Thursday, October 5, 2017

In Las Vegas, Second Amendment Hero makes largest blood donation to the NRA

"One thing I love about these tragedies that happen, the reaction from the American people coming together," - NRA Spokesmodel Antonia Okafor told Blond Faux Women #6, as the stock market price of Gun Makers surged after the mass shooting.
Stephen Craig Paddock, an old white man working as an apparent money launderer for the mob, purchased 33 semi-automatic rifles over the past year, almost 3 a month.  With his arsenal Paddock, a legal responsible gun owner on 09/30/17 became the perpetrator of the worst mass shooting in U.S. History on 10/01/17.  Paddock wounded 600 people and thus far 58 have died.  Paddock is a Second Amendment Champion and Newest All-Star in the NRA Hall-of-Fame.

Immediately after these events, conservatives sprang into action.  Gun Nuts emerged from their Gun Rooms, in a frenzy ready to defend guns to your death, and descended up the social media.  Facebook, Twitter, and the conservative internet have been Horrific.

The howling from gun humping lunatics and screeching conservatives in their propaganda campaign of obfuscation and distortion, is lie after lie, after lie, after lie, after lie.  4Chan, The_Donald subreddit, and various other sewers of fevered right-wing insanity made no pretense and spead outright lies and disinformation.  The goal isn't to discover any truth about Paddock or mass shootings but, to muddy the narrative with enough lies for long enough that in a few weeks or months, when this mass murder no longer dominates headlines, conseravtives will be able to assert Paddock was a Leading Antifa collaborator of George Soros, who had deep ties to the Hillary Clinton campaign.

On Faux News tv broadcasts, Howard Kurtz, Brit Hume, and other rightwing hypocrites made false pleas for a day without politicizing tragedy, all the while politicizng the incident with references to Chicago and the Leftist agenda.  References to Chicago, by conservatives is just racist shorthand, because I never hear any discussion of a solution to Chicago's gun crime problem nor do conservatives acknowledge that 3/5ths of guns used in comission of crimes come from outside Cook County.

The Republicans dutifully, texted and tweeted, their Thoughts & Prayers, and went back to pushing the blood-soaked agenda of the NRA and Firearm Industry.  The Republican Party always offers Thoughts & Prayers because it is the least they can do, when Republicans figure out how to do less and just ignore these events they will.

The ghoulish Republicans even rolled out the bullet broken body of Congressman Steve Scalise to praise Guns and affirm there shall be no Gun Control Now, No Guntrol Ever.  I wonder if this Republican Congress which is striving to eliminate all government funded or aided healthcare coverage will offer up the same medical care for the 600 wounded in Las Vegas that Scalise received in his 3 months of rehabilitation.  Of course, the answer is no, since the Republicans just affirmed that healthcare is a privilege not a right.

Sean Hannity crafted a fantasy scenario wherein he was on the 31st floor, with his licensed firearm and he moved to the shooters location and eliminated the threat.  It was such a preposterous fantasy even Laura "Nazi Salute" Ingraham had to admit he couldn't have helped.

In fact, a prominent tough-talking ammosexual was in the crowd and was tweeting, unfortunately for him the image which appeared was him looking stunned, unable to move, deer in headlights, as first responder emergency lights framed his frozen face

Bill O'Reilly declared, "This is the price of freedom..."  RWers love to claim freedom isn't free yet I've never seen Bill O'Reilly willing to pay the price of freedom.

This is not freedom.  This is madness. This is suicide.  National Suicide.  And the Constitution is not a suicide pact.

"Well Regulated" doesn't means laws, it means enforcement.  Bans, confiscation, and destruction of firearms.  And when gun humping lunatics threaten violence and murder, Americans will perhaps recognize gun nuts never loved laws or freedom or police officers but love death.

The Gun Culture in the United States is a Cult of Death; Our Moloch by Gary Willis was written after Sandy Hook, requires blood sacrifice and the MORON LABE maniacs and blood-soaked NRA offer it gallons every day.