Friday, August 19, 2022

Evil Frodo (Riley Williams) wants to go to the Renaissance Fair despite being a Felon

America has an unequal system of justice.
Evil Frodo Riley Williams Renfair Garb

It's predicated on the belief that white people are inherently good and if they happen to get involved in crimes it is due to them being the wrong place at the wrong time or getting caught up in a situation which somehow got out of hand.  Whereas black (and brown) people are a priori guilty of something so if the Police kill them in an extrajudicial violation of the 4th Amendment well that saves the taxpayers the cost of a trial.

Now certainly a white person can abdicate his inherent get out of jail free card, usually by acting like a "mope" or being a liberal squish or advocating for criminal justice reform or sometimes by being poor.

But, if all one is doing is trying to Make America Great Again well then latitude, mercy, and all sorts of accommodations are coming your way.

Evil Frodo Riley Williams Nazi Garb
Riley Williams is a little Nazi Magat, who actively broke into the Capitol on January 6th with thousands of other domestic terrorists.  Once inside Riley made her way to Speaker Pelosi's Office and stole the laptop from the desk in the Office.

Whatever her plans for the laptop and I have to conclude besides a vague idea of downloading all the evidence of Voter Fraud or Deep State nefariousness or selling it to the Russians these actions were not a spur of the moment but a long sequence of crimes showing clear intent and a determined mental state.

Of course, since her arrest she's flouted Judge's orders, lied to her probation Officers, and demanded the trial be moved from Washington DC to central Pennsylvania because she can't get a fair trial in DC but, can get one on her homeground (wink wink).

But, as we approach Labor Day, Riley is worried she will miss an annual summer tradition; Renaissance Fairs!  So besides petitioning to have her trial moved Riley requested special leave to attend the Pennsylvannia Renfair this weekend.

After all, Riley isn't a "mope" but, a good person caught up in a swirl of events that got out of hand.

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