Saturday, May 28, 2022

Texas Republicans: Fuck Them Kids!

“What are we going to do about assault rifles?” Mr. Trump asked.
“Not a damn thing,” Mick Mulvaney, Acting chief of staff, replied.  Reportedly Trump asked this after the 2019 El Paso Mass Shooting.  Even spirochete-addled Trump understood there is no reason to have AR-15s strewn about the country and Gun Control was a necessary and correct response. 
It hasn't even been a month since Republicans took to Faux News and every platform available to declare their unbreakable devotion to the Sanctity of Life.

Besides shooting kids themselves, I don't know what else Republicans have to do and say to prove to you that they don't give a fuck about kids. Don't give a fuck how many people die brutal, painful deaths from gunfire.  Don't give a fuck if one of their 2nd Amendment Heroes shoots kids in the face; because up until he pulls that trigger he's a lawful gun owner.  Republicans DON'T GIVE A FUCK and won't do ANYTHING as they attempt to deflect and run out the clock on the latest AR-15 Massacre.

It's always interesting (as well as infuriating) to see what excuse and deflection Republicans will adopt to defeat gun control.  After Uvalde, Republicans are invoking 911 and making an analogy to securing the schools like we secured the cockpits.  As well as the ridiculous one door in and out and having multiple armed Officers on scene.  Turning schools into prisons. It's always been a dream of Republicans to destroy public education and reinstitute child labor as well as being an added bonus of removing the "pipeline" in the Republican School-to-Prison pipeline.

The two latest spectacular mass shootings are directly tied to Republican Policies, Republican rhetoric, and Republican laws; so Republicans responded Fuck Them Kids...

Republicans don't care.  Republicans aren't going to do anything to stop or curb Gun Violence.  

In response to 21 deaths, Ted Cruz said,
"Why is it that people come from all over the world to America?
Because it’s the freest, most prosperous, safest country on earth."
And then Ran Away...
"I hate to say it, but there are more people who are shot every weekend in Chicago than there are in schools in Texas,” Texas Chief Executioner Greg Abbott said.
Chicago!!! Chicago!!! Chicago!!! The immediate and most often used response every time a mass shooting occurs.  It's a shorthand which encompasses so many rightwing shibboleths about the guns.

Republicans always respond that gun laws don't work.  Now, if this was true "Governor" Greg Abbott wouldn't have spent the last 7 years of his Governorship signing legislation to ensure guns can proliferate across Texas.  But, Abbott during his despicable tenure as governor has cut funding for mental health and loosened all restrictions to limit the spread of firearms.  At this point I'm sure some "smart" gun nut will invoke Natural Law and "Negative Rights" as though this was a frosh policy course endnote real life and death but, as Jeremey Bentham noted centuries ago Security is what matters in society and Natural Rights/Law is nonsense.  

But, of course Republicans actually don't give a shit about real justifications or a fundamental legal grounding for their lock-step support for the unfettered proliferation of firearms.  Everything in the Modern GOP is about the exercise of raw power and the Owning of the Libs.  It's why the GOP and NRA gleefully held their annual meeting in Houston, Texas.  Republicans DON'T GIVE A SHIT about gun violence and gun deaths.

Friday, May 27, 2022

The Assassination of 21 Uvalde residents by the Coward Texas Police Officers (Defund the Police)

"If they are going to start this, they cannot expect us to sit silently while they try to strip our Second Amendment rights," In response to the latest Gun Massacre in America, Florida Republican Representative Randy Fine justifies threatening to assassinate President Biden as Republicans continue to descend into Pure Fascism.

The Copaganda Narrative of Uvalde has fallen apart.  The timeline of events does not correspond at all with the bullshit narrative Police, Authorities, and Texas Republicans first presented.  This whole thing is fucking unbelievable.  The shooter was outside firing rounds for 12 minutes prior to entering the school.  The Officers saw him enter and followed but were repulsed by superior firepower.  At this point once you have eyes in the shooter or once you know his location from the gunfire you are receiving you must maintain contact to keep his location fixed.  Yes, I'm sorry Boys you're going to get shot at with rifle rounds.  But!  Don't fret!  I hear from gun nuts on-line all the time that an AR-15 is just a 22!  A pea-shooter!  

Instead the Officers retreated, lost containment and waited an hour for the more heavily armed QRF to respond.  A fucking hour! 

The entire incident appears to be a mixture of sheer incompetence and pure cowardice.  The stories coming out of dithering, of handcuffing parents, of other Texas Deputies going into the school and retrieving their children, of incompetent attempts to reach students hiding and exposing them to the school shooter.

David Simon said in the film The House I Live In, that the War on Drugs and the Police State associated with it, could claim to be worth it if, we also had safety and security but, we don't.  So, instead we get the dehumanization of America from the War on Drugs in addition to the tyrannical authoritarianism of a fascist internal police.

The same is true with the bloated Police budgets and obsequious fealty Police Departments demand.  It might be worth it, to bow and scrape, and pay police exorbitant overtime pay for safety and security but, instead Police Budgets take away from other more vital services which can better address the issues facing society and because of the Republican policy of flooding the Nation with 400,000,000 easily obtainable firearms we have no safety and no security.

And I'm not even talking about the payouts for egregious violations of law and misconduct just the amount of money dedicated to keep the precious feeling of The Cowardly Thin Blue Line from being hurt when Police are criticized for gross misconnection, law breaking, and violations of rights.

40% of Uvalde's city budget goes to the Police Department.  They have a SWAT equivalent team.  This would be a great time to talk about Defunding the Police, but right now rightwing media would love nothing more than to change the subject to violence in Democrat Run cities and disgusting Republican slobs like Sarah Suckabee Sanders could get on Faux News and say Chicago Chicago Chicago!!!

"I think if you look to Chicago, where you had over 4,000 victims of gun-related crimes last year, they have the strictest gun laws in the country. That certainly hasn’t helped there." Suckebee Sanders after the Las Vegas Mass Shooting in 2017

And I haven't even mentioned the concerted conservative on-line disinformation campaign by Candeath Owens and other rightwing influencers. using random pictures of innocent Transgender women "Sam" from Georgia and others to deflect, distract and, delay in order to run out the clock on gun control efforts and stoke the fires of anti-trans bigotry which conservatives will employ for the next mass shooting.

I know Greg Abbott, Dan Patrick, Ken Paxton, Ted Cruz, John Cornyn are shameless and have no compunction about giving these petulant interviews oozing bad faith and uncaring sarcasm but how can Texans, tough talking, god-fearing, giant belt buckle wearing, self-reliant frontier folk vote for these slimy fucks?  Has the non-stop GOP rhetoric and propaganda worked that fucking well?  That these doughy, wide-waisted, flabby-assed, cowards are the epitome of Texas?  How can you look at Ted Cruz and go Yep! that's who I want as a Senator!

The Truth is Greg Abbott and the Texas Republicans don't care.  They don't fucking care.  They don't fucking care about this latests mass shooting with Kids and Teachers blown to pieces.  Just like they didn't care about the last mass shooting in Texas.  And just like they won't fucking care about the next mass shooting in Texas.  And why should they?  Playing tough guy, helping to flood Texas with guns, and ignoring gun violence has made them rich and powerful.  They get to talk tough and scream at Beto O'Rourke and then laugh at Liberal Tears because of Guns.

The sad truth is I expect the Faux News spun propaganda and righting on-line discourse to turn to those cowardly Cops failed to do their job!  If those Cops had done the easy brave thing, this never would have happened, and our theory of Guns making people safer would still be 100% correct.  Also anyway the Democrats are to blame! 


I understand why Republicans like Randy Fine, threaten the President of the United States in service to their masters the NRA (the need the power, influence, and money of the NRA to win elections) but why does Mitt Romney with his bullshit holier-than-thou sanctity of life not break with the Gun Lobby?  He doesn't need their money.  Why doesn't Susan Concerned Collins break and support Gun Control?  She doesn't need the rightwing propaganda machine to win elections.  No, what the lock-step Republicans deference and obedience to the NRA shows is there are NO Moderate Republicans.  The Republican Party is a wholly Fascist Organization which rapidly advancing on the prospect of subjugation and wholesale murder of millions of Americans.

Thursday, May 26, 2022

The Revenge of the Thin Blue Line 22: School's Resource Officers are out for Summer


"You have no idea what it's like to be a coward." (Duet- DS9 1993) 

Cowardice is a very strong charge.  But, I don't know what to make of the Officers inability or lack of understanding at what was going to happen at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas.  But, reading this report from parents and on-lookers screaming at the assembling Officers to, "Go in There! Go in There!" leaves a lump in my stomach and makes me want to just walk in and quit tomorrow.

The School Resource Officer (SRO) Program has been a monumental failure.  I'm not just talking about the failure of the Officers involved in the latest mass murder school shooting but, the execution and whole scope of the program itself.

First and foremost, FUCK YOU TED CRUZ schools shouldn't have to be hardened into Super Max Prisons in order for We, the People to have any piece of mind yet as you listen to every proposal by conservatives they refuse to address the reason for school shootings (i.e. the proliferation of easily obtainable firearms and the Republican refusal to enforce any restrictions on the sale or purchase of firearms).  Disgusting fat slimy fuck Ted Cruz went on and on and on about fucking doors as the culprit in the Mass Shooting.  As if rightwingers didn't demonstrate on January 6th that Rightwing Terrorists can easily go through windows too.

The Republican playbook after these shootings remains the same; set up an alternate cause, it used to be mental health or video games, today's excuse is "doors".  Then obfuscate and deflect and run out the clock.  In a week or two, the public will be distracted by the price of gas or baby formula and Republicans can cash their latest check from the Russian Intelligence Services funneled to them through the NRA.

Republicans not only refuse to adopt common sense already proven gun laws to reduce gun violence in America they also refuse to enforce the laws already in existence.  It's part and parcel of the Republican two-step with guns wherein they get to claim gun laws don't work (Look at Chicago, they always scream) while also purposely undermining the those gun laws so they can claim they don't work.

I've read the two Officers exchanged gunfire and then lost contact with Ramos eventually, a Border Patrol Ofc went inside and shot the killer.  Contradicting earlier reporting Ramos wasn't wearing body armor, wasn't confronted and responding officers apparently cowered and dithered outside for 40 minutes as Ramos executed 21 people. Unlike, rightwing fantasies of gunplay when real bullets fly prudence does demand you seek cover but, you can not allow this as a responding Officer you've got to go in IMMEDIATELY.  Now, I'm not as base and vile as Ted Cruz or the other elected Republicans, I understand that going up against Ramos is almost certain death, AR-15 vs. handgun, but why don't rank and file Police understand what their predecessors knew?  I.e. More Guns = More Gun Violence Q.E.D.  

Republican gun policies have ensured Officers are going to be outgunned initially and letting the Firearm Industry flood the Nation with high-powered, easily obtainable weapons is not freedom.  It is not liberty.  It is not Lawful.  It is a Murder-Suicide Pact.  Police Departments, by their very nature tend to be conservative, but, why have Officers by and large moved into the Reactionary framework of the MAGA mindset?

For one, Use of Force training for Police has completely warped their minds.  Villainous psycho Dave Grossman has taught a whole slew of Officers to be trigger happy and expect an ambush at a moment's notice leading to too many Officers acting as though their daily routine patrol is a convoy in fucking Fallujah.  This heightened danger mode and constant fight or flight response is a stress that the human body can not tolerate. 

SROs are nothing more than a way to introduce state violence onto juveniles, especially and overwhelmingly on minorities, at an early age.  Additionally, as rightwing anti-tax bullshit continues to put a squeeze onto communities, Departments and municipalities have increasingly turned to School Officers to extract money from families and overwhelmingly Police target minorities.  Often because white parents always, always, always put a stink if their child is to be ticketed.

Juveniles shouldn't be subjected or treated to police enforcement in this manner.  Fortunately, last July my Governor JB Pritzker and the Illinois legislature outlawed lying to juvenile suspects during interviews and interrogations especially the classic tactic of claiming you have evidence when you do not.  A time worn tactic to elicit a confession.  This was illustrated in The Wire when Bunk and the Detective Lieutenant fool the black juvenile suspect with a copy machine pretending it's a lie detector and the Cops wondering "How many years you figure we been doin' this same shit?" Another replies, "20 at least".  

Of course, perhaps even worse than the use of Police against Juveniles the image that made the rounds on Twitter was of all the schools in which a School Resource Officer failed to stop the shooter.  I don't know if it's wholly accurate but, it does reflect reality of unrestricted gun violence in America.  Police Officers are seen routinely killing unarmed black people on video and seemingly never stopping mass shooters. 

"But you’re not black,” the Cobb County Lt. Greg Abbott interrupted. “Remember, we only kill black people. Yeah, we only kill black people, right? All the videos you’ve seen, have you seen any white people get killed?”

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

As a former School Resource Officer I have 3 words for Ted Cruz, Greg Abbott, Ken Paxton, Dan Patrick and the Republican Party

"We know what does prevent crime... which is...
going after those with serious mental illness," Ted Cruz


You slimy fat cowardly fucks.  Look Republicans don't GIVE A FUCK how many kids or teachers died.  They don't care.  They aren't going to do ANYTHING. At all.  Republicans DON'T GIVE A FUCK.  Allying with the NRA has strengthened Republicans across the country, the influx of money from Russia and Vladimir Putin has just been a nice bonus.

Once again, the ONLY plan Republicans have when faced with the murderous consequences of the proliferation of guns Republicans have championed and enshrined into Law is too suggest More Guns.

More Guns! More Guns! More Guns!

If more guns made people safer, war zones would be the safest places in the World.

I'm not even going to get into the SRO program and how states like Texas have used Police Officers in schools as a way to extract money from children and to bully and harass minorities.  (That's another post entirely)  But, of course, OF FUCKING COURSE, a Cop in every school is one of the Republicans ridiculous non-solutions to this.  Even though, there were 3 Officers on scene who exchanged gunfire with the murderer.  

Look, I'm not going to denigrate the Deputies or Officers who shot at him.  But, you have to stop him.  You just have too.  You can not let him get inside.  Because this level of slaughter is what happens if you let him get away/inside.  Now, this is a huge ask, in fact it's asking the Officers to lay down their lives because one or more would most certainly have been fatally wounded.

Republican Gun Policies ensures that Officers are going to get shot by these gunmen and Cops are not ready to handle that truth because they've been trained to view non-black people with guns as allies.  But, Republican Gun Legislation is a Fucking Death Sentence for Officers, I wish they'd realize this.

Besides signing an Anti-CRT Law last year, Greg Abbott signed legislation to do away with Texas gun restrictions and to ensure no Federal Gun Laws will be enforced.

And look Conservatives are always cavalier with other peoples' lives.  We witnessed this after Parkland when it was revealed the SRO failed to go in while NRA trained and MAGA Lover Nikolas Cruz shot 34 people, killing 17, and Faux News ran hundreds of hours of programming blaming the Officer and the FBI for the shooting while disgusting fat slob Traitor Trump claimed if only he was there he would have stopped the shooter! If only!!

And in a shameless bit of hypocrisy, Republicans Tailgunner Ted Cruz and Criminal General Ken Paxton also call for arming Teachers.  Mind you Republicans just last week, were claiming Teachers are Groomers and indoctrinating children with CRT and Cultural Marxism.

The brutal truth is Republicans don't care and enjoy when Liberals are upset by these school shootings. Republicans simply don't care except to get mad when their faults are pointed out.  Listen to Republicans screech and holler at Beto O'Rourke.  They are more angry at being "disrespected" and correctly blamed for their failures, than the dead children happening because of their policies.  THEY DON'T CARE.

Anyway I await my village's time in the gun barrel.  I simply hope I have enough presence of mind and fortitude in the moment to face down the shooter.

Republicans are Baby Murdering Rapists who love when children are shot to death

"About a third of our population is African American; African Americans have a higher incidence of maternal mortality. So, if you correct our population for race, we’re not as much of an outlier as it’d otherwise appear,” Senator Bill Cassidy told Politico.  "Correct our Population for race" means let a large amount of black women die from lack of prenatal care.

The GOP is a nihilistic death cult hell bent on turning the United States into a Fascist Theocracy.

One of the greatest tricks the GQP pulled was to get the Corporate Media to accept their framing of issues.  Now, this is a little cooked because the current Media is set up to push the agenda of Billionaires and the Rich, just like the Republican Party but, it's also been a great method of letting Republicans claim that their words are the equivalent of actions.  Republicans claim to be pro-life, heavily invested in patriotism, and with an eye towards liberty.  They say these things but, they don't follow through with actions because they don't have to, the words like prayers are enough to satisfy their followers.

Those Empty Thoughts & Worthless Prayers are also the only thing Republicans have to offer to the families of victims of the latest school shootings.  Republicans offer these things up because it is literally the least they can do but, Republicans know the Corporate Media will treat Thoughts & Prayers as equivalent of action.

Meanwhile, the Republicans are simply running out the clock on the latest mass shooting, knowing their bigoted hardcore followers don't care and the rest of the American people are too distracted in dealing with all the problems Republicans created to address gun violence that hasn't yet affected them.

And the Republicans can count on-line vile lying Rightwingers to spread all sorts of lies and misinformation as Alex Jones and others did with We Have to Talk About Sandy Hook, the way Major Traitor Greene stalked Parkland survivor David Hogg in DC and others claimed he wasn't present.  Already Republicans and conservatives are flooding social media with claims the murderer was Transgender (the latest boogeyman the right is using to undermine and destroy the United States).

The Left (in general) failed to respond because since the 1960s the Left saw conservatives cloak themselves in Flag and God so they ceded these things to the Right because of how repugnant conservatives made the concepts of patriotism and religion.  What the Left did not Not understand, unlike the Unionists in the 1860s did, is the American Flag, patriotism, and religion are things you take back from the Fascists.

And make no mistake that's what the Modern Republican Party is; Fascist.  Deeply.  Thoroughly.  And with a keen eye towards inflicting pain and violence on their True Enemies, Democrats, Liberals, and Progressives.

Elected Republicans wake up in the mid-morning after their coke-fueled deviant orgies and contemplate how they can harm Americans and the Nation.  From the most Hate Filled Republican Senator to the most vile TV newsman, Republicans spend every second of every day making things materially and morally worse for Americans because the Conservative Agenda is to Destroy the United States and replace it with their Neo-Confederate Fundamentalist State.

I could fill this entire post with bizarre, violent, hateful, vile, disingenuous, frightening, menacing social media posts, statements, State Laws, radio broadcasts, and Supreme Court ruling which demonstrate how far Fascist the GOP has descended but, to what point?  The Corporate Media is tasked by their owners and operators with helping to advance the Rightwing Agenda and with making it palatable to the large swath of Americans who can't be bothered or are too frazzled and barely hanging on to vote and organize against the Republican Fascist Death Cult.

And that is what Republicans count on.  By consistently making things materially worse for Americans Republicans know they can then blame their recalcitrant undermining of the Nation on the Democratic Party and be assured the Corporate Media will gleefully adopt rightwing taking points.

Note, the Media freakout over the withdrawal from Afghanistan and the ease which Republicans are all allowed to vote against any Governmental effort to address the baby formula shortage while Republicans still get to claim the mantle of Pro-Life.

It's the same way Republicans get to aid the NRA in flooding the Nation with easily obtainable firearms, while undermining Law&Order but, get to be labeled the Pro-Police Party and defenders of children; the very same children Republicans helped murder in the Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas.  All while blaming the Democratic Party for the damage the Republicans have wrought, as Baby Killer Ted Cruz did in the immediate aftermath.

After the GOP takes control of the House and Senate and enough Governorships through their decades long and time-worn methods of voter discouragement and disenfranchisement; they will have the Governmental edge to outright steal the 2024 Presidential Election and then like all good Fascist Disctatorships will allow the Form to continue even though all elections will be no different than the Saddam Hussein lead Ba'ath Party "democratic" elections.

After the GOP Fascist takeover, the Corporate Media will dutifully carry out their role of hyping the latest Rightwing propaganda and pretending the State of the Nation is the same as it ever was...

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Republican 2nd Amendment Hero murders 14 children and a teacher in Texas (apparently it's 21 total murdered)

"Texans have long cherished the right that was confirmed by the Second Amendment, but conferred by God.” - Greg Abbott 2021 requesting the Injustices of The Supreme Court help expand Gun Violence.

Firstly, Republicans love when children are murdered.

A 18 year old took his SCOTUS approved, Republican mandated, NRA protected, and Christian blessed rifle and murdered 14 children in a Texas Elementary School.  Texas is the Holy Land for Rightwing beliefs (although it will be soon supplanted by Florida) and in Texas the Gun is King, the Gun is Lord.  Children are the sacrifice the Holey Dread Lord Our Moloch requires... (apparently it's up to 21 people murdered so anyone trained in understanding asymmetric warfare can tell you a 21-to-1 ratio is something any terrorist or guerrilla solider will gladly accept and the NRA in their War on the United States of America gladly accepts this ratio of gun deaths to tyrants overthrown (i.e. INFINITE) 

I am 100% certain when Rightwing propagandists heard there was a mass shooting in a Texas School they shouted 'Oh No! Not in Texas! Land of the Gun!!!'  But, then when they heard the shooters name was "Hispanic" conservatives shouted 'Oh Yes! Now we can run with our standard playbook!'

You see after every mass shooting conservatives trot out the same tired gun nut playbook;

  • It's too soon to talk about it! 
  • Don't politicize a tragedy!
  • Gun-Free School Zones are to blame!
  • Thoughts & Prayers...
  • Arm Teachers!  Errr this one may be on the outs since conservatives have transitioned to All Teachers are Groomers instilling CRT and Cultural Marxism...
  • What about Black on Black crime? 
  • CHICAGO!!!
  • Oh and the ever present bad faith people who demand a 5000 word memorandum explaining precisely, exactly how this can be stopped...
This doesn't even cover the list of rightwing mantras they shout after each of these incidents.  Nor does it address the concerted effort conservatives undertake to spread lies and misinformation, create fake social media accounts so they can claim the shooter is a leftist.  This time, it'll be easy for the usual rightwing suspects on Youtube and Faux News, to say the name Salvador Ramos and let their bigoted followers conclude, "It's an Illegal Immigrant invited in by Joe Biden and the Demmycrats are to Blame!!!" (The New York Times coverage had to include a paragraph that while the town Uvlade is near the US-Mexico border most of the people living there have lived in the region for decades).

Police Officers then dutifully engage in their part of the unending drama, by standing around with their ridiculous tactical AR-15's slung in front of them.  Great job guys.

Meanwhile, I'm sure Texas Ted Ralphie Cruz will show his machismo by cooking some more bacon on the end of his a borrowed gun barrel.

What's always important to Republicans after these mass sacrifices is that no gun be made to feel discomfort...  Known Criminal Ken Paxton, wearing his cheapest looking campaign shirt,, took to the airwaves to console every gun and potential mass shooter that don't worry Texas won't inhibit your gun rampage.  Republicans are a Death Cult who have nothing to offer the American People...

Monday, May 23, 2022

Nobody wants to stay in Illinois! Everybody's leaving!!!

You've got to pronounce the title of this post with a long O and exaggerated George Wendt accent to get the full flavor of the midwest rightwing loon.

For years we've heard conservatives excitedly pronounce that people are fleeing Illinois!  (At that Youtube video link is a video from 4 years ago claiming the same thing). You will also hear this statement made about California.  It's been a wish fulfillment mantra for rightwingers to prove Real Americans hate liberal policies and Democratic control of government.

Of course, it's also an untruth.  But, Republicans will never bypass an opportunity to undermine Democracy in their pursuit of destroying the United States and establishing a Neo Confederate Fundamentalist Fascist Ethno-State.

So, while Traitor Trump and his Regime were scheming on overthrowing the Nation in a spectacular Coup d'etat they were also engaged in old school Stalinesque undercounting.

The 2020 U.S. Census undercounted the population of Illinois by almost 2%.

The U.S. Census Bureau originally found that Illinois lost about 18,000 people over the prior decade, which was the first time numbers showed Illinois’ overall population had declined since it joined the union in 1818. But after a follow-up survey— something that happens after each once-a-decade head count of the U.S. population — it discovered the state’s population figures had likely been undercounted. 

Anecdotally, driving around the collar counties rightwing hate talk radio proclaims everyone's fleeing Illinois whilst I see brand new construction of mini McMansion starting at a half million.  

Now, Illinois still loses that Congressional seat, even though we shouldn't have, and even if rightwingers were to address the undercounting, well they'd no doubt simply declare since it's done under President Biden's administration it's fake news.

In 2018, the Chicago Metropolitan Agency of Planning released there 3 year update for the future of the Northeast Illinois Region called ON TO 2050.  Looking over the executive summary pdf this would certainly be classified by CRT by the 2024 DeSantis Administration.

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Bitcoin, Magic Beans, and Ponzi schemes

Bitcoin is a terrible commodity and borderline outright fraud.  Crypto, in toto, is a classic Ponzi Scheme.  Since I took that screenshot of the plummeting Bitcoin price it's gone down another $2000 while also fluctuating wildly.  In addition, there have been several other Crypto implosions and frauds exposing the volatile nature of Crypto, "Oops, Poor Again!" Changpeng Zhao.

I know some people who made "money" via Bitcoin a few years ago.  I always point out that when they speak about the Value of Bitcoin it's described in USD and not of the Crypto itself.  But, they also laud and describe Bitcoin as the harbinger of Utopia, as the panacea which will remove all the evils of globalist bankers and fiat currency and crime associated with money.  I've tried to point out the history for such loaded terms but, when you're a true believer and have made a "profit" from crypto it's trying to reason with an addict.  

As I said, I pointed out that the "profits" my coworkers have made aren't an intrinsic value associated with Bitcoin or Tezos or whichever magic beans they're hawking but, because they've "acquired" other peoples' money.  But, trying to point out that the money they made was other investors losing money doesn't register because The Blockchain can never fail, it can only be failed, as it were....  Of course, so many people have bought into the Rightwing framing that there is no such thing as society (weepy bigot Jordan B. Peterson told them so) so they have no duty to anyone else and besides people are dumb investors anyway (Buy High/Sell Low) so why shouldn't they profit from other peoples' mistakes.

So, trying to get my coworkers to understand that our job as police should be too safeguard society and a government's primary duty is to protect people from rapacious thieves stealing from the untrained, or unsophisticated investors, or the gullible instead falls on deaf ears.  

I seemingly can't get them to understand a group of unscrupulous Tech Bros have concocted a scheme to get people to invest real money while providing them digital chaff.  In my experience, Cops tend to be incredibly credulous about things while lauding themselves as having a fine tuned baloney detection kit.    Of course, we know the Crypto creators quickly transfer real money into their bank accounts.  It's the epitome of a Get Rich Quick Scheme;  Here's how to make money from nothing; gussied up with futuristic (and poorly understood) technobabble, don't worry you're definitely not the mark!

This is part & parcel of the pseudo-libertarian Ayn Randian belief in which everyone else is a mooch and a taker, while I am a great and noble and brilliant singular genius who would never be tossed into the charnel house when Government is done away with by the Powerful.

I don't look forward to these crypto rollercoaster rides because when it does go bust a lot of poor people and pensions are going to be swindled just like when the Bankers Housing Scam burst in 2007.  Of course, enough people have convinced themselves that they will be the last to get out and the other guy is going to be left holding the bag...

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

The Rittenhouse Diaries: Buffalo Chapter Peyton Gendron

False Flag Wendy Rogers

Peyton Gendron is newest 2nd Amendment Hero in the white rightwing pantheon of mass murderers.

Emblazoning his rifle with the names of prior white rightwing Domestic terrorists "Peyton" live streamed murdeing elderly black people after having been trained by the non-stop Republican racist agitprop about the "Great Replacement" theory.

Already there are thousands of articles on how could this happen?  What drove young Peyton to this?  But... we know how this happened. 

Republicans have primed their rightwing domestic terrorists with non-stop violent rhetoric and propaganda so, these "lone wolves" keep engaging in acts of terror.  A member of The Tucker & Trump Terror cells paid a visit to Buffalo where the white teenager terrorist, killed 10 people and wounded 3 more.  Peyton was radicalized and recruited into Rightwing Terrorism during his formative high school years under the Trump Presidency.

Yes, Peyton alone murdered elderly black people but, make no mistake this is the doing of Fox News and on-line fascist hate groups and, Rightwingers are fucking ecstatic about their newest 2nd Amendment Hero.  

But, Rightwing Propagandists know they have to sow confusion, claim the incident is a False Flag, blame the demmycrats, and also produce soundbites to provide to Respectable Media with, to makes them sound reasonable, while they continue to pump out fascist white power propaganda to their rabid racist followers.

And just as they do after every rightwing mass terror incident, like Las Vegas or El Paso, all conservative commentary on-line, on podcasts, YouTube, and their television and radio shows are designed to posit ridiculous theories, deny the genesis of "Peyton's" radicalization and their culpability.  Steven Crowder, Tucker Carlson, Nick Fuentes, Ben Shapiro, Tim Pool, Matt Walsh, Joe Rogan et al know their claims are bullshit but, they are designed to deflrct, to provide cover just as they did after January 6th so conservatives can compartmentalize this violence until the next rightwing terror attack.

Conservatives aren't coming for Us, they are already here and engaging in more and more direct violent action.  They've been Violence perpetrated by young white males who've absorbed Rightwing propaganda is the biggest threat to America today.

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Knocking down Roe and Casey are the first bricks in the Republican Plan to Legalize Rape and Reestablish Slavery

The Pregnancy Police, they come to you in your bed
The Pregnancy Police, they're coming to arrest me
Oh No
“I am the people! I am the people! The people have decided! The court has decided! You lose! Not your body! Not your choice! Your body is mine! You're having my baby!” Men's Rights "FDNY" Guy.

"I tell my daughters, Well if Rape is inevitable to lie back and enjoy it," Republican Robert Regan Michigan 2022

"Well, first of all, again, that's where your heart goes out to them.  But, secondly, I think to your point, the rape and incest exceptions will continue to be a part of the debate. Right now, we do not have rape and incest as exceptions under the Arkansas trigger law, but there's -- I think that will be a part of the debate." - Asa Hutchinson sidesteps question about the No Abortion Law Period he signed way back in April 2021.  But his heart goes out to you women - now carry your Rapists' Baby as the GOP intends.

21st Century Republicans look upon their 19th century forerunners as mistaken and wrong. That is why the 21st century GOP has abandoned everything their ideological ancestors allegedly espoused. Hence while Republicans in the 19th century abolished Slavery, Modern Republicans seek to re-establish it across America.

The Lying Vile 5 Supreme Injustices empowered White Conservatives Rapists who will now have full power and say so over Women's bodies.  And this "decision" hasn't even been codified but, Republican Governors are looking past it and seeking other rights and freedoms they can restrict.  Asa Hutchinson and Tate Reeves couldn't contain the glee on their puffy fat white faces as they thought about undoing Same-Sex Marriage and Birth Control.  Marco Rubio's jug ears were flapping away as he declared his joyous intent to restrict Americans freedom of movement and medical care

Based on Puzzi di Merda Altio's "legal reasoning" conservatives are coming for Us.  Slavery is their goal.  

Right now, 2022 before the midterm elections, It's time to get clever and argue in bad faith.  You can't win an intellectual debate with trolls.  Lying for Jesus indemnifies and indeed cast's The Vile Five's Lies as righteous.

  • So for instance, accept the inerrancy of The Bible and declare; Since all humans are descended from Adam, Therefore all pregnancies are Incest.
  • Adopt Stand Your Ground and state your subjective fear (which is immune to being disproven) for your life means the fetus had to go.

I hope the Democrats understand what's going on here but, I don't think they do.  The Confederacy is Back.  Conservative traitors spent 150 years infiltrating, subverting, and undermining the United States from within and they are now poised to establish the Nation they wanted back in 1861; a repressive Evangelical Slave State dominated by White Men with white woman acting as enforcers.  With Malice towards All Non-MAGA and Charity towards None. 

These laws and pearl clutching about protests in front of The Vile Supreme Injustices house won't protect them.  For gawd's sake January 6th should have taught Democratic representatives that the Republicans will sic their followers upon them; no matter what Law is on the books.

The Bureaucratic Violence The Injustices on the Supreme Court have signaled is okay, in restricting Americans bodily autonomy, is going to be fully embraced by rightwing paramilitary terrorists.  Recall Republicans plowed this field by undoing the Violence against Women Ace in 2019 and overwhelmingly voting Yes more violence against Women in 2021 by a 172-29 margin in the U.S. House.  Rapist Rights is about to become a plank in the Rape-publican Party playbook.

Indeed Alito's call back to Matthew Hale reinvigorates the Rightwing belief that there is no such thing as Rape and women who are raped are to blame or lying.  Indeed as you recall all the odious Republicans who have cast doubt and aspersions on Rape Victims, understand they knowingly or unknowingly are ascribing their "thinking" to Hale's Warning.    

2022 is probably the last chance to vote and undo part of the damage wrought by Republicans over the last 50 years.  Democrats and the Left generally have been fighting rearguard actions since the Carter Presidency.  Yes there's been advances but one of the problems is freedoms and rights gained by liberal government look incredibly ephemeral now as 5 vile unelected Ephor wannabes of The Supreme Court can undo everything by referencing Matthew Hale.  If the Republicans succeed in grabbing control 2024 will not be an Election but, an undemocratic coronation of the Neo-Confederate State.

Saturday, May 7, 2022

You're A Murderer! You're A Murderer! You're A Murderer!

"Anyone who's had an abortion, or anyone who supports abortion in my eyes, is a murderer" 
Those eyes... disappeared.

What was that?

Those eyes they... they disappeared...

As Republicans face the prospect of We, the People being energized by their tactics of oppression and intolerance, their rhetoric needs must become more heated .  Hence screams of Groomer and Murderer

But, this isn't the Republican Party Ronnie Raygun & Newt Gingrich cynically used abortion as a wedge cultural issue to win elections in the 1980s and 1990s.  Oh no. It's the Party of Wild-Eyed Susan Delemus.

We first meet Susan when CNN presented her as just a simple everyday white woman totally stoked to vote for Donald Trump in 2015,  instead of the Quasi Fascist Long Time New Hampshire Republican Representative.  Delemus spat out such vitriol and presaged the Cult of The Donald, "My president comes on the TV and he lies to me! I know he’s lying to me! I know he’s lying! He lies to me all the time! I don’t believe any one of them.  I believe Donald. I tell you, he says what I’m thinking!"

CNN and the Corporate Media couldn't get enough of these "Cletus Safaris" (as they were eventually called) as they eternally sought out conservatives in every nook and cranny and diner of America to ask What do Trump Voters Think?  Continually amplifying and broadcasting right-wingers while studiously ignoring every Democrat was one of the reasons Trump was able to steal the 2016 Election.  

Susan Delemus' husband John spent 6 years in Federal Prison for his role in the 1st Bundy Insurrection.  Despite his crimes, conservatives have an infinite well of bad faith to call upon as they claim even after committing crimes, being arrested, charged, tried and convicted that they are the Real Actual Patriots;

"This man's liberty was taken defending another man's liberty, and that's how this happened. He'll be the same patriot he was before he went in, I can tell you that,"" said Jack Kimball, a friend of Delemus' and former chairman of the New Hampshire Republican Party.

"He's still a God-fearing, liberty-minded man, and we are so grateful to have him home," Crazy Eyed Susan stated

Post Trump, Susan Delemus has not changed one whit.  I remind you these Republicans never go away, just like Mean Jean Schmidt or Sarah Palin, and Delemus took to the steps of the New Hampshire State House on Thursday screaming at Protestors, Shame on You! but then began pointing at individuals as her tirade crescended, "You're A Murderer! You're A Murderer! You're A Murderer!"

Susan DeLemus is following the centuries old tradition of New England Witch Hunters of screaming at women and the modern Republican technique of winning legal arguments via loud voice and red face but, understand these rightwing screams of "Groomer" and "Murderer" are going to transform into Stand Your Ground shootings of protestors quicker than you can say Tiller the Baby Killer.

Republicans are progressing very quickly along the lines of a Fascist Police State.  After making all manner of things illegal via the mendacious bullshit from Puzzi di Merda Alito and his 5 cohorts of Injustice, Republicans will gladly bring the power of the Courts to bear upon We the People, and if we resist that, well Police Forces will be fully-funded to quickly bring the power of extrajudicial violence upon the recalcitrant left, and if we still resist, well there are thousands of Rightiwng Paramilitary types, like Ginni Thomas or Susan's own convicted terrorist husband,, who yearn to be the modern day Pinkertons cracking women's skulls and offering free helicopter rides to Non-MAGA.

Friday, May 6, 2022

Nazi Creep Ted Cruz calls innocent people Suspects

“I have no evidence of that. I’m just making an inference” 
The Roe fallout is already bad but, Republicans are relying on their time-worn tradition of deflecting from the real issue by focusing on a made up one; in this case the so-called Leak.

Republican Senators Marsha Blackburn, Mitch McConnell, Ted Cruz and others did a media blitz to distract, deflect, and distort from the awful truth of GOP policies and to get their Corporate Media lapdogs to help catapult their propaganda.  As always Republicans are mad that someone accurately reported their positions. Of course, the real crime here is the Rape-publican Party seeking to deprive women in America of freedom and liberty and pushing women into a quasi second-class status by removing their bodily autonomy but, odious Ted Cruz on his podcast and in numerous rightwing media appearances expressed a theory, which augered the direction Republicans will go by harkening back to classic Nazi Propaganda techniques;

"I think it is a law clerk, and I think it is very likely a law clerk for one of the three liberal justices. That means there are 12 likely suspects"

Ted Cruz Der Stumer 
First off, while Cruz demands the person be disbarred and jailed I have yet to hear anyone point out the criminal statute that was violated in releasing the initial draft to Politico.  So until one of these Republican "Lawmakers" cites the legal chapter and verse violated they should shut up.  But... they won't because they're playing the Republican Two-Step of pretending Style (the leak) is more important than the Substance (the destruction of women's rights).  But, even if we accept the leak narrative there would be most likely One or Two Suspects, but listen to what Little Eichmann Cruz has done with a fascist flourish he's labelled 12 innocent people as Suspects.  Why? Because in Republican parlance some people are a priori  guilty by their very nature.

This is how Nazis talk.  And no that's not hyperbole.  Ted Cruz is getting conservatives riled up to equate the Liberal Supreme Justices as guilty of something because they're "suspects" and suspects deserve whatever treatment they receive from Police; just like every black person in America knows.

It's still unclear who released this draft and for what ultimate purpose but, it doesn't matter what matters is 
5 Un-Elected Unjust Reactionary Autocrat Wannabes, 3 of whom were appointed by the worst Traitor hold the office of President, have snatched away freedom from every American woman and set the stage for chipping away of rights of a whole host of other Americans based on the specious and vile reasoning of Sammy "Puzzi di Merda" Alito, Ginni Thomas, Boofer O'Kavanaugh, Amy Coathanger Barrett, and Neil Gorsuch (4 of whom lied directly when asked about the fate of Roe during their Senate confirmation hearings.

Republicans did not pack The Supreme Court with Unaccountable Ephors for nothing.  The GOP doesn't win elections and can't legislate and they haven't been playing fucking games to garner this 6 Injustice advantage not to ram the Rightwing Agenda of hatred and oppression down Americans throats to let their opportunity pass by.  Every vicious rollback of Rights, every dastardly stab at progress, every vile gutting of our freedoms will lead to more by the Rape-publicans.  They will never be satiated and will never stop. Unless We, the People stop them.  So organize, agitate, register to vote and plan to fight because they last blood and the Republicans are going to kill us if we let them.

Thursday, May 5, 2022

Pants Shitting, Child Rapist Ted Nugent is a Groomer and Pedophile (Oh and an insecure asshole)

10 years ago I wrote a wholly accurate and completely fact-based piece about child rapin', draft dodgin', Ted Nugent which was picked up in the early days of Twitter and got some wide-spread play in rightwing blogs of the day.

Nugent has always been a weak asshole (SWIDT) and like all those insecure white men who adopt Reactionary politics later in life he became a fanatical zealot to cover for his own deficiencies and short-comings.

Ted Nugent is a groomer and child rapist, he's admitted as much in interviews, in his Caveman autobiography and has been identified as such by Courtney Love who stated Ted raped her when Courtney was 12 years old.

And of course, child raping Ted Nugent was a chickenhawk coward who shit his pants to avoid being drafted for Vietnam but, was gung ho about other Americans serving in George W. Bush's Invasions and War Crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan.

But, all of Ted's antics and crimes (grooming and child rape) are ignored because he threatened to kill Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.  Conservatives don't actually believe or adhere to any of the so-called values, moral, or ethics they espouse but simply use those things as rhetorical cudgels to beat up The Left and elected Democrats. This would be more widely known but, the Corporate Media is invested in normalizing rightwing behavior and as such becomes a willing co-conspirator in advancing the Fascist Republican Agenda of intolerance, oppression, and adulation of the Rich. 

Ted Nugent's childish insecurity about being a Real Man is why he adopted his Bow Hunting, Tough Talking, Rightwing stance.  Ted knows he's a coward at heart.  Ted's insecurity also leads him to tear down others to make himself feel better about himself.

Which is why Ted Nugent has recently been attacking Joan Jett.  Seriously, Nugent is such a misogynist asshole he can't let Jett have any attention because of his feelings of insecurity.  Joan Jett's classic albums are better than Ted's.  Ted Nugent is so indicative of that generation of right-wingers (much like Dennis Miller) in that he has to be over the top in his rightwing zealotry to cover for the fact that he's no longer in the spotlight in his field.

Joan Jett to her credit simply stated the facts about Domestic Terrorist, Chickenhawk coward, Child Raping Ted Nugent; 

“Is that his implication… that he should be on the list instead of me?” Jett asked after NME told her about Nugent’s snide remarks. “Well, that’s just typical — it’s what I’ve dealt with my whole life, being written off. Ted Nugent has to live with being Ted Nugent.  He has to be in that body, so that’s punishment enough.  He’s not a tough guy. He plays tough guy,  This is the guy who shit his pants — literally — so he didn’t have to go in the Army.”

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

The Conservative Constitutional Coup continues

This is exactly what conservatives said to Slaves.

Read it and weep #AOC!  Theoretically a fan of Ben Shapiro, after watching Ben suck on your toes, gets to rape you, as the Terrorists on Jan6th planned to do.  Afterwards you are obligated to carry Ben Shapiro's fan rape baby to term thanks to the decision by Sammy "Il Douche" Alito.  But, Ben Shapiro's tweet of 8 words contains multitudes.  "The Law" is something conservatives seek to do to Americans.  Obliterating Roe is a big victory for the Authoritarian Right.  But, it's far from the first vicious victory they've celebrated in their 50 year slow moving Coup.

Conservatives decided after Nixon was taken from them that they never let that happen again and would gain control of the US Government by any means necessary.  The Lewis Powell Memo predated Nixon's resignation but, it laid out one of the avenues of attack conservatives planned for the United States.  

Ronnie Raygun's Regime was unmitigated disaster for the media, for Unions, and advanced the economic dominance of the Rich.  Raygun getting away with high crimes and misdemeanors* via Iran-Contra was a foundational brick in the Slow Coup,

Under Bill Clinton, the Republicans gained control of Congress and despicable Newt Gingrich issued the Contract on America.

Then came the first open declaration of Rightwing War on Democracy via the Stolen Election of 2000 and the Republican Injustices Bush v Gore ruling. 

9/11 and the Phony War on Terror which followed for the next 20 years became a yolk around the neck of America which Democratic President's Obama and Biden removed.  Both paid a tremendous political price for ending, which really shouldn't matter except the Corporate Media was furious over losing their War Boners so they set upon ensuring Republicans could gain political power and disingenuously blame Barack and Joe for W(orst President Ever) and Dick Cheney's lies and war crimes. 

And that lead to the Corporate Media slagging HRC and elevating Donald John Trump; a known sleaze, a mobbed-up their, a money launderer for Russian gangsters, a slimy child rapist and absuer of women, to the Presidency because while it wasn't good for America it was good for CBS.  At the Boofer O'Kavanaugh hearings a smirking Lindsey Graham making a woman cry was delicious material for conservatives who had shared the crying HRC camping worker meme a billion times.  

And while in 2020, Trump was called the Last Middle Finger left to say fuck you to American Democracy we've seen every single Republican goose-step into line to #OwntheLibs and his the 3 miscreants he elevated to The Supreme Court are fulfilling the Bureaucratic Violence as the Coup has sped up since the Fascist Inflection Point of January 6th.

These are just the broadest of strokes of the rightwing slow-moving Coup.  There have been thousands of unjust "legal" micro-aggressions against America led by a cavalcade of local, state, and federal Republican villains and buttressed by the millions of hours rightwing propagandists have spent poisoning the Nation.

So since 2021 the slow-moving Coup begun 50 years earlier has morphed into a faster one and as the 2022 elections loom conservatives are steadily planning on ensuring the 2024 Elections don't matter and the United States is forever changed into a full-fledged Fascist White Evangelical Ethno-State 

*- "A few months ago I told the American people I did not trade arms for hostages. My heart and my best intentions still tell me that's true, but the facts and the evidence tell me it is not." -Ronald Urekel Reagan admits ooops did I do that?

They won't stop with Roe. Republicans are coming to Enslave or Execute you

"There is an opportunity for that woman, no matter how young or old she is, to make a determination about what she's going to do to help that life be a productive human being."  Rape-Publican Mean Jean Schmidt (pictured below) let every Rapist know they have an opportunity to become fathers.

It's no longer Rule or Ruin.  The Republican Party are full-blown fascists.  Yesterday, an unknown whistleblower leaked the Initial Court draft overturning Roe v. Wade issued by the Vile Five of The Supreme Court.

We hold that Roe and Casey must be Overturned
It's been disgusting to watch but with the aid of the Republican Party and the power of Rightwing propaganda The Supreme Court has morphed into Ephors of the Ancient Spartan Government of Lycurgus.

Ladies! Do I Have an Opportunity for You!

Rightwing Twitter exploded in Fur.  Faux News ran immediately to their upcoming default position, Line up everyone who's a suspect to be immediately interrogated by the FBI.  It's part of the Rightwing two-step;  deflect from the Republican Agenda of Hatred and Oppression and focus anger on the act of leaking the truth about that Republican Agenda.

Remember in 2016, Republicans were furious when Trump revealed, "There has to be some form of punishment for the woman" if she got an abortion.  Republicans don't want you to know their plans until you are powerless to stop it.  In 2016, Republicans hoped to get a 5-4 Supreme Court advantage to do away with the 20th century and every Liberal gain for the American people.  Due to GOP alliance with Vladimir Putin, cheating, the Electoral College and bad luck Republicans ended up with a 6-3 edge.  Today the 3 villains appointed by King Conman and Arch-Traitor Trump were part of the 5 Injustices who've authored this Violence upon Women Act.

I've labelled this Bureaucratic Violence but, oh man oh man, conservatives are yearning, aching, begging for the chance to use the awesome power of The State to inform on every woman, force them carry every pregnancy to term and jail those who do not.  And I mean everyone.  Raped?  Unviable fetus?  Ectopic? Well, that's no reason to "murder a baby".  And if that means the Earthen Vessel dies well that's what the Earthen Vessel gets for having sex, you slut!

The Republican Party is going to strip away any semblance of autonomy you believe you have.  They won't stop with Roe.  What makes you think they would?  Rightwing legerdemain is winning them power and control over Americans since Republicans can't do it via elections.  Injustice Alito indicated as much in the leaked Feb 10th Initial Draft; Roe was "egregiously wrong from the start", Roe invented a right found nowhere in the Constitution and his "inescapable conclusion is the right to an abortion is not deeply rooted in the Nation's history and traditions."  "We hold Roe and Casey must be overturned."  Boom.  Right there.  Whatever rights you think you have you don't according to the 5 Ephors of The Supreme Court.  If they can't find it in the constitution, or the Nation's history it doesn't exist. 

The Constitution is not a living document you see but, according to these Ephors it contains only those rights they believe in.

The Vile Five will strike down everything.  You have no rights that Fascists are bound to recognize.  Republicans are coming for you.  And their timetable is accelerating. 

Edit to add:

If you plan to protest be watchful; remember Republicans have passed laws allowing for conservatives to run over protesters at will and Police Forces are always happy, willing and eager to put down any protest which had a whiff of leftist agitation.