Friday, April 30, 2010

Somebody Drill George Bush, Dick Cheney, and Sarah Palin

“This is not a natural disaster, this is a man-made fucking catastrophe of epic proportions!” ~ John Goodman, Treme
Sarah Palin, Dick Cheney and George Bush love to have their hands coated in Blood and Oil. And when Blood and Oil can be spilled into the ocean due to their efforts to deregulate Oil Companies and do irreparable damage to a fragile ecosystem they smile.

Republicans really don't care if you die. Everyday more and more Americans learn the Republicans Message is: Fuck You and Fuck the World, Give Us Money.

This giant oil slick heading towards the NOLA coast is the direct result of the "Election" of never done a real days worth of work, Chicken Hawk Oil Barons George Bush and Dick Cheney. It's a direct result of Republicans 30 year plan of deregulation of government. It's a Stab-In-The-Back of the American People.

Last year the Republicans sent out Bobby Jindal to decry and scoff at 'Volcano Monitoring' and other wasteful environmental measures. Jindal is now requesting Government assistance with this Disaster. Being a Republican means never having to worry about Hypocrisy. Republicans and Conservatives love to blame government for everything and ensure any government plan to aid the unfortunate in America is slashed but whenever a rich man's portfolio loses 20%, Republicans are there with the bailout and disaster relief.

And American workers died when the rig exploded. Dick Cheney's Halliburton continues to make money off of the blood of dead Americans just the way Dick Cheney wants it. And you betcha, Sarah Palin wants American workers to die horribly, cold and alone in the black oil coated waters of the Gulf, so she can Drill Baby Drill.

But, conservative troglodytes would have you believe Businesses have your best interests at heart. They don't. To Republicans and Corporations the American worker is a cost overrun. American workers demand things like a living wage and safe work environments and the chance to go home at night with all their limbs.

But ecological disasters and dead Americans are what you get when Republicans get elected to office.

BP and TransOcean fought Government regulations on Deepwater Horizon Rig, Thanks Dick Cheney!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Capitalism is...

American Capitalism is Socialism for the Rich.

The Republican Party has been groomed for one purpose in America, to defend the Plutocratic controllers of the Nation. To grind Americans (and the world) down for the enrichment of the Elites who craft policy, gin up wars and divide America. The Republicans have for years employed both crude and insidious techniques to deceive their voting base into sacrificing themselves on the Altar of the Rich. And they continue to do so today.

Republicans have always used Terrorism and Aggression against Americans, be it outright murder of political dissidents or the crafting of laws to criminalize human behavior and thereby placing the American people at odds with Law Enforcement while they get away with all forms of Debauchery, the Theft of Trillions and Murder.

What President Obama's election has done (despite the disappointment in him from many Progressives) is lay bare the Republicans' Class Warfare.

President Obama's calm cool collected demeanor and constant outreach is making the Republicans stand up for the Plutocratic Elite and vote against the American People and the American people can see it. The American people were overwhelming in favor of Health Reform and what did the Punk Ass Bitches Republicans and their Conservative Troglodytes do? They lied and threatened violence. Stalwart Republican values, Deception and Terrorism.

Now the American people want Banking Reform and who stands with the Wall Street Thieves and against Main Street Americans? The Republicans. The Republicans will not let Congress and President Obama endanger the institutional Thievery which the Republican Party was created to cement into law and protect at all costs.

This is fortunate because since the Reign of Chickenhawk Reagan the Republicans have gotten away with their anti-human plans of financial deregulation to destroy and Impoverish the American Middle Class. Because the Klepotcrats in America who control the Republicans want all American workers ground down to the level of the powerless in Indonesia or Guatemala. Republicans want Americans to work and die once their "productive" years are done.

Ask yourself: Who wanted to roll Social Security into Wall Street? The Republicans. Why? So Wall Street could steal those funds as well. Who during the midst of the Bush/Cheney Depression wanted to destroy Social Security and Medicare? Michele Bachmann and the Republicans. Why? Because Michele Bachmann wants Americans to die when they get old.

Republicans act as the attack dogs for the Wealthy and their conservative slime merchants gleefully absorb the message and willfully propagate it to delude themselves and others.

How do the Republicans get away with their anti-human plans? They've done an excellent job of dividing Americans by religion and race and by non-stop lying.

For years the demographics allowed Republican victories but now more and more Americans are aware there is a club and 99% of the American People aren't in it. The American People have seen that the Republicans serve a gaggle of Kleptocrats who view their supporters as nothing more than paving stones for their luxuries.

But the coast has already shifted. Republicans have lost the popular vote in 4 of the last 5 Presidential Elections and 2012 is going to be no different, another Republican defeat. In the years between expect an unceasing torrent of lies and calls for violence.

Real Wall Street Reform - Senator Bernie Sanders
How Wall Street Creates Socialists - E.J. Dionne And from the article, The *Money* Shot:
“Well,” Fabrice “Fabulous Fab” Tourre sent to his girlfriend, “what if we created a ‘thing’, which has no purpose, which is absolutely conceptual and highly theoretical and which nobody knows how to price?”

Perhaps Fab once read the Karl Marx who wrote: “The more abstract money is, the less natural its relationship to other commodities.”
Republicans killed 5214 American Workers in 2008

Friday, April 23, 2010

Republican Political Correctness

Republicans, Conservative Troglodytes, and their Vomit Tongued Toxic Commentators love to paint all Liberals as Terrorist Loving Marxists. Usually making their mouth breathing followers imagine every liberal is a amalgamation of Saul Alinsky, Code Pink, Bill Ayers and Leon Trotsky.

It's a deception. It's merely part of the Republican Party Platform. Lie every day about everything no matter how transparent, no matter how unsubstantiated, no matter how evil.

But, when the clear results of Republican policies are highlighted, as recently in the case of the evil and odious Don Blankenship, global warming denier and Right Wing Champion of Deregulation and less government intrusion into Business, Republicans become unhinged and bristle with false umbrage. Deaf, dumb and blind is what conservatives would like to remain when shown the results of 30 years of Republican policies; the destruction of the middle class, the theft of Trillions of dollars, the murder of American service men, the murder of American workers, the underfunding and destruction of (MSHA, OSHA, FDA, EPA) and any other organization (ACORN) which impedes the Republican Party platforms of deception, theft, oppression, rape and murder in the service of the Plutocratic Elite.

Perhaps it's willful ignorance which allows Republicans to implement policies which harm Americans.

Or perhaps Republicans merely hate America. Merely hate the concept, hate when the government allievates the crushing of the poor, which is why they fought Health Care Reform and supported Insurance Companies right to kill Americans, and are now fighting Financial Reform and support Mega-Banking Wall Street Firms right to Steal Trillions of Dollars from Americans.

What Republicans want, as blatantly highlighted in the Citizens United SCOTUS decision, is a Kleptocratic Oligarchy in which they control government and the government destroys unions, invades countries to kill the inhabitants and steal their wealth, and keeps the American people in the status of wage slaves and Katrina survivors, grinding 95% of the country into serfdom while they claim to defend the very ideals they blissfully destroy.

Disaffected and it Feels So Good: Republicans Are Everything They Say They Hate
Disaffected and it Feels So Good: Global Warming is Baloney!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Can the Republican Terrorists get anymore pathetic?

According to a bloated racist pederast talk show host, the volcanic ash cloud over Europe is a god's anger at President Obama for providing health care to the poor and underprivileged in America. And who can blame him? After all Republican Science Wizard Bobby Jindal proved last year that volcano monitoring is just plain bad!

After the "victories" in 2000 and 2004, The Republican Party engaged in full scale war against the American People, destroying protections for the poor, underfunding agencies designed to stop rapacious businesses, stealing Trillions of Dollars and channeling it to off shore and Swiss accounts and sending Americans to far away lands to die for the Egos of a group of Chicken Hawk Cowards. But, while theft, rape and murder are the results of Republican power it is not their end goal. Because the Republican Party was created for the aggrandizement, protection and defense of the upper 1% who control the government and oppress the American people.

Liberals organized and won elections properly and fairly, per the great tradition of America, power was transfered peacefully to the Democratic Party. But after those crushing electoral defeats in 2006 and 2008 the Republican Party and their Plutocratic Controllers decided Terrorism was the way back to power and embarked on a campaign of deception and intimidation, threats of revolution, wholesale fear mongering and acts of violence in their quest to regain control of government to thereby continue their plan of reducing the American People to the status of Wage Slaves and Cogs in the machines of Industry and War.

The Republicans created demagogues, the wholly unattractive Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann, an enforcement terrorist arm, the Teabaggers, and unleashed the most vicious propaganda war via Fox News and the Toxic Commentators onto the American Populace.

And for what ultimate purpose? To ensure the richest American Plutocrats can continue to enjoy the wealth of this nation and the spoils of conquest bought with the blood of dead Americans, be they coal miners or soldiers. Or by the toll extracted everyday from working Americans who will make less money in their entire lives then the pampered Plutocrats make daily by exploiting their control of Government.

(Photoshop from Blue Gal)

Noam Chomsky Has ‘Never Seen Anything Like This’ by Chris Hedges [Truthdig]
Right-Wing GOPers You Don't Know...But Should [Talking Points Memo]

Monday, April 12, 2010

Actors should Shut Up about their Politics

That's what we Liberals always hear about Sean Penn and Tim Robbins. But if the actor happens to be a Conservative? In that case, Fox News and Right Wing Seditious Anti-American Traitors demand the actor in question get to voice "their" opinions, which coincide with the Republican Party Platforms of Deception, Theft, Rape and Murder.

For me the worst part is before Jon Voight and Kelsey Grammer became vocal proponents of Murder and the Assassination of elected American officials I enjoyed their work, Voight as FDR and his many collaborations with Michael Mann and Grammer as the vulnerable, always learning from his father Fraiser. Now, they happily serve Terrorism and seek to undermine America.

New Clear Policy

One of the most important contributions we can make is, of course, to lower the level of all arms, and particularly nuclear arms. ~ Ronald Reagan, 03/23/83
The Republican Liars and Conservative Terrorists will spare no lie and leave no hypocrisy unturned in their attempts to besmirch and blame everything on President Obama.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Republicans Love when Miners Die

Once Republicans take political office they fight to re-enact slavery. Not based on race mind you, although there are unrepentant bigots in the Republican Party like Governor Robert F. McDonnell who longs for the Confederacy, most Republicans and Conservatives will accept anyone into their midst if that person espouses the GOP and Conservative principles of deception, theft, rape and murder.

However, there are levels in this club and much like the Church the upper tier of the Right uses its poor members to provide them with money and luxury and fulfill all their sexual proclivities (witness the Young Eagles and the RNC, John Ensign, Larry Craig, David Vitter, Mark Sanford, Mark Foley, Racist Limbaugh and on and on).

However, once elected a Republicans job is to undercut all types of protections the Democratic Party and Unions have created and adopted for the protection and help of the poor. Because what Republicans want are to have Americans work hard during their youth and die quickly once they are used up, old and broken down from years of wage slavery.

Don Blankenship, the owner of the Upper Big Branch Mine tragedy that claimed the lives of at least 25 miners, has worked for years and donated millions in support of Republicans. The reason Blankenship supports the Right is once he gets Republicans and Conservatives in office they gladly do his bidding and ignore, underfund and undercut all safety warnings and reports of violations from the EPA, OSHA and Mine Safety and Health and take no action to help the poor wage slave. (Mine owner ran up serious violations, 495 violations last year alone.)

This is exactly why Republicans hold office. Republicans hate Americans. The Republican Party secret goal is to destroy the federal government and pave the way for their Corporate, Banking, Industrial and Military Controllers to enslave the American people and work them to death.

Disaffected and it Feels So Good: Republicans Are Everything They Say They Hate
Racist Limbaugh tells Mike in Atlanta he should work till he dies not retire at 55. [Crooks and Liars]
Steelworkers’ President Leo Gerard: If Miners Were Union, They Could Have Refused Unsafe Work at Massey [FireDogLake]

Monday, April 5, 2010

***Conservative Terror Alert - Remains High***

"That's because of the Tea Party movement, all these Tim McVeigh wannabes." ~ Sean Hannity urges Tea Baggers to blow up buildings in the United States and murder Americans, 04/01/10.

Proud Chicken Hawk, puffy-faced, never missed collecting a paycheck from the government, never done a real days worth of work Conservative Terrorist Erick Erickson threatens to shoot Government Workers no wonder Erickson hates Cops and wishes harm upon Police Officers.

But, it's not like Conservative Doctors are refusing to treat patients or anything.

Conservatives want violence, Conservatives want upheaval, Conservatives hate America and want to see Americans die.

Conservatism is Terrorism...

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Nothing is Safe from Conservative Dirty Tricks

Climategate was a complete and utter lie. Conservatives and Republicans when faced with evidence and truth simply fabricate lies to confuse their supporters. It's not that Americans who vote for Republicans are stupid, far from it, it's that they've been consistently and maliciously lied to for years.

And that accumulated weight of lies presses down on the heads of conservative supporters and cuts off the flow of truth to their brains killing their minds as surely as cutting off the flow of oxygen would kill their brains.

But, Republicans and Conservatives aren't going to stop. Since they propped an actor up in the White House, the Right witnessed the power and money they could accumulate with lies. The Right's Campaign of Deceit culminated in the murderous Bush Regime. An 8 year orgy of theft, rape and murder. No branch of government was safe, no institution was safe, no document sacrosanct to be destroyed by a bunch of Punk Ass Bitch Chicken Hawks who sneered and mocked America sending men off to their death so Republicans could line their pockets with blood profit while tearing down Nations abroad and at Home.

The Right has a multi-pronged attack. Hours of radio air time is taken up by flabby breasted, wide assed cowards whose only mission is to lie as often and about as many topics as possible. Elected Republicans only job once in Congress is to get on TV and lie about everything they can. The Right when faced with historical or scientific truth which don't conform to their lies take the Orwellian approach of changing books.

And when their recent lies are exposed The Right doesn't apologize they attack, write books, and go on tour further lying to cover up their exposed lies. It is the most insidious and yet the simplest plan ever devised.

Rachel Maddow calls Bull-Pucky on Republican Lies [The Maddow Blog]

Friday, April 2, 2010

Global Warming Proven

So, April 1st and 2nd saw back to back days of 83 degrees in Chicago, a full 30 degrees higher than average and breaking a record high set in 1946.

Thus Global Warming was unequivocally proven and smug pig-faced Sean Hannity with much chagrin apologized for saying 'Global Warming where are you? We want you back' a scant two months prior.