Friday, August 12, 2022

Now conservatives see the violence inherent in the system! Help! Help! Trump is being oppressed!!!

"Prison life is no different from our lives out here in the free world..  The prison system is not... the best.  There is an opportunity, to get the best out of an individual."  2008 Interview with Ron Lyle, the hardest hitting heavyweight boxer of all time.

For years conservatives applauded every extrajudicial killing of a black person; declaring just comply.  

When did Espionage become a crime in America!

For years conservatives defended every instance of Police brutality and misconduct and denied the existence of systemic mistreatment of people charged with crimes.

For years conservatives declared if you aren't doing anything wrong and you have nothing to hide then you don't have any reason to fear police or investigations.

Just a few months ago conservatives salivated over the prospect of arresting women and doctors for medical procedures rightwingers deem objectionable.

But, then... the FBI and Department of Justice executed a search warrant on the diseased premises of Mar-A-Lago and conservatives lost their fucking minds.  The fawning gross adulation and grotesque Back the Blue idolatry went immediately out the window.  Right-wingers concocted absorb legal fictions defending Trump.  Faux News said the FBI was planting evidence.  Republicans vowed to DEFUND THE POLICE!  When faced with the prospect of adhering to the Rule of Law, conservatives won't abandon illegal activities they will abandon the Rule of Law.

Brandon walked into the Capitol then walked
into the Court and then walked away
from his co-conspirators so he could
cry for criminals he walked away from
The collective conservative conniption fit over the FBI raid on the Trump Crime Family comes at Mar-A-Lago  and the Jan 6th criminals facing the consequences for their criminal activities (highlighted by Brandon Straka's cosplay crying in a cage at CPAC for all his incarcerated co-conspirators whom Brandon Straka informed upon) shows how Rightwing Authoritarians view Law Enforcement,

For my friends everything, for my enemies the law - Óscar R. Benavides

Conservatives believe the law and government exist to enforce their dictates and to defend their ideology and safeguard their political power.  If the government or law enforcement doesn't do these things it is ipso facto illegitimate.  The Law and law enforcement exists to help advance the rightwing agenda of hatred, oppression, and subjugation. 

By thine own pantomime shall ye be judged
And now we know that Trump is being investigated for violations of the Espionage Acts the outright rightwing rejection of Law&Order, which they've touted as the cornerstone of America, is escalating...  Breitbart doxxed the FBI Agents who searched Mar-A-Lago a day after a not yet indicted Jan6th Trump Terrorist committed another crime and attacked the FBI Officers in Cincinnati.

Personally, (after his trial and conviction) it might be appropriate for a specific Army squad to present Traitor Trump with his own solution to dealing with those accused of "espionage"...

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