Monday, February 28, 2022

The GOP is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Russian Government

Russia declared War on Ukraine and the feckless American Right just recovering from their Canadian Trucker Tyranny Erections doesn't know exactly how to respond so it's a mishmash but, what became immediately apparent was just how thoroughly corrupted and enthralled the American Right is to Vladimir Putin.
As the song goes,
He's everything they want
He's everything they need
All it took for Republicans to fall for Putin was when Vlad affected a steely-eyed stare down with President Obama.  In that moment, Conservatives realized Putin embodied everything they wanted in a leader; a "christian", capitalist, white ethno-nationalist, authoritarian homophobic, murderous bureaucrat.

Of course, the Republican Party began their flirtation with Vladimir Putin under the W(orst POTUS Ever) Maladministration, then fell in love when Vlad infiltrated and purchased the NRA and Republican officials with Russian petrodollars but, finally gave themselves completely over to him when Vladimir Putin helped steal the 2016 Presidential Election.  
Even the GOP-led Senate was forced to admit conclusively that Russia, the FSB and Vladimir Putin explicitly aided Trump in stealing the 2016 election

The Republican Party is a wholly owned subsidiary of Vladimir Putin.  And every Republican knows it
“There’s …there’s two people, I think, Putin pays: [California Representative Dana] Rohrabacher and Trump … [laughter] … swear to God,” Kevin McCarthy said. 

House Speaker Paul Ryan immediately responded: “This is off-the-record … [laughter] … NO LEAKS … [laughter] … alright?!”

On July 4th, 2018 GOP Traitors from all across the United States; Richard Shelby (Ala.), Steve Daines (Mont.), John Thune (S.D.), John Kennedy (La.), Jerry Moran (Kan.), John Hoeven (N.D.), and Rep. Kay Granger (Texas), spent Independence Day in Moscow's Red Square effusively groveling and paying Homage to Vlad Putin.  

Despicable Tucker Carlson and Faux News immediately set the tone for their unthinking followers. Lawyers, Guns, and Money have covered Tucker Carlson and his menagerie of war apologists so I will send you there. Carlson's shameless 'Vladimir Putin never called me a racist' is especially vile when you realize it's a rip-off of Muhammed Ali's famous speech denouncing the Draft and the Vietnam War, with the immortal speeches, the Vietcong never called me the N-Word.

The best thing about Tulsi "Putin's Present" Gabbard is she has openly shown herself to be everything I said she was years ago; a violent lying fascist, who loves War, and pretended to be a progressive to undermine the Left and the Democratic Party from within.  The Neo-Tankie Brocialists over at Naked Capitalism continue to talk about the boners she gives them as they support Putin's War Crimes.  Tulsi Gabbard's love missives to Vladimir Putin are way worse than any tiktok "If I was your mother" love poem by former actress Annalynn McCord.

Traitor Trump continues to remain a loyal vassal to Putin repeatedly and effusively expressing his admiration and jealousy at Putin's smarts.

On-line phony progressives remain a mass of gibbering goo belching out their nonsense about Imperialism and then repeating the FSB and GRU propaganda about Ukraine history, about NATO, about "denazification".  Glenn Greenwald has been completely idiotic and schizophrenic until you realize he's a paid Putin propagandist.  I see two other Putin owned Propagandists Matt Taibibi and Edward Traitor Snowden have gone silent after repeatedly claiming there would be no attack by Russia.

The Grotesque Old Putin (GOP) Party yearns to be able to wield power like a ex-KGB Colonel.  If conservatives had their druthers they would right now empower Police and the Military to round-up an massacre every Non-MAGA they could find.  The simple truth is conservatives love Vladimir Putin because they wish they could emulate his murderous actions.
What's ironically hilarious is whenever Republicans and conservatives fall in love with a Dictator they imbue them with fantasy powers. Conservatives pretend Putin is an all powerful Moriarty level super-genius.  So Putin scoring 8 goals in a Russian Federation hockey game or claiming to be an olympic level Judo and Sambo fighter is no different than the rightwing claims of Trump's prowess and powers.  Republicans love nothing as much as they love false strength.  Look at all the fantasy toughness they applied to that ignorant tub of orange goo Trump.  Trump doesn't sleep!  He's the hardest working President ever!

But nothing makes Republicans sicker than losing. Republicans have groveled like worms to Putin, have dreamed of asking Spetsnaz forces to parachute into DC to aid the Proud Boys in the next Jan6th style insurrection and seeing Russian forces fail to conquer Ukraine turns them into sniping jackals 

So, while the Republican Party and conservatives want to support Russia, the incompetence of the Russian military, spirited defense by the Ukrainian people and the showmanship of their President Volodmyr Zelensky has conservatives attempting to backtrack and set up a new narrative where they don't support a loser.

What's especially heinous is the Republican response to President Biden's leadership of NATO.  Joe Biden has been judicious and steadfast in keeping the alliances response tight and measured, while slowly ramping up pressure.  Even Condoleezza Rice expressed admiration for Joe's leadership and flatly told Faux News she didn't think keeping NATO together was possible after the damage Traitor Trump had done.

There is so much more I could write about this illegal Russian War of Aggression and the buffoonish response from Americans but, it's still likely, Russia will be able to conquer Ukraine, despite all the missteps, mistakes, faulty thinking, unrealistic assumptions and worldwide multi-phased pressure.  But, it's likely Covid decimated (literally) the Russian War Machine and either way massive damage has been done to the legend of Putin and the image of a renewed unbeatable Red Army.

Saturday, February 26, 2022

The Rittenhouse Diaries: A Murderer demands to be paid for his Murders

"This guy wants to tell me we’re living in a community? Don’t make me laugh. I’m living in America, and in America, you’re on your own. America’s not a country. It’s a business. Now fucking pay me." - Killing them Softly (2012)
Kyle Rittenhouse no longer feels it necessary to lay low, cry alligator tears, or adopt an air of false contrition.  Kyle recently took multiple tours of Rightwing media to air his grievances at everyone who correctly called him a murderer and declared he's formed an exploratory committee to sue those people, calling it a "Media Accountability Project".  Remember Kyle collected a lot of money from envious rightwingers but, then faced the affront of being investigated and tried.

You see conservatives believe the 2nd Amendment gives them a license to kill. Consequence free. They also firmly maintain the 1st Amendment exists only for them and proper government is meant to protect rightwing beliefs and actions.  Furthermore, natural laws and rights, as political theory, are a god-given phenomenon meant to comfort the comfortable and afflict the afflicted.

This is the whole basis of the concept of MAGA, of every rightwing grievance in the 21st century, and running back to the Civil Rights Era.  When the federal government began to aid the downtrodden (even if imperfectly and with gaps or mistakes) conservatives soured on the prospect of government itself.  And began their long run towards a more Authoritarian Union.

Rittenhouse was always going to be a grifter.  Kenosha Killer Kyle was always going to parlay his murders into dollars.  Like all murderers he wants to get paid for his work.  And like Zimmerman before him he'll receive envious adulation and fawning praise for a while from rightwingers who yearn to emulate his killings.  In the meantime, rightwing media will love to use him to go after President Biden.

But, I have a suggestion for Kenosha Killer Kyle; grab a new gun, get a flight to Kyiv, and defend the property there. 

Friday, February 25, 2022

Republicans create Genital Inspection Task Force - Conservatives demand the right to look at your children's private parts

Or I should specify recreate.

During the Witchcraft Era, conservatives empowered themselves to look for "The Devil's Marks" on the naked bodies of women, almost always to be found on or inside the genitals of women.  Women were also interrogated about their sex dreams and copulation.  Modern Republicans have never shaken their Witchfinder General beginnings. 

These days, Gay Panic is no longer a strong enough tonic to motivate the conservative outrage machine.  Republicans transitioned to demonization, legal and physical violence towards Trans Persons.  Like, all fascist stalking horses, Republicans couch their violence to transpersons in the cloak of Won't Someone Think of the Children! Because they know they can pass their agenda of hatred and intolerance by lying to Normie America and then ignore complaints while they brutally repress, incarcerate and kill those they've targeted.  In this case, the Trans Community.

We've seen this perverted dynamic play out in Virginia with Reactionary villain Greg Younkin and with on-line conservatives like Matt Walsh that want to set up cameras in every nook and cranny in Public schools to spy on your children and create vast databases of child porn for conservatives to consume daily, a sort of giant Predatory Pedophile Panopticon.  

In the two largest rightwing states in America, Texas and Florida, Republican Governors, Attorneys General, and Senators are empowering themselves and others to become Official Panty Sniffers and genital inspectors.  Using the awesome power of government, the sole legal authority of force, Republicans want juveniles genitals too be regularly inspected and fines and prison to be threatened to anyone who refuses to let conservatives inspect children's genitals.

In Florida, the Republican Legislature passed the so-called #DontSayGay Bill which requires at risk children to be outed and that Florida Republicans get to determine what is best for the child.  Ron DeathSantis is expected to take time out from his busy schedule of murdering old people in Florida to sign the bill so that parents will know what children in their school should be targeted for harassment and bullying.   

In Texas, despicable Greg Abbott aided by convicted felon Ken Paxton saw the Florida Bill and decided they should push an immoral, unlawful bill akin to the Spanish Inquisition.  Like the Anti-abortion Law, Texas seeks to empower bounty hunters to turn in parents of Trans youths and then use the power of the child protection laws to kidnap and brutalize the children.  Once the Government of Texas has possession of a trans youth they will doubtlessly chemically and physically force the child into conformity.

Clearly, Republicans post 2020 see political power stemming from their constant attacks on Schools, teachers, and the most at-risk marginal children.  Florida Senator Rick Scott released an 11 point plan which included eliminating the Department of Education, so States could go back to Segregation Era education without worrying about some do-gooders in the Federal Government looking to defend the LGBTQ community and all other students from the rapacious crotch spying by sicko conservatives. 

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Tsar Vladimir II (Russia annexes the Donbas region of Ukraine) Loathsome Trump approves

Russian military forces have invaded Ukraine to ostensibly defend the two separatist regions in the Donbas created by the Vladimir Putin 2014 engineered crisis.  Russian diplomats and Putin have declared the proto-republics are "ancient Russian lands" and Ukraine itself has no right to Statehood.  A question of why Vladimir Putin decided to invade Ukraine now, instead of when his pliant poodle was in power in the United States?  This question forgets that Traitor Trump was in the process of dismantling NATO through his blustering and blundering and at the bidding of Putin. 

Donbas area seized by Russia

Remember how odd it was when Donald John Trump was attacking NATO so vociferously?  Went out of his way to spew all sorts of shit at NATO conferences and even discussed unilaterally pulling the United States out?  Putin expected Donnie Two-Scoops to continue undermining NATO.  TFG's re-election would have undoubtedly put him on a path to pulling the United States out of NATO completely and thus leaving Alliance effectively neutralized.    If not for the Covid Pandemic, this on-going invasion and piecemeal annexation of Ukraine probably would have happened 2+ years ago.

Also never forget Donnie Traitor Trump sought to entice President Zelensky to fabricate a Ukrainian scandal involving Joe and/or Hunter Biden.  Of course, Zelensky would have learned very quickly that Trump doesn't pay those who do dirty work for him (as Jim Comes found out) and Trump would have turned a blind eye to Putin's rapacious recreation of Imperial Mother Russia.

It's no secret, Putin has sought to reinvigorate Russia through successful military conflicts, standing up to America, and having the Russian people view his own personal strength as a reflection of Russia's power and influence.  As to whether Putin imagines himself an inheritor to the Tsar of All the Russias or a heir to Stalin it makes no difference.

Putin started his tough guy rise when he responded to the 1999 Second Chechen War with "rub them out in the outhouse."  Since then, he flexed Russia's military might in 2008 in Georgia, with the annexation of Crimea in 2014.  Add in the stymying of President Obama in Syria when Russia successfully defended Assad despite his use of chemical weapons and war crimes.  (In this Putin has been helped immensely by the American dirtbag left and such perfidious reactionaries like Tulsi Gabbard and of course, the entire Republican Party which idolizes Vlad's "strength").  

But, the while the Pro-Putin GOP fumbles with how to blame Biden, the dirtbag left is clearly on board with the domestic abusers language of blaming NATO (and the US) for Russian aggression.  Unsurpisingly, the dirtbag left not only blames Biden but, casually dismisses the suffering the Ukrainian people are going to go through at the hands of an Authoritarian dictator's war of aggression.

Fortunately, President Biden, continues to ignore the non-stop twitter trolling from so-called leftist bros and has smartly and bravely, reinvigorated US leadership of NATO.  This, has strengthened the backbone of the new German Chancellor Olaf Scholz who announced the first major sanction against Putin's aggression.  Smartly, President Biden, the EU and NATO have started with low-level responses, instead of leading with a Sunday Punch, and relying on a slow tightening.

It probably won't be enough.  Putin took a bite of Ukraine in 2014 and now will work on consolidating this chunk. 

The Loathsome Traitor TFG had an on-air orgasm praising Putin,
“I said, ‘This is genius,'” Trump said on a right-wing podcast. “Putin declared a big portion of … Ukraine … as independent. Oh, that’s wonderful. … I said, ‘How smart is that?’ And he’s going to go in and be a peacekeeper. That’s strongest peace force. … We could use that on our southern border. That’s the strongest peace force I’ve ever seen. There were more army tanks than I’ve ever seen. They’re going to keep the peace all right. Here’s a guy who’s very savvy … I know him very well. Very, very well.”

And Matt Gertz on Twitter has already staked out what the Treasonous GOP response will be attack Biden from both ends.  Republicans see Putin's Fascism and weep for what they don't have here... yet...

Monday, February 21, 2022

The Revenge of the Thin Blue Line 14: Do you carry a gun? Carry a badge!

Tennessee Republicans in the General Assembly have proposed not one but, two bills to grant the 700,000 "enhanced gun permit holders" law enforcement powers.  In a perverse inversion of a classic scene in The Untouchables, where Sean Connery asks the nebbish FBI accountant if he carries a badge, then shoves a shotgun at him as he admonishes him to carry a gun, the Tennessee Republicans have decided carrying a gun means you can carry a badge.  Obviously, this is insane which means the entire Tennessee Republican Party will support it vociferously and in lock step.

This is consistent with the the unspoken beliefs proffered by the NRA and Republican Party that every man is constitutionally empowered to act as *his* own Judge, jury and executioner when holding a gun.  And should not nay cannot be questioned, tried, or held in anyway liable for the bodies he leaves behind.  *- offer not available to black people

The rapid spread of CCL and Stand Your Ground has emboldened gun nuts to see an "offense" reach for their Firearm and pass sentence of death.  Shoot first, claim self-defense, and walk free.  What Tennessee is proposing is just a legal cover for a long standing 

Now, you might counter that many gun owners are good shots and Police Officers are terrible shots.  And you're not wrong.  Many Officers are terrible at shooting but, Police Work is one long non-stop Gunfight at the OK Corral.  It requires a keen analytic mind, some compassion, ability to empathize with victims, have a working knowledge of the legal codes of local, state and federal government, and be able to enforce the law with dispassion and equanimity.  Now, you might counter that Police are terrible at all those things, too.  And... yeah, sure that's true.  But, only because all humans in the aggregate are kinda bad at those things, as well.

Granting, further law enforcement power to citizens is just another step to empowering paramilitary groups to dispense "justice" when the GOP does away with free and fair elections and institutes their Fascist Evangelical Ethno-State.  With each passing day and in multiple Republican controlled states we see how easily and readily the GOP is to creating an Authoritarian Government with a patina of democracy,
When the men with guns who have always claimed to be against the system start wearing uniforms and marching with torches and pictures of a leader, the end is nigh.  When the pro-leader paramilitary and the official police and military intermingle, the end has come. - On Tyranny, Timothy Snyder.

Tuesday, February 15, 2022

USA Fascism Truckin' into Canada

'Cause we got a fascist ol' convoy
Fuckin' up Canada through the night
Yeah, we got a fascist ol' convoy
Ain't fascism a beautiful sight?
Come on and join our convoy
Ain't no democratically elected gubermint gonna get in our way
We gonna roll this fuckin' fascist convoy
'Cross the USA Canadian Plain

Fascists don't care what comes next after they topple a democratically elected government. They have a simple end-state in mind (i.e. them in charge) but their focus and purpose is to win the battle in front of them, not anything resembling actual governing.

The Ottawa and Associated Trucker Sit-Ins (Drive-Ins?) has morphed into an attempt to topple the Trudeau government. Perhaps elements always had this in mind.  Perhaps, a small group of bad actors infiltrated later to use the chaos and clown show convoy as cover.  But, when paramilitary wannabes feel free to openly erect compounds with fuel dumps, communications networks, and semi-sophisticated logistics centers then several thresholds have been crossed because modern day fascists seldom have the space to operate so openly.  Fascists always take advantage of the openness and tolerance of Democratic societies and right-wingers having co-opted and perverted the mantles of liberty, freedom, and patriotism find willing allies or foot-dragging in Law Enforcement.

Of course, the Canadian initial reaction and enforcement response seems to have been flawed either due to institutional blindness or inability to mobilize but, at the same time Fascists always strive for an over-reaction which then provides them their Casus Belli to engage in outright indiscriminate warfare.  And the Canadian system doesn't provide as strong an immediate federal response as Ours.

Fortunately for Us, Canadian citizens don't feel the constraints of the Government and have been trolling and fighting back against the Fascists.  Hackers infiltrated the communications of the Convoy and fought back interrupting their comms with the Gay Cowboy anthem "Ram Ranch".  Citizens were apparently also able to breach GiveSendGo (a Boston-based GoFundMe clone) and released the names of 92,000 donors to the Fascist Trucker Convoy.  With the proper diagnostic tools it would be a good idea to cross-reference those names with people arrested or associated with Jan6th.  GiveSendGo was also prominently used by the 01/06 Traitors.  Furthermore, on the ground reporting (therefore in contradiction with American rightwing propaganda) contradicts any claim this is some Rightwing Woodstock or expression of Workers Rights.  The only connection to Workers this group has is the National Socialist variety.  

Even a cursory examination of the leaders and people involved illustrates this is a collection of fringe far-right hooligans spouting a noxious mix of far-right bugbears, but now the group is receiving outside funding, support, and attention from many who see this as a way to undermine Democracy.  Probably some from the anti-democratic elements in Eastern Europe but, a large amount is being funneled from Good Old USA.  American right-wingers have become more and more comfortable fighting their war on Democracy and to overturn elections in our backyard.  Lead Faux Fascist Propagandist Tucker Carlson predictably called this "the most successful human rights protest".  Faux, writ large, has given nothing but glowing support for the whole endeavor.  It's always the smart play.  Faux tells its' viewers what to think and their rightwing drones will cling to that no matter what the evidence or truth.

Trump showed these people that Democratic institutions, norms, prohibitions, and even laws are weak.  Especially the laws part.  Trump and his Criminal Cabal committed crime after crime knowing the media couldn't or wouldn't keep up.  The Jan6th Inflection Point has not only put the United States in danger but, Western Democracies everywhere, as well.  It will be the Trump's lasting legacy and Vladimir Putin's most successful campaign to undermine freedom and liberty.  He's exported a new authoritarian vibe throughout the world.

Monday, February 14, 2022

Honk to Unmask the Kids

The official Republican position on Masks is: they do incalculable harm to children both physically and developmentally and are Tyranny.  Books, too.  The Republican position on guns and school shootings is dead children is the price of freedom.

I'm not going to relitigate the school shooting debate; We, the People lost that one.  The NRA, gun manufacturers and unrestricted gun violence advocates were victorious.  More guns is always the answer...

There were several protests of Schools and school districts Friday by rich white people.  Arriving in their $75,000 vehicles and wearing the ubiquitous expensive puffy 3/4 length jackets gaggles of entitled white women demand you Honk to Unmask the kids... 

Some of the school kids on the bus unimpressed by the Murder of Karens proceeded to "flip off the grown-ups in unison" as they passed by the protest.  Back in my day, we would've mooned them.

These actions would seem to be hypocritical from the crowd which always intones Just Follow the Rules until you understand that conservatives firmly believe rules don't apply to them.  Rules and Laws and Police exist to protect them and keep The Other in check.
This dynamic plays out everyday, in hundreds of cities and towns, and thousands of interactions. 

The entire controversy over Masks is a giant explosion of the pouting privileged taking umbrage at the effrontery of having to follow rules they! don't! want! too! follow!

Thursday, February 10, 2022

CRT is a new name for the Republican hatred of Education

"I love the poorly educated," Donald John Trump, Traitor and Criminal Feb 2016.
Conservatives have been angry over government interference in schools ever since the Federal Government integrated them.  Partly because of thinly veiled anger over non-whites getting the same educational standards as white children.  Now they've seen Glenn Youngkin emerge victorious by running the same playbook Southern Conservatives have always run; demonization of black skin.  Sure he called it CRT but, it's the one and only Eternal Crime in America; Unforgivable Blackness.

Conservatives have always known Won't Someone think of the Children?!?!? is a winning strategy to get white moderates to vote for Republicans.  So, when CRT was brought up as though this was some major conspiracy; white women ran to the arms of their Republican daddies yet again.

One of the worst things about the disingenuous moral panic conservatives have about children and Covid mitigation is how right-wingers take it as an axiom they Own their Children.  Parents' Rights is shorthand for conservatives standing athwart Education yelling 'STOP!'

It's odd how in many states children can get married while still legally juveniles yet, when it comes to vaccination and education southern conservatives are acting as though children are smooth-brained imbeciles unable to comprehend anything. 

Here is Darren Bailey, a southern Illinois Conservative (i.e. a Bigot) running for Governor and running the same school panic playbook in Illinois. 

There's a reason Hillary Rodham Clinton titled her book, It takes a Village, it's adopted from the proverb It takes a village to raise a child, this is a fundamental truth which infuriates right-wingers and another reason they've loathed HRC for 30 years.  Education has always been an obstacle to continuation of the conservative agenda of intolerance and oppression which is why conservatives are so hell bent on controlling everything and keeping their children uneducated and unexposed to "dangerous" ideas and counter-culture.

Conservatives have been furious with local, State, and the Federal Government for educating their children and thus turning them against conservative bigotry for years.   Notice how the conservative freakout didn't end with Masks, but then transitioned to CRT, and moved to LGBTQ issues, stories of the Holocaust.  Look at the number of states, (Oklahoma, Florida, Texas, Utah) proposing laws allowing Parents to sue teachers for teaching their children.  Conservatives won't stop undermining and censoring education because education opens minds and closed minds are what Conservatives desire.

Wednesday, February 9, 2022

The Revenge of the Thin Blue Line 13: Murder, Someone Wrote, but we don't know Who

His only option is to question as many people as possible, to believe those who deserve belief, and to be a good judge of what he hears. - Polyibus, The Histories Book 12 Chapter 4c

Solving crimes is what most people believe the Police should be doing.  Murder is, of course, the worst crime and occupies its' own classification in the Illinois Criminal Code.

Unfortunately, over the past 40 years the clearance rate for homicides has steadily dropped.  From a high of about 75% solving a murder is now a 50/50 shot.  Now, this is bad in the aggregate but, it might not be as bad as the data and graphs seem to illustrate.  

Because for a long time clearance rate was simply based on the making of an arrest and unfortunately old school Police tactics were unethical and borderline criminal, besides the outright heinous crimes of the infamous Chicago Officer John Burge.

I'm not going to say solving a murder is ever "easy", but departments do have a wider array of diagnostic kits, greater investigative tools, and superior evidence collection at their disposal than ever before.  But, the most important aspect of investigating crimes remains face-to-face investigations.  Known for a long time as "shoe leather" detective work.  Have investigation skills, interview techniques, attention to details, critical thinking lapsed since the old days?  I doubt it.  The dismal clearance rate for murder is instead a direct reflection of a lack of trust of Police Officers and Departments by society.  

Due to constant bad actions (and I don't mean just spectacular crimes like Chauvin's) and the proliferation of information Police Departments have also lost moral authority.  Because of this people know who is responsible for many murders they just don't want to tell Police the information.

That's bad and it strikes at the core problem facing Policing going forward and right now.  #3 of Sir Robert Peel's nearly 200 year old 9 principles of PolicingThe police must secure the willing cooperation of the public in voluntary observance of the law to be able to secure and maintain public respect.  Those 9 maxims still stand as basic guidelines for Policing in the United States and Western liberal Democracies. 

Can Police get the trust and cooperation of society back? Not now.  I don't know what it will take to regain trust.  If it is even possible.  Defund?  Reformation?  Police reform has been a catch-phrase and running theme for decades.  Police reform is only accomplished when a new generation with a new way of thinking takes over and the problem with Policing was identified by Raymond Chandler a century ago; 

Sunday, February 6, 2022

Illinois Republicans and Illinois Nazis are one and the same; issue "legitimate political discourse" to Deb Conroy

OG Nazi Jeanne Ives & Squishy Fascist Gary Rabine

Covid drove conservatives insane.  Literally.  Between claims vaccine shots delivered magnetic 5G particles into their bodies to constantly invoking of the Holocaust and Nazi Germany.  The first is attributed oily skin but, the latter comes from conservatives beliefs about Government.

Conservatives always invoke Fear of the Government because conservatives always implement oppressive, evil, hateful policies when they are in power.  They can not imagine liberals are not thinking of doing the same thing back to them.

Covid mitigation plans continue to be necessary because MAGA lunatics simultaneously believe it is nothing more than the Flu and a deadly engineered Chinese Bio-Weapon, Republicans in Illinois constantly claim Democrats are going to implement death camps targeting conservatives to rile up their fascist fans.

So when conservatives and Republicans scream about concentration camps its' because they are revealing their innermost thoughts, desires, and plans.  When conservatives festoon their Fashbook pages with images of trains leading to death camps it's a revelation of their innermost yearnings.  It's projection.

Now, Gary Rabine is one of those squishy Illinois Republicans he can't let his Swastika Flag fly freely because he knows he's in a state where he has to appear reasonable.  Rabine is from Bull Valley whose Police Force is infamous for bogus traffic stops targeting people with construction equipment to extract money from them.  And, of course he's appeared with Fascist Russian compromised former Sheriff and current criminal David Clarke.  Plus, he's a supporter of disgraced Chicago FOP Union leader John Catanzara.  Catanzara it will be recalled dismissed the MAGA Insurrection and defended the criminals who stormed the Capitol and plotted to overthrow the US Government.  But, back to Squishy Rabine his attempts to split the clear 2020 Election results by claiming “I’m not smart enough to understand what was the end result, whether it was stolen or not, and I would never say that” demonstrate he's an oleaginous sack of fascist pigshit and anyone who openly declares he's "not smart enough" has no business as a Governor.

Jeanne Ives is an OG Illinois Nazi whose entire life and political career is trafficking in racism, hatred and religious oppression.  When Ives is called out for her Nazi sympathies she throws tantrums.  One of Ives proteges is Deanne Mazzochi, who will come back into play in a moment. 

Of course, downstate Illinois conservatives elected Mary Miller, an actual Nazi in 2020, who just before she helped conspire to overthrow the United States Government on January 6th said, "You know if we win a few elections, we're still going to be losing unless we win the hearts and minds of our children. This is the battle. Hitler was right..."  The reason Republicans always mention Hitler is two-fold; they don't know anything about History other than watching WW2 docs (specifically the European theatre) and they admire the shit out of him. 

So, when Democratic Legislator Deb Conroy brought forth a bill in the Illinois State Legislature, these Republican Nazis and others put out the message to their fascist fans to bombard Conroy and her office with death threats.  With the proliferation of devices, mediums, and platforms conservatives and elected Officials like the aforementioned Deanne Mazzochi spared no effort in communicating those threats of violence. These two Capitol Fax links (here and here) have a small smattering of the threats conservatives sent to Deb Conroy's Office.

Since Trump's Russian Assisted Victory in 2016, conservatives have gotten used to getting away with criminal activity.  In fact, conservatives have lived so long with the unequal application of laws that they feel more and more confident in openly threatening to murder Democratic Representatives (just as the criminals who invaded the Capitol planned to do.). Conservatives believe criminal law doesn't apply to them and without hesitation threaten violence.  I can only hope those conservative criminals who communicated threats via multiple means are arrested, prosecuted, and imprisoned for the maximum sentences under ILCS.  Will it happen?  Maybe.  Probably not, especially in light of the RNC recently declaring violence by conservatives is "legitimate political discourse".

As I stated we've passed the Fascist Inflection Point.  Conservatives all across the United States are begging and yearning for Trump (or whomever takes hold of the GOP) to issue the Orders to round-up and exterminate all their enemies; women, teachers, liberals, minorities, LGBTQ, and everyone who identifies as Non-MAGA.

Friday, February 4, 2022

Comorbidities and the Republican response to Covid really undercut the All Lives Matter movement


So you support mask mandates?  Wide-spread Vaccination?  Testing?  School, workplace, business vaccine requirements?  And any other mitigation attempts?  Pushaw!  Never! 

It's been 10 years since the phrase and hashtag #BlackLivesMatter entered into the lexicon and widespread use.  It really gained traction in 2014 after the extrajudicial killings of Mike Brown in Ferguson, MO and Eric Garner in Staten Island, NY at the hands of white police officers.  As BLM gained influence (not power mind you) it generated pushback amongst the same cadre of bigots who currently use CRT hysteria to advance white power.  But back in 2015 the counter phrase was #AllLivesMatter.

It was clear when All Lives Matter became widespread on the rightwing internet it was a counter-campaign against Black Lives Matter.  And it never fails how disingenuously created phrases then get wide-spread mass repetition through Corporate Media, who never question the genesis of this bad faith agitprop but, instead help boost it.  By 2020 every twisted red-faced, spittle flecked white asshole couldn't wait to scream All lives matter! (sometimes while trying to shoot people with a bow and arrow)...

But, that was then and this is now.  These days everyone on Faux News, every rightwing on-line edge lord, every conservative decided masks and vaccination are Tyranny!  Instead of All Lives Matter, the rightwing position these days is: Fuck you fatties! DIE!  You're diabetic???  DIE! Immunocompromised? Too bad!

Since Feb 2020, the CDC has tracked over 1,100,000 excessive deaths related to Covid.  Those people would be expected to be alive if the Covid Pandemic had not cut short their lives.  And ALL LIVES MATTER!

Except, of course, that phrase was always hollow and when Lt. Gov Dan Patrick of Texas bluntly stated old people should be willing to die to help keep Trump in power it put the lie to the claim the GOP are the pro-life party.  Rightwing and Republican Covid denialism got far worse since then and their efforts in the courts, at Faux News, in Virginia and Florida have reaped the bitter harvest of over a million dead Americans.

Republicans are always willing to sacrifice other peoples' lives to advance their agenda of intolerance and oppression.  This was shown with their casual warmongering in Afghanistan and Iraq.  But, the pro-plague position during the last two years wherein Republicans are not only willing but, increasingly happy to undercut the United States Government covid mitigation strategies and let Americans die horrendously from Covid is an awful harbinger for the plans Republicans have for millions of Us when they next seize power.

Wednesday, February 2, 2022

The Stupid Gnosticism of Joe Rogan

And I know an eighteenth charm, and that charm is the greatest of all, and that charm I can tell to no man, for a secret that no one knows but you is the most powerful secret there can ever be. "Odin", American Gods (2001) (adapted from the Old Norse poems Hávamál)

Third Eye Blind 

There is a subset of righting on-line blabbermouths, e.g. Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson, Bari Weiss, Dave Rubin, Jack Posobiec, Tim Pool, Paul Joseph Watson, Gavin McInnes, Steve Crowder, and others who pretend to be the possessors of secret knowledge.  Their entire paradigm is they are sharing secrets too difficult, too mind-blowing, too powerful for the Soy Boy Woke Left to handle. 

Stupid Gnosticism. 

The current collator and propagator of Stupid Gnosticism is Meathead Joe Rogan.  He's really digging in on misinformation and lies about Covid.  Again he's not as smart or interesting as he and his fans claim he is.  Instead he's high on his own supply.  Rogan is convinced of his own brilliance.  Everyone else is just behind the curve but, he's too controversial!  What you call misinformation Joe Rogan calls future wisdom!

But, it's an inflationary model... once you share a secret its power is lost. So rightwing internet troglodytes have to keep ramping up the secrets and keep ramping up the conspiracy that is keeping those secrets from you!

Ivermectin! Bilderburg! Illuminati! Qanon! And up and and up and up, until you end up at Alex Jones Lizard people territory.

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Republicans really hate Black Americans

"The fact that he is willing to make a promise at the outset that it must be a Black woman I've got to say that's offensive," - Ted Cruz, (R)acist of Texas, burped forth on his podcast

“The irony is the Supreme Court, at the very same time, is hearing cases about this sort of affirmative racial discrimination and while adding someone who is the beneficiary of this sort of quota. The majority of the court might be saying, writ large, it’s unconstitutional. We’ll see how that irony works out. I’ll guarantee you this, Paul. This new justice will probably not get a single Republican vote," Senator Racist Wicker reveals Republicans hate and will never support Black Women.
"Well the concern is misplaced, because if you look at the statistics, African American voters are voting in just as high a percentage as Americans," To Republicans like Mitch Son of the Arch-Traitors McConnell, African Americans will never be Real Americans, hence the distinction. 
That's Three Sitting GOP Senators speaking in 2022! Black History Month seems to bring out Republican Racism.  Of course, I could post hundreds of public statements Republicans, in and out of office, have made belittling, denigrating, besmirching, and otherwise insulting black people going back years.  Here's an unexceptional comment from 2014,
"For almost three generations these people, in some cases, have been given handouts.  They have been ‘enabled’ so much that their paradigm in life is simply being given the stuff of life, however meager. No one has the guts to just let them wither and die. No one who wants votes is willing to call a spade a spade. As long as the Dems can get their votes the enabling will continue. The Republicans need their votes and dare not cut the fiscal tether. It is really a political Catch-22." Klansman John Johnston, Indiana Republican and disgrace to the United State Marine Corps.
Look don't expect any of this rabid racism and blatant bigotry to hurt Republicans.  The Corporate Media expects it from the GOP, therefore Republicans' racism is barely a footnote in the fight to besmirch Joe Biden's SCOTUS appointment.  I don't know how to combat a Media invested in equivocating Republican perfidy, in bothsides-ing everything, in uncritically accepting bad faith Republican claims that actually Joe Biden and an unnamed Black Woman are the Real Racists!  Meanwhile, conservatives have been yearning for this kind of raw racist red meat from the Republican Party and are not satisfied with Lee Atwater dog whistles or euphemisms anymore.

MAGAland was giddy with glee and unmitigated joy when conservatives thought only the Big City libs and minorities were dying from Covid in 2020.  When Jared "666" Kushner declared the Trump Government would not be helping THOSE PEOPLE in the early stages of the Pandemic, conservatives celebrated and laughed.

Republicans really, really, really hate black people.  But, they get away with it because the media does not want to acknowledge the truth about the Republican Party; it's a death cult of fascists and racists edging closer and closer to outright political violence and barely satiated by the political shenanigans and bureaucratic legerdemain Republicans in office pull off to keep the GOP in power.