Monday, October 31, 2022

Election Denalism in 2022 will be the first domino to fall in the Republican plan to topple America democracy

Jim Oberweis attends the 2021 
Freshman Congressman Orientation
Oberweis lost to Rep Lauren Underwood

"If voting changed anything, they'd make it illegal," Et Voila  the 2022 Republican Multi-State Platform making it harder to vote.

Republicans have known for a long time when more people vote they lose.  So, Republicans decided long ago less people deserve to vote.  Here in Illinois, Downstate Republican racist Mike Bost is suing in Federal Court to challenge the 2015 Illinois vote-by-mail law, which allows for ballots received 14 days after Election Day to be counted if they are post-marked on or before the final day of voting.  Ballots lacking a postmark can still be counted if the voter dated and signed the ballot before Election Day.

Why do you think the Republican Party seeks to destroy the US Postal Service?  And hey sure Mike Bost of Illinois' lawsuit would disenfranchise military members serving overseas but, then Republicans have always treated the military as disposable RISK tokens to be used and abused in the eternal rightwing quest for power.

In Nevada this summer, Cowboys for Trump Couy Griffin pressured officials in Otero CountyCowboys for Trump Couy Griffin pressured officials in Otero County, to eliminate election ballot boxes and voting machines alleging this could be used for Fraud.  The use of ballot boxes and voting machines is prescribed by Nevada State Law.  But, voting laws don't matter to Republicans because know the more people who vote the more they lose.  These are just two examples but they all stem from the same rotten well-spring.

As I watched election night 2020 and President Biden's election victory became clear, I waited up to hear MSNBC or CNN or even FTFNYT call the election yet... they did not... Even after Faux News called Arizona for President Biden, and it was an absolute certainty and in Kellyanne Conway's words a "Landslide." "Blowout." "Historic.", the Corporate Media dithered.  For days.  Into that void, Trump and his cadre of Rightwing villains and criminals crafted the Big Lie, the one lie to rule them all. 

“What is the downside for humoring him for this little bit of time? No one seriously thinks the results will change,” the official said. “He went golfing this weekend. It’s not like he’s plotting how to prevent Joe Biden from taking power on Jan. 20. He’s tweeting about filing some lawsuits, those lawsuits will fail, then he’ll tweet some more about how the election was stolen, and then he’ll leave.” Of course, it was easy to see Violence coming after Trump's decisive defeat in 2020.  We had rightwing violence throughout 2020.  Then the Clown Car Coup d'etat attempt of January 6th.  Now more Violence to Follow

I guarantee you that by the end of the decade January 6th will be Second Independence Day.

All across the Country, Republicans are running on a platform of The Big Lie.  But, worse than that Republicans are implying and sometimes explicitly saying they will not abide by elections and will regard their defeats as ipso facto Fraudulent. 

Now, election denialists are rampant throughout the Republican Party; many are running for high level office.  Common wisdom is Republicans, being the party out of power during a mid-term election will take over Congress.  So, as the election results roll-in and the results are more favorable to the Democrats than thought what will the Republicans do?  Why they will deny they lost and declare themselves the Real Victors.  So... what's going to happen when these Republican losers descend upon Washington DC and declare themselves the Real Congressmen?  What is going to happen when Republicans demand an injunction declaring votes are causing irreparable harm to them?  What happens when Republicans openly declare that only they are Legitimate Government?  

Well, the Corporate Media is fascism curious so don't expect them to help.  And The Unconstitutional Sheriff's of America are yearning to insert themselves into election, seize Voting Machines, arrest "suspicious" voters, and exert their absolute power in their respective counties to declare who is the rightful member of Congress.  And rightwingers across America are waiting for Fvcker Carlson to declare Democratic victories in Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin illegitimate so they can emulate the Kidnapping plots of Governor Wittmer or the assassination attempts of Speaker Nancy Pelosi.  Fvcker Carlson has already preemptively declared Kari Lake's defeat in Arizona and Mehmet Oz's defeat in Pennsylvania fraudulent.

So... what can we expect?  Well, there is still time to vote before Tuesday, November 8th.  Please do so.  It should be obvious Republicans will spend their time seeking ways to limit voting, to restrict access to voting facilities, to undermining peoples franchise.  Republicans have no intention of governing.  And they haven't for a long time.  Besides disenfranchising American voters, Republicans other goals are to destroy public education, oppress minority groups, outlaw the existence of Trans persons, and led by Committee Chairwoman Major Traitor Greene investigate any corporation who stopped donating money to Republicans after Second Independence Day while eliminating all regulations and restraints on the rapacious capitalist corporations who toe-the-lie and aid the Republicans in their agenda of oppression and intolerance.  

More Violence to Come.

So vote like your life depends upon it... and then Get Ready to fight for your lives...because Republicans and Rightwingers are coming for them.

The inestimable Rachel Maddow dissects the MAGA Republicans worldview on Election Denial as a core tenet of the new Trumpublican Platform. 

Saturday, October 29, 2022

Rightwingers embrace violence and fascism as Republicans attack Paul Pelosi and call for the Assassination of President Biden, his son and Congresswoman AOC

A mere day after I pointed out we are on the cusp of Era of Rightwing violence by individuals as well as The State, a MAGA terrorist attacked Paul Pelosi.  In response, rightwing twitter was ecstatic, orgazmic, and vile.  Responses ranged from invoking Jussie Smollet, DUI, to har-har San Francisco gay gay gay, to Pelosi Defund Gotcha.

Understand this was an attempted Assassination of  Speaker Nancy Pelosi. For years Republicans have conducted a concentrated propaganda campaign to blame her for Republican perfidy.  Just last week Sebastian Gorka claimed the recently revealed January 6th footage of Nancy Pelosi proves the Insurrection was a Staged Fedsurrection!  And as part of his campaign of lying about his election loss, Trump crafted (and rightwingers adopted) the claim that Speaker Pelosi was responsible for Capitol security and indeed she stopped the National Guard and Capitol Police from being there.  It doesn't matter how many times this is disproven Rightwingers believe it.

Every Republican running for the House of Representatives is running against Speaker Pelosi and invoked her name during their debates this election season.  But, this agitprop campaign against Pelosi goes back years.  I am not some prognosticator.  Instead it's been easy to read and listen to what Republicans and Rightwingers had euphemistically alluded to but have loudly stated since January 2021; they yearn to be unleashed to commit state-sanctioned mass murder.  

And the Trumpublican Party of Cotton, Cruz, Hawley, Boebert, Gosar, Gaetz, and Greene is chomping at the bit to give them the wink and the nod.  In 2020, during the Portland protests, multiple slimy Republicans including Chad Wolf, Ken Cuccinelli, Brian Murphy pressured members of the Department of Homeland Security to create dossiers on every protestor and claim all the crimes and damage was “Violent Antifa Anarchist Inspired," and were being conducted at the behest of a high level Antifa mastermind.  Even as we know many of the actions were the work of far-right white supremacists specifically creating chaos so as to blame "The Left".  Understand that even today, many rightwingers simply assert, often in the face of proof and evidence to the contrary Portland and every other city were burned down by Antifa and BLM.  And yes what this shows is the planned use of Federal Law Enforcement to push and conduct operations based on preconceived political biases while also providing Trump and Republicans cover to push propaganda. 

The New York Post says it was hacked by a rogue employee
who posted racist garbage and calls for the assassination
of President Biden, his son and Congresswoman AOC
What's the difference between this & their regular news?
Now, rightwing media is going to go into obfuscation mode as they allege the perpetrator is actually a leftist, and don't you know a Cuban Republican was beaten by leftists in Florida, and Supreme Court Injustice Boofer O'Kavanugh was almost murdered to death by a leftist, and Pelosi didn't condemn Rand Paul's neighbor because right-wingers lying about rightwing terrorism provides cover for more rightwing terrorism to continue.  Let me repeat:  Republicans and Rightwingers are coming for your very lives.  Get fucking Ready to defend yourself.

Like I've said Vote and convince someone you know to vote and someone you are acquainted with to vote because 2022 has sliver of hope to delay the advancement of Republicans at the State and Federal level.  

Because as Republicans seek the Trifecta of Federal Power, their radicalized terrorist base will continue the "lone-wolf" attacks of Democrats until such time as Republicans can get the state-sponsored mass murder machine up and running.  Yes, I mean literal concentration camps.  Prepare to defend your lives because Republicans and Rightwingers are coming for them.

Thursday, October 27, 2022

Get Ready America. Get Ready to fight for your lives. Because Republicans and Rightwingers are coming for them.

First off, you've got to vote by Tuesday November 8th to keep every Republican out of power that you can.  Because Republicans and Rightwingers are coming for you.  

Everywhere we look Republicans are sharpening their Long Knives as they come to gut Democracy.  I really expect a Republican controlled Congress to draft and pass ridiculous bills declaring January 6 2021 as Second Independence Day and a Rectifying the Stolen 2020 Election bill which will declare President Trump is the rightful President in 2023, but since Brandon won't abide by The Law and immediately abdicate Trump will automatically be declared President in November 2024 and to remedy his stolen 4 years in Office, be declared President for Life.

Arizona GQP tryouts for the 2025 Trumpstazi Death Squads
But, certainly while the GQP is vile and deplorable they are not stupid, they will keep a Democratic form with out the functions.  Much like elections in Saddam's Iraq you'll be able to turn in a ballot under the watchful eye of paramilitary white rightwing gunmen (currently being beta-tested in Arizona). 

But, we see glimpses of the ultimate end state, as when Faux News staged a mock trial of Hunter Biden for their audience of drones.  Throughout history, such "Show Trials" are part and parcel of Fascist Regimes.  

It's why rightwingers Bro Rogan, Tool Si Gabbard, Ben SShaprio, Dinesh D'Scumbag, Sean Insanity, and Fvcker Carlson lie about everything from cat litter boxes for children in schools, to the over one million Americans who died from Covid, to the 2020 Presidential Election itself.  They are getting their brainwashed conservative drones ready to accept and commit atrocities.  And, let's be clear, a vast swathe of Rightwingers in America are never coming back to reality, their reality is what they want it to be and this panel of Pittsburgh MAGA Republicans makes it clear they believe all the lies told to them by rightwing propagandists. 

Republicans are crafting so much propaganda it's overwhelming.  You have Sam di Puzzi Alito telling Heritage Foundation that he was the victim and just lying about conservative SCOTUS justices facing death threats and being betrayed by the Dobbs decision leak.  You have Major Traitor Greene claiming democrats are already killing republicans.  As Herschel Walker illustrates rightwingers don't believe anything they say, and don't have any standards, morals, ethics, or values; they care only for power so, what will Republicans do when they have that power?

Get Ready, America.  Everyone is rightly alarmed over The Federalist Manifesto which overtly calls for adoption of Fascism in America and the blunt application of force by a Government controlled by conservatives.  Republican rhetoric has been eliminationist for quite awhile now but, with far-right agitators and elected Republicans pushing so many lies about President Biden's Tyranny, out of control crime (only in Democrat controlled cities mind you), The GREAT REPLACEMENT of White Real Americans with Illegals, and about out of control leftist violence (especially and even after many of those events were proven to be the work of rightwing agitators) that rightwing preemptive "self-defense" is going to be the go to...

Republicans know crime in New York City is higher than in Rural rightwing Oklahoma, no matter what facts say.  Republicans know 100,000,000 illegal immigrants flooded America in the Presidency of Obama and Brandon because they think tanks tell them so.  Republicans know gun crime only happens in Chicago (black black blackity black black black black) despite the Most Draconian Gun Laws in history.  Republicans know the peaceful and legitimate Jan 6th protesters are being held as political prisoners by Mao Tse Brandon while BLM and Antifa burned down Democrat controlled cities at the behest of the Democrats because Steve Bannon told them so, "Did you happen to see June 2020 when they burned down Chicago and they burned down Seattle and they burned down Portland, burned down New York City?"

This is all to set up the Casus Belli rightwingers need to engage in vigilante "justice" but, what Republicans really want is control of the apparatus of the state.  With the power of the Federal Government and multiple state governments Republicans will make their pogroms against LGBTQ, minorities, teachers, and anyone who identifies as non-MAGA "legal".

Republicans have in store multiple avenues of attack which they will launch upon the American people.  They've already started.  Bodily Autonomy is already a thing of the past for women, constitutional rights like freedom of movement will be curtailed by the rightwing's claim of protecting the life of the child.  Trans persons will be made prima facia illegal.  And with a reversal of Lawerence v. Texas, expect LGBTQ persons to be arrested on sight sans a warrant.  

Slowly strangling social security and the safety net increasing morality amongst the majority of the us population.  Restricting women's healthcare options under the guise of Pro-Life bullshit will increase deaths among women.  Shackling Millenianls into 80 hr-a-week minimum wage jobs with no benefits to teach them the value of work.  Doing away with debt relief is a pro forma position of Republicans.  But, these are slow moving ways of killing off people whom Republicans deem undesirable.  Republicans are really seeking a Commitment to a Final Solution.  

Because here is the evil dark truth, which almost no one wants to acknowledge; what Republicans and Rightwingers really want is to establish government funded and run concentration camps and paramilitary death squads.

There are legions of rightwing propagandists gearing their drones up to become violent.  Charlie Kirk, Tim Poole, Ben Shapiro, Candeath Ovens, and so many others tell their listeners lies all day, everyday about drag queens, Wokeism, CRT, Antifa, President Biden because they want to be able to claim self-defense for the massive wave of violence Republicans and Rightwingers yearn to unleash on America, at least at first.  After a few years of killing and with complete control of the Federal Government then the official DeSantis helicopter rides, the Truckers for Trump cattle cars filled with liberals, and the Gitmo modeled death camps will be up and running.

So... vote while you still can but, Get Ready.  Corporate Media is not going to call this out for what it is until it's far too late.  Republicans and Rightwingers see an opportunity to create their cherished perfect Union of Fascism, Slavery, Bigotry, Fundamentalism, using 21st century Technology to create a Their Neo-Confederate Republic of oppression, bigotry, and intolerance.  They are coming for your sons and daughters.  They are coming for your dreams and aspirations.  Republicans and Rightwingers are coming for your very lives.

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Mehmet Oz is asking you to Elect a local Republican so they can sneak a peek at your wife's Vagina. Maybe your Mother's too

Crooked Ted Cruz just sat up a little straighter because Mehmet OZ just outlaid the Republican position on women's bodies.

During the debate with Pennsylvania Lt Gov John Fetterman, New Jersey carpetbagger Mehmet OZ declared abortion is a decision between a woman, her doctor, and local political leaders,

“I want women, doctors, local political leaders, letting the democracy that’s always allowed our nation to thrive, putting the best ideas forward so states can decide for themselves.”

What a ridiculous clueless mish-mash of nonsense from the inept, clueless OZ.  But, OZ couldn't answer that abortion should be left between a woman and her doctor because that is not the Republican position.  The Republican position is Republican men and a few hand-picked token women (Amy Covid Barrett) have the final say on what women can and can not do in America.

But, to be fair to Creepy Cancun Cruz, OZ did exclude the Federal Government in this fucking bullshit about "States".  Just as when MAGA Republicans circulated the meme of the United States counties which "Voted" for Trump showing a huge sea of red "States" as though the barren, wind swept, empty plains of the Dakotas and Wyoming are the real American electorate.  As if these things called "States" exist in some higher echelon of political theory imbued with secret gnostic knowledge and perfect Platonic Forms arriving at the best Democracy via pure reason.

Republicans have decreed and will continue to decree that Women are not full US Citizens.  That Women have no rights when it comes to reproduction.  That Women are to be controlled by "local political leaders".  But, everyone knows Republicans in control of both House and Senate will pass a law out right banning all Abortions with no exceptions. 

Sexually assaulting women has been a prime plank of the Rape-publican Party platform for many years now, from Republicans mandating unnecessary transvaginal ultrasounds to Sam di Puzzi Alito leading The Supremacist Court to outlaw women's healthcare treatment.

Get Ready America.  Get Ready to Fight; because Republicans are coming for Us.

2:1 ratio is a BIG WIN for the NRA in the latest school shooting in St. Louis

So... a former student of Central Visual and Performing Arts High School, retuned a year after graduation loaded with a dozen magazines (≈360 rounds) with the intent of performing a massacre.  The doors were locked thus initially stymieing the attempt.  But, he managed to kill a 61 year old teacher and a 16 year old.  Another 7 students were injured by ricochets and rounds as well.

It seems the slain teacher, Jean Kuczka, bravely placed herself between the students and the gunman.  This breaks my heart, asking an elderly teacher to sacrifice herself because the Republican Party and NRA have decreed we can not have sane gun restrictions and non-proliferation of firearms in America.

Now, make no mistake this (2 killed, 7 wounded) is about the best outcome you can have in these school shooting situations, created specifically and explicitly, by the venal cowardice and avarice of Gun Manufacturers and their paid politicians, 

"If there’s somebody who has a will, they’re going to figure out, we don’t want to make it easy for them,” Metropolitan Police Chief Michael Sack said. “We just got to do the best we can to extend that time it takes them to get into the building to buy us time to respond.”

And it's not going to stop because the Gun Nuts, the 3% of Americans who own 50% of the guns, are fanatics and will be more than willing to engage in widespread terrorism, if laws are passed to restrict and outlaw their guns.

Alex Jones, an avatar of the sickness and madness afflicting the Nation, said it a decade ago after the Sandy Hook massacre while screaming at the odious Piers Morgan

"I'm here to tell you, 1776 will commence again if you try to take our firearms. It doesn't matter how many lemmings you get out there on the street begging for them to have their guns taken. We will not relinquish them. Do you understand?"

So, 2:1 is the about the best ratio you can hope for in these situations.  Because school shootings are not stopped by random Good Guys with guns, but usually when the gunman's gun jams (as it apparently did in this situation as well) and he either shoots himself with his back-up weapon or is taken into custody.  Gun Nuts, the NRA, and the Firearms Industry have declared asymmetrical warfare on the United States and they are winning.

Now, for the gun nuts and rightwingers it's easy in this above school shooting to just say St. Louis is exactly like Chicago (dog whistle: blacks blacks blackity black black black) and everyone knows that gun crime only happens in those Democrat controlled cities.  Thus, providing the cover the Republicans need to further weaken gun laws, ensure the sales of more guns, and go back to complaining about the price of gas.

But, to make matters worse, the rapid transformation of Voice Over Internet and other communications hacks, has allowed an overseas terrorist or terrorist cell to make as many as 100 false in-progress K-12 school shooting hoax calls, dozens to various colleges, and apparently 26 False reports of bombs or shooters in Minnesota alone.

America is awash in easily obtainable firearms.  And therefore we are not safer, we are not a more polite Nation, crime isn't down (or is it?) I guess it depends on what lie a Republican wants to spew...  But, We, the People are being held hostage by Six out-of-touch Supremely Unjust buffoons perverse interpretation of a sentence constructed 250 years ago and the billions of dollars which flows into the blood soaked hands of a group of elitists in the Republican Party and the ever-expanding Firearms Industrial-Complex.

Thursday, October 20, 2022

Crime and Gas! Republicans push Fear & Anger for the 2022 elections.

'Belive a Crackerhead' polishing his snub-nosed phallus
In a unoriginal rip-off of the apocryphal Khrushschev joke of The Two Letters, the Republicans run with the strategy of; blame everything on Biden and the Democrats.  Then continue to blame everything on Biden and the Democrats. 

The Republican 2022 election game plan is simple, obvious, and most disheartening, effective.  Frighten people with crime and anger them over the price of gas. 

You can see this strategy of Fear & Anger in everything Republicans talk about;  Education (Fear: They are indoctrinating you children into woke gay CRT).  Immigration (Anger: Those people aren't following "the rules" they way your grandparents did).  Be afraid or Be angry are the only things Republicans tell the American people. 

Because, sadly, Republicans have to offer nothing else to offer the American people.  Nothing.  No hope.  No future.  No vision.  No ideas.  Just Fear & Anger.  Because Republicans hate America.  The GQP hate an America that offers people choices and protections.  For 90 years Republicans have been trying to undo FDR's New Deal,  LBJ's Great Society, every small victory Democratic Presidents, Congress', and Supreme Court ruling which have made life a little better in the Untied States.

Undoing the Progressive Era is succinctly captured in the Republican 2022 Legislative Agenda, "Commitment to America";  the America which Republicans are talking about, is one in which workers, women and non-white people have No Rights.  And Government's monopoly on force is used to quell all domestic dissent at home and open up foreign markets for exploitation.

Unfortunately, the latest polling seems to indicate Republicans are poised to regain control of the House and Senate and possibly various levels of power in State governments.  Every time a Republican speaks, every debate they engage in, as we approach the 2022 elections Republicans demonstrate the abject vile hatred they have for Americans.  Despite everything the Republicans have done and the stated GOP goals of eliminating Social Security, Medicare, and curtailing all manner of aid and assistance to Working Class Americans, White people seemingly don't care.  It must be that while white people know Republican policies will demonstrably hurt them and their families, they believe Republicans will hurt those people even more.

Republicans have given up on the concept of the United States and want to replace the Nation with a facsimile.  Now, the Republicans are smart enough to keep the trappings of America as window dressing in their new Nation; conceived in oppression and dedicated to the concept that only white evangelical men are equal.

Sunday, October 16, 2022

Russian Ron Johnson; plane thief and plain thief

"Don't Boo. Vote,"  - President Barack Obama. 

Wisconsin residents laughed and booed at Traitor Ron Johnson during his debate with Lt. Gov Mandela Barnes.   Russian Ron told Brian Kilmeade on Faux News it was all college students who've been taught leftist propaganda laughing at him.  One day, Ron Salieri Johnson swore, I will laugh at you...

Everyday brings some new revelation about Republican perfidy.  Imagine a Republican.  Now compare that Republican to any another Republican.  You will find each is worse than the other and any other Republican you can think of is worse than both of them.

Of course, you know about the violent ignorance and active stupidity of a Major Traitor Greene or Dick Flashing Lauren Boebert but, at every level from senior Senators to local county board, Republicans have adopted of a program of out-doing each other in the depths they will sink.  It's a downward spiral on the accretion disc of depravity, bigotry, and violence leading Republicans towards the Naked Singularity of Pure Fascism.

Russian Ron Johnson knows, knows on a deep visceral level that 50 years of rightwing agitprop and lies have completely conditioned conservatives.  Nothing a Republican does, save being civil to Democrats, will cost a Republican support and votes.

"The FBI set me up," - Ron Johnson. "Bitch set me up..."  - Marion Barry

There has never been a more Reactionary Law Enforcement body in American history than the FBI, that includes the Pinkertons.  Yet, a large swath of the American electorate somehow believes the FBI is in cahoots with BLM and Antifa...  Understand the constant Republicans bullying and insults of the FBI is exactly what the GQP has done to the media for years.  Republican abusive behavior is designed to get the FBI to throw up their hands and allow the Republicans to seize control of the Government and create a Neo-Nazi Nation.  Of course, the standard FBI agent is bound to be a conservative by nature and disposition and certainly there are fascist true believers who've infiltrated the FBI but, most members of law enforcement feel it's their duty to enforce the law. What the modern GQP and conservative movement doesn't want that; rightwingers specifically want Federal Law Enforcement to act like the Stasi and Gestapho.  Conservatives have always wanted Law to be used to punish their political enemies it's why they accused President Obama of using the IRS to target conservatives and why they dusted off that accusation against President Biden; conservatives have used and will use the Federal Government to harass and punish their political opponents they can not conceive of any other use for them.

So, Russian Ron Johnson knows his racist Wisconsin voters are primed to believe the FBI was weaponized against him.

But, crying about being set up by the FBI or pretending not to hear a reporter when he's being asked about his plan to hand a false slate of electors to Mike Pence on January 6th won't get Wisconsin conservatives riled up and raring to go the voting booth.  So Ron Johnson's campaign against Mandela Barnes is rife with racism.  But, in the vast Wisconsin driftless plains, Great Lake shores, and rolling forests Johnson's bigotry sells.  So, when the debate moderator asked Barnes and Johnson the banal say something nice about your opponent Russian Ron couldn't help but declare, his black opponent hates America.

The Republican Party is gone.  It's bigots, grifters, fascists, and criminals.  Period.

Ron Johnson openly states he'll help do away with Medicare and Social Security and make abortion illegal by Federal Law if he's re-elected to the Senate.  And conservatives are yearning to vote for him.  White Wisconsin rightwingers are willing to harm themselves because they know Johnson will hurt minorities, LGBTQ persons, women, liberals more.

And meanwhile, Johnson engages in financial graft and kickbacks knowing he can just declare any investigation into him is done by the Woke Gay FBI agents and conservatives will disavow reality.  Johnson has been using Howard Air, his family owned planes, for travel.  Besides reimbursing his family trust with Federal money, it's a simple way for political allies to funnel payoffs and kickbacks to Johnson.

Saturday, October 15, 2022

Apropos of props here's... (Herschel) Walker, Texas Ranger

I'm also Leif Erickson and John Wayne!
I suggest the Sergeant-at-Arms give Herschel Walker an Honorary Senate Pin so Herschel can claim to be a Real Senator, as well as being a Policeman, and a FBI agent, and a High School Valedictorian

Erick Erickson loves Walker (must be the Viking connection).  Erickson is one of those soft-handed wide-waisted bigots who has an opinion about everything while writing from the safety of his expansive derrière.  I don't know if Erickson actually believes they shot he writes about Walker or is simply providing cover for Herschel.

But, throughout the Walker Saga, EricKKKson has dismissed any and all criticism.  You see to Georgia whites and especially flabby white rightwing EricKKKson types, Herschel Walker represents everything they believe about black men;  stupid, brutish, sexually licentious, possessing unreal physicality and easily told what to do and say.

Racist Georgia whites are tripping over themselves to support Walker.  Meanwhile, those same Georgia whites are slandering Senator Reverend Warnock with the same 300 year old racist smears they've peddled forever.

There is literally nothing Walker could have done previously or said recently to cause conservatives to abandon him.  They yearn to have such a man in Congress, especially due to Walker's long ties to Trump.  We are in an era when conservatives simply do not care, at all, about the failings of Republicans.  "I don't care if Herschel Walker paid to abort baby eagles.  I want control of the Senate,"  cracked-teeth crack-pot Gun Nut Dana Loesch simply declared.  Conservatives never actually believed any of the values they supposedly espoused.  They never exhibited the ethics they claimed to ardently believe in.  Everything conservatives claimed to support and cherish was naught but a rhetorical club to bash the Left.  It's always been about power.  The power to control and enforce the rightwing agenda of intolerance and oppression.

Republicans have nothing to offer the American people except fear and lies.  Nothing.  They have no policy goals, no plans, no grand strategy.  The entirety of the Republican platform is Hatred and Fear.

Fear of CRT.  Hatred of black people.  Fear of asylum seekers.  Hatred of immigrants.  Fear of change.  Hatred of Trans persons.  The visceral Hatred at the idea the US government will finally help minorities and balance the interests of the poor and working class over the abject rightwing veneration and adulation of Rich Plutocratic Overlords.  The bowl-shaking Fear that conservatives will be treated the way they treat others.

I hope Reverend Warnock wins a full-term.  I hope Stacey Abrams excellent political ground game can overcome Brian Kemp's and the Georgia Republican voter suppression efforts.

Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Mehmet Oz would be a terrible Senator. Here's why I'm voting for him. (Please don't. Instead vote for John Fetterman)

I've been filling out reminder post-cards for Pennsylvania and Wisconsin in an effort to pump up turnout for the upcoming US Senate races.  I'm absolutely convinced that elections in these hyper-partisan times are all about turnout and the Democratic Party can hopefully turn away from hunting for the semi-mythical undecided voter.

The Great Mass of Middle of the Road Swing Voters was a creation of the Corporate Media.  Of course, the Corporate Media has one task during election time and that is to aid Republicans in getting elected.

So, nothing shocks me about their navel-gazing antics and the bad faith pablum they spew.  Now, normally the go-to story for elections is #BothSidesDoIt allowing voters to say, oh both sides are immoral and bad therefore I'll vote for Republicans who are super-patriotic and great for the economy.  Of course, as I and others have laid out for years Republicans embody exactly none of the values they claim to espouse and are interested in gaining government power to create a Neo-Fascist American Slave Empire.

In addition, to the both sides do it bullshit, Corporate Media runs with; Democrats in Disarray (this has been a go to framing device for the attempted tear-down of President Biden's 1st two years), unending man-on-the-street pieces about What Conservatives think, and non-stop attempts to make GQP politicians into Statesmen with Today [insert name] Republican truly became a Great Man, (this is seen in the fawning praise for Tom Cotton, Josh Hawley, Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan) and any other number of Republicans the Media tries to elevate into serious political wonk status.

But, every so often a piece comes along which blatantly lays bare the unabashedly shameless role the Corporate Media has in elevating any and all unfit Republican slime merchants, as Gene Marks did in The Hill,

Marks goes on in the piece to point out OZ is unqualified, is vague or clueless on almost all topics, and would be terrible but, he'd be a Republican and that's what Marks wants.  Gene Marks wants it because workers have too much power in the economy right now and Marks wants Republicans to go back to the good days of crushing Unions, dismantling the social safety net, undermining labor protections, disempowering workers, and making Americans desperate enough to accept any and every job at a fraction of the earning potential.  Marks, of course, doesn't say it this way verbatim but, it's exactly what rightwingers always mean when they say this, 

The last month or so have been a blitz by Faux News and rightwingers on-line attempting to push Mehmet Oz into stealing distance of the Pennsylvania Senate election.  The shambling bloated corpse of Newt Gingrich was brought forth to run the moldy Reaganite Drugs and Blacks scare tactics by claiming Fetterman's tattoos were either an enticement to use Heroin or coded language used by the Crips.

And, of course, the despicable Oz and rightwing media have viciously gone after the health of John Fetterman claiming he's totally impaired from his stroke in May.  Just as the Corporate Media did in 2016 with HRC, they are going to uncritically push the Republican narrative of failing health for Fetterman.  NBC Dasha Bash eagerly catapulted the rightwing propaganda in her hit piece on Fetterman.

Fetterman's Campaign has brilliantly eviscerated out-of-touch, out-of-his-depth, elitist animal torturering Mehmet Oz at every turn and has laid bare how utterly depraved conservatives are because they don't care.  Conservative want the power of the House and Senate in 2022 because they already have the Sinister Six Supreme Injustices on the SCOTUS and with both they plan to steal the Presidency in 2024.