Saturday, August 27, 2022

Republicans plan to murder Police and Federal Law Enforcement Officers

Watch out because if you have an acronym Republicans and conservatives are going to murder you.

And no I'm not just talking about LGBTQ persons, though conservatives are aching to kill them, but members of the FBI and IRS.

The biggest lies in modern politics is that conservatives love and cherish the military and police.  They don't.  Conservatives only support Veterans, servicemembers and law enforcement who openly aid in their advancement of the rightwing agenda of oppression and intolerance.  When courts or officers arrest rightwingers for crimes then the murder threats emerge.

And conservatives openly make these declarations of terrorism and threats on social media platforms and in crass mass murder tik tok videos.  The rhetoric of murdering law enforcement is so heated even Faux News morons are begging Trump's lackeys and elected Republicans to tone it done.

Meanwhile, Traitor Trump is not only doing his hammiest mob boss imitation but is also aping the plot of a lurid spy novel.  Trump has been passing covert HUMINT sources and intelligence to foreign agencies resulting in numerous deaths.  From The New York Times article;

Republicans don't care because Republicans hate America.  Republicans long ago voided The Social Contract and no longer adhere to their professed beliefs about "Natural Rights" and "Positive Rights" even if some more widely heard Conservatives voices mouth the Theories expounded in in Locke's political philosophy.  This is no better illustrated than in the Kyle Rittenhouse case.  In Locke's legal theory of rights you have to the "right" to self-defense, but you also have the duty to submit to the state to prove you asserted this right lawfully. 

Conservatives no longer believe this; what Conservatives believe is they have absolute rights.  Rightwingers asserted it was a supreme injustice that Rittenhouse even had to face a trial; the fact he was a right-winger made his actions de facto lawful.  

And more to this point, conservatives believe government is only legitimate when they are in power.  This extends all the way from the Presidency to local school boards.  See for instance Ted Cruz, whining on Twitter with the passage of the IRA
"the Democrats are trying to overturn the Supreme Court’s West Virginia v. EPA victory.
This is easily understand due to the fact conservatives abandoned Lockean Liberalism for Fascism years ago.  Historical rightwing pleas towards Law&Order have always been hollow and used a rhetorical cudgel to Bash the Left;  hatred of Federal Law Enforcement was on full display in the 1990's but, now social media platform let's us see starkly how vicious, vile, mean, and criminal a large percentage of conservatives are in a way that the media landscape in the Nineties didn't capture.

Conservatives are yearning, begging, aching to be unleashed to act as a paramilitary Secret Police rounding up and liquidating "dissidents".  And the list of dissidents has the Usual Suspects but, is ever-growing as rightwingers salivate at the prospect of over-throwing the US Government and installing their Fascist White Supremacist Slave State.

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