Saturday, July 30, 2022

The Fascists Next Door: Indiana Abuser General Todd Rokita

As with the old Hemingway aphorism about Bankruptcy, future quips about how the United States became a tyrannical fascist theocracy will note, Gradually at first, and then All at Once.

Indiana Abuser General Pinochet T. Rokita
Attorney General Todd Rokita is on a mission to indict Dr. Caitlin Bernard for the unforgivable crime of being a woman, a physician, an unapologetic defender of women's health.  Rokita is engaging in an outrageous Abuse of Power and Authority which started with him outright lying about Doctor Bernard and presenting false testimony on Jesse Watters outrageous bigoted racist Faux TV show.

So because of this Abuser General Rokita will use the full might and resources of the State to destroy her.  He's begun an inquisition and he will not let truth or the the law get in the way of "gathering the evidence as we speak and we're going to fight this to the end."  Abuser General Rokita will not stop until he finds something to charge Doctor Bernard.

Rokita's actions are not accidental it's part of the Republican agenda of intimidation and abuse of authority they always engage in to make people acquiesce, give in, and obey preemptively.  Fascism often succeeds because regular people obey instead of standing up against them.

Never forget conservatives who claim to fear, distrust, and oppose the awesome power of government fucking relish and yearn to use that power to kill and incarcerate the Non-MAGA.  "It's" not coming... "It's" here already.

What Rokita's doing isn't just unconscionable its illegal as well. But laws don't constrain conservatives. The law is what they say it is and conservatives unequally apply it purposefully. The Unequal application of laws is Fascism. Plain and simple.

And now 26 members of the Indiana Senate have voted for a near total ban on abortions.  Get ready for border checkpoints to be erected on I-80 as you cross into Indiana.  Expect truck weigh stations to be transformed into mandatory vaginal inspection stations.  Fascism will come gradually and then all at once...

Sunday, July 24, 2022

Understanding the power of Patriarchy, Sarah Polley's Run Towards the Danger

"I do trust women enough to control when they allow a man to ejaculate inside of them and to control that intake of semen." Patriarchy Bootlicker Karianne Lisbonbee (Utah Republican ); Todd Akin's Legitimate Rape only applies to women who are killed by their attackers, these days to Rape-publicans there is no such thing as sexual assaults; if you're still alive then you encouraged and enjoyed it.

In Sarah Polley's autobiography, Run Towards the Danger she lays out the horrific sexual assault she suffered at age 16 at the hands of Jian Ghomeshi.

Sexual Assault is a hole in the criminal justice system.  I don't mean loophole but, the very nature of the criminal justice system (from beginning to end) puts the woman or women on trial because they are the only ones willing to talk therefore their claims are the ones put under, often brutal, examination.  Polley also talks about how she received a lot of advice not to come forward because women find themselves destroyed for coming forward.

Now, the right to not be compelled to speak or testify against oneself when accused is an important protection necessary to keep this Nation or any Democracy from sliding into authoritarianism.  Of course, it is a right which really doesn't matter for people in the lower economic conditions or minorities.  In their case, the Court system is designed and implemented to railroad them through as quickly as possible so other minorities or economically disadvantaged people can also be railroaded.  

The fact the same people who say you can not trust the government absolutely and totally accept every Police report of every extrajudicial killing of a black person, without fail, undermines their so-called distrust of authority.

The same people who wear Daddy rules for dating my daughter t-shirts or loved Brian Kemp pointing a shotgun at his daughter's boyfriend invariably and always say that bitch is lying when a man is accused of rape or faces several accusations.

Matt Gaetz the prototypical child raping drunk driving 
traitorous fat face of white male privilege and patriarchy
The same people who say we need guns everywhere for self-defense say women are liars about most men being sexual predators and will always defend men charged with Rape or sexual abuse (provided they are the right sort of men like Roy Moore, child sex trafficker Matt Gaetz, or Donald Trump i.e. full-throated defenders of rightwing ideology).

The same people who declare the world is dangerous and full of wolves, sheep, and sheep dogs declare the rape of a 10 year old was 100% a leftist hoax and make those claims openly and defiantly on Faux News.

The same people who claim to want to defend the children absolutely adore Lauren Boebert even as she writes about her husband cornering a group of little girls and exposing his dick to them.  Lauren Boebert defended her dick flashing husband, in her book, by claiming the little girls where asking for it.  

Boebert's tight hooker dress & gross exaggerated femininity
gains her the protection of the Patriarchy
But, what Lauren Boebert is doing in her book is work feverishly to defend the Patriarchy.  White women like Boebert derive their power from the Patriarchy, just as her intellectual forebearers like Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Supreme Court Justice Ginni Thomas, stretching back to Phyllis Schlafly did.  Additionally, non-white men and women can be afforded the protective blanket of the Patriarchy as long as the tout Republican (i.e. white male) supremacy (think Dinesh Dsouza or Candace Owens).

These people, like Boebert, like any of the vicious Trump-loving white women spend all day, everyday adopting extreme anti-woke, anti-CRT, anti-Cancel Culture positions often in the face of direct evidence.  The only way I can reconcile all of this is the patriarchy.  The patriarchy is threatened by Wokeness, by CRT, by Cancel Culture, by liberated women.  And therefore the white women who occupy a special niche just below men, but well above everyone else, in the Patriarchy are threatened as well so what we are witnessing is their vicious Reaction to liberalism, freedom, and equality.  

MAGA and Trumpism is a clear manifestation of The White Male Patriarchy.  But, the patriarchy's roots go back to the founding of the Nation and experienced a revival in the early 20th century with the creationism of Fascism.  Even, white men not normally associated with ULTRA-MAGA beliefs benefit from the cocoon of privilege from the White Male Patriarchy.  Sarah Polley laid out the horrors of the  monstrous production of the 1988 Terry Gilliam film, The Adventures of Baron Munchausen.  Polley talks extensively about being placed, as an 8 year old, in dangerous situations and having no one consistently looking out for her well-being.  Polley describes her lifetime fear of slamming car doors and is describing the aftereffects of trauma which often manifests as PTSD. Gilliam was 48 at the time coming off the "genius film" Brazil (1985) and Time Bandits (1982) and of course Monty Python, so he was afforded wide latitude even as the film spiraled out of control.  Years later Gilliam defended himself to Polley by claiming she seemed so mature for her age.  Gross, but also indicative of what every white male patriarch sees in his privileged world view.  A world which never asks him to temper his "genius" or limit his appetites or see the world through someone else's eyes.

But, if you speak out against the Patriarchy and Rightwing ideology well then you've abrogated your position and will be hounded and threatened (as Republicans Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger can attest) or steadily ridiculed, insulted, and reduced to secondary citizens (as Texas Log Cabin Republicans found out in June) because as the current rightwing aphorism goes, 'Get Woke Go Broke'

Friday, July 22, 2022

Remember when Major was biting all those Secret Service agents? Hint: Donald John Trump is a piece of shit traitor.

A common trope in movies and television is dogs can sense, smell or otherwise detect evil in a character.  

But, sometimes movie cliches come true as apparently 3 year old German Shepard Major Biden was able to tell that some Secret Service Agents were actually bad guys!  And recall Traitor Trump didn't have a dog because what dog could stand being around that fat lazy fucker.

It appears quite obvious the US Secret Service deleted an unknown amount of messages from the 5th and 6th pertaining to the January 6th TrumPutsch attempt to overthrow the US Government.  The prospect that a segment of the US Secret Service was so Trumpified that they considered any fallout or punishment from deliberately deleting incriminating text messages more palatable than the revealing the body of the text messages does not fill me with much confidence.  Praetorian Guards long ago learned they could make or unmake the Chief Executive.  Remember President Biden and his staff where worried about the agents on the Presidential protection detail he called back to the agents who were previously on his Vice Presidential detail.

"I'm not getting in that car Tim," Mike Pence said as he knew the Secret Service Agents tasked with retrieving him were under the direction and orders of Donald John Traitor Trump.  

It seems quite possible Pence would have been forced to declare the 2020 election invalid and if he didn't well, that information was deleted in the two days worth of text messages currently "missing".  On Jan6th US Secret Service agents tasked with protecting Vice President Mike Pence, as the Trump Mob descended, asked colleagues over comms to tell their families 'Goodbye'.  As Trump inspired Insurrectionists got closer to the final safe point of Pence, the "VP detail thought that this was about to get very ugly".

I have no doubts that if the rightwing domestic terrorists who descended upon the Capitol had located Pence, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and other Democratic Representatives and had been able to bring in their pre-planned and staged QRF; firefights and executions would have occurred in the US Capitol building.  Traitor Trump was not sending the National Guard, Trump had replaced the command staff of other agencies which may have responded to the scene, Trump and his cabal had planned for a BLM counterprotest to absorb local D.C. police forces.  

This House Committee is absolutely burying Trump.  Absolutely devastating testimony from mainly Republicans.  Unbelievable video.  If for nothing else, it is necessary for the Soul of the Nation, that this be recorded for All-Time; that Conservatives, elected Republicans, and rightwing paramilitary terrorists worked in conjunction with one another to undo the democratic constitutional election of President Biden in 2020.

Meanwhile, the Office of Inspector General for the Department of Homeland Security has begun a criminal probe into the actions of the Secret Service and the agents.  Here's hoping for the worst scenario for the Agents as the deleted data is recovered and the face the prospect of the coverup being uncovered.

That Coward Josh Hawley

In a breach of comity and decorum of the United States Senate, a resolution passed 99-1 that Josh Hawley no longer be referred to as "Senator" or "The Honorable" and instead Josh Hawley will forever be known as "That Coward" Josh Hawley... 

After fist pumping the Jan6th Rioters That Coward Josh Hawley ran away...  Twitter is a hellhole but, for hours users roasted That Coward Josh Hawley with a non-stop barrage of memes.  Each of the memes created was fantastic in it's own way, the best image was the Capitol Officer standing still watching Hawley run by him his head swiveling from right to left.

Hopefully, this cowardly display having be captured for all-time would end the aspirations of Josh the little fascist.  Of course, this will have little impact on Hawley's shitass behavior which remains the same and was on display as he attempted to gotcha and own Berkley Professor Khiara Bridges during a Senate hearing last week.  Smartly, Professor Bridges treated That Coward Josh Hawley with the rapid fire disdain such a disgraceful stain on the Senate deserves.


In 2018, Hawley received 1,254,927 votes winning over Claire McCaskill's 1,112,935.  One hopes that by 2024 enough Missouri tough guys don't reward That Coward Josh Hawley with another Senate term.

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Conservatives plan to remove the "Life of the Mother"

Republican Fascist Peter Breen 
of the More Dead Women Society
“The womb is the only organ in a woman’s body that serves no specific purpose to her life or well-being. It is truly a sanctuary.” Republican Brad Tschida, Montana State House Leader 

Women have no rights Republicans are bound to recognize.  Woman are naught but "Earthen Vessels" created by their Christofascist god.  

It hasn't even been a month since the Sinister Six Injustices of The Supremacist Court determined their bigoted fanatical religious beliefs trump the right to privacy, medical care, life and liberty of Americans but, while the "ink isn't even dry" conservatives are rapidly trying to muddy the legislative water and proclaim the plain meaning of the anti-abortion black letter law they've passed in numerous states doesn't actually mean what it clearly means.

To wit: Republicans will use the full power of the government to enact a Nationwide complete and total ban on all Abortions.  Until then expect
a lot of disingenuous statements and outright lying by Republicans for the next 4 months as the right tries to diminish the pushback in 2022 and minimize any potential electoral defeats.  After the election Rape-pubicans will make outlawing medical procedures for Women and interstate travel for women their priorities, and pass all sorts of coercive, invasive, and destructive "laws" possible to curtail Abortion 100%.  Whatever happens to the women impacted by these draconian measures is immaterial and I don't mean just medical care for pregnancy as these immoral and illegal laws passed by Rape-publicans are harming women seeking care for other medical issues.
"The answer is there has to be some form of punishment," Trump May 2016
Over the July 4th weekend, before Trump loving Republican Bobby Crimo murdered people, stubby pustule Peter Breen was chortling through an interview on WBEZ weekend edition.

Breen, a former Illinois Republican state Representative, was asked about women crossing state boundaries to pursue needed medical care.  You see under the Privileges and Immunities clause of the Constitution and nearly 200 years of established precedence case law, the ability to travel between states can not be infringed.  

Breen laughed and said his organization, the Chicago-based Thomas More Dead Women Society was working on bringing up possible challenges to make it to the Sinister Six Injustices of the US Supremacist Court.  You see, Breen replied, it's all about how you frame the issue.  Simply declare that juveniles can not be brought across state lines for illegal purposes and et voila you can now restrict the freedom of movement for women through the power of government.  Imagine DUI checkpoints repurposed for pregnancy checks at state borders for all women in cars.  Or requiring recent negative blood tests before being able to book a plane ticket.  Crotch sniffing K-9 Officers trained to smell menstrual blood stationed by trains at Ogilvie and Union Station in Chicago.

One of the most glib, galling, and insulting techniques conservatives adopted was the appropriation fo the name of some historical figure whom as the avatar of their bigoted group.  The Susan B. Anthony rightwing anti-abortion group, for instance.  Thomas More has nothing to do with US Law and his stupid 16th century book Utopia would be a far more dour, drab, and dull communist Nation than ever created in world history.  But, dumb ass conservatives don't know anything about Thomas More other than the wretched 1968 film Man for All Seasons, so Breen and other Fundigelical wackos claim his historical gravitas for themselves. 

Republicans are going to use the full coercive force and punitive power of Government, at all levels, to control, punish and dominate women.  Conservatives hate women and will do everything in their power to reduce women to nothing but birthing slaves as they continue to lay the foundation for the Fascist Fundamentalist Racist Slave Nation.  The reality is given enough political power and ignoring all pushback, Rape-publicans will outlaw all Abortions in all Circumstances and if it kills a woman or a little girl then that's it.

Sunday, July 17, 2022

The Revenge of the Thin Blue Line 25: Phony Fainting from Fentanyl finds familiar Fox News fibbers flogging falsehoods

Renee Parsons' body "went completely numb" from 
touching a fentanyl dollar
.  As a conservative
Renee's numb from the neck up already.
One of the best old time YouTube videos I've ever seen was this Let the Bodies Hit the Floor mocking of Benny Hinn and his faith healing con.  The ridiculous undulations of people supposed infused with the Holy Spirit coupled with the pilfering of the wallets should have been the tell.  It's absolutely clear the people are either play acting as they writhe upon the ground or go flying backwards as though they've been hit by a Benny Hinn Hadouken or they are in on the con.

Nowadays, Police Officers soooo misunderstood and mistreated by the society they ostensibly Protect & Serve, want to get on the racket; hence the ridiculous play acting and panic attacks Officers are engaging in after they supposedly touch a scintilla of Fentanyl.

Fentanyl has been around for 50 years and lacing heroin with it is not new either, but has been going on for a couple decades at least.  But, in the last couple of years Police Officers have taken to proclaiming they have been overdosing and almost dying from casual contact with suspect fentanyl.  

According to reporting by Peter Andrey Smith of The Washington Post in 2021, 

By my count, more than 200 police officers, first responders, nurses and guards at correctional institutions have claimed to have suffered adverse reactions based on incidental contact with fentanyl. (Other researchers put the total number of such reports even higher.) 

What the fuck is going on?  Well, the most likely explanations are deliberate lying or suffering from a folie à plusiers (a shared mass psychotic disorder).  The deliberate fakery could come from any number of reasons; for instance malingering which wasn't just invented for military members who deliberately shirk their duty, or a desire to convince people of the "real" dangers facing police officers, and a psychological need/desire to be lauded for your sacrifice.

I think a lot of this goes back to the demonization of certain out groups of people.  Fentanyl right now is associated with "bad people" i.e. illicit drug users and sellers and Cops are the "good guys" and you always need to update the reasons for the War on Drugs and et voila now we have another reason to throw those people in jail.  And make no mistake all of this is target to get white people back in line with puritanical hatred of drugs.

Drugs are the greatest invention/discovery for mankind.  Misuse of drugs is a problem but, it's a problem which needs to be treated medically.  Indeed this is the only way to effectively, safely, and humanely deal with drug addiction.  But, not in America!  No in America you go to jail for using drugs.

You see for a while now, during the Opioid epidemic, white people's trained fear and hatred for the "criminal" drug using community (hippies and blacks) has been waning as families across the USA suffer the effects of drug addiction and thus have garnered some empathy for other people.  Conservative and Republican leaders can not allow such tolerance and empathy to take hold.  Imagine if Americans declared no more sending people to prison for drug addiction!

Because there is HUGE Money to be made from jailing people.  Now, I'm not claiming these lying Officers are involved in a massive conspiracy to benefit the Prison Industrial Complex intentionally but, they sure as fuck are helping it and affording lying white rightwingers the opportunity to go onto Faux News to declare white liars to claim fentanyl overdosing from touching a dirty drug users dollar almost killed her and required her husband to have to drive 100mph to get overdose treatment.  Utter bullshit.  Rightwing dangers of drugs agitprop.  And all because Copaganda and the lying Thin Blue Line which buttresses such bullshit.

Friday, July 15, 2022

Texas has declared War on the United States is trying to overthrow the Federal Government

Seriously, when Ted Cruz or Greg Abbott threatened to secede from the Nation we should have taken them up on their offer.  Get your fanatic fascist asses the fuck outta here. 

Asshole Texans kept taking to social media to demand people stop Californiaing their Texas (because rightwingers are drones who have no imagination they all repeated that comment).  Well, stop Texasing Up my United States.  Honestly, without the civilizing influence of the liberal states, Texas would be Saudia Arabia, Iran, or Russia, a brutal inhumane pariah nation which only gets attention because of its' resources.

Certainly, we should demand Texas reimburse the United States for absorbing their National Debt of over $10,000,000 in 1836 adjusted for inflation and with interest applied and demand repayment for all the infrastructure we've built in that shithole State.  Texas has been at the forefront of advancing fascist rollbacks of human rights in their quest to be the shittest of the shithole States.

President Biden issued a decree which says too bad your vile State Law outlawing necessary medical care for women is not legal and does not trump Federal legal supremacy.  In response, known criminal Ken Paxton, who flouts laws and gets away with it by being powerful white Republican male, filed a lawsuit against the Federal Government filled with all the agitprop conservatives have been fed to hate "Big Government";

President Biden is flagrantly disregarding the legislative and democratic process—and flouting the Supreme Court’s ruling before the ink is dry—by having his appointed bureaucrats mandate that hospitals and emergency medicine physicians must perform abortions. 

What a load of Texas Bullcrap.  Conservatives actually love Big Government it's just they expect and want a government that afflicts the afflicted and comforts the comfortable.  They want a federal government which brutally oppress minorities, sanctions women into second class citizens, and ensures that white male evangelical hegemony is ensconced into law.  Tough Talkin' Texans no longer threaten Secession because they've decided upon Subjugation.  Through multiple levers of bureaucratic violence Republican dominated states are exerting their will across state boundaries and obviously upon niches of the Federal Government.    

Bureaucratic Violence is precisely what the Sinister Six Supreme Injustices provided Republicans as a weapon against Americans when they banned Abortion but, the Opus Dei Supremacist Court opened up a whole bunch of cognitive dissonance as well.  The mythical centrist can't believe the Republicans would actually institute total bans on abortions, as several states have done, even when the woman's life is in danger, the pregnancy is terminal or unviable, or the victim of a horrendous crime is a 10 year old child.

It must never be forgotten this is a key component of Fascism.  Deliberatly, lying and creating these untenable situations and expecting the victim of you policies to adapt or interpret your will is a key lever of power Reactionaries use.  Reactionary politics which arose in direct response to the liberalizing influences of 18th and 19th century political thought abuses the open society created by democracy and turn their opponents empathy against them.  For over 100 years, liberals have struggled in response.

The Republican Party is a wholly Fascist Reactionary Organization with no policies, plans, or ideas to aid the American People.

Thursday, July 14, 2022

Republicans love when children are raped in Ohio

The horrific story of the sexually assaulted child in Ohio.  Her forced march to Indiana to receive immediate necessary life-saving healthcare and the Rightwing descent into pure evil to demonize her and anyone defending her proves that from the vilest on-line Reactionary Edgelord to Congressman Gym 'Blind Eye' Jordan to the Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost one thing you can say about Ohio Republicans is they fvcking love when children are raped. 

The Rape-publican Party has nothing to offer the American people.  No plans.  No policies.  No future. Just more and more violence directed against more and more Americans. The Republican war on American women is all about dominating and exerting control over their lives.  As such this is going to lead to terrible results for specific individuals which conservatives are obliged to proclaim are fake news.

So once President Biden mentioned the logical outcome of Republican policies,  i.e. a raped 10 year old being forced by Republican government to carry a baby conservatives knew it had to be a lie.  And so the entire right-wing wurlitzer roared into action to declare this a hoax.

Treasonous Congressman Jim Jordan, The Ohio AG, conservative drones on Twitter who repeat everything spoon-fed to them by the rightwing Wurlitzer, Jesse Watters and the Faux Noise machine all sought a win.  Did they do even a modicum of research? Reflection? No they took to cable, terrestrial radio, social media to declare this a hoax fake News debunked.  And begin a non-stop vicious slur campaign against the 10 year old, the Liberal Media, President Biden and whomever stood in their way of winning.

One of the techniques Republicans have mastered is to get out in front of the news cycle and proclaim this or that incident had been debunked and then rely upon the nature of the ever advancing news cycle to move on to other things.  Once the truth comes out the Republican base will only remember that Rightwing news, on-line provocateurs, and Donald Trump were right.  Even, and especially, when Republicans are spectacularly wrong.  Deplorable was too kind a term to describe conservatives.  Rape-publicans know their bigoted vile brain-dead fascists supporters live in the Eternal Now.  

Therefore, Now is when the #OwntheLibs 

Now is when they troll the Squad.

Now is when they threaten to murder Jan6th committee members.

Now is when attack Joe Biden, or trans persons, or raped 10 year old girls...

Later doesn't matter. Because later never comes...


And just like that Conservatives have transitioned in their War of the Eternal Now to attacking Doctor Caitlin Bernard because that women had the temerity to undermine the bullshit agitprop the rightwing was foisting upon the Nation.  Social Media is going to be aflame with conservative trolls smearing and threatening Dr. Bernard.

Saturday, July 9, 2022

Russian Ron Johnson is a Traitor and a big fan of Bobby Crimo's Mass Shooting


Moscow Johnson spent 07/04/18 partying with Vlad Putin for overthrowing the 2016 Election
Moscow Johnson spent 01/06/21 planning to Overthrow the 2020 Election 
Moscow Johnson spent 07/05/22 downplaying Bobby Crimo's Highland Park shooting and gun violence in America which Ron Johnson loves.

In 2018 Russian Ron and 7 Republicans partied with Putin just a few years before Russia invaded Ukraine. Besides being lips deep in the Trump-Cruz-Hawley--Greene-Jordan-Boebert Conspiracy to defraud the American people and being personally tasked with handing Traitor Pence an envelope of fraudulent Electors on Jan 6th, Russian Ron is trying to win another term in the US Senate where he will continue to subvert the will of the American People and champion mass shootings and the destruction of the United States government from within.
"Ron Johnson actively tried to undermine this democracy. He literally tried to hand Mike Pence fake ballots. Once again, Ron Johnson has proven he’s a danger to our country and our fundamental rights,” Wisconsin Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes said in a statement."
Right after the Highland Park mass shooting by rabid Trump fan Bobby Crimo, who had previously discussed mass murder with his drunk Rightwing Trump loving father, Russian Ron scrambled to have his July 6th radio ads downplaying gun violence from the airwaves.  Highland Park is just 20 miles from the Wisconsin border.  Now treasonous Moscow Johnson didn't care about the death, violence, and destruction his anti-gun control policies have wrought but, was worried about the optics.  You see like all Republicans Russian Ron loves unrestricted gun violence and sabotaged any and all efforts to limit gun violence.

If Moscow Johnson wins again, it will really demonstrate the total control Republicans have on their voters.  Republicans like Russian Ron fucking love gun violence and murder and do everything in their considerable political power to thwart effective gun control and actively work against the diminution of dangers to the people.

Ron Putin Loving Johnson wants 6 more years to spread more divisiveness and damage the Republic and come 2025 after Trump loses the popular vote for a 3rd time, Russian Ron will be jumping to the front of the line to steal the election.

Friday, July 8, 2022

Kendall County Illinois Republicans plan to recreate the Highland Park Bobby Crimo shooting by giving away multiple guns on July 24th

Kendall Co Illinois Republicans are auctioning off firearms this July 24th because Republicans love guns and mass shootings.

As we learn more about the dysfunctional malcontent drunk Crimo family and the how rabid Trump supporter Bobby Crimo's father sought to avoid gun control regulations and ranted about saving the Second Amendment in the wake of the post Uvalde shooting fallout before going out and up arming his son for the 4th of July, understand the Republican plan for decades has been to hamstring and undermine firearms regulation while also supporting targeted Supreme Court cases to make gun control unworkable.  Then as gun violence has predictably gone up to point out how gun control doesn't work.  

Couple this with non-stop lies from John Lott and the non "CDC self defense" from the 1990's which purported to show millions of defensive gun uses a year and this has worked brilliantly for Republicans, the NRA, and the Firearms Industry to flood America with guns whilst they soak in the blood money which has come with it.

The Republicans plan is to make America ungovernable and then replace the United States with a Fascist Fundamentalist Slave State.

Monday, July 4, 2022

The Aftermath of Highland Park: We now return you to your regularly scheduled refusal to enact Gun Control

6 Lives lost.  25 more people with life-long gun shot wounds.  Hundreds if not thousands traumatized.  A community shattered...  Why does none of this matter to the Gun Lobby and Gun humping fanatics?

This is to say nothing of the economic impact from yesterday.  Hundreds of Officers called in to look for the suspect, Bobby Crimo.  Parades and firework shows all across Lake County and northern Cook County cancelled for fear of a copycat, an accomplice.  Think of the Return on Investment one man with an AR-15 extracted in terms of damage.  

Because we can not have gun control and civilization in America look at the absurd work arounds Republicans and gun nuts offer up:  First off no one with a concealed carry was going to stop this incident the shooter had an elevated position and a rifle but just as with Las Vegas, gun nuts keep making this ludicrous argument.  Next, let's turn all of our schools into solid concrete pillboxes with no windows and with one door.  Let's fill the hallways with Veterans with PTSD give them guns and no other job than to wander around, armed, aimlessly.  This sounds like a dungeon lair from D&D.  And now, anytime 2 or more people gather let's employ snipers on rooftops to ensure once the shooter starts killing people we can get a bead on him and kill him with fewer casualties.

But, as pig fucker Darren Bailey's ignorant tweet demonstrates, Republicans do not fucking care.  Darren Bailey tried to connect this to "Crime in the streets" i.e. Chicago.  Darren Bailey is the Republican nominee for Governor in Illinois and is everything a modern Republican is; bigoted, ignorant, shameless, vile, and beholden to gun makers.

As the suspected shooter is now in custody (good work by the Officer who spotted Crimo's car), it's time for the gun nuts, firearms industry, NRA, and their paid off thralls in the Republican Party to move to the next phase of a mass shooting incident.

Denial.  Deflection.  Obfuscation.  And above all, Lies.  

It's Mental Health they'll scream!  It's a lack of Open Carry in Illinois, they'll shout! It's Democrat controlled Illinois fault, they'll screech!

Change the subject!  Run out the clock!  Blame video games.  Or doors.  Anything to avoid the obvious.  The inescapable fact.  That it's the guns.  It's the fucking guns.  It's always been the guns.  That the way to curb gun violence is too limit guns.  AR-15s are fueling these mass shootings and they shouldn't be readily available.  Did the suspect purchase his rifle on "layaway" like the Uvalde shooter?  Kill now, pay never?

Oh hoe! Don't tell a right-winger he shouldn't have an AR-15 because he'll loudly bellow it's his right and if you suggest passing gun laws he'll declare he will commit mass murder on you and anyone else who'd dare pass laws and try to limit mass murders.

We, the People are in an undeclared war with the Firearms Industry and their allies the NRA and Republican Party.  It's an asymmetrical war.  The Gun Industry buys politicians through their Russian-funded propaganda arm the NRA and cultivates a fanatical core of hard gun nut zealots who shout [MORON* LABE] and SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED whenever gun regulation is spoken of. 

And now it's probably too late.  The Gun Industry has flooded America with guns.  It's a pollution which requires decades of dedicated work to undo and we can't get started because any attempts are meet with moneyed resistance, underhanded rightwing political shenanigans, and overt threats of violence from conservatives.

Conservatives aren't about to give up their AR-15s now anyway they plan to use them very soon to overthrow the Biden Presidency and assassinate Democratic Representatives and Senators. 

Bobby Crimo Trump Fan:

A video posted to Crimo's YouTube page on Jan. 2, 2021, appears to show Crimo among a throng of protesters cheering for Trump's presidential motorcade outside an airport. Crimo flips the phone's orientation to reveal his face at the end of the video.

Crimo is also seen draped in a Trump flag in a June 27, 2021, post on Twitter. The post is captioned with only the word “spam.”

Sam Alito approved 2nd Amendment Hero opens fire on Highland Park 4th of July Parade

"Ignore guns, talk Inflation", GOP Memos post Uvalde mass shooting.

The Supremacist Court ruling striking down a century old sensible and necessary gun law continues to bear fruit.  Justice Ginni Thomas wrote, that government can't limit the open carrying guns in public for "self-defense" and yet again the Republican Party continues to use the Second Amendment as a Murder-Suicide Pact as since real life isn't a video game it's impossible to tell a good guy with a gun from a bad guy until he kills you.

As President Biden deftly noted, ""This ruling contradicts both common sense and the Constitution, and should deeply trouble us all."

And so... Six people killed at a 4th of July parade in Highland Park when a teenaged white male opened fire with a rifle from a rooftop.  The AR-15 continues to make gobs of blood money for Gun Manufacturers and the Republican Party.  

I don't want to attack or insult victims of this shooting but, when WBEZ published multiple quotes from witnesses saying how could this happen in a safe community like Highland Park it brings up so much bile as people have become conditioned and numb to gun violence.  Gun violence only happens in Chicago... gun violence is associated with urban blight and inner city decay not affluent suburbs.

This doesn't happen here... Yes, it does...

This isn't who we are... Yes, it is...

And this, this is the goal of the Republican Party; to make the Untied States of America ungovernable. Going all the way back to Ronnie Raygun's Nine most frightening words in the English language to the Lawless Opus Dei SCOTUS rulings stripping women of their citizenship, rights, and dignity and declaring that Congress and the Constitution are Unconstitutional to the Sinister Six Supremes, the Republican Party slow-moving coup is to drown the US Government and replace it with a fascist facsimile.

Every one of these latest rulings; gutting the EPA, unleashing gun violence, enforcing Republican gerrymanders, stripping women of their humanity and protection under law are designed to impress upon you the futility of your resistance.  To bludgeon you into depressed cynicism or resigned acceptance that Republican government is inevitable.

And through non-stop repetitive propaganda about migrant caravans or looting Antifa or out of control crime Republicans condition their followers to cling tighter to their guns and fascist fundamentalist religion.

Time for more worthless thoughts and useless prayers from the pro-gun violence rightwingers who get aroused and ecstatic at the prospect of another shooting in Illinois.  Social media will be festooned with that's what you libtards get for voting DemocRAT.  Again and again guns destroy dozens of families and punch holes in the fabric of America but, because the statistical odds are very low that you or someone you know and love will be killed by gun violence Republican malfeasance will continue to extract an unspeakable toll.

Here's an Instagram Reels video of the shooting as you can hear the rapid fire shots ringing out but read the despicable and lunatic comments about Martial Law in Chicago and a CCL holder coulda taken him out.  Gun Nuts are just Bigots wistfully hoping to be The One who proves the fantasy right about good guy with a gun like they're John Fucking McClaine in Die Harderer.

Friday, July 1, 2022

The BitCON Implosion

Oh... my... gosh...  did all the Crypto creators simply watch Sneakers (1992) and conclude that instead of the Utopian vision of destroying the financial system and making all peoples equal they would use "THE ITEM" to make themselves the New Economic Aristocracy?

"You know it doesn't work?"

"That's really not important, is it?"

BitCON, the largest of the crypto scams, is currently hovering under $20,000 per Chuck E. Cheese token.  To those deeply invested in the scam this represents an 800% increase!  If you invested in 2014 well you might have hit a jackpot.  Of course if you did not invest prior to 2017, well then you lost real money to this ponzi scheme.

And anyone who did make a little money, probably reinvested thinking they would ride another Peak-and-Valley wave forever upwards...

And at anytime, as this chart from Yahoo! Finance shows, there are roughly 10,000 cryptocurrencies in circulation!  Besides the volatility of the platform, the sheer number of pop-up crypto crap shows how deeply unserious this all is; while also being incredibly serious.  

Crypto Firm Voyager (I admit to having never heard of this company) suspended all trading, deposits, and withdrawals...  Like Hotel California, when you buy crypto you can check in at any time but you can never leave...

Bitcoin (and others) is a fantastic vehicle for stealing actual money from desperate, or unsavvy "investors".

Wyoming Senator Cynthia Lummis, who owns $100-$300 thousand in Bitcoin wants to get pensions and other real money moved into the crypto investment scam to solidify and advance her position.  Sadly, Wall Street Senator Kirsten Gillibrand joined Lummis in the goal of crafting a bill to let crypto steal real money.

Additionally,  the Commodities Futures Trading Commission on Thursday charged Mirror Trading International and the firm's owner, Cornelius Steynberg, with fraud, claiming the company operated as a fraudulent multi-level marketing scheme that scammed billions from investors.

What we are seeing now is the next stage of the con wherein the scammers need new influxes of cash to remain solvent while continuing to post "real" gains.  All the original money from the super early adopters and the giddy initial gamblers can't keep propping up the inflated "value" of the Ponzi scheme.