Saturday, August 31, 2019

Duncan Hunter is an Ex-Marine and a current Republican Scumbag which is why conservatives love him

For anyone unversed in Marine Corps parlance, there is only one ex-Marine; Lee Harvey Oswald. However, I now consider despicable criminal congressman Duncan Hunter and ex-Marine as well.

Duncan Hunter is a scumbag who needs to be stripped of his EGA for his criminal actions and general malfeasance. Hunter's criminal actions are not unusual, of course, he does benefit from the IOKIYAR, as Criminal Hunter is not facing the same jail sentence as Jesse Jackson Jr, nor the same daily harangues by the rightwing media. In fact, Hunter taking a page from Traitor Trump has claimed because prosecutors aren't Republicans his case which begins in September should be dismissed.

The United States Marines have had to send cease and desist orders to Hunter's office, because Hunter continues to wrap himself in USMC symbols to deflect from his criminality.

Remember the outcry against President Obama for having a Marine hold an umbrella in the rain? Remember all the bullshit email forwards that a Marine guard at Marine Air One demanded President Obama get off the chopper and return his salute?

And now juxtapose this against the silence from Faux News and the rightwing internet. If Hunter runs again I guarantee-fucking-tee conservatives will dutifully line up and vote for him.

Conservatives actually hate Veterans and see service members as props to use in their never ending Civil War against liberals. Conservatives piss on Veterans who don't help advance the rightwing agenda of intolerance and oppression. Recall the vitriolic disbelief Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity had at learning Pat Tillman did not support the Iraq War, did not support American Imperialism and read Noam Chomsky.

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Megan Rapinoe and Race Imoden and Gwen Berry and Colin Kaepernick are True American Heroes

So, the system of oppression is back at it,
The U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee Tuesday formally reprimanded but did not suspend or otherwise punish the two U.S. athletes who protested on the medal stand earlier this month at the Pan American Games. 
In letters to fencer Race Imboden and hammer thrower Gwen Berry, USOPC CEO Sarah Hirshland said that while she “applaud(ed)” each athlete’s “decision to be an active citizen,” calling it “admirable,” she noted that they must “abide by the policies we agree to in order to ensure the Games succeed in their purpose for many years to come.”
"To ensure the Games succeed in their purpose..." what do you suppose Sarah Hirshland believes that purpose to be? Fascism is on the march and fascists hate when their ideas are opposed and belittled, especially in public. No doubt Hirshland would have had problems with Jesse Owens showing up Hitler in 1936 or Tommie Smith and John Carlos 1968 raising their fists.

The pushback against Kaepernick, Megan Rapinoe, Race Imoden, Gwen Barry and so many others throughout history always follows the same pattern and always serves the same purpose.

Shut up and play (or sing) is a tool of oppression used by conservatives forcing self-censorship and allowing the status quo or creeping out-right fascism to advance. Always remember the false claim of #Bothsidesdoit or keep politics out of sports or so-called "neutrality" is the declaration of the oppressor and serves their goals of keeping Privilege and Oppression in place.

We must take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim.

The Chosen One

"There is only one good; to #OwntheLibs. And only one evil; to not #OwntheLibs." - So Crates

On some level this is performance art, but the descent of Trump into abject senility isn't the problem; the issue are the deplorable Republicans and his #MAGAt Horde who provide him the energy and support.

Conservative beliefs taken to their logical conclusion leads inexorably to Cultish Fascism. The two greatest examples of rightwing government are the Confederacy and Nazi Germany. Now we can add Trump's America, as the self-proclaimed "Chosen One" channels the bombastic megalomania of Gaddafi, Mussolini, or Kim Jong Un.

Conservatives are aching and yearning for Trump to give them the go-ahead, the order to round-up and murder millions of these "disloyal Democrats" conducting the greatest witch hunt in American History.

When Trump loses in 2020, and he's going to lose, he's not going to leave and the precedent for Rightwing Paramilitary Domestic Terrorists taking up arms against the Government in Oregon. Having lost an election Oregon Republicans decided they knew better and hamstrung the government, rightwing terrorists declared they would protect them and kill Law Enforcement sent to bring the Republicans back to the State Capitol.

It's very clear the Modern Conservatives have re-embraced their Arch-Traitor Confederate ancestors and are determined to 'Rule or Ruin' the Nation.

Of course, when I hear Chosen One all I hear from Trump's disgusting mouth is We oh we oh we oh we oh...

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Local Philadelphia businessman defends himself against 6 armed Democrat attackers

But, will the fake news media report about it honestly? Doubtful!

According to the lying Democrat Government as reported to the lying CNN;
(CNN) - Police have been in an hours long standoff with a suspect who they say shot six officers on Wednesday in a North Philadelphia neighborhood. Police were first called to the Nicetown-Tiago neighborhood for drug activity, Capt. Sekou Kinebrew told CNN affiliate KYW. "We are trying to get him to come out peacefully, but he is refusing to do so,” Ross said, adding there’s no indication that the gunman will surrender.
Oh sure!!! A Democrat dominated city is going to report the truth about a local businessman? Nope, just smear him as a drug-dealer. And it's not like the local businessman had any reason to fear for his life when confronted by racist Philadelphia Police Officers.

Thoughts? Prayers? Meh. An armed society is a polite society. The Price of Freedom is the constant blood sacrifice upon the Holey Altar of the Second Amendment. The Dayton killer killed 9 people and wounded another 26 inside of 30 seconds.

We are rapidly approaching the Gun Nut Singularity. The black hole of NRA policy is the destruction of all laws and the concept of government itself. Already gun nuts descend across every social media platform and declare enforce the laws on the books at the same time they state gun laws don't work. The Constitution may not be a suicide pact but, funded by Russian money, the NRA have transformed the Second Amendment into a murder-suicide pact.

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Occam's razor has been replaced by Dubya's Catapult

"Ya gotta catapult the propaganda..." - W(orst POTUS Ever) explains the method by which rightwing drones are made.

It used to be thought the gatekeepers of knowledge were keeping man from reaching his full potential since they were blocking the free exchange of information between people. The internet was supposed to change all that.

It failed.

Instead, the floodgates were opened to all the toxic sewage in peoples' minds and active disinformation, outright lies, and cleverly crafted #agitprop flowed freely and poisoned everything. Expert research on climatology can be dismissed by some nameless jamoke saying 'Nuh-uh', bad faith actors can declare Jade Helm is a secret Muslim Brotherhood invasion and the Governor and Lt Governor of Texas rally the National Guard. 20 dead children can be dismissed by some on-line gun fetish weirdo who demands you explain the recoil action of the butt stock spring.

Conservatives really took advantage of the end of the media fairness doctrine in the 1980's and then unleashed their disinformation prophets via Talk Radio, Faux News, email list servers, and now the ubiquitous social media factories to pump their toxic Rightwing propaganda directly into the brains of their drones.

Faster than Mark Twain's lie can run around the world and at far more rapid pace than Gish's Gallop, rightwing lies are disseminated, absorbed and regurgitated amongst the faithful and then no matter what, never forgotten. Truth is completely relative and subjective now. On the plus side, Racist Limbaugh, Faux News and Traitor Trump have effectively murdered Ayn Rand's Objectivism.

Over at No More Mister Nice Blog, they have a good example of the methodology of a rightwing fabrication from 2017, about the massive Muslim terrorism and No-Go Zones in Sweden. It's been throughly debunked but, it doesn't matter the information has been absorbed and all good #MAGAts know sans evidence Trump is right, Sweden is a muslim rape fest and hosannah they repeat it everywhere.

Trump despite his limitations latched onto the "Fake News" refrain which afforded him the simple ability to dismiss all criticism and conservatives having been dutifully and willfully self-brainwashed to simply repeat it, to avoid cognitive dissonance and ignore all amount of evidence, for instance the disgusting video evidence of a gross leacherous Trump and his best buddy Jeffrey Epstein on the prowl.

I don't believe we can overcome this. Propaganda has won and Trump's "invasion" rhetoric and raw racism and witch hunt cries have already lead to violence and death and conservatives are waiting and yearning for Trump to give them the go ahead to round up and kill the Non-#MAGA.

Monday, August 12, 2019

AG Bill Barr restitutes the Federal Death Penalty, rubs out Jeffery Epstein and targets #ANTIFA

"I can not kill my friend..." 
"Kill my friend." - Sneakers (1992)

LIHOP - let it happen on purpose

After Jeffery Epstein's first suicide attempt, Bill Barr visited the Department of Justice facility. A month later after being taken off of suicide watch, every guard declines to do his routine prisoner checks and the cameras in the cell and cell block don't work.

Clearly, Trump's buddy Epstein could not be allowed to reveal the depths to which Rapist Trump delved during their long friendship. 

But, it really doesn't matter. Because the conservatives have already gotten the rightwing Wurlitzer cranked to 11 and it's received wisdom amongst the right that Clinton Ninjas added another tally to the #ClintonBodyCount.

There is no deep conspiracy needed to explain how a prisoner in US custody could've killed himself. Cruelty and incompetence are the point of the US penal system. We routinely joke about prison rape and subconsciously know, accept and sometimes approve of the violence and dehumanization done by the system, guards and inmates.

The Metropolitan Correctional Center is apparently notorious for it's terrible conditions. So, while Bill Barr and his Department of Injustice have reinstituted the Federal Death Penalty, it need not have worried, the US penal system is designed to kill the souls of inmates and often their bodies as well.

It appears the #QAnon conspiracy has had to modify their stance from Clinton Ninjas did it >>>> Epstein is still alive and a body double was killed in his place. This became necessary because Clinton is no longer President and Janet Reno isn't Attorney General. If Epstein died in Federal Prison under the watch of AG Bill Barr and the Donald Trump Department of Justice it's clear Trump and Barr are the guilty parties. 

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Donald Trump and Jeffery Epstein; the Pussy Grabber Twins; there can be only One!

Well... Jeffery Epstein has committed suicide. This is, of course, going to allow the most fervent conspiracy theorists go wild.

Epstein was a powerful and connected child rapist in Manhattan. This comes as more and more details of Trump's connection and long-standing relationship with Epstein was leaking.

It's unfortunate that he wasn't kept alive to testify about all the powerful men who engaged in child abuse along with him. It seems probable Bill Clinton and Donald Trump were among them.

But, while the #QAnon propaganda disinformation campaign was in full throttle since the Comet Pizza "revelations" they didn't touch Epstein; except to concoct an elaborate campaign of lies to shield Donald Trump.

Already the rabid #MAGAts have added another tally to the Clinton Body Count. Which is laughable, if these conservatives were really convinced Bill and Hillary Clinton have killed high level DOJ investigators and media personalities with a secret army of Clinton Ninjas would they really be so publicly bad-mouthing them?

In reality, Trump and Epstein were engaged in abusing the same little girls but, Epstein's death affords the conspirators the freedom to keep repeating the fantasy scenarios where Trump was raping children along with his long time buddy Epstein in order to collect dirt on *Teh Real Rapists*.

Friday, August 9, 2019

ICE Gestapo Raids; Did you ever wonder what life was like in Germany in the 1930's?

Well wonder no more because history, as the phrase goes, has a way of repeating itself.

The Founding Fathers had a large fear of a standing army in the United States. Well, the various police forces throughout the country constitute that army. And an army tempts Government to use it.

ICE conducted a raid which captured nearly 700 people working in plants in 6 cities across Mississippi. I don't know if these people were shipped by train to their "relocation camps".  Note these raids weren't in liberals states or in those dastardly sanctuary cities but in deep evil Trump country.

If you think the raids by Trump's Gestapo are going to be limited to immigrants, you are fooling yourself. Since 9/11 the United States Government has been steadily pushing the boundaries and testing the frog in the boiling pot theory.

It starts with a group that no one could possibly object too; terrorists engaged in outright combat with US forces (of course, many of those captured and sent to GITMO, including 4 of the detainees traded by President Obama for Bowe Bergdahl never took up arms against the US). Who could object to to terrorists being extraordinarily renditioned?

And thus GITMO and various black sites are born.

But, overseas terrorists aren't the main enemy of conservatives; those are closer to home.

So, the fight moves from over there to over here. Illegal immigrants. Now, who could possibly be against rounding up and imprisoning Illegals? And thus, like Judge Dredd a new law enforcement unit is born with the sole purpose of capturing people who look like they don't belong here. And if any namby-pamby liberals get queasy about a Police State with full tactical gear ICE and CBP agents running around zip-tying brown people while demanding 'Papers Please' just point out They Broke The Law!!!

Now, of course don't expect these hypocritical conservatives to demand they face the same punishment for their domestic battery abuse or speeding. The "broke the law" argument is disingenuous and always done in bad faith.

But, while rounding-up immigrants and refugees and throwing them into concentration camps is unspeakably cruel and the cruelty is the point of modern conservatism, it doesn't target the other two groups conservatives hate the most; Liberals and Feminists.

One day soon, maybe after he loses the 2020 election Trump is going to call on his #MAGAt Horde to rid him of those angry Democrats who are engaged in the biggest political scandal and witch hunt in American History. And the Trump's ICE Gestapo will link arms with the legions of rightwing gun nut domestic terrorists and begin Civil War 2.0

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Why are the shootings in Chicago assumed to be criminal acts?

After every mass shooting, conservative gun nuts descend upon social media like a pack of angry howler monkeys to shout down anyone who makes the obvious connection between more guns and more gun violence.

One of the favorite talking points for gun nuts is to proclaim Chicago. Now... Why do conservative assume the gun violence in Chicago is "Criminal" and not a "DGU"?

DGU stands for Defensive Gun Use and Chicago was the home of the second major 21st century SCOTUS case (McDonald v. Chicago) which redefined the 2nd Amendment as meaning Government can place no limitations on gun ownership.

Of course, the answer is simple; Chicago when used as a rebuttal by gun nuts means Black and conservatives believe all Black People are a priori guilty of crimes ergo any time a black person shoots a gun or even has a gun it is a criminal act.

There is literally no way for any gun nut to know the circumstance of every shooting reported in Chicago, yet every shooting is assumed to be a criminal act. Now you might retort the gun nuts are reading police reports which highlight gang activity or the shooting was a killing over turf or the victim was not the intended target but, that seemingly goes against standard conservative orthodoxy in respect to the government.

Conservatives claim they don't trust the government but, in fact, their trust is merely conditional. When a Police Officer kills a black person conservatives who-heartedly accept the government's accounting of the incident. When the government incarcerates thousands of children in concentration camps, for the temerity of being refugees, conservatives absolutely believe the governments' reports.

Chicago is but one of the man go to "arguments" gun humping lunatics trot out after every mass killing. Video Games, lack of school prayer, mental illness, semi-automatic vs. assault weapon nomenclature gotcha moments also round out their repitoire of bad faith retorts or just outright shamelessness.

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

The Endless Childhood afforded White Rightwing Males

To sleep, perchance to dream...

As the horror of more mass shootings rocks America, we are confronted with the problem of the white power rhetoric coming from the racist traitor in the White House, but as several others have pointed out, such violent racism didn't start with Trump, he just opened the valves on the open sewer of rightwing angry and hatred.

Now where did that anger come from? It’s the anger of petulant entitled children, the rage of swaddled supremacists who expect reality to bend to their will instead of adhering to the new reality. 

America's childhood was supposed to have ended years ago. Now for some groups, women, minorities, LGBTQ, they never had a blissful childhood and have always known oppression, intolerance, and violence from America, but white men in the United States have been blessed by perpetual adolescence.

Conservatives are always provided the benefit of “youthful indiscretions” as Henry Hyde, Newt Gingrich were excused for their sexual indiscretions while rabidly pursuing Bill Clinton or when a 40 year old Donald Trump Jr was excused of committing treason when he meet with Russian intelligence operatives.

Even horrific events; Gettysburg, Pearl Harbor, Vietnam, Columbine, 9/11, while considered the End of Innocence were but brief nightmares before white men settled back in their comfortable childhood.
But, the real end of white male coddling started when the federal government began to respect and protect minorities and women earnestly in the 1960s. All of a sudden "equality" wasn't reserved for white males anymore.

And Republicans began tapping into the simmering discontent right away. #MAGA is just the latest in the long line of rightwing slogans targeting the anger white men feel as they see the world change from a playground which solely exists for their use and comfort to a diverse realm were other people enjoy rights. As if often noted when you've been accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression.

But, these angry conservatives were no longer content with sly allusions and dog whistles of racism pioneered by Lee Atwater and his ilk. Trump broke the damn apart and actively played into every fear and resentment white men have nursed as they emerged from their adolescent slumber.
  • He pointed out that Kaepernick didn't know his place.
  • He highlighted changing demographics caused by immigration. The “invasion rhetoric” Trump adopted and used thousands of times at his Hatriot Rallies. 
  • He smeared and slandered disgusting women; i.e. those whom he couldn't fuck or intimidate. He bedded the beautiful ones, with or without their consent.
  • He literally humped the flag and adopted a swaggering jingoism which only a child would believe to be patriotism.
  • He promised them winning. But, more importantly he promised them a return to their idyllic childhood.

Well Trump has not delivered. He has not plugged them back into the Matrix and unpilled them as they so eagerly desire. So they are violently lashing out as petulant children are wont to do.