Thursday, July 14, 2022

Republicans love when children are raped in Ohio

The horrific story of the sexually assaulted child in Ohio.  Her forced march to Indiana to receive immediate necessary life-saving healthcare and the Rightwing descent into pure evil to demonize her and anyone defending her proves that from the vilest on-line Reactionary Edgelord to Congressman Gym 'Blind Eye' Jordan to the Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost one thing you can say about Ohio Republicans is they fvcking love when children are raped. 

The Rape-publican Party has nothing to offer the American people.  No plans.  No policies.  No future. Just more and more violence directed against more and more Americans. The Republican war on American women is all about dominating and exerting control over their lives.  As such this is going to lead to terrible results for specific individuals which conservatives are obliged to proclaim are fake news.

So once President Biden mentioned the logical outcome of Republican policies,  i.e. a raped 10 year old being forced by Republican government to carry a baby conservatives knew it had to be a lie.  And so the entire right-wing wurlitzer roared into action to declare this a hoax.

Treasonous Congressman Jim Jordan, The Ohio AG, conservative drones on Twitter who repeat everything spoon-fed to them by the rightwing Wurlitzer, Jesse Watters and the Faux Noise machine all sought a win.  Did they do even a modicum of research? Reflection? No they took to cable, terrestrial radio, social media to declare this a hoax fake News debunked.  And begin a non-stop vicious slur campaign against the 10 year old, the Liberal Media, President Biden and whomever stood in their way of winning.

One of the techniques Republicans have mastered is to get out in front of the news cycle and proclaim this or that incident had been debunked and then rely upon the nature of the ever advancing news cycle to move on to other things.  Once the truth comes out the Republican base will only remember that Rightwing news, on-line provocateurs, and Donald Trump were right.  Even, and especially, when Republicans are spectacularly wrong.  Deplorable was too kind a term to describe conservatives.  Rape-publicans know their bigoted vile brain-dead fascists supporters live in the Eternal Now.  

Therefore, Now is when the #OwntheLibs 

Now is when they troll the Squad.

Now is when they threaten to murder Jan6th committee members.

Now is when attack Joe Biden, or trans persons, or raped 10 year old girls...

Later doesn't matter. Because later never comes...


And just like that Conservatives have transitioned in their War of the Eternal Now to attacking Doctor Caitlin Bernard because that women had the temerity to undermine the bullshit agitprop the rightwing was foisting upon the Nation.  Social Media is going to be aflame with conservative trolls smearing and threatening Dr. Bernard.

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