Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sean Taylor and Media Focus

A man named Sean Taylor was shot and killed. I am not happy about his untimely death.

I think the accounts which have chalked this murder up to a random burglary are discounting several key pieces of potential evidence. Taylor's father is an ex-police chief, which could easily provide motive for someone and the previous break-in at Taylor's home when a knife was left on his bed (a knife on the pillow was the warning of the Society of Assassins). Additionally, Taylor did have a criminal past including several incidents involving guns.
As an tribute the NFL has announced every player in the league will wear a #21 decal on their helmet.

However, I am puzzled and dismayed by the coverage from the news media. Could anyone at ESPN or the Washington Redskins name a soldier or marine who has died in Iraq? Do they even care?

Another 40 troops dead in November? Oh well.

But, the death of a man who can run fast and tackle people, who has been arrested for agravated assault with a firearm? Hell we need non-stop coverage!

Thursday, November 22, 2007


So, everyone knows about the poor Saudi who is going to get 200 lashes and 6 months in jail for being raped and then having the temerity to speak out about the case.

Well, that's what happens when you all bronze age thinking to dominate your society. According to the Saudi Rulers and the clerics, she committed a SIN.

The sad thing is SIN does not exist. Religious leaders and others in authority have used SIN for centuries to control the masses. SIN should be defined as something Those in Power dislike.

The problem arises because throughout all ures some behaviors, and Theft for example, are universally prohibited. While others, eating pork or refraining from using a high, luxurious bed are not. That is because basic morality preceeded religion by thousands of years.

This is why Authoritarians have always flocked (groan) to religion. Religion allows them to impose their views upon others and to deflect all criticism by pointing to a holy book or tablet.

But, what do I know? As the Next United Statesian President Mike Huckabee keenly pointed out, "Science changes with every generation and with new discoveries and GOD doesn't."

Thinkprogress is so awesome I have to link the phone call from God, Mike Huckabee received in 2004. There is no stronger evidence GOD is on the side of the Republicans. If anyone out there is thinking of not voting for Huckabee you'd better reconsider voting against GOD!

Thursday, November 15, 2007


Morbid thoughts and death surround so many service members these days that the CBS news revelation veterans are killing themselves is not surprising to me. It comes down to how vets are treated. The criminal Cheney/Bush Regime knows so little of war, paying bills, real life, sacrifice, hardships and honor. Service members are nothing to them but faceless, soul less little wooden tokens from a game of RISK.

In there minds as long as we have more tokens in play in Iraq than the "bad guys" we are winning.

And if you have to remove a few thousand tokens as Killed In Action. Big deal! There are thousands more to replace them. No need to visit any funerals no need to show any compassion to the families you've destroyed, just give'em a coin for the son's life.

Friday, November 9, 2007


So, due to starting a new job, which required out-of-town training, I've been unable to give my blog any real attention.

And while I'm going to continue to point out the evils of the War in Iraq, the blatant war profiteering by this criminal Administration and the ignorance, pure hypocrisy, insanity and cowardice of the Chickenhawk War Supporters I plan to add some other topics which interest me.