Tuesday, June 29, 2010

John Boehner wants Americans to work until they die

Breaking News Playboy just offered Sarah Palin $1 million to pose nude in the January issue. Michelle Obama got the same offer from National Geographic. ~ Republican Gary Frago. "I don't see where there's a story, I'm not the only one that does it," he said.
But, Republicans don't just hate black people (although the Elena Kagan hearings show Republicans hate even dead black persons) they hate everyone who doesn't own their own jet.

John Boenher wants Americans to work until 70. Now the only reason Americans live that long is the long hard slough Liberals fought; for benefits, health care, reduced working hours and non-slave wages. And Republicans fought against those measures every time. And are still seeking to eliminate them.

If Republicans had their druthers Americans would work from the age 12 to 70 or until you die. Upon reaching 70 Republicans would then have you killed.
No, you're not supposed to retire when you're 55. You sound to me like you are totally capable of still working. People are retiring now at 50 and 55 and so forth when they are still capable of working. According to the tables at 55, you've got 22 years left... ~ Rush Limbaugh, [Crooks and Liars]
The Wealthy have total control over the Republican Party. Remember Don Blankenship, the Massey Energy CEO, owner of the Upper Big Branch mine which killed 29 miners? Blankenship deliberately subverted safety inspections (495 violations in 2009), suggested firing mine supervisors who pointed out unsafe conditions and stopped his mine workers from unionizing. But he knew he couldn't accomplish his plans Coal Production via Dead Miners without having bought Republicans to provide him political cover:
That company’s chief executive, Don L. Blankenship, spent about $3 million in 2004 to defeat an incumbent justice, Warren R. McGraw, a Democrat, and to elect his opponent, Mr. Benjamin, a Republican who is now the court’s chief justice. Mr. Blankenship contributed only $1,000, the statutory maximum, directly to Mr. Benjamin’s campaign. Most of the rest of his spending was on slashing television advertisements opposing Justice McGraw.
The 2010 Republican platform is Death to the Middle Class and Poor and they've listed several planks to their platform: Eliminate the EPA (allow Massey and Don Blankenship kill more Miners and BP kill more Oil Rig Workers and pollute Lake Michigan), steal your Social Security (take that money and TARP it to Wall Street), oppose Mine Safety Legislation, repeal Health Care Reform and deny Americans medical care.

I was worried about the 2010 elections and the Republicans taking control of Congress but as the Republicans Platform becomes clearer I'm now more worried about Conservative Terrorists Resorting to the Bullet Box and 2nd Amendment Remedies and Steve King's outright call for terrorism and kidnapping via "Deport A Liberal". Conservatives always resort to violence when thwarted by Democracy and murder low level government workers at the IRS, or assassinate police officers and museum guards.

Whom Will Conservative Terrorists Kill Next [Disaffected and it Feels So Good]
Republicans Love When Miners Die [Disaffected and it Feels So Good]

Monday, June 28, 2010

Chris Henry Victim

Everyone who thought Chris Henry was merely a criminal and a bad person (and conservatives came to that conclusion because of his skin color and their inherent bigotry) were blaming a victim.

West Virginia University doctors have determined via autopsy Chris Henry suffered from chronic traumatic brain injury. Most likely, at some point in his collegiate playing days he suffered a concussion which was undiagnosed or ignored because the game is more important and his repeated playing days exacerbated the injury. Or even worse this type of injury doesn't even have to come from dramatic explosive hits but can come about due to repetitive small impacts, standard football movements and seemingly innocuous plays.

Chris Henry died last year after being thrown from a vehicle during an altercation with his girlfriend. Henry had numerous prior run-ins with the law and with disciplinary problems with the Cincinnati Bengals.

Football destroys both mind and body and leaves players altered and crippled. Future generations are going to view us with the same revulsion we have when we think of the bloody Roman Gladiatorial games, an enthusiastic willingness to allow men harm themselves for sport.

But, football sure makes a lot of money for a lot of people!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Republicans Retard America with deliberate Economic Sabotage

Repubicans are purposefully undercutting reform and economic help in order to win elections.

Sabotage, Obstruct & Retard; This is the Grand Strategy for the GOP. Obstruct the Obama Administration and retard any and all legislation and governmental appointees in the hopes that by making Americans suffer those people will blame Obama and not the Republican bastards who wish nothing but harm to the American People.

But, this should come as no surprise to Americans. Republicans place their Party over the American People and serve the Wealthy. Whatever methods are necessary to regain control of the government and continue their Quest to turn the American People into Slaves they will undertake.

But, even less shocking than Republicans sabotaging the economy is the constant Fascist Fox News Blame the Poor Mantra. Faux and the Republicans supposedly champion the idea of less taxes and less government regulation but to Republicans that only applies to the Wealthy. Republicans want to crush the Poor beneath the Iron Heel of their Jackboots.

And it doesn't even register with their deluded brain dead battered voters.

Fascist Fox tells their voters the Obama Administration has raised their Taxes and Americans are Taxed Enough Already. Yet Sean Hannity and the other Toxic Fox Commentators feign madness and then proclaim the Poor don't pay enough taxes.
And I'm going to tell you one other thing: When did we ever get to a point in America where, we're nearly at the point where fifty percent of Americans don't pay anything in taxes! Nothing! ~ Sean Hannity.
What Hannity and his Asshole Brethren really are trying to do is further divide the Poor and Middle Class. Fascist Fox and the Republicans don't want low taxes for Americans they want no taxes on the Rich and a crushing burden on the Middle Class until they and the majority of Americans are reduced to Penury and Wage slavery to the Wealthy Elite whom the Republicans serve.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Republican Jokers

And now comes the part where I, relieve you, the little people, of the burden of your frail and useless lives. ~ BP Republican Joe Barton*
Joe Barton was right, he doesn't want to live in a country where a corporation that does something legitimately wrong are punished for it*. Republicans believe laws, responsibility for one's actions and repercussions are for the "little people" and they want to ensure Main Street Americans remain impoverished and enslaved.

Republicans at the behest of their Corporate Kleptocratic Masters have employed a Three-Pronged attack on American Labor and the Middle Class for the last 30 years.

By dismantling the industrial base of the Nation and lowering Tariffs the American Manufacturing sector was eliminated as jobs were shipped to Indonesia and other sweat shop countries where labor laws could be violated and "costs" (i.e. money to workers) could be keep down to one notch above complete slavery.

During this time an old tactic was revved up as more and more first generation immigrants came into the country to undercut and further depress wages of Americans born here while taking over segments of the labor market (landscaping, construction, carpentry, cooking, plumbing for instance) because the immigrant workers will work 14 hours with no benefits.

The other tactic which has served Punk Ass Bitch Republicans for decades is to play off the Middle Class and Poor against one another. Republicans reduce taxes on the wealthy and increase them on the Middle and Working Classes, thereby shifting the burden of aiding the poor onto those just above that poverty line. Republicans then go to those Middle Class people and blame their struggles and budget deficits on the poor and unemployed. To that end Republicans "defeated" the Jobs Bill in the Senate 41-57 by hyping up fears of abuse of unemployment benefits in the bill. The Republicans always blame the Poor and unemployed for every ill in America.

Republicans and the Oil-Soaked, Coal-Mining, Bank-Owning Kleptocrats they serve want to destroy the Middle Class so they can re-exert their control on the Political Power of America.

It has been the blood, sweat and tears of Labor and the Liberals push to expand the franchise and that smidgen of voting power in the hands of the formerly oppressed which has created the American Middle Class and caused the American 20th Century, the greatest expansion and flowering of creation, thought and freedom since the Renaissance.

Ultimately, the goal for The Plutocratic Class is to eliminate the Middle Class and force 95% of the American Workers to compete with a pool of worldwide virtual slave labor. Republican Henchmen act as the defenders and police for their Masters as they strive to return America to a state of Kleptocratic Feudalism.

Ayn Rand Paul Wimp [Disaffected and it Feels So Good]

High court reins in prosecutors' use of fraud law [Washington Post]
The Supreme Court on Thursday sharply curtailed prosecutors' use of an anti-fraud law that was central in convicting politicians and corporate executives in many of the nation's most prominent corruption cases.
What this means is if you're willing to commit fraud do it on a colossal corporate scale because the SCOTUS knows you're a Republican and will ensure you get away with it because crime = IOKIYAR.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

AfghanStan McChrystal

This potential finding is exacerbated by the unconfirmed but suspected reports that POTUS and the secretary of the Army might include comments about Corporal Tillman's heroism and his approved Silver Star medal in speeches currently being prepared, not knowing the specifics surrounding his death. - then Lt. Gen Stanley McChrystal's P4 memo to General John Abaziad, as discovered years after Bush used Pat Tillman's death to bolster support for the Phony War on Terror.
Pat Tillman was an atheist, anti-war, read dissident authors, and thought Bush started an illegal war in Iraq. He's a true soldier and patriot and I wonder where all the Tea Party Traitors and Oath Keepers were when Bush was using Tillman's death to further his warmongering?

General Stanley McChrystal was in charge of the Pat Tillman cover-up. He's no Hero. It's possible Stan undertook the cover-up at the behest of the Cheney White House in order to deflect growing anti-war sentiment and to blunt the Abu Ghraib Torture revelations, which had been feverishly approved by Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, and which could have unseated President Bush in 2004.

AfghanStan comes off very badly in the Rolling Stone article: The Runaway General by Michael Hastings. President Obama relieved him of his command for his poor judgement and contempt. Now Stan will be remembered (if at all) in the same breath as Gen George McClellan.

Of course, the tenor amongst the deluded punk ass bitch Right Wing Extremists is one of 'Well, as a General he really shouldn't show such contempt for the C-in-C, but we all know McChrystal is merely expressing the hatred for a kenyan born anti-American muslim terrorist lover' and 'the problem isn't McChrystal's lack of discretion but because he allowed inside an anti-war member of the liberal media'.

However, Barack take a clue, it doesn't matter how forcefully you prosecute the Neo-Con Phony War in Terror, the Right doesn't want the war won but continued forever. They want sustained occupation. Because the peace keeping mission provides them with cover for their true war goals; A Two-Fold Giant Transfer of Wealth. It's what the Republican Party exists for, Theft and Murder. And the Neo-Cons cover their criminal actions with the cry of 'National Interests'. There has never been a more pernicious lie than 'National Interests'.

This "recent" revelation that Afghanistan houses trillions in rare minerals has been known for decades and was one of the rationals the Soviets used to stay during their bloody decade.

COIN in Afghanistan is worthless because AQ aren't in the countryside, The new Afghan Commander General David Petraeus has stated that inconvenient fact. And the Mayor of Kabul Hamid Karzai has no political pull outside of his own eyesight.

The question is will international terrorist organizations use the countryside to train for overseas missions? Maybe but, the more overarching question has always been does our continued presence kill and deter more potential terrorists or create more?

Every few months an Al Qaeda #3 is killed to no apparent value. This is not because the American and ISAF operators are worthless, far from it, it's because the AQ structure isn't undone by eliminating HVTs. AQ3 does not have a line and block OOB under him which is disrupted by his removal, he isn't an Alfred Jodl or J.E.B. Stuart. Killing him dosen't disrupt their organization. AQ3 in Waziristan is not planning an envelopment of Jalalabad or two pronged strike towards Kabul and Mazer-i-Sharif. He's not a ninja or 37th Dan Blackbelt training 50 AQ assassins every year in the arts of lethal hand-to-hand combat, he isn't in Zurich channelling a billion here and a billion there in furtherance of an international plot to destabilize currency or fund an attack.

He's a guy living amongst goat herders in the 15,000 foot tall mountains of Pakistan, AQ have isolated themselves.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Soccer Stinks

And it's not because of the Vuvuzelas...

World Cup Soccer is tedious. Not because of low scoring, there is a constant flow of action, and yes soccer is a fantastic display of muscular and cardiovascular endurance but because every soccer player in the world is a cheater, takes dives and fakes injuries during every game.

Any time a soccer player sees an opponent within in 5 feet of him he takes a spectacular aerial tumble, more impressive than any done by The Flying Wallendas, his arms flailing, legs akimbo, face contorted in pain and misery and then lays upon the field with both hands grasping his knee as though he has torn his ACL, MCL, PCL and dislocated his menscius. It's pathetic and in the age of HD super slow motion multi-camera sports easily captured.

And of course the fans blame the referes for the players bad actions.

Soccer and the World Cup is lame.

USA Soccer won their Group so they move on to the next grouping or something...

Friday, June 18, 2010

Joe Barton and the Republicans War Cry; 'Death to the America! Power to BP!'

"I think the people responsible in the oil spill--the federal government--should take full responsibility for what's happening there," John Boehner, Republican shields BP. "I apologize"- Republican Joe Barton kowtows to Tony Hayward for interrupting his Boating Enthusiasm.

Republicans can't help but show their utter hatred and desire to murder the poor and protect evil Corporations. Republicans defend and succor BP and Halliburton because those Companies kill poor people and there is nothing more lovely in the eyes of Republicans than a dead poor person.

Joe Barton, Steve King, Joe Wilson, Marsha Blackburn, Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin, Haley Barbour and the ImPotentate of the Punk Ass Bitch Republican Party R. Limbaugh get excited and aroused by the sight of dead poor people and environmental destruction.

The Republican Party is using BP, Halliburton and others to murder Americans. They can be no other rational reason the Republican Party has allowed BP to violate with gross impunity all US Environmental Laws for years. And especially under the Disastrous Regime of Dick & W.

Dick Cheney is poised to become the 3rd most dangerous cause of death in America. He's killed more Americans than anything but Cancer and Auto Accidents. I'd say employ Dick Cheney in the War on Terror but we all know he'd never move his quivering pasty chicken hawk ponderous bulk anywhere near a War Zone, he's a Republican after all so he's a Cowardly Murderer.

The Latest BP Gross Violations have superseded their previous reckless violations, in which BP murdered their workers by actively undercutting safety and purposefully violating EPA laws and regulations. BP's reckless behavior stems from the free hand and shielding they have received from The Republican Party and the Bush Cheney Regime.

And now Republicans, Joe Barton, Michele Bachmann, Steve King, John Boehner, Newt Gingrich and the rest of the Republican Punk Ass Bitches can't fall over themselves fast enough to defend BP and Murder Americans.

Update June 21:
Republicans and Conservatives hate America so much that they will impeach The American President for holding a Foreign Company (BP) accountable for the reckless Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill. [Is Obama's BP Shakedown an Impeachable Offense? - American Thinker]

The Fascists at Faux News have called the Gulf Oil Spill 'Obama's Iranian Hostage Crisis'. I could go along with that because once again the Republicans are allied and negotiating with a Foreign Power to the detriment of the American people.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Republican Goverance: Enslave, Oppress or Murder

The Republicans believe they will be resurgent in the 2010 elections.

If so it's because the Republicans use 3 Overarching Strategies;

1st they attempt to Enslave Americans for example by scaring them about 'Teh Gays' or Terrorism or pretending to be big-time War Heroes when every Republican is a lying Chicken Hawk or Coward or by suddenly becoming fiscally conservative when they don't have control.

If the person resists Enslavement Republicans attempt to Oppress them, this they usually accomplish by removing their voting rights or destroying organizations like ACORN which aid the poor.

And if Enslavement and Oppression doesn't work Republicans Murder people who won't accept their Hegemonic Dominance. Usually by starting Phony Wars on Terror, or through the undercutting of safety protocols and regulations on their Plutocratic Masters and by ignoring Corporate Malfeasance as they have done again and again in the Oil and Coal Mining Industries. Republicans allow Working Class and Poor People to die whenever possible because after all while the Workers and Poor may be Americans they aren't Republicans.

Republicans place Party over Principle and Elections over Ethics.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Mighty Black Hawks

The Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup.

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It was fantastic being downtown when the Hawks won. Michigan Ave was, of course, a mob zone for hours. But, the best thing about the Game 6 victory was watching the crestfallen Flyers fans slow realization that their team of brutes and cheats had lost and watching their tasteless booing as they saw a classy teams' celebration.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sarah Palin is Smart, Barack Obama is Dumb

As part of the Conservative Alternate Reality, The Right's Toxic Commentators have spent hours proclaiming Obama is not intelligent. And while this is easily dismissed by his eloquent speeches and distinguished academic career there is something to it.

President Obama made a huge stupid mistake upon taking office, which he has, sadly, compounded daily during his Presidency. Obama believed the Republicans care about America, they don't. Republicans only care about enslaving and killing Americans.

Anyone and everyone in the United States and the World who has heard a Republican speak or read their speeches realizes Republicans care only about killing people and stealing money.

Republicans are wickedly smart. The Republican Platform consists entirely of schemes designed to entrench, defend and succor the Plutocratic Control of America. Everything they espouse or proclaim to believe in is secondary to their primary purpose the Enslavement and Oppression of 99% of America and The World.

And President Obama stupidly did not recognize this fact.

On the otherside, Sarah Palin is so actively ignorant she can't name a single Founding Father of America, other than "All of 'em". But, what she can do is brilliantly enact The Neo-Con Slash and Burn script handed to her. She'll say and do whatever they want her to do because they pay her well enough. And while the Republicans rain a golden shower onto Sarah the Grifter with millions of dollars, it's a pittance to the Trillions the Republican Party has stolen from the American People and the World.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ayn Rand Paul Wimp

John Galt never cried even when he was being Water Boarded (i.e. tortured). Galt not only had the wherewithal to retain his thought processes he used them to cause the torturers to flee in terror.

But Rand Paul hasn't even "won" a general election and he's already crying about the Liberal Media Talking to him.

How is Rand Paul going to battle Al Qaeda when a Rachel Maddow confrontation leaves him blubbering and sputtering? How is Rand Paul going to destroy the Federal Reserve when MSNBC makes him cry and retreat? How's he going to defend himself against the Washington DC's Illegal Initiation of Force when he can't even make it through a Neil Cavuto interview without whining?

The Clownish Chicken Hawk Tom Tancredo looked positively manly in comparison when he ran away from Markos Moulitsas.

Of course, Rand Paul is the perfect Ayn Rand Objectivist as he is a fake Doctor, who hates the common man, loves slavery and will work tireslessly to defend and enthrone Corporate Monsters as the Controllers of America.