Friday, January 30, 2009

Suicides continue, No One Cares

The U.S. Army said the number of soldiers who committed suicide last year has increased for a fourth straight year.

Does anyone not connected to the victim care? Blog posts are meaningless. I can't name a single soldier who took his own life.

I'm sorry they didn't receive the help they needed but even those words taste as a chalky hollow platitude. Like something a Chickenhearted Warmonger would say; while not contemplating the underlying causes or questioning his rabid support for the murder of innocents in far away lands by the American Military and the toll it takes on the minds and bodies of those who never truly return home.

Hoping for Failure the Same Old Situation

Q- What's the difference between the Hindenburg and Rush Limbaugh?
A- One's a flaming nazi gas bag and the other's a dirigible.

"I Hope He Fails".

Why even bother? Why engage them? To gain the moral high ground of moving past partisanism? The same crowd which declared criticism of The Once and Future Tipsy Canoe to be tantamount to treason and worthy of the death sentence have wasted no time in rallying around Limbaugh and have declared the most patriotic act an american can do is to dissent.

I'll not waste anymore precious brainpower worrying about a draft dodging, thrice divorced, Dominican Republic Sex Tourist, morally weak drug abusing "man",who clearly loathes people and actively wishes harm and ill to befall them.

As I hypothesized before Obama's victory those who hate you (Republicans) will do everything in their power, which is considerable, to blame him for the evils they have visited upon the world and wish to continue visiting upon you.