Friday, April 23, 2010

Republican Political Correctness

Republicans, Conservative Troglodytes, and their Vomit Tongued Toxic Commentators love to paint all Liberals as Terrorist Loving Marxists. Usually making their mouth breathing followers imagine every liberal is a amalgamation of Saul Alinsky, Code Pink, Bill Ayers and Leon Trotsky.

It's a deception. It's merely part of the Republican Party Platform. Lie every day about everything no matter how transparent, no matter how unsubstantiated, no matter how evil.

But, when the clear results of Republican policies are highlighted, as recently in the case of the evil and odious Don Blankenship, global warming denier and Right Wing Champion of Deregulation and less government intrusion into Business, Republicans become unhinged and bristle with false umbrage. Deaf, dumb and blind is what conservatives would like to remain when shown the results of 30 years of Republican policies; the destruction of the middle class, the theft of Trillions of dollars, the murder of American service men, the murder of American workers, the underfunding and destruction of (MSHA, OSHA, FDA, EPA) and any other organization (ACORN) which impedes the Republican Party platforms of deception, theft, oppression, rape and murder in the service of the Plutocratic Elite.

Perhaps it's willful ignorance which allows Republicans to implement policies which harm Americans.

Or perhaps Republicans merely hate America. Merely hate the concept, hate when the government allievates the crushing of the poor, which is why they fought Health Care Reform and supported Insurance Companies right to kill Americans, and are now fighting Financial Reform and support Mega-Banking Wall Street Firms right to Steal Trillions of Dollars from Americans.

What Republicans want, as blatantly highlighted in the Citizens United SCOTUS decision, is a Kleptocratic Oligarchy in which they control government and the government destroys unions, invades countries to kill the inhabitants and steal their wealth, and keeps the American people in the status of wage slaves and Katrina survivors, grinding 95% of the country into serfdom while they claim to defend the very ideals they blissfully destroy.

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Green Eagle said...

"What Republicans want, as blatantly highlighted in the Citizens United SCOTUS decision, is a Kleptocratic Oligarchy"

What's really hilarious about this is that they all think if they just let the Goldman Sach's and Exxon's of this world do whatever the hell they want, all of the suckers who enabled them are going to get cut in on the lucre.

Fat chance, suckers.

JUDGE TRUTH 101 said...

I agree with just about everything you said Gene. I do need some clarification though. We arranged the Gulf War to get Iraq out of Kuwait. I don't recall the Kuwaitis giving us a discount on oil. Or the new Iraq government saying they would sell us oil cheaper because we so graciously removed Saddam.

The higher the price of oil, the more money oil companies make. When oil was at it's highest my Exxon stock was $30 a share higher than what it is now.

It's almost as if the war for lower oil prices is not against OPEC, but against the republicans. They invade because oil isn't high enough.