Saturday, April 30, 2011

Poor Poor Pitiful Republicans or Damn It's Hard to be a Rancher

Republican Rep. Denny Rehberg of Montana told his supporters "we are struggling like everyone else". Rehberg assertion is the more galling because he has millions in land, or as Rehberg the Republican slime put it "we're land rich and cash poor," and is accounted the 23rd richest member of Congress.

Rehberg has the advantage of not being from Wisconsin, where Republican Sean Duffy told the rich Union thugs who are destroying America, "I..I struggle to meet my bills right now," on his $174,000 salary and families' guaranteed health and dental benefits.

But, that's how it goes for Republicans they know Americans are struggling because; They. Caused. It. Now, the Republicans House members are back in their districts having taken yet another vacation from not creating jobs and proclaiming 'We feel your pain!' as they are suffering just like their constituents.

Republicans are the party of the Rich, by the Rich and for the Rich.

This realization has been dawning on the American people as they observe their wages stagnate, health care insurance vanish, their children fight wars the rich avoid, and see more and more wealth trickle up to the privileged few. In an attempt to reverse their downward trend, the Republican establishment created The Tea Party Rage of 2009. It was grass roots! It was regular America! It was populist! The media and GOP assured us again and again.

Well, with the major media networks directed to champion the Tea Party Sham, the Republicans had to do little else than sit back and shout, "Hosanna!" But, Republicans will do whatever is necessary to fool people to vote against their self-interests.

If they have to pretend to be moral and righteous, they will. If they have to proclaim their philandering was because of their deep love of Country, they will. If they have to pretend to be fiscal conservatives they will. If they have to rail against government handouts while their families accept subsidies they will! If they have to lie and claim to be regular folks, well shucks they'll clear some brush on a Texas ranch!

Well, deluded voters put the Republicans back into power in the US House, multiple State legislatures and Governors. And what did the Republicans do upon regaining power? They showed their true objective. They moved quickly to steal rights away from workers, redefine rape, attack Planned Parenthood, and then crafted the most inhuman budget with the goal to finally eliminate the Middle Class and reduce the 90% of the American people, with whom Republicans have no ties, to Wage Slavery.

But, a funny thing has happened on the rush to obliterate Unions, the EPA, FDA, OSHA and create Neo-Feudalist GOPAmerica, the masses of people actually enjoy having America be a Modern Nation and don't want the Republicans to cosign us to Third World Status and Serfdom.

Republicans have to play the 'we're just like you' as voters recognize the Republicans are rich, elitest bastards far removed from their struggles and more worried about retaining office, dismantling the social safety net, deregulating every industry and removing Federal agencies which police and halt Corporate crime and corruption, as the Republican Punk Ass Bitches make sure they properly service their Rich Moneyed Masters.

Disgusting conservatives attack President Obama with Tornado Deaths (Almighty God Hates Republicans)

Tornadoes took the lives of hundreds of people in southern states. This is tragedy as the loss of life diminishes all of mankind. I've been wondering when Racist Limbaugh or Pat Robertson would comment blaming the tornadoes on god's anger over DOMA or the tempting of god by trying to steal his divine wind power for green energy. Well, Andrew Breitbart, the most despicable shameless lying conservative working the people over these days, did not disappoint.

Breitbart, known mainly for altering often illegally obtained video footage of liberals to create false smears, went onto Faux Business News Follow the Money show and told Eric Bolling that President Obama believes, "what's the point of investing any amount of time or effort into drawing the maximum amount of help and effort to people who don't support him politically."

But, how do Bolling and Breitbart reconcile their stance on President Obama not offering the full amount of help with this:
The ten most dangerous words in the English language are “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.” -President Ronald Reagan*.
Surely, because everyone knows the private market does everything better than the Federal Government, Halliburton or Blackwater (Xe) should go to the disaster zone and offer help for the right price?

Of course, Breitbart doesn't care about the dead and suffering people in the south. Like all despicable conservative toxic commentators he only cares about moving the power of the Government into the hands of monstrous Republican hit men who can continue their Crusade to eliminate the Middle Class, end Medicare, Medicaid, steal Social Security, deregulate every industry and turn the government into the one the Right has always wanted; Of the many, by the few, for the few.

*-Reagan had trouble with simple math thus explaining his disasterous budgets.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Birtherism of a Nation or Watching a New Religion be Born

What do God and Barack Obama have in common? Neither one has a birth certificate. – R. Limbaugh
It’s fascinating being around when a new religion is born. President Obama is an American. But, Republicans and conservatives are too heavily invested in Birtherism to let that stop their Crusade. And now that ‘Where is the Birth Certificate?’ has been shown to be nothing more than Right Wing flim flam Republicans will resort to an old canard, they are making Birtherism a matter of Faith.

No amount of evidence will ever satisfy them. No amount of evidence will shake their faith. Every time Birtherism is shown to be Republican racism the standards and underpinnings of it shall be changed. And evidence against their faith, only serves to reinforce their beliefs. However, while the long form Certificate of Live Birth has been released it never was about where Obama was born but about his father.

For a majority of conservatives it’s a priori Obama isn’t American because he’s not “white”, and to Republicans African-Americans can never be truly American citizens.

But, while nearly all conservatives are bigots their racist base doesn’t provide Republicans enough votes to win elections. So, Racist Republicans know that in order to sway independent voters they can’t just go on R. Limbaugh’s show and call President Obama a n****r so they recite not-so-subtle dog whistles. The Birther nonsense allowed John Boehner, Eric Cantor and other Republicans to seem reasonable by saying ‘Oh, I take him at his word’ while winking all day long to their racist constituents.

No religion would be complete without it’s impossible standards of guilt and innocence and Inquisition. Enter Faux News. Sean Hannity and Newt Gingrich, Sarah Palin and others have responded with, ‘Why didn’t he release it sooner’. Because to conservative’s Obama is already Guilty. He needs to prove his innocence to them. He needs to satisfy the Republicans tribunals. And even then it’s not enough because other conservative photoshopping liars and cowards still hold the President accountable.

Glenn Reynolds shows the abject moral bankruptcy and despicable bigotry of the conservative movement:
The White House may think it’s sprung a trap, but I think they waited too long. By now — as the polls from earlier this week showing how many independents thought Obama wasn’t born here, and which probably prompted the release decision, indicate — the damage is done. Even if people change their minds on the issue, for many the residual suspicion will remain: The thought that regardless of where he was born, there’s something shady about him.
See it doesn’t matter that Birtherism is demonstrably and unequivocally false and conservatives are despicable shameless liars; the victim of this evil plot is at fault. He doesn’t pass muster. He needs to prove himself a Palin approved Real American.

"We want to see a 'birth certificate,'" Sharon Guthrie, the legislative director for Texas state legislator Leo Berman, explained. "The one that we have that says 'birth certificate' is from Mombassa, Kenya, with his footprint on it. He has still not produced an American birth certificate. What I've seen online, what they produced today, still says certificate of live birth across the top." It fits perfectly with dogmatic Republican Birtherism. Conservatives are racists. Racism has seeped into the Right and now permeates everything they do politically.

And, as is the course of religions, Birtherism has undergone a Schism. Josh Marshall from Talking Points Memo has a breakdown of the strains of Birtherism which are still running rampant in the Right, of which more than 70% believe President Obama is not the white person to be President.

Update: Watch the spectacular bigot Pamela Geller reveal the depths a Birther must delve to hold onto their racist dogma.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Repugnant Racist Republicans

Wow! President Obama's news conference and release of his "mythical" Long-Form Birth Certificate have pulled the mask completely from the GOP.

The Right and the Republican Party are nothing more than a collection of bigots, thieves, cowards, liars, chicken hawks and criminals.

They would be laughable save for the fact that Corporate "America" and the Plutocracy enjoys having the Republican Hit Men carry out assassinations of the American Middle Class and the subjugation of We, the People!