Friday, October 19, 2007


To begin with I'm not mad an organization like American Snipers exist, men in harms way do need equipment. But, doesn't it strike anyone as odd that members of the military, in an MOS which would be key to winning the "War on Terror" need civilians to buy them gear?

Couldn't some of the $100 Billion the Warfare Government acquired from the American taxpayer have gone for that equipment?

Oh that's right those monies need to go to the coffers of Erik Prince and his happy-go-lucky band called Blackwater!

When are the American people going to realize the War on Iraq is about money? Since the beginning of the Reign of Bush II, Trillions have been funnelled to the coffers of those invested in the Warfare State.

What's worse is the Warfare State has deluded enough people into thinking the money being paid to them via government bases and weapons manufacturing is somehow mana from heaven.

For example: Joe Lieberman ran ads for his 2006 re-election campaign based on the fact he saved the New London sub base from BRAC.

Because everyone knows if there's one thing Al Qaeda fears it's our Los Angeles Class attack submarines...