Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Because "The Left" mistreated Willard Mitt R-Money I had to become A Nazi: A War on Women Tale

A Golden Vulture wearing A Yellow Vulture
"We want something for it. And I'll tell you what it is... We want you to post the videos on the internet!" - Deceased Anal Cyst Rush Limpballs demanded sex tapes of Sandra Fluke in 2012.   
“Fox is watched by the true believers. We need to get the independents and the women.” —Willard Mitt R-Money (2012) Romney would then famously bring forth binders full of women and 10 years later Romney does everything in his considerable power as a US Senator to bind those women.

Ah, the detritus of posts begun but not finished.  I started this Republican War on Women post in 2012 before the 2nd Obama Victory and it's dispiriting to see some of the same bad faith actors and same rightwing bullshit still center stage.  Although fortunately, Racist Limbaugh is dead. 

So, apparently a lot of Right-wingers are claiming "The Lefts" mistreatment of poor, poor Mitt R-Money forced them to become full-throated Fascists supporting Donald John Traitor Trump.  Here is rightwing psycho Bethany S. Mandel declaration.

This Mandel made her social media fame by declaring her son almost died from inhaling his own CO2 and boogers during Covid and then repeatedly lying about mask mandates and Covid, like many rightwing propagandists.

And, of course, like all things conservatives say Mandel's claim is dripping with disingenuous rationales and lies.  Romney is a liar.  Romney was an out-of-touch elitist.  Romney was a chickenhawk warmonger during Vietnam.  Romney is a vulture capitalist swindling pensions from retirees.  Romney was a High School bully who held a boy down and forcibly cut off his hair. 

I know it's fashionable to speak of Senator Mitt Romney, as though he is an ally now, and yes he did vote for Supreme Court Justice Kentaji Brown-Jackson, the only male Republican Senator to do so, but despite facing imminent bodily harm on January 6th from Republican inspired Insurrection and the Conservative domestic terrorists who invaded the U.S. Capitol, Romney's core convictions about America, how the Rich should Rule, and the Republicans role in ensuring a Evangelical Plutocracy haven't changed. 

Recall in 2012, while Mitt Romney was gleefully dancing on the still warm bodies in Benghazi, his poor little rich girl wife had been passed the torch from Sarah Palin, as the exemplar for American women to aspire.  (Conservatives would do this again with smelly GRU recruited Slovak hooker Melania Trump in 2016)  One of the ways Republicans use to Bind Women is to tell them to curtail their personal ambitions and experience Advancement and Power vicariously through one or a few Avatars;  Rightwing White Women whom the rest can look up to and support, while never challenging the subservient role of women in the Rightwing Universe 

Sarah Palin is back (as always these rightwing thieves and criminals never leave) running for the now open Congressional seat in Alaska and no doubt feeling robbed of the limelight and lucrative grift which Lady Republicans like Boebert and Greene enjoy these days.

Anyway, Mitt Romney "supported" Ann's choice to stay at home and raise the children (because Mitt was actively engaged in pilfering millions in dollars from pensions and stealing money through Hedge Fund takeovers ).  But, Republicans viscerally fucking hate the poor (as evidenced by the Rightwing Reaction to the Biden Student Debt Loan Forgiveness) and Mitt's comments during his Presidential Run on working women highlight this; "I wanted to increase the work requirement. I said, for instance, that even if you have a child 2 years of age, you need to go to work. And people said, ‘Well that’s heartless.’ And I said, ‘No, no, but I want the [women] individuals to have the dignity of work.’”

Ann Romney gleefully supported Mitt's demand that Poor Women know their place and go to work while she luxuriated around TV interviews in her yellow bird $1000 dollar shirt,
"I love the fact that there are women out there who don’t have a choice and they must go to work and they still have to raise the kids." 
Ann Romney also wanted to ensure those women didn't get any uppity ideas of not having to marry by being financially independent, "Why should women be paid the same as men?" 

Of course, the Corporate Media couldn't be bothered with how the Romney's made their money (and it wasn't roll up your sleeves hard work) but, it took the work of Mother Jones to reveal The Romney's were Vulture Capitalists who preyed upon the poor and then shit on half the US population in the infamous 47% video.  

But, let's be clear what's happening.  For decades Conservative have been flooding everything in America with bullshit, lies, and propaganda.  Their rightwing drones know nothing else.  So, conservatives are now whiny weaklings who are forever complaining about made up grievances and blaming Democrats and The Left for everything.  Conservatives invent things to be angry about so they can exist full-time in their Universe of made up grievances.  Hence the Mitt Romney retconning.

However, rightwingers are no longer satiated with rhetorical clubbing of The Left.  Conservatives want violence.  Conservatives want an unequal United States.  A United States of their Fathers'.  A White Patriarchy with clearly defined second and third class citizens who know their place, stay in the closet, while power and wealth accumulates at the top with minute amounts trickling-down to those lessers who should be grateful for the scraps thrown their way.  A White Nationalist State.

That's what this retconning of the Right's turn towards full-on fascism and violence is...

Monday, August 29, 2022

Trump exposed himself (and others) to Foreign Intelligence Operatives

Worst NPR Tiny Desk concert ever
Weenie waving Trump has committed multiple violations of the Espionage Act

Now when it comes to being a foreign asset I've always considered Trump to be more Buffoon than Blofled.  So, I think, most likely, Trump took these documents for his pretend Oval Office at Mar-a-Lago so he could play pretend President waving around classified documents to impress his guests and others.

Now, it's the others at Mar-a-Lago that are one of the problems;  as multiple actual fvcking spies have been caught inside the roach infested Trump swamp in Florida.

Recall the Chinese "business-woman", Yujing Zhang who had somehow made it past multiple Secret Service Agents and was found with the following items; 

She was found to be carrying four mobile phones, a laptop computer, an external hard drive, and a thumb drive that “contained malicious software,” the complaint said. More electronics were found in her hotel room, along with about $8,000 in cash, according to the complaint.

Recall Traitor Trump wanted to host the G-7 2020 summit at Mar-a-Lago, and such diplomatic encounters are rife with foreign intelligence agents pretending to be simple aides to diplomatic envoys.  It's practically de-rigueur.  

I'll never forget those two fvcking fat-faced Russian spies and war criminals, Sergei Lavrov and Sergey Kislyak, yucking it up with Donald John Traitor Trump in MY Oval Office and it was no surprise that Trump revealed classified intelligence to both of them.

And some Ukrainian woman stroked Trump's ego by pretending to be a Rothschild Heiress in order to gain access to every area in Mar-a-Lago,

Inna Yashchyshyn, 33, allegedly lied to members that she was a Rothschild heiress and mingled with Trump, Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and others at Mar-a-Lago functions.

And of course, just recently it was revealed multiple covert assets have apparently been discovered and killed

Jared Kushner's $2,000,000,000 from Saudi Arabia sure seems suspect given all we've learned about the Trump White House operations because the Trump State Department and White House leaked intel like a Sieve.   

So, again while I think it's more likely all of these people played Trump by telling what a big, strong, huge swinging dick he is; there is the distinct possibility Trump simply sold TS/SCI classified documents to foreign governments for money.  And if that's the case, Donald John Trump needs to spend the rest of his natural life behind bars in a Federal Penitentiary.

Of course, the Republicans will never abandon Trump no matter what he crimes he's committed (and the documents recovered via Search Warrant already prove Trump's guilt) or what crimes he's going to commit.  Because it is quite likely Trump will call for violence and Civil War when it's announced he's going to be arrested.  And Rightwingers are aching for that Call.  

But, that doesn't matter.  Conservatives long ago abandoned any pretense of caring about the Rule of Law; the Right is set upon a course of Ruling or Ruining America.

Sunday, August 28, 2022

Lazy Elitist Ted Cruz spits on hard working Starbucks Baristas

I don't recommend grinding a pound of the oleaginous Ted Cruz to make coffee even though you'd have nearly 300lbs to work with.

During Covid, some of the hardest working and most exposed people other than Nurses were coffee shop baristas.  Because they couldn't work from home making the millions of galloons of coffee Americans drink everyday.  It's probably one of the most important jobs in the country, throughout Covid Starbucks baristas kept America going.

Baristas also put up with rude and dangerous people; from entitled Karen's flinging drinks at them, to petty thieves stealing tip jars.  And do you know whom Starbucks baristas routinely take care of?  Cops.

Boss Rafael Hog Cruz?
So, here comes Rafael "Ted" Cruz, who's had quite a year demanding the arrest of Supreme Court Law Clerks, shitting on dead children in Uvalde, and pissing on Veterans affected by burn pits from George W. Bush's wars.  So of course, that despicable, entitled, elitist Princeton and Harvard educated lawyer, whose never worked a real job, and has spent the last 25 years in politics shuffling papers, releases an elitist tirade against regular hard-working Americans, 
“If you are that slacker barista who wasted seven years in college studying completely useless things, now has loans and can't get a job, Joe Biden just gave you 20 grand. Like, holy cow! 20 grand. You know, maybe you weren't gonna vote in November, and suddenly you just got 20 grand. And you know, if you can get off the bong for a minute and head down to the voting station... or just send in your mail-in ballot that the Democrats have helpfully sent you, it could drive up turnout, particularly among young people.”
Just chock full of smug stereotypes and current rightwing voting fraud lies.  Just dripping with look down your nose, I'll throw my half-cafe caramel macchiato at you if it's not hot enough smugness.  Unlike Ted's Harvard and Princeton law school education, Ted Cruz thinks your college choices are useless.  All to appeal to tough-talkin', hard-workin' Texas folk, whom I guess must like having a smarmy elitist who uses fancy lawyer tricks instead of plain common sense like "Ted" to represent their state in the US Senate.  Why just last year double-talking Ted tried to claim he and the Republican Party were for the working class,
"And I think the most significant political change of the last decade has been that the heart and soul of the Republican Party - we are a working class party now. We are a blue-collar party. That's what we should have been, and that's what we are."

And for the most part Corporate Media let's Cruz and Republicans get away with saying how much for the working man they are now, even while Mehmet Oz goes off on how Crudites cost $20 dollars now and he hasn't even made it to the Anejo Tequila aisle!!! 

In reality, when Ted Cruz or any Republican talks about how they are for the working class now, what they mean is the Republicans are for shackling the working class with generational debt, destroying any chance the working class has towards achieving the American dream, and chaining up Starbucks baristas into perpetual wage slavery and bondage serving double-talking Ted Cruz his coffee while he luxuriates on his Texas coffee plantation.

Saturday, August 27, 2022

Republicans plan to murder Police and Federal Law Enforcement Officers

Watch out because if you have an acronym Republicans and conservatives are going to murder you.

And no I'm not just talking about LGBTQ persons, though conservatives are aching to kill them, but members of the FBI and IRS.

The biggest lies in modern politics is that conservatives love and cherish the military and police.  They don't.  Conservatives only support Veterans, servicemembers and law enforcement who openly aid in their advancement of the rightwing agenda of oppression and intolerance.  When courts or officers arrest rightwingers for crimes then the murder threats emerge.

And conservatives openly make these declarations of terrorism and threats on social media platforms and in crass mass murder tik tok videos.  The rhetoric of murdering law enforcement is so heated even Faux News morons are begging Trump's lackeys and elected Republicans to tone it done.

Meanwhile, Traitor Trump is not only doing his hammiest mob boss imitation but is also aping the plot of a lurid spy novel.  Trump has been passing covert HUMINT sources and intelligence to foreign agencies resulting in numerous deaths.  From The New York Times article;

Republicans don't care because Republicans hate America.  Republicans long ago voided The Social Contract and no longer adhere to their professed beliefs about "Natural Rights" and "Positive Rights" even if some more widely heard Conservatives voices mouth the Theories expounded in in Locke's political philosophy.  This is no better illustrated than in the Kyle Rittenhouse case.  In Locke's legal theory of rights you have to the "right" to self-defense, but you also have the duty to submit to the state to prove you asserted this right lawfully. 

Conservatives no longer believe this; what Conservatives believe is they have absolute rights.  Rightwingers asserted it was a supreme injustice that Rittenhouse even had to face a trial; the fact he was a right-winger made his actions de facto lawful.  

And more to this point, conservatives believe government is only legitimate when they are in power.  This extends all the way from the Presidency to local school boards.  See for instance Ted Cruz, whining on Twitter with the passage of the IRA
"the Democrats are trying to overturn the Supreme Court’s West Virginia v. EPA victory.
This is easily understand due to the fact conservatives abandoned Lockean Liberalism for Fascism years ago.  Historical rightwing pleas towards Law&Order have always been hollow and used a rhetorical cudgel to Bash the Left;  hatred of Federal Law Enforcement was on full display in the 1990's but, now social media platform let's us see starkly how vicious, vile, mean, and criminal a large percentage of conservatives are in a way that the media landscape in the Nineties didn't capture.

Conservatives are yearning, begging, aching to be unleashed to act as a paramilitary Secret Police rounding up and liquidating "dissidents".  And the list of dissidents has the Usual Suspects but, is ever-growing as rightwingers salivate at the prospect of over-throwing the US Government and installing their Fascist White Supremacist Slave State.

Friday, August 26, 2022

Biden's student loan debt forgiveness enrages Conservatives

First of all, the Student Debt Relief plan President Biden has announced is one of the greatest Executive Actions ever done to aid working families in the United States and this infuriates Republicans. 

And let's be totally clear; anyone who diminishes this, dismisses this, or calls it the "bare minimum" is a bad faith actor or a rightwing liar pretending to be a leftist.  This isn't just $10,000 in debt relief but, a whole host of additional benefits including a large amount of it directed at very poor Americans and minorities.

And if there is one thing which enrages Republicans it's when anything is done to help the American People.  The Republican Party exists solely to destroy the American Dream and crush We, the People.

So it shall come as no surprise that when President Biden announced his Student Debt Forgiveness plan, Republicans were outraged.. and shamelessly decried the loan forgiveness despite receiving millions in PPP money free.  But, conservatives don't believe the money they receive through various government handouts are fraud, waste, or abuse but, their rightful due as Real Americans and giving Republicans money is the rightful mission of the U.S. Government.

But, for decades Republicans have dined out on the Corporate Media pushing there isn't a dime's worth of difference of between the parties.  And thus, it has allowed Republicans to run on their favorite issues emotional wedge issues.

Conservatives have been doing their worst to enrage the White Working class with CRT racism, #Antifa/BLM boogeymen, and Transgender phobia in their eternal effort to keep normie white people scared and running to their Republican daddy protectors. 

Republicans have to run on racism and lies because Republicans have nothing to offer the American people.

Instead the long term Republican goal is to remove future options for the vast majority of people living in the United States; and thus creating an enormous underclass whom the 1% and the rightwing guard dogs can exploit.  Conservatives firmly believe the government exists to help them enrich themselves using government power.

So, as President Biden continues to deliver for the American people, Republicans will become more furious and more dangerous.

Friday, August 19, 2022

Evil Frodo (Riley Williams) wants to go to the Renaissance Fair despite being a Felon

America has an unequal system of justice.
Evil Frodo Riley Williams Renfair Garb

It's predicated on the belief that white people are inherently good and if they happen to get involved in crimes it is due to them being the wrong place at the wrong time or getting caught up in a situation which somehow got out of hand.  Whereas black (and brown) people are a priori guilty of something so if the Police kill them in an extrajudicial violation of the 4th Amendment well that saves the taxpayers the cost of a trial.

Now certainly a white person can abdicate his inherent get out of jail free card, usually by acting like a "mope" or being a liberal squish or advocating for criminal justice reform or sometimes by being poor.

But, if all one is doing is trying to Make America Great Again well then latitude, mercy, and all sorts of accommodations are coming your way.

Evil Frodo Riley Williams Nazi Garb
Riley Williams is a little Nazi Magat, who actively broke into the Capitol on January 6th with thousands of other domestic terrorists.  Once inside Riley made her way to Speaker Pelosi's Office and stole the laptop from the desk in the Office.

Whatever her plans for the laptop and I have to conclude besides a vague idea of downloading all the evidence of Voter Fraud or Deep State nefariousness or selling it to the Russians these actions were not a spur of the moment but a long sequence of crimes showing clear intent and a determined mental state.

Of course, since her arrest she's flouted Judge's orders, lied to her probation Officers, and demanded the trial be moved from Washington DC to central Pennsylvania because she can't get a fair trial in DC but, can get one on her homeground (wink wink).

But, as we approach Labor Day, Riley is worried she will miss an annual summer tradition; Renaissance Fairs!  So besides petitioning to have her trial moved Riley requested special leave to attend the Pennsylvannia Renfair this weekend.

After all, Riley isn't a "mope" but, a good person caught up in a swirl of events that got out of hand.

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Citizen Yang - Common Sense Consensus Conman

There is an internet trope which declares The Simpsons (the longest running television show in history) have a Nostradamus-esque ability to predict the Future.

Therefore, I give you Citizen Kang (1996), "But tonight I say, we must move forward, not backward; upward, not forward; and always twirling, twirling, twirling towards freedom!"

And now Citizen Yang (2022), "But the Forward Party has a, not left or right, but forward stance on even the most divisive and contentious issues.”


As a TechBro, Yang is of course, convinced of his utter brilliance and the metaphysical certainty of his correctness on "politics".  Election defeats don't stymie his self-aggrandizement.  The Ghost of Oliver Cromwell could not dissuade Andrew Yang from his 3rd Party gossamer.  Some of Yang's ideas, mainly UBI, are good and as the head of the Department of Labor maybe Yang could help Unions and working Americans against the rapacious Republicans and the Corporate Hegemony, which they and the Obscene Rich seek to impose upon We, the People.

Of course, the reason Yang doesn't want to actually state any policy ideas or concrete stances on the issues other than FORWARD FORWARD FORWARD!!! is because as soon as he does, either the money will flee or curious disaffected voters will quickly size up Yang and his Forward Party for what it might actually be...

You see... Yang teamed up with a bunch of Republicans to create this 3rd Party and are they going to do ground level work to build up a party at the local level?  No.  Instead my suspicion is, much like Jill Stein or Ralph Nader, Yang will launch a Vanity Presidential Run in 24 and like those two, Andrew Yang is going to be used to shave off marginal voters in order for the GOP to effect their swiping of the 2024 election a little easier.

Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Republicans break laws and then use their law breaking to restrict other peoples' rights

"There must be an in-group whom the law protects but, does not bind and an out-group whom the law binds but, does not protect.  - Frank Wilhoit

Brushed aside as old news was the revelation Trump lover Dennis Molla lied about his Camper, home, garage and cars being burned & vandalized by liberals just before the 2020 election.  Faux News and on-line rightwing blabbermouths endlessly hyped Molla's lies as proof of the BLM + Antifa terrorism afflicting America. Worse still, despicable Molla was willing to burn his dogs to death for this fraud too.

This genre of rightwing lies, i.e. being attacked for displaying rightwing paraphernalia goes back years.  Of course, far, far worse are the rightwingers who lie about laws themselves. 

Predictably pernicious and particularly potent are rightwing lies about elections and voting.

‘We’ve got lots of theories, we just don’t have the evidence,’ Rudy Ghouliani 

One of the Republicans running with evidence-free theories about Voting Fraud, is Racine County Sheriff Christopher Schmaling.  Sheriff Schmaling is one of those rightwing lunatics who believes he is the highest authority in the Land based on 9th century English Jurisprudence about Shire-Reeves so he's spent the last two years claiming all sorts of voting fraud.  He's also done so without evidence, which didn't stop Sheriff Schmaling from calling for the arrest of Wisconsin Elections Commission.  And then, as rightwing Sheriff's often do, when faced with a lack of evidence, Schmaling and his co-conspirators decided it was time to make the evidence themselves.

Sheriff Schmaling worked hand-in-hand with the Neo-Fascist Racine based HOT government group to commit Voter Fraud.  As always, after they've committed crimes, Reactionary Neofascists demand other people need to have their rights restricted.  These disingenuous and bad faith attacks on democracy are what appeal greatly to the rightwing lizard brain.  Since, conservatives are the "Patriots", since right-wingers are the "Real Americans", since Republicans are the only "legitimate" government officials their actions are ipso facto always righteous and they aren't really breaking the law just showing how the laws could be broken by other people.  And as elder white people they simply want their Country back.

What MAGA has always meant is stop letting those people have political power and stop them from being able to exercise their larger political power through casting a larger number of votes.  It's an idea which stretches back in conservatives thinking to the American Civil War.  Most MAGAts don't comprehend the truth of their movement distilled down as bluntly as, 'We don't like democracy and want to be the only ones who exercise political power' but, that's what it is.  More people voting is less political power for them and conservatives demand they be the only ones who count. 

Wisconsin is a battleground state.  Local Republicans have worked tirelessly to gerrymander the State Legislature.  Russian Ron Johnson is vying for his 3rd term in the United States Senate.  Ron Johnson was going to be the Senator on Jan6th to hand Mike Pence the false slate of Electors to undermine the 2020 Election.  The election President Jospeh R. Biden Jr won decisively...

As I watched election night coverage in 2020 with trepidation of a 2016 repeat, it became increasingly clear that Jospeh R. Biden won the Presidency that night and this conviction became more and more concrete as the next couple of days passed.  Even Faux News had called Arizona for President Biden putting a stake in the heart of Traitor Trump's chances.  But, the media dithered and this created a nice little niche for conservatives to claim Trump won.  And into that niche flooded the vile liars and evil villains intent on overturning the election results and stealing the Presidency for Donald John Trump.

"Just say that the election was corrupt + leave the rest to me and the R. Congressmen" - Trump after his election loss looking for others to break the law for him in one of his many schemes to defraud the United States and the American people.  

However, since the 2020 election, Republicans have increasingly turned to believing Trump's BIG LIE and this year seek political office to be able to steal the next election by bureaucratic means.  To be certain Republicans have always employed anti-democratic methods, voter oppression, intimidation, and the apparatus of government to disenfranchise and deny many Americans free and fair representation.

But, with these elections in 22, we are looking at the GQP simply declaring themselves the winners, regardless, and daring the Democratic Party and American people to do something about it.  That's the Era of Election Fraud conservatives dream about and yearn for.  They Win, you Lose.

And at that point, no amount of laws, will stop conservatives from setting up the Ultimate Law Breaking Neo-Confederate state they desire and declaring it's time to round-up and eliminate the Non-MAGA.

Sunday, August 14, 2022

Republican Lauren Boebert and her dick waving husband Jayson are grooming their children to be Terrorists just like them

Lauren's guns but no dicks because 
her husband is taking the picture
Trash Can Palin (Lauren Boebert) is beloved by the White Patriarchy and Republican Party because she embodies their goals for women.

Lauren Boebert wears far too tight dresses to overly exaggerate her "femininity" as a signal to the Patriarchy.  She knows her role is titillation and the proper demonstration of the sexuality rightwing men can expect as Republicans work to remove women from the workforce and return them to their roles as domestic partners in waiting for child production.

As such, Boebert occupies the special niche in the White Male Hierarchy, below white men but above everyone else.  After Lauren's career as an escort (now no shade on sex workers because that's honorable work) she married a sexual deviant named Jayson Boebert, well known for showing his dick to young teen girls in bowling alleys.

Lauren did her role having multiple children and then embraced rightwing values of shitty food and guns.  Literally, shitty food.

She then got groomed to enter the US House to help advance the rightwing agenda of hatred and intolerance from a white female face, which the Republican Party often uses for this specific role.  Lauren's two years in the US House are all about keeping her name in the news and her presence in everyone's minds.  She says ridiculous shit because it gets her airtime even when her utterly ridiculous bullshit is debunked.  But, much like Major Traitor Greene it's her raison d'├¬tre for being in Congress.

Of course, with her expanded role, Lauren's drunk deviant weenie waving husband isn't getting the respect he deserves.  So, here comes the drunken acting out.  An August 4th incident Jayson Boebert drunkenly drove around the neighborhood and assaulted neighbors who called 911.  Some excerpts from the multiple 911 calls, 

"It's Lauren Boebert's jackass husband, Jayson... he's running over my mailbox right now."

"He just got chest to chest, face to face, looking to fight and we're talking about everybody in the neighborhood,"

"I'm sure he's loaded to the hilt. Do you know who his wife is? Lauren Boebert. She's loaded. They all have guns,"

All of this apparently started when one of the Boebert brats decided to drive recklessly through the neighborhood and drunken Jayson took offense to the people daring to say something about it.  Now there is also the suspicion the Sheriff's Deputies did not do proper enforcement due to Lauren's position and there are calls for an investigation into the actions taken by responding Deputies.

Governor Sisolak was "lucky it was 
just words, pitchforks will be next."
Nevada Terrorist Michele Fiore
Lauren Boebert is an idiotic Reactionary who took active participation in the Terrorist Insurrection on January 6th as she repeatedly tweeted out live updates of Speaker Pelosi's location in the Capitol as Lauren's co-conspirators invaded.  

But, Lauren will always be defended, like so many bottle blonde women on Faux News and elsewhere, by the rightwing establishment because of what niche in the Patriarchy that they fill, i.e. to groom and raise the next generation of entitled white man-childern to engage in terrorism and subversion of the United States Government. 

Friday, August 12, 2022

Now conservatives see the violence inherent in the system! Help! Help! Trump is being oppressed!!!

"Prison life is no different from our lives out here in the free world..  The prison system is not... the best.  There is an opportunity, to get the best out of an individual."  2008 Interview with Ron Lyle, the hardest hitting heavyweight boxer of all time.

For years conservatives applauded every extrajudicial killing of a black person; declaring just comply.  

When did Espionage become a crime in America!

For years conservatives defended every instance of Police brutality and misconduct and denied the existence of systemic mistreatment of people charged with crimes.

For years conservatives declared if you aren't doing anything wrong and you have nothing to hide then you don't have any reason to fear police or investigations.

Just a few months ago conservatives salivated over the prospect of arresting women and doctors for medical procedures rightwingers deem objectionable.

But, then... the FBI and Department of Justice executed a search warrant on the diseased premises of Mar-A-Lago and conservatives lost their fucking minds.  The fawning gross adulation and grotesque Back the Blue idolatry went immediately out the window.  Right-wingers concocted absorb legal fictions defending Trump.  Faux News said the FBI was planting evidence.  Republicans vowed to DEFUND THE POLICE!  When faced with the prospect of adhering to the Rule of Law, conservatives won't abandon illegal activities they will abandon the Rule of Law.

Brandon walked into the Capitol then walked
into the Court and then walked away
from his co-conspirators so he could
cry for criminals he walked away from
The collective conservative conniption fit over the FBI raid on the Trump Crime Family comes at Mar-A-Lago  and the Jan 6th criminals facing the consequences for their criminal activities (highlighted by Brandon Straka's cosplay crying in a cage at CPAC for all his incarcerated co-conspirators whom Brandon Straka informed upon) shows how Rightwing Authoritarians view Law Enforcement,

For my friends everything, for my enemies the law - Óscar R. Benavides

Conservatives believe the law and government exist to enforce their dictates and to defend their ideology and safeguard their political power.  If the government or law enforcement doesn't do these things it is ipso facto illegitimate.  The Law and law enforcement exists to help advance the rightwing agenda of hatred, oppression, and subjugation. 

By thine own pantomime shall ye be judged
And now we know that Trump is being investigated for violations of the Espionage Acts the outright rightwing rejection of Law&Order, which they've touted as the cornerstone of America, is escalating...  Breitbart doxxed the FBI Agents who searched Mar-A-Lago a day after a not yet indicted Jan6th Trump Terrorist committed another crime and attacked the FBI Officers in Cincinnati.

Personally, (after his trial and conviction) it might be appropriate for a specific Army squad to present Traitor Trump with his own solution to dealing with those accused of "espionage"...

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

The Revenge of the Thin Blue Line 26: Axon! Axoff! Axon-Axoff! The Bribery!

Police brutality and misconduct is fast becoming a big money maker.  No, I'm not referencing the payouts to the families of those victimized and killed by Police but, by Companies moving in to capitalize on the problem.

Axon Body Cameras are the industry standard.  Motorola has a strong hold on second place but, between them the two companies dominate the market across the United States.  Axon was originally named TASER, which I'm sure you know were the makers of the "Less-than-Lethal" electrical weapons.  Later iterations of Taser weapons added a "TaserCam" but, as body cameras gained a larger and larger segment of the company they renamed and rebranded.

Tasers, are of course controversial, and somewhat ineffective as in chaotic situations its' difficult (not impossible) to get a good shot which deploys both prongs properly and disables the suspect.  Taser (Axon) initially stood by their claims of not causing deaths and offered up a $1,000,000 defense for any Police Department sued after a death attributed to the Taser but, dropped this protection after Courts began to award wrongful death suits to victims' families.

Well, as Police misconduct continues to be documented by citizens with cell phone cameras and with the passage of the Illinois Safe-T Act in 2021, Axon wasted no time in doing what big businesses have always done to capture a market; Purchase all your major competitors and bribe government officials.
The Chicago Tribune reported on Monday that state Sen. Elgie Sims, a Chicago Democrat, was approached in the spring by federal authorities looking into whether Axon Enterprise Inc. either directly or through other lobbying entities improperly tried to influence Sims.
So... Governor J. B. Pritzker called on the Federal Law Enforcement to conduct the investigation which is good.  Axon has denied any wrongdoing.  Sims apparently worked as a lobbyist or provided legal aid to Axon.  This of course is part of the Government/Big Business hand-in-hand cooperation which often leads to corrupt dealings known as "Regulatory Capture", that is when those charged with overseeing certain government functions are coopted and act as clients or proponents of the business.  For instance, the Axon employee who briefed my department on use and functions of the body cameras was a former police officer who worked in his department's video evidence storage department and then was hired immediately upon his retirement by Axon.

The Republican nominee for Illinois Governor Darren Bailey, an alleged pig fucker, has garnered the FOP endorsement (on August 8th = "88", which is an obvious head nod to Bailey's rabid fascist base) and pledged to repeal the 2021 criminal justice reform law.  Dirty John Catanzara, disgraced former Chicago Police Officer and Jan6th Insurrection supporter, also supports alleged pig fucker Darren Bailey.  But, Bailey hasn't condemned Axon because he knows in his black pig heart the power and influence they wield even if Darren Bailey wishes to unleash Police Forces across Illinois to continue the old ways of brutality and misconduct.

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

As jail looms, will Traitor Trump call upon his Magat Horde to destroy America?

"Stand back and stand by.  But I'll tell you what... somebody has got to do something..." Donald John Traitor Trump Sept 29, 2020

The FBI conducted a search via warrant of Trump's roach infested Florida hellhole Mar-a-Lago.  Most likely, to collect stolen classified documents but, additionally documents which pertain to Trump's treasonous months long campaign to overthrow of the US government from 11/03/20 to 01/06/21. And quite possibly documents pertaining to the various other crimes and schemes perpetrated by the Trump Crime Cabal.

We all saw how Trump's nasty, ill-tempered, syphilitic speeches incited the January 6th Insurrectionists.  Since, then he's not scaled back his lies and calls for political violence but fanned the flames.

The question is: When (not if) the DOJ comes to take him away will Traitor Trump call directly for his supporters to rise up and overthrow the US Government and plunge the Nation into an active rightwing revolution?

I don't know.  I do know enough Republicans are taking to social media, cable, news, and radio to proclaim this the worst action in American History and tell the Magat Horde that it is only a matter of time they come for you.  Conservatives for their part are yearning and begging to be given the go ahead to begin murdering millions of Americans.  And really over the last 30 years, anytime a Democratic Administration is in the White House, Republicans demonize law enforcement, threaten to defund the FBI, and stoke rightwing rage against the criminal justice system.  So, they need very little encouragement to begin the overt violence. 

Trump has sometimes tried to be cautious in his statements, often after the fact, to try and avoid consequences as he's done throughout his putrid criminal life and with Republicans tripping over themselves to be outraged on his behalf and attack the Department of Justice, while indicted Jan6th terrorists threaten Civil War, I don't think Trump will need to call for Violence; conservatives are going to do it on their own.

Monday, August 8, 2022

Tales of Republican Death Panels: Why isn't insulin free? Hur dur dur...

Candeath Owens 

One of the more obnoxious and uninformed rightwing social media copy-paste during the past two years has been: If the free Covid vaccine is so good? How come insulin  or some other life saving healthcare) isn't also free??? Checkmate libtards!

One of the joys of being a conservative in America is having No Memory.  One of the joys of being an elected Republican is shamelessly lying and deceiving your voters and having them still support you.

Republicans don't give a fuck about you. They. Don't. Give. A. Fuck.  All they care about is keeping people scared, distracted, angry, upset and punching that (R) in the voting booth.

So the last 2 years of slandering Dr. Fauci and rightwing social media covid vaccine disinformation campaigns, a decade of Republicans voting to Defund Obamacare, and 50 years of underfunding Medicaid and undermining.  But, Republicans propaganda successes mean none of that matters to their rabidly racist and increasingly disconnected from reality base of voters.

Republicans with a minority of 43-57 defeated the Democratic attempt to cap Insulin at $35.  The GOP no doubt will blame Joe Biden and denounce the Democratic Congress for their GOP perfidy as they take credit for just passed IRA despite all the Republican Senators voting No.

So when conservatives ask; how come insulin isn't free? Hur dur dur! Don't expect them to understand its because the people they unthinkingly support and unquestioningly vote for don't give a fuck. Because they don't.  Republicans don't give a shit about you. Your loved ones.  Veterans.  Laws.  The Nation.  All Republicans care about is power.

To wit:

I mean... why not lie?

Saturday, August 6, 2022

The Fascists Next Door 2: Indiana Terminates Women's Health. Republicans empower Death Panels for Women.

Come, you spirits
That tend on mortal thoughts, unsex me here... - Lady 
Macbeth Act 1, Scene 5

The Republican dominated Indiana State Legislature told women in Indiana they should lay back and think of Corn as they dictated a complete ban on abortion services in the State.  As with all authoritarian dictates the Republicans are decreeing this was passed in legislature by a handful of people in total contrast to what Americans and Indiana residents want.

Of course, as the reality of these abortion bans becomes more clear (the 10 year old rape victim from Ohio fled to Indiana to save her life and receive care from Doctor Caitlin Bernard) conservatives are going to revert to their shell game so keenly elucidated by Elizabeth Hasselbeck on The View a few days ago when she simply declared ending Ectopic Pregnancies are not "Abortions".  They are going to pretend these procedures aren't abortions.

Or... maybe not...  James Bopp, who wrote a more extreme version of the law just passed by 28 Republicans, believes the 10 year old rape victim and indeed all child rape victims should be forced by the state to give birth.  Most likely, Republicans are going to let their draconian dictates, cost a few women their lives, cost thousands of women their futures, cause non-stop consternation amongst Hospital administrators, and frighten Doctors into silent compliance.  Because that's what Fascists do.  They dictate and let You suffer the consequences.

"Not her body. Not her choice." - Republican John Jacob of Indiana who wanted there to be no exceptions.  Because as he said during floor debate, "Trying to end all abortion is not forced birth, but rather it is trying to end murdering children."  What a horrid human.  What an unrighteous liar.  What a fascist.

Of course, fetuses are not children.  There is no "heartbeat" at 6 weeks.  But, the Fascists next door, and elsewhere feel completely in power to deny women medical care and force women to be naught but incubators even if and especially if it will kill them.  And remember even in "normal pregnancies" women suffer ill effects, medical complications, incredible strep upon their bodies, and post-birth physical ailments, without even considering the more heart-wrenching unviable or fatal complications.

During the Indiana Legislature floor debate this week, Republican J. Michael Davisson stated on the floor that all women should be forced by the state to carry unviable and dead fetuses to term, ""[None] of us are guaranteed tomorrow. We must accept death as a consequence of life." 

The cruelty and death are the point.  The Republican Death Panels are here and they are spreading as fast as the Fascists can move.  Vote and Act like you life depends on it, because it does.

Tuesday, August 2, 2022

The violence against UpRising Bakery in Lake in the Hills shows Fascism is advancing on all fronts

Fascism uses two arms of violence to gain power; direct physical violence against its' enemies and bureaucratic violence of the state by taking control of government power.

On July 23rd, a Proud Fascist Boy Joseph Collins drove from Alsip, Illinois to terrorize innocent people and destroy the UpRising Bakery in Lake-in-the-Hills.  After his attack, Colins was apprehended and now faces two felonies including a federal hate crime charge. 

This is not the first time Proud Boys have been emboldened to attack and terrorize innocent people. It's become an increasing phenomenon.  Last month at The Mojo Lounge in Woodland California, as Police stood passively by and watched, the fascists encroach further and further, eventually attempting to storm the business until a brave person inside the pepper sprayed the Proud Boy gang.

Now, after this incident in Lake-in-the-Hills officials at the Village Hall decided to conduct a bureaucratic attack on the business and Owner Corrina Sac under the guise of improper zoning for entertainment at her location after receiving unverified complaints from other people.  Lake-in-the-Hills officials claimed, the activity at the center of the controversy “received strong negative criticism” after it was advertised and forced the village to respond.  Criticism from whom?  Awake Illinois fascists?  God bothering anti-LGBTQ bigots?  Lake-in-the-Hills employees with an axe to grind against UpRising Bakery?

Here is an excerpt from the Village attorney's office long winded response for why the Village has to side with the Fascists;
While this Village has a proud history of supporting our local business community, we also have a responsibility to ensure the safety of all our residents. As such, the Village provided the resources necessary to protect the business, as well as those planning to participate in protests and counter-protests of the event. Access was restricted to the Cedar Ridge Plaza parking lot, portions of Oakleaf Drive were closed and communications were sent to both the adjacent businesses and neighboring residents. The resources utilized were substantial and involved support from regional agencies.

Sorry Corrina Sac and others, but unnamed persons don't like your existence and protecting your freedom of speech, assembly, and right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness cost us too much money so we're gonna have to do the Proud Boys work for them.

All of this, the growing direct violence from fascist mobs, the mushy lack of response from official, is in-keeping with standard modus operandi of Fascism, as detailed by L. Trotsky in his work Fascism: what it is and how to fight it.  The Village was forced to side with the Proud Boys after the direct physical violence with bureaucratic violence.

This direct violence is going to ramp up because the entire Republican Party encourages it and conservatives in government subvert prosecution of it.  Now certainly, individual actors such as Joseph Collins can be and will be sacrificed by the rightwing mob to allay suspicion from the norms that Fascism isn't coming.  But, throughout American history rightwing domestic terrorism has been coddled and encouraged and since the Reagan Revolution, the GOP has cultivated through word & deed paramilitary terror squads which were 100% certain in 2020 they would be the Tip of the Spear in a counter-revolutionary push to undo all the wrongs that have been done to the White Man since the 1960's. 

Once women have been shackled, LGBTQ shamed into silence and suicide, and minorities returned to their second class status (or worse) ah then America Will be Great Again...

Monday, August 1, 2022

Republicans wouldn't even piss on Veterans if they were in a burnpit, because Republicans hate Veterans

Terrorist Fist Jab
Republicans hate Veterans.  The GOP doesn't give a rat's hind tit about Veterans and never has.  Republicans only support Veterans like Tom Cotton, who call for using the US Military to put down Americans seeking to express their rights to speech and assembly. 
Republicans see Veterans and active duty service members as naught but little tokens to be used and tossed aside if one becomes broken or unresponsive to the rightwing agenda of hatred, intolerance and oppression.  And Republicans don't give a shit if you know it anymore.

The Republicans in the Senate voted against funding for Veterans affected by the toxic miasma which emanated from the burn pits used throughout Global War on Terror.  Republicans callous disregard for Veterans is borne from the fact that the majority of Republican Chickenhawk Warmongers didn't serve and don't know anything about the Bush/Cheney Wars and don't give a shit about Veterans except to use them as props for their re-election campaigns.

Once again we have a situation in this country were Republicans have been allowed to get away with claiming they love the troops, they support the troops, they cherish the troops while their actions are wholly, diametrically in opposition but, the Corporate Media has always let Republicans get away with such lies about everything. 

For years, Republicans paid lip service to Supportin' the Troops and Thank You For Your Service and Wounded Warriors.  It was all a con.  It was all a facade.  It was all a lie.  Republicans hate Veterans and see their healthcare as an unacceptable drain.  For Republicans Veterans and The Troops have always been a rhetorical cudgel to bash the left; for instance War Crimes Cheerleader Sean Hannity in the 2000's the only way to support the troops was to unquestioningly support the Iraq War and march in lock-step behind W(orst POTUS Ever).  Recall that Sean Hannity had his Oliver North/Hannity Freedom Alliance Charity concerts ostensibly for Wounded Veterans and their children's college funds but, in reality was little more than a way to funnel charitable donations into Hannity's bank account.

There is nothing good about this; but, this does highlight something Republicans aren't ready to accept or face.  They've lost any presumptive advantage amongst Veterans, even if conservatives are unwilling to accept it.  During the Phony GWoT, conservatives by and large eschewed military service.  And the Chickenhawk cowardice of right-wingers was noted and seen by a lot of the younger generation.  Hence in 2020, active duty service members and Veterans voted for Biden over Trump.  Because they see how they are actually disrespected and mistreated by the cowardly GOP.