Monday, August 1, 2022

Republicans wouldn't even piss on Veterans if they were in a burnpit, because Republicans hate Veterans

Terrorist Fist Jab
Republicans hate Veterans.  The GOP doesn't give a rat's hind tit about Veterans and never has.  Republicans only support Veterans like Tom Cotton, who call for using the US Military to put down Americans seeking to express their rights to speech and assembly. 
Republicans see Veterans and active duty service members as naught but little tokens to be used and tossed aside if one becomes broken or unresponsive to the rightwing agenda of hatred, intolerance and oppression.  And Republicans don't give a shit if you know it anymore.

The Republicans in the Senate voted against funding for Veterans affected by the toxic miasma which emanated from the burn pits used throughout Global War on Terror.  Republicans callous disregard for Veterans is borne from the fact that the majority of Republican Chickenhawk Warmongers didn't serve and don't know anything about the Bush/Cheney Wars and don't give a shit about Veterans except to use them as props for their re-election campaigns.

Once again we have a situation in this country were Republicans have been allowed to get away with claiming they love the troops, they support the troops, they cherish the troops while their actions are wholly, diametrically in opposition but, the Corporate Media has always let Republicans get away with such lies about everything. 

For years, Republicans paid lip service to Supportin' the Troops and Thank You For Your Service and Wounded Warriors.  It was all a con.  It was all a facade.  It was all a lie.  Republicans hate Veterans and see their healthcare as an unacceptable drain.  For Republicans Veterans and The Troops have always been a rhetorical cudgel to bash the left; for instance War Crimes Cheerleader Sean Hannity in the 2000's the only way to support the troops was to unquestioningly support the Iraq War and march in lock-step behind W(orst POTUS Ever).  Recall that Sean Hannity had his Oliver North/Hannity Freedom Alliance Charity concerts ostensibly for Wounded Veterans and their children's college funds but, in reality was little more than a way to funnel charitable donations into Hannity's bank account.

There is nothing good about this; but, this does highlight something Republicans aren't ready to accept or face.  They've lost any presumptive advantage amongst Veterans, even if conservatives are unwilling to accept it.  During the Phony GWoT, conservatives by and large eschewed military service.  And the Chickenhawk cowardice of right-wingers was noted and seen by a lot of the younger generation.  Hence in 2020, active duty service members and Veterans voted for Biden over Trump.  Because they see how they are actually disrespected and mistreated by the cowardly GOP.

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