Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Once-in-a-Thousand Year weather events happening monthly now: Here comes Hurricane Ian!

Updated Monthly

So called once in a lifetime extreme weather events seemingly happen monthly now.  This year it's deluges and unbearable heat spikes.  Last year tornadoes.  Flooding...  Massive Raging Wildfires...  A few years ago, massive Hurricanes...

And now massive Hurricanes again!

Ian is going to make landfall tonight in and around Charolette County Florida.  That's the Gulf side of the dangly weenie state of Florida.  Ian intensified to a near-Category 5 Hurricane overnight and currently has sustained 155mph winds.  At this point (1000 hours) it's too late to safely evacuate the area and all residents are advised to shelter in place.

Florida's population has increased dramatically as the Boomers flee to the warm clime;  One -Sixth of Florida's population is over 65 and 3/4ths of Florida 21,000,000 people live in coastal regions.  As Hurriance frequency and intensity increases so will the damage done to the coastal regions.  Now, of course Federal relief and assistance is going to go to Florida after Ian and after each of the successive Category 4 and 5 hurricanes.  After all the President is Joe Biden not George W(orst Ever) Bush.  So, unlike NOLA, Florida will receive more than just a photo-op fly-over and "Heckva a job Brownie" speech.  

The problem going forward is, as they do with everything, Republicans decided man-made climate change which is incontrovertible, is a choice wedge issue.  

I have little doubt the future DeSantis Presidency will see benefit in denying federal disaster funds to California and other liberal states while the GQP continues their decades long plan of diverting federal monies to rightwing groups and Republican led states while subverting the United States of America and reducing the majority of We, the People into wage slaves shackled in perpetual corporate bondage.

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