Friday, September 1, 2017

Right-Wing Propaganda Never Sleeps

It's better to burn America, 'cause Propaganda never sleeps...

Lost amongst the hillarity felt by smug liberals to the conservative WHATABOUT President Obama golfing during Hurrican Katrina in August 2005, huh huh huh libtard?!?!? Oh and Michelle Obama is an ugly man, checkmate! Is the fact Propaganda has won.  Conservatives have jettisoned their thin grasp on reality and fully immersed themselves into the fevered swamp of right-wing lies.

W(orst POTUS Ever) response to Hurricane Katrina was to let New Orleans drown, send Blackwater to murder black people, and allow thousands of Americans suffer because George W. Bush didn't care about black people.  But, to conservatives, Hurricane Katrina was Obama's Katrina.

Republicans learned how to continually "catapult the propaganda" from their long association with the phony christian wing of their coaltion.  Conservative christian creationists have been lobbing lies and legislation for 90 years since their defeat in the Scopes Trial in 1925.  They didn't accept a defeat but, instead have been refining their methods.

Allen West Respublika posted a story, from Mark J. Fitzgibbons of The American Spectator which placed the blame for the White Terrorist Riot in Charolettesville onto the Democratic Governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe, the Democratic Mayor of Charolettesville Mike Singer and the Democratic Vice-Mayor Wes Bellamy.

A Department of Homeland Security memo from August 9th alerted the Unite the Right rally had the potential for violence between Anarchists and White Supremacists due to previous incidents in March and July.  Of course, as is typical of right-wing propaganda efforts the entire event must be blame shifted to the Democratic politicans and violence must be the result of both sides.

So what would the right-wing internet have supported in response to this?  Closing down the city of Charolettesville?  Immediately arresting all people with tiki torches?  Banning of hitler hairdos?  Arresting and detaining all ouside agitators with out-of-state plates?  Confiscating all weapons in defiance of the Holey Second Amendment.  No, any attempts to deter, disarm, or detain the right-wing tiKKKi terrorists would have been proof of Obama's holdovers in the DHS Deep State outlawing conservatives or the evil DemocRATs of Virginia being all super racist against poor innocent whites.  No, this is after-the-fact rationalization and justification for a right-wing terrorist get together.

Meanwhile, Mayor Singer and Charlottesville City Manager Maurice Jones are furiously attempting to blame each other, of mismangaing the incident, of being on vacation just prior to it (which they both were) as one wants to be the fall guy.

Just as we saw with the two Bundy Insurrections and the hundreds of incidents of white males conducting domestic terrorist attacks, Right-Wing violence and conservative domestic terrorism is coddled and encouraged in this country, so the blame can not rest with the right-wing domestic terrorists, tiKKKi Party, and Neo-Nazis but, must be spread around to both sides.

But, eventually the conservative internet will work around to placing the blame onto the Left as it always does.  Just like when Faux News runs with a chyron of a criminal conservative being labelled (D).  Just as with every deranged second amendment hero being recast as a liberal.  Just as we saw with the Republican Witch Hunt of HRC for the incident in Benghazi, Libya, Republicans never wanted it known they had slashed the budget for Department of State security.  Just as the response to Hurricane Harvey, Traitor Trump cut regulations on polluting chemical companies, a move cheered by Texas Republicans and championed by Congressional Republicans.

Remember the goal for conservatives is never to find the truth or to uncover the facts; The goal is to always, always, always blame liberals, minorities, and Democratic politicans and too always excuse conservative criminals, fascists, and Republicans.