Saturday, August 6, 2022

The Fascists Next Door 2: Indiana Terminates Women's Health. Republicans empower Death Panels for Women.

Come, you spirits
That tend on mortal thoughts, unsex me here... - Lady 
Macbeth Act 1, Scene 5

The Republican dominated Indiana State Legislature told women in Indiana they should lay back and think of Corn as they dictated a complete ban on abortion services in the State.  As with all authoritarian dictates the Republicans are decreeing this was passed in legislature by a handful of people in total contrast to what Americans and Indiana residents want.

Of course, as the reality of these abortion bans becomes more clear (the 10 year old rape victim from Ohio fled to Indiana to save her life and receive care from Doctor Caitlin Bernard) conservatives are going to revert to their shell game so keenly elucidated by Elizabeth Hasselbeck on The View a few days ago when she simply declared ending Ectopic Pregnancies are not "Abortions".  They are going to pretend these procedures aren't abortions.

Or... maybe not...  James Bopp, who wrote a more extreme version of the law just passed by 28 Republicans, believes the 10 year old rape victim and indeed all child rape victims should be forced by the state to give birth.  Most likely, Republicans are going to let their draconian dictates, cost a few women their lives, cost thousands of women their futures, cause non-stop consternation amongst Hospital administrators, and frighten Doctors into silent compliance.  Because that's what Fascists do.  They dictate and let You suffer the consequences.

"Not her body. Not her choice." - Republican John Jacob of Indiana who wanted there to be no exceptions.  Because as he said during floor debate, "Trying to end all abortion is not forced birth, but rather it is trying to end murdering children."  What a horrid human.  What an unrighteous liar.  What a fascist.

Of course, fetuses are not children.  There is no "heartbeat" at 6 weeks.  But, the Fascists next door, and elsewhere feel completely in power to deny women medical care and force women to be naught but incubators even if and especially if it will kill them.  And remember even in "normal pregnancies" women suffer ill effects, medical complications, incredible strep upon their bodies, and post-birth physical ailments, without even considering the more heart-wrenching unviable or fatal complications.

During the Indiana Legislature floor debate this week, Republican J. Michael Davisson stated on the floor that all women should be forced by the state to carry unviable and dead fetuses to term, ""[None] of us are guaranteed tomorrow. We must accept death as a consequence of life." 

The cruelty and death are the point.  The Republican Death Panels are here and they are spreading as fast as the Fascists can move.  Vote and Act like you life depends on it, because it does.

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