Thursday, June 29, 2023

SRO Scot Peterson and Parkland's long shadow

"You have no idea what it's like to be a coward... See these horrors and... do nothing..."- I don't think I've ever seen any actor approach the deep sorrow and sadness Harris Yullin reached in this Star Trek: DS9 episode Duet (1993).

As the news of the Parkland school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglass High School broke, and the news reports of what the School Resource Officer (SRO) did and did not do I was filled with a great swell of pity for the man.  Today, that SRO, Scot Peterson was found Not Guilty after being charged with child neglect for failing to confront NRA-Trained MAGA Gunman Nicholas Cruz;

A jury has acquitted on all counts the former school resource officer who stayed outside during the February 2018 massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida – absolving him of wrongdoing in the rare trial of a law enforcement officer for his response to a mass shooting.  Scot Peterson, 60, took off his glasses and wept in court as the judge read the verdict, which found him not guilty of seven counts of felony child neglect, three counts of culpable negligence and one count of perjury.

Look, Peterson was afraid.  He thought his last few years of Policing could be a nice day-to-day hall monitor job.  Glad handing with the teachers and talking trash with the students.Instead, Parkland joined the ever-growing list of mass shooting massacres.  I won't say unthinkable because mass shootings are a daily occurrence and fact of day-to-day life in America.  Everywhere.  At any time.

Thinking people have a sense of what they might or might not do in such a situation.  Of course, I have been a SRO and always feared such an encounter during my time.  It's never far from your mind.

Of course, after the shooting the vile bloated creature stepped in to bloviate about what his fat ass would have done if only he had been there, "I think, I really believe I’d run in there even if I didn’t have a weapon.  They weren't exactly Medal of Honor winners, alright?  They way they performed was frankly, disgusting."

That fat fucking coward.  That racist fucking Traitor.  As if a man who made sure to skip out of service when it was his time declaring his hypothetical heroics is the epitome of Republican Courage.  When've seen this type of tough-guy nonsense from Sean Hannity, from that child-raping chickenhawk coward Ted Nugent, from so many rightwing internet warriors.  This, of course, was before Trump incited an Insurrection and successfully delayed the peaceful transfer of power in the United States.  This is before Trump and his Republican con-conspirators thought to override the will of the American people by bureaucratic legerdemain so that his Russian conspiring ass could remain in office.

No one knows what they're gonna do until the bullets start flying.  And I sure would like to have a country in which we didn't need Hero Cops going into a school to confront yet another Mass Shooter.  But, we don't live in that Nation, we live in a Nation in which Gun Nuts, the NRA, the Firearms Industry, and the Republican Party have an alliance to sell as many guns as possible, to strike down as many gun laws as possible, and to ensure there are as many mass shootings as possible because Gun Violence makes them money and gives them political power.  But, to blame this one man for decades of vile NRA perfidy and Republican treachery was too much for a Jury today.

I had forgotten that denying the reality of the Parkland School shooting gave rise (much in the same way that Alex Jones profited mightily on False Flagging Newton) to the odious Major Traitor Greene who trod on her cloven hoofs after David Hogg in Washington DC berating him for having the temerity to survive and speak out against the blood soaked vile beliefs of Gun nuts and MAGA.

Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Why is Chicago's Air Quality so bad? It must be those strict gun laws!

So if there were no angels, would there be no sin? - Pearl Jam, Push Me, Pull Me (1998)

One of the most disreputable rightwing talking points has always been, 'Chicago has the strictest gun laws in the Nation, but they have murders.  Ergo gun laws don't work.'  Rightwingers adopted this monstrous lie after NRA ghouls and rightwing shills spent decades hammering this and other lies about gun violence into the conservative brain.  

Giant brain-worm, Major Traitor Greene, from her vile perch, most clearly regurgitated this horrific rightwing lie, "Strict gun laws actually create murder."

This is the result of 50 years of rightwing agitprop, the steroids Greene takes, and the Reactionary warped adoption of anarchist ideology, in a junior high school educated brain.  It's an If/Then, syllogism a 13 year would come up with,  If there were no laws against murder, then there would be no murders. Q.E.D.

Push Me, Pull Me...

But, getting back to the air quality issue, it seems everyone has grasped that Chicago's air isn't bad right now because of smokestacks or car exhaust on the ground locally but, because of factors outside the immediate area and thus outside the jurisdiction of "Chicago".

Chicago residents were not responsible for BP Whiting in Indiana repeatedly violating environmental laws and dumping benzene, mercury, and other toxic chemicals directly into Lake Michigan.

Chicago residents were not responsible for the giant choking black tornadoes of coal ash whipped up by the wind from the petcoke deposits the Koch Brothers dumped uncovered alongside the Calumet river in 2012.

So, the abnormal haze, cool temperatures and smokey air coating lower Wisconsin and the Chicago-land area are fallout of the massive once-in-a-century Canadian Wildfires.  These once in a generation wildfires, gigantic tornado clusters, Category 5 hurricanes, massive floods, deadly heat waves are sure coming more and more often. 

Pollution issues affecting people not responsible for creating them is the entire crux of the Climate Change catastrophe afflicting the world.  And one of the reasons, Republicans won't do anything about it.  The massive amount of people who will suffer and die are probably going to be in the underdeveloped Nations around the world and thus overwhelmingly not white.  And the large cities in America which are affected are havens for Democrats, so it's a win-win-win to Republicans to have poor black and brown people suffer and die and for liberals to suffer in the United States.  After all, Republicans are Real Americans living in the Countryside clinging to their guns and religion and will survive the climate disaster. 

Monday, June 26, 2023

Even Tojo couldn't get rid of the Marine Corps Commandant but Tommy Tuberville sure can! Republicans hate America and have nothing to offer the American people.

Ever since USMC General Thomas Holcomb's age mandated retirement in 1943, following Commandant's of the Marine Corps have served a tour of duty of slightly less than 4 years.  On July 10th, the current Commandant David H. Berger's term will expire.  The United Senate Armed Services Committee has approved General Eric Smith to be voted upon by the entire body of the United States Senate.  Except it won't be voted on by the Senate because Tommy Tuberville is exercising an Unconstitutional hold on all Officer promotions.

I wrote, many years ago how the US Senate under Republican Perfidy operates more and more like the Medieval Polish Sejm and the infamous Golden Freedom for one man to object and stop all work of the Polish parliament. 

I didn't know anything about Football Defense
As a Republican Coward I am qualified to hold
up the Department of Defense
Well, Senator Tommy Tuberville has been doing just that with his incredible hold on the promotions of all US Officers. Tuberbrain has couched his blanket hold on promotions because he's upset that "taxpayer" dollars are being used to fund travel for serivcemembers seeking abortions.  

“What’s happened is since Roe v. Wade went back to states like it should have, they’re trying to use taxpayer dollars any way they can to fund travel and time off for service members to get abortions without any restrictions." 

There is so much to unpack in this bullshit rationale.  Besides the logical conclusion since the military pay, housing, and medical care is "tax-payer" funded Tuberville's bullshit would mean no abortions.  This is really one of the ramps the Supremacist Court created with their Hobby Lobby Sincere Religious ruling creating the ability for an employers' religious beliefs being a "legal reason" to restrict what an employee can do with their earnings and how a business owner could thus insert themselves into a person's medical care.  Tuberville also wrote his blanket holds are a way to fight back against "Wokeness"

“Wokeness in the military is being imposed by elected and appointed leaders in the White House, Congress, and the Pentagon who have little understanding of the purpose, character, traditions, and requirements of the institution they are trying to change.”

Never forget "Wokeness" is a purposefully undefinable term Republicans use to attack Americans and to continue their quest to destroy the American Dream and reshackle the American people into Wage Slavery and perpetual Corporate Bondage. 

In some regard, Tuberbrain's plan to destroy the Military in order to save it, is standard operating procedure for Republicans going back decades.  Understand Republicans hate America and have always considered people exercising their rights and freedoms as a detriment to Republican Rule.

Republicans and Rightwingers long ago conferred upon themselves the absolute right to speak about Military matters as though they were the Ultimate Authority on the matters.  Tuberville is no different from thousands of rear-echelon, never-served, cowards, warmongers, and chickenhawk Republican motherfuckers spouting off about Veterans and active duty Service Members.  Here for instance are two rightwing warmongers, Laura Ingraham and Horace Cooper who've never served, never had a family member involved in the Republican GWoT, speaking as if they have a valuable insight on the Untied States, 

"We’d better all start learning Mandarin pretty quickly, because the greatest fighting force on earth may not continue to be the American military. If these wokesters continue to get their way, they are promoting racism. This is 21st-century-style racism, but it operates a lot like early 20th century racism. It has just changed who the person is who is being targeted. What we need is a focus on a winning strategy.  I need our military, and our people need our military, to not just be the greatest fighting force on the planet.  A woke fighting force is a joke fighting force."

Horace Cooper, is a convicted criminal and was a champion warmonger for the disastrous Republican Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, but he has of course his own deep-seated pathos which I won't delve into other than to pity him.  But, this does highlight the 50 year obsession with listening to a rightwinger give his opinion on the military as though it's natural for any conservative.

With the Corporate Media's help Republicans have long been given undue credit and authority* when it comes to the Military.  The Cold War and US proxy wars against Communism had the overarching effect of making the Military a hard right institution.  The failure and crimes of Vietnam turned "The Left" completely away the military as a career and left the upper levels of command in the hands of Republicans and Reactionaries.  That infamous chickenhawk and chickenshit Ronnie Raygun recognized this and while he never had the courage or fortitude to serve when he was younger, as President he loved to play-act and invented the whole Command-in-Chief salute.  This, you recall was a one of the dastardly Black Muslim things President Obama wouldn't do which had all rightwing chickenhawk bloggers up-in-arms.

Republicans hate you and they hate America.  What Republicans love is the power, influence, and money they get from using the Military as a cudgel to bash the left.  But, the 21st century is a different era than Post-Vietnam America.  The US military has a high concentration of minorities, is overwhelmingly liberal, and in 2020 voted for President Joe Biden.  This infuriates Republicans.

The Republican Party has nothing to offer the American people.  Not even the old pablum of Bread and Circuses.  The Republican Party is a fully-fascist operation now and as they continue to lose elections and overall popular support their tactics will continue to delve into violence and madness.

*- This link to National Review interview of Larry Schweikart from 2006 and his ridiculous book is such an illuminating look back at the mid-2000's Rightwing Rah-Rah Militarism and highlights the lessons the Right learned from Vietnam.  Steal the mantle of Patriotism. Cloak yourself in the Flag and Bash the Left.  Bash the Left.  Bash the Left.

Sunday, June 25, 2023

Larry Bird, paid sick days and Work not loving you back

"I learned to be tough by watching my parents and the sacrifices they made for us," Bird told MacMullen. Bird also learned the virtue of hard work. 
The stories and myths surrounding Larry Bird are legendary, if you'll forgive the obvious pun.  In Bird Watching, Larry Legend recounted to Jackie MacMullen a story of his father, who by all accounts was not an agreeable man and who suffered personal demons which lead him to take his own life in 1975.  Bird's father worked construction, and the story goes, broke his ankle on a Friday and stuffed his swollen and discolored foot back into his boot on Monday to go to work.

Now, as a general rule we are taught to laud and nod approvingly about Joe Bird's dedication and work ethic.  The so-called Virtue of Hard Work.  And Bird in the 1980's played through numerous injuries which was an indication of his toughness and determination.  Bird also hurt his back putting in a driveway at his mom's house in Indiana.  Now... Bird later in life admitted that if he had won another title in the 1980's he would have retired probably in 1988.  Besides Bird, his Hall of Fame teammate Kevin McHale broke a bone in his foot during their 1987 Season and played the rest of the year because this was Celtics of the 1980's were a dynasty and the only thing which kept them from winning the Finals in 1987 were the Showtime Lakers.

Sticking with basketball, Michael Jordan famously played the "Flu Game" during the 1997 NBA Finals against the Utah Jazz.  Rumors have always swirled that it was either a sabotaged Pizza from Utah Jazz fans or Jordan was hungover (which would have been difficult but, not impossible considering the strict liquor laws in Utah).  But, after the game bosses across the country were trying to shame workers/employees by pointing out Jordan wasn't calling in sick to work.  Of course, Jordan was being paid $30 Million to play for the Bulls that year (and probably made 10x that from his lucrative endorsements). 

I've had to come to grips with using my accrued time-off.  For the last 10 years Pre-Covid, I haven't taken many days off.  Fortunately, and with a little diligence and preventative care, I've avoided Covid these last 3 years.  But, before Covid it was still a badge of honor for many to come into work sick, even if the flu bug and the fluids you spewed in your work environment infected others.  Well... things are different now.

Paid Sick Days are a necessary and important part of any worker's lives and job.  But, companies chafe at giving them.  And that brings us to Dark Brandon getting it done again.  And once again don't expect the Corporate Media to cover this because the Corporate Media's job is to make Republicans palatable no matter what they do or whom they hurt and to diligently not mention anything which shows a Democratic President winning.  So, while Republicans members of Congress scream 'Bitch' at each other on the floor of the Capitol, President Biden and his diligent staff calmly and methodically gained a big win for Railroad workers,  

“We’re thankful that the Biden administration played the long game on sick days and stuck with us for months after Congress imposed our updated national agreement,” Russo said. “Without making a big show of it, Joe Biden and members of his administration in the Transportation and Labor departments have been working continuously to get guaranteed paid sick days for all railroad workers. 

“We know that many of our members weren’t happy with our original agreement,” Russo said, “but through it all, we had faith that our friends in the White House and Congress would keep up the pressure on our railroad employers to get us the sick day benefits we deserve. Until we negotiated these new individual agreements with these carriers, an IBEW member who called out sick was not compensated.”

Meanwhile, what do Republicans have to offer working Americans?  Nothing, other than Oklahoma stumblebum MarkWayne Mullin pretending he's a tough guy and challenging a Teamster leader You Wanna Go? while lying during a Senate hearing.  Of course, Mullin famously said this year he's "not interested in reality, he's asking the questions!"

Your work won't love you back and Republicans hate you.  Over the past few years Republicans, even ones who took millions in PPP loans from the Government and didn't have to pay back the money, are pissed that President Biden is forgiving student loans and aiding American workers in exerting their power to organize and gain benefits owed to them.  This infuriates Republican who hate the American Dream and want Americans re-shackled into Wage Slavery and perpetual Corporate Bondage.

Republicans long ago, agreed to an alliance with Big Business to undercut Americans at every turn.   American capitalists successfully convinced the Republican Party that they would be better served by the ability for capital to seek employment wherever it was convenient and cheaper.  The Pro-Labor platform of Young Republicans under Dwight D. Eisenhower was replaced with the off-shoring of jobs and the importing of cheaper labor.  Ronnie Raygun heard this clarion call.  Raygun hated powerful worker unions as far back as when he was Governor of California when Dolores Huerta (and Cesar Chavez) put up a struggle against the rapacious grape growers.

As President Reagan (besides war crimes) famously destroyed Unions and began the Republican assault on Worker's lives by shipping manufacturing and heavy industry off-shore, as Big Business instructed him to do so.  Raygun of course also granted amnesty to undocumented people in America, something which modern Republican orthodoxy claims is The Great Replacement Conspiracy and which Republicans have brain-washed their rightwing domestic terrorists to massacre when possible. 

George W(orst POTUS Ever). Bush never saw an American he didn't want working 3 jobs.  Donald John Traitor Trump infamously never paid people who did work for him, including James Comey who won the him the 2016 Election.    

Republicans have long sought to undermine the American worker and reduce the standard of living, and quality of life in America for 90% of society who they deem to lazy and too well-compensated.  Republicans want you hungry and desperate ready to accept any job at any pay with no benefits and no social security or medicare to look forward to;  Republicans want you working by 10 and dead by 65.

Saturday, June 24, 2023

Wagner Group Coup Attempt? Republicans worry about Putin's well-being!


Was it all a ruse?  This "Insurrection" launched while Prigozhin was so far from Moscow?  I can only hope President Biden is receiving detailed and  timely information.  And I can't say I see the geo-political benefit to Putin.  Nor how the Attempted Coup solidifies Putin's power.  As his Lieutenants had to work it out without his imprimatur.  

Wisconsin disgrace Ron Johnson, who likes to spend his 4th of July, paying fealty to Vladimir Putin might be considering a resolution to send troops into Russia to help Putin put down the apparent Coup attempt launched by Yevgeny Prigozhin, the head of the paramilitary Wagner group.

This began when Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, issued a decree that all Paramilitary groups must sign a loyalty oath to the Ministry of Defense by July 1st.  Prigozhin, began this action, by claiming in a nod to Russian history that the Tsar has been deceived and it's up to him to remove the bad bureaucratic elements enriching themselves and betraying Russia!  Wagner group then claimed to have been fired upon by Russian military forces and Prigozhin turned his mercenaries backs towards Russia, seizing Rostov-on-Don and sending advance elements into Voronezh in an obvious attempt to make it to Moscow.  Putin has vowed to destroy this rebellion and thus far at least enough of his shattered military is responding instead of standing aside;

"All those who consciously stood on the path of betrayal, who prepared an armed rebellion, stood on the path of blackmail and terrorist methods, will suffer inevitable punishment, before the law and before our people,"Putin said in a five-minute speech.

Prigozhin seems to have bitten off more than he can Coup, because an attempt like this relies upon speed and not allowing heavy weaponry and military units interfere.  Wagner group has captured some equipment as well so their eventual inability to resupply is not yet a factor but, if they get bogged down or if Putin manages to deploy loyal troops to engage in a protracted skirmish to slow/stop the Wagner group advance it may signal the end of the Coup attempt.  

Also taking a wait and see approach are the rabid Putin loving Reactionaries who for 16 months have declared Ukraine's resistance and US/NATO support of said resistance a monstrous mistake and tantamount to a war crime.  Glenn Greenwald has yet to weigh in on this monumental situation and is silent down in Brazil because he doesn't know who will be signing his checks come tomorrow morning.

Friday, June 23, 2023

WOKENESS sank the Sub!

Of all the galling crap conservatives barf out daily, their rush to blame everything on their current love of "Go Woke, Go Broke" is some of the worst. Ye gentle reader shall be unsurprised to learn that in the fetid corners of Twitter (ed: ha ha this is a trick, Twitter is a spherical cow and all the corners are fetid) The Quartering et al have decided

Wokeness sank the Sub.

Go Woke! Go Broke!  Repeat... repeat... repeat...  Just like CRT or BLM or Antifa, conservatives find something to blame.  But, as Woke, which conservatives can not define became their go to pejorative, Republicans successfully blamed the Silicon Valley Bank failure on "Wokeness" it was bound to happen.  I say successfully because all that matters to Republicans is getting their Rightwing drones to accept GOP lies.

It's just so, so ludicrous but conservatives long ago adopted the tactic of Pass all Blame, Take all Credit as their governing Philosophy.  They blamed President Barack Obama for the BP Deep Water Horizon catastrophe, they blamed HRC for Benghazi, the blamed Bill Clinton for 9/11, they blamed Jimmy Carter for the 2007 Republican Housing Bubble and Bank Implosion.

More recently, they blamed President Biden for Afghanistan, a thing no one has cared about since at least Pat Tillman's death in 2004 and really since the criminal invasion of Iraq in early 2003.  Ironically, Dan Crenshaw, the erstwhile "War Hero" whom conservatives turned upon when he tepidly broke with Traitor Trump and the MAGAT Horde, flaccidly tried to pin this on President Biden.

This Oceangategate disaster is directly tied to Libertarian Don't Regulate Me, Bro ethos and a natural by-product of Republicans non-stop effort to make businesses free of any and all constraints.  Republicans and their mutant libertarian off-spring like to claim no business would ever endanger their customers, why that makes no sense!  They'd lose money!  And if, some company did adopt, a murderous business model why the free market would sort that out and put them out of business sooner or later.  No need for government to get involved.

So, I hope those 5 people died quickly as the unregulated, shoddily constructed, non-maintained hull, slip-shod quality control, and laissez-faire approach to deep sea diving spectacularly and quite predictably failed. 

Thursday, June 22, 2023

The Non-Ethics of Supreme Court Justice Big Sammy Elite-O

Often at work I will order my Starbucks via the app and take my lunch to go to avoid the phenomenon of white people rushing forward to pay for it.  If they offer while I'm in line I kindly thank them and reply I can pay for my coffee but you could donate that couple bucks to the local township food bank.  Sometimes the whitey will get a queer look on their face as though I've denied them their daily affirmation.

But, leaving aside all the pathos of white people rushing forward to applaud and support any Man in Blue they see, the reason I do this is to avoid any ethical conundrum even if this amount seems trivial or inconsequential, history teaches us that "Breaking Bad" doesn't happen in one fell swoop but in an incremental fashion one tiny violation at a time.  Unless you're a Supreme Court "Justice", in which case, you give fuck all about ethical violations.
"As for the flight, Mr. Singer and others had already made arrangements to fly to Alaska when I was invited shortly before the event, and I was asked whether I would like to fly there in a seat that, as far as I am aware, would have otherwise been vacant. It was my understanding that this would not impose any extra cost on Mr. Singer." - Sammy Di Puzzi Elite-O justifies being plied with gifts from Billionaires 
The excellent reporting by ProPublica uncovered Federalist Society cartoonish villain Leonard Leo and Vulture Capitalist Paul Singer, a man who made his fortune by killing poor people and financial extortion of impoverished Nations, took Supreme Court "Justice" Sam Elite-O on an all expenses paid trip to Alaska in 2008.
“If you were good friends, what were you doing ruling on his case?” said Charles Geyh, an Indiana University law professor and leading expert on recusals. “And if you weren’t good friends, what were you doing accepting this?” referring to the flight on the private jet.
The good Indiana U Law Professor must be an out-of-touch Ivory Tower Professor since he doesn't know that Republicans don't give a fuck about ethical quandary's or the appearance of impropriety.  Like GinniClarence Thomas before him Sam Di Puzzi Elite-O has been enjoying the largesse of Billionaire Plutocrats company and all the trickle down benefits of having rich benefactors.  Their Own Personal Billionaires, as it were...  Like Clarence and the other Mullahs of the Supremacist Court, Sam Elite-O has no qualms of a conflict of interest, concerns of undue influence, or violations of law.  Because


Dead Fish and Vultures
Did you ever wonder why John Roberts has been leading the charge to undermine bribery laws and allow for Billionaires to engage in these types of wink-wink trips and totally not bribes?  Of course, disingenuous rightwingers will proclaim There's No "Official" Quid Pro Quo Here, Therefore it's no illegal!  Never mind that such a I do for you, you do for me need not be spoken.  These galling Plutocrats could afford to drop a cool million on private airfare, Michelin Star dinners, $1000 dollar-a-bottle cognac, private chartered deep sea fishing excursions and not bat an eye.  Never mind, that Singer actually has had cases up before the Elite-O Court.  Unless you have 1080p HD digital images of Elite-O saying 'Yes for this fishing trip I shall vote to give you whatever you want', you don't have Official Bribery.  Checkmate Libtards!  Also what about HUNTER BIDEN?

And there's a reason this story was uncovered by ProPublica and not any of the massive Media conglomerates.  So, don't expect the Corporate Media to uncover this lack of ethics.  Their job is to lovingly stenograph Republican nonsense and to sanitize rightwing perfidy.  The Media are Courtiers who treat their beloved access to Washington DC as though they are attendees to the Palace Intrigue of Versailles under Louis XIV.  This behavior by Elite-O and the other Supreme Injustices smacks of the aloof decadence of the Ancien Regime before the Revolution.

Elite-O is shit stain on the Nation.  The galling, in your face unethical behavior is indicative of what Clarence and Sammy Di Puzzi think of Americans.  GinniClarence are so contemptuous of Real Americans they pretended they were WalMart camper people while enjoying private travel to the Galápagos Islands.  Big Sammy Elite-O felt smugly confident shaking his head and mouthing No at President Obama's State of the Union in 2010 after he had made a quick Salmon fishing jaunt off the coast of Alaska during the height of the 2007-2008 Republican Recession!

Meanwhile, the Crypto-Fascists Supremacist Injustice continue to undermine the United States and serve the interest of Republicans, Rightwingers, Racists, and Rich Assholes.  Did you happen to see The Elite-O Court struck down Federal protection for Waterways.  The Founding Fathers and following generations set up protection for the Waterways of the United States as "Navigable Waters" and the EPA had quantified this under the Clean Water Protection Act.  Under the EPA legislative authority they fined the Sackett's for backfilling and polluting protected Wetlands.  Well, Rich people don't believe they are subject to laws (As Sammy Elite-O and Paul Singer demonstrated) and they decided they wanted to do as they please and if there is one thing the Supremacist Court is dedicated too, it's to letting Rich People and Corporations do as they please.

So, the Clean Water Act was found to Unconstitutional in the eyes of Elite-O and his fellow untouchable, unelected zealous Supremacist Court Mullahs.  Just like with his leak of the Dobbs decision, Sammy Elite-O is shitting on the American people.  Republicans hate you.  Republicans despise regular Americans.  Republicans want to destroy the Untied States and replace it with a simulacrum of Democracy based on Patriarchy and White Supremacy. 

Thursday, June 15, 2023

Ron DeSantis plans to suffocate Democracy and ensconce Fascism (as does every other Republican)

I said long ago, that when law enforcement agencies, Sheriff's departments, big Metropolitan police forces, and your local Officer Friendly were reformed, retrained, or restrained Conservatives would seek to jettison them and create new agencies and empower them to conduct business as usual; i.e. the extrajudicial killing of black people and the ruthless enforcement of a two-tiered justice system which never prosecutes Republicans or rightwingers while bringing the entire weight of the Awesome Power of the State onto anyone who does not help maintain the rigid double standard conservatives have enjoyed since the Founding Fathers wrote the unequal application of Freedom into the Constitution.

You can not use Master's Tools to take down Master's House.  When those tools become "broken" conservatives don't redesign the tool itself but simply replace it 

Remember how angry white people were when President Barblack Oblackma dared to call a white police officer stupid.  Remember how draconian and unconstitutional George W. Bush's Department of Justice acted in spying on Muslims and Anti-War Left groups.  Recall how conservatives freaked out when it was legislated Hispanic immigrants could get Driver's Licenses in Illinois?  Remember how conservatives who all say you can not trust the government implicitly and vociferously accept and defend every single Police kkkilling of black people or even deify white men who choke the life out of black men?

Republicans have received their coordinated talking points that no in reality it's Joe Biden's Department of Justice which has been weaponized and are all on the page of how they will undo this Woke Department of Justice and unhand cuff Our Police.  What Republicans mean is return things to the good old days when Police kept those people in line and were the guard dogs of Plutocracy, White Supremacy and the Patriarchy.

Conservatives have complained for years that "Police" are not hurting the people they are supposed to be hurting.  Republicans are more than willing to feed into this false narrative/belief, that Police have become too woke or have been handcuffed from getting those criminals behind bars.  Only tough on crime Republicans can restore Law&Order.  And that seems to be the main thrust of Ron Phony Bronze Star DeSantis is taking in his quest to win the Presidency.

“We’re not going to let all this power accumulate in Washington, we’re going to break up these agencies,” DeSantis said during a private strategy session over the weekend, excerpts of which were obtained exclusively by RCP. He vowed in that call to order “some of the problematic components of the DOJ” be uprooted, reorganized, and then promptly “shipped to other parts of the country.”

“We’ve seen throughout this country that the DOJ and the FBI are controlled by one faction of our society,” DeSantis said on the call, pointing to how those agencies were “going after pro-life activists,” wrongfully investigating parents at school board meetings “who are concerned about things like critical race theory, and forcing kids to wear masks,” and “colluding with tech companies to censor information such as what they did with the 2020 election.”

I must point out that nothing DeSantis is proposing is in anyway new.  Conservatives absolutely adore the unequal application of laws, and the targeting of people for their ideological beliefs.  What conservatives hate is when they are subject to their own standard.    This is standard Conservative Orthodoxy along with the complaints that starting in the 1960's and accelerating recently the Federal Government isn't doing the job the way it is supposed to.   Conservatives believe "The Law" and all Police Agencies exist to punish people they don't like and look the other way at their own offenses.  No matter what the offense may be.  Observe the absolute ridiculous rightwing defense of the Trump inspired and Republican lead successful attempt to obstruct and delay the transfer of power on January 6th.  That, of course, is merely the largest most obvious example of the double standard conservatives demand from law enforcement.  Conservatives committing crimes aren't actually committing crimes and even if they are committing crimes those who committed crimes should, if they are conservatives, get away with it.

As I say Fascism isn't coming, it's here...  Be prepared.

Friday, June 9, 2023

I know how you start a fire... but how do you start a flood? Trump's Punishment? And his Cult of Maga Fascists continue to Attack America.

I don't endorse this...
Trump's theft of classified documents, including nuclear data and military analysis of US defense capabilities and Department of Defense war plans, is absolutely indefensible and a serious violation of the Espionage Act.

Everything Trump has done in stealing classified documents, including flooding his Mar-a-Lago computer server room, continually obstructing efforts to retrieve them, and his full knowledge that these weren't declassified or his property, shows a clear intent to use them for personal gain.  And no, I am not going to give this 300 lb bag of orange diarrhea any benefit of the doubt.  Trump stole these documents to sell to foreign powers and barter for financial gain.  I wouldn't be surprised if much of the Iran War Plans Trump stole went to the Saudi Government with the quid pro quo being the $2,000,000,000 paid to Jared Kushner.

Despicable Republicans have already all fallen in-line and decry the "weaponization of the Department of Justice" while continuing their non-stop Whataboutsim, as they demand access to Hunter Biden's dick pics, decry President Obama's blackness, and the continued existence of HRC.  Always remember Republicans absolutely believe in a two-tiered system of justice in which they are never held to account for their crimes.

Twitter, unsurprisingly, is awash as always with people who don't know anything declaring they know everything.  It's amazing and shocking how some rightwing agent provocateurs have been able to entice conservatives into this maelstrom of inanity and defense of the indefensible.  But, that's what the Cult of Mega is; a system to ensure every right-winger pays fealty and donations to Trump and his cadre of criminal cronies.

It's the same old disingenuous nonsense from the same old phony leftists Michael Tracey, Glenn Greenwald and others who always, always, always find the time to concoct the most bad faith, blatantly shameless, and patently false defenses of Trump or any other Republicans in trouble.  As with Little Nazi Tim Pool, I must conclude Tracey and Greenwald reap large financials rewards from pretending the be Leftists while goose-stepping to the March of MAGA Fascism.

Trump did so much damage to the Nation and our allies.  Never forget Trump off-handedly outing an Israeli spy to two Soviet Intelligence while the three yucked it up in the Oval Office. Or in October 2021, when the US reported a significant number of assets, informants, and friendly persons were killed and compromised.  This is directly tied to Trump's theft of classified material.

Of course, as bad as Trump's multiple crimes are, and never forget he fomented a Coup d'etat against the United States Government, Vladimir Putin unleashed a flood in Ukraine by blowing up the Kakhovka Damn and to hell with anyone displaced or drowned and the vast amount of farmland destroyed by this.  Putin apparently believed this would stall or disrupt the planned Ukrainian Counter-Offensive.

Tuesday, June 6, 2023

The only thing Republican "Whistleblowers" are blowing is smoke up your ass

Republicans have gotten so used to the compliant Corporate Media and friendly FBI helping them catapult their propaganda that they are livid no one is repeating the work James Comey did to submarine HRC a week before the 2016 election and the FTFNYT and Press the Meat did by repeating Dick Cheney's Iraq lies in 2003, by "reporting" on the Biden Bribery 1023 documents. 

Look... Republicans know this is total bullshit so none of them (besides Major Traitor Greene) is claiming this is definitive evidence what they want is for others like Christopher Wray to further the propaganda value of an "on-going" investigation.  

One of the most disreputable psyops during the 2020 election was the bullshit claim by Tara Reade that Joe Biden sexually assaulted her in 1993.  Tara Reade fled to Russia and got back together with NRA darling, convicted FSB Spy, and Russia War Criminal Maria Butina.

Tara Reade claimed in her statement she feared for her life.  And Republicans have hit upon a brilliant scheme.  See they can't produce any actual evidence against Biden, so they've claimed the FBI has a Document which purports to contain evidence of a Romanian bribery scheme, and since they can't find their so-called "whistleblowers" or it's been revealed these "whistleblowers" are naught but paid Republican operatives, Republicans say the "whistleblowers" are in fear of their life.

Why, of course, we have the Evidence.  Why, no, you can not see it.

Remember Republicans especially sexual abuser Rudy Ghouliani thought the Hunter Biden laptop would be a key piece of propaganda to undermine Joe Biden's campaign.  As an aside, I have zero faith the "laptop" is actually Hunter Biden's.  Most likely, Republican operatives were able to hack Hunter's apple cloud storage and downloaded it to a laptop, along with false images and information, which they then planted in the blind Scottish laptop repairman store.  Also, don't forget weirdo rightwing doctor Keith Ablow claimed to have a laptop too.  There is zero chain-of-custody and that's why the "laptop" has never been submitted beyond the rightwing echo chamber and Faux News breaking klaxons. 

So, similarly these so-called FBI documents will be waved about as "evidence" of Biden's guilt.  But, ancient Iowan Chuck Grassley gave away the game by saying President Biden's guilt and innocence is irrelevant and the goal is repetition repetition repetition.  The question is whether the Corporate Media, which is always willing to platform and amplify rightwing lies, will continue their history of when the Republicans say there is smoke therefore there is fire.  The smoke Republicans refer to is the smoke they blow up your ass.


The details of the farce are as dishonest as you would expect from Republican liars.  It appears the "documents" Commer, Nancy Mace, and every other Republican who is lying about this is referencing is the bullshit Ghouliani Ukraine Investigation smear attempt which got Trump impeached the first time.  But, James Commer has been so dishonest in interviews that he can't say it's Ukraine, or Romania or actually name a country because that allows for a dissection of facts, and the debunking of their lies, instead this Rightwing Fanfic has to be left nebulous because once a date or location is set (as when Republican liar Christine O'Donnell, her little lying niece Eva Murry and the dirtbag leftists tried to claim Joe Biden oogled Murry's boobs at a function in 2008), the Republicans lies fall apart.

Republicans are going to run with Biden Bribery and Whistleblowers and everything they can to derail the Nation and try to reclaim power.

Tim Pool is changing his wool beanie in for a Hitler hairdo

One of the fascinating things of the modern rightwing social media influencer is the studious way in which they deny being rightwingers.  There is a whole cadre of dirtbag leftists who over the past 20 or so years proclaimed themselves to be Leftists when in reality they were always Reactionary Crypto-Fascists.

Glenn Greenwald is the most notorious example.  Despite having a history of legally defending Neo-Nazis, lustfully supporting George W. Bush's Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq around 2009 he scrubbed his past decade and declared he was an Ardent Leftist.

This was also the case with Republican Pro-Global War on Terror fan and fanatic Trump Supporter Edward Snowden, who you should always remember specifically got a defense contractor job to steal documents for Russia, and decided he didn't like the US Government anymore when W and Cheney left the White House.

Crypto-Nazi Tim Pool has been pretending to be a Leftist for a long time despite constantly and consistently promoting rightwing ideas, rightwing lies, and rightwing propaganda.  Pool knows he's doing this but, denies what he is because he makes a lot of money from his various Podcasts, Youtube broadcasts and other social media ventures by disingenuously claiming the mantle of a rational leftist who just happens to agree with everything Republicans and the Rightwing promote.

Tim Pool at a Table of Nazis 
A table full of Nazis (which includes Tim Pool)

Tim Pool decided to boost his flaccid earnings and flagging influence by tweeting Rage Against the Machine guitarist and Libertville, Illinois graduate Tom Morello is the Real Fascist.  There has been a long goal for conservatives to foist Fascism onto the American Left despite conservatives earnestly seeking to entrench Religious Fascism into Law and their desire to enact the worst components of Nazi Germany on those they deem UnPersons. 

Read the comments by Tim Pool fans who all make the same tired Now Tom Morello is Rage for the Machine hur-dur-dur and Morello is a Communist Nazi.  Part of the rightwing attack on education is to remove the real definition of terms and ideas while making somethings a reflex anathema to their rightwing drones.  Thus, by claiming ACKSHULLAY Hitler is just like Bernie Sanders cause National Socialism is SOCIALISM! CHECKMATE LIBTARD! 

There is a strong stench of projection when these Reactionary jabronis but, they also know they can blunt any accusation against themselves when they first accuse others because Normie America is not terminally on-line and often can't distinguish and the news media regular society consumes isn't equipped or set up to delve into this, as they usually rely on Both Siderism or simply get a quote from Tim Pool were he asserts why no I'm not the Fascist they are and leave it at that.  But, of course reality has a way of breaking the lies Tim Pool tells about himself and others as the Allen, Texas Neo-Nazi Rightwing Domestic Mass Murderer specifically cited Tim Pool as an influence in his decision to engage in terrorism.

This might seem like nothing and certainly there are hundreds of Tim Pool wannabes who would gladly step in when these assholes are revealed.  But, Stephen Crowder isn't gone despite his abusive treatment of his wife, and every so often these twerps hit it big and are rewarded for the ratfuckery they pulled off in their youth; think Matt Groin Pummeler Schlapp who participated in the 2000 Brooks Brother Riot to overthrow the election in Florida.  Or Ginni Thomas who is being rewarded for her decades of work fvcking America with millions of dollars in pampering as though she were a displaced Royal slumming in War Mart Parking Lots. Or Dinesh D'Souza and Laura Ingraham who've been supported by the rightwing grift network since they hurt gay people back at Dartmouth in the 1980's.  Or Major Traitor Greene who is being groomed to take over the Speakership of the House for her diligent work harassing AOC and Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg.

Even when one of these rightwing trolls dies from cocaine abuse, like Andrew Breitbart, or is kicked out of their conservative propaganda machine as convicted Pimp James O'Keefe recently was at Project Veritas, another rightwing drone is elevated and the entire conservative hive mind pretends the other person never even existed.  At some level Tim Pool must know his ideas are abhorrent or he'd proudly proclaim them so many conservative Magats do at Trump Rallies.

Understand the goal is the same, to undermine the United States of America and seize control of the apparatus of the federal government and create the NeoConfederate Fascist Nation controlled by the dual hammers of Evangelical Bigotry and Corporate Bondage enforcing a two-tiered country of intolerance, adulation of the rich, and oppression.

Fascism is here and in one corner of America it wears a black wool beanie and calls itself Tim Pool.

Sunday, June 4, 2023

The Debt Ceiling "crisis" demonstrates Republican perfidy

President Biden got through the Terrorist Republican hostage debt ceiling attack and secured a very good government funding bill for the next two fiscal years.

Oh, was the Corporate Media thwarted again.  They were licking their chops at running their favorite story; Both Sides Do It... but the Democrats are Worse!, instead Joe Biden did it again!  He played a nice hand of Poker and didn't give the Corporate Media what they so desperately yearn for, statements from the Democratic President which they and their Republican co-conspirators can use to Deny Reality. 

Then, as the fragile vote in the Fascist controlled House and Sinema Manchin controlled Senate came up, Joe Biden took a pratfall to distract the Rightwing zombie internet. Classic and effective. 

If the Hostage situation of the Debt Ceiling Crisis had became a full-blown default while crashing the US Economy, then the Corporate Media would have run with what a shocking lack of leadership this was by the President.  If President Biden had played the too cute game of 14th Amendment saying we pay debts and ignored the Republican Terrorists then the Corporate Media would have run with President Biden has caused a Constitutional Crisis Certainly, the Republican House would have gotten some blame but, they would have been excused by "Journalists" because everyone knows The Republicans are crazy, have no interest in governing, and exist to throw tantrums on TV while flinging shit everywhere.

"Hell no. Not a chance,"  Republican Congressman Garret Graves tells reporters He that will not work shall not eat.  There is nothing meaner nor less charitable than a Republican christian.

The Big Open Secret, the unspoken reality plaguing American politics is Republicans are the Party of destruction and making government unworkable, untenable, and unresponsive to regular Americans.  This encapsulates their entire ideology; by simply making government functions accessible to only a certain class of people they ensure that conservatives immediately dismiss any Governmental action no matter how anodyne as "Socialism".

Look... "Politics" is an unfair game.  Democratic leaders, especially Presidents and Speakers, are expected to be the adults while Republicans get too say all manner of psychotic, vile, hateful, batshit crazy things which elicit not but a chuckle from the irresponsible American press corps.  This is nothing new; Michele Bachmann and Steve King were allowed to be bigoted, mean and hateful while President Obama had the extra burden of not being the scary black man.  Major Traitor Greene and Jim Jordan get too say all manner of evidence free lies and racist conspiracies and allege all manner of crimes against President Biden and his family. 

The Corporate Media is paid to pretend Republicans argue in good faith and Republican proposals are an honest reflection of limited government and that Republicans truly believe their plans are the right path for the Nation.

Fundamentally, a functioning US government is a detriment to the Republicans.  Or to be more precise Republicans want a government which works for Harlan Crow and drowns everyone else in a bathtub.

This is one of the main salients in the slow moving Coup Republicans launched 50 years ago.  This is what the Powell Memo laid out as Conservatives sought to remake the Democratic Republic into a Neo-Confederate Corporate controlled Wage Slave Nation-State.  Republicans want a Nation that pretends to be free, pretends to offer Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness but is, in fact, a Fascist One Party Apartheid Country.

Republicans hate you.  Republicans want you to suffer and, if necessary, die.  We, the people see this clearly with Republican gun policy.  We, the people see this clearly with the fanatical opposition to "Obamacare".  We, the people see this clearly with the tyrannical push to ban all care for anyone who identifies as Queer.  We, the people see this clearly with the Republican devotion to undermining safety regulations on trains for instance or with the removal and neutering of environmental protections.  We, the people see this clearly especially with the push to restrict women's reproductive rights and choices.

Uundermining the government being an "outsider" denigrating "career politicicans" has been a winning elecotral strategy for over 40 years now.  This is the natural evolution of Republicans rhetoric as it descends from Ronnie Raygun's infamous 9 words, I'm from the government and I'm here to help. 

Of course Republicans wanted the debt ceiling to crash the economy. Of fucking course Republicans will gladly grind Government to a halt. Of fucking course Republicans will undermine the United States.  Doing so plays into their rhetoric.  Blame Joe Biden.  Blame Joe Biden.  Blame Joe Biden.  Just listen... I'm sure you can hear cavewoman Major Traitor Greene's terrible southern accent a-blamin' and a-impeachin' Joe Biden over debt default.

Republicans were gleeful at the prospect of Americanfailure.  They are openly bragging about this, Rape-publican Matt Gaetz said:

“I think my conservative colleagues for the most part support Limit, Save, Grow, & they don’t feel like we should negotiate with our hostage.”

Oh, you say Trump and his family were engaged in a criminal conspiracy and robbed the Nation well Gym Jordan, Pudge Comer, Major Traitor Greene say its the Biden Crime Family! And Eli Crane proved the Chinese paid Joe Biden millions of dollars to allow Chinese spy balloons fly over the Homeland!

Flood the Zone with shit because eventually Normie society will get tired of the Rightwing outrage throw their hands up and say fine you run the government.

Sowing discord, undercutting faith in US institutions,  hamstringing the administrative bureaucracy, slashing meager government assistance all serve to Republican agenda, of returning the US to its idyllic roots; a genocidal slave state in which women, minorities, and others lived at the whims white male Christian patriarchs.

Friday, June 2, 2023

Republican "Reality" is Ur-Fascism

President Biden tripped and fell over on stage at the Air Force Graduation Ceremony.  Rightwingers immediately made fun of him.  Donald Trump had something stupid and grammatically awkward to say about it.  One of the components of Ur-Fascism as famously written about by Umberto Eco, is that the enemies of Fascists (i.e. Republicans) are simultaneously both too powerful and yet too weak.  Thus, President Biden is a conspiratorial crime lord master manipulator while being frail and dementia ridden. 

But, understand this is the Republican way of governing and has been since Clinton was President.  Republicans have no interest in governing the Nation, but instead have hit upon a strategy of throwing tantrums, flinging shit everywhere, and causing problems all in an effort to get Normie Americans to throw their hands up and give in and let Republicans seize power.

We see what Republicans do when they have control of Government; ignore warnings of imminent Terrorist Attacks, begin Wars in various parts of the world, slash the Social Safety Net, empower Vladimir Putin and pay fealty to him on July 4th, eliminate medical care for women, while also working to roll back freedoms and protections for women, rollback laws and regulations and fast track the mass proliferation of firearms throughout the Nation and, of course, create a boogieman (nowadays it's LGBTQ folks) whom they can blame for all the things they've done to harm Americans and destroy the United States.

Of course, when they are not in full control Republicans concoct scandals and make all sorts of unsubstantiated allegations about the Democratic President and their families, as they did with Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barack and Michelle Obama, and now with Joe and Hunter Biden.

Incidentally, it seems the Republican troglodytes have hit upon the propaganda technique of calling every unsupported and outright false allegation to be the result of a "whistleblower" instead of using the right term, some guy made shit up.  Making shit up and creating their own reality is the hallmark of the modern Republican, and flinging the false assertion out into internet and American society is the goal.  Because by the time the truth comes out, Rightwing drones will have absorbed the agitprop and worked to regurgitate it as far and wide as possible.

“We are not interested in whether the allegations against Vice President Biden are accurate or not,” Chuck Grassley of Iowa said Thursday morning on Fox News.

"I don't want Reality! I'm asking the questions,"- Oklahoma Faux Tough Guy MarkWayne Mullin.

Gallingly and lamentably these two villains are Senators; Grassley's been in Government since the Korean War (despite the claim Republicans hate career politicians) and MarkWayne Mullin is a classic small time business crook who hates when Americans getting better wages and treatment instead of being treated as chattel slaves.

There was a time these inadvertent admissions would elicit a response on Twitter and elsewhere as 'Republicans are finally saying the quiet parts out loud', but Republicans have been saying they don't give a shit about reality and The Truth is what they say it is, Karl Rove famously stated this while the W(orst President Ever) was pushing the United States in the disastrous Iraq War.  But, Alternate Reality covers the entirety of Rightwing thinking; they want certain things which are demonstrably false to be true and work to make the truth irrelevant and since they occupy positions of political power they have the weight to ensconce their rightwing lies and falsehoods into Law, all in their effort to destroy the American Dream and reshape the United States into a Neo-Confederate Slave State.