Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Republican 2nd Amendment Hero murders 14 children and a teacher in Texas (apparently it's 21 total murdered)

"Texans have long cherished the right that was confirmed by the Second Amendment, but conferred by God.” - Greg Abbott 2021 requesting the Injustices of The Supreme Court help expand Gun Violence.

Firstly, Republicans love when children are murdered.

A 18 year old took his SCOTUS approved, Republican mandated, NRA protected, and Christian blessed rifle and murdered 14 children in a Texas Elementary School.  Texas is the Holy Land for Rightwing beliefs (although it will be soon supplanted by Florida) and in Texas the Gun is King, the Gun is Lord.  Children are the sacrifice the Holey Dread Lord Our Moloch requires... (apparently it's up to 21 people murdered so anyone trained in understanding asymmetric warfare can tell you a 21-to-1 ratio is something any terrorist or guerrilla solider will gladly accept and the NRA in their War on the United States of America gladly accepts this ratio of gun deaths to tyrants overthrown (i.e. INFINITE) 

I am 100% certain when Rightwing propagandists heard there was a mass shooting in a Texas School they shouted 'Oh No! Not in Texas! Land of the Gun!!!'  But, then when they heard the shooters name was "Hispanic" conservatives shouted 'Oh Yes! Now we can run with our standard playbook!'

You see after every mass shooting conservatives trot out the same tired gun nut playbook;

  • It's too soon to talk about it! 
  • Don't politicize a tragedy!
  • Gun-Free School Zones are to blame!
  • Thoughts & Prayers...
  • Arm Teachers!  Errr this one may be on the outs since conservatives have transitioned to All Teachers are Groomers instilling CRT and Cultural Marxism...
  • What about Black on Black crime? 
  • CHICAGO!!!
  • Oh and the ever present bad faith people who demand a 5000 word memorandum explaining precisely, exactly how this can be stopped...
This doesn't even cover the list of rightwing mantras they shout after each of these incidents.  Nor does it address the concerted effort conservatives undertake to spread lies and misinformation, create fake social media accounts so they can claim the shooter is a leftist.  This time, it'll be easy for the usual rightwing suspects on Youtube and Faux News, to say the name Salvador Ramos and let their bigoted followers conclude, "It's an Illegal Immigrant invited in by Joe Biden and the Demmycrats are to Blame!!!" (The New York Times coverage had to include a paragraph that while the town Uvlade is near the US-Mexico border most of the people living there have lived in the region for decades).

Police Officers then dutifully engage in their part of the unending drama, by standing around with their ridiculous tactical AR-15's slung in front of them.  Great job guys.

Meanwhile, I'm sure Texas Ted Ralphie Cruz will show his machismo by cooking some more bacon on the end of his a borrowed gun barrel.

What's always important to Republicans after these mass sacrifices is that no gun be made to feel discomfort...  Known Criminal Ken Paxton, wearing his cheapest looking campaign shirt,, took to the airwaves to console every gun and potential mass shooter that don't worry Texas won't inhibit your gun rampage.  Republicans are a Death Cult who have nothing to offer the American People...

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