Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Trans Ur Fascism

"They're just evil," Chaya Raichik told Fvcker Carlson 
"They're bad people. They're just evil people,
and they want to groom kids. They're recruiting."
Raichik unwittingly describes rightwing efforts to 
brainwash Zoomers into 
conservative ideology

It seems the existence of Trans people make normies upset.  But, even worse Trans/Non-Binary et al makes conservatives murderous.  To put it very succinctly, Trans Rights are Human Rights.  

It's very odd the TERF and Anti-Trans confederations which have emerged.  It's also very distressing to read anyone who claims to be Liberal or Progressive echo and regurgitate Reactionary Anti-Trans Nonsense.  Especially, about how powerful the "Trans Community" is, as though there is a League of Injustice of LGBTQ persons sitting around a table canceling and destroying those poor rightwing millionaires and billionaires. 

 Worse, still there is a coordinated rightwing campaign to cast every LGBTQ person as a sexual predators that these accusations are done by actual sexual predators like the incarcerated Andrew Tate or Republicans like Matt Schlapp or any number of prominent and local Republicans committees sex crimes is just in keeping with the Rightwing propaganda campaign of accusing others of what they themselves are guilty of.

But, what isn't debatable is that Tucker Carlson, Jordan Peterson, Matt Walsh, Joe Rogan, Chaya Raichik, and Joanne "J.K." Rowling have cast themselves as the powerless victims of the all-powerful Trans Reich.  Yet, despite being a powerless victim like Billionaire J.K. Rowling are fighting back! 

This is one of the components of Umberto Eco's classic 14 points of Ur-Facism (1995)

The followers must feel humiliated by the force of their enemies. However, the followers must be convinced that they can overwhelm the enemies. Thus, by a continuous shifting of rhetorical focus, the enemies are at the same time too strong and too weak.

Trans people are a massively powerful group of bullies and sex monsters who force regular society to bow down and kidnap children for indoctrination into GAY WOKENESS while at the same time regular good ole REAL Americans can easily overcome this if they just listen to and absorb the powerful teaching of Libs of TikTok...  Trans people are thus too strong yet too weak.  They can be overcome but only if you constantly threaten to bomb Hospitals and kill any Doctor you suspect of performing these "Child Mutilations". 

In reality, Trans individuals suffer horrendous bullying, are at great risk for suicide, and face an entire political ideology wedded to the idea that Trans people should not exist and any who do exist should be rounded-up and locked away from society as being mentally ill.  Facing rising bureaucratic violence and the prospect of explicit State Sponsored violence, Trans individuals already experience violence from bigots who seek them out,

Unique Banks, a 21-year-old Latinx transgender woman, was fatally shot during a home invasion in Chicago Monday.  Banks’s mother, Alexsandra Olmo, was also killed in the invasion of the family’s apartment, the Chicago Sun-Times reports. Three other people — Olmo’s boyfriend and two trans women — were seriously wounded.  Banks’s father, Omar Burgos, said many questions remain. “Nobody just goes to your house and just starts killing people,” 

It's essential to the rightwing campaign of hatred and bigotry that conservatives can claim to be oppressed when they are shooting up LGBTQ nightclubs, Nonconformist people are being murdered, and Republicans State controlled legislature are passing laws to literally outlaw Trans and Non-binary persons.

As John Amos said in Coming to America (1988), "This is America, jack!"  And in America, People have the absolute right to self-determination, self-identification, and Freedom of Association.  Unfortunately, the Reactionaries who aggressively proclaim they will not call a person by their preferred pronouns are loudly identifying with their ideological forefathers who declared, for instance, there is no one named 'Muhammed Ali' only a militant black law breaker named Cassius Clay who had better do as they say or they will teach that "boy" a lesson by stripping him of his Heavyweight Title and ban him from professional boxing.

There is no difference.  Beyond the right of people to self-determination; it's a matter of common courtesy.  I've asked people if it would be alright for me to call them dickhead instead of their name or Child Diddler  instead of Sir and for someone reason those people don't like being called those names and demand being referred to be their honorific or last name.  Funny... When I point out that huh they don't like me mislabeling them it's never met by recognition or self-reflection but, by veiled anger or insults. 

Instead what Reactionary's argue is they have the Fundamental Right to label people and classify people and place people into categories that they see fit.  You are what they say you are and if you disagree well, they have the Church and State to deem you a troublemaker and that's when Rightwingers argue for prison and death camps.  

And don't pshaw this off as hyperbole, because Chaya Raichik demonstrates Republicans and Rightwingers are comfortable and getting more confident in using eliminationist rhetoric and demonizing LGBTQ as the criminal other whom they will have no problem sending to camps when they establish the NeoConfederate Theocratic Slave Nation.

Bobby Hull's Passing

Another Chicago Legend passed away.  Bobby Hull, The Golden Jet, former Chicago Blackhawk great and the player who perfected the slap shot in Hockey died on Janurary 30th.  Hockey is a strange sport in that families often produce multiple very good players as Dennis Hull (The Silver Jet) played many years as a good scorer and Hull's son Brett is 5th all-time in NHL goals and arguably had the best 3 season goal scoring stretch in Hockey history during the 1989-1991 seasons potting 228 goals in 231 games.  But, to call Bobby Hull's legacy complicated is to miss the net.

On the ice, Hull and his slap shot brought a Stanley Cup to Chicago in 1961, took the team to the Cup Finals three more times, scored over 600 goals in the NHL and another 300+ in the WHA.  But, when the Blackhawks Wirtz family failed to pay Hull in 1972 he went to the World Hockey Association, an alternate pro-league, which also drew other great players, like the immortal Gordie Howe and even The Great One Wayne Gretzky as an 18 year old in 1979, before being absorbed into the NHL in 1980.

I've always felt that to the Millennials and Zoomers that the WHA in Hockey and the ABA in Basketball must seem like such ancient anachronisms with the clout, power, money, media saturation, and worldwide reach the NBA and NHL have these days.  

But, unfortunately for Hull fans, Bobby didn't just use his immense physical strength on the ice as he was known to repeatedly beat up women.  I'm going to discount the things Hull supposedly said during an interview with The Moscow Times in the late 1990's because anyone who takes Russian media at face value is either incredibly naive or a willing dupe and ends up advancing Russian War Crimes and Imperialism.

But, the spousal abuse was well documented and known even back int he 1960's when Joanne McKay was spotted in Chicago wearing large sunglasses just like Jacquelin Kennedy... except it wasn't high fashion, as much as covering up her black eyes.  There's also the infamously documented incident in 1987 when he beat up a Police Officer who stopped him from beating up a his wife at that time Deborah.  Based on seeing the abuse Bobby Hull gave to Joanne McKay his daughter Michelle is a longtime advocate and legal counsel for abused and battered women. 

I'm sure the NHL and Blackhawks will have some sort of ceremony but, I hope it's a subdued one to "honor" his hockey achievements and not Bobby Hull.

Friday, January 27, 2023

The Revenge of the Thin Blue Line 33: Officer Adjacent Deaths sadly, the Beating Shall Continue

US law enforcement killed at least 1,176 people in 2022, making it the deadliest year on record for police violence since experts first started tracking the killings, a new data analysis reveals.

I will probably watch the Body Cam Footage of the killing of Tyre Nichols, who was pulled over in Memphis Tennessee on January 7th.  But, anyone who doesn't want to watch it shouldn't feel compelled or pressured into it.  I'd like to read all the Police reports filed by the initial 5 Officers (who have all been fired and charged with various crimes relating to the incident) about the incident and then all the reports by those investigating the 5 officers conduct.

Officers Tadarrius Bean, Demetrius Haley, Emmitt Martin III, Desmond Mills, Jr. and Justin Smith have each been charged with second-degree murder, aggravated assault, two charges of aggravated kidnapping, two charges of official misconduct and one charge of official oppression, according to both Shelby County criminal court and Shelby County jail records.

This incident really going to be fodder for rightwing on-line assholes.  First off, Nichols will be blamed for "failing to comply" with Officers orders.  Always remember, conservatives unquestionably support the extrajudicial killing of every black man or person of color.  There still are conservatives who defend Chauvin and slander George Floyd.  So, this will be no different but... what we will see is a disgusting cohort of conservatives revealing in this killing because it was done by black Police Officers.  All 5 Officers involved in this killing were black.  Whenever the trial rolls around I'm certain excessively on-line conservatives will come to the conclusion that 6 black men were responsible but, these bad apple blacks shouldn't dissuade the "Good Police Officers", from carrying out their sworn duty to harass and abuse people of color. 

Is it my place to wonder if these Officers couldn't have stopped themselves or at least paused to recognize, except for a few different circumstances, one of them could have been on the receiving end of this beating?

Is it as simple as an "Officer Coffey" attitude towards African-Americans in John Singleton's Academy Award-nominated film Boyz n the Hood (1991)?  Could the Officers have been so caught up in the chase as to ensure Nichols "Would pay the tax" for making them chase him?  Could it be even worse?  A paid targeted killing at the behest of someone?  AGang in Blue execution of a criminal co-conspirator?

I don't want to speculate but, when the Chief and assorted officials are giving out warnings as to the barbarity and inhumanity of the video, the question is why?

In Atlanta, a week ago, a non-binary protestor named Toruguita was shot and killed by Georgia State Police after Officers reported "they" shot a Georgia State Police Trooper in the stomach with a handgun.  There is no body cam footage.  However, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) has released several preliminary reports about the shooting and the handgun recovered, including a probable ATF/GBI firearm trace which indicates Toruguita (aka Maunel Esteban Paez Teran) purchased the recovered handgun in September 2020 and the forensic ballistics match the bullet which struck the GSP Trooper to that handgun.

Tortuguita and other "Forest Defenders" are the woods in DeKalb County trying to stop the Atlanta Police from building a massive paramilitary Police training Compound first proposed in 2021.  The Training site was planned for a heavily wooded area and abutted by mainly black and poor neighborhoods, of course.

In December of 2022, Police raids on the "Defend the Forest" protesters escalated.  A dozen or so have been arrested and charged as "domestic terrorists" because Police Forces know by labelling those arrested as terrorists they immediately win the Media narrative.  Governor Brian Kemp unleashed a combined Multi-Agency Law Enforcement Task Force on these Eco-Terrorists, whom he called "out-of-state rioters" and was able to fellate himself cause he'll "always back the blue".

For as liberal as Georgia has become and even though the trends indicate it becoming a very blue Democratic State, understand the Republican political apparatus and executive branch will come down on leftist agitation like a ton of bricks, protestors should not expect the leniency shown to violent rightwing extremists as in the Oregon Malheur Wildlife Sanctuary standoff or the January 6th terrorists.

Meanwhile, every year leads to more people dying Police Officer Adjacent Deaths and that trend is likely to continue.

Thursday, January 26, 2023

The Revenge of The Thin Blue Line 32: Highways to Hell (i.e. Chicago)

The Illinois State Police released statistics for gun violence on the Expressways in and around Chicago.  Targeted ISP enforcement resulted in a 50% decrease in shootings and a drastic reduction in violence.  According to the report Illinois State Police will continue this targeted focus and enforcement, 
[T]he Illinois State Police (ISP) is reporting the total number of Chicago area expressway shootings dropped 47% in 2022 compared to 2021. The number of non-fatal injury expressway shootings in the Chicago area was cut in half and the number of expressway homicides decreased by 88% compared to last year. 
ISP will continue to take the multifaceted approach that has shown to reduce violent crime on our expressways.
  1. Increased ISP presence
  2. Focused, strategic violent crime reduction missions. Proactive enforcement - Statewide Anti-Violence Enforcement (SAVE) Unit 
  3. Multiple jurisdiction collaboration 
  4. Unified Command - Multiple ISP divisions focused on expressway violence 
  5. Technology - automated license plate readers, air operations
This kind of Police work is what Police at municipal, county and state levels should be doing.  Instead because of slashing taxes, cutting services, and generally dumping everything into the laps of the Police over the past 40 years, the focus of effort has devolved into Police adjacent calls for service and efforts to bolster revenue.  Worse than that the sensationalist media coverage of crime reporting during that timeframe lead to two of the worst initiatives in history; Stop-and-Frisk and Broken Windows, which should properly be understood as Stop-and-Fuck with People and Broken Trust of the Community.   

Besides the rampant racism of Police Officers writ large, U.S. Police Departments have always had an insular Us-against-Them mentality but those two "theories" of Police Work, turned many a department into Occupying Armies.  

What's needed in Policing and what Police Reform has haphazardly tried to address, with programs like CIT, are Officers with a capacity for deductive reasoning, a modicum of humanity and compassion, and the ability to communicate especially under stressful conditions.

Every "Democrat" City according to Faux News
Of course, complicating all of this has been the steady adoption of Law & Order as a cultural wedge issue since the time of Dirty Tricky Dick Nixon.  We saw this used again in 2020 with the dubious and deceitful Republicans bemoaning Defund the Police efforts leading to rampant crime.  One of the unshakeable Republican tropes trotted out daily on rightwing media, is that Democratic Cities are all smoking dystopian ruins, akin to the images of Boston in the HBOMax series The Last of Us.  Whether it was Portland, Oregon being burned to the ground 6 or 7 times in 2020 and 2021 by BLM and Antifa or the Highway to Hell that is Chicago despite the "strictest gun laws in the Universe" or when a simple gay Brazilian immigrant Congressman named George Santos was mugged at 3 in the afternoon in broad daylight in downtown Manhattan and robbed of his shoes just for being a Republican!

Now, the are multiple reasons both gross and fine for Republicans continually claim Democratic cities are hellholes (See Pig Fvcker Darren Bailey's comments on Chicago as he ran for Illinois Governor in 2022); the Republican Party has wedded themselves to the idea that Crime is a Black problem and its' exacerbated by Democrats who love Criminals.  This has been the overarching rightwing strategy since Dick Nixon ; to equate crime with Urban centers (and thus by minorities and elite liberals who live there) as opposed to the Rural America where the Real Americans live and the suburbs to which all good white people flee the smoking ruins of Democrat Cities. 

And facts don't matter in this Narrative.  For example when Democratic candidate Joy Hofmeister corrected pointed out that violent crime in Oklahoma was higher than New York City or California under the Republican Governor's mismanagement.  Governor Kevin Stitt was all, 'Aw shucks can y'all believe she's correctly pointing out the facts when all you good Real Americans know Escape from New York was a documentary?'  Facts, as was long ago pointed out, have a liberal bias...

So, getting back to Chicago.  After every Mass Shooting, Republicans jump onto the Corporate Media to repeat CHICAGO! CHICAGO! CHICAGO! which is of course code for Blacks, to dispute the fact that flooding the Nation with Firearms has not made Americans safer.  And, more importantly, guns are most often used to kill their owners after the gunman has murdered his family.  So here a few recent shootings which didn't rise to wider national coverage;
Guns used to kill the owner after HE has killed someone else.  And these four incidents are by no means the only recent ones or at all unusual in the United States.  But, none of this matters to the cadre of Gun Nuts, Republicans, and Firearm Manufacturers who profit mightily off the blood of dead and wounded Americans.

But, Gun Nuts simply ignore this fundamental truth and as they are fanatics who fight every gun law, regulation or restriction adopted at every level of Government by a politically powerful Well Financed groups of scumbag attorney's America keeps losing.

But, this is merging into another post I'm working on about the Rightwing effort to undo the Illinois Assault Weapon Ban and the Unending War conservatives are waging on the American People to ensure unrestricted gun violence is unstoppable plague forever and ever. 

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Mike Pence ruined the Media's narrative. Again.

Jesse Waters: I mean, Pence, seriously. We have this great thing going with Joe ... 
Greg Gutfeld: Yeah, and he just ruined it!
Jeanine Pirro: He did!
Jesse Watters: Come on, man!
Greg Gutfeld: Now what are we gonna do?

The Corporate Media had it.  They fucking had it.  The "scandal" to take down the Biden White House. The narrative was building.  The fever was growing.  The coverage was cresting.  Slimy Republicans war criminals like Ari Fleschier had slithered out from under their rocks to take shots at President Biden.  Maria Bartiromo wanted to know, "Is this Treason?"  And then... and then fucking Mike Pence wrecked everything.  Just like he did on January 6th.

Classified documents were discovered in the Indiana home of former Vice President and current human slime mold Mike Pence.

Now, Mike Pence is no hero.  After losing the 2020 election Pence was asking anyone and everyone for permission to declare the election fraudulent and cause a Constitutional Crisis.  But, nobody was willing to give him the cliched affirmative head nod to Do It.  And the Republican Ron Johnson was stopped at the last minute from handing fake electoral ballots from Wisconsin to Pence so reluctantly Mike Pence didn't overtly aid in the conservative Coup attempt to overthrow the United States Government.

But, even after the murderous mob and conservative kill teams descended upon the Capitol Building calling to "Hang Mike Pence" he has stuck to Trump like the spineless amoeba he is.

But, that was the past.  Now, we had the circling Corporate Media ready to take down a Democratic President.  To prove they're not Liberal!  To prove their BothSides bonafides!  To catapult the Republican propaganda as they always fucking do.  To recreate the But Her Emails coverage with the growing unprecedented Classified Document Scandal! 

But wait, you might say, Trump had hundreds of documents at Merde-A-Lardo.  Trump denied having them.  Trump fought efforts but Government officials to recover them.  Trump concocted a story about declassifying them with his best brain, about the FBI planting them in Melanina's underwear drawer.  These aren't the same thing!  But, I would remind you that the Media doesn't cover Trump or Republican scandals the same way they do for Democratic officials.  The Corporate Media expects Republicans to be despicable.  The Corporate Media knows Republicans are going to commit scandals and are going to go on non-stop scandal sprees one after another.  That's boring.  And that's Old News.

But, Democrats!  Oh ho!  When the Media gets hold of a Democratic scandal.  They gnaw that bone For Years.  And the Corporate Media has been pissed at President Joe Biden ever since he took away their War Boner Coverage.  The Media tried to make the End of the Afghanistan War a giant problem for President Biden.  After not covering it for years.  After not caring about anything in that region of the world for a decade after Osama Bin Laden's death.  The Corporate Media had a chance to emulate Walter Cronkite's Vietnam war coverage or recreate the Wolf Blitzer's famous moments of the 1991 Iraq War.  It was a chance to make their bones.  They were going to dine out on the DC circuit for years on the Blame Joe Biden for the Afghanistan Debacle.  (Incidentally, the Afghanistan "Debacle" is one of the things Major Traitor Greene and the Republican Clown Congress want to "investigate" President Biden).

But, despite some rightwing think tanks gleefully joining in on blaming Joe Biden for Afghanistan, the US people lost interest rather quick.  Because, except for small window at the end of 2001, the US people have never given shit about Afghanistan.  George W. Bush and his cadre of war criminals knew this; that's why they ginned up Iraq.  W(orst President Ever) wasn't going to repeat the mistake of his father by expecting an easily won War to propel him to a second term.  And the leadership of the Republican Party knew then what they know now; they can get away with any Republican lies, crimes, and scandals by ginning up false equivalent scandals in the rightwing media world which they expect the Corporate Media to uncritically adopt.

And man they had it!  The Classified Documents of President Biden was going be the missing 30,000 emails of Hillary Clinton.  But, oops spineless Mike Pence did it again!  Faux News was livid last night!  Rightwingers across Twitter were pissed off;  why didn't Mike Pence just destroy these documents he had?  Why did Mike Pence (or his lawyers) reveal they had them?  Why oh why did Mike Pence destroy their precious Narrative?

Monday, January 23, 2023

Lin Brehmer's passing

Lin Brehmer, WXRT 93.1 radio legend and Master of Ceremonies passed away at 68.  Everyone on air in Chicago radio today shared stories and memories of Lin Brehmer.  WXRT did a 4 hour program for Lin and the hosts of every block of WSCR 670 The Score spoke openly of their fondness and admiration of Brehemer who's long time Cubs fandom and music appreciation overlapped with their interests. 

I believe the last two times we heard Brehmer was for the Wilco/Robyn Hitchcock Concert in December 2019.  Hitchcock was so great opening for Wilco we bought tickets for his tour in Spring 2020.  Sadly, the Pandemic would cancel that tour and then trying to reschedule for the Lightbulb Head in 2021 never materialized.  We then caught Brehmer at Jason Isbell's August 2021 outdoor performance at the Schaumburg stadium.


Did Donald Trump kill Diamond? Did Traitor Trump's Plandemic and Operation Warp Speed Vaccine kill Millions? Why did the Republican Party attack America with Covid-19?

At this point it must be asked;  How much was Donald Trump paid by the Chinese Communists to help spread Covid-19 (which is simultaneously nothing but a mild cold and a deadly bioweapon engineered by the Chinese) in the United States and then fast track a Deadly Vaccine in order to Destroy America?

The Republican Party needs to answer the question of why they pushed a wild untested experimental Vaccine created solely by Trump via Operation Warp Speed who told his followers to drink bleach and stick light bulbs their asses?

There was some gaudy and shameless "eulogy" to Diamond, of "Diamond and Silk" (TM) in which her death wasn't due to her being unvaccinated against Covid but, because all of the Sheep who took the JAB are sloughing off genetic material called Viral Shedding which Diamond inhaled and died from.

Rightwingers & Republicans demanded an investigation but, I doubt they will investigate the man who has claimed to be solely responsible for developing the Vaccine and continues to take credit for the job he did he using the Vaccine to fight Covid?  Instead, the Republican investigation will conclude that Dr. Fauci, in cahoots with Hunter Biden and the Chinese used Gain-of-Function to craft Covid and then released it in America in a purposeful accidental Plandemic to undermine America's former Greatest President.  Thus, Donald Trump should have won in 2020 even though he actually did win and the loss was because the Chinese sent bamboo infused phony ballots on floating container ships which were off the California coast due to the 2020 Covid Shut Down waiting to be unleashed on the United States.  Therefore, it is hereby Resolved that Donald John Traitor Trump was the Real Winner in 2020.

The Republican House is going to be a shit show of ridiculous resolutions and votes down the Party Line (which is one reason "George Santos" will never be censored and removed by a 2/3rds House Vote no matter what) but, it wll make for fantastic television news coverage for the Corporate Media.

The Corporate Media's job is too make Republicans seem like a viable and rational party (Major Traitor Greene is currently on a media blitz to soften her Fascist image) and too make the rightwing agenda of intolerance, hatred, oppression, and adulation of the rich seem like a reasonable choice for Americans.

Right now we are engaged in a Great BothSides media blitz about classified documents, which covers up the Trump post-Presidency classified document crimes.  And along with the BothSides narrative touches on the second maneuver in the Republicans scandal playbook which so greatly help them get away with their crimes, Non-Stop Criming

Trump showed that they way through any scandal is to just keep committing new scandals.  These revelations got short shrift by the Corporate Media:

  • On Truth Social TFG claimed to have sent the FBI and DOJ to Florida in 2018 to rig the election for Governor.  Certainly, this feels like dig at Ron DeathSentence to; keep him in his place or undermine his 2022 election 
  • Trump wanted to weaponize the IRS to launch investigations of his political foes.
  • Trump and his Department of Justice had a standing orders to field agents that everyone in Portland was an Anarchist Antifa and should be reported as such.

Those are just a one sentence on 3 major scandals...  Instead... what Trump did during his time in Office and since was simply deny his crimes and wait for the newest revelation which he would then deny and move on to continuing to claim to have won the 2020 election because repetition and the mayfly memory of the media work to his supreme advantage.

Friday, January 20, 2023

Who's the Dobbs leaker? Drunken Ginni Thomas or Big Sammy Di Puzzi Alito?

Whatcha Gonna do about it?

A key component of Fascism is the unequal application of laws; there are individuals and groups who are above the law and their are groups and individuals who are subject to full weight and force of law.  

This is usually summed up in the Social Media age with the following quote; "There must be in-groups whom the law protects but does not bind, alongside out-groups whom the law binds but does not protect."  This misattributed quote has an interesting backstory.

Typically in America, Race has been the deciding factor for two-tier justice system. Running parallel to Race is Class in the system which railroads some people and provides all manner of excuses for their behavior, second third or fourth chances, and finds all sorts of reasons to not bring the law to bear upon them.

Conservatives have often been given a large leeway in the commission of crimes that rightwingers are aghast that many are being held responsible for their criminal actions on January 6th.

Some of the Jan6th plotters have found a nice loophole to evade arrest and prison; these are the powerful Republicans at the Federal level who participated, facilitated, and conspired in the Republican attempt to overthrow the United States Government.

One of those deeply involved in the Plot to Destroy America was Ginni Thomas, who when not drunk was texting multiple members of the Executive branch with ideas, plans, and schemes to undo the election of President Joe Biden.  This information was kept from the American people for a year and half, while Ginni plied her husband Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas to enact regressive fascist rulings via Judicial Fiat to oppress and shackle the American people in the Republican effort to create the NeoFeudal Dictatorship built upon corporate bondage and a strictly enforced social stratification system based on religion, race, and wealth.

But... let's recall the leaked Dobbs decision from May of last year.  Faux News did dozens of segments intimating that liberal clerks for the liberal Justices leaked it.  Slimy Ted Cruz took time off from destroying evidence of his involvement in the attempt to overthrow the US Government he supposedly swore an Oath to Protect and Defend to claim that all liberal Justice Clerks should be summarily arrested and interrogated in violation of the 4th Amendment because Ted Cruz doesn't adhere to the Law in the United States.  But, the initial theory that Sammy Alito or Ginni Thomas leaked the ruling in order to ensure John Roberts didn't go limp and try and convince Boofer O'Kavanaugh to not outright cancel Roe but, continue the slow reactionary process of slicing it up ruling after ruling until poof one day it was gone seems to be correct.  Alito was most likely the Leaker.  So, instead Alito and his Supremacist Court decided this was their opportunity to begin making Women second class citizens in the United States.

But, after Injustice Roberts declared the leak a "betrayal of the confidences of the court" and vowed to Find the Leaker we are now witness to the next stage of the Farce of the Supremacist Court, sadly the Leaker has not been identified and no reason to look any further; onward towards dismantling the United States via 6 unelected politicians in robes.

At this time, based on a preponderance of the evidence standard, it is not possible to determine the identity of any individual who may have disclosed the document or how the draft opinion ended up with Politico.

And the electoral fallout from Alito giving the Vaffanculo wasn't too bad for Republicans and so now comes the next steps, slowly have rightwing states outlaw abortion, arresting doctors, intimidating delivery services, and punishing women.  Women will die and conservatives will cheer.  Predictably Republicans and religious groups, like the Thomas More Dead Women Society, are clamoring for the Court to step in and restrict Abortion Nationwide and await the chance of the US Government Trifecta in 2024 to pass the Ultimate anti-abortion law stating Women are Property.

Mark Joseph Stern is aghast the 6 Supremacist Judges who issued this order where allowed to not sign an affidavit 

ETA: And apparently Gym Jordan and the Republican House is going to investigate the leak once they get tired of looking at Hunter Biden dic pics.  Which means plenty of minor Democratic officials and judicial clerks are to be dragged in front of Major Traitor Greene and Matt "All the 14 Year Old Girls Belong to Us" Gaetz to threaten them and release their names and addresses to Tucker Carlson for proper excoriation and death threats from Proud Boys. 

George Santos will never Resign he's the Perfect Republican and the Epitome of the GOP

Remember how Republicans demanded Katie Hill be removed from Congress?  Remember why?  Her ex-husband sold nude photos to the Daily Mail, a British trash publication.  Hill then sued the Daily Mail for Revenge Porn and was told as a woman she has no rights because her nude body is "a matter of public interest" and then following the revelation she had sexy time with a man (WHO! WAS! NO! HER! HUSBAND!) she resigned from pressure from the Rightwing Corporate Media campaign.

It's a fools game to expect Republicans to act with integrity or morality.  Republicans care about one thing, getting into political office to exert power over the American people.  The Republican Party is a collection of bigots, thieves, and wannabe murderers.

The Republicans have a scandal playbook they always break out that they crafted in the 1990's under President Clinton and honed to perfection in the post George W. Bush Era, against President Obama and the elected Democrats of that Era.  Get the Democrats to resign through whatever means possible and never resign themselves, nor even acknowledge anything, no matter how serious.

First off, Republicans can always count on the Corporate Media beginning any resignation scandal with it's a BothSides issue.  And worse, media types will always frame the issue as Democrats promised to be "transparent" and should be better than Republicans so this breach of decorum and moral failing by this Democrat is worse than any Republican scandal!

Second, conservatives will flood every social media platform with Whataboutisms and demand the Republicans play hardball for once because they are keenly aware of Republicans always cry to the media and the media is always ready to frame "scandals" from a Rightwing narrative.

Third, once the Republican denies everything (even and especially in the face of overwhelming evidence) he just sits tight and waits for the media cycle to move on to the newest thing and if that doesn't materialize then Faux News gins up the latest Rightwing Outrage over Dr. Seuss or Gas Stoves or whatever.

So, 'George Santos' is never going to resign.  Period.  He will serve his entire term.
  • Boofer O'Kavanaugh didn't resign despite being a rapist and having his "baseball ticket" debt wiped clean (Mother Jones reporter Stephanie Mencimer says it was Kavanaugh's father).  
  • Clarence Thomas didn't resign after his drunken wife Ginni Thomas helped launch a Coup to overthrow the United States Government.
  • Roy Moore didn't resign despite being a child molester.
  • Dennis Hastert didn't resign as Speaker of the House despite being a child rapist and sexual predator, although Coach Denny did eventually go to jail.
  • Mad Nazi Cawthorn didn't resign despite being an FSB agent.
  • Matt Gaetz isn't going to resign.
  • None of the January 6th co-conspirators will resign as they see a chance to execute their planned Coup using the undemocratic legerdemain of Senate and House to accomplish their long planned overthrow of the United States Government.
  • There are dozens more examples at the State and Local level of Republicans being abject criminals and moral monsters and simply shrugging and staying in office.
So, the revelations about 'George Santos' keep getting worse; from stealing from a Veteran's charity for care for a dying cancer dog to lying that his mother died because of 9/11 when she wasn't even in the United States on that day.  I suspect the his Drag Queen past will actually be his undoing because that is so Republican, too be offended by inoffensive gender bending, and ignore his crimes and lies.

But, as Donald Trump proved when he repeated his shameless lies about being at Ground Zero and helping people and first responders on 9/11, lying about that Most Holy of Republican Days illustrated conservatives don't give a shit about what they supposedly believe, everything a conservative claims as a fundamental belief of their ideology is really just a rhetorical cudgel to bash the left and attack Democrats. 

This is on display currently with the Anti-Woke Rhetoric and is the core component of the Republican stance on resignations.  You should resign, they never will. 

Anytime a Republican appeals to jesus, ethics, morality, or law&order you can guarantee that Republican is a immoral, unethical, false christian, criminal.  Republicans are everything they accuse The Left and Democrats of being.  So, get used to seeing 'George Santos' vote Yay on the most Hard-Right, Anti-American Reactionary bills from this Republican House it's just he won't be invited onto rightwing propaganda shows to explain how, as a Jew-ish descendant of the Holocaust, whose parents fled Communism, and he's gay, and a star Volleyball athlete, successful immigrant who never bashed America and followed the rules for immigration, he just hates Gays and Immigrants and Jews and he can say this because; He is the Perfect Republican.

Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Homelessness dehumanizes Us all

“I think everybody is at the edge of their frustration.
You can say, ‘My gosh, that’s heartless.’
Well, maybe that person gets up every day
and sees human shit on his front door.”
Greg Gutfeld defends inhumanity
"Yeah Oscar, you're a grouch..." 
"Bitch! I live in a fucking trash can, I'm the poorest mutha fucker on sesame street".  Dave Chapelle (2000) before his descent into NIMBY coarseness 

I exit the Ike at the infamous and decidedly racist Oak Park Harlem and Austin exits (center of the highway) from time to time.  There is often several homeless persons on the roadway with little more than half-a-foot between them and the voluminous traffic.  We've been trained as society to ignore them or worse become antagonistic towards them.

America is a pauper Nation.  I don't mean in terms of material goods we have so much crap in this country to fill any number of giant "fulfillment" centers.  No we have a lack of basic humanity which is galling and certain level of coarseness brought about by the political pressure from Rich assholes.

The Coarsening of America is of great benefit to the  Plutocracy and it's guard dogs;  they want a desperate underclass and a mean and hungry working class ready to acquiesce to whatever vicious political onus the 1% puts upon those struggling with a variety of problems. 

Make America Great Again a return to Wage Slavery, short lives, scant job security, and no retirement is favored by the 1%.  To do this, the middle class is made to fear and hate the poor and the homeless.  They are taught to equate homelessness with crime and drug addiction and to support authoritarian crack downs and dehumanization of them.

I think a major reason is that charity was pushed onto religious institutions is the Christian Churches in America could not give a fuck about poor and homeless people.  Not one little fuck.  Joel Osteen is merely the largest example of the so-called Unchristian Prosperity Gospel.  In 2017, Houston was inundated by Hurricane Harvey, the first thing Man of God Joel Osteen did was lock his Mega-Church doors because The fuck if I'm going to let those poor, mud covered, desperate people inside my money-making machine.  Osteen's "Christianity" is facade for making Joel Osteen rich. 

And then Individuals are supposed to pick up the slack and that is too great a burden for any one person to bear.  Tending to the poor is far too overwhelming for an individual.  Think back to semi-mythical life of Saint Francis of Assisi.  Do you know why he's a Saint?  Because he took on the task of actually helping the poor and spreading Christ's message.  It killed him.  The powerful and very wealthy Church was already wary of so called holy men preaching poverty and brotherly love, the Transalpine region at this time was in midst of actually adhering to Christ's teachings and would soon find the French King and Pope allied in their destruction, genocide, and seizure of lands (The Albigensian Crusade).

Trying to tackle homelessness as an individual is certain to get most people heartbreak and an early grave from the pressure and emotional stress.  I want to point out there are in fact individuals of singular ethical fortitude, strength, and compassion who have taken upon themselves to fight the scourge of homelessness by themselves despite the hardships, obstacles, for instance Zoomers The Backpack Project and Pack the Kindness.

But, placing the onus of dealing with it on Individuals also affords the Coarse American Right the opportunity to gainsay and target anyone who voices concern over homelessness and hasn't started a 501(c)(3).  The attacks usually involve gotcha charges of hypocrisy 'Oh so you care about the homeless? Then sell everything you own and let every homeless person live in your house!' and a kind of dishonest Socratic Questioning; i.e. 'Fine we don't know you tell us how to deal with homelessness.'

This has lead to paralyzed inaction, a Newtonian-esque cessation of movement, and an entrenched political opposition which all serves the Moneyed interests and moneyed interests are overwhelmingly allied with Republican politicians. (Please, don't try and both sides it since rightwingers are adamant that taxes not go to actually helping anyone in the country and Republicans routinely refer to unhoused persons as animals).  Because for decades the Right in America has been steadily undermining the concept of We, the People for a Everyman for himself meanness.  This manifests, for instance, in people buying bigger and bigger cars which keep them safe and kill the person in the other smaller car, or the pedestrian or with which they run their own family member over.  Or the whole insanity with keeping a Gun in the House for "self-protection" when guns are overwhelmingly used by the gunner to kill themselves (usually after killing their families).

On top of this, Conservatives have for years advocated and aided Republicans in transferring the burden of society and taxes onto middle and working class people as the GOP slashes taxes on Rich, helps them shield their money through byzantine tax codes, and lowered the Corporate tax rate to the point mega companies get away with paying nothing in taxes.

Worse still the Right propagates this theory that UnHoused persons wish to remain homeless and of course, everyone deludes themselves that every person they see panhandling is actually a well-off grifter and the ubiquitous Republican tactic of equating poor and unhoused people with wild animals.  This has led to treating the Unhoused and desperately poor as another NIMBY problem , an unsightly annoyance to be legislated away so I don't have to see it.

The new Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass has announced the unhoused will be moved into hotels in Los Angeles in a program called "Inside Safe".  

Bass said the initiative would not involve clearing out encampments where unhoused people gather, and said that in four years, a metric of the city's success in tackling homelessness would be if there are little to no encampments left.

This is good but, will require a lot of bureaucratic oversight and monitoring, which means funding and taxes.

The Christmas 2022 deep freeze and blizzard killed more than 50 people, many in Buffalo, New York.  Councilor Marc Silvestri of Revere Massachusetts got into a heated exchange at a Town Hall over using a Senior Center as a nighttime warming shelter.  One women blithely threatened his elected position, 

"You're forgetting about the seniors and you want us to vote for you?"

Silvestri responded, "You want to know what? We're talking about people's lives here. And you know what? If I have to lose some votes to save some lives, then I will do so!

This is the end result of the constant sensationalism around CRIME CRIME CRIME!  And the dehumanizing refrain and stigma directed at the Homeless and illustrates that, even though there are numerous ways to combat the housing crisis and even though there really is enough physical buildings, many Americans are okay with the unhoused dying in the streets.

Monday, January 16, 2023

The Revenge of The Thin Blue Line 31: Covid didn't kill those Cops Conservative Propaganda did

"Why do we assume that the body’s natural immune system isn’t the marvel that it is? Why do we think that we can create something better than God in terms of combating disease?" Senator Ron Johnson (R- Moscow)

For the 3rd straight year, Covid is the prime killer of Police Officers in the United States.  I know Coppers everywhere want to claim that they are facing here-to-fore unprecedented dangers on the job but, the truth is Police Officers are so incurious, so reactionary, so petulant that they would rather die of a illness which a few small steps could prevent just to Own the Libs all while slavishly adhering to the Propaganda Campaign of Faux News and the rightwing internet;

new report released Wednesday by the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund looked at preliminary data and found that 226 federal, state, tribal and local law enforcement officers died last year while in the line of duty. Of those deaths, 70 can be attributed to COVID-19. However, this is an 83% decline compared to the 405 officers who died from COVID-19-related complications in 2021. 

Jab Jab Jab!

281 Officers died of COVID-19 complications in 2020.  Meanwhile, Officers continue to fantasize about Fentanyl poisoning and delude themselves that BLM Thugs are around every corner waiting to murder them.  In reality, suicide and heart disease are the biggest killers of Police Officers and white men in America.

Conservatives don't actually care about Law Enforcement.  Blue Lives Matter has always been naught but, a rhetorical cudgel to Bash the Left.  When it comes to a macro respect for Law & Justice conservatives have shown time and time again that they believe the Law exists to afflict, constrain and punish women, LGBTQ, minorities, Democrats, and anyone who doesn't know their place and role in their White Supremacist Society. 

Understand the Right (in America and elsewhere) is now fully invested and in full agitprop attack mode that the Covid Vaccine causes myocarditis, blood clots, and is killing thousands of people daily because they can not admit they were wrong about Covid, they were wrong about mitigation factors like masking and social distancing, and they are wrong about the efficacy and protective nature of the Vaccination protocol.  Too admit any of that would be to admit the entire edifice of their political and personal belief systems are rotten and untenable. 

The Died Suddenly Twitter account, which boasts an authoritative blue check mark it received after paying $8 a month, memorializes a long list of people who, we are led to believe, died of the vaccine, including the voice of Batman, Kevin Conroy, who very recently passed away from intestinal cancer. Except that scrolling through these names, it becomes apparent the list includes anyone who died suddenly, who died after a short illness, who died after a long illness, who died of cancer or of an immune condition or of a viral infection. Their vaccination status is often not even known. Basically, everybody dying after the vaccines were rolled out has now been killed by the jab.

It started with deliberately lying about the VAERS reporting in 2020, continued throughout the ridiculous magnetism and 5G microchip claims of lunatic rightwingers and has now coalesced into an international well-funded and powerfully motivated campaign.  Expect the misinformation, disinformation, and outright lies, to continue to grow and spread because The Killer Jab and DIED SUDDENLY narrative gives great power over peoples' lives to Rightwingers and that is what the Global Right wants; the Power to control you and the power to kill you. 

And if a few dozen Police Officers die?  Well their Thin Blue sacrifice is the price the Authoritarian Right is willing to pay in the quest to create their Fascist Dystopia.

Sunday, January 15, 2023

In Utah (and America), Guns are God's Gift to Mankind

"What were you going to do?
"I don't know... I don't know what I was going to do..."
"Oh Guys like you say they don't know what they're gonna 
do when you know exactly what you were gonna do.  You
were going to kill your wife and your child...
"Yeah... then it be too late to turn back and it'd be real easy 
to turn the gun around on yourself..."
On January 4th two weeks after being informed by his wife Tausha of impending divorce proceedings, Good Mormon Michael Haight took his guns and shot Tausha, his mother-in-law, and their 5 children to death before killing himself.

The number one use of guns in America are to kill their owner, after that man kills his family. Period. Anyone who brings up self-defense, or combating tyranny is lying to themselves and to everyone else.

Worse in response to this massacre, the extended Mormon families released official letters deciding Michael was a loving and devoted father (WITH NOTABLE RARE EXCEPTIONS!!!) and Tausha is only dead because there weren't enough guns in the house.

Protective arms were purposely removed from the home prior to the incident because all adults were properly trained to protect human life. This is the type of loss that will continue to occur in families, communities and this nation when protective arms are no longer accessible. It is our desire that the media turn their attention to the weightier matters surrounding this event.

Understand shootings like this aren't covered in national Conservative Media because it's not the narrative they are selling about Crime & Guns in America.

This the Ultimate Good Guy with a Gun Argument. You see Michael is a still a Good Guy with a Gun, up to and even after he started firing those bullets which blew "his family" to pieces and Tausha would have been an even Gooder Girl with a Gun if she had her "protective arms" which had been unconstitutionally removed the from house which she could have used to "Save Lives" because All Adults in that home were Good Guys with Guns.

One of the pernicious lies, the blood soaked Firearms Industry has repeatedly pounded is the Myth Guns Save Lives. Guns Take Lives. It is their primary and only function. And this monstrous fiction has allowed Men to pretend they are Good Guys with Guns when like D-Fens in Falling Down, they are the Bad Guy. But, since guns are gifts from God and he shot "his family" (always note the language used to frame the relationship between the murderer and "his victims" they are his possessions to do with as he pleases) in America guns are overwhelmingly used to kill their owner after that man has murdered his wife and children.

Friday, January 13, 2023

The Woke Mind Virus 3: Covid Ghouls DIED SUDDENLY

"You know how passionately I speak out against vaccines," Candace Owens aka Candeath Owens aka Candace Ovens.

Never get in a car with Ray Lotta or Candace Ownes
Preventable deaths from Covid struck conservatives disproportionally especially after the introduction of Vaccines.  But, that's not what Republicans wanted to believe so rightwingers have adopted a new way to justify their Covid Death Cult.  The Vaccine is responsible for all those deaths.

Lisa Marie Presley died of a heart attack and the Covid Ghouls descended upon Twitter to declare her death was the result of the Vaccine, of being "jabbed".

Presley is just the latest person rightwing covid ghouls have declared died of the vaccine.  The death of Bob Saget last January, NFL player Damar Hamlin's chest injury on the field last month, and even Celine Dion's announcement she has a rare autoimmune disease have been touted by Rightwing Covid Ghouls as proof of the deadly effects of the Vaccine.

Initial attempts to convince people the vaccine made your testicles swell or magnetized your skin fell flat even amongst the Anti-Vaxx crowd, who wanted to believe it but, couldn't suspend their rational thinking that far.  Instead the genius idea that rightwingers hit upon was to watch the news for anyone dying and declaring that person DIED SUDDENLY of the JAB.

The decades long rightwing propaganda campaign destroying the idea of expertise and authority based on education and learning has reached it's logical end; every right-winger believes their opinion is not only valid but, since "they've done their own research" their beliefs are more correct than anyone else's.

Charlie Kirk / Charlie Manson... Not much difference
Worse yet, anyone to whom rightwing assholes would listen to as an authority, is decidedly anti-vaxx and is in the business of peddling lies to their audiences for money.  Bro Rogan built an entire vitriol laden anti-vaccine segment while hosting Vaccine Liar Brett Weinstein based on a fake tweet because Bro Rogan promotes every piece of rightwing agitprop without a care because promoting rightwing lies has made Rogan rich. 

And of course it gets worse.  Ron DeathSantis made Covid denialism the core of his 1st Governorship and rode to victory on the caskets of dead Floridians.  In addition to denying the plague running through his state, DeathSantis placed Joseph Ladapo in as the Florida Surgeon General, who has hyped the bogus claim the vaccine gives young men an abnormally high-risk for cardiac related deaths." 

So... there's not much we can do.  I don't blame President Biden for dropping Covid as an issue because I'm certain everything any of us see coming from the anti-science anti-medicine Right was laid out before him and Joe and his advisors understood fighting an entrenched foe would gain them very little.  It's a vile and completely standard rightwing tactic which is hard to defeat rhetorically.  Nothing you can say or post would dissuade Rightwing Covid Ghouls from declaring and believing the Vaccine is a Killer.

The Anti-Vaxx contingent is now firmly established in the rightwing echo chamber.  Conservatives will continue their fatal addiction too lies and insist on Dying of Whiteness.

Thursday, January 12, 2023

The Woke Mind Virus 2: If we told Republicans sticking their heads in a Gas Stove was bad would they do it?

Kitchen "Table" Agitprop
There was an "old" internet joke that if President Obama told Republicans to keep breathing they would hold their breaths in protest.

Would that were true, instead the Republicans & Rightwingers have declared they will use everything at their disposal to make Americans lives worse in every way.  That's why Rightwingers decide every issue can be a wedge issue.  Enter the Gas Stove.

From the Washington Post article,

Natural gas stoves emit air pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide and fine particulate matter at levels the US Environmental Protection Agency and World Health Organization have said are unsafe and linked to respiratory illness, cardiovascular problems, cancer and other health conditions, according to reports by groups including the Institute for Policy Integrity and the American Chemical Society. 

Only Ben SShapiro is a more
learned conservative philosopher
than Catturd2 
Which lead to the pushback by Republicans & Rightwingers on their Fashiest platform, Twitter to demonstrate their contrarian coolness.  As with everything from the Right this is all performative anti-woke, anti-virtue signaling designed to appeal to their base.  If the rightwing incestuous media scaffolding had existed in the 1980's Republicans & Rightwingers would have come out in favor of Radon in basements.

Here's just a smattering of responses from the depths of Fash Twitter.
Schlapp is busy ignoring the revelation of her
husband Matt Schlapp's propensity to pummel
Men's Junk without consent

Unfortunately, The Fash in America is strong and entrenched and not going away until they get what they are after; i.e. the rounding up and elimination of every Non-MAGA.

Matt Gaetz doesn't know how stoves work
probably because Gaetz makes his 14 year old    
dates do the cooking for him

In the meantime we are seeing in real time the anti-woke mind virus crusade which has captured the right completely and can chalk this up to another category of Dying of Whiteness.

The Republicans are coming for Social Security... Again

"As you know, the Social Security System is teetering on the edge of bankruptcy," Ronnie Raygun letter to Congress May 21st 1981.
Glad to be here!
A key plank of the Republican Party platform is destroying Social Security.  Since at least the 1970's Republicans have declared Social Security is on the verge of bankruptcy.  Now, 50 years later the perfidious Republicans have gained control of the US House their first priority is to eliminate social security.

"My friend Jody Arrington wants to look into the budget and also look into entitlements. Do you know social security is going to be insolvent in 2035?" well-known thief and bribe accepting Republican Byron Donalds told Joy Reid as Republicans yet again lie and declare the Social Security Trust Fund on the verge of Bankruptcy.

Republicans always make time to craft a plan to end Social Security because Republican hate that SSI and the Social Safety Net even exists.  Republicans chafe and become incensed at the idea of Americans living long lives after retirement.  What Republicans want is for Americans to go to work as young as possible and work their entire lives before dying quickly immediately upon retiring.  Republicans dream and want you to have the dignity of working yourself to death.  This is the Republican version of the American Dream, and as we've seen for the past 40 years Republican Dreams are Nightmares for everyone else.

Back in 2004-2005, Bush and the Republicans were certain they could swindle American Seniors out of their Social Security, "I earned capital in this campaign, political capital, and now I intend to spend it,"  Bush declared as he embarked on his plan of stealing Social Security.

In 2010, George W(orst POTUS Ever) Bush famously stated his only mistake while in office (His Only Failure!) was not privatizing SSDI and "In terms of accomplishments, my biggest accomplishment is that I kept the country safe amidst a real danger." (WITH RARE EXCEPTIONS!) 

The Republican Plan for SSDI was to roll it into the Stock Market Balloon, which at the time was expanding and would never burst!  What Republicans knew then was they desperately needed to prop up the Stock Market Bubble with real money to back all the gambles that were about to go full tilt. You see if W(orst President Ever) had managed to put the US backed Two Trillion Dollar Trust Fund into the Stock Market it would have forestalled the Great Republican Recession of 2007 by several years, instead Bush oversaw the destruction of decades of wealth and the worst economic disaster since the Great Republican Depression of 1929.
"Republicans' agenda is what it always was -- turn the Social Security seniors worked hard to earn over to Wall Street," said Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Press Secretary Ryan Rudominer. "If Republicans has their way, seniors could have lost 40 percent of their retirement investments when the market crashed. America's seniors deserve better."
After the Tea Party waltzed into the White House on the backs of White Hot Anger over Obamacare and President Obama himself, the John Boehner, Paul Ryan, Eric Cantor (and Kevin McCarthy) Teabaggers aided by the Republicans in the Senate engineered the debt limit crisis and government shutdowns to try and goad, cajole, or convince President Obama to sign a Social Security "Entitlements" reform package slashing benefits for Americans.  How close President Obama came to signing such an agreement is debatable and bad faith dirtbag leftists have been claiming Obama wanted to do it for a decade now and using that as justification for voting against Democrats.  In reality, there was no Boehner entitlement "reform" despite years of the Corporate Media trying to force it happen.

Speaker Pelosi's office released a succinct analysis of John Boehner and Paul Ryan's House Leadership, "Instead of helping seniors," explained Speaker Nancy Pelosi's office, "Republicans, backed by their allies on Wall Street, are threatening to privatize and cut Social Security, just as they tried to do under President Bush." 

Now it's 2023 and the Zombie Lies of Raygun refuse to die as we see Bryon Donalds repeat the moldy canard of 'Social Security going bankrupt'.  Meanwhile, every other Republican Congressman can't wait to tell the old people who love Faux News that; 'Why...Yes we are coming for your benefits.  Yes we are coming for your meager medical coverage.  Yes we are coming to put you into the grave.'

"If we really want to talk about the debt and spending, it's the entitlement program that's 70% of our entire budget. So, if we want to talk about big reforms I look forward to hearing that from those folks who are pushing towards a balanced budget," Republican Michael Waltz told Stuart Varney and all the elderly rightwing faux devotees who enjoy cutting their benefits because they know it'll hurt those people more!

Meanwhile, Steve 'David Duke without the Baggage' Scalise gleefully took to the podium to announce to Corporate Media that why yes the Republicans will most definitely Fuck that Chicken of the Debt Ceiling in order to force President Biden into cutting Social Security.  Because "working the refs", i.e. getting the Corporate Media to uncritically repeat rightwing talking points is a successful strategy to advancing the Republican Agenda of Intolerance, Oppression and reducing the American people to Penury and Eternal Wage Slavery.