Sunday, June 27, 2010

Republicans Retard America with deliberate Economic Sabotage

Repubicans are purposefully undercutting reform and economic help in order to win elections.

Sabotage, Obstruct & Retard; This is the Grand Strategy for the GOP. Obstruct the Obama Administration and retard any and all legislation and governmental appointees in the hopes that by making Americans suffer those people will blame Obama and not the Republican bastards who wish nothing but harm to the American People.

But, this should come as no surprise to Americans. Republicans place their Party over the American People and serve the Wealthy. Whatever methods are necessary to regain control of the government and continue their Quest to turn the American People into Slaves they will undertake.

But, even less shocking than Republicans sabotaging the economy is the constant Fascist Fox News Blame the Poor Mantra. Faux and the Republicans supposedly champion the idea of less taxes and less government regulation but to Republicans that only applies to the Wealthy. Republicans want to crush the Poor beneath the Iron Heel of their Jackboots.

And it doesn't even register with their deluded brain dead battered voters.

Fascist Fox tells their voters the Obama Administration has raised their Taxes and Americans are Taxed Enough Already. Yet Sean Hannity and the other Toxic Fox Commentators feign madness and then proclaim the Poor don't pay enough taxes.
And I'm going to tell you one other thing: When did we ever get to a point in America where, we're nearly at the point where fifty percent of Americans don't pay anything in taxes! Nothing! ~ Sean Hannity.
What Hannity and his Asshole Brethren really are trying to do is further divide the Poor and Middle Class. Fascist Fox and the Republicans don't want low taxes for Americans they want no taxes on the Rich and a crushing burden on the Middle Class until they and the majority of Americans are reduced to Penury and Wage slavery to the Wealthy Elite whom the Republicans serve.


Silverfiddle said...

Excellent rant! All that's left are the pogroms and the breaking glass.

Is there a brown shirt in your closet?

Every regime needs useful idiots and an invented villain to focus their dull-witted attention.

Grung_e_Gene said...

"Every regime needs useful idiots and an invented villain to focus their dull-witted attention." Ahh Silverfiddle you shouldn't be so upset with yourself! How could you know Karl Rove liked to stick it to you and make you vote for the privilege of your own bondage?

Just make sure to follow the 10 steps of Conservative Purity and make a post about how much you hate Obama and your traffic of bigots, chicken hawks, cowards and punks (the core of the conservative movement) will laud you!

Silverfiddle said...

I'm disappointed... you left out punk ass bitches!

Grung_e_Gene said...

Silverfiddle you already know what republicans are though you choose to ignore their malfeasance because, because... hmmm... I don't know why you side with criminals and cowards...

Just promise me after the Teabaggers are subordinated in 2010 and Obama wins again in 2012 you won't be involved in the beer hall putsch and the conservative insurrection, okay?

Silverfiddle said...

Gene, the difference between you and me is that I view ALL politicians dimly, so just "the other side."

You and your liberal confreres correctly identify two sides, but you make the mistake of believing it conservatives against dems. It's not. It's We The People versus the moneyed-ruling class.

You just happen to like your tyranny democrat-flavored.

Silverfiddle said...

Oh, and I celebrated the Supreme Court reaffirming our right to keep and bear arms by capping off a shit load of rounds yesterday while blaring Metallica.

God Bless America!

* - I'm heading back to Southern Illinois to visit kinfolk who haven't yet managed to escape that collapsing liberal house of cards... You're more up north, right? I hate to think what would happen if I were stopped by you... ;)

Grung_e_Gene said...

"It's We The People versus the moneyed-ruling class.

You just happen to like your tyranny democrat-flavored."

Precisely, it's We the People the working classes! And whom do the republicans serve? Who do they apologize to? Who do they fool by pretending to be war heroes and moral pillars?

I will never forgive the republican party for the Bush Cheney years and the wars they foisted upon us which are still fucking the country over. Never.

And the Democrats aren't perfect but ill side with the group that occasionally does good for the poor and less well off and not with the politicians who invoke Hitler on the house floor and take about "gathering their armies" or send out emails with watermelons on the white house lawn...

And, that SC ruling was Chicago specific and it doesn't touch Illinois UUW laws. So... okay???

ran said...

That SC ruling was a victory for Big Government. It incorporated the 2nd amendment. The Federal government didn't originally have the power to apply the Bill of Rights to state and local governments...they left that decision to the states. Since the 14th amendment was enacted, amendment by amendment has one by one been forced to apply to the states. Each time they do it, it's a victory for a big Federal government and a defeat for the 10th amendment and the idea of Federalism. To be for the SC decision means supporting Federal encroachment of state's rights.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Again Ran! Rational discourse and pointing out rank hypocrisy won't win you any debates. The tighter you make your arguments the more the crazies will slip through you fingers(*).

It is he that yells loudest or has the best looking ObamaHitler sign or straps on the most leg holsters on that shall win debates...

But, nonetheless... When the poor don't pay taxes this is an outrage and the cause of the debt. When the rich don't it's a firm commitment to the natural order of heaven and supply-side jesus.

Basically anything which conforms to conservative preconceived notions is good and constitutional anything which doesn't is a violation of state's rights, the fault of activist judges who wrongly view the constitution as a living document...

ran said...

"Basically anything which conforms to conservative preconceived notions is good and constitutional anything which doesn't is a violation of state's rights, the fault of activist judges who wrongly view the constitution as a living document..."

That is probably the most accurate statement you've ever posted. Otherwise, everybody cheering the SC ruling would be yelling at all those states that filed a lawsuit against Obama's health care plan.

TRUTH 101 said...

I want to be either a secular humanist or welfare sucking hobo driving a cadillac and eating steak every night. Where are these people the right wing claims to be that I may join them Silverfish?

Grung_e_Gene said...

Truth They're Everywhere you just aren't looking hard enough!
-They're manning FEMA Concentration Camps!
-They're rounding up White People's Guns!
- They're secretly infiltrating Tea Parties and making Teabaggers look stupid with carrying Nazi Obama Hitler Signs!
- They're secretly replacing Sarah Palin speeches with references to Reagan's time at school in Eureka California instead of Eureka Illinois!
- They're conducting SEAL missions to sabotage Deepwater Horizion and make oil drilling look bad!

The Republican know the TRUTH! The Poor are responsible for all of societies ills! Well and the Gays too!

Silverfiddle said...

Actually, this ruling simply reaffirms the 14th Amendment, which says that the bill of rights applies to the states as well.

The constitution is an instruction to the federal government from the states telling it how to constitute itself and what it can do.

Post-slavery, they incorporated the bill of rights to protect the rights of all Americans, especially newly freed slaves.

The language you guys use reveals that you believe our rights come from the constitution and the federal government is the boss. Wrong. Wrong.

Grung_e_Gene said...

"The language you guys use reveals that you believe our rights come from the constitution and the federal government is the boss. Wrong. Wrong."

Finally! Finally you post something coherent which can be debated.

- Where do our rights come from?
- How does each person receive them?
- Can a person lose those rights?
- Does everyone on the planet have the same rights?
- Is there a finite list, an infinite list, or an evolving list of rights?
- How do we resolve a conflict of rights?

Silverfiddle said...

Your rights come from God, or from natural law, if you prefer. You own your own body and your own property. Your right to swing your fist ends at someone else's nose.

We all have the same rights, but violating someone else's rights can cause you to lose your own. Here's a quick check to see if it is a natural right: Does it cost someone else something? Then it is not a right.

The US Constitution is an instruction document from the states to the Federal Government telling itself how to conduct its business. It protects our rights, not grant them.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Well. No two peoples' thoughts on god are exactly the same. So there are a billion different christian gods out there. And how do we know these rights? Do they emanate from god like manna from heaven? Did "he" hardwire the rights into our genes? But anyway the christian god is as fake as Quetzalcoatl, Thor, supply side jesus and allah and doesn't exist.

What is natural law? How do we know what it is? Common sense is an uncommon virtue.

Nice job trying to sneak property in there. But by your own definition it's not a right. The big problem is most if not all property was acquired by force. Americans of european descent have only been in america for 500 years. That property was taken from others and most of the wealth of America was built on the backs of black slave, irish indentured servant, chinese worker labor (and other immigrants) and passed down. The Bootstrap myth is exactly that a myth to keep the poor from rising up.

Silverfiddle said...

I apologize. I thought you actually knew something about this. God has nothing to do with it, which is why it is called Natural Law and not God's Law.

We know natural law through the light of reason.

Congratulations, through your logic, you've just invalidated the entire order of the world, since any given piece of property was "stolen" from someone else.

So give the US back to the Indians? I thought we stole it from the Mexicans? Which tribes do we give it back to? What if the tribe we gave it back to stole if from some other tribe? Then we're giving it to the wrong people.

As for giving the land back to Mexico. Do we give it to the country or do we try to return it to the families that owned it? What if the original families still own that land but became American citizens when we "stole" the land? Now who does it belong to?

BTW, what I have just described applies to every area of the world. How do you propose to sort all that out?

Property right is a fundamental right. Your body is your property, and those who enslave others are violating natural law.

You need to broaden your reading beyond Howard Zinn and lefty loons and start thinking beyond what the America-hating propagandists tell you.

Grung_e_Gene said...

I decline your apology, it was offered in the usual conservative manner with hate and bile.

Natural law... Ok, which natural law tenets are we bound by, since you now purport that right's don't come from god and by inference admit there is no ineffable perfect truth.

How do we know what natural law is? Are these tenets known a priori or a posteriori? Do we have more rights than our ancestors? Once found or discovered are they then fixed for all time? By what mechanism do we safeguard rights for children and those of diminished mental capacity?

Also I'm going to ignore your land redistribution plan. I did not propose a fix. You added that in because your favorite argument technique is: Strawman.

To wit: Western Hero: Chinese and Russian Communism, Italian and German Fascism, and the US Progressive movement embodied in FDR's new deal and Johnson's great society. Millions slaughtered is equivalent to a progressive income tax and rights for black people. You are cheap and tawdry.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Also I can't get the awesome image of supply side jesus, during the sermon of the mount stating, the right to bear arms is written into the heart of every man via the divine spark...

and when the disciples look askew supply side jesus states, ah perhaps the world is not ready for that truth...

Silverfiddle said...

You are willfully obtuse. I am not a professor. Go google natural law. It is a body of thought that goes back to the Greeks.

Contrary to what you've stereotyped it as, it is also anti-slavery, and anti-war, since no one has the right to attack another or take another's property.

Obviously, good toadie that you are, you believe our rights come from the government. History shows this to be folly.

Your last paragraph shows that you cannot follow a logical argument and enjoy taking things out of context.

The subject at my blog, Gene, was Centrally Planned economies, and Hayek's theory, proved through empirical evidence, that social control must inevitably follow economic control. (THINK LOCALLY, ACT GLOBALLY! GO GREEN!)

Communism, Democratic Socialism, fascism, and American Progressivism all require social control.

Constitutional Republicanism, as envisioned by the founders, requires that people not coerce each other, and that the federal government confine itself to the duties enumerated in the constitution.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Natural Law has a long a varied history fraught with conflicts and different interpretations.

You simply don't know or can't figure out where your view on inherent right's stems from though you are sure it's not from government. So, ok at least you've figured that out.

And its in your post were you hilariously equate FDR and Hitler. There is no context for claiming liberals are Mussolini or Mao or Stalin or Hitler as your petulant image with President Obama and FDR inserted amongst them illustrates.

As to the Constitution there is a process clearly detailed in it which tells "our posterity" how to amend it in Article V.

Clearly the Founders viewed the Document as changeable (mayhap Living) and the powers and rights of states (with some enumerated cases) as variable when necessary and proper.

TRUTH 101 said...

The government protects our rights.

I think I had this conversation with you ar someone before anyway SF. Your position is an advocation of anarchy in hopes everyone will behave himself.

You are naive and deluded.

Silverfiddle said...

"As to the Constitution there is a process clearly detailed in it which tells "our posterity" how to amend it in Article V.

Clearly the Founders viewed the Document as changeable (mayhap Living) and the powers and rights of states (with some enumerated cases) as variable when necessary and proper."

YES! If you want to grant everyone a right to a "living wage" a house and health care, then amend the constitution!

FDR was not Hitler. He was a great president who brought us through a very dark period.

My quarrel is not personal, it is economic and social. Central planning does not work, just as no-holds-barred anarchy also fails.

Our constitution is a voluntary pact among the peoples of the various states. It is a balancing act and a trade-off. We have become unbalanced.

Grung_e_Gene said...

The Necessary and Proper Clause.

However, spending is out of control but the majority of the budget in the 21st century has gone to the DoD and to maintain our Overseas Empire and Phony War on Terror. 3 Trillion at leasst was alloted to the DoD during the Conservatives control of Congress. And it's not slowing under President Obama.

Silverfiddle said...

And I agree with you that this spending is a problem.