Wednesday, May 25, 2022

As a former School Resource Officer I have 3 words for Ted Cruz, Greg Abbott, Ken Paxton, Dan Patrick and the Republican Party

"We know what does prevent crime... which is...
going after those with serious mental illness," Ted Cruz


You slimy fat cowardly fucks.  Look Republicans don't GIVE A FUCK how many kids or teachers died.  They don't care.  They aren't going to do ANYTHING. At all.  Republicans DON'T GIVE A FUCK.  Allying with the NRA has strengthened Republicans across the country, the influx of money from Russia and Vladimir Putin has just been a nice bonus.

Once again, the ONLY plan Republicans have when faced with the murderous consequences of the proliferation of guns Republicans have championed and enshrined into Law is too suggest More Guns.

More Guns! More Guns! More Guns!

If more guns made people safer, war zones would be the safest places in the World.

I'm not even going to get into the SRO program and how states like Texas have used Police Officers in schools as a way to extract money from children and to bully and harass minorities.  (That's another post entirely)  But, of course, OF FUCKING COURSE, a Cop in every school is one of the Republicans ridiculous non-solutions to this.  Even though, there were 3 Officers on scene who exchanged gunfire with the murderer.  

Look, I'm not going to denigrate the Deputies or Officers who shot at him.  But, you have to stop him.  You just have too.  You can not let him get inside.  Because this level of slaughter is what happens if you let him get away/inside.  Now, this is a huge ask, in fact it's asking the Officers to lay down their lives because one or more would most certainly have been fatally wounded.

Republican Gun Policies ensures that Officers are going to get shot by these gunmen and Cops are not ready to handle that truth because they've been trained to view non-black people with guns as allies.  But, Republican Gun Legislation is a Fucking Death Sentence for Officers, I wish they'd realize this.

Besides signing an Anti-CRT Law last year, Greg Abbott signed legislation to do away with Texas gun restrictions and to ensure no Federal Gun Laws will be enforced.

And look Conservatives are always cavalier with other peoples' lives.  We witnessed this after Parkland when it was revealed the SRO failed to go in while NRA trained and MAGA Lover Nikolas Cruz shot 34 people, killing 17, and Faux News ran hundreds of hours of programming blaming the Officer and the FBI for the shooting while disgusting fat slob Traitor Trump claimed if only he was there he would have stopped the shooter! If only!!

And in a shameless bit of hypocrisy, Republicans Tailgunner Ted Cruz and Criminal General Ken Paxton also call for arming Teachers.  Mind you Republicans just last week, were claiming Teachers are Groomers and indoctrinating children with CRT and Cultural Marxism.

The brutal truth is Republicans don't care and enjoy when Liberals are upset by these school shootings. Republicans simply don't care except to get mad when their faults are pointed out.  Listen to Republicans screech and holler at Beto O'Rourke.  They are more angry at being "disrespected" and correctly blamed for their failures, than the dead children happening because of their policies.  THEY DON'T CARE.

Anyway I await my village's time in the gun barrel.  I simply hope I have enough presence of mind and fortitude in the moment to face down the shooter.

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