Sunday, October 31, 2021

Everything illustrates The January 6th Trump Coup was worse than we thought

"Just say that the election was corrupt + leave the rest to me and the Republican Congressmen," Trump said on a call with Acting Attorney General Jeffery Rosen and acting deputy attorney general Richard Donoghue.


It's no wonder the entire Republican Party are fighting viciously to keep information about their Golpe de Estado on Jan 6th hidden and forgotten.  Every new revelation indicates the Republican attempt to overthrow the United States came closer and had far greater coordination than we've thought.

As I watched in real time the mic-up'd battle rattle Ranger file march up the steps through the deluded rapacious mob on the Capitol Steps,  I knew that was a Kill/Capture team gunning for every Democratic Representative they could and probably the Vice President.

The Trump Coup Plotters really thought (or expected) a counter-protest by BLM in Washington DC would delay and draw off any police response to the Capitol building and leave the rabble the opportunity to round-up and execute anyone who would deny Trump his Presidency.  It's why Trump appointed Dept of Defense officials delayed response to the Capitol.  It's why Trump ignored calls from Non-MAGA Republicans to stop the riot.  It's why Trump is praising domestic terrorist Ashli Babbitt.  

Meanwhile as the insurrectionists breached the Capitol, key Republicans were tweeting out real time location data on Speaker Nancy Pelosi.  Those same Republican traitors provided other material aid and comfort to the criminal conservative coup members.

Now comes further proof that Trump and his cronies were in direct communication with the insurrectionists during the siege.  And were still pressuring Mike Pence to overturn the election results as Pence was hiding from the rioters.

The Republican Party stands for nothing and has nothing to offer the American people.  This is why the Republicans have increased their pace of voter suppression and are actively working on installing Trump in 2024.  Seizing power and instituting an oppressive white fundamentalist ethno-state, with government enforced eternal wage slavery and corporate bondage.

So, going forward it may be that the House Republicans who actively participated and provided intel to the rightwing domestic terrorists may get away with it.  Trump may be able to avoid justice as he has done throughout his long criminal career.  Everyone is worried what will happen in 2024 if Republicans control the House of Representatives in 2022 since Traitor Trump will be the GOP nominee for President.

If that's the case (hopefully not) then Republicans will overturn the election results or just flat out ignore their losses and collect their "winnings".  Trump will then be installed, granted a 3rd term in 2028 to "make up" for his stolen 2020 victory and turn the his daughter as the GOP makes the Presidency hereditary in the Trump Family...

Saturday, October 30, 2021

The Revenge of the Thin Blue Line 7: Blue Bayou and Law & Order Copaganda Edition

    One of the things which has become apparent in the last few years is the number of "Bad Apples" in Police forces are far greater than anyone thought.  Additionally, this is underscored by the ludicrous portrayal of Officers in TV dramas and movies.

Now I'm not talking ancient TV shows like Dragnet or Hawaii Five-O. Or even films, focusing on criminal behavior, like Copland, L.A. Confidential, or Training Day.  The Police in those films are just glorified mobsters, running a criminal enterprise.  Even modern classics (Yes, I'm referring to the oft-lauded David Simon catalogue) do not contain true and accurate portrayals of a frighteningly large number everyday police officers. 

No, I'm referring to low-key racists and foot-soldier fascists which comprise a large segment of police in the United States.  Watching the film Blue Bayou about the unjust treatment of Dreamers and other people living in the United States caught in the ludicrous and immoral immigration system there were 3 LEOs portrayed; an "ICE" Officer, who clearly seems to have emerged from the same streets as the film's protagonist Antonio LeBlanc (portrayed by Justin Chon), "Ace" the ex-husband of the female lead (Alicia Vikander) current wife of the protagonist, and "Denny".

LeBlanc's backstory is an adoption by white American parents when he was 3 from Korea and years in abusive foster care before attempting to eek out a living in the fringes of regular/criminal society, i.e. the streets Ivo New Orleans.  Ace overhears LeBlanc and his ex-wife in a grocery store and Denny begins a confrontation with LeBlanc (ostensibly to help his white partner) and orders him to not walk away, before getting into a fight (with baton blows) and arresting LeBlanc.  This incident puts LeBlanc back into the legal system for which he is utterly unequipped resulting in his eventual deportation.

Now, let's focus on Denny.  Denny is a fat, goatee'd, low-brow bigot always talking about sausages. Denny has two more significant scenes.  The first scene Denny and two buddies pull alongside LeBlanc as he is trying to make his deportation hearing and beat him up. I did not bristle or chafe at Denny's portrayal and while 10-15 years ago society would have just scoffed at this as "Hollywood" slander and an over-the-top caricature and while today Faux News and the entire right-wing social media propaganda machine would immediately, vociferously, and perhaps violently come to Denny's immediate defense the truth is Denny is a more true representation of Modern Police Officers.

Perhaps, you disagree... but, then you come to the realization that Denny's are patrolling Louisana to this day.  From a ProPublica article comes the story of a big fat white deputy brutalizing a black woman who was already a victim of an assault that day.  These type of allegations are not new,

For decades, members of the Black community have accused the [Jefferson Parish] Sheriff’s Office of using excessive force against them, making false arrests and failing to rein in abusive deputies. 

For years respectable white society and disingenuous right-wing provaceuaters have dismissed allegations of racist police, mistreatment of minorities and an unjust legal system as the work of "Race Hustlers".  Before I even finish typing this sentence I'm sure you can tell me the entire story of Jussie Smollet without a second thought.  And why? Because the media is conditioned to repeatedly air rightwing agitprop and repeat rightwing narratives of policing and race in America.

But, for much of the Nation the truth is this;

The video begins with a sheriff’s deputy seen holding the wrist of Arnold, who is lying on her back on the sidewalk. The deputy appears to be dragging her along the pavement. The deputy then grabs Arnold’s arm with his other hand and jerks her upward, lifting her body off the ground. They briefly disappear behind a parked white vehicle. When they come back into view, the deputy is holding Arnold by her braids, slamming her repeatedly onto the cement. At one point, he whips her down so violently her body spins around and flips over.

It's only thanks to the ubiquitous nature of video recordings that these incidents are being investigated at all.  A few years back the criminal bigot deputy would have written some ham-handed report about ordering the black criminal to the ground and assisting her down.  And that would have been that.

Getting back to Blue Bayou, Denny's final scene involves his partner "arresting" him for beating up LeBlanc and allowing the female lead to smack him around in a scene which feels like the old Comics Code rule that justice must win out and the bad guy doesn't get away with it.

Friday, October 29, 2021

The Long Coup: January 6th to Today

It was no surprise the Republicans made a coordinated and serious attempt to overthrow the 2020 Elections, destroy the United States Government, and install a Trump Junta via cowardly legerdemain and a buffoonish direct violent attack on the U.S. Capitol.

Conservatives long ago jettisoned their belief in Representative Government and have been yearning for a Casus Belli to justify an actual shooting war to sate their bloodlust to round-up and murder millions of Non-MAGA.  On the other hand, perfidious Republicans have long enjoyed using the byzantine bureaucratic levers at their disposal to undermine voting and democracy and the United States.  Smartly and rather frighteningly Republicans have adopted a multi-pronged attack on Democracy.

The Republican Long Coup started well before January 6th.  Perhaps 50 years ago with the Lewis Powell Memo. Or Ronnie Raygun's 1980 Presidential Campaign at Racist Rallying Cry at the Neshoba Fair in Philadelphia, Mississippi.  The Newt Gingrich 1994 Contract on America.  The latest iteration of the Republican Long Coup is The Big Lie and Forensic Audits of Election results for the 2020 Biden Victory.  Whatever the maneuver and regardless of the start date, decades ago Republicans decided their election chances require less voters and more convoluted election/voting barriers and they've spent their time working towards both goals.  And it continues today in every state government Republicans control outright or have over-representation.  Of course, when called out for their voter repression conservatives mobilize to get their pliant media to bothsides and provide overly credulous defense of Republican malfeasance. 

Now the Republicans best weapon in their drive to destroy the United States is time.  The current Republicans in the US Congress have specifically been trying to runout the clock to 2022 in the hopes they take back House and then kill any investigation into their participation and coordination on the violent riot and attempt to subvert American Democracy.  But, overall Republicans have always known time aids them because Americans have no memory and the media willingly and actively moves on to advance the narrative of the next fake rightwing outrage.

But, with all these long-running machinations; What do Republicans want?

The short answer is fascism.  Republicans are setting the Nation up for a long-term minority rule by White Evangelicals, paramilitary terrorists, and plutocrats.  A 21st Century Rhodesia.  An American Estado Novo.  The New Confederacy.  The AmeriKKKan Reich.

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

How many people died in Afghanistan?

I was born in the soul of misery
Never had me a name
They just gave me the number 
When I was young - Thirteen, Johnny Cash

First and foremost, Nobody gives a shit about Afghanistan.  But, when it comes to the dead the only number conservatives care about is 13. 

As with everything from the right these days, it's a shoddy shameless scam designed with a very specific goal in mind; to Place the entire blame for 20 years of Afghanistan onto Joe Biden.  

Conservatives have since the end of Vietnam claimed the mantle of superior Troop Lovers and Uber-Patriots.  Fortunately, the reality of the GWoT and social media have undercut that lie.  Coupled with Rightwing Chickenhawk governance the military is no longer overwhelmingly Republican but, in fact, broke for President Biden in 2020.  But, conservatives have long ago jettisoned their so-called principles, morals, ethics, and values; the only principle conservatives adhere to today is to #OwnTheLibs or #FJB...

So since it's been 2 months since the end of the Afghanistan drawdown, fake patriot conservatives have moved onto their next cause celebre of "Let's Go Brandon" and the 13 of Afghanistan have receded into the shorthand of deeply held "sincere" reasons right-wingers hate President Joe Biden.  Certainly, criminals like Representative Major Traitor Greene make disgusting mouth-noises about the 13, but, like the faded 13 bumper stickers and gaudy shrines set up along roadsides "honoring" the 13 right-wingers have moved on to their next phony outrage.

As with President Obama, the rightwing plan is to throw a non-stop tantrum and invent any number of rightwing Biden outrage stories with the expectation that the American people will throw up their hands and just let the Republicans have the Presidency again.  It worked in 2016 as the ultimate rightwing American buffoon was awarded the White House.

It might work again... And if it doesn't... well Republicans already tried one attempt to overthrow the U.S. Government on January 6th the next Golpe de Estado will be more violent and more organized.