Sunday, November 29, 2015

Unlike Benghazi, we can never know the motives of the Planned Parenthood Gunman nonetheless, Republicans support the Terrorist Attack (Updated)

Oh wait yes we can!

Robert Lewis Dear made a partial statement when taken into custody last night proclaiming "no more baby parts" as his hostage taking, act of terror, stand-off was finally ended. 3 brave people died another 9 were wounded.

What motivated Dear to leave his North Carolina home and drive all the way to Colorado Springs to attempt a mass murder terrorist attack?

Wouldn't it be just if the deaths of 3 brave Americans at Colorado Springs received the same level of scrutiny and 13 Congressional Investigations as the deaths of 4 brave Americans at Benghazi?

But, then who are the Republican Congress going to investigate and indict? Themselves? Because Jason Chaffetz and the Republicans who feverntly lied and dutifully tried to manufacture controversy over bogus videos are culpable and complicit in this incident. Would Jason Chaffetz also have to admit that his feeble lies motivated Dear?

Would Adam Kinzinger and the Republican Congress have to admit so-called "barbaric videos" can in fact motivate a true believer to commit a terrorist attack, after they spent the last 3 years telling Americans that videos could never do that? Would the Republicans have to issue arrest warrants for David Daleiden, one of their Heroic anti-abortion Propagandists? Because as tbogg notes,
David Dalieden didn’t pull the trigger — he just showed Robert Lewis Dear where he needed to aim the gun.
Additionally, the absolute silence from the Republican Candidates for President is deafening and eye-opening. The Republicans absolutely agree with the attack on the Planned Parenthood but can't figure out a way to thread the needle of supporting the attack which took the lives of 3 brave Americans, including a Police Officer, whom Republicans always claim to support and love but, are willing to sacrifice to advance their evil agenda.

Nonetheless, Robert Lewis Dear is now enshrined in the Pantheon of Conservative Second Amendment Heroes. Dear did what so many conservatives fantasize about but lack the intestinal fortitude to undertake.

The thing is conservatives are cowards and Republicans are liars. They lack the courage of their convictions. If they truly believed that Planned Parenthood is murdering millions of babies as they so often shout then why aren't they storming the facilities? Why aren't they attacking PP facilities like the ISIS fighters they truly wish they had the balls to be?

It is because they don't believe their own rhetoric. Despite the rending of their garments and the gnashing of their teeth and the beating of their breasts. What Republicans see in Planned Parenthood is an unending source of political propaganda, which they tap into time and time again for votes, to advance their true agenda of Intolerance and Oppression.

Now, as in the case of Robert Lewis Dear, a conservative domestic terrorist swallows enough of the right-wing Republican rhetoric and believes enough of the deceptive bogus video evidence from David Daleiden and goes off on a killing spree. But, there's enough Republicans willing to obfuscate, lie and distort (as Adam Kinzinger of Illinois did when he was quick to note, while the attack and hostage situation was unfolding, Dear "had taken a legitimate disagreement with the practice") to muddy the waters, until the public tires of the situation and returns to their daily routine and forgets the Republicans in Congress are responsible for this incident.

While conservatives proclaim amongst themselves, 'This had nothing to do with Planned Parenthood it was a bank robbery gone wrong, move along,' and go back to their routine of "catapulting the propaganda" until another so-called lone wolf in the right-wing pack of domestic terrorists, easily gets guns and murders more liberals, women, minorities, and anyone else so they can Make America Great Again.

The Republican candidates finally got around to responding, and we've learned the two other victims identities; a Iraq War Veteran and a 36 year old Mother of Two. But, don't worry because the victims identities will not dissuade the Conservative Domestic Terrorists.

Friday, November 27, 2015

A Conservative Domestic Terrorist Attack on Planned Parenthood but, remember this Fundamental Truth; Blacks are Criminals, Muslims are Terrorists, Whites are Neither. (Updated)

Note: I began this post before the white male Terrorist Attack on Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs. As I type this, the right-wing christian white male domestic terrorist armed with an AK-47, is holed up in the lobby of the Planned Parenthood apparently having been confronted by Police Officers, whom he attempted to murder after they disrupted his plan to commit another conservative domestic terrorist attack.
Chicago releases video footage of the murder of Laquan McDonald by Chicago Police Officer Jason Van Dyke in 2014, a totally unjustified shooting and the right-wing reaction is to deflect and justify the shooting. There is literally no killing of a black person that Faux News and conservative will not defend and support.

A foundational building block of Conservatism is white people are Real America, and every advance by minorities is taken from the American Zero-Sum Pie, reducing the power/influence/undeserved status of white people. It's why conservatives don't push back when Donald Trump tweets out Neo-Nazi Propaganda claiming blacks kill 85% of Americans.

When "whites" commit crimes it's because of some demonic outside force, e.g. Video Games and Violent Movies (which is code for Hollywood and Jews), naughty lyrics in rap music (dastardly black culture influence), mental illness, liberal schooling, and so forth. Thus, we can conclude the virtuous white person was corrupted. Whereas, Muslims are Terrorists because of their religion and Blacks are criminals because of their culture and upbringing. That they are impure due to their inherent nature.

That Muslims are Terrorists/Blacks are Criminals is a fundamental core belief of conservatives. It's why conservatives are so ready to accept every manufactured Faux News "criminal" scandal of the Obama Presidency. Barack Obama is ipso facto a criminal based on his blood, skin color, and upbringing.

Many right-wing institutions, books, toxic radio, and conservative news sites exist to defend and advance this narrative. Conservative react to every shooting by referencing Chicago, as though that is the only place in the United States affected by gun violence. Faux News and conservatives justify every shooting of a black person by Police, and every incident of right-wing rage (i.e. Cliven Bundy Insurrection, The Dylann Roof Terrorist Attack in South Carolina) is in reality the fault of President Obama.

Conservatives don't call the criminal incidents of white male rage "terrorism" because they fundamentally agree with the actions. Now, right-wingers may denounce the attacks but more often than not they obliquely justify the action by denouncing a tangential or unrelated issue, such as blaming government regulations for the murder of Eric Garner in Long Island instead of blaming the white police officer applying a choke hold for a business offense.

Domestic Terrorism by conservatives has been on the rise since President Obama's inauguration and will continue until he's out of office. At that time either the conservative domestic terror sleeper cells will go dormant or they will pivot towards misogyny and continue their campaign of violence against America.

Update 1:
The right-wing domestic terrorist surrendered to Law Enforcement. One Police Officer and One citizen have died from his attack. Hopefully, none of the others wounded by this conservative criminal will succumb to their wounds. Now, all that remains is for Faux News and Republicans to minimize this incident and deflect as much blame onto President Obama and Planned Parenthood as possible.

Seriously, Congressman Adam Kinzinger was brought onto CNN to demand the Director of Planned Parenthood apologize, justify the shooters actions because of the "barbaric videos" conservatives have allegedly seen and then proclaim if the shooting was at Planned Parenthood it's because of mental illness.

Update 2:
Colorado Springs is a hotbed of conservative insanity with the Air Force Academy and Focus on the Family being located there. But, no doubt the recent lie-a-thon by Congress, especially Congressman Jason Chaffetz and all the other bloated fat ass white Republican men attacking Planned Parenthood with outright false manufactured information convinced this right-wing domestic terrorist he had to do something.

Update 3:
This is the second mass shooting by a crazed white male gunman in Colorado Springs inside a month. Just 4 weeks earlier Noah Harpham, paraded around with his M-16 brandishing the weapon, his neighbor called 911 only to be informed snidely that Colorado has Open-Carry Laws before Harpham murdered 3 people and was gunned down himself.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

#BlackLivesMatter protesters targeted and shot by Conservatives in Minneapolis (Updated)

Back in July, I pointed out that the Conservative Media Machine was preparing to target and destroy the #BlackLivesMatter movement. The summer and early autumn witnessed the declaration by Faux News that #BlackLivesMatter was a Terrorist Organization and the right-wing incestuous internet sucked in the emissions and dutifully regurgitated it to their conservative drones.

Well, the Summer of demonization has moved into the Autumn of outright violence,
Five protesters were shot late Monday night near the Black Lives Matter encampment at the Fourth Precinct police station in north Minneapolis, according to police. 
Those who were shot sustained non-life-threatening injuries, said police spokesman John Elder in a statement. 
Miski Noor, a media contact for Black Lives Matter, said “a group of white supremacists showed up at the protest, as they have done most nights.” 
One of the three counterdemonstrators wore a mask, said Dana Jaehnert, who had been at the protest site since early evening. 
When about a dozen protesters attempted to herd the group away from the area, Noor said, they “opened fire on about six protesters,” hitting five of them. Jaehnert said she heard four gunshots. 
The shootings occurred at 10:45 p.m. on Morgan Avenue N. about a block north of the precinct station.
Not, that this will soften the right's position on #Blacklivesmatter. In fact, I would predict most conservative sites will proclaim the BLM protestors have been asking for it, or they threatened the White Supremacists, while Alex Jones and his Acolytes declare this to be a False Flag Operation. And Conservatives will comfortably slide right back into their unrestrained bigotry and rabid racism.

When BLM began to protest Bernie Sanders many liberals and Bernie Bros pouted BLM should be protesting at Republican Rallies. I often pointed out black people were too smart to do this because they knew at best they would be forcibly removed and at worst, beaten, imprisioned or killed. In fact, conservatives and every Republican running for President are quite comfortable with Polcie Officers killing black people because they believe being black is prima facie evidence of being a criminal.

Now, on the heels of Donald Trump's White Power Supporters beating a single #BlackLivesMatter protester and then Trump and others in his campaign justifying it, we now have this shooting in Minnesota. This is not surprising because the majority of Conservatives are racist neo-confederates and white power domestic terrorists.

As if to prove the Minnesota Republican Party is comprised of racists who support the shooting of 5 BLM protesters by conservative domestic terrorists, the Minnesota GOP 7th Congressional District tweeted out their complaints about the #Negroproblem.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

ISIS and the Chicken Hawk Right-Wing Rush to send You to War (Updated)

The Terrorist Attacks in Paris weren't concluded before the Chicken Hawk Warmonger American Right-Wing Ghouls took to their keyboards and smart phones to celebrate.

Much like ISIS, conservatives see the Paris Attacks as a Victory. They have taken to their internet redoubts to clamour for another war. Conservative blogs, news sites and Facebook feeds are peppered with Right-Wing War Fanfic about murdering millions of muslims and liberals.

I eagerly await the rush of conservatives enlisting in the U.S. Armed Forces to fight in the Syria. But,  I've been waiting for conservatives to enlist en masse in the Military for 14 years to fight, as they so often say, "the war of our time."

But, eventhough it's the War of Our Time according to Jeb Bush and legions of Conservative Keyboard Commandos, conservatives have absolutely been "leading it from behind". Conservatives comprise Generation Chicken Hawk, they are more than willing to Support the War Over Here while they send others to Fight the War Over There. Conservatives are always willing to sacrifice others to defend their values.

No less than Mike Huckabee gave a special dispensation to conservatives that's it's alright to agitate for war without serving,
"I might suggest to parents, I’d wait a couple of years until we get a new commander-in-chief that will once again believe ‘one nation under God'..." 
Of course, that doesn't explain why Conservatives fervently eschewed military service from 2001-2008.

ISIS, itself, is the Unholy Muslim love child of the Ronald Reagan's Cold War ignorance, W(orst President Ever) intelectual incuriosity, and Dick Cheney's rapacious appetitie for War Profittering.

Here are just a few of the minor Strategic Blunders by the Bush War Machine,
  • Inviting Mongolia into the Operation Iraqi Liberation coalition without realizing that the Iraqi people still habor anger towards Mongols because the Mongol Horde burned down Baghdad and killed everyone there in 1258.
  • Or say having the Paul Bremer led Coalition Provisional authority grant the Iraqis a 2-day weekend, because previously Iraqis were only given off one day a week, Friday. Now you're choices are Thursday and Saturday, and the CPA's choice? Saturday. Who else enjoys Saturday as a day of rest? The Jews. Predictably, Islamic Clerics took to their Mosques and declared the United States is trying to turn us into Jews and violence followed.
  • Or say putting out a request for a new flag design to break with Saddam's Iraq and then choosing this one. Once again Imams reacted and declared the US was trying to turn Iraqis into Jews.
But, of course, the major blunder was the Iraq War, a war of choice, itself.

Bill Maher has again asked, "Why do they hate us?" and this question underlines the entire Strategic Failure, which causes us to continue to suffer defeats. We don't know why they hate us and we don't understand them thus,
One who does not know the enemy but know himself will sometimes be victorious, sometimes meet with defeat.- Sun Tzu, Art of War.
Because of the intelectual incuroristy of the Bush Regime. W(orst) surrounded himself with people who apparently believed the greatest threat facing the Nation was "State-Sponsored" Terrorism. Despite the repeated warnings of Richard Clarke and the CIA, those duplicitous conservative war criminals sought out Ahmed Chalabi who fed them as much tripe about Saddam as they could swallow.

Chalabi, much in way Ancient Satraps in the Middle East appealed to Roman Empire enticing them with the dream that it would be easy for them to overthrow the Tyrant in Mesopotamia and then install a new ruler favorable to their Empire, provided reams of fake information and false witnesses to support the delusions of W, the modern day Caligula, and his cabinent of cowardly conservative criminals.

Not, satisifed Chalabi's lies would sway the American People, the Republican Congress in 2002 invited another deposed Middle Eastern Potenate to extoll the virtues of War in Iraq. Bibi Netanyahu gave testimony which specifically linked Iraq to 911 and concluded,
"If you take out Saddam’s Regime, I guarantee you, that it will have enormous positive reverberations on the region."

Of course, W(orst)'s Fiasco in Iraq completely destabilized the reason, creating the void which ISIS has filled, while it killed a million innocent Iraqis, destroyed thousands of Americans Lives and ruined a hundred thousand American families, while transferring over $3 Trillion dollars into the hands of the American Criminal Rich.

The damage done to this Nation by George W(orst President Ever) Bush and his cadre of cowardly conservative criminals might never be undone.

Chicken Hawk and Possible Sleeper Terrorist Refugee Marco Rubio declared on Sunday the Republican Party sees the Paris Terrorist Attack as a "positive development" which his Party intends to use for "Political Advantage".

Friday, November 6, 2015

As a Liberal I'm Voting for Ben Carson for President (Updated)

Why am I supporting Carson? Mainly, because I hate America.

For years conservatives and elected Republican politicians have stated, matter-of-factly, that Liberals don't accept American Exceptionalism, that we wish to bring down the Greatest Free-est Best-est Country that every was, that we Hate America. This is common sense, no-duh, conventional wisdom on the Right. This is the starting point for every screed uttered on Right-Wing Toxic Hate Radio. This is the opening paragraph of every blog or facebook post, every conservative grifters latest book. It's the fundamental building block of everything the Right believes. This is Faux News.

Well, I'm going to prove them right. I'm going to vote for Ben Carson because a Carson Presidency will totally destroy the United States.

Ben Carson embodies C.S. Lewis' trilemma. Carson is a Liar and a Lunatic who thinks he's the Lord. Carson is a wholly unserious fairly demented individual. I can think of no one more qualified to usher in the End of the American Era. His Presidency will be quite a spectacle.

One of Carson lunatic beliefs (which I recall from years of Sid Meier's iconic computer games Civilization) that the Pyramids were built to store grain, seems to be Evangelical pablum recycled from middle-ages theologians that Joseph built the Pyramids for the 7 lean years. Carson, like all American Christianists, thinks he knows better than Historians, Scientists, Archaeologists and other trained people because he's read the Bible.

But, Carson's Presidential Campaign semi-admitted that Ben fabricated a story about getting a full-scholarship to West Point. Carson recounted his made up story in his novel, In Gifted Hands,
Afterward, Sgt. Hunt introduced me to General Westmoreland, and I had dinner with him and the Congressional Medal winners. Later I was offered a full scholarship to West Point. I didn’t refuse the scholarship outright, but I let them know that a military career wasn't where I saw myself going.
Like, much of the Carson mystique, this account is a complete fabrication and outright lie. But, Carson's been recounting his lie of how he met General Westmoreland and was offered a "Scholarship" for 2 decades now. Of course, this doesn't matter to the "hermetically sealed" right-wing internet bubble. To them Carson's lies are proof the liberal media is out to get Ben Carson. (Just like that Faux News and every right-wing media site is covering for Ben Carson's West Point Lie.)

So, a proven liar and borderline lunatic, once Carson's beliefs are implemented into Policies and Laws would mark the End of the American Republic and usher in the Neo-Feudalist Wage Slave Corporate State.

Ben Carson has stated he will refuse to raise the debt ceiling. Boom, that alone will throw the entire World economic model, crafted post-World War II at the Breton Woods conference and refined at Bilderberg Meetings, into total Chaos.

Of course, it's going to be painful for the eternally butt-hurt white working class, because they are going to lose their homes, their meager savings, their pensions and 401k's and will not receive any Social Safety Net benefits. But, white working class people have been voting in Republicans for decades now and they deserve to share the pain they've inflicted on so many others.

Carsonomics having thrown the entire world into financial ruin will make the 2007 Republican Recession look like a Golden Era of Prosperity. So, Ben will move on to War to stimulate America.

Carson has declared he will order the military to destroy ISIS, so get ready for another decade of deployments to Iraq (Republicans and the Rich won't be worried because they don't serve in the military) but fortunately the military's hands, according to Ben, "will be untied" whatever that means? Torture? Burning Villages to save them from ISIS?

Carson now facing some discomfort at home, will declare Abortion is Slavery and use the awesome power of the government to ensure every pregnant woman carries her fetus to term. No matter what.

If that means quartering troops inside women's homes and detaining people without probable cause too bad, those amendments mean nothing when faced with the prospect some woman might get uppity ideas in her head about her body belonging to her!

Carson policies will tickle the right-wingers lizard brains and destroy America.

Kevin Drum over at MotherJones has a list of Carson's exaggerations (thus far). It seems to me that Ben Carson isn't satisified with his history. A quiet nerdy young man growing up in a tough section of Detroit (but before the Republican Economic Attack on the City), who went to Yale and then on to a brilliant medical career, so he's had to add elements and create a more compelling background for himself.

It's very sad, but what's downright disgusting is the way the Conservative Media Establishment is rallying, defending, and justifying Carson's baloney because they know he'll advance the Conservative Values of Intolerance, Oppression and Adulation of the Rich if he wins the White House. The Right-Wing media is hypocritically trotting out the 'High-Tech Lynching' rhetoric at the same time they've spent 7 years slandering and libeling President Obama.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Suicide of GI Joe Gliniewicz

I was very nearly ordered months back to be part of the "Honor" Guard, which drew Police Officers from across the country, for fallen Fox Lake Lt. Charles Joseph Gliniewicz. Due to my misgivings about Gliniewicz, I did not want to attend or be associated in anyway with the detail and fortunately two more senior Officers took the detail.

At the time of the incident, I had my suspicions about the "homicide" of Lt Gliniewicz. But, many Police Officers, including some I work with, took this as more evidence in the War on Cops aided by the villianous President Barack Obama and the thuggish #BlackLivesMatter movement. Thus, everyone rushed to quickly deify Gliniewicz and he was showered with honors and his family with monies.

Sadly today, Lake County Authorities announced Gliniewicz took his own life and staged a false crime scene, to cover his suicide.

While Gliniewicz created a crime scene designed to appear as though three suspects had attacked him and shot him with his own weapon there were holes and inconsistencies which became apparent and undercut the belief it was a homicide.

Why had his squad car sat for nearly 20 minutes at the location prior to him calling off he was investigating 3 suspicious persons (2 white males and 1 black male) in the area.

If there was a fight why were there no key-ups? I've been in my share of on duty fights with suspects (and others) and once you hear the intermittent key-ups you know a 10-10 is in progress.

I know two fellow Officers, NIPAS team members, who were on scene that day and the fatal wound on Gliniewicz was difficult to explain. The working theory was that after having fought with and taken Gliniewicz's gun from him, they shot him once in the chest (causing him to double over) before luckily placing the final shot downwards behind his outer vest carrier at the neck.

Officers conducting a search of the nearby marsh-lands reportedly began to "fall-out" and tear up their uniforms within 10 minutes of searching in the swampy area. 3 perps running from the scene would have shredded themselves or been so bogged down as to quit running outright.

Tracking K-9's had no hits and developed no leads from the scene of the incident.

But, nonetheless the FBI and Major Crimes Task Force investigated the incident as a homicide. Until Lake County Coroner Thomas Rudd spoke at a news conference a few days later that he was not going to rule the death a homicide.

And that's when all the rumors began to circulate. One of the worst was Gliniewicz had engaged in indecent illegal behavior with children in his Fox Lake Young Police Explorers club.

Another 3 a.m. theory was Gliniewicz was involved in theft and fraud with the former Fox Lake Police Chief Mike Behan, who had hastily retired amidst allegations of official misconduct along with another Fox Lake Officer, and the three had met out there to discuss options when Gliniewicz was ambushed and killed in order to keep him quiet.

While a Hollywood Style Dirty Cop scenario didn't happen, it appears Gliniewicz took his own his life because he was stealing. Thousands of pages of documents reveal GI Joe was embezzling funds from his Police Explorer's group and was worried that Fox Lake Village Administrator Anne Marrin was about to be uncover his criminal activity.

Betrayal is the word used by many about this incident and the entirety of Charles Joseph Gliniewicz's life and death.

Besides his years long con and thievery, the worst aspect of Gliniewicz's "carefully staged suicide" is the danger he put fellow his officers in, he risked the lives of his so-called brothers-in-blue and even worse  he put the three innocent men he tried to frame for his "murder" in danger of being killed.

The "suspcious" two whites and a black men could very easily have been gunned down by a righteous Police Officer seeking "justice" and those individuals were idnetified and questioned.

But, now the focus has shifted to his complicit wife and eldest son and it seems highly probable that both knew about GI Joe's thefts and most likely were engaged in the scams as well.

This who debacle also reflects so badly on the Police and authorities. Some of this information revealed was known back then how could they in good conscience go forward with that sham of a Parade and Funeral Ceremony?

Mass Shootings are the Ultimate Expression of White Male Privilege

There are many titles I could have come up with this post but, the recent details emerging from the latest Mass Shooting incident in Colorado changed its' direction.

So, the Mass Shooter was spotted by his neighbor who called 911 only to be told because of the crazy Open Carry and Stand Your Ground Laws forced down the throats of every American by the vicious NRA and blood-soaked Gun Manufacturers without one care about the health and right to life of We, the People there was nothing the Police could do.

Similar, incidents of weapon brandishing by Firearm Fuckers have happened in other states. When I'm on duty and see a person marching around with a weapon I don't think freedom loving 2A Champion, I think shooting about to go down. It used to be that openly displaying a weapon away from you own property was a crime but, of course, the shooter as a white male has the absolute right to threaten people with his gun implictly and explicitly. The resultant mass shootings are the ultimate expression of white male privilege.

Now, your average conservative asshole or gun-humping fanatic will immediately respond with Chicago!!! BLACK ON BLACK VIOLENCE!!! So, let's take a look at what's going on in Chicago.

The majority of guns used in commission of crimes originate outside Chicago and Cook County. But, besides the fact that loose or nonexistent gun laws from various of states is driving Chicago's Gun Crime what's the underlying force behind the Chicago shootings; Criminal activity, gang identification, and territory disputes, mainly surrounding the drug business. This is no different than the criminal activity surrounding the Italian Mobs of Chicago and New York, the Irish Mobs in Boston and Cleveland. But, Italian and Irish people have earned enough white points so reactionary right-wingers don't ascribe the actions of a few criminals to the entire people the way they do for African-Americans.

But, worse than the racist politics of conservatives is the way the Gun Humping Fanatics have taken over the issue of Gun Control. The favorite youtube video of Gun Nuts is: We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook.

There is a kernel of reactionary right-wingers who are convicned that every mass shooting is a black ops Obama led conspiracy to talk their precious guns from them. Scarlett Lewis, a mother of the one of the Newton murdered school children recent released a book about her pain and struggle. The Amazon reviews by the gun nut trolls are just horrific.

For instance:
  • This book is a fun read if you want a good laugh, or just to observe the pathetic lies about JessiLewis, a fictional death to push the Democrat's gangster/communist policy coup attempt to destroy the Constitution.
  • Sandy Hook NEVER happened!! The FBI ADMITTED that it never happened!! Is this book supposed to be real?? What a joke!!!
  • Sandyhook has been proven to be a 100% FRAUD. This was a false government sponsored psychological operation used to erode the rights of American Citizens. This lady did not write this book. This is propaganda that is being used to perpetuate a false narrative.
  • This woman is a liar no child died at Sandy hook. Sandy hook is a hoax, it was staged. Go watch "We need to talk about Sandy Hook" and pay attention. SANDY HOOK WAS A STAGED HOAX NO ONE DIED!
  • Lies and propaganda, no children died at Sandy hook!
I could continue but there are 10 pages of these types of "reviews" from Firearm Fucking Fanatics, read them.

But, they buttress a point about laws. You do not let the most extreme elements drive Gun Laws. Nor do you let those whose interests lie in making as many weapons as possible craft gun laws. And contrary to the bluster of Right-Wingers there are various laws which could have an impact on these mass shootings, they just don't know about them because Republicans at the behest of the Gun Makers Lobby quietly kill those laws in State and Federal Government,

In 2005 George W(orst President Ever) Bush backed by the Republican Controlled House and Senate passed Legislation making Gun Manufacturers immune to Lawsuits for their Negligence.

In 2011 Republicans in Illinois, in direct opposition to the health and safety of their constituents, voted to put guns in the hands of Terrorists:
Republicans on the House Judiciary panel shot down a proposal Thursday to prevent weapon sales to suspected terrorists.  
In a party-line vote of 21-11, the committee Republicans killed an amendment from Rep. Mike Quigley (D-Ill.) that would have blocked firearm purchases by those on the FBI's terrorist watch list.
Connecticut lawmakers, in March 2011, tried to ban the magazines used by the Newton Murderer.

In 2014, Alan Colmes interviewed South Carolina Senate candidate Lee Bright and asked Bright if Teachers should have "machine guns". Bright responded that a teacher "protecting school grounds" should carry whatever "she" can. When asked specifically if that meant "machine guns", Bright responded, "The Second Amendment is pretty clear. It says the right to carry arms should not be infringed... I don’t see how the government can regulate it."

Supreme Court Warren Burger, a conservative appointed to Chief Justice by Richard Nixon, said of the idea that the second amendment confers an individuals right to own a gun, 
"the second amendment has been the subject of one of the greatest pieces of fraud, I repeat the word fraud, ever perpetrated on the American public by an interest group in my lifetime."
Molon Labe: Guns aren't going anywhere and until We, the People do something about them, Firearm Fucking Gun Nuts are going to continue murdering Americans.

After each and every incident the gun humping fanatics have perfected the argument of the loud voice and the angry red face, after every shooting, they swarm the internet and just scream, 'AHHHHH!' 'AHHHHH!' 'AHHHHH!' ''AHHHHH!' 'AHHHHH!' 'AHHHHH!', until everyone just stops commenting and the other pressing matters in our daily lives take our attention away.

But, the Gun Humpers attention is never diverted they await every new mass shooting to swarm yet again. The murder on-air of a blonde newcaster and a cameraman, caused only a temporary ripple in the rushing torrent of Gun Nut Screams and the Howls of the NRA.

Guns will destroy us, unless we refocus and destroy them.