Wednesday, November 30, 2016

I voted for Trump, the Micro-Aggressions of the Conservative Nazis

Trump's supporters are emboldened by Trump Second Place Victory. White Conservatives, because they are always white, have taken to yelling, 'I Voted Trump, We are Coming for You'.

The key takeaway from each of these incidents is always whites are in power again and they are going to return America to it's Founding Values, #MAGA.

Micro-aggressions are how these things start. But, these micro-aggressions are not the acts of the powerful but, of the powerless. Conservative Trump supporters have no power. They know it. And this is the reason they voted for Trump.

Trump promised them power so conservatives are strutting around as if they own the place. But, the joke's on them because Trump and his inner circle of Neo-Nazis own it and are going to take it all.

Undoing TPP won't bring IPhone manufacturing jobs to the US. Coal mining may increase but, any extra money for coal miners will come from more time down in the mines not from increases to wages or benefits. Tool and Dye and Steel Mills will not magically re-open with Union jobs in the Rust Belt, Trump's area of support, for the #MAGA voters to have for the next 30 years.

Now their lack of power doesn't mean they can't do damage on a small scale. So, the Trumpenproletariat will engage in minor abuses and micro-aggressions against those whom they feel they can harass, intimidate, or hurt with impunity.

Like this woman, a serial abusive white power Trump Voter in Chicago, screeching I voted for Trump at black employees and people in the store,

Or this Delta Airlines riding man lording Trump's election over the Hillary bitches on the flight,

Or any of the 900 incidents the Southern Poverty Law Center has documented in the 3 weeks since the election.

But, this evidence means exactly nothing to the Trumpenproletariat. If it isn't reported on Faux News, posted on Drudge Report, Infowars, or Breitbart or spoken on toxic right-wing talk radio it isn't true and they will not accept it, creating their own version of what is true.

The Republican Party is now a fully realized white power party. They have a fully-functioning alternate source of Propaganda to draw upon which confirms everything they believe and reinforces everything they want to be true. They speak in code only to like-minded white power right-wingers.

There is no coming back from this. Conservatives are Nazis. There is only the further descent into fascism and the evils which accompany that extreme right-wing ideology.

But, we must give in nor despair. The Conservative Nazis are the minority. Don't accept their micro-aggressions. Don't accept the evil ideology the Republicans are going to rapidly ensconce into law. Organize, Resist, Fight Back. Never Surrender because that is what these micro-aggressors are demanding when they scream TRUMP WON! GET OVER IT! they are demanding your surrender, they are demanding you accept the imposition of a fascist right-wing white power government.

But, never forget these are the actions of the powerless pawns who've been brainwahsed and duped by 35 years of relentless right-wing propaganda. It may be too late for them but, it isn't too late for America.

Monday, November 28, 2016

The Blackwaterification of Public Education

Billionaire Betsy DeVos, an ardent enemy of public education, was named by illegitimate President-Elect Trump as Education Secretary.

DeVos is part of the Amway Family in Michigan which has been screwing people over with get-rich-quick Ponzi schemes for decades.

Erik Prince the founder of the Blackwater Mercenary Company, is her brother.

Clearly, we are looking at the Blackwaterification of Public Education in the United States similar to how Erik Prince managed to sell expensive mercenaries (independent contractors) to the Department of Defense and US Military under the Junta of George W(orst President Ever) Bush and Dickless Cheney.

In the same way Prince managed to slice out Billions of dollars allocated towards the DoD, billions in US Taxpayer dollars allocated for education are going to be given to DeVos Style Companies to create private schools (indoctrination camps) which select out of teaching poor, minority, mental disabled children and hire non-tenured, financially vulnerable, unprotected mercenary teachers, who know they will have to advance the David Barton lie filled right-wing version of US History, so more Americans can be duped by conservative propaganda, in order to keep their slightly-better than starvation wages jobs. Meanwhile, Public Schools will be kept around to shove all poor and undesirable students into, while receiving less and less funding every year.

The goal is the destruction of the Democratic Republic and the creation of a Neo-Feudal Wage Slave State in which most Americans are serfs with little to offer than their labor which powerful families weigh against the labor of a poor worker in Bangladesh or the Philippines or Central America.

The Blackwaterification of every facet of the federal Government, i.e. The elimination of the social safety net for a new government aligned to protect and advance the interests of the Rich Elite.

This is what the Koch Brothers see as the true state of man and the natural order of the world. A few quasi-aristocratic families controlling the country, with a neutered federal government selected by the Plutocracy and backed by Blackwater Mercs, ready to enforce the will of the 1%.

Over at the excellent blog Hackwhackers, they have a quote which explicitly details what Plutocratic control is going to mean for 99% of Americans,
So we’ll get public schools shaped by people who’ve never attended one, law and order from people who’ve lived their lives behind security gates, health care from people who have personal physicians, and transportation policy from people who have their own jets. We’ll also get a lot of extra drug testing, reduced wages, and cuts to unemployment—because these billionaires know it’s you working people who are taking more than you’re worth.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

President Elect Trump just called his election illegitimate

Keeping quiet is not Donald Trump's strong suit. #Notmypresident Trump claimed today the election he ostensibly just "won" was fraught with illegal voting.

It has been evident HRC was going to win the popular vote 3 weeks ago, so Breitbart and InfoWars began their propaganda campaign. Right-Wingers seeing the incoming data understood HRC was going to win the popular vote by 2 million votes or so, therefore they crafted the lie that 3 million illegals voted.

Conservatives knew they needed a higher number than HRC's victory total so 3 million was the number they settled upon. Or more accurately completely made up and pulled out of their asses.

Of course, right-wingers immediately disseminated their propaganda as far and wide as possible to convince as many people as possible of that, in fact, Trump won the popular vote.

Conservatives need little convicing. But, apparently Donald Trump needed a little time to absorb the fact he handily lost the popular vote.

The Right-Wing media are busy at work defending their lies and duplicitous politicking. But, I believe Trump and his inner circle of Nazis are convinced this recount and lurching the Nation towards a Constitutional Crisis can only aid them in their agenda of Oppression, Intolerance and Adulation of the Rich.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Trump wants an expanded Military able to fight multiple wars at the same time

"We got two, three, four wars goin' on,
All I can do is sing this song..." - Times is Hard, Loudon Wainwright III, Songs for the New Depression (2009)
According to reporting in the Armytimes and MarineCorpstimes, Donald Trump wants an expanded military able to project military power in multiple theaters simultaneously.
Trump wants an active-duty Army with another 60,000 soldiers in the ranks, an unspecified number of additional sailors to man the 78 ships and submarines he intends to see built in coming years. He wants up to 12,000 more Marines to serve in infantry and tank battalions, and at least another 100 combat aircraft for the Air Force. 
Where is he going to get the extra Americans from? Right-Wingers love to talk up the military but shy away from actually joining and doing the work. Conservatives shirk duty at every opportunity.

But, during the Global War on Terror (GWoT) sometimes known as World War IV to Conservatives (Ronnie Raygun having won World War III against the Soviet Union by himself), Young Conservatives eschewed military service. During W(orst POTUS Ever) misadministration military Recruiters, under massive pressure to make quotas, were driven to signing up gangbangers and white supremacists to fill vacanies which conservatives were reluctant to fill. But, conservatives were more than willing to fight the battle on the homefront; Attacking liberals, defaming anti-war activists, and joining the couch-borne keyboard commandoes.

However, during the year-long 2016 Presidential Race, conservatives adopted a mealy-mouthed anti-war stance, which they really didn't believe. Right-Wingers and their media sychophants assured America that Trump hated Wars, especially Iraq. Of course, Iraq really was entirely the fault of HRC and her 30 year reign as Emperor of America. The vote totals probably indicate Trump's new found anti-Iraq War stance didn't sway anti-war people into Trump's camp but, it did afford ratfvckers like Glenn Greenwald and Jill Stein cover to go after HRC while minimalizing the world-wide danger represented by Donald Trump.

So, what we are seeing is a repeat of Reaganomics. Massive deficit spending on the military. Jobs creation focused on the military; more soldiers, more contractors, more non-military support staff.

Remember that for every soldier, airmen, sailor, or Marine in uniform you're talking at least 9 non-military personnel added.
Trump has promised to build a Marine Corps capable of simultaneously winning two wars. It would be based on 36 battalions, up from the current force structure of 24 active-duty infantry battalions, two active-duty tank battalions and supporting units. That means adding between 8,000 and 12,000 more Marines to the service’s roster, another potentially expensive personnel plus-up dependent on a significant influx of new funding.   Using the fiscal 2017 personnel costs as a base, that could total more than $1 billion per year just in personnel costs, before equipment and training are factored in. 
But, when coupled with the right-wing moronic lunatics Trump is proposing former Marine Corps General James Mattis for Secretary of Defense and General Mike Flynn for National Security Advisor it's time to realize the United States is about to enter two new wars in the Middle East; i.e. An invasion of Syria to unleash Trump's secret smarter than the generals plan to fight ISIS and a ramping up of tensions with Iran under the leadership of Warmonger Senators Tom Cotton and John McCain until Trump declares war to distract the American people.

So, as conservatives get their war back on, challenge them over and over to enlist and put their asses on the line instead just talking tough. But, get ready for Generation: Chicken Hawk 2.0.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

You Owe Me an Apology #Boycott Hamilton (Updated: Trump can not let it go)

Mike Pence attended a performance of Hamilton the musical. The audience booed him throughout and at the end Pence was given a stern lecture by "Aaron Burr" (Brandon Victor Dixon),
“We, sir — we — are the diverse America who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us, our planet, our children, our parents, or defend us and uphold our inalienable rights,” he said. “We truly hope that this show has inspired you to uphold our American values and to work on behalf of all of us.”
Cue the Right-Wing Outrage! Donald Trump, himself, took time out of his looting the federal government, to demand an apology from the Cast and Theater which he described as being a safe space.

Now, while I could point out the hypocrisy of Trump demanding decorum after running a campaign on:
  • Trump Pence: Fuck Your Feelings.
  • Hillary Sucks. But, not Like Monica.
  • Trump that Bitch.
Or after explicitly stating Political Correctness was the cause of America's woes, while stoking the fires of angry white resentment. Or that Trump's supporters now believe they are unleashed to engage in campaigns of intimidation, harassment and violence towards "the other". Or that they same group which played revolutionary dress up for 6 years, threatened to bring their guns, portrayed President Obama as a witch doctor, a lying Kenyan (instead of a Kenyan Lion), and invented all sorts of scandals based on faux and fake news that would be a sisyphean task. Hypocrisy never found so ardent a follower than the American Conservative.

No what's more important is that the President-Elect of the United States, the most powerful person in the Federal Government, is demanding censorship of free speech.

Yes, yes a large swath of conservative wimps like Michelle Malkin, Newt Gingrich, and Eric Erickson RedState have jumped forward to demand the apology and #BoycottHamilton is trending amongst right-wingers but, who cares that group of cultural dilettantes were not going to go to rap musical with a minority cast.

Trump is going to be spewing forth this diarrhea for 4 years and with the power of the FBI and Department of Justice behind him, egged on by lame-ass conservative pussies I can't wait until the new House Un-American Committee is stood up.

Demanding an apology makes right-wingers look weak and ineffectual. Keep it up conservatives.

Donald Trump can not let it go. Trump tweeted that he hears Hamilton is overrated and reiterrated his demand they apologize. Meanwhile on Faux News, Judge Jeanine Pirro, suffering from 8 years of right-wing ammnesia, screeched Mike Pence must be respected and accepted and screamed the Hamilton cast should stick to "hip-hop" and "dance" and poor Pence was subjected to "out-and-out reverse racism".

We can clearly see Faux News will unflappably carry the torch for Trump and will readily engage in whipping up conseravtive drones into a fury to distract from Trump's failures and scandals. Because does anyone know Trump agreed to pay $25,000,000 for Fraud in the Trump University Case? Well, since there apparently weren't emailz involved the Media doesn't find it all that worrisome.

The next four years are going to be replete with fraud, theft, scandal, misery and death for Americans and the World.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Sorry Conservatives it's still illegal to say Merry Christmas

The right-wing internet is giddy with the victory in the War on Christmas but, unforuntately for them come this December 25th, Kenyan Marxist Secret Islamic Usurper Barack HUSSEIN Obama shall still be President thus Obama's Executive Order banning the saying of Merry Christmas will still be in effect.

Too bad!

There are 4 or 5 conservatives I know, personally who are planning on making the bold decision to say Merry Christmas this December and I plan to arrest them immediately afterwards and render them to the New Black Panther Party run FEMA Death Camps.

I know WWC you are all giddy with all the "winning" you're going to be doing but, not yet. Sorry, conservatives Maybe Next Year.

One of the horrifying problems apparently uncovered in the internet age is that propaganda and lies work and can't be stopped. Buzzfeed reported that Facebook helped various right-wing sites, like EndingtheFed, disseminate fake news designed to arouse and anger conservatives. The War on Christmas right-wing bullshit has been just one of thousands of lies the conservative internet propagated knowing they all can't be debunked and that some percentage of conservatives will absorb them and hold them fast despite debunking.

Even trained intelligence analysts and police officers I know and work with fall for loaded rhetoric and inflammatory propaganda that they read on their facebook feeds or hear from right-wing radio. Conservatives uncritically believed unsourced lies and outright disinformation campaigns.

It's sad that as new generations come of age they fall for the same techniques and methods which plunged Nations and the World into turmoil and war in the past.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Not My President are Professional Protesters funded by George Soros

Okay... So what??? Seriously. Even if not every single person in these protests is there spontaneously, the massive rising up against Trump and what he stands for is real. Much to the chagrin of the right, these are authentic protests against Trump, the loser of the 2016 Presidential Vote.

But, right-wingers can not look outside their blinkered worldview and instead see these protests as a copy of the gamplan they employed starting in 2010.

Back when the Tea Party was founded by the Koch Brothers, organized and touted by Faux News, then run by Glenn Beck, Andrew Breitbart, and other right-wing agitators, promoted by fake Tom Paine, and bussed around the country for free, the right encouraged and engaged in organized professional protest for years. Unless you believe that people had powdered wigs and tricone hats laying around before they decided to play dress up and descend on various locations in Koch Brothers funded transportation.

In 2010, the Koch Brothers Tea Party members swarmed town halls with prepared scripts and pre-made plans of action to take over and shout down any Republican who refused to get on board the total obstruction all the time plan of action.

It's also unironically funny that a group which takes it's name after a mythogolized incident of private property destruction would now bemoan the loss of respect for the sanctity of private property.

But, again even if the Not My President protests are totally funded so what? The Supreme Court has ruled several times, First National Bank of Boston v. Belloti (1978) and the infamous Citizens United (2010) for instance, that Money is Free Speech. So, being paid to speak is constitutional.

And it's not as though there are dozens of plants and factories lying fallow because the workers are off galavanting against America. Under the neoliberal economic policies ushered in by the Republicans and business-friendly Democrats, the US abandoned manufacturing decades ago for the service and financial economy.

Of course, as the protests continue right-wingers are getting more and more agitated and irritated. The III Inch Dicks, the Oathbreakers, and the Unconstitutional Sheriffs of America are all yearning to murder liberals. There is a deep longing in the bowels of right-wingers to go on murderous killing sprees.
"Bring it on. Because I know who’s on our side. They can only win a rhetorical and propaganda war. They cannot win. We outnumber them in this country, and we have the guns. (laughter) I’m not kidding." - Andrew Breitbart
Kellyanne Conway, Rudy Ghouliani, and other Trump team members are trying to avert a crisis as they understand their rabidly violent bigoted supporters are just waiting for the okay from Trump to begin killing. Thus, they demand President Obama and HRC put down these protests. Not because they care about the rule of law and order or justice, as evidenced by the absolute silence on the violence and harassment by Trump Bundists against minorities, but because they don't want to pay the political price for violently arresting or killing large numbers of Americans exercising free speech.

Team Trump wants President Obama do the dirty work of quelling free speech and violently putting down the protests. They want him to have that stigma attached. Because Trump's team knows the right-wing anger they tapped into and partially unleashed is coiled and waiting to fully explode.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Trump was awarded the Ultimate Participation Trophy

Second Highest Vote Total  
Look, we must never stop repeating HRC received more votes. Never concede the point. Never let them say Trump won the election. Trump received the second highest vote total and was awarded the Presidency. He got the ultimate participation trophy even though he lost the vote.

But, unlike in 2000 when Al Gore won both the Popular Vote and the Electoral Vote and the Republicans outright stole his victory, Trump can claim to have won the Electoral College.

Conservatives are slowly seething as Americans have rallied for the past 4 days to protest Trump's so-called Election Victory. Conservatives are also sensitive about him losing the popluar vote. That's why you see the county by county map showing huge swaths of Trump red throughout the South and West and small concentrations of Hillary blue in select spots. Of course, those blue spots are were Americans actually live; New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Phoenix and not wide open counties where a few hundred rabid right-wingers who play with sheep all day reside. It's also why conservatives are spreading the lie that Trump did better with Latinos than Romney, when Trump didn't. They need to justify this election and lies are the natural recourse of conservatives.

Because conservatives know they've put one over on America again with the byzantine legerdemain of 18th century oligarchical political machinations. So, they want the protests to stop and liberals to lay down just like they did back in 2000.


Keep pointing out the electoral college awarded Trump the Presidency against the will of the people. Keep on with the protests but, understand that's just a start and moving forward after the deplorables shamble into the White House we need to organize.

Trump is totally unprepared for the task ahead of him. He's going to do to the United States what he's done to women and casinos throughout his life; assault and bankrupt us.

Already Trump has backpedaled on several of his core campaign promises. Trump promised to exile all muslims, Trump promised to repeal every line of Obamacare, Trump declared he would rip up that horrible, terrible Iran Deal, Trump and his surrogates already hedged and declared there won't be an actual wall along the US-Mexico border. He's not going to do anything he promised. But, these broken promises won't be enough to break the hold the Republican Party has on the WWC.

The WWC began flocking to the Republicans in 1968 with Nixon's Law & Order, were solidly right-wing under Ronnie Raygun's Cadillac drivin' welfare moms and steak eatin' young bucks, and abandoned the Democratic Party after 8 years of President Barack HUSSEIN Obama and the incessant right-wing race baiting, including Trump's 5 years of Birtherism.

The Democratic Party if it wishes to stay relevant needs to let Trump inflict this pain and not immolate themselves to save the Republicans or the WWC. The WWC needs to face the consequences of their actions and not be bailed out by liberals again.

This is not a heighten the contradictions declaration but, a fuck'em they voted for granny starvin' zombie-eyed Paul Ryan CouponCare. The WWC voted for the elimination of SSI. So let them get what they deserve. The WWC voted for lower wages and less benefits, let them have it.

But, additionally Blue States need to use financial weapons on the WWC. For decades now, rich liberal cities have been funding the bad choices of Republican States with our tax dollars, as the Republican moocher states receive far more federal tax dollars from the government than they pay in federal taxes. So, propose amendments which decree that a state can only receive as much federal funding as it pays in federal taxes. Call it the 1 tax dollar in, 1 tax dollar out Plan or Truth in Federal Funding Initative.

The Moocher Republican States need to suffer consequences for their bad decisions. Starting with Trump and the Republican Party it's time to inherit the wind WWC.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Elections have consequences time to stick the Republicans with them

"There's not a dime's worth of difference between Republicans and Democrats," - George Wallace 
"Donald Trump, I think, will have a lot of trouble moving things through Congress. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, won’t… Hillary has the potential to do a whole lot more damage, get us into more wars, faster to pass her fracking disastrous climate program, much more easily than Donald Trump could do his." - Jill Stein channels George Wallace and explains how Republicans in Congress will restrain Donald Trump.
Next year, when the United States enters the Trump Presidency and total control of all 3 branches of Government by the Republicans its' imperative the Democratic Party offers up no support. That is Democrats should vote against every proposal the Republicans push forward for the next 4 years.

The Republicans have a 51-49 margin in the Senate and a comfortable 45 vote control in the House, but it's time the Democratic Party eliminate one of the greatest weapons the Media, holier-than-thou Leftists in the Greens, and Libertarians offer up at election time; i.e. That Both Parties are the Same. 

When Republicans propose their Swindling of Social Security by funnelling it into Wall Street where it will vanish as so many life savings and pensions did in the 2007 Republican Recession, vote No as a solid party. While white 65 year olds who voted for Trump will be angry, they've already shown themselves to be fuck you I got mine assholes so don't worry about them. But, show those 55 and younger whom Republicans are going to swindle out of Social Security who is solely responsible.

When Republicans repeal Obamacare on Day one and have nothing to replace it with, don't throw them a lifeline, offering them Medicare for All. Because Paul Ryan and the REpublicans already have a scheme to dismantle Medicare as well. Whatever half-assed remedy the Republicans propose don't vote for it. Run on the platform of the Republican Party passed legislation without a single Democratic Vote. Admittedly this will be the hardest sell. Democrats in Government want to help people and will probably support a healthcare law because it will help someone. Whereas Republicans know not only will they suffer no blowback from conservatives even when Republican policies hurt them and, in fact, conservatives will more vociferously back Republicans the more harmful the GOP is towards them the Democrats will get no support from anyone when they block legislative efforts the way Republicans do.

When Republicans propose to Concentrate illegal immigrants into Camps awaiting deportation make speeches on the House and Senate go on every Sunday talk show and vote No.

When Republicans lead by Senators Tom Cotton and Jon McCain void the Iran Nuclear Deal and vote to impose military sanctions and go to War in the Middle East again, Vote No. Even though the Media led by Faux News will castigate the Democratic Party as traitors, don't let a future generation of conservatives lay the entire blame for an Iran War on the Democratic Party as Trump and the Right-Wing laid the entire blame for the Iraq War Debacle on to HRC and her one vote as Senator.

Senator Tom Cotton one of the 47 Republican traitors who sent a letter to Iran declaring that when President Obama was out of office, the U.S. Would not honor treaties has proposed restarting water-boarding. Proclaim loudly Waterboarding is Torture. Bring up Sean Hannity's decade old boast he would be water-boarded and vote no.

When the FBI is tasked with assassinating and incarcerating everyone remotely associated with #BlackLivesMatter don't lend them cover. Again angry resentful white people are going to back the efforts against blacks 100% but, they've already shown they always support Republicans.

When the Republicans retask Drone Warfare onto the U.S.-Mexico Border to "capture" illegals don't support the protecting the borders spin and don't help the Republicans.

When Trump fires all the Generals who disagree with him about the ease of eliminating ISIS don't vote for his hand-picked yes, man for the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

The Democratic Party has to accept that the Media will savagely slander them for the next 4 years as Anti-American, as Traitors, as Sore Losers, for their unprecedented intransigence but, the Media has clearly shown they loved the last 14 months of Trump and didn't care about the Democratic Party proposals.

Additionally, moving forward Democratic Presidents and Congresses need to stop accepting the responsibility of cleaning up Republican messes. This will be the hardest of all because Democratic administrations believe in governance.

Bill Clinton cleaned up the bombast and explosive debt of Ronnie Raygun and Bush the Lesser and President Obama cleaned up the messes of Dick Cheney, George the Worst, and the Republican Congress. Stop doing that. Let the wounds inflicted by Republicans fester and rot away the WWC.

Now, most difficult of all will be Donald Trump's Impeachment. Do. Not. Help. With. This.

President-Elect Trump is facing the trial for Trump University and will soon be suing the dozen women who have accused him of criminal sexual assault so it would seem tempting to remove Trump but, this will play right into the hands of the Republicans.

Republicans would love to get rid of Trump and have Pence as President. It would allow them the veneer of respectability and reasonableness in the Executive Branch, while they pursue the same strategies they would have with Trump in charge. But, it would also let the Republican play the victim to the bigoted WWC voters. Republicans would bemoan those dastardly Democrats treacherously depriving the WWC of their True Champion Donald Trump while the media could comfortably slip back into their preferred narrative of Both Sides Do It.

Vacant eyed granny-starving Paul Ryan has floated the Republican trial balloon of eliminating Medicare. As reported by Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo,
Paul Ryan just announced that as part of repealing Obamacare he plans to phase out Medicare and replace it with private insurance for retirees.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Put Down the Not My President Protesters

It was heartening to see the spontaneous resistance spring up from Americans across the Nation against the election of Donald Trump. Never forget Trump lost the popular vote but won the election.

But, a message to all the protesters; Never forget that while right-wing domestic terrorism and violence is coddled and encouraged in this country (See the Two Bundy Insurrections and the repeated threats of assassination during all Trump rallies) agitation perceived to be coming from the left is never, ever tolerated. It won't be long before Faux News and conservatives begin calling on their allies in the FBI to put you down violently.

Sure enough beloved Right-Wing Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee County, who just last month was encouraging conservatives to take to the streets with torches and pitchforks if Trump lost, is declaring these protests must be "quelled".

Expect more, louder, and increasingly angry calls from conservatives for the use of Violence by the State against the protesters.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Good Morning President Trump. The Deplorables are ready to Deploy

"I hope he fails," - Rush Limbaugh, now a shocking thing to say. 
"Every critic, every detractor, will have to bow down to President Trump. It is the ultimate revenge to become the most powerful man in the universe." - Omarosa Manigault.
President-Elect Donald Trump is set to succeed Barack Obama on 01/20/2017. At his back will be a Republican controlled House of Representatives, a Republican Controlled Senate, and a Supreme Court Vacancy.

The Republican Party is poised to dominant the Federal Government for the next generation. It's little solace that for the 6th time in 7 elections Democratic Presidential Candidates have won the popular vote because the Republican Party is in total control now.

The media will be falling all over themselves to qualitatively ease Trump and the Republican Congress into the semblence of success. Faux News and the conservative internet will have to readopt the role of defender of the Government instead of the anti-government opposition. But, it won't cause any problems or consternation for conservatives because they love wielding the power of Big Government. The Deplorables are no doubt relishing their chance to use the awesome power of government to enshrine oppression and intolerance and destroy the Progressive Gains of the 20th century.

As with the George W. Bush Presidency, a whole litany of excuses and a massive amount of justifications will be proffered up to allay blame away from Trump and the Republicans. The same people who blamed Barack Obama for everything and anything will deflect blame to the usual suspects; minorities and immigrants, liberals and gays. Faux News and the right-wing internet will continue to lay all of America's woes on the poor and the powerless.

"Incidents" like Obama's tan suit, or a Marine holding an umbrella in the rain, which caused breathless angst, days of media coverage, and countless internet articles filled with conservative rage against Obama denigrating the office of the Presidency will never make a blip.

All of Trump's baggage and negatives, his lies, ignorance, abuses of women, business failures, and fake piety didn't matter. What mattered was his bedrock promise to make America White Power Again.

Will Trump be able to fulfill his campaign promises to the WWC? The answer, most likely, will be no. Trump is a savvy showman. He's going to break up his Presidency into 4 seasons. So in Season 1 he'll throw some red meat to keep the WWC occupied and their attention off the wild impossible promises he made which he can't keep. Enter HRC.

Trump is going to follow through on his threat to have his Attorney General and the Justice Department arrest her because the constant circus and show trial will be great reality programing. And the coverage will buy Trump 12-18 months cover as the excitement generated by Trump's proclamations of an unjust society and unvarnished racism begin to fade.

While, this is going on Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, and John Roberts will be quietly crafting euphemistically titled legislation to steal Social Security, repeal Obamacare, undo Roe v. Wade, scuttle the multi-nation Iran Deal, ignore the Paris climate change accords, ensconce voter suppression, institute wage slavery, codify religious bigotry, and transfer all money from aid programs into the Military-Industrial-Complex.

I hope I'm wrong.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Donald Trump and other Child Rapists are welcome in the Republican Party

"You are fascinated with sex and you don’t care about public policy," Newt Gingrich screams at Megyn Kelly as he refuses to look at his bulbous self in a mirror.
Right-Wingers are bitter clingers to their core beliefs; those beliefs being Bigotry, Hatred, and Projection.

As the allegations mount against Donald Trump, more than 12 women have accused Trump of criminally sexually assaulting them, what has gone under reported amongst each of those terrible accusations are the sexual assaults on children that Trump committed.

Trump himself has admitted he used his position as owner of the Miss Teen USA pageant to leer at undressed teenage girls repeatedly and there is a lawsuit against Trump by a woman "Jane Doe" not yet publicly identified that in 1994 Donald Trump sexually assaulted her when she was 13 years old.

And conservatives, those arbitrators of moral righteousness in America, collectively shrug and yawn. Except the on-line alt-right White Supremacists, who have taken it on themselves to destroy every woman who has come forward labelling the dozens of accusers as #NextFakeTrumpVictim.

As conservatives try to relitigate the 1990's one name that they refuse to mention is Dennis Hastert. Coach Denny was the most powerful Republican in DC after Newt Gingrich's flameout and as Speaker of the House was second in line for the Presidency, during the impeachment proceedings of President Bill Clinton.

Yet, now after revelations of Hastert's evil actions against dozens of boys has come partially to light, the Republican Party and conservatives act as though he never even existed. Save for convicted criminal Tom DeLay, who wrote an impassioned defense of Hastert to the judge overseeing Coach Denny's conviction (for financial improprieties).

In DeLay's letter he glowingly recalls Hastert was "a man of great integrity" who "loves and respects his fellow man" and "he doesn't deserve what he is going through". All told over 50 conservatives and Republicans wrote letters to the judge praising Dennis Hastert and requesting leniency.

In fact, on-line conservatives were far more upset about the evil FBI invading Hastert's precious privacy and the blackmail by one of his victim's, than they were with Hastert's criminal sexual abuse of over a dozen young men.

Another Republican child abuser conservatives pretend never existed is Mark Foley. As details of his predations of 15 year old pages emerged Faux News consistently ran the chyron of Mark Foley (D) and the Drudge Report blamed the young boys for dressing like tarts and tempting Foley.

Of course, this summer found Foley attending Trump rallies seated directly behind Trump, whom no doubt admires Foley's choice of victims.

But, between Hastert, Foley, Donald Trump, Ted Nugent, Rush Limpballs the Republican Party has a distinct flavor of a pro-child rape party. So, it's not surprising Republicans would nominate and support Donald Trump, a child rapist, for President.

But, threaten the alt-right Kin be prepared for the vicious on-line threats of rape and murder from the fascist Trumpenproletariat. Constant death threats have led to Trump's victim, "Jane Doe", to drop her suit no doubt emboldening them to declare all of Trump's numerous accusers are lying.

Friday, November 4, 2016

The FBI Plot and Conservative Coup d'etat against America

"Well, the damage is done to Hillary Clinton," Kellyanne Conway revels in the FBI Plot to steal the election.

Conservatives have hated America for the last 50 years. In 1968, right-wingers began their long war against the United States to destroy the Democratic Republic and replace it with a Neo-Feudal Wage Slave State.

While in regular coup d'etats an actual military/ paramilitary assault and capture of key governmental facilities and persons is required the conservatives have been infiltrating and undermining the fabric of society, shredding the social contract, deregulating commerce and industry, destroying institutions of authority, while catapulting propaganda to inculcate violent stupid and active ignorant feral followers.

The Republican Plot has worked beautifully since Ronnie Raygun's Regime in the 1980's and continues to bear strange fruit. But, along the way while the Nation was turned into a Plutocracy, the conservative cancer revived the strain of white supremacy which Republicans sought to use for electoral advantage without ever ceding actual political power.

Now, just a week before the 2016 elections the FBI has made their move to overthrow the will of the American People and help install a short-fingered, morally and financially bankrupt abuser into the White House.

The Republican Party is all in because they see 2016 is their last chance at thwarting the Will of  the People and entrenching themselves into the Federal Government.

The slow moving conservative coup has yielded fantastic rewards such as the stolen 2000 Presidential Election and the stolen gerrymandered 2014 Congressional Races which saw Democratic Candidates win millions more votes than Republicans and lose the House by a wide margin.

Bolstered by falsehoods from anti-Clinton rogue FBI agents, Faux News began the ball rolling by having Bret Baier claim indictments were forthcoming against HRC.

Known liar Sean Hannity spent the last week repeating these Faux News lies and ignoring the two murdered Des Moines Iowa LEOs. Now elected Republicans and Trump spokesliars are repeating the lies and running with the "I'm hearing" indictments are forthcoming and 'some people say' innuendo.

The incestuous amplification effect which Dick Cheney and Republicans used to sell the Iraq War is at play again. Conservatives have made it clear they will use violence when they lose, Republicans are playing immediate impeachment and girdlock, and Trump has declared HRC's victory will mean a Constitutional Crisis.

In actuality, the Nation is in and has been in a Constitutional Crisis for years as Republicans have abrogated responsible governing and adopted a nihilistic philosophy of destroying the Nation in order to "save it".

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Right-wing domestic terrorist kills 2 Iowa Police Officers and conservatives don't care

Unless, someone helps advance the evil conservative agenda they do not count as real Americans. Nor do conservatives honor those who do not hold to right-wing orthodoxy. It matters not if you are a Veteran or Police Officer if you oppose them, conservatives will engage in the politics of personal destruction against you.

Conservatives don't give a shit about Cops. On every issue conservatives are bloodsucking parasites who view people as a means of advancing the right-wing agenda of intolerance, oppression, and the adulation of the rich.

The ambush and execution style murder of two Iowa Police Officers, would seem to fulfill the right-wing rhetoric of Obama's and #BlackLivesMatter War on Cops except the alleged murderer is a Trump-lovin', confederate flag wavin', white power spoutin' red-blooded white american name Scott Michael Greene.

Thus, Faux News and the right-wing internet are silent. This attack on Police doesn't conform to their propaganda, it doesn't advance their agenda, it doesn't aid the conservative slow moving coup d'état; thus it is as if it never happened.

Of course, the murderer was allowed to surrender even after killing two cops in two separate ambush style attacks. Personally, I'm okay with his capture because the Iowa State Police and FBI should be able to garner intel from this killer but, the fact that this Trump supporting cop killer can surrender and not be immediately shot dead after killing two officers will not surprise the black and other minority communities, who are never afforded the opportunity to surrender when unarmed.

As we have seen over and over again, right-wing domestic terrorism is coddled and encouraged in America, especially because the perpetrators are overwhelmingly white males. We have an entire News Organization, large swaths of the internet, and elected Republicans officials espousing armed revolution and the removal President HRC immediately after her winning the election. So, two, or three or more dead Cops killed to advance the right-wing take over of America is a price conservatives are willing to pay and willing to extract.