Friday, December 28, 2012

How to Combat Gun Violence

Let's get the sadly Ridiculous out of the way first. Having to train school children to rush a rampaging gunman shows how deeply and thoroughly Guns have broken our Society. But. If you find yourself near a Mass Shooting you have two basic options: Fight or Flee.

Unfortunately, what many do is the third F; Freeze.

Understand that you are at a severe disadvantage. The Gunman has already decided on a course of action and you are reacting. Action trumps Reaction. Nonetheless, a general rule to apply is your distance to the Gunman.

If you find yourself within 21 feet of the Gunman attacking might be your best option. It's called the Tueller Drill. Your attack should be brutal, swift, and encompass everything at your disposal; pens, teeth, knee strikes, whatever. Close, Dominate, Finish.

If you're further away locate cover and move to it. From that position of cover locate new cover and move. Continue until you're far enough away.

Now, I am sickened that having to explain, teach and practice your response to a Mass Shooting Incident is necessary but, because of the evil efforts of the NRA, ALEC and the bad faith of Right-Wingers it is necessary.

Yes, I know name calling isn't going to help. But, we need constant rhetorical cracks to the mouth to maintain the focus on this issue. 30,000 Americans die each year because of Guns from Homicide, Suicide, and Accidents.

So, while we'll create an entire New Cabinet and Federal Department (Homeland Security), pass sweeping invasive Federal Laws (Warrantless Wiretaps approved for another 5 years) and blow 10 Trillion Dollars on Wars of Choice we won't or can't do anything about the Self-Inflicted Gun Violence which plagues Our Society.

This isn't an Emotional Appeal it's an Appeal to Reason and Humanity.

The NRA has quietly with ALEC backing spent the last 10 years rolling back Gun Legislation. Not through referendums but going to Courthouses to ensure that any and all Gun Laws are struck down. 

The NRA and Gun Owners of America are not Lobbying for the rights of regular Americans to own Guns but for Corporations to continue flooding our Nation in Weapons and for the profits to keep finding the Rich executives Cayman Islands and Swiss Bank Accounts.

In 2005 George W(orst President Ever) Bush backed by the Republican Controlled House and Senate passed Legislation making Gun Manufacturers immune to Lawsuits for their Negligence.

Zardoz LaPierre stated the Republican and Bush 2005 law was the "No. 1 legislative priority of the National Rifle Association". Of course, the NRA "lobbied lawmakers intensely for it". Sickeningly 59 Democrats joined in the House to pass it a vote of 283 to 144.

George W(orst President Ever) at the behest of his Moneyed Masters hailed the law, "further our efforts to stem frivolous lawsuits, which cause a logjam in America's courts, harm America's small businesses, and benefit a handful of lawyers at the expense of victims and consumers." 

Republicans care more about Guns and the Holy Second Amendment than they do about Children. It's been so plainly obvious that the sheer horror of their evil actions should cause a complete rejection and utter revulsion of Republican Policies, if Americans weren't finding ways to rationalize their behavior.

Gun Bans work, when they are enforced. Enforcement and a Culture Change are the keys.

In the aftermath of Jovan Belcher's murder of Cassandra Perkins and suicide, 7 NFL players turned in Guns.

In the aftermath of the Newton CT Mass Murder, sales of AR-15 skyrocketed with weapons selling for 3 to 5 times their normal price. One business sold the equivalent of 3 years worth of Banana Clips and Hi-Capacity Mags in the course of 2 weeks.

A company which designed and markets bullet-proof backpacks for children (Princess Pink for girls and GI Green for boys) saw a massive spike in sales.

This is not the way. This response is the Culture we Must Change.

We are awash in Guns. And there is no evidence an Armed Populace is a Polite Populace.

As for the Firearms' Lobby; No other industry enjoys blanket protection for the murderous results of their products intended use. 

In Illinois Law, laws exist which can be a model to make Guns Manufacturers and Arms Dealers responsible if they don't do due diligence to ensure Guns aren't ending up in the hands of Mass Murderers.
Every person who is injured within this State, in person or property, by any intoxicated person has a right of action in his or her own name, severally or jointly, against any person, licensed under the laws of this State or of any other state to sell alcoholic liquor, who, by selling or giving alcoholic liquor, within or without the territorial limits of this State, causes the intoxication of such person. (235 ILCS 5/6-21)
Eliminating that despicable Bush-backed, NRA-crafted 2005 Legislation should be the first step. Next, re institute the Assault Weapons Ban. Additionally, if you own a Firearm it should be incumbent upon you to prove you have positive and safe control of said weapons at least yearly. 

We as a Society need proof that your guns won't go missing and end up in the hands of some Southside gangbanger.

Then making the Manufacturer, Dealer, and Owner potentially liable should be next. Of course, further Legislation might be needed to curtail the production of certain weapons, ownership duties, and so forth. 

But, by putting the Onus onto the Firearms Industry to police themselves and ensure their weapons of Mass Murder don't end up in the wrong hands we can make a good effort at stopping the Hemorrhaging.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Conservatives and the NRA want Guns so they can shoot Blacks, Firefighters and Children (Update: Conservatives call for crack down on Gun Laws)

Update:Conservatives win when it comes to myopic pendatry. Incensed that David Gregory did not bow down to Zardoz LaPierre and declare 'The Gun is Good!', Right-Wingers demanded the DC Police investigate and arrest him for a firearms related offense. Apparently, Gregory and/or the Meet The Press production staff made a request to display the 30 round magazine on TV and were denied.  
It's insanity that Right-Wing Gun Nuts call for looser and looser laws as 30,000 Americans die each year from Gunshot wounds and Unrestricted Gun Violence, but when an MSM reporter uses an empty mag as a prop they demand Justice.
Right-Wing Loons hate most Americans but they reserve a special level of animus for Government Workers and African-Americans.

Make no mistake, the NRA is not only pleased when Americans murder each other with Guns they consider the murderer a Hero of the Second Amendment.
"We're living in a country, a free country, where people have a right to express their Second Amendment rights." NRA President David Keene. 
That's right Chicken Hawk Keene and Zardoz LaPierre consider Adam Lanza a True American Hero for "expressing his Second Amendment rights." Keene's son, another Second Amendment Hero, despite being "institutionalized" 7 times, was convicted of attempted murder in 2002 when he shot up a car in a road rage incident. It makes one wonder how a 7-time mental patient had such easy access to guns?

The oft stated reason Right-Wing terrorists need assault rifles and hundreds of guns with thousands of rounds of ammo is to murder Government workers.

For that we can Thank Ronald Reagan. The evil slime Reagan famously opined "the nine most terrifying words are, I'm from the Government and I'm here to help."

So, it's no surprise that a Gun Nut laid an ambush for Firefighters on christmas eve and killed two, while wounding two more, who responded to a fire in Upstate Webster, New York.

This is undoubtedly what the Second Amendment Hero was thinking when he started an early morning fire and waited upon higher ground for the evil Government moochers to respond.

Richard Poplawski, another NRA endorsed Second Amendment Hero, was determined to keep the Government under control when he laid an ambush and assassinated 3 Pittsburgh area Police Officers.

After the NRA sponsored Sandy Hook Massacre, Right-Wing Gun Nuts lamented Second Amendment Hero George Zimmerman hadn't been present to stalk and murder any Blacks armed with skittles who dared cross his path.

Conservatism is Terrorism.

Even Jennifer Rubin, Andrew Sullivan and David Frum all staunch Conservatives, War Hawks and righties understand that conservatives are too extreme.

They think conservatism can be saved if only the insane elements are excised. They don't understand that Insanity is the Right.

So, conservatives and the NRA will continue to push for Unrestricted Gun Violence to shatter American Society in their Quest to Destroy the Government, Liberals and everyone who stands in the way of them taking their country back.
The NRA Way to protect Firefighters.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

God Bless Our Guns! Each and Every One! - Zardoz LaPierre speaks

Look Daddy! Teacher says every time a Gun is fired a Gun Manufacturer gets it's wings!
That's right, that's right. Attaboy, Sig Sauer CEO Ron Cohen!

Here is an excerpt form Zardoz LaPierre's pronouncement of 12/21/12:

The NRA is headed by CEO Zardoz LaPierre and President David Keene...
Here's some neat facts about those two. LaPierre spent the late 60's and early 70's going to college. As soon as he got his Master's he went to work as a DC Lobbyist. David Keene started work in Washington DC in the late 1960's working for noted Republican criminal Spirio Agnew. 
So, the Leaders of the NRA are Typical Conservatives. They never had a real job. Never worked for a living. Never served a Day in Uniform. Chicken Hawk Cowards who skirted Vietnam to spend 40 years as lobbyists in Washington DC. Just your Average American Conservative.

Anyway LaPierre and Keene's job at the NRA is to push Guns. Contrary to how the NRA presents itself, the true job of LaPierre is not to support the Rights of Gun Owners, but to support the right of Gun Manufacturers to flood American Society with as many weapons of Mass Murder as possible. And with that goal in mind there is no level they will not stoop.

The Deaths of 20 children in Newtown, CT is a prime marketing opportunity for Zardoz LaPierre. The NRA wants your children to be murdered. Zardoz LaPierre wants your children to die shot multiple times at close range. Because children's deaths increase the sales of Guns.

Zardoz LaPierre is a Publicist for the Merchants of Death. He views Adam Lanza as a Second Amendment Hero because of all the Free Press it earns him.

His plan doesn't even deserve to be deconstructed because it is not a serious proposal but a shameless and despicable attempt to enrich his Owners, the Firearm Manufacturers. After a week of 'No Comment', LaPierre's bold strategy was to call on Government to hand over Billions in Tax Payer Dollars to the Gun Makers.

Now, this is of course, Brilliant and par for the course for Right-Wing Terrorists. After years of slashing funding for schools, for mental health, for teachers, the NRA wants Federal Dollars to flow into the coffers of the Merchants of Death.

Zardoz LaPierre wants to inculcate in the children of America absolute fear. And religious devotion to the Gun.

Meanwhile, the NRA's bodycount and unrestricted Gun Violence continues to shatter American Society:
This is what the NRA and Firearm Manufacturers want. These are the Second Amendment Heroes to Glock, Sig Sauer, Bushmaster, Smith & Wesson. They want Unrestricted Gun Violence destroying as many lives as possible because it makes them Money.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

NRA Terrorists and Gun Nuts in America want Anarchy

Once Rockets go Up
Who cares where they come Down
That's not my Department
Says Werner Von Braun

Gun Nuts like to claim that new laws or even current laws can stop Gun Violence. That's true but that's true of every law. No Law, in and of itself, has ever stopped a crime.
**Update: Connecticut lawmakers, in March 2011, tried to ban the magazines used by the Newton Murderer. I wonder if that Law which the NRA, Firearm Makers and Gun Nuts fought visciously against may have helped some of the murdered children survive.**
Enforcement and societal controls are what are needed. We have neither. The Second Amendment is being used by Gun Right's Fanatics to Destroy the Country. ALEC and NRA Terrorists represent the interest of Gun Manufactures over Americans. Profits over People. It's the Right-Wing response to everything.

What is obvious is the massive influx of guns into American society is the driving the gun violence.

As a result, here are Homicides by Firearms in so-called First World Nations:
  • USA 9168
  • Canada 173
  • Germany 168
Gun Violence is being fueled by a confluence of events, Gun Makers pursue profits over people by flooding the Nation with firearms, we've allowed bought politicians to slash the Social Safety Net, and current laws are ignored and curtailed.

Gun Makers have flooded the Nation with firearms. We have over 250,000,000 guns in the country.

Additionally, the Right has been advancing arguments undercutting the authority and legitimacy of the Federal Government for the past 30 years, "Government is not the solution to our problems. Government is the problem."

As California Governor, Reagan closed down the State's Mental Hospitals. California's homeless population exploded as a result. As President, within a month of Reagan's inauguration, the Office of Management Budget announced it would curtail the budget of the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH). Inside of 2 years Reagan had gutted the Mental Health Systems Act of 1980 and instead, the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (1982) would merge money for mental health programs into block grants, with fewer dollars going to the states.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel at the bidding of his Plutocratic Masters shut down 6 of 13 Mental Hospitals in the city, to save $3 Million dollars, that the evil Rich belive are being stolen from them by greedy poor people.

While there is a tiny lunatic fringe who yearn for Anarchya Glenn Beck-inspired Overton Window, who want the Government to fail because it will allow them to fulfill their murder fantasies against the Moochers, Liberals and Government "Tyranny".

It's the legally purchased guns which owners don't safeguard that are fueling the danger. One of the top 3 items stolen in every Residential Burglary are guns.
After Chicago Police officers confiscated 125 guns in a series of citywide stings in late August, the department went to work investigating the path each weapon took from store to street. 
Authorities were able to trace 54 of those guns to their original point of sale. Thirty percent were from Indiana, 26 percent from Illinois and 6 percent from Kentucky, the analysis found. 
The police analysis found at least four of the 125 recovered guns were stolen from gun stores. 
One gun was snatched from Maxon Shooters Supplies and Indoor Range in northwest suburban Des Plaines, where at least 140 guns were stolen in January.
The guns used by Adam Lanza in his murderous spree were evidently legally purchased by his mother and first victim, Nancy Lanza. A quiet divorced woman who apparently in the last 3 years let the Faux News fueled Fear Factory of American Collapse drive her towards survivalist thinking.

Most gun owners want responsible ownership, yet they don't know that Background checks are not universal. Most don't know that the NRA fought against the Federal Government attempts to stop gun sales to those on the FBI's terrorist watch list.

Most don't know that in 2011 Republicans in Illinois, in direct opposition to the health and safety of their constituents, voted to put guns in the hands of Terrorists:
Republicans on the House Judiciary panel shot down a proposal Thursday to prevent weapon sales to suspected terrorists.  
In a party-line vote of 21-11, the committee Republicans killed an amendment from Rep. Mike Quigley (D-Ill.) that would have blocked firearm purchases by those on the FBI's terrorist watch list.
The Gun Rights of Terrorists and Criminals are more important to Gun Nuts, Republicans (Michele Bachmann fits both categories), ALEC and NRA Terrorists than the safety and lives of American children.

But, the Constitution is NOT a Suicide Pact. The Second Amendment itself calls for 'Regulation'. Use that term in every Gun Control Law.

There is no reason for an American to have an Assault Weapon with 100 round drum magazines or 32 round extended clip Glock magazines unless they truly believe they are going to use them to kill National Guardsmen, ATF Agents and UN Blue-Helmeted soliders trying to take away their Country from them.

Regulate every weapon. Regulate every firearm owner. Regulate every Gun Maker. Make Firearm Owners and Manufacturers liable for them. Make people prove they have control of their weapons every year. If a weapon is used in the commission of a crime make the purchaser and seller potentially liable. Sig Sauer CEO Ron Cohen should be sued by every family in Newton, CT. Chain guns to their lovers.

They have the money and the ruthless desire to enforce their Killing Machines into every corner of American Society. What do we have? What are we as a people willing to do to stop them?

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Don't you Dare criticize Guns

In Violent Times
You shouldn't have to Sell your Soul

In Black & White
They really, really ought to know

Shout, Shout, Let it all Out
These are the Things I can Do Without
Come on, I'm talking to you, Come on

Another monstrous, murderous Gun Rampage. This time at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. How many more? How much more unrestricted Gun Violence must we be subjected to in order to satisfy the whims of insane Gun Nuts? How many Children must we sacrifice on the Altar of the Holy Second Amendment

Gun Control is needed in this Nation and we will never, ever have it. Because the moment you speak of Gun Control the insane Wayne LaPierre, Glenn Beck, Faux News imbeciles or the Gun Nuts appear to declare, 'See! President Obama is about to institute the  Homosexual Agenda 21 small arms treaty and have ACORN workers march in the New Black Panther Party to steal White People's guns!'

The Murderous Rampage in Newtown, CT is so different and so similar to the recent NFL player murder/suicide, the Florida murder of Jordan Davis by the limp dicked white knight or the dozen other Gun Rampages this year.

20 children and 6 adults murdered. These families are irrevocably destroyed for ALL TIME. They will never enjoy another christmas. And the ripples of damage will inexorably radiate outwards and hurt and harm their lives in future in so many seemingly small but in every respect enormous ways. ways.

Where was god in all of this? Christian Apologists proclaim god was off having a pout tantrum because we've "removed him from schools".

After each new tragedy a cohort of rabid fanatics demand silence! It's too Soon! Now is not the time to talk about Gun Violence! Now isn't the time to go off half-cocked! Now is actually the time to make Guns more accessible!

Now is, in fact, far too late to address this. As New York Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy, herself a tragic victim of the Gun Nuts campaign of unrestricted Gun Violence stated, 
"I agree, now is not the time to talk about gun laws – the time for that conversation was long before all those kids in Connecticut died today."
The Gun Nuts speak as though there are too many guns to do anything about in the same way there are too many bacterium for a surgeon to worry about so why should he wash his hands.

The Gun Nuts act and demand you resign yourself to these outrages the way you do towards the weather. You can't do anything about it so sit back and accept it. These aren't Tragedies, these are horrible crimes. And a working Government can and must do something to avert crimes.
A Well Regulated Militia...
We have no regulations. Just prior to this killing Illinois suffered a "Judicial Defeat" of it's concealed carry ban. And the Michigan Republicans, in their continuing anti-Democratic end around the Will of Michigan Voters, have pushed through ALEC sponsored legislation to open up Michigan schools, churches and bars for concealed carry. Gun Nuts have worked tirelessly to chop down all gun laws through a coordinated campaign. The Gun Nuts efforts show that Guns are more precious to them than people's lives.

At a minimum we need Registration and Licensing of every gun and gun owner. A limitation on what  magazines and weapon types which can be owned by a private citizen. A background check with local law enforcement and a Federal Database for every gun purchase. 

But, that's not nearly enough. The killer in Connecticut apparently didn't buy the weapons. He wasn't diagnosed or had a police record.

The only reasons to have an AR-15 with a drum magazine or a Heckler & Koch SP89 is if you truly believe you'll have to fight off the UN Blue Helmet invasion or the Zombie Apocalypse. But, again a tiny cadre of fanatics have made any discussion on limitations a Casus Beli.

Remove the indemnity gun manufacturers and sellers have against law suits. Every family destroyed by this should sue Glock and Sig Sauer. Anytime a gun is used in the commission of a crime the Manufacturer should be potentially liable. And if those companies are put out of business they have only themselves to blame. Gun makers and sellers enjoy the profits of selling weapons make them responsible for the carnage that flows from their trade, until they begin to police the proliferation of their product.