Friday, April 25, 2008

Dreaming of Riots

I used to listen to Rush Limbaugh back during the Clinton "Hegemony". Wasn't he helping America when pointed out egregious and illegal behavior surrounding the Bill Clinton White House? But, then something happened. In 2001, two men who embody everything wrong with American politics moved into DC and Rush couldn't help but ignore or find excuses for their law breaking.

More and more the outrageous Use of Federal Power by the man in the White House was being defended by Rush. Why, I began to wonder? It seems clear Limbaugh is willing to defend illegal activities if the group using them subscribes to the political viewpoint Rush endorses.

Limbaugh is clearly an ardent Statist and authoritarian who cares nothing for the American People. After all this is a man who considers anyone who disagrees with his politics to be a "phony". Whether that person is a 12 year old boy, a man with a disability, or anti-war veterans.

Now, Limbaugh is calling for Riots in Denver. And I'm not going to allow the intellectually dishonest argument Limbaugh put forth "I'm not inciting riots, I'm dreaming of riots." No, Rush, you can't parse your "Dream of Riots" as not inciting. If there were Riots in Denver during the DNC why it will be easy for Limbaugh to make a casual connection. Democrats get together and then they riot, therefore we need to elect Republicans. Of course, this opens up the likelihood a Limbaughian Agent Provocateur will engage in anti-social behavior hoping to incite a conflagration.

Limbaugh doesn't live in Denver, Limbaugh isn't a cop. If there are riots the people of Denver and the Police will be put into the fire, because with the increased tensions comes the increased odds of an incident and people being injured. But, Limbaugh doesn't care. The real people put into danger by his views, be they the Continued Occupation of Iraq, Expanding War into Iran, Rioting in Denver, don't touch him. He'll be safely ensconced in his EIB radio booth.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bush here's your Court Martial for Missing Movement.

Soldiers can’t get home from Iraq. From the Army Times Article:
Vermont soldiers who have completed their tours of duty in Iraq cannot get home because of flight delays caused in part by the recent bankruptcy of ATA Airlines.

The soldiers, whose names the lawmakers did not disclose for privacy reasons, are stuck in Baghdad.
Ole Tipsy Canoe & Cheney, Too! had no problem getting the Troops into Iraq for his surge. Getting home? Well, that's their fucking problem. Once again the Bush Regime shows it's utter disdain for The Troops. The Troops are nothing less than Cogs in the Machinery of War.

The DC Drunk Commander Guy likes to jog around in his spiffy C-in-C duds, so here's something else you should get:

UCMJ X. Punitive Articles 877 87: Any person subject to this chapter who through neglect or design misses the movement of a ship, aircraft, or unit with which he is required in the course of duty to move shall be punished as a court-martial may direct.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Peacenik Protesters attack Iraq War Veteran and Family!!

So, the Pro-Warmonger Crowd is resorting to a tried and true method of resolving differing points of view: demonize the enemy with propaganda.

From the 04/22/08 Gathering of Eagles story:
Two of the female ‘peace’ protesters then attacked the veteran’s wife. When the veteran pulled one of those attackers off his wife he was jumped by four or five of the ‘peace’ people and knocked to the ground where they held him while beating him and smashing his eyeglasses.

The son pulled the remaining attacker off his mother, but the attacker managed to get in one last kick to his mother’s head with her boot. She then punched the son in his face while his mother called the police.

This all took place at a busy intersection, the mother had been knocked into the street in bumper to bumper traffic. People were visible in the windows of shops and a bar nearby.

When the police arrived they reviewed the video of the incident and then, astonishingly, refused to make any arrests, even when one of the ‘peace’ thugs spit in the face of the 14 year old boy right in front of the police and they did nothing! Officers, that is an assault! (emphasis mine)

I think the last paragraph probably holds the truth about the whole situation. This "story" appears to be propaganda. There is no way the "peacenik" protester spit in the face of someone right in front of an officer and nothing happened. It's more likely a fictitious add on to further demonize the cowardly traitorous American-Hating Pro-Terrorist Liberal.

Read the language of the story, the choice of words is specifically chosen to inflame emotions: Attacked, Jumped, Smashing, One Last Kick.

If, and that is a highly dubious if, all of this fighting took place there would be evidence. Boot impressions, scraps or cuts on fingers and knuckles, bruises and red marks on face, arms, chest, legs. Since the story states no arrests were made it leads me to conclude there was not enough, if any, evidence. Or there was no Probable Cause for an arrest for a battery.

This line makes me wonder who the aggressor actually was...
One of the police was very aggressive toward the veteran and his family as if they were the attackers!

Why? What other evidence or witness testimony did the responding officers uncover which doesn't conform to the right wing propaganda story of "Traitorous Leftists Attack Veteran Story"?

To complete the Call to Action against the Hate America Firsters the following is thrown in at the end:

Last month another person or persons unknown detonated an improvised explosive device at the Armed Forces Recruiting Station in Times Square.

Persons unknown = Everyone who is against the Iraq War. It is possible, even likely, the bomb planter at the Recruiting Station was an agent provocateur.

Now, a confrontation may actually have occurred. The problem is in any fight it's always the other guy who started it and everyone lies to the police. But, the whole point of this story is to spread it throughout the collective unconscious of the people. More and more people will post and re-post and cross post the propaganda with out investigating the actual incident and it will become an internet truth.

Uber-Patriot Melanie Morgan has already reposted this story on her 'I'm a Better American Than You' Website.

Update 2:
The reposting continues: Here the Pirate Man-Woman Blog knows exactly what happened after the altercation, "What is the most pathetic about the situation is the clearly corrupt “police officer” that showed up on the scene. That guy deserves to be fired."

Yeah, right. I'm sure. This coming from someone who apparently endorses Rush Limbaugh's calls for Riots. You gonna be upset with Rush when good cops get hurt dealing with the riots, started by Rush's agent provocateurs?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Feels like Suicide

With an ounce of pain
I wield a ton of rage
Just like suicide
- Soundgarden, Like Suicide

Update 04/23:
CBS News is reporting Two US Senators are calling for the resignation of Bush Regime Liar Ira Katz. Of course, Katz will step down apologizing for his misstatements over such a trivial matter as wounded vets taking their own lives after Bush's War of Conquest and Choice. And Bush will delude enough people into believing he's not to blame for the mistreatment and abuse of veterans.

So the VA for some unknown reason is lying about the number of vets who have taken their own lives. Now why would the Department of Veteran Affairs lie about what happens to veterans post-war? To keep the American people in the Dark about the human toll of war because the Surge is working.

How much evidence needs to come to light to show the disdainful indifference Bush and his cadre has for Veterans.

Veterans benefits are hurtful to national defense: "The amounts have gotten to the point where they are hurtful. They are taking away from the nation's ability to defend itself," says David Chu, the Pentagon's undersecretary for personnel and readiness.

When the VA continually (here and here) loses Veterans personal information.

And when Veterans groups get together and sue for better health, the Bush Regime fights to have the case dismissed.

Armen Keteyian has emails, from the VAs Head of Mental Health, Dr. Ira Katz lying and covering up the number of suicides by Veterans. Here's the CBS transcript which claims Dr. Katz made efforts to hide the information from CBS News and lied during testimony.

So the words about noble deaths and sacred blood and honor and such are all put into dead lips by grave robbers and fakes who have no right to speak for the dead. Dalton Trumbo, Johnny Got His Gun

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Contract Dichotomy

I've already written about this issue but the Bears (from Chicago) Linebacker Brian Urlacher is demanding a reworked contract.

His current contract has 4 years left on it. 4 years. I think everyone who's served understands the gravity of 4 years...

Urlacher signed the 9 year deal for 57 million in 2003. Now the reason you sign a long term deal in most sports is for the security and for the big upfront guaranteed signing bonus. Urlacher is threatening to retire in order to keep his signing bonus. Additionally, Urlacher has neck and back injuries. His career could be shortened so he's trying for more money.

I have no problem with people attempting to get as much money as possible. But doesn't this situation highlight the disconnect American Society has with reality and Iraq? The dichotomy between a football player, who's major problem* is he has the terrible duty of working on Sundays versus those lazy Marines and Soldiers who only have to face the risk of getting their legs blown off?

Either contracts matter or they don't. Personally, I'd like to see Urlacher get more money because I naturally come down on the side of the individual but I know the government will not afford the same latitude in missing movements or threats of "retirement" from the service members prior to obligating their contract, because I think the government labels that person a criminal.

*-I'm ignoring the fact Urlacher once had dalliance with Paris Hilton.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Seriously? A Flag Pin?

“I watch him on TV,” Mrs. McCabe said. “I keep looking for that lapel pin.” “How can I vote for a president who won’t wear a flag pin?” Mrs. McCabe.

Unbelievable. Choosing a president based on jewelry? Jewelry?

But, what's odd the above quotes are from a New York Times article from 4 April and not from the recent ABC debate.

So it seems someone from ABC went looking for the Nash McCabe American Mega-Patriot to include her ridiculous presidential litmus test in the debate.

The question is why?

The answer is to cast Barack Hussein Osama as Anti-American. Listen to the ebullient Rachel Maddow discuss media bias as an Associated Press reporter refers to Barrack as Obama Bin Laden.

"Obama Osama, humm are they brothers?" Pastor Roger Byrd of Jonesville Church of God, "His name is so close to Osama I have a feeling he might be Islamic therefore he doesn't recognize Christ."

When I see Bush or Cheney wearing a flag pin on their suits I do not think 'Wow there is a man who loves America', I think 'How can Americans allow themselves to be so fooled by the last refuge of scoundrels?'

The reason the members of the Bush regime wear patriotic symbols is to cloak their rape of America, its citizens, institutions and society.

Update (4/20):
Bob Schieffer on Face the Nation talks about Flag Pins and those who wear their Patriotism on their Sleeves... (From Crooks and Liars)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

These are the Trees of The State.

The trouble with the Maples
(and they’re quite convinced they’re right)

Arlington Heights Il (it's near Chicago)- Last week, 26 trees were removed from the public parkway along Gibbons. While the same number of smaller crab apple trees will be planted in their spots next week, neighbors are still mourning the loss of their older, much larger trees.

ComEd and the Village of Arlington Heights decided "most people want those bad-looking trees to come down."

Well, I'm glad the ComEd Corporate Hack and the Village Bureaucrat Owen Widmayer told the people who live on South Gibbons Ave how unattractive the trees truly are, because the trees can "become very unpleasing to the eye," so annually Widmayer and ComEd decide which groups of trees need to be replaced. Imagine the arrogance of the common man wanting to have the 50 year old 35-60 foot tall treees beautifying their neighborhood. How dare they question a government official.

"If they didn't want a tree to come down, they could have called us. I didn't hear from a single person," Widmayer said.

Where have I heard that argument before? I have a sneaking suspicion Owen Widmayer is a Vogon. His arguments are sneakingly similar to the Vogons chastising Mankind for not going to Alpha Centauri to view the order authorizing the destruction of Earth.

Well it's not Government's fault you stupid people couldn't get to the Arlington Heights Office and stop the cutting down of the large, beautiful maple, ash and elm trees to make way for scrubby 6 foot tall crab apple trees...

And the trees are all kept equal
By hatchet,
And saw ...
Rush, The Trees

Expelled has some real trouble now.

Imagine the problems Mark Mathis and Ben stein are going to face when their Cheap Tuxedo of a Movie opens in theaters this Friday April 18th and Yoko Ono brings down the her legal team upon them for using John Lennon's iconic song without permission.

The Legal Team for Yoko Ono led by Jonas Herbsman released a statement, "We are exploring all options." and the filmmakers did not have permission to use the song, for any amount of money.

Remember this is the woman who brought down the Beatles. The Beatles were bigger than Jesus. So by extension she is more powerful than Jesus.

I think all the expelled profits are going to find their way into the coffers of Ms. Ono.

Michael Shermer and Ed Brayton dissect and debunk Expelled here.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Atheists Unite! First Illinois! Then the White House!

Michael Medved is afraid an Atheist may attempt a coup and openly run for the White House.

As The Medved points out, "An Atheist may be a good person, a good politician, a good family man (or woman), and even a good patriot, but a publicly proclaimed non-believer as president would, for three reasons, be bad for the country." (emphasis added)

And what would those reasons be according to The Medved?
1) It would be hypocritical for an atheist to preside over a State sponsored Ceremonies such as Thanksgiving (because to whom would the president offer thanks "The Indians in Massachusetts?")
2) Great presidents are mystically tied to the people through god and religion.
3) We can't beat a Something (Islamo-Nazism) with a Nothing (Atheism).

These are seriously the arguments put forth by the Medved.

The Medved also uses the sloppy (or deceitful) stance of "the majority of Americans think X", presidents must honor religious persons like Billy Graham" and "religions do good work" to bolster his argument.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Drunk man in DC admits to Lying

Bush admitted he lied about Iraq, in an interview with Martha Raddatz, when he said "We're winning" and "We have a plan for victory."

"I thought it was failing, yes, I did," Bush said.

But you see he did it to keep Troop Morale Up! Because I can tell you from personal experience, being deployed in Iraq nothing not:
the terrier sized Euphrates river rats, the 97 days of 100+ degree heat, the sandbag filling details, the base beautification program, the unprotected port-a-shitters, the foul smelling shaving water, the hairy chicken wings, the useless jobless SNCOs, the convoy runs, would have killed my morale than if the president had told the truth..

But, the admission he is powerless in the face of his addicition (warmongering) is the first step. Wild emotional swings are also sign of an addiction. Now, fortunately we know for a fact Bush's warmongering addiction will not cost him any member of his family since no one in the extended Bush family has any intention of serving in the GREAT GLOBAL STRUGGLE AGAINST ISLAMOFASCISM.


Do you think it's possible Bush could say in 2010 that he lied in 2008 about the Surge Success?


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Little Monkeys

Five little monkeys jumping on the bed,
One fell off and bumped his head.
Mama called the Doctor and the Doctor said,
"No more monkeys jumping on the bed!"

Anyone ever heard this little ditty before? Well, in Carpentersville (it's near Chicago), village trustee Linda Rameriez-Sliwinski has been cited for Disorderly Conduct after calling her neighbors children "monkeys".

The two children were climbing and playing in a tree, which may or may not have been partially on her property. The parents of the children complained the remark was racist.

According to a Carpentersville PD Cmdr, Ramirez-Sliwinski admitted to telling the children to 'stop playing in the tree like monkeys.'

Well, I've never been subjected to racial injustice so it's not my place to say the children or their parents were wrong in the complaint. However, it's fairly obvious (since Ramirez-Sliwinski was given a village ordinance ticket and WAS NOT charged under the Illinois Hate Crime Statue) proving her intent was a racial slur is going to be difficult if not impossible.

The issue of course is ignorance by humanity. Niggardly is not an extension of the awful invective. It stems from a Scandinavian word for misererly. Trees are the habitat of Monkeys and little children are sometimes (perhaps even often) refereed to as Monkeys.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Welcome to Chicago!

Or if you're a filthy atheist die, die, die!

"And it’s dangerous for our children to even know that your philosophy exists!" so says Monique Davis to Rob Sherman.

Listen to Davis positively foaming at the mouth in her screed against those purveyours of immorality, Atheists. Is your neighbor, or butcher an atheist? Make sure to report him to the The Land of Lincoln Anti-Atheist Task Force (LLAATF). Because as Davis rightly observes Atheists believe in Destroying Kids with Guns...

Additionally, His Imperial Greatness The President of Cook County, Todd Stroger, has aptly illustrated the object of every politician. Get into office in order to enrich themselves and their cronies, at the expense of the peasantry, while wielding the awesome power of government to cover their theft.

It always has been and always will be, thus.

According to WBBM 780 Stroger spends more than 1 million dollars (why do you think your property taxes are so high) on public relations. But now he's brought in a new PR man to improve his image. Can we call just call him Squealer?

And in a fit of doublespeak Andre Garner, Stroger's new propagandist, err... Communications Director @100K a year, made sure to lecture the unwashed masses. After all they should be praising Todd for his PR maneuvers.

Monday, April 7, 2008

US deaths sure are funny!

It's rare night when a right wing hack gets taken to task for his blind devotion to war.

But Chris Matthews, who gets a large amount of grief for "being a shill" for Bush, takes it to Pete Hegseth who has no idea of what to say when asked the question how many years more of combat in Iraq?

"Hopefully not that many more."

Hopefully? I sure hope I win the lottery. Mr. Pete Hegseth why don't you hope in one hand and shit in the other and see which one fills up first.

Watch at 5:35 when Matthews asks "when will we start not getting casaulties"? Hegseth reveals himself for the callous right wing mouthpiece as he allows himself a sardonic laugh at the ignorance of Matthews when it comes to War.

Matthews chides him for his laugh, "It's not funny". Good for you Chris. US deaths may be funny to Pete Hegseth, but they aren't to the majority of Americans. The majority which wants us out of Iraq.

After revealing himself as a warmonger all Hegseth can close with is the standard memo of the same Pro-Occupation points we've heard for 5 years now; "We need to stand alongside our allies, we are closer today to peaceful occupation, Things are better now!"

Crisis of Credibility?

So, the Push continues. The Push to delude the American people about the Surge.

Lt. Col Lindsey Graham and Vice President Joe Lieberman have declared, "advocates of retreat" and "antiwar critics, meanwhile, face a crisis of credibility – having confidently predicted the failure of the surge, and been proven decidedly wrong." You can read the bios from Sourcewatch of Graham and Lieberman.

The utter ignorance of these cold-blooded chicken heartened Warmongering bastards is unbeliveable. They are willing to make the American people pay any price, they are willing to let American mothers and fathers sacrifice their children, they are willing to let the American people shoulder any burden, while they jet back and forth across the globe and sit on their pampered asses snidely pontificating to those who are against war, needless death, bloodshed and the theft of Trillions.

The surge is not a noun! It is a disgusting political euphemism to obscure from the American people the reality of what is happening in Iraq. The government continue to use thousands of American men and women as pawns in the transfer of Trillions of dollars to the MIC. By using collectivist, frankly Soviet style, lanagauge, Lieberman, Graham and other warmongers and chicken hawks in power deride the traitorous "advocates of retreat" while extolling the true heroes of the Homeland!

And of course these two push for the next chapter of the Occupation to be opened by claiming the "Iranians have American blood on their hands." Note the all inclusive Iranians and their, indicating I suppose every Iranian is guilty.

This is guerilla warfare. The enemy is not defeated by your stupid political rhetoric. The enemy has one goal: stay alive. As long as they can stay alive in the occupied area, THEY ARE WINNING. Each death of an American soldier is an extra added victory for them.

So, Mister Lieberman and Mister Graham while you were penning you little fantasy piece about decisive victory another 10 US soldiers have died. Why don't you go to the families of those who just died take your speech out of your suit coat pocket and stand in front of their mothers and read each word slowly so the gravity of the victory can sink in with them...

And maybe, just maybe, with you, too.

ThinkProgress has a nice critique on the Graham/Lieberman Propaganda piece.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Anthrax and 9/11

I'm going to write about the Anthrax attacks after 9/11 and the non-FDA approved vaccines forced on Service Members.

First, the talking point that War President Commander Guy Bush has been so awesome he has protected us from hundreds of Terror Attacks and NONE have occurred on US Soil, since 9/11. Well, it's not true. The Amerithax attacks happened in America, after 9/11, Americans died and whomever was responsible for the attacks has never been captured.

In 1998, Clinton demanded all US service members receive the anthrax inoculations. The company BioPort (created solely to win the government contract) acquired the vaccination making contract. Coincidentally, just prior to the Amerithax attacks, in June 2001 the DOD halted vaccination due to non-FDA approved changes in BioPort's manufacturing process. Well, the stoppage created a stockpile of vaccinations.

After the attacks the US Government had a clear and present danger! Bam now US Service Members can be forced to take shot after shot after shot! So, using it's coercive power that's what the US Government did. It forced it's cogs to begin the anthrax vaccinations program. Then the maker of the vaccination could be free to make more of the vaccinations and was ensured of a buyer in the US government. The Free Market at it's best!

Well, in Camp Lejeune North Carolina new marine Grung_e_gene and others were brought into a hall were a Navy Doctor began a telling us why the vaccine was so safe, how long the vaccine had been in use, why the inoculation procedure was needed and how good this would be for us.

A few innocuous questions were asked and then I got the nerve to ask the Doc if any long term trials had been conducted.
Doc answered derisively, "Testing on humans is unethical." and moved on...
Somewhat taken aback, but still standing in the Q&A session I replied, "I know but have any long term studies, or follow on contacts been made with those who've received the shots?"
"I'll have to get back to you on that one, marine."

Of course, I never heard back and never will. The US government has a long history of using it's cogs as test subjects. Lest we forget: The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment, Operation Whitecoat, Project SHAD, Project 112, MK-ULTRA, and more allegations.

Some of the accounts the government has admitted to conducting. Although it usually waits until those they've subjected to unethical tests are dead and buried. But, I'm sure the Officials who green-lighted testing on unsuspecting and unwilling humans ( under they're dominion) understood and justified their actions under the all-encompassing creed; For the Good of the Nation.

Anyway back to Camp Lejeune 2002, SSgt and Gunney were told by our Captain who heard from BN Lt Colonel who heard from I don't know that in no uncertain terms any Marine who refused to submit to the inoculations would be charged with disobeying a direct order and would be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the UCMJ. Which would mean a Court Martial, brig time and a Big Chicken Dinner.

So, I have no idea if the crap they shot into my body did anything to me. Whomever made the vaccines made alot of money from Government contracts. But worst of all the Inoculation doesn't protect the person from inhalation anthrax but, only skin-contact. So if a GeorgeWBush Terrarist happens to get an anthrax bomb everyone who received the hot doses is screwed anyway. But, if any soldier decides to go cow tipping and rubs some cow shit on his arms well he'll be safe...

Friday, April 4, 2008

Censorship & Propaganda

The recent revelation in 2006 SOCCOM wanted to "clandestinely recruiting or hiring prominent bloggers" got me to thinking about Censorship, Propaganda and the military.

Control of the message coming out of theater has been a desire and goal of military and government higher ups for a long time.

The running line from my XO and CO when lecturing us about reporters on Blue Diamond, was "remember they don't care about you", "they're out for the story" and when speaking with them "stay in your lane". Every they was laced with an omnious boogey-man inflection. The meaning of course was don't talk bad about the war or the government or bother your pretty little jarhead with big world "strategery". Echoes of: Don't think you know better than Haig. Of course, I meet exactly ZERO journalists and didn't care to seek any out.

Anyway, prominently displayed on Uber-Patriot Melanie Morgan's website is a picture of a Marine with duck tape over his mouth. Melanie is doing this because of the sedition* by Berkeley in protesting the US Marines recruiting center.

This is doublespeak at it's worst. It's so obvious it doesn't even qualify as ironic.

Where was Melanie when the US government shut down blogs of individual soldiers? What Melanie wants to protect is the Government's free speech. You know the free speech to say "Mission Accomplished", "Last Throes", "Major Strategic Victory" and so forth, because Melanie supports the mission and hates the individual soldiers.

Melanie especially hates service members when they speak out against the war she loves and protects. No freedom of speech for the Winter Soldiers, eh Melanie? They must be lying! After all according to you we are winning the war, just like we have been doing for the last 5 years...

Well, it doesn't matter, I've decided to be like Melanie and champion the War. After all what's a few service members lives (only 108 dead in 2008!) compared to the Right's of the Government?!?! It's not like I know them or they would be able to mill about in her social circle, so what loss are they...

*-I think the Berkeley protest is stupid because it focuses on the cogs and not those directing the machines of war. It also serves the purpose of the MIC by driving a wedge between US citizens. The same thing happened during Vietnam when anti-war protesters and veterans (two groups who should be welded together) were forced apart.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

More on the You Signed the Contract

In my previous post I mentioned another USMC acronym; U Signed the Mothefing Contract.

Well, back in 2002 I still had over 3 years to go on my active duty portion of my "contract" with the United States government. A realization overcame me when as I watched ESPN. Michael Strahan, of the Football Giants, was angry over his contract negotiations. Strahan declared he would holdout and was very critical of the proposed 56 million offered by the Giants because of the structure of the deal.

Now, I'm not criticizing Mr. Strahan for going for the most money he could but what stuck in my mind was how much attention was paid to the issue and how much sports people we willing to back Strahan if he decided to hold-out and not honor the final year of his contract in order to be cut loose and sign for millions with another team.

I used to joke, while I was in Iraq, I was going to demand the Corps trade me to the Air Force if they didn't renegiotate my contract. I pointed to the accomplishments of my previous "season" in 2003. I shot Expert on the rifle range, performed a 1st class PFT, and I earned a NAVCOM in Afghanistan for my intel work filling a SSgt billet while I was a Cpl. Sadly, we all know my "demands" for a trade if acted upon or voiced to the media would have resulted in brig time and the labeling of traitor from the likes of Uber-patriot Melanie Morgan. Listen to Melanie here declare all antiwar types fall under one big umbrella of traitor. (Originally from Spocko's Brain)

Why do the American people allow such latitude with sports heroes in ignoring their signed contracts (in every sport) eventhough they are being paid millions? While US service members are held to some Shylockian, Iron-clad, stamped into the very fabric of the universe law of THE CONTRACT HAS BEEN SIGNED?

I think it's very clear. The federal government is a crime cartel. Individuals are afraid because the government grants itself the power to imprison or kill enemies or it's own people. But, the government is an abstract comprised of individuals. The another issue is people who work for the establishment, the state don't consider themselves responsible. After all they're just a small cog in the machine. They don't personalize the evils which befall other members of the state, especially service members. No one who works for the state sees themselves as the enforcer as the Sammy the Bull Gravano.

And after all they volunteered.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Is this the End Times?

The sharp chill woke me this morning. But the gloomy cold could not dim my perceptions. The Chicago-land area has been hit heavy snows and fierce cold. Chicagoans remarked, "Enough already!" and "It keeps coming, and coming, and coming."

Well too bad Chicagoans because it's not going to stop. Yep, that's right this former atheist has come to the realization this is the End Times as prophezised. I dare you to ignore the unmistakable signs.

I now know this is the beginning of Fimbulvetr, the winter of winters.

This winter will continue we will not see a true spring or summer and lo the next winter shall be worse until we are coated in perpetual snow by the third and most final winter.


Its Ragnarok!

All morality has disappeared (the rise of Darwinism anyone?) Soon Fenris will break his chains and devour the Sun and Moon, plunge the world into eternal darkness and signal the titanic last battle. Deny it if you wish you stupid unmoral a-theists, but the signs are quite clear.