Monday, November 21, 2022

Republicans love when people are shot to death with AR15s (Club Q)

Matt Walsh and Chaya Raichik
They fucking love it.

A 22 year old right-winger with a history of domestic violence and bomb threats, went into Club Q, a renowned LGTBQ nightclub, armed with an AR15 and shot 30 people to pieces, murdering 5 until 2 incredibly brave people tackled him and stopped the latest act of rightwing domestic AR15 terrorism.

Whenever Lauren Boebert, Ted Cruz or any Republican you can think of hears of another mass shooting the first thing they do is find out who was murdered, once Republicans find out it's a group of people they hate like LGBTQ persons or Hispanic schoolchildren, Republicans give an ecstatic little cry of joy, then they type off a little missive of Thoughts&Prayers, then they get ready to cut another Faux News segment where they repeat CHICAGO CHICAGO CHICAGO to distract, and then Republicans go back to Fash Twitter to demonize LGTBQ people.

Then after cashing their latest check from the NRA and Gun Manufacturers Republicans will pose with guns in their Christmas Cards.

Meanwhile, Tucker Carlson, Matt Walsh, Ben SShaprio, Steven Crowder, Chaya Raichik (Libs of TikTok), and numerous other rightwing propagandists immediately return to demonizing LGTBQ people and stoking rage amongst their followers, whom they've also encouraged to arm themselves with military grade long guns.

I stated that Republicans and Rightwingers were coming to murder Us.  And it's here.  And they aren't going to stop.  Republicans and Rightwingers have declared War on numerous people in America.  Not rhetorical War but, an asymmetrical war where they incite their followers to commit acts of violence.  Republicans were hoping to win more elections and government positions so their paramilitary domestic terrorists could work hand-in-glove with official Law Enforcement but, what they will settle for is more 'lone wolf' mass shootings via stochastic terrorism which Republicans stoke.

Because you can't predict where the next act of Rightwing Domestic Terrorism will be but, you can fucking well guarantee it will happen.

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