgeoning Humanitarian crisis in Gaza, the butchery of the Hamas Militants on October 7th, and the 75 year Israeli occupation of Palestine.

So, during a briefing Drunken Van Orden was a profane belligerent asshole yet again

Van Orden reportedly interrupted a congressional briefing by White House officials on the unfolding conflict between Israel and Hamas, cursing at the presenters, calling them “pathetic,” and yelling “fuck you” at Rep. Dean Phillips (D-Minn.), according to Politico. Phillips, a Jewish Democrat, had reportedly interjected into Van Orden’s verbal tirade with an exclamation of “shame on you.”   

“He was rude and attacked the presenters,” Rep. Judy Chu (D-Calif.) told Politico. “I thought they had very substantive things to say. But he just had this blanket attack saying that ‘this is the worst information I’ve ever had’ …

Rep. Jason Crow (D-Colo.) reportedly apologized to the presenters for Van Orden’s behavior. Van Orden’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Rolling Stone. 

I'm 100% certain Drunk Van Orden knows nothing of the Nakba, the Right-of-Return, the Netanyahu/Likud destruction of any political solution and policy of supporting Hamas, let alone the current situation on the ground.  Just like when George W. Bush didn't know the difference between Shia and Sunni Islam, Van Orden like all Republicans doesn't know Shit from Shinola. 

Although, Van Orden might know something of unlawful killing of civilians and Terrorists attacks, as he participated in Jan6th.  But, with his non-stop profanity laced tirades he's a disgraceful Representative for Wisconsin although these days all Republicans are a disgrace and hurtful to the Nation.  Perhaps, in Van Orden's case  it's CTE, perhaps he thinks it's tough ooh-rah leadership but, more than likely Drunken Van Orden is a shameful reminder to all Americans of the out-of-control, booze-fueled, violent serviceman undermining the highest tradition of the United States Naval Service. 

I'd recommend reading the Al Jazeera Opinion page for some viewpoints most American and Western news media coverage won't tell you or this Slate interview with Peter Beinart;

Ultimately, Israel doesn’t have a military problem. It has a political problem. It has a human problem. And the problem is that you have these millions of people—most of them are not from Gaza. Most of them are the family of refugees that were forced out of their homes in Israel when Israel was created. And if they don’t have the ability to live a dignified, decent life, then many of them are going to try to make sure that Israeli Jews can’t live safe and dignified lives.

but, Drunken Van Orden is probably downing his 7th Brandy Old Fashioned.downing his 7th Brandy Old Fashioned.

Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Meanwhile in America, Republicans see Gaza as a useful model for their Political Violence

Well to do Conservatives use
Guns and Teslas for Terrorism

“I don’t think Israel can be expected to co-exist or find some diplomatic off-ramp with these savages. These are people, as you’ve been reporting that deliberately targeted teenage girls, women and children and the elderly, not just for rape and murder and then dumping thei bodies off in the streets of Gaza where the crowds can then defile their lifeless bodies. They’re just horrifying things. We don’t know the full extent of it yet. There’s more to come in the days and weeks ahead. You can’t co-exist with that. They have to be eradicated.” - Senator Marco Rubio

Republicans are getting real, real comfortable with eliminationist rhetoric.  Political violence is happening in America and Republicans are not only encouraging it they are doing it.

The encirclement, walls, snipers, blockade, indiscriminate missile strikes, denial of basic necessities, and other techniques of a slow-grinding ethnic cleansing of Gaza is the model Republicans wish to emulate against "Democrat" cities.

Understand, Republicans have been telling their voters for years that Democrats execute babies ("ripped from the womb") in a gruesome fashion reminiscent of the recent Hamas atrocity.  They've convinced their followers that BLM, and Antifa, and the fentanyl smuggling migrants from Mexico* are massing in "Democrat" cities with the full intention of sallying forth and killing whites throughout the Nation.

I'm certain Republicans would use Escape from New York as a model for their plans to control blue state cities, except for the fact, that blue state cities provide all the money for red states and without the economic engines of major Democratic cities and states, Republican controlled states would be impoverished ShitHole Nations.

Meanwhile, over the last 40 years there has been a slow undermining of America; you gerrymander cities by slicing up sections and then drowning them with rural exurbs, you flood the Nation with guns, you hollow out the manufacturing and industrial base, you underfund schools, you impose draconian drug laws, which you prosecute in a wholly unequal fashion.

However, you can see and hear the yearning for an organized, methodical application of State-sponsored violence to be directed at the people Republicans hate.  In the meantime, Republicans will continue to embolden "Lone Wolves" through repetition repetition repetition of lies and agitprop of cat litter boxes in classrooms, Transgender grooming teachers, babies being born and slaughtered by crazed Democrats because Republicans know this non-stop flood of disinformation eventually leads to a stochastic terror attack.

These 4 recent incidents, by no means the only ones, highlight the escalating violence just oozing from Republicans and their rightwing drones;

For a while, Republicans have been barely satisfied with civilian rightwing violence directed at the the enemies of MAGA but, multiple Paramilitary conservative terror groups exist now and their bloodlust won't be satiated by a few shots fired at an Indigenous protest or at a Planned Parenthood building.  They and many elected Republicans want state-sanctioned and state-enforced violence against "the Left".  

As to Israel/Palestine there is a very sad phenomenon here in America, in which the erstwhile Left eats itself either in unthinking reflexive blame or unthinking reflexive support of Israel.  There is no corollary amongst Republicans who have decided for electoral reasons to defend Israel's activities no matter what.  It's long been noted that American Jewish people and Israelis themselves have no trouble ascribing blame.  But, here any mention of the background of Israel and Palestine means you support Hamas and any criticism of the bombing of Gaza means you support the monstrous Hamas Terror Attack of October 7th.  There's so much hatred over there I fear the Israeli and Palestinian people are doomed. 

Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Harvard Students issue factual statement about Israel and Palestine. Republican Extremists Attack

Republicans love when Extremists attack.  They fvcking loooooooooove it.  Republicans love when innocent people die in Terrorist Attacks because then they get to Bash the Left with their rhetorical war club and accuse Democrats of Aiding Terrorists.

Because of the Tea Party lunatics, the cartoonish Trump criminality and treason, and the non-stop Anti-American antics of Greene, Santos, Boebert, Tubberville, Hawley et al you had forgotten how bad the Republicans were under George W(orst POTUS Ever) Bush.  Hadn't you?

For instance, convicted criminal and drunken evangelical Tom DeLay scuttled aid to Palestine Authority in 2005.  Undercutting the Palestine Authority in 2005 aided who?  Hamas; who "won" elections in Gaza in 2006 and have never had another.  Who else has aided Hamas?  Why Benjamin Netanyahu. 

“Anyone who wants to thwart the establishment of a Palestinian state has to support bolstering Hamas and transferring money to Hamas,” Netanyahu told his Likud party’s Knesset members in March 2019. “This is part of our strategy"

For years Netanyahu was a "Friend of Hamas" because Hamas and Likud are Extremists who love and need each other.  Netanyahu ignored Gaza because he was busy helping settlers confiscate land in the West Bank and eliminating Supreme Court barriers to his fascist rule.  The two state solution died when Netanyahu had Yitzak Rabin assassinated.

“Israel is not killing the Hamas leadership, they’re not getting revenge out of Hamas. There is collective punishment for 2.2 million people. Look what’s happening towards the Palestinians in the West Bank, to us, the Palestinian Israelis that live inside the state of Israel. Our lives are in danger because of all the extreme-right fascists.”  Sami Abou Shehadeh said.

The Hamas multi-pronged attack is just the balm rightwing extremists across the globe needed.  Anyone attempting to analyze the incredibly fraught Israel/Palestine situation, express understanding of the shared grief, bring humanity or nuance into this is immediately attacked.  Especially, if you are in the West and you share even a scintilla of compassion for the plight of Palestinian civilians expect to be savagely denounced by Republicans. 

We, the undersigned student organizations, hold the Israeli regime entirely responsible for all unfolding violence.  
Today’s events did not occur in a vacuum. For the last two decades, millions of Palestinians in Gaza have been forced to live in an open-air prison. Israeli officials promise to “open the gates of hell,” and the massacres in Gaza have already commenced. Palestinians in Gaza have no shelters for refuge and nowhere to escape. In the coming days, Palestinians will be forced to bear the full brunt of Israel’s violence.  
The apartheid regime is the only one to blame.

properly ascribing blame to the Israeli treatment of Gaza, Republican extremists pounced;

Elise Stefanik, a Republican US Representative from New York and a Harvard graduate, called the statement “abhorrent and heinous” for excusing the “slaughter of innocent women and children”.  

I will note that the deaths of children in Gaza from indiscriminate missile strikes originating in Israel do not engender the same response.

Republican US Senator Ted Cruz, a Harvard Law School graduate, wrote on Xitter: “What the hell is wrong with Harvard?”

This is a good question as they were not clairvoyant enough to see the odious Traitor Cruz would turn into.

Harvard President Claudine Gay and senior leadership including 15 deans issued a statement on Monday that said they were “heartbroken by the death and destruction unleashed by the attack by Hamas that targeted citizens in Israel this weekend”.

See! We can neatly blame all the future death and destruction on the original Hamas attack and thus Israeli war crimes in Gaza are actually the fault of the people being killed by bunker buster bombs and the cutting off of the water supply.

It's nigh-impossible for anyone in the West, especially in the US, to criticize Israel. Even when such criticism is wholly accurate.  Israelis, however, are not shy about placing the blame upon the occupation and inhuman conditions the Israeli governments have subjected the Palestinian people.  Here in the US, Republicans have nothing to offer the American peoples thus they see this continuing War in Palestine/Israel as see an opportunity to attack President Biden and the Democratic Party and further endanger and degrade the United States.  While the Republican Party  isn't in "league" with Hamas, the Likud Fascists, Vladimir Putin, all these extremists know that their interests are aligned and that each of them is able to wield outsized power by undermining peace, democracy, and liberal society.

So as the death toll rises and the humanitarian crisis in Gaza gets worse, expect Republicans to get more vociferous in their support of the Netanyahu's and the IDF war crimes.  All you have to do is remember how fervently the Republicans defended Abu Ghraib, waterboarding, "enhanced interrogation", Blackwater crimes in Iraq, and every other atrocity committed by the US in the name of the Global War on Terror.

Monday, October 9, 2023

The War in Palestine/Israel and Warnings ignored by Netanyahu and Trump's illegal classified document dumps fueling danger throughout the World

Apparently, 9 U.S. citizens are among the dead from the October 23 War.  An unknown number are  unaccounted for and presumed dead or kidnapped.  The US Navy has dispatched the Task Force built around the Aircraft Carrier Gerald R. Ford.

Right now world opinion is squarely on the side of the Israeli people and government.  But, there is a staunch disagreement over the role of Iran in this latest attack and the release of the $6 Billion in captured Iranian funds the Biden Administration negotiated.  The IDF has already declared Iran responsible which of course seems a ridiculous assertion seeing as the Israeli security apparatus and military was caught completely unawares by this attack.  But, then there is no downside for Israel to blame Iran and attempt to enlarge the scope of this War.

And make no mistake, Israel intends to go into Gaza with ground forces after softening up the region with the Blockade/Siege of over 2,000,000 non-combatants.  
“We are putting a complete siege on Gaza … No electricity, no food, no water, no gas – it’s all closed.  We are fighting human animals and we will act accordingly,” Israeli Defence Minister Yoav Gallant said in a video statement.
Animals...  the dehumanization of Gaza residents makes the upcoming war crimes easier...  IDF turned Gaza into an open-air prison in 2007, with continual low-level violence directed at the inhabitants punctuated by occasional spurts of open warfare.  What's been going on in Gaza is probably best described as a slow ethnic cleansing.  This current development is an indiscriminate statement of collective punishment which is against the Geneva conventions as is not allowing the people to leave.  But, Israel has world opinion on their side and is operating under the belief that everything they do in Gaza (not without reason) will be defended by rightwing extremists.

Former Skokie resident and South African Apartheid devotee
calls for a Holocaust to begin today

It's one of the counterfactuals of modern realpolitik, extremists in the Islamic world, Republicans in the United States, bigoted warmongers in the West and Israel all denounce each others actions/beliefs but all need each other to continue to espouse those beliefs, make inflammatory statements, engage in violent rhetoric, and the occasional attack or bombing in order to remain in power.  And they all know this.  So, when something does happen well then extremists and provocateurs advocate for war crimes and genocide.  The Extremists throughout the world do not want rapprochement and will sabotage every effort made at peace.

As always Trust Republicans to make any and every situation worse.  In typical disingenuous Anti-American fashion Republican assholes are using the blood of innocents to advance the rightwing agenda of oppression and hatred.  Republican interests are exactly aligned with the extremists of Hamas and the Israel Likud Party and other extremists.  So, Traitor Trump and the Republican gadfly's supposed running for President couldn't rush fast enough into the loving arms of their Corporate Media allies to Blame Biden.  Besides saying Biden is literally at fault for the Hamas/Israel War, Republicans are also using the Obama didn't say Terrorist Act but Acts of Terror therefore, he's in league with the Terrorists to attack multiple Democrats.

Of course, reality has a liberal bias and the facts don't align with Republican lies, but that's never stopped Republicans before.  Traitor Tump destroyed so many international situations, and now the damage is playing out across the globe.  One of the early questions revolves around the failure of the "Iron Dome" to intercept the rocket attacks launched by Hamas.  Israelis knew earlier this year the trove of classified documents Trump kept in his toilet, probably sold to Saudi Arabia, and Trump bragged about to show off his importance definitely damaged Israel's security.

And so, many innocents will die, and those who might have wanted or worked for a solution will be side-lined, hearts will be hardened, and the Extremists will get what they want, continued hatred, continued war crimes, continued terrorism, and continued power for themselves.

An Egyptian intelligence official reported that Abbas Kamel, Director of the General Intelligence Directorate of Egypt, called Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to alert him about "something fierce will happen from Gaza," ten days ago. According to the Egyptian source, Netanyahu seemed unbothered, said the IDF is "swamped" in dealing with terror from the West Bank. Obviously, if this is true and Netanyahu blew off this warning 2 weeks before the attack he won't survive the political blowback because the Israelis are not going to rally around him the way the Corporate Media demanded everyone support George W. Bush for ignoring the 'Bid Laden determined to Attack America' Presidential Memo of August 6th.