Thursday, November 15, 2007


Morbid thoughts and death surround so many service members these days that the CBS news revelation veterans are killing themselves is not surprising to me. It comes down to how vets are treated. The criminal Cheney/Bush Regime knows so little of war, paying bills, real life, sacrifice, hardships and honor. Service members are nothing to them but faceless, soul less little wooden tokens from a game of RISK.

In there minds as long as we have more tokens in play in Iraq than the "bad guys" we are winning.

And if you have to remove a few thousand tokens as Killed In Action. Big deal! There are thousands more to replace them. No need to visit any funerals no need to show any compassion to the families you've destroyed, just give'em a coin for the son's life.

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OYE said...

President Bush and everyone he cares about do not personally know any enlisted servicemember or junior officer, those most at risk in combat.

That's why they don't care: They don't have to.