Thursday, August 20, 2009

Turning the US Congress into the Sejm

The Golden Freedom, which the magnates defended with every bit of chicanery and power they commanded, was the freedom of the few to oppress the many... ~ James A. Michener's, Poland
In the novel Poland, Michener describes how the "incredible liberum veto, by which one man in a Seym (parliament) of hundreds could negate and prorogue the entire work of the Seym by merely crying 'I oppose!' was a major cause of Poland's disappearance from the map of Europe".

This isn't even symbolic of the "debate" over Healthcare Reform today. Because, the Republicans are moving towards a Liberum Veto of their own, they call it "Bipartisanship", by declaring 51 votes in the Senate is unacceptable, the filibuster 60 is not enough and the total should be 75-80 to pass Healthcare Reform.

Why? They Object! Not that they object to Government run health care, that's what every member in Congress enjoys, a lifetime of tax payer funded care by the best physicians and hospitals in the Nation. No they object because much like in Michener's novel a group is using them to block reform. Because that reform will diminish the huge profits made off of denying care to Un-Real Americans.

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