Monday, March 14, 2011

Madison Protests far larger than any Weak Tea Party

The protests by We, the People in Madison are far larger than any Tea Party Protest. And to no one’s surprise the Media isn’t covering them. But, every time some racist grabbed his tri-cornered hat, slung his Ar-15 over his shoulder, and declared “I want my country back” an MSM reporter was there to broadcast it.

The protests in Madison, which have been going on non-stop for weeks, and the associated protests in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and New Jersey garner no attention because it is a genuine rising up of Real Americans angry over the Republican theft and oppression of the workers.

Republicans and conservatives serve Moneyed Interests. They seek nothing less than the creation of a Neo-Feudal state, so they collude to strip away anything which will aid Main Street while abetting Wall Street in heinous financial crimes. To wit: in 2010, the Republicans pulled their classic strategy of bait-and-switch; Proclaiming they were running on a platform of Jobs for Americans when their plan all along was the destruction of Unions, elimination of anything designed to aid the Poor and the subjugation of the Middle Class.

This plan of slowly chipping away at our Rights, of sowing racial discord, of pitting worker against worker is intended make Us accept working longer hours, for less money, without any healthcare coverage, no pension and no hope when we are old or broken by our labors. At which point the Neo-Cons will send us to FEMA Camps to die.

Here is a rundown of the things the Republicans planned to cut. And everyday a Republican reiterates their desire to defund the EPA or OSHA, or swindle Social Security or put childern to work.

But, a funny thing happened on the way to Wage Slavery; the American People began to see the collusion between the Republicans and the Plutocracy and began to protest for their Rights.

This infuriates the Rich because they have hired the GOP to eliminate the Middle Class and the Rich do not tolerate failure. And thus the protests are ignored or receive Faux News treatment.

For simply put, the modern GOP is allied against the American People. So expect more and more draconian “laws” abolishing our rights and enforcing slavery to be passed by the Republican Hit men.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Republicans Piss on the Middle Class and the American Worker

"I'll put you in the hospital old man!" - Tough Guy
"Well I've got MediCare, go ahead and shoot your best shot!" - Clint Eastwood, Space Cowboys
Republican Governors are pissing down the back of every American and telling them it's fiscal rain. Scott Walker isn't an aberration he is executing the orders of his Koch Industry Masters. The Republican Party is wholly owned by the Rich Plutocrats in this country and they want a return to Feudalism.

Trickle Down Economics is a Reign of Wage Slavery. And Republicans Rick Scott, Rick Snyder, Halley Barbour, Chris Christie, John Kasich, Scott Walker, Mitch Daniels are nothing more than Hit Men, hired to do a job on the American Middle Class. And their actions clearly indicate they don't care about being elected because they know after they devastate the Middle Class, at the behest of their Plutocratic Masters, they will be rewarded with generous speaking fees and lavish praise from Faux News and the Right Wing money laundering "think tanks".

So, since Republicans know their financial future is secure why not reduce the American People to penury for their Plutocratic Overlords?

But, of course the Republican menace isn't merely limited to these governors but encompasses every single Republican. They are enamored with undoing the American Middle Class.

Missouri State Senator Jane Cunningham is sponsoring a repeal of restrictions on child labor SB222 which would "eliminates the prohibition on employment of children under age fourteen."

Mike Lee the new Tea Party Republican Senator from Utah went further and declared restrictions on child labor are unconstitutional. Here (via Think Progress) you watch and listen to his ridiculous Tenther Diatribe about how the Constitution actually forces businesses to employ children.

Paul Ryan's entire budget plan is about ensuring the Plutocrats get ahold on Medicare/Medicade Social Security funds which they can then steal outright for Wall Street to transfer to their accounts in Switzerland or the Caymans. Jeff Sessions declared, "Ryan has done a fabulous thing!"

So the question is why? Why are the Republicans eliminating Unions, why are they pushing to have minors go to work? Why do they want to eliminate the EPA and OSHA?

Well, simply the elimination of these laws won't affect them and theirs. Just like when Republicans champion going to war, Republicans won't be making the sacrifices. They won't be forced to choose between heat or food, medicine or electricity.

Republicans are chosen for office for one simple reason; they deliver for their Rich benefactors. And 2011 has seen them deliver what the Plutocracy wants, Death to the American Dream.

Creeping Creationism and Conservative Stupidity

Up in Lake County Illinois creationism has infected several schools. The push by fundamentalist bigots and morons is the first step of evil conservatives to destroy the minds of the youth and tie them into the cycle of Violent Republican Stupidity.

At Libertyville High School (District 128), school officials confirmed, biology and human genetics teacher, Beau Schaefer, had been promoting creationist beliefs while discrediting evolution. I wonder if biology teacher Schaefer referenced Genesis 1:29
God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.
and advocated the eating of hemlock and nightshade in accordance with god's proven advice.

All three incumbents, (Jim Burke, Doug Goldberg, Tony Pietro) and one candidate (Chris Wallace) for the Lake Zurich Unit District 95 school board believe creationism should be taught alongside evolution in elementary school science classes. Wallace, went so far as to say creationism is fact and evolution is just a theory. (emphasis mine).

I know what you're thinking who wouldn't want to learn about how mighty Odin slew Ymir and from his bones and blood created the earth and the seas and from his skull created the heavens! Cool, right? But No! Instead they want some 3000 year old myth called biblical creationism to be taught.

Now, I could run down these candidates for their simple ignorance regarding what constitutes a scientific theory as opposed to the everyday person saying "I have a theory..." But that gives them to much credit.

When these despicable buffoons were questioned further they retreated behind the 'Oh I misunderstood the question' excuse. There is no doubt these christian fascists believe the bible to be the infallible word of yahweh and that teaching all life on earth share a common descent has been the harbinger of America's doom,

We've seen the chaos the election of ignorant anti-human Republicans and conservatives has wrought in Indiana, Florida, New Jersey and Wisconsin and these asses in Lake County Illinois are how the conservatives operate. The Right has for years worked on the small local level, first getting evil idiots elected to school boards, who work to to alter American history elevating conservative criminals, punks, and chicken hawk cowards to the status of heroes and to promote ideas which contradict proven observation and accepted knowledge.

They do this because everyone knows Conservatism is Terrorism and Slavery. It is a system of evil bondage which shackles the mind with ignorance and demands the surrender of morality and humanity to the interests of the Rich and serfdom. But, in order to get people imprisoned in the conservatives grasp they must abuse children and warp their minds.

Conservatism is Terrorism and Child Abuse.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Fallow but not Gone

Hey, everyone I've only taken a short break but I'm not gone!

I got a first hand view of Madison and the passion, grace and gentle power of Progressives was awe inspiring.

I will return to this blog because the Republican Malfeasance in Wisconsin and the Class War, the Republican Hitmen and their deluded conservative foot soldiers have declared, is the only War the Right will actually fight in and I'll not back down in the face of their evil.

The bait and switch after the 2010 elections show us the rot which infests the Right's soul today, they will engage in any underhanded sleazy tactics and outright lying about their true goals which is nothing less than the return of the Slavery and Bondage of We, the People.