Thursday, September 29, 2022

The Fascists Next Door 4: Idaho, Ohio, Arizona, Pennsylvania! Everywhere! All at Once!

Idaho has always been a wild ungovernable tribal region, safely ignored for many years.  Well... now that Republicans have outlawed all Abortions, they also demand that no one talk about it.  Also birth control is now effectively illegal in Idaho.

In Ohio we have the specter of children having children.  This is of course not a problem because Republicans believe women have no rights and no purpose other than for having children.  

On September 24th, Republicans in Arizona made it illegal for 3rd party persons to record Police from up close.  If the video does not exist, you must acquits... (oh also Republicans revived a Civil War Era Anti-Abortion and determined that LGBTQ persons aren't due equal rights or protections under law)...

In Pennsylvania, GQP Governor candidate Doug Mastriano believes women who have abortions should be tried for murder.

Republicans have passed the Fascist Event Horizon and a rapidly approaching the Naked Singularity of Outright Nazism.  The GQP is never coming back.  Whatever Republicans were or claimed to be in the past is dead.  Now, the Zombie Corpse of the GQP stalks the Nation killing each state that they can and turning them into Reactionary Undead Ghouls preying upon the remaining body of the Untied States.

Republicans Hate America.  Their goals ideology, beliefs, and actions are all inimical to the United States.  I can see no way forward to live with these ghastly monsters.  Everything they propose; from white-washing history, imposing jingoistic education, shackling women into perpetual baby making slavery, murdering LGBTQ persons, reducing minorities to second-class citizen status, declaring the United States a christian country speaks to the deep, deep, deep hatred conservatives have for the concept of America and the America Dream.  The GQP wishes to turn this land into a Reactionary Nightmare; a fundamentalist Slave state.

Don't expect the Corporate Media to save Us.  They proved in 2016 that Fascism is fine as long as their chateau briand and bank accounts stay fat.  Don't expect institutions or long-standing norms and rules to save Us.  Don't expect law enforcement or bureaucracy to save Us.  The Fascists of the early 20th century showed how to undermine those institutions, democracy, governments, and 18th century liberal ideology.  

We, the People have to save Ourselves and the Nation, if we can...

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Once-in-a-Thousand Year weather events happening monthly now: Here comes Hurricane Ian!

Updated Monthly

So called once in a lifetime extreme weather events seemingly happen monthly now.  This year it's deluges and unbearable heat spikes.  Last year tornadoes.  Flooding...  Massive Raging Wildfires...  A few years ago, massive Hurricanes...

And now massive Hurricanes again!

Ian is going to make landfall tonight in and around Charolette County Florida.  That's the Gulf side of the dangly weenie state of Florida.  Ian intensified to a near-Category 5 Hurricane overnight and currently has sustained 155mph winds.  At this point (1000 hours) it's too late to safely evacuate the area and all residents are advised to shelter in place.

Florida's population has increased dramatically as the Boomers flee to the warm clime;  One -Sixth of Florida's population is over 65 and 3/4ths of Florida 21,000,000 people live in coastal regions.  As Hurriance frequency and intensity increases so will the damage done to the coastal regions.  Now, of course Federal relief and assistance is going to go to Florida after Ian and after each of the successive Category 4 and 5 hurricanes.  After all the President is Joe Biden not George W(orst Ever) Bush.  So, unlike NOLA, Florida will receive more than just a photo-op fly-over and "Heckva a job Brownie" speech.  

The problem going forward is, as they do with everything, Republicans decided man-made climate change which is incontrovertible, is a choice wedge issue.  

I have little doubt the future DeSantis Presidency will see benefit in denying federal disaster funds to California and other liberal states while the GQP continues their decades long plan of diverting federal monies to rightwing groups and Republican led states while subverting the United States of America and reducing the majority of We, the People into wage slaves shackled in perpetual corporate bondage.

Monday, September 26, 2022

Human Trafficking aficionado Florida Governor Ron DeSlavery

Kidnapper Gov Ron DeSlavery
The worst thing you can do in America is accurately describe the actions and motivations of Republicans.  It's the Corporate Media's job to uncritically repeat all the Republicans fact-free claims and false assertions while throwing their hands up and saying there is no way to know if Republicans are telling the truth or not.

Ron DeSantis is a human trafficking kidnapper.  I certainly hope the investigation and possible class action lawsuit uncovers and makes Ron DeSlavery subject to consequences for his actions but, Republicans have realized that by constantly committing crimes and rushing headlong into scandal after scandal they can overwhelm the justice system and the media into letting them get away with it.  Additionally, rightwing media will never punish a Republican for being a bigot or criminal.  Indeed the entire rightwing media apparatus came into existence to succor, obfuscate, and defend Republican perfidy.

DeSantis, of course, barely won his Governorship even though he employed overt racism and has since run rampant through the state like a cliched meth-addled Florida Man.  Killing the elderly, attacking education, empowering bigots, demonizing LGBTQ person, and using Veterans as cudgels to disenfranchise teachers.

This is all designed to endear DeSantis to rightwingers across the USA who yearn to put this slightly smarter Trump into Office so he can do to the Nation what he's done to Florida.  So, it should come as no surprise Ron DeSlavery would fund a scheme to dupe Asylum seekers and migrants to round-up and fly them to Martha's Vineyard and film the whole thing thinking he was going to epically #OwntheLibs. 

DeSantis is a vile excuse for a human and the quintessential Republican Governor; portly, pudgy, pouty, pretentious, petulant, putrid, a perfect poltroon.

Listen to this disjointed and falsehood filled press conference gave trumpeting his kidnapping scheme.  There's so much criminality and inhumanity with this story and the flop sweat, backpedaling, lying, attempts at distraction, and varying rationales for the kidnapping going on that multiple Republicans from Ted Cruz to Marco Rubio (beneficiaries of asylum themselves but, willing to pull the ladder up so others can't benefit) are flooding Faux News and elsewhere in the rightwing hermetically sealed bubble with shit so white conservative bigots can continue to think this wasn't illegal and inhumane.

But, while every reason Republicans proffer is a lie or fabrication what is true is conservatives throughout social media and the Nation acted as thought this totally Owned those Libs!  Hard!  The truth doesn't matter to rightwing drones at all.  Conservative talking heads and on-line propagandists have created a hermetically sealed bubble in which conservatives can hear all the lies they want and it totally confirms their beliefs.  Facts on the ground don't matter. 

These type of illegal actions by elected Republicans, and associated low-level terrorism by rightwing Paramilitary groups are going to increase from now on because conservatives are fully-fascist now but, lack the courage to engage in open warfare with the government because they hope to win enough statehouses in 2022 so they can subvert the federal government in 2024 and then use the Executive, Legislature and Judiciary to make their Fascist Fundamentalist Nation a legal reality.


If these stunts are so awesome I wonder why we aren't hearing from the people who are transporting the kidnapped migrants to liberal cities?  Certainly, it's important to locate the paid Firm who conducted DeSantis Martha's Vineyard scheme.  But, why aren't we hearing from the pilots?  Why aren't they being given James O'Keefe style interviews of Faux News?  Why aren't we reading their 1000 word sub stack missives, I flew that plane and I loved it.  Maybe, because the Just Following Orders defense is all they've got right now. 


Last September DeSlavery enacted several immigration executive orders, including one which,

banned Florida agencies from providing assistance in transporting to the state migrants apprehended at the southwest border, who don't have legal status in the country.

So, it's clear DeSantis is using federal and state tax payer dollars to effect this kidnapping scheme.  This is of course in line with privatization efforts in which Republicans steal money from the American people and funnel it to their friends and allies just like Brett Favre and former Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant.

It's going to come out that like all Republicans DeSantis is using the power of government to pilfer public money but, by the time anyone investigates or releases this report DeSantis expects to be in the White House.  The Intercept discovered the airline Vetrol received the public money from DeSantis after they had contributed mightily to his campaign, a clear kick-back scheme Republicans always use. 

Sunday, September 25, 2022

The Revenge of the Thin Blue Line 28: Beverly Hills Copaganda 4

"Look where I'm from cops don't file charges against other cops..." - Axel Foley, Beverly Hills Cop (1984)

Cue the above dialouge to a slow fade in from a black screen to a dark street illuminated by flashing red and blue squad car lights.

The Beverly Hills Cop franchise is coming back with its 4th installment, 38 years after Detroit Detective Axel Foley greeted us with the distinctive Eddie Murphy laugh.  Many of the original cast will be returning to reprise their roles even though all the Officers would be long since retired, even nebbish (but surprisingly deadly) Detective Rosewood.

The long delayed sequel finds Axel returning to Beverly Hills to help his estranged daughter, a young Detective, and old friends take on a new crop of baddies with the expected inclusion of dirty cops on the force.  Fairly standard boilerplate buddy cop drama layered with the cliched old guard riding out one last time, with those bad apple cops working with the criminals comprising the antagonists.

But, what would be a more interesting Axel Foley story would be set sometime recently, as a soon to retire Superintendent Foley looks back on a distinguished 40 year career having been involved in numerous famous and infamous cases and apparently having killed over 20 people, when a young white officer shoots and kills an apparently unarmed black man.

Such a movie, could touch on and make Axel grapple with; The nascent Black Lives Matter movement, His rank and file Officers expecting 100% backing, Axel Foley's own killer past, the Mayor and city council hoping he can take the heat or the fall, the on-line rightwing troll universe which peddles non-stop lies and racism, and in the end force Axel to grapple with his own past, and policing in general, and the difficulties which face an African-American man in law enforcement. 

Instead I think Eddie Murphy and movie studio execs who greenlight this on Netflix are woefully out of touch with the current zeitgest surrounding police serials and movies.  And the whirlwind surrounding Law Enforcement in America in 2022.

This isn't the square 1950's with Jack Friday and just the facts ma'am.

Or the civil rights 1960s with the push back against racial prejudice with They call me Mr. Tibbs!

Nor the gritty, grimy crime everywhere 1970's of Dirty Harry with justice only coming from the breaking of the law.

And then there was the simultaneously wacky and serious 1980s and 1990s with their large ensemble casts of quirky characters engaging in more and more fantastical plots which held true for the dramas like New York Hill Street Blues and the comedies like Naked Police Academy Guns.

Of course, the 2000's have been dominated by the several hundred CDI: [Insert Place Name Here] shows and the rise of the Neo-gritty focused mini-series. 

And look there have been recent series which I've watched and found well-written and acted; Murdurr Durdurr, The Night Of, and the 1st and 3rd seasons of True Detective stand out.  Justified was good even if it did suffer the 1990's syndrome of increasingly outrageous storylines (and an unbelievable body count for ole Raylan Givens).  And the HBOMax comedy Southside is fantastic even if Police are only part of the story.  The low-key Barney Miller series still stands out.  And the films Blindspotting and Fruitvale Station viscerally captured the truth of policing in America.

So, once more unto the breach will ride Axel Foley in BH4 a film which will be more Coming to America II than Dolemite is My Name.

Friday, September 23, 2022

Republican Congressional candidates have nothing to offer the American people but, Lies

"This story was placed by the liberal media and my opponent... All of my deployments are listed as classified, " JR Majewski, just blame the liberal media and continue lying; guaranteed election results.

Tina Forte, J.R. Majewski, and John Gibbs are Republican candidates for Congress.  So, understand they won their primaries.  Now, it appears none of their staff or consultants did a background check or create an opposition research file on themselves.  Literally, none of these people belong anywhere near the US Government or making laws.

But, it doesn't matter because all Republicans have to do is scream Radical CRT Woke Socialist BLM Antifa and that pure unfiltered propaganda garners them support and votes.  And to be clear these 3 wack-job liars aren't the only Republicans running Congress just spouting bullshit, propaganda and falsehoods.  It's all of them.

Tina Forte rose to prominence with her heavy Bronx accent YouTube videos, steroid physique and her veal carpaccio chest screaming about AOC.  

Forte attended the January 6th insurrection and now is running against AOC.  Now Forte won her Republican primary with 1500 votes out of 2200 cast and AOC received over 150,000 in the 2020 general so... this election isn't going to be close and is going to be called with 0% reporting.  

But here's the thing about Tina Forte screaming AOC is going to Defund the Police, her family is a drug dealing and gun smuggling cartel with multiple arrests and run-ins with the law.  But, she gets to run as the Law&Order candidate because the Corporate Media will always find a way to #BothSides this.  AOC supports Police reform while Tina Forte is a Moll or gumar so both sides have a problem with law enforcement (Check out the NewYorkTimes Pitchout for similar ledes)

Meanwhile, J.R. Majewski won his primary by touting his vivid combat experience in Afghanistan being the 1st Air Force Squadron on the ground after 9/11 and he went weeks without a shower and his high-level corporate decision making.  Of course, Majewski never made it to Afghanistan.  Ever.  But, service during the Phony GWoT is no longer an animating principle for Conservatives these days anyway.  As Dan Crenshaw found out when a rightwing troll confronted him on the street to belittle his injuries and combat service.  I've noted for years on this blog and elsewhere that conservatives don't actually support the troops and never had, it's just that had been confined to mocking, attacking, and belittling Democratic or left service members but now Millennial Rightwingers belittle Republicans, too.

Then there is John Gibbs, who worked for the Trump administration in HUD (because Racist Trump thinks blacks should be confined to Urban development) won the Republican primary by ousting Pete Meijer, who had taken over the seat in 2020 but, had done the unthinkable and supported the Jan6th investigation, contempt of Congress charges against convicted criminal Steve Bannon, and voted to impeach Donald John Traitor Trump.  This is anathema to the modern GQP.  

So, Gibbs challenged him and won the Trumpublican nomination for Congress.  Well, back in 2000 and 2001, young master Gibbs attended Stanford where he founded and wrote for conservative group called the Society for the Critique of Feminism, where Gibbs argued that Women's Suffrage wrecked America.  His campaign staff have responded to the reporting by stating Gibbs really didn't believe women shouldn't be allowed to work or vote, he was just Owning the Libs before Owning the Libs was cool.

Will Veterans vote for JR Majewski?  Will women vote for Josh Gibbs?  Will LEOs vote for Tina Forte?  I guess the answers will come inside of 6 weeks.  I haven't felt this depressed about Elections since 2004, when Republicans ran on September 11th, Global War on Terror, Rah rah rah War and "won".

Republicans won and America lost.  Conservatives never really believed their so-called principles.  All their talk of liberty and support the troops and thin blue line has been rhetorical cudgels to bash the left.  What conservatives really want is a White Supremacist Nation run by the Patriarchy.  The ultimate goal for the Rich Republicans is to give conservatives a racist evangelical ethno-state here where domestic dissent by liberals, women, minorities, LGBTQ is ruthlessly quashed by Paramilitary Police forces and an expansive military which goes abroad and secures resources from foreign Nations by whatever means necessary.

Thursday, September 22, 2022

Alleged Pig fucking Darren Bailey yearns to treat Illinois like he treats his hogs

Now, I don't want to say Darren Bailey fucks Pigs or Darren Bailey fondles Pigs but, it's something that is said.  Therefore, let's just agree to call him Alleged Pig Fucker Darren Bailey.  Alleged Pig Fucking Darren Bailey would be a caricature of a pig fucker if everything coming out of his mouth wasn't hog shit stupid.

Bailey's campaign is so over-the-top with lies, bigotry, and racism you'd think it was being run conservatives.  And Bailey's prime hatchet man Dan Proft is one of the vilest campaign operatives since Karl Rove

Bailey, who's repeated besmirched Chicago and Chicago citizens proclaimed he was going to immerse himself in the city so Bailey rented a penthouse in the Hancock building.  I'm sure Bailey was afraid of being called an Ivory-Tower Elitist so he choose the Hancock because it's black.

Now, alleged pig fucker Darren Bailey sees Chicago in the same way every rich right-winger or Republican does for every large US city.  As economic piggies banks for them to tap into and these cities should be silent, exert no political power, and offer up their largesse for Republicans to take just like landed rural Barons took money from feudal markets on their lands.  Republicans have always sought a return to pre-industrial America, where Rich landed gentry ran the country and those in farms and cities had no say in the matter little alone the franchise to actually vote.  A Return to Neo-Feudalism is what Bailey promises the state.

“The attempted extermination of the Jews of World War II doesn’t even compare on a shadow of the life that has been lost with abortion since its legalization.” - Darren Bailey 2017.  But, All of Darren Bailey's "Jewish friends" agree with him that Abortion was far worse than The Holocaust. *All* his Jewish friends.  This is a horrific statement in toto but, let's focus on the word "alleged".  Adding such a qualifier is a red-flag and something one always hears from Holocaust deniers, especially those who want to keep their denial on the down low while they signal their Neo-Fascist followers.  And whaddaya know?  Darren Bailey is also aligned with Awake Illinois, a Neofascist terrorist group, which the UpRising Bakery assailant, Joseph Collins, was affiliated with and from whom Collins took initiative to sloppily imitate Kristallnacht.

One of the things with modern Republicans is they've learned everything about the past from watching the History Channel or glancing at it occasionally. It shows their paucity of understanding because although Republicans know they are supposed to treat Nazis as the bad guys and not enjoy the Holocaust, But, Republicans are ideologically aligned with the Nazis and support the Mass Murder in general, so it's so damn hard for them not to say nice things about Hitler or reference the Holocaust repeatedly. 

Of course, let's not forget that Bailey was denying the Holocaust while talking about Abortion and Bailey plans to place a total ban on Abortion in the State of Illinois.  Bailey as a bloated pig farmer feels it's his place to make medical decisions for every woman in Illinois and will use the monopoly on force possessed by the State to arrest and imprison those women who dare to seek medical care and those doctors who provide it outside his prerogative.

Of course, alleged pig fucking Darren Bailey tried to blame Governor JB Pritzker for the Highland Park shooting. That's what Republicans do; they undercut government and then blame Democratic officials for Republican malfeasance.  But, this horrific alleged pig fucker in first few hours after the mass shooting, and before Bobby Crimo was in custody, declared, "let's move on and celebrate the independence of this nation." This statement alone should be disqualifying for Office, but it is so indicative of the modern GQP; This doesn't affect me, so I don't care.  And so telling for a Republican candidate who is worried about being asked about their rabid support of guns and the inevitable conclusion of the rightwing plan to flood the Nation with easily obtainable guns.

Bailey made a big fuss throughout Covid by refusing to wear a mask on the State Assembly floor requiring he be removed during the pre-Vaccination year.  And this should panic anyone who gets pork from the Bailey Family Farms, imagine what kind of unhealthy shit, health code violations, and disgusting unsanitary conditions exist down on that pig farm.

Of course, the worst thing about this is that by simply attaching himself to the Republican Party, Bailey has a chance to become Governor of Illinois.  This disgusting bigoted slob has no business anywhere in State-wide politics.  Certainly, I understand how even worse humans gain control of local politics but, the alleged pig fucking Dan Bailey isn't fit to run a pigsty, let alone the State of Illinois.  It's horrific and, what's worse is this election cycle has Republicans as bad as alleged pig fucker Dan Bailey in Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona who seek to take control and run their states as a barbarous Neo-Feudal barony.

Monday, September 19, 2022

WWG1WGA (The Semi-Fascist Salute)

I've got a One Finger Salute for every Trumpublican Fascist

It's finally here.  The Official Nazification of the Republican Party was accomplished this weekend at the J.P. Vancedel Trump Rally.

Start getting your head wrapped around this truth.  

For years the Corporate Media has lulled you into a false sense of security;  your abortion rights are safe, whomever wins the Presidency you'll be fine, tsk-tsking President Biden for saying semi-fascist and being divisive . 

And why should she worry?
Kathleen has been fine
Meanwhile, Republicans have self-radicalized into an Authoritarian Party of bigotry, hatred, and intolerance, who no longer accepts election defeats.

Anyone claiming this and all his rallies are not Fascist, strains credulity beyond belief or is a bad faith actor who is pleased with the direction the Republicans have chosen.

For 40 years, conservatives have broadcast their hatred and burning desire to round-up and murder "Squishes" .  For over half a century they've theorized that government is actually only valid when Republicans win and Republicans only lose when Democrats cheat.  For the past 20 years, Republicans have swirled down the Authoritarian accretion disc towards full-blown Fascism; slowly at first, then suddenly.  And now it's here.

A Storm requires Storm Troopers 
Trump is in actual legal jeopardy over the classified intelligence he stole (and most likely sold) when he ignominiously and reluctantly vacated the White House.  

So... his Mobster threats and overt embrace of the wannabe Storm Troopers is rapidly ratcheting up.

As an aside, one of the more fanciful theories is the classified documents contain proof of the Q magnum opus or the mythical Hunter Biden laptop contents or HRC "but her emails" and this was the only way God-King Trump could get them officially and forever into the Courts via the FBI Raid and court appointed Special Master. 

They've yearned to throw the salute
Rightwingers have been waiting for an Authoritarian to step in and provide them with the Dictator they've yearned for. 

Post Nixon Republicans pivoted to slow and steady subversion of the Federal Government to undo the New Deal and Civil Rights of FDR &LBJ, buttressed by dog whistles to the more violent Reactionary base.  The slow moving Coup.  This is the John Roberts and Mitch McConnell approach. The GOP was happy dangling Total Abortion Bans, draconian drug penalties, and foreign wars chock full of war crimes while slowly subverting the Nation through legerdemain and lifetime hacks on the Courts.

But, in the background for decades conservatives grew up surrounded by the sealed Limbaugh propaganda bubble, now multiple generations have known naught but the rightwing lies and agitprop relentlessly fed to them.  Enter Trump who told them what they've always "known" and did so in the crude vulgar fashion they desire.

And thus its here; The actual Storm.  The 2022 elections are already being undermined by bureaucratic violence from elected Republicans but, conservatives are going to be out and about looking to intimidate election judges, voters, and declaring any election result they don't like to be Fraud.

Then with enough Reactionary Trumpists in office the GQP will combine their paramilitary domestic terrorist groups, standing by, with the awesome power of government. 

Saturday, September 17, 2022

Human Trafficking in Texas and Florida. Have you seen this Republican Ettin? (Updated)

The Republican Ettin*
Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott are the highest profile kidnappers and human traffickers in America.  For weeks, I've been bombarded by YouTube's rightwing algorithm pestering me to choose where to send Biden's Migrant Buses next.  No matter how many times I click the don't show me this inappropriate ad again it comes back.

Greg Abattoir has been rounding-up human beings by gunpoint and sending them to various states in order to #OwntheLibs, this is a widely popular move amongst conservatives who love when people are mistreated and sent off to unknown places.  I mentioned back then that besides the horrific inhumanity of the actions it's also training for when Republicans decide to round-up other "illegals" and send them to concentration camps.  I have no doubt that conservatives would support the mass murder of millions of people in the name of Law&Order.

As I've mentioned before allowing Republicans to stake out claims to being the party of Christianity or Law&Order or "Pro-Life was a mistake and it's one of the biggest lies the Corporate Media continues to help Reactionary Republicans propagate.  Greg Abbott's lawless pro-gun, anti-infrastructure policies kills thousands of Texans every year.  Meanwhile, Ron DeathSentence killed at least 100,000 people in Florida by incessantly lying about Covid and Vaccines.  Since then he's engaged in #OwntheLibs executive actions and legislation which is inhumane and unchristian. 

And that's the point;  Republicans are not Christian in any way.  Neither are they for the Rule of Law.  Nor are the Pro-Life.  Republicans are vile, cruel, vindictive terrorists who have nothing to offer the American people but, bile and rancor.  The fascist conservatives on Twitter and their non-stop shit posting demonstrated how evil rightwingers have become and how much they yearn to kill Americans.

So, DeSantis lawless gotcha libs moment by abducting 50 human beings from Texas, through Florida, to Martha's Vineyard is more than just some stunt.  DeathSentence used taxpayer money, and I'm not certain any type of proper and legal investigation determined the immigration status of the people lured to the flight with lies but, the generous reaction of the people of Massachusetts really demonstrated how little regard Republicans have for actual human life.  Besides all the breast beating about abortion, the treatment of refugees and the constant repetition about "illegal" immigrants highlights the brutal inhumanity which lives deep in the dark psyche and twisted souls of Republicans.

Of course, the people who have been dealing with these political stunts have been treating the frightened, mistreated refugees in accordance with Jesus' teachings.  For whatever that's worth... Because it doesn't matter one whit to conservatives.  Conservative Jesus is a murdering bigot who tortures his enemies and teaches Americans hatred.

And as Republicans ratchet up their "political stunts" it's clear conservatives decided to totally scrap the Constitution and make up laws that suit the moment and justify their headlong rush into full-blown Fascism.  The Constitution of has No Authority any longer as - The Right's goal is to Rule America or Ruin it.  


Josh Marshall and the writers over at Talking Points Memo have uncovered and written about the nefarious lies used to entice the migrants and Reagan-esque bypassing of official government employees by using someone named "Perla" to get these people on board the flight.  DeSantis and The on-line FASH obviously thought this would be a giant cluster of affluent liberals calling the Police and demanding the "illegals" be removed.  Even now rightwing liars on Twitter claim the libs of Massachusetts forcibly deported these people whom DeSantis abducted.  The headlong flight into 100% propaganda and non-stop lies is complete, conservatives have no connection to reality.  Of course, in reality, that doesn't matter since the subjective rightwing universe is all that matters to them.

*- Though Republican ettins have a low intelligence, they are cunning fighters. They prefer to ambush their victims.  Republican ettin administrations are a haven for parasites and vermin, and it isn't unusual for the Republicans ettins themselves to be infected with various parasitic diseases. 

You can't spell M-I-S-S-I-S-S-P-P-I GOP without I-S-I-S K and F-A-V-R-E

A man's flesh is his own; the water belongs to the tribe - Dune, Frank Herbert
One of the things rightwingers have consistently done to aid their efforts is focus all their energy on one Democratic "scandal" and relentlessly catapult the propaganda.  Of course, the truth of the scandal is immaterial to conservatives what matters is the ceaseless repetition.
"And let me give you one example. Everybody thought Hillary Clinton was unbeatable, right? But we put together a Benghazi special committee. A select committee. What are her numbers today? Her numbers are dropping..." - Kevin McCarthy to Sean Hannity October 2015
Republicans are committing so many misdeeds, crimes, offenses, scandals, and treason that it's hard to keep track, document, and continue to focus on them.  This is one of the reasons Marjorie Taylor Greene and other Republicans want to do away with the FBI.  Those damn Federal Officers are investigating and arresting Conservatives!  And to any Leftists, who've long called for the dissolution of the FBI, understand Major Traitor Greene isn't your ally in this because see doesn't want to eliminate the FBI she wants them replaced with a Trumpstapho or Trumpstazi, a cult of personality police force rigidly adhering to the Republican agenda of oppression and intolerance and one which will work to undermine Democrats the way the New York FBI did with Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Back in April I did a post on Brett Favre stealing from millions from Mississippi taxpayers.  Well, since then more detail have emerged about the scope, intent, and direct actions Favre took to make sure he was able to illegally obtain Other Peoples Money.  Recent legal fillings have included additional texts sent by Favre as he was involved in a Republican scheme to "misuse" $94,000,000 of federal grant money earmarked for TANF and other projects to help the people of Mississippi.

One Hundred Million Dollars.  Stolen.  A Hundred Million!

But, of course Republicans don't care about this.  Governor Phil Bryant was, most likely, involved in all of this but left office in 2020 to his flabby underling, Tate Reeves who was Lieutenant Governor during this theft of A HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS.  Reeves is still in office as Governor now as he seeks to make all abortion illegal, seeks to privatize the water supply for the poor people isn't facing daily calls to resign in disgrace.  Isn't facing Federal prosecution (as far as I know).  Tate Reeves is one of those bulbous, well-fed, smooth bodied rightwing Republicans who calls the meager assistance Americans receive from their government "cruel socialism" all the while ensuring those federal funds flow into the coffers of the rich and religious right wack-a-loons.  

And look in Jackson, Mississippi Americans don't have clean water.  For drinking.  For bathing.  For laundry and dishes.  For schools. For months.  Because Republicans don't invest in facilities for the people they rule over.  Because Republicans steal public funds and funnel it to their friends and ideological allies.  Because Republicans whole raison d'être is to get into office to undermine and hamstring government and then claim government doesn't work.  This is what they do with Education, Infrastructure, and any other public utilities.

The question for Americans and those living in Mississippi is; Are Republicans more dangerous to their health and well-being than ISIS?  The answer clearly is yes.

Republicans don't give a shit about people.  They don't give a shit.  Veterans, Law Enforcement, Women, and anyone who doesn't ceaselessly toe-the-line of Intolerance and Oppression and Adulation of the Rich.  Republicans idolize ISIS and want to create and Rightwing Fundamentalist Nation with 90% of people shackled in Wage Slavery, women and minorities reduced to second class citizens, and a Rightwing Paramilitary which rigidly enforces the White Evangelical Patriarchy with unimpeded violence.   

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Lindsey Graham just came out and admitted Republicans hate freedom, liberty, and plan to put American Women in Shackles

The Supreme Sinister Six*

Now that Republicans have reduced women in the United States to second class status, they are fumbling with how to deny the consequences of their actions.

Some, like bigoted Blake Masters in AZ, have scrubbed their campaign sites of their positions to obscure their stances.  Others have decided to play word games and declare certain abortions don't count as abortions and hand wave away the reality of the Republican position.  Other new Republicans like, Yesli Vega have dusted off the old Todd Akin Legitimate Rape lie to cover their extremist anti-abortion position. 

And then there's the Old Guard like Lindsey Graham, Rand Paul, and Mike Pence who have decided to go full bore and tell women, that yes, the Republican plan is no Abortions period.  None.  So don't get any pregnancy complications, or an unspeakable fetal deformity, and don't get raped because The Grand Old Pervert Party plans to make you suffer and die.  Because women dying is Pro-Life.

And, let's be clear, the Republican position is zero abortions, zero exemptions, zero health care for women buttressed by prosecution for any woman or doctor or Uber driver who fails to inform on their neighbors medical care.  Of course in all cases, Republicans new and old, are wallowing in their classic vile stances of transphobia, racism and lies.  But, in the meantime Graham or Rubio or any of these Republican monsters is going to continue to obfuscate, continue to fling as much shit as possible into the media in the hopes one sticks and the Corporate Media goes back to their role of uncritically regurgitating rightwing lies.

One of the outcomes of the Sinister Six Supremes Dobbs decision is it undermines the whole Corporate Media narrative surrounding the Republican Party.  For years the Corporate Media has acted as a bribed referee fixing Republican flubs, falsehoods, and fuck-ups in order to adhere to the Both Sides Do It.

For instance in 2014, the Denver Post Editorial Board (or, more accurately, publisher Dean Singleton) decided to endorse Rape-publican Gardner, in an editorial that will live in infamy:
If Gardner had been a cultural warrior throughout his career, we would hesitate to support him, because we strongly disagree with him on same-sex marriage and abortion rights. But in fact he has emphasized economic and energy issues (and was, for example, an early supporter among Republicans of renewable energy). 
For that matter, his past views on same-sex marriage are becoming irrelevant now that the Supreme Court has let appeals court rulings stand and marriage equality appears unstoppable. And contrary to Udall’s tedious refrain, Gardner’s election would pose no threat to abortion rights.

As Laura K. Chapin wrote earlier this year, Between “Mark Uterus” and the editorial, the damage was done. Abortion wasn’t a real issue, just something for silly ladies and overheated campaign rhetoric from an unserious candidate. Gardner won by the slimmest of margins, less than two points, in a Republican wave year.

Back in 2012 President Joe Biden, plainly stated the Republican Agenda, "They're going to put y'all back in chains."  I found a link to a 2012 blog post by Maggie Haberman at Politco (back before she decided to play fluffing stenographer for Donald John Traitor Trump) her lede was "Via 44, Joe Biden doing his best Joe Biden...

President Biden's statement was treated as another gaffe.  Another time Joe Biden boofed it, well Dark Brandon was right about Republicans then and now, Republicans are directly proposing a National Ban on Abortion because they apparently don't fear electoral blowback from their draconian measures.

Republicans hate America.  For 60 years now, Republicans have worked to undermine civil rights, freedoms and liberty.  The Modern GQP yearns for slavery and tyranny.  If given the chance,  Republicans will put every girl in chains. 

*- The Supreme Sinister Six 

  1. Dr. Scotus Scuttle-fish
  2. Sam Alackto (of morals)
  3. Mysterious ACB
  4. Sleep Sand Silent Clarence
  5. Boofer Kravenaugh the Drunkard
  6. Gorsuch Bird Man

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

The Revenge of the Thin Blue Line 27: BLM? Ha! The Police also kill lotsa Whites too!

Don't worry Cottonmouth, after Trump goes to jail You and Your Ilk is next...

White America, especially the rabid reactionary trolls who infest comment sections, will never, ever, ever question the seizure of a black man in America.  In rightwing America, every black person is a priori guilty of something and hence every contact with Police is an opportunity to determine if that black person should be arrested or killed.

Of course, one of the major problems of the internet age has been the replacement of shoe-leather reporting for on-line browsing.  Rightwing liars fervently believe their own bullshit that by opening a Faux News link or listening to some rightwing radio provocateurs rant, that they know what happened.  This is how we ended up with the 'I did my own Covid Research' which led to more than a million deaths.

But, even more hypocritical is that conservatives who proclaim you can never trust the government indubitably always believe Police briefings and reports which wholly exonerate the Officer, every time.

One of the things which was supposed to address the inappropriate escalation of force by Police Officers and curb violence and extrajudicial killings of minorities was the adoption of Body Cameras.  But, much like squad car mounted cameras years ago all the Body Cameras are doing is showing Police Officers violence and unlawful uses of force and unequal application of law.

But, again white righting America doesn't care.  When President Obama correctly stated the Cambridge Police acted stupidly for arresting Professor Henry Louis "Skip" Gates outside his own home in Harvard, rightwing media pounced and white America howled, beat their breasts, and rent their hair.  President Obama tried to minimize the white fury by calling it a "teachable moment" but, Faux News knew they had a winner because racist conservatives love lies and hate when their bigotry is pointed out.

So, there are no teachable moments when Police interact with persons of color.  As the Childersburg Alabama Police demonstrated by arresting black Pastor Michael Jennings for the crime of... well for the crime of being an unforgivable black person, calling his infraction, "obstructing government operations.

Disingenuous racist assholes invariably descend upon comment sections rabidly stating, don't resist, just comply, or don't run as they always blame the person of color for their mistreatment by Police and of course, this is asserted in bad faith by white men who give shit to Cops all the time (e.g. when they are drunk driving, beating up their wives, acting like drunk ripe assholes at bars or beaten Capitol Police Officer while trying to overthrow the US Government) it's just whites feel absolute impunity to act like jag-offs because Police should be rousting minorities somewhere and not hassling white dudes for just smacking their mouthy girlfriends around.

So... the pattern continues...

Jayland Walker in Akron, Ohio

Rob Adams in San Bernardino, California.

Nykon Brandon in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Watching the overweight Nykon Brandon "running" around in large white boxers the first question which comes to mind is; why are you running up to him and grabbing at him?  Follow him, see what he does, walk up to him, see how he reacts.  Instead of charging him and going hands on for crime of him "stealing" a beer from a Brewery.  It's also no doubt Brandon was trying to get beer to self-medicate and even the 911 caller could tell this was a mental health crisis and requested they send someone specifically to handle it as such.  But, instead the Officer induced escalation immediately led to a wrestling match, wherein additional Officers piled on Brandon holding him face down, controlling his head, and restricting his breathing, leading directly to his death.

On Ausgust 30th, in Columbus, Ohio Police executed a 0230 hour arrest warrant which ended in the death of the black man, Donovan Lewis in his bed.  Lewis was wanted for domestic violence and some sort of Ohio UUW, and being black white conservatives absolutely unequivocally support his summary execution because of the subjective fear the Officer experienced upon breaching the door and locating Lewis.  Listen to Alonzo Bodden dismantle this white woman's claim the shooting was reasonable because of the reasonable fear the Officer had being reasonable and reasonably being wrong about his reasonableness. 

Conservative America absolutely supports every extrajudicial killing of a person of color.  George Floyd's death din't change this.  Previous deaths of black men didn't change this.

Here in Illinois alleged Pig Fvcker Darren Bailey is using racist fear mongering about the Safe-T Act to attack Governor J.B. Pritizker because Bailey and his racist rightwing devotee Dan Proft know white America can be roused to support fascism by scare tactics about crime 

Saturday, September 10, 2022

The Fascists Next Door 3: Oathcrappers? Loafmakers? Oathbreakers? Oathcreepers?

Certainly, not Oathkeepers.

In the Fascist word play amongst the American Right, if conservatives say they are Real America or call themselves patriots they ipso facto are, the same way that smug flabby elitist Ted Cruz spits on Starbucks baristas while he labels the GQP the party of the working class.  Corporate media allows rightwing declarations to count more than rightwing actions. 

A mistake "The Left" made in response to the Reactionary pushback to the Civil Rights was to allow Fascists to stake claim to piety, patriotism, and service to the Nation.

I understand why these things happened.  Ronnie Raygun waved the flag whilst Lee Greenwood belched proud to be 'Murican and the impious Evangelicals co-opted Christianity.  

"We" never should have ceded these things to the Fascist Republican Party.  Conservatives, don't actually exhibit any of these characteristics.  In fact, conservatives are impious, jingoistic, chickenhawks who routinely shit on Veterans, piss on those serving the Nation, and seek to overthrow the Rule of Law to install a Neo-Confederate slave state.

Hence, the Oafkeepers.  A Rightwing Paramilitary Domestic Terrorist organization that, like all fascists, cloak themselves in an undeserved and an unearned mantle of patriotism, duty, and loyalty.

Like, all terrorist organizations they unrighteously declared others Oathbreakers even as they committed crimes.  Even as multiple members stormed the Capitol on Jan6th, and others waited outside DC to assassinate Democratic Representatives.

Well, like all fascist terrorist groups convinced of their righteousness, they've decided to subvert the democratic process by infiltrating various governmental bodies and poisoning them from within; Excerpts from the state-by-state interactive map: 

The non-profit journalist collective Distributed Denial of Secrets (DDoSecrets) published – among other data – more than 38,000 names on the Oath Keepers’ membership list. The membership data provides unique insight into the people who signed up and paid dues to the organization over the years and helps illuminate the extent to which the group’s anti-government ideology has permeated mainstream society.

A review of these membership lists revealed that while there are many members of law enforcement, military, and first responders in the membership rolls, there are also elected officials, government employees, teachers, religious figures, and businessmen, among others. 

As of August 8, 2022, COE has identified 373 individuals in the Oath Keepers database who we believe are currently serving in law enforcement agencies across the country. 

Fascists are getting very comfortable openly espousing their rhetoric. Openly displaying the badges of their paramilitary terrorist groups. Get knowledgeable about them. Get ready to track and identify them instantly on sight because they are ready for that order from Republicans to round-up and eliminate the Non-MAGA.
That being said, this remains a moment for peak vigilance. Beyond the hordes of right-wing keyboard warriors, there remain white nationalists waiting to prove themselves in the streets.

Thursday, September 8, 2022

The Many Coups of January 6th and the New Coups for 22 (Fascist Republicans are destroying America)

Look at his head noddin'
Newt The Violator Gingrich
Faced with a clear electoral and popular vote defeat, multiple long time Republicans decided to jettison the 2020 election results and any semblance of Constitutional Democracy for pure Authoritarian control of the US Government. 

Newt Gingrich famously took out a Contract on America in 1994.  Gingrich has been a stain on the United States political scene for 40 years.  Of course, he was going to try and do something about Trump's defeat.  But, as Paul Krugman said, “Newt Gingrich is what stupid people think a smart person talks like.” He's a well documented bigot and a traitor. 

Justice Ginni and Clarence Thomas the Ettin of the Supreme Court have worked since 1991 to destroy the United States.  The Thomas Ettin will undo almost all basic rights of privacy and the right (established by the 1st Amendment) to associate with whomever we, the people wish.  Ginni spent the post 2020 election contacting people in multiple states trying to get them to overturn the election.
The Ettin of the Supreme Court
Justice Ginni Clarence

Of course, the rightwing slow-moving Coup against the United States Government goes back decades.  And Reactionary's have been waiting for the right strongman to come along to undemocratically insert into the White House to drown the US Government in a bathtub and create the Neo-Confederate White Supremacist Slave State they've dreamed about since 1865.

It's insulting that the revelations about Ginni Thomas and Newt Gingrich's attempt to use their long-standing ties to the Republican establishment to coerce, entice, or bully State and local officials toignore the votes of the American people and just ensconce Donald Traitor Trump into the White House has caused such a small ripple in the Corporate Media world.

And this is what made Major Traitor Greene so angry on January 6th; Republicans had a bureaucratic plan in place to swipe the Presidency on 01/06/21 by legerdemain and rightwing domestic terrorists wrecked it by going off half-cocked.  Russian Ron Johnson was going to hand the fake electors to Pence and Mike Pence, who yearned to have someone tell him it was alright to unendorsed President Joe Biden's win, was going to fold and declare the 2020 Presidential Election undone.

Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, knows the Republicans are not going to abide by the popular vote at all in 2024.  Their actions in the wake of Trump's resounding defeat in 2020 show this;  take for instance the Unconstitutional Sheriff of Barry County, Michigan Dar Leaf who unable to find the evidence of Voter Fraud decided to engage in a conspiracy to create the evidence.  Or the local head Republican of Coffee County Georgia, who escorted unauthorized rightwing provocateurs into sensitive areas to let them copy confidential information and breach voting machines and systems.  These are just some of the efforts conservatives undertook after losing the Election.  Worse is to come...

The R-Money Reactionary Billionaire Leonard Leo apparently has the plan to stack the courts with conservatives judges who will adhere to the Independent State Legislature doctrine, so Republican controlled states can simply award their state's electoral votes to Donald Trump.

That the Republicans have fully embraced Fascism is unsurprising; there have been several inflection points since they caved to the Left and jettisoned Richard Nixon.  They last 50 years have been an exercise in the first slowly, then all at once principle.  That the Republicans are destroying America for Donald Fvcking Trump is just the pièce de résistance.

Saturday, September 3, 2022

Obscene Wisconsin Governor candidate Tim Michels tells conservatives to Murder the Media with pitchforks and torches

Tim Michels is running for governor of Wisconsin.  He's a multimillionaire owner of a construction company.  Now normally that means he's mobbed up (See Manhattan real estate developer Donald John Trump for instance) but, in Tim Michels case he wants to be Governor so he can more easily funnel state dollars to his company using his political office.  "We bring value to the taxpayers of Wisconsin," Michels said.

Well... you can see what kind of "value" a thin-skinned prick like Michels brings.  Journalists looked into his "Charitable donations" and found out they weren't so charitable.  In fact, Michels has been giving money to lying anti-abortion groups and vile homophobic organizations.

As always, telling the truth about Republicans is the worst crime a journalist or anyone can commit.  In response, Republicans usually call for violence.  Predictably, in a lesson taken from Traitor Trump, Tim Michels decided to performatively get mad and tell his supporters to go murder members of the media;
"People need to decide, you know, am I going to put up with this? Am I going to tolerate this... I believe people should just, just be ready to get out on the streets with pitchforks and torches with how low the liberal media has become."  Republican Tim Michels

And here's the thing, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporting is completely accurate.  Tim Michels and his wife's bullshit foundation gave $250,000 to groups which seek to ban all forms of contraception and outlaw abortion in all cases.  Tim Michels gave money to religious organizations which seek to ostracize, shame, shun, and harm LGBTQ persons.

After directing calling for violence,  Tim Michels campaign stated baldly these donations are "Christian causes".

Republicans feel no shame, of course, in their intolerance but, they also feel no fear in calling for violence against certain groups.

Friday, September 2, 2022

President Biden accurately describing MAGA Republicans is a rightwing Casus Belli

The worst thing anyone can do is to accurately describe Republicans and their political positions and beliefs.  This is an unforgivable sin in America today.  Yesterday, President Biden committed this crime.  

Consequentially, conservatives on-line lost their collective minds.  Or "minds" as rightwingers live eternally in their own id and hermetically closed bubbles.  After describing the right's desire to use violence to overthrow the government and settle political differences, numerous conservatives went on-line declaring their intent to use violence to overthrow the government and assassinate President Biden.

Flabby fascist Jonathan Turdley Faux News' favorite phony liberal claimed there was concern about the Marines on duty behind President Biden.  Turley is able to invent this bullshit because he knows his fans of Twitter don't understand or don't care about the difference Marines being on duty with Service Members attending partisan political rallies off-duty in Uniform. 

Other Reactionary Magats made comparisons to Hitler, mainly because they have a paucity of historical knowledge but, also because Hitler and Nazi Germany is who they idolize.

MAGA Republicans are quasi or semi-fascists.  This is incontrovertible and demonstrable by their previous actions and current intentions.   Traitor Trump did not make them so but, found them eagerly awaiting a leader who would feed them the racist red meat they so desired.

So, when President Biden spoke to The Soul of the Nation, conservatives saw Hitler, Concentration Camps, and death squads.  They did so because Every Accusation Is A Confession (EAIAC).  Conservatives are aching for a Casus Belli (i.e. a cause of war).  

And just as they did with President Obama and Jade Helm, conservatives are simply going to invent conspiracy theories and fabricate their justification for engaging in mass murder and terrorism.

Rightwing propaganda is so successful that other rightwingers find fake tweets, amplify them, and when confronted with their falsity simply assert many people found the lie plausible.  The American Right as President Biden noted wants to use violence and not just to steal elections as they tried on January 6th.  No the MAGA Republicans want to round-up and exterminate millions of people in the United States of America.

Thursday, September 1, 2022

President Biden is correct. The Soul of America is a repudiation of everything Trump

President Joe Biden is a brilliant political tactician.  By isolating and identifying the MAGA Republicans as the rot inflecting the body politic, he's giving conservatives an out.  A way to escape the stronghold Traitor Trump has on the GOP and its lickspittle leadership.

It will infuriate the likes of Major Traitor Greene but, she's exactly the one who's aided terrorists and attempted to overthrow the US Government on January 6th.

I'm certain Twitter is a flame with livid Magats.  Denouncing President Biden.  Let's Going Brandon. Wallowing in their crocodile tears about civility and cloaking themselves in the mantle of false grievances, petulantly shouting, and making threats of violence.  As President Biden stated, "good manners is nothing they’ve ever suffered from."

(As an aside President Biden calmly talking through the Magats hootin' and hollerin', playing a megaphone siren and the "good manners" remark vs. Traitor Trump encouraging violence demonstrates the difference.)

But, If President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris had done nothing since the 2020 election but slow the rising tide of Fascism coming from the MAGA Republicans his Presidency would have been a success, but, the legislation he's helped pass with the august guidance from Senate Leader Chuck Schumer and Speaker Pelosi in the slenderly controlled Senate and House make his Presidency the best of this century and the best since FDR.

President Biden spoke to the Soul of the Nation.  The GOP Soul was consumed by Trump but, for many years Republicans set the table for a Trump to arrive.  President Biden laid it out clearly,

But there is no question that the Republican Party today is dominated, driven, and intimidated by Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans, and that is a threat to this country. 
And I believe it is my duty — my duty to level with you, to tell the truth no matter how difficult, no matter how painful. 
And here, in my view, is what is true: MAGA Republicans do not respect the Constitution.  They do not believe in the rule of law.  They do not recognize the will of the people. 
The hard truth as President Biden stated MAGA Republicans don't believe in America;  Conservatives want to engage in political violence.  Conservatives love lies and hate America.  Conservatives yearn to destroy the United States of America and replace it with a simulacrum; a Reactionary Apartheid State of White Supremacy, Bigotry, and Fundamentalist Terrorism.

But, President Biden does believe in America.  He's doing a damn fine job as President.  I hope my fellow Americans can help him along the way.  Voting in the 2022 elections is just the first step.  There's a lot of work that needs to be done to repair the damage Trump and his cabal of grifters, sleaze buckets, thieves, and fanatics wrought.  Let's help President Biden along the way to reclaiming the Soul of the Nation.

Torture Loving, chubby chickenhawk, soft handed elitist Marc A. Thiessen continues to be a rightwing liar and morally reprehensible person

My gut reaction on reading Marc Thiessen’s new book, Courting Disaster, was: “Why is a speechwriter who’s never served in the military or intelligence community acting as an expert on interrogation and national security?”[I]f you’re not an expert on a subject, shouldn’t you interview experts before expressing an opinion?   
From a 2010 Slate article.  It's quaint to look back upon those times, when people believed rightwingers claims to patriotism and didn't understand the Republican Party is a fully-fascist organization hell bent on destroying the United States and creating a Rightwing Authoritarian Dictatorship.  
Like shit on the bottom of your shoe, rightwing shits never really go away. W(orst POTUS Ever) speechwriter Marc A. Thiessen continues in his role as lying propagandist in the Washington Post Opinion page (Twice weekly!). This week Torture Lover Thiessen wrote a piece proclaiming the Biden Student Loan Forgiveness plan is Stolen Valor.   It should be noted that like most of the Bush War Room, Thiessen is a doughy chickenhawk coward who never served a fucking day in Uniform, let alone in a hostile environment. 

But, imagine that?  A rightwing elitist who never served, never had a real job, never done a day's worth of real work, who's lived on government largesse his entire cushy life, bashing working class Americans for receiving a modest stipend and using "The Troops" to do so.

Thiessen was on par with John Yoo in approving waterboarding and various other forms of torture and much like Sean Hannity, Thiessen agreed to be waterboarded to show how easy it was but, then backed out.  As a couch-borne commando, Thiessen infested multiple media outlets, selling war propaganda and lies to the American public during the Bush Phony War on Terror era.  

After serving as a propaganda mouthpiece for War Crimes, Thiessen moved to the eternally lucrative rightwing grift circle of media appearances, book tours, College speeches, and opinion piece writing.  And the Corporate Media dutifully aided him in the conservative agenda.  The Corporate Media exists to disseminate rightwing propaganda in a semi-sanitized, palatable form for normie America to consume. Even if a specific argument doesn't gain traction, the repetition of lies, conservative bullshit, and light fascism has the desired effect of lodging in the brains of its' readers, where years later a hazy recollection will churn the lies back to the surface.

Like all rightwing American Roman Catholics Marc Thiessen is pro-torture, pro-murder, in favor of reducing women to second class status, against vaccine mandates, and against charity for the poor and downtrodden.  So against everything the Catholic Church was ostensibly founded to mitigate and alleviate.

Thiessen is a shameless liar, a coward, a terrorist, a scumbag. But, far from excising him from the body politic these are positive values conservatives want in their thinkers and leaders and has lead to a 20 year career for a doughy loser who delights in the thought of torturing people and watching Americans suffer.