Thursday, August 27, 2015

Guns and Pot are for White People only

Guns are a Natural Right which belongs only to White People. The only Gun Control which will be instituted in this Country will be for persons of color and muslims.

The latest Senational Shooting (Note: I did not watch any video I will not watch any associated video) was perpetrated by a Black Man, as he murdered two former white colleagues On Air, while wounding another woman. The Killer also separately recorded the killings and posted them to Social Media before taking his own life. Immediately the Right-Wing Internet Wurlitzer went into Outrage Mode over the Race Murder as Breitbart called it. Gun Maniacs immediately took to their platforms to call for the arming of Reporters.

Of course, Gun Nuts are always primed for the next shooting, so that they can get ahead of the calls for Gun Control and shut down debate. But, they needn't bother.

The Gun Control Debate is finished in this country. The observation that Gun Control effectively ended after We, as a People decided killing 20 Children at Sandy Hook in Connecticut was acceptable is absolutely correct. But, there is the possibility rabid reactionary right-wingers might be able to disarm Minorities.

As such Conservatives have taken it upon themselves to restrict access to Muslims. Mainly these incidents (A, B, C, D) appear to be political theater. But, they serve as a reminder of what Take Back America and Make America Great Again actually mean.

It's a demand by White People to be placed into Positions of Social Power again. To be assured of authority based on racial lines, with a egalitarian helpful government towards whites, ensuring a solid 30 year job and educational advances for their children, while actively suppressing progressive gains for The Other.

This is sometimes called Natural Rights, by on-line Conservatives who want to appear intelligent and educated as they try to claim to be more than just pawns of the Rich and Powerful doing the bidding of their Plutocratic Masters. However, just as with the use of the label Classical Liberal, it's a cover term for White Supremacy (not all White Supremacists are Conservative but all Conservatives are White Supremacists). And the whine of white conservatives who are upset the Government and the 1% have broken the White Power Social Contract with them.

When a Gun Nut marches around brandishing a weapon next to a school, or little league baseball field, or in an airport, the white male (cause it's always a middle-aged white guy) is relying on the tacit White Power Social Contract. He isn't a criminal (that's the blacks), he isn't a terrorist (that's the muslims).

Additionally, while Pot has being decriminalized completely in Washington and Colorado and partially in many other States, don't be an unarmed black person killed by a murderous white gun maniac because then the fact you have cannabis in your "system" will be used by the Racist Right-Wing Media to smear you after your death. Because after the Police or self-appointed Watch Captains, gun down an Unarmed Black Person, the first thing to be released is a toxicology report for the dead.

Right-Wing Reactionary Assholes have been demonizing Black and Brown people for a hundred years over the demon weed.

A century ago, William Randolph Hearst used his media empire to publish article after article that Cannabis made Blacks and Mexicans violent, while also emboldening them to look askew at White Women.

Today, Rupert Murdoch and the Right-Wing Media uncritically publish every Police Department's report which declares the unarmed black person killed by Police Officers had Cannabis in their system, giving the black Super-Powers to Shrug off bullets, thus exonerating the Police.

For a group who declares Real Americans can't trust the Government conservatives greedily swallow every Report and every Acquittal of Criminal Cops. However, this becomes easy to understand when one realizes that Conservatives love when Police Officers murder black people.

Because, the underlayment of every Conservative argument, every conservative internet website, every on-line right-wing story is an ardent longing for America of Yesteryear, in which Whites were in Charge and the Nation, Government, City and County were aligned to support White People from the Cradle to the Grave.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Republicans hate and wish violence upon Teachers

Of course, Republicans hate Teachers, the profession is mainly comprised of strong independent women, a group by and large which is anathema to the Monstrous Conservative Id which is consuming their Party.

In late 1675, King Charles II of England moved to outlaw Coffee Houses as dens of sedition and sappers of workmen's energies;
[M]any Tradesmen and others, do therein misspend much of their time, which might and probably would otherwise be imployed in and about their Lawful Callings and Affairs; but also, for that in such Houses diverse False, Halitious and Scandalous Reports are devised and spread abroad, to the Defamation of His Majestie’s Government...
King John Kasich of Ohio has a similar plan with Teacher's Lounges,
"So if I were, not president, but if I were king in America, I would abolish all teachers' lounges, where they sit together and worry about, 'Woe is us.'"
It would be laughable if it wasn't so serious to observe the morphing of the Republican Party into its' direct opposite now that the Republicans are and wholly owned and operated by the Plutocracy and support Absolutism and the Rule of the Few.

But, it was the first part of Kasich's comment which revealed why King John of Ohio would move to eliminate Teacher's Lounges
"I’ll tell you what the unions do, unfortunately too much of the time. There’s a constant negative comment, ‘They’re going to take your benefits, they’re going to take your pay,'"
Of course, Kasich's comment is ironic because that is, in fact, what he and every other Republican is trying to do. Kasich as the quiet underdog, whom many in the RNC hope will emerge from the tRump Ordeal as the next genial Republican bumpkin President has been as much of a Plutocratic bully, seeking to impose Conservative Agenda of Oppression, Intolerance, and Adulation of the Rich upon the United States for the last 25 years, as any other Republican.

Modern Teachers Unions are powerful, one of the last powerful Unions in existence and Unions are the last group who rountinuely stands up to the Rich. The NEA (and sister organizations) are well organized for such large groups, so, naturally the Republicans, as Guard Dogs of the Rich and Champions of Misogyny, spit hatred and wish violence upon them.

The also-ran Republican Candidates for President see the monstrous Conservative Id released by Donald Trump and recognize they need to feed the beast in order to have a chance at stealing the Presidency.

Tough-Guy wannabe Chris Christie, has no chance of being President in 2016. Christie, who looked so formidable in 2012, with Koch Brother backing, flamed out just like the other famous nazi gasbag in his State. Whatever Oppo Research Mitt Romney unearthed in 2012 and the despicable misuse of his Office in ordering the closure of the Fort Lee Lanes on the GW Bridge have burst his aspirations.

Nonetheless, faux tough guy Christie can still be counted upon to attack Teachers. When Jake Tapper asked Christie who on the national level deserves a punch in the face, without pausing Christie replied, "Oh the National Teachers Union..." Christie then placed the laurels upon his own head as he recounted his life & death struggles against Teachers since 2009, "I have got the scars to show it."

Fortunately, Christie has no chance at being either the President or Vice-President. Now, one of the real threats to win the nomination, after the Monster of Conservative Id Trump bows out having snookered a cool Billion in PAC donations, is Scott Walker.

Scott Walker earned his right-wing bona fides destroying Wisconsin Education and attacking Teachers Unions. Walker's entire tenure has been the enactment of the Plutocracy's Neo-Feudal Agenda;
  • When asked how he would turn Wisconsin into a Right-to-Work-For-Less State, Walker had no qualms about proclaiming he'd use "Divide and Conquer" tactics.
  • When asked how he'd deal with a Terrorist threat like ISIS, Walker noted, "If I can take on  100,000 protesters I can do the same across the world."
  • And in his most recent sham spectacle, Walker bristled with false swagger, telling a small group of protesters, "I will not be intimidated. I am not intimidated by you."
Thus, we can see Republican hatred of Teachers is a by product of the Plutocracy's Agenda for America; the Creation of the NeoFeudalist State. The destruction Unions is a prime goal of recreating the America of Yesterday the Rich crave; the America in which Wage Slaves are shackled into Corporate Bondage and the Political Parties use the Awesome Power of the Government to ensure the Social Darwnian Natural Order of Society.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Aaron Schock doesn't want you to know what Crimes he pulled as a Congressman

Former Congressman Aaron Schock has claimed 5th Amendment protections for documents, papers and correspondence generated from his Congressional Office.
"No court has recognized that a public official (specifically a U.S. Representative) has a constitutional right under the Fifth Amendment to avoid the compelled production of publicly-funded, non-private, public or official records within his official (specifically his official congressional) office," Assistant U.S. Attorney Timothy Bass said.
What's that? You're stunned Faux News isn't running segment after segment about the criminal malfeasance of a Congressman? And the efforts to get obvious official public documents hidden from the eyes of the public? Then you must be unfamiliar with the acronym IOKIYAR.

Schock's profligate ways and dandified airs raised nary a peep of concern over at the conservative media because Schock could be counted on to vote the proper way and advance the Conservative Agenda of Oppression, Intolerance and Adulation of the Rich.

So, now Republican Darin LaHood is most likely going to take Schock's seat and be expected to toe-the-line and if he gets in trouble like Schock, or David Vitter, or Mark Sanford, or Mark Foley, or any of the other Criminal Republicans, Faux News, their conservative drones, and their Plutocratic Masters will ensure the Reactionary Agenda continues moving forward as Conservatives seek to shackle the American People into Corporate Bondage and Wage Slavery.

Cameras in Nursing Homes might have cost Bruce Rauner the Governor's Race

Much of Bruce Rauner's fortune was made from stealing from public employee pensions and from swindling older people.

But, his worst instance of Vulture Capitalism was purchasing nursing homes and setting them up as elder abuse warehouses. Rauner and his Hedge Fund Firm GTCR swooped in and purchased Nursing Homes because a Balanced Budget Law, passed by Congressional Republicans, changed the way Medicare funds were dispersed. The tragedy, misery and tales of criminal actions enabled by Rauner ad his minions were heartbreaking, unless you're a Conseravtive, because right-wingers revel in hurting sick and old people.

Rauner, like all Vulture Capitalists, makes nothing. What the Vultures do is set upon some industry or sector and pick it clean. In Florida Nursing Homes, Rauner slashed budgets, eliminated nurses and healthcare staff and left the elderly inside to die slowly so he could extract maximum profit with a minimum of expense.

Now, as Governor of Illinois Bruce Rauner has just signed a Cameras inside Nursing Homes Law. Of course, Rauner didn't originate this law, Democratic Attorney General Lisa Madigan sponsored this bill which would allow residents and family members of those in nursing homes install (at their expense) cameras inside the rooms.

If Governor Rauner had found a way to veto this bill as too burdensome on businesses I'm certain he would have exercised that option.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Remember when Bowe Bergdahl was a Hero? Shamefully forgotten by Traitor Obama? Well, Donald Trump doesn't!

Now, Bowe Bergdahl is facing the prospect of having President Trump personally execute him?

Here's conservative artist Jon McNaughton's Obamanation Painting. (Used without Permission)

Let's notice a few things. Everything is Obama's fault! See the BP Oil Spill? Obama's Fault!

Even more despicably look at Usama Bin Laden's picture (nearly dead center) and the Jet flying towards UN Headquarters in an obvious attempt to invoke 9/11, along with images of all the Right-Wing phony Obama Scandals.

But, just off the President's right is former POW Bowe Bergdahl. As Donald Trump continues his takeover of the Republican Party it's easy to forget that Bergdahl was at first a brave warrior left to rot by the scurrilous President Obama and then a terrible traitor worse than Benedict Arnold when his release was secured by that cad President Obama. So quick was the right-wing reaction, that conservatives and Republican politicians quickly back-tracked and scrubbed any positive mention to Bergdahl on their websites and election materials.

Well, Trump has resurrected Bergdahl only to pantomime shooting him dead,
"We get a traitor like Berghdal, a dirty rotten traitor, who by the way when he deserted, six young beautiful people were killed trying to find him. And you don’t even hear about him anymore. Somebody said the other day, well, he had some psychological problems. You know, in the old days ……bing – bong. When we were strong, when we were strong."
And this coming so soon after Trump ridiculed John McCain and saw his poll number sky-rocket. Conservatives love Trump's message, this is just another in the long line of Conservative un-Values.
Remember the Right supposedly is in awe and reveres the Troops. But, just as when Mitt Romney couldn't differentiate between Military Members and the Military-Industrial-Complex,
"When you give a speech, you talk about things you think are important... I didn’t use the word troops, I used the word military, and I think [giggles] they refer to the same thing.” - Mitt Romney.
Or the gross misogyny directed at the two Female Army Rangers, Conservatives only support Troops and Veterans who help advance their agenda of Intolerance, Oppression and Adulation of the Rich. This is why Donald Trump is doing so well, Donald Trump is American Conservatism. 

Monday, August 17, 2015

Safer with a gun? (A response to Charles Hanna of West Dundee, Illinois)

Here is Mr. Charles Hanna of West Dundee, letter to the Chicago Tribune Voice of the People August 17, 2015:
It's 2 a.m. You and your family are asleep upstairs. You hear glass breaking and footsteps downstairs. You instruct your wife to dial 911. At the moment, you wouldn't want a gun near your bedside? (Statistically, it doesn't matter, right?)
Well, Statistically it does matter. Because guns in homes are far more often used to murder family members than kill Home Invaders.

So, here's a retort Charles.

Your wife is on the phone with 911. The Police are minutes away. You've got seconds. You pull out your P229.357 Sig Sauer from the nightstand, press check to make sure there's one in the chamber, and head downstairs. You don't turn on the lights because that will alert the Home Invader. You still hear noise downstairs. You spy the figure of a silhouette in the kitchen. You take aim and pull the trigger. And murder your teenage daughter. Because she went out while you were sleeping and when she tried to sneak back in accidentally knocked over a glass vase.

And this isn't even a fictional account.

Gun Cultists are always hyping the Two A.M. Scenario for the same reason Gun Nuts fabricate the claim that guns are used literally millions of times a year to stop crimes. It's also why the Republican Party bars the CDC from collecting data on injuries and deaths due to firearms. Profit.

Because insane Gun-Humping Fanatics, encouraged by deceitful NRA leadership and callous Lobbyists for the Firearms Industry, don't want Americans to know the Truth About Guns; that Guns kill more than 30,000 Americans and wound Thousands more every year, so the blood-soaked Gun Industry can continue to make Millions of Dollars of the Deaths of Americans.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Cops have been turned into Toll Collectors and Leg-Breakers

Having worked The Job for many years, one of decisions I've seen many Departments adopt is the use of Police Officers as an additional source of revenue for the Village coffers.

While Broken Windows tasked Police Officers with treating everyone living in certain areas, usually People of Color as potential criminals, most Departments also have policies on the books so Officers treat the people, they are ostensibly tasked with protecting and serving, as ATMs.

Jaywalking? $50. Underage drinking? $100. Cannabis smoking pipe? Another $100. DUI arrest? Tack on the administrative tow fee. Left wheel to curb? Overnight Parking? 30 minute parking limit? Ca-ching, ca-ching, ca-ching...

From the small Village of Bull Valley, in McHenry County Illinois comes the story of traffic stops by the BVPD using a non-moving infraction as a revenue generator. BVPD is stopping construction vehicles that do not have proper lettering and signage on the side of the vehicle and issuing a Village Ordinance Citation based on State Law 625 ILCS 5/12-713. The problem is even though Illinois Representative Dan Burke said he crafted the changes in the law to allow application to be handed locally instead of through District Courts, the "loop-hole" discovered by Bull Valley's Chief of Police is not against the letter of the law.

Now, why are Police Departments doing this? The reason is simple, taxes are too low on the wealthy and Corporations therefore various Towns need some way to make up budget shortfalls. Especially in Illinois, where for the privilege of having Boening's Corporate Headquarters in Chicago, Boening pays an effective tax rate of near Zero Percent. Other large "Illinois-based" Corporations similarly benefit from tax code legerdemain.

But, despite the retasking Police Officers haven't been able to generate enough! Thus, enter the automated Red Light and Speed Cameras in the City of Chicago and Suburbs. In 2014, Suburban Red Light Cameras took in $12 million. These fines are of course borne dispropotionately by Working Class people driving to and from work.

Turning Cops into Debt and Dues Collectors has been the most wrongheaded decisions adopted by municipalities across the Nation as Villages struggle to meet financial obligations. But, it's only going to increase as the Rich transfer more and more of the financial burden onto the vanishing Middle Class and beleaguered Working Class.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Scott Walker's Socialism for the Rich and Cut-Throat Capitalism for the Poor

"Socialism, communism, whatever you want to call it, is never the answer." - Hank Steinbrenner, who received $1,200,000,000 Billion Dollars from the taxpayers of the City and State of New York to pay for the building of his baseball stadium.
Here's how Capitalism works in America. When a "private" business wants huge wads of taxpayer "relief" to finance some project, the discussion becomes a lofty, Grandiose debate on Utilitarian Principles and the greatest good for the greatest number; Highlighting the vast network of ancillary benefits to businesses, the community, the neighborhood, and the government. 

Therefore, it's only good and proper the Rich receive help. Also this is not Socialism. But, under Vulture Capitalism when were are talking about helping poor people with food assistance? Well, then the howls of lazy moochers and the mean-spirited tired cliche of 'feeding wild animals makes them too dependent' are trotted out. Also this is Socialism.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker announced his plan to enact Socialism in Wisconsin. It's just that like all Republicans, Scott Walker believes in taking money from the Working Class and giving it to the Plutocracy. Socialism for the Rich and Corporations and Cut-Throat Capitalism for the Poor is the motto of the Modern Republican Party.

After slashing $250 million from the Wisconsin budget for Education, Scott Walker brazenly turned around, and in a massive Pay-to-Play Scam, gave Millionaires (who contributed vast amounts of money to his two election campaigns, recall fight, and Presidential Super PAC) hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to pay for their new Milwaukee Bucks Basketball Stadium.

Scott Walker's entire governorship has been the forcible theft of Public Lands, Resources, and Monies for redistribution upwards to the Rich. That he feels free to do this so brazenly during the run-up to the 2016 Republican Nomination shows, that Walker would steal Billions from the American people writ large and transfer those monies up to the Plutocracy using the Awesome Power of the Federal Government.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Senator Mark Kirk was a lying criminal asshole before his stroke

And is still a lying criminal asshole afterwards.

So it appears that in between calling women "Ho's" and accidentally revealing a lot about Senator Lindsey Graham with his "Bro with No Ho" comment and siding with the 47 Republican Traitors in the Senate in undermining the Diplomatic Triumph of President Obama with Iran, Senator Mark Kirk of Illinois is dipping into his campaign funds to supplement his income and pay for his healthcare.

First off, how despicable that a Senator who gets ALL his EXPENSIVE Medical Care covered by the U.S. Government while siding with a Party whose sole mission is to eliminate coverage for the old, sick and indigent is also supplementing his care with money he's purloined from his campaign. In 2010 then Congressman Kirk ran for Senate on this slogan, "I’m Mark Kirk and I can’t wait to vote against the health care bill next week."

But, then we already knew Kirk took a non-chalant attitude towards monies which don't belong to him when he paid his former girlfriend with campaign funds. Because Senator Kirk has stolen money from his campaign on previous occasions. In 2010, Kirk used his Senate Campaign to funnel money to his then girlfriend, Dodie McCracken
The girlfriend, Dodie McCracken, who works in public relations, has acknowledged receiving more than $143,000 in fees and expenses for her campaign work. A former live-in girlfriend, she is no longer romantically involved with Kirk, according to a campaign aide.

At the heart of the matter is Vertolli's assertion that the Kirk campaign may have improperly hidden money to McCracken by paying her through another company working for the campaign. Because the money was not paid directly to McCracken, her name does not appear in Kirk's federal disclosures.
Now it appears that Senator Kirk is perfectly content to use funds which he has no right to use. For, you and me that's called Stealing. But, IOKIYAR is the first rule of Right Club.

And You Do Not Talk About Right Club. It's just Standard Operating Procedure for Illinois Republicans. If they aren't molesting little boys (Former Speaker Dennis Hastert), they're getting millions in kickbacks and lavish gifts (Congressman Aaron Shock) or just treating themselves to money which isn't theirs (Senator Kirk).

But, IOKIYAR. Just like when Senator Kirk lied about his military accomplishments, when he "misremembered it wrong" claiming to have been the Naval Intelligence Officer of the Year or in kinda/sorta allowing Illinois Voters to believe he served in Iraq and came under fire when he served in the Navy (Stateside) during the Bush Iraq Debacle.

So, while the Media have been hyperventilating about Donald Trump and his statements which supposedly do not reflect the Republican Party, the repeated despicable comments of so-called moderate Republican Senator Mark Kirk prove the Republican Party is filled with bigots, thieves and lying scumbags. Because stroked-out Senator Kirk has been a lying criminal scumbag for a long time.

The Oathkeepers descend upon Ferguson, Missouri probably hoping to murder black people

The Oathkeepers, or more accurately Oathbreakers, have invaded Ferguson, Missouri. Four heavily armed members of the militia say they are in Ferguson to protect Alex Jones Infowars "reporters". The four whiter-than-white tactically loaded to bear militia members marched around the streets of Ferguson right after Ferguson Police engaged in a "Shoot-Out" with Tyrone Harris on the one year anniversary of Michael Brown's murder.

After Michael Brown's murder by Darren Wilson, when black people began to assemble and protest, the Ferguson Police Department decided to greet those initial protests with Overhwelming Force. All legitimate complaints about excessive force, ticky-tack violations, and unconstitutional Stop & Frisk met a literal wall of riot shields and machine guns mounted on military surplus vehicles.

Of course, the complaints of the protesters were vindicated by the Department of Justice Report on the shoddy Police practices of the Ferguson PD which was based on the revenue generating Broken Windows Theory which treats every Person of Color as a potential criminal.

The Oathkeepers, Oathbreakers, were ostensibly founded to protect the American People from the excesses of the Government predicated on their Manifesto which includes the staunch "Not on Our Watch" Motto but, in reality they are a group of lily white Reactionary Conservatives who can be counted upon to support Right-Wing law breakers (e.g. Cliven Bundy) but, absolutely support the violent use of Government power against what they perceive as left-wing agitation (Occupy Wall Street and Ferguson last year after Michael Brown's murder.)

Much like their sister organizations the Unconstitutional Sheriff's of America, the III Inchers errr, Percenters, and the various unaligned Soverign Citizens, the Oathbreakers represent the Re-rise of the Anti-Government Militia Movement in the United States.

In his seminal 1962, SE Finer, in his seminal 1962 book The Man on Horseback: The Role of the Military in Politics, described the underlying mindset which fuels the Oathbreakers, 
"I find in existence a new and heretofore unknown and dangerous concept that the members of our armed forces owe primary allegiance or loyalty to those who temporarily exercise the authority of the Executive Branch of Government rather than to the country and its constitution which they are sworn to defend." 
No proposition, added General MacArthur, 'could be more dangerous.' On the contrary, it is General MacArthur's view which opens Pandora's Box. The moment the military draw this distinction between nation and the government in power, the begin to invent their own private notion of the national interest, and from this it is only a skip to the constrained substitution of this view for that of the civilian government. ( ibid. pg 22-23)
Finer used a quote from General Douglas MacArthur in 1952, who was in a power struggle with President Harry Truman, which famously led to MacArthur's removal as Commanding General during the Korean Conflict.

Like most of the Reactionary Conservatives who make up the American Right today the Oathbreakers are a lily white group who have convinced themselves that the only legitimate government is one which hews closely to their "understanding" and interpretation of the Holy Constitution.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

In 2016, Jeb! Bush would like Women and Old People to go away while Republicans hope to bring back Slavery

Jeb! is very angry his brother, forever known as the Worst President in American History, only destroyed a few hundred thousand American Families. So, John Ellis Bush is going to do to Millions of Americans what his brother did to Millions of Iraqis.

Jeb! like all Republicans, is mad the Government helps the Sick and Old, "as it relates to Medicare" Jeb! believes "we need to figure out a way to phase out this program for others and move to a new system"...

Now, Jeb! as the heir apparent is setting his Party's sights on hurting Women as well, because he and the Republican Party are "not sure we need half a billion dollars for women's health issues".

2016 is their chance. A Republican President can secure the Supreme Court for another 25 years. Add in their gerrymandered Congressional Districts securing them more Representatives with less votes, they can enshrine unfair voting practices. And the stage will be set.

Because Republicans see 2016 as the time when they can finally murder the New Deal and grind Working Class Americans into crushing Poverty and Wage Slavery. With Jeb! or some other Plutocratic Drone in the White House, the Republicans will transition Social Security into Wall Street hands, were it will be slowly siphoned off until one day there will be no more SSI, at least for old and disabled people, Vulture Capitalists like Mitt Romney will enjoy the Billions swindled from Americans.

Jeb! or the other Right-Wing hatchet man elected President will phase out Medicare until one day Republicans can simply tell sick and dying elderly people to clip coupons and line up for discount healthcare coverage day while, Americans are denied medical coverage every other day of the year.

The meager food assistance and medicaid provided currently for Poor Americans? Eliminated completely. Sick Days? FMLA? Holidays? Weekends? Gone. Gone. Gone. Gone. Gone...

A Republican President in 2016 will turn back America 200 years, to those glorious days of Bondage. American Workers will be crushed into Penury, worked harder than Medieval Serfs and treated as poorly as Chattel. 

Republicans are always screaming Slavery! Slavery! Slavery! during election ads and debates. The reason it so readily comes to their mouths, is because it is on the forefront of their minds. The Republican Party's goal is nothing less than recreation of Slavery. 

When Republicans talk about taking America Back, the America they want to take us back to is one in which a group of insanely wealthy individuals made vast fortunes by stealing generations of labor and years of wealth.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

What's behind the rightwing whine that white males are the most discriminated against group in the US?

Continuing the ideas expressed in an earlier post, Why was the Reagan Campaign of White Resentment and the continuing Conservative effort to keep whites incensed while convincing mainly white men that in fact they are the most wronged, the most persecuted, the most oppressed "minority" in the U.S. been so successful?

Well, because it's partially true, in the sense that a white conservative male could be guaranteed a certain minimum lifestyle, job, and opportunities, despite gross inadequacies.

All white men needed to do was dutifully support the Plutocracy and their guard dogs in the Republican Party and a good job, decent pay, a social safety net and freedom from maltreatment from the police state would be theirs. White Privilege used to mean there was a certain floor under which no white male would be allowed to fall.

But, Capitalism cares not for national boundaries or peoples or social contracts, once the American Worker became too expensive the American Worker needed to be downsized.

Since the Reagan Revolution their Corporate Overlords have broken the contract they had with white men and now conservatives are being treated by Capitalism and the Corporate State the same way blacks, women and immigrants have always been treated; as disposable goods.

Thus, The Reagan Revolution was the Destruction of the American Dream and the reduction of the American Citizen to a Wage Slave bargaining his wages against the vastly cheaper workers Capitalism could utilize in the Third World.

White men don't like it, and have been searching for a reason why their standard of living has gone down despite working longer hours, being more productive, having to pick up extra jobs to supplement his declining earning power, while his wife also has to work not as a luxury but as a necessity.
"You work three job? Uniquely American isn't it. I mean, it's fantastic that you're doing that." - W(orst POTUS in history) 2005.
After dutifully supporting George W(orst POTUS Ever) Bush no matter what evil and awful War Crimes the Bush/Cheney Regime committed or the $10 Trillion dollars Bush stole from the American people or the lives of hundreds of thousands of Americans their warmongering cost, now Conservatives want to know what happened to the American Dream.

But, it's too late. For 35 years, Toxic Right-Wing Talk Radio, Faux News, and now the Incestuous Conservative Internet Bubble has been making sure Conservatives were suitably brain-washed to be outraged at Steak-Eatin' Young Bucks, Welfare Queens, the Lucky Poor, Teachers, Women, Gays and Illegal Immigrants instead of America's True Enemy, the Plutocracy.
"The first step is, we're going to deal with collective bargaining for all public employee unions, because you use divide and conquer.” - Wisconsin Governor and Presidential hopeful Scott Walker.
Thus, despite stated Republican Goals of stealing Social Security, "phasing out" Medicare, reducing Workers' Rights, eliminating welfare for the poor while increasing it for Corporations, and turning every American into a 3 Jobs-a-Day Wage Slave, conservatives still support Republicans because conservatives suffer from battered spousal syndrome and they can't break free of their abusive Right-Wing Masters, who ensure they vote to enslave themselves by saying,
"I don't want to make blaaack peoples lives better by giving them somebody else's money," Rick Santorum in Iowa 2012.
Now, a sizable portion of the right-wing voting base are absolute racists who hate people of color, and these are the ones fueling Donald Trump's "popularity". Trump, an absolute joke of a human being, is leading by saying what every Republican, since Nixon crafted the phrase Law & Order, has been saying just without the code words and dog whistles.

This worries Reince Priebus, the RNC, the Koch Brothers and the Plutocracy because appealing to the racist vote is something they would rather do behind closed doors, similar to Mitt Romney's infamous 47% Speech.

So, I hope Hillary Clinton (or whomever wins the Democratic Nomination) does not make the mistake of tacking towards the Right in order to slice of a portion of the Fragile White Abused Conservative Whiner vote. It's a losing formula. Democrats need to keep the focus on what they stand for, point out Republicans actually hate the angry white man they've been cultivating for decades, and demonstrate that the Reason White America feels it's lost the American Dream is because the Republican Party has stolen it.

Monday, August 3, 2015

And just like that I'm no different than Darren Wilson or any of the other Out of Control Criminal Cops

Take a look at the Lawman
Beating up the Wrong Guy - David Bowie, Life on Mars?
The Park District in my town serves a large and diverse group of people in Cook County and we have a fancy, very desirable pool complex. Therefore, every summer when kids leave their unlocked bikes outside the pool entrance, they find them stolen.

So, this weekend I have the misfortune to receive a few of these stolen bike reports, which stupidly, I decided to solve through basic investigation and some footwork, instead of merely writing up a report and moving on.

Now, I have to be purposefully vague here. After investigating, locating and returning several bikes, which had seemingly been stashed nearby, I also located a couple juvenile offenders.

And that's when things went haywire. I found myself being circled by women demanding my name and badge number. At least one had her cell phone camera out. Conversations about how This Isn't Right were spoken loudly nearby so that I might hear them. I think those mothers believed I was going to harm those juveniles...

A couple of pool lifeguards (envision privileged never been out of the suburbs white college kids), probably altered by the above mentioned mothers thought it was their duty to surreptitiously record the interaction with their cell phone cameras, eventhough I clearly positioned myself in front of the Pool's front entrance camera. Their feigned nonchalance was ludicrous.

I realized these people whom I never met were judging me by what I was wearing. That they had formed conclusions about me without any real knowledge of who I am. I was just another potentially out-of-control white cop who might snap at a moment's notice.

It would be the height of obtuse tone-deafness for me to say now I know what it feels like to be an African-American driving and be pulled over. Because, I can still easily badge my way out of any traffic stop and as a cop in a Cook County suburb I'm well off financially.

But, the take away from most police officers and the ones on my force whom I talked with about this incident, is far different than my own. The blame with the current environment between Law Enforcement and the American Public lies completely with the criminal cops who have no idea how to police. Who have been trained to be suspect all People of Color, subject their communities to the Broken Windows policy, hand out citations/tickets in order to plug budget gaps, see themselves wholly apart from the communities they've been ostensibly sworn to Protect & Serve, while they more and more see themselves as some sort of Paramilitary Occupying Power.