Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Republicans break laws and then use their law breaking to restrict other peoples' rights

"There must be an in-group whom the law protects but, does not bind and an out-group whom the law binds but, does not protect.  - Frank Wilhoit

Brushed aside as old news was the revelation Trump lover Dennis Molla lied about his Camper, home, garage and cars being burned & vandalized by liberals just before the 2020 election.  Faux News and on-line rightwing blabbermouths endlessly hyped Molla's lies as proof of the BLM + Antifa terrorism afflicting America. Worse still, despicable Molla was willing to burn his dogs to death for this fraud too.

This genre of rightwing lies, i.e. being attacked for displaying rightwing paraphernalia goes back years.  Of course, far, far worse are the rightwingers who lie about laws themselves. 

Predictably pernicious and particularly potent are rightwing lies about elections and voting.

‘We’ve got lots of theories, we just don’t have the evidence,’ Rudy Ghouliani 

One of the Republicans running with evidence-free theories about Voting Fraud, is Racine County Sheriff Christopher Schmaling.  Sheriff Schmaling is one of those rightwing lunatics who believes he is the highest authority in the Land based on 9th century English Jurisprudence about Shire-Reeves so he's spent the last two years claiming all sorts of voting fraud.  He's also done so without evidence, which didn't stop Sheriff Schmaling from calling for the arrest of Wisconsin Elections Commission.  And then, as rightwing Sheriff's often do, when faced with a lack of evidence, Schmaling and his co-conspirators decided it was time to make the evidence themselves.

Sheriff Schmaling worked hand-in-hand with the Neo-Fascist Racine based HOT government group to commit Voter Fraud.  As always, after they've committed crimes, Reactionary Neofascists demand other people need to have their rights restricted.  These disingenuous and bad faith attacks on democracy are what appeal greatly to the rightwing lizard brain.  Since, conservatives are the "Patriots", since right-wingers are the "Real Americans", since Republicans are the only "legitimate" government officials their actions are ipso facto always righteous and they aren't really breaking the law just showing how the laws could be broken by other people.  And as elder white people they simply want their Country back.

What MAGA has always meant is stop letting those people have political power and stop them from being able to exercise their larger political power through casting a larger number of votes.  It's an idea which stretches back in conservatives thinking to the American Civil War.  Most MAGAts don't comprehend the truth of their movement distilled down as bluntly as, 'We don't like democracy and want to be the only ones who exercise political power' but, that's what it is.  More people voting is less political power for them and conservatives demand they be the only ones who count. 

Wisconsin is a battleground state.  Local Republicans have worked tirelessly to gerrymander the State Legislature.  Russian Ron Johnson is vying for his 3rd term in the United States Senate.  Ron Johnson was going to be the Senator on Jan6th to hand Mike Pence the false slate of Electors to undermine the 2020 Election.  The election President Jospeh R. Biden Jr won decisively...

As I watched election night coverage in 2020 with trepidation of a 2016 repeat, it became increasingly clear that Jospeh R. Biden won the Presidency that night and this conviction became more and more concrete as the next couple of days passed.  Even Faux News had called Arizona for President Biden putting a stake in the heart of Traitor Trump's chances.  But, the media dithered and this created a nice little niche for conservatives to claim Trump won.  And into that niche flooded the vile liars and evil villains intent on overturning the election results and stealing the Presidency for Donald John Trump.

"Just say that the election was corrupt + leave the rest to me and the R. Congressmen" - Trump after his election loss looking for others to break the law for him in one of his many schemes to defraud the United States and the American people.  

However, since the 2020 election, Republicans have increasingly turned to believing Trump's BIG LIE and this year seek political office to be able to steal the next election by bureaucratic means.  To be certain Republicans have always employed anti-democratic methods, voter oppression, intimidation, and the apparatus of government to disenfranchise and deny many Americans free and fair representation.

But, with these elections in 22, we are looking at the GQP simply declaring themselves the winners, regardless, and daring the Democratic Party and American people to do something about it.  That's the Era of Election Fraud conservatives dream about and yearn for.  They Win, you Lose.

And at that point, no amount of laws, will stop conservatives from setting up the Ultimate Law Breaking Neo-Confederate state they desire and declaring it's time to round-up and eliminate the Non-MAGA.

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